From Family Findings
Vol. VI, No. 3, July 1974, p. 107
Copyright, Mid-West Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1974
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EL BETHEL METHODIST CHURCH CEMETERY located near Gleason, Tenn. in Weakley Co. Copied by Mrs. Charles Bless, Lewisburg, Tenn and sent to Mrs. Jesse E. Campbell, Greenfield, Tenn.


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Infant son of E. J. & Ramelle (Clark) Greer, Aug 1945

Infant dau of E. J. & Ramelle (Clark) Greer, Apr 1935

Betty Lee Gilky, Infant dau of Sam & Elsa Clark Gilky

A. M. Clark, 1901-1920

Una Lee Clark, 1875-1940
Robert N. Clark, 1862-1920

Sarah Margaret Clark, 1824-1920

J. L. Clark, 1833-1919

W. W. Clark, 1859-1939, Erected by El Bethel Church in memory of his work

Charity Elizabeth Clark, 1870-1940

C. M. Clark, 1866-1944

H. W. Clark, 1872-1946

Mollie Winsett, Aug 16, 1871-May 22, 1940, 68 yrs 9mo 6 da

Melisia T. Marsh, 1890 19__
James A. Marsh, 1855-1963


The original El Bethel Methodist Church located at the headwaters of Tumbling Creek, is no longer standing, but the marked gravel are:

Sarah E. dau of George & Sarah Fodge, Oct 31, 1855-July 5, 1856

John K. Hunter, Co I 6 Tenn Cav

Mother, Tabitha wife of Clearoel Klutts, May 24, 1818-Oct 15, 1859 [HTML editor's comment: misread C. Israel Klutts?]

John Klutts, Oct 21, 1792-Nov 23, 1855, 63 y 1 m 2 d

Alexander son of J. C. Klutts, Aug 18, 1811-Oct 17, 1876, 65 y 1 m 29 d

In Memory of William, son of Geo & Sarah Fodge, Nov 10, 1837-Mar 18, 1816, 7 y 4m 8 d

Father, Israel Klutts, Mar 22, 1815-Jan 1, 1872

Christine consort of John Klutts, June _0, 1846 Born, Aged 53 y 11 mo

Christopher B. Clark, Com B


Many unmarked graves. Old fenced in cemetery was about 200yds in woods, now all hardwood trees, and remains of old cedars.

The tombstone of the founder & builder of the original El Bethel Church, John Witt, has been removed to Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McKenzie, Tenn. It originally read:

In Memory of Rev. John Witt
Departed this life
Oct 8, 1851
Aged 49 yrs 9 mo 7 da


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