By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002


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January 3, 1895

HANNAH DAVIS, nee Chamberlain, born Camden Co., North Carolina, March 3, 1811; died Fayette Co., Tenn., November 16, 1894; married Devotion Davis and moved to Fayette County more than fifty years ago.

ALMA E. WILKERSON wife of the Rev. G. N. Wilkerson, daughter of James and Elizabeth Emily, born Hazeldell, Illinois, June 24, 1874; died Johnsonville, October 18, 1894.

MARY A. ROBERTSON, nee Hunt, born Washington Co., Tenn., November 1, 1814; died Nov. 16, 1894, Austin, Texas; married Dr. J. R. Robertson, July 26, 1838; five sons, three daughters; moved from Washington Co., Tenn. to Roane Co., Tenn. He died April 15, 1861. Moved to Texas in 1884 and lived with her daughter, Mrs. Daniel Moody in Taylor.

WILLIAM S. LANNAM son of Joseph and Delilah Lannam, born Wilson Co., Tenn., March 12, 1807; married Sarah Branch Hill daughter of Edward Hill; large family; moved to Calloway Co., Ky. in 1852, to Fulton Co., Ky. in 1869; died December 20, 1894; buried beside wife in Harmony Cemetery.

WILLIAM L. CRUMLEY born Sullivan Co., Tenn., January 25, 1839; married Mary Meredith, Feb. 1, 1868; died Blountville, Tenn., October 29, 1894.

SALLIE A. POWER wife of W. T. Power, Cerro Gordo, Tennessee, died September 29, 1894; three surviving children.

E. T. ROSS born Wilson Co., Tenn., November 25, 1820; died June 9, 1894; son of Allen Ross; married Sarah Ann Freeman, March 13, 1851; wife and only son died several years ago.

LOUISE E. "Goochie" LANDRUM died Columbus, Mo., January 2, 1894 aged 4 years, 5 months and 1 day old.

Rev. L. E. HALL born Amelia Co., Virginia, May 22, 1832; died Arlington, Tenn., Oct. 23, 1894; moved to Fayette Co., Tenn. as a child; entered Methodist ministry in 1843, Memphis Conf.; withdrew from itinerant ministry in 1848 but re-entered in 1869 but transferred to the Illinois Conference in 1887; surviving were his widow and a little daughter.


January 10, 1895

W. C. DODSON, SR. born October 4, 1830; died December 25, 1894.

CORA PIERCE daughter of Dr. J. W. Pierce, died Oct. 11, 1894 aged 19 years and 16 days old.


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WILLIAM E. KIMBELL born Warren County, North Carolina, October 15, 1824; moved to Dickson County, Tenn. in 1829 and moved to Hickman Co., Tenn. in February 1845, where he died December 17, 1894; married Elizabeth T. Mobley in 1850. A freemason.

S. ADAMS, nee Callahan, born Monroe Co., Miss., January 3, 1846; died December 8, 1894; married Joe Adams, September 20, 1866.

JOSEPH HENSON son of James and Fannie Eason born Crockett Co., Tenn., August 17, 1892; died September 8, 1894.

ZERO REDMAN, nee Porter, born Allen Co., Ky., September 20, 1815; married the Rev. John Redman, September 1, 1835; died August 17, 1894. She "belonged to one of the best and most influential families in her native county."

Tribute of Respect for JAMES S. COATS, Sr., Tiptonville, Tenn., died December 23, 1894; by Quarterly Conference, Tiptonville Circuit, Memphis Conference, undated.

Rev. D. A. LITTLE, Memphis Methodist Conference, died Meridian, Miss., December 27, 1894. Mrs. TATUM wife of the Rev. F. W. Tatum, Paducah Circuit, Kentucky, died Jan. 2, 1895.

MANELLA daughter of the Rev. H. W. BROOKS died January 1, 1895.


January 17, 1895

"Sister" HICKS, nee Porter, born July 19, 1838; married C. R. Hicks, November 17, 1853; died Talladega Co., Ala., December 12, 1894.

ELIZABETH B. LOVE, nee Buchanan, born Williamson Co., Tenn., February 28, 1829; married Dr. Charles T. Love, Rutherford Co., Tenn., Sept. 13, 1848; died Gibson Co., Tenn., Sept. 10, 1894; eight sons, two daughters.

ROBERT A. SYDNOR son of David and Fannie Sydnor, born Todd Co., Ky., Oct. 29, 1868; died Olmstead, Kentucky, December 12, 1894; married Mary Collins, February 22, 1892; one child.

CATHERINE REEVES, nee Shields, born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 20, 1804; died Dec. 2, 1894; moved to Murfreesboro, Tenn. in 1825 and married Major M. G. Reeves of Orange Co., North Carolina in 1828.

Mrs. E. A. HENRICKS born Baltimore, Maryland, Oct. 6, 1823; married Dr. Baulby of eastern Pa.; two daughters; moved to New Orleans; on a visit to Cincinnati, Ohio he died and she then married Mr. Henricks. Her youngest daughter married Thomas Laliance. She died Dec. 31, 1894. Had one grandchild, the Rev. T. L. Laliance, pastor of Deming Methodist Church, New Mexico.

Tribute of Respect for R. L. TRICE who died December 12, 1894; by Sunday School, Verona, Miss. Methodist Church, undated.

JENNIE A. TARVIN wife of Samuel W. Tarvin, born Covington, Ky., Oct. 2, 1861; died Hamilton, Ohio, December 20, 1894.

Mrs. M. T. VEAL born July 5, 1814, Knoxville, Tennessee; joined Methodist Church in 1827; married Edward A. Laverty, May 28, 1833; moved to Huntsville, Ala. in 1850 and to Corsicana Texas in 1869; died December 27, 1894. Her husband died in Alabama in 1868; mother of sixteen children, five deceased.

ELLEN WALTON daughter of John and Esther Poitevant, born near Wilmington, North Carolina July 9, 1816; moved to Miss.; married Banbury Walton, her third husband in 1852; after living in Oxford, Miss. several years this family moved to Panola Co., Miss. where she died recently in residence of stepdaughter, Mrs. D. G. Pepper.

Mrs. ANN S. SPINDLE born January 13, 1812; died near Columbia, Tenn., December 8, 1894.

FLORENCE L. SHELL daughter of J. D. and Mary E. Shell, Aberdeen, Miss., sister of the Rev. Lewis Powell, Tennessee Methodist Conference [no dates furnished].


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MARY "Polly" PHILLIPS born Knox County, Tenn., Oct. 15, 1812; moved to Lauderdale Co., Ala. with her father, Charles Baker, in 1817; joined Methodist Church in 1824; married the Rev Jesse Phillips, December 11, 1830, a local Methodist preacher in northern Alabama. Her husband died February 17, 1867.

M. B. HAMPTON born Lincoln Co., Tenn., January 3, 1841; Confederate veteran who surrendered with General Lee's forces in Virginia; married Mollie C. Stevenson, Sept. 20, 1866; joined Methodist Church September 22, 1866; died Green Co., Ark., November 14, 1894.

DAVID JOHN MOSS son of Hugh L. and Eliza C. (Duke) Moss, born Green Co., Ky., Nov. 8, 1820; married Martha A. McDavitt daughter of Thomas McDavitt, "stanch old Presbyterian elder living near South Union." They married November 6, 1845; fifteen children, eight living. Dr. V. N. Moss, eldest son lived in Rockfield; youngest son, Morgan McTyeire Moss. D. J. Moss died of sunstroke, Warren Co., Ky., June 15, 1894.

HARRIET E. WITTY, nee Poge, born Tuscumbia, Alabama, December 16, 1830; married W. C. Witty, July 16, 1849; died November 11, 1894; her mother died when she was "very small;" her father moved to Wilson County, Tennessee.

Colonel R. C. CLARK born Brunswick County, Virginia, January 30, 1814; his father died when he was twelve years old; he went to live with an uncle in Clay Co., Ala.; married Susan Hodges, Smith Co., Tenn., 1835; ten children, seven living. Died Verona, Miss., October 7, 1894. Farmer, merchant and banker.

JAMES MONROE TARVER born November 26, 1821; died March 31, 1894. RACHEL J. TARVER, nee Banks, born May 2, 1826; died October 23, 1894; husband and wife, married for nearly fifty years; burial in Enon Churchyard.


January 24, 1895

SARAH M. CLARK, nee Maxey, died July 1, 1894, Warren Co., Ky.; aged 72 years as of Feb. 19, 1894; daughter of Edwards and Judah Maxey who moved from Virginia to Kentucky; married John T. Clark, Logan Co., Ky. in 1848; eight children; one son lived in Macedonia, Illinois.

MARTHA OTTINGER, nee Easterly, born November 2, 1855; married S. E. Ottinger, May 1891; died Greene Co., Tenn., August 6, 1894.

MARTHA BLAKEMORE firstborn of Dr. D. B. and Mamie Blakemore, died January 5, 1895 aged ten years ; Belmont Avenue in Nashville, Tenn.

EARNEST F. GUTHRIE born Sumner Co., Tenn., Sept. 4, 1878; moved to Hillsboro, Texas in 1893 with his father, I. N. Guthrie; died in Hillsboro, November 10, 1894.

Rev. SAMUEL WATSON died Memphis, Tennessee, January 20, 1895 in his 82nd year of age.


January 31, 1895

WALTER T. DURHAM born Montgomery Co., Miss., January 27, 1859; died Tate Co., Miss., Dec. 16, 1894; married Mary Lusk, January 24, 1886; she died December 30, 1893 leaving a daughter.

EDWARD G. JUNK born Noble Co., Indiana, April 12, 1869; died Devall's Bluff, Ark., January 12, 1895; locomotive engineer; temporary burial in Mt. Olivet, Nashville, Tenn.; permanent burial in Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, Michigan where his mother was buried.

ELLEN SCOTT wife of S. L. Rogers, born March 11, 1852; married Dec. 13, 1877; died Hampton, Tenn., January 4, 1895.

DANIEL P. MEGLASSON born Lewis Co., Ky., August 26, 1844; married Mary Bradley, Sept. 28, 1865; six children; joined Methodist Church in 1860; died September 28, 1894.

J. T. MORGAN born Marion District, S.C., Feb. 19, 1848; moved to Monroe Co., Miss. in 1849 where he died December 23, 1894; married Maggie Weaver, December 24, 1871; six children.


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February 7, 1895

GEORGE JEFFRIES STUBBLEFIELD born Warren Co., Tenn., December 3, 1818; died Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 9, 1894; son of George and Mary Stubblefield; married Mary Rankin, Nov. 15, 1849; six children; a lawyer.

W. H. ELLIOTT born Brunswick County, Virginia, 1805; moved to Miss. in 1826; married Frances Hill in 1830; to Montgomery County, Tenn. in 1837; died January 2, 1895.

S. G. HARWELL born March 15, 1825; died near Aspen Hill, Tenn., August 13, 1894; burial in Maplewood Cemetery, Pulaski, Tennessee.

SALLOU HAY daughter of N. M. and Mary Hay, born June 24, 1878; died Verona, Miss., January 10, 1895.

W. J. REBURN born January 8, 1838; married Mollie F. Frehburg, October 25, 1861; joined Methodist Church March 25, 1886; died January 9, 1895.

Dr. JOHN S. ROBERTSON born Wake County, North Carolina, July 1819; moved to Tennessee in 1826; moved to Whiteville, Tenn. in 1869; died in residence of his son, Dr. C. W. Robertson, Somerville, Tenn., December 26, 1894.

ROBERT L. McQUIRE born Trenton, Todd Co., Ky., January 21, 1862; died there, January 22, 1895; of Irish extraction; married Ophie McRea, November 7, 1887.

MARY E. LOCKHART daughter of the Rev. Moses Y. Pruitt, born Merriwether Co., Ga.; early life spent in Salem, Alabama; married Judge F. A. Lockhart at the age of 29 years and moved to Pittsburg, Texas where she died Nov. 22, 1894 aged about 53 years.

SARAH P. WOMACK wife of Hon. E. B. Womack, Waller Co., Texas, born Madison Co., Ala. 1840; joined Methodist Church in 1857; married in 1859; died December 22, 1894.

BRIGHT E. OGILVIE daughter of Thomas J. and Mary Ogilvie, Bellbuckle, Tennessee, born May 21, 1825; died January 8, 1895.

LEONA A. MULLEN died December 9, 1894; young lady.

ELIZA ADAMS, nee Sterett, born Hancock Co., Ky., November 8, 1813; married David Adams in 1834; died January 22, 1895; seven children. Hawesville, Kentucky.


February 14, 1895

ANNA D. McVOY, nee Dubose, born Darlington Courthouse, South Carolina, August 19, 1837; died Mansfield, Louisiana, July 30, 1894; married the Rev. A. D. McVoy, D.D., Columbus, Mo., December 20, 1867.

MATTIE HILLIARD, nee Rutherford, wife of John W. Hilliard, born Sumner Co., Tenn., Nov. 7, 1854; died Nashville, Tenn., January 8, 1895.

W. J. VANDERBURG son of Martin and Caroline Vanderburg, born North Carolina, January 23, 1865; died November 1, 1894; his father moved to Panola Co., Miss. as a young man and married Catherine Dixon.

THOMAS H. JONES son of J. J. and Thursy Ann Jones, born May 3, 1870; died Nov. 22, 1894; married Alice Nelson; two children.

ANNIE LEA daughter of J. W. and M. D. Alexander, born Sept. 7, 1873; died Oct. 1, 1894; her sister, BLANCHE LOUISE ALEXANDER, died the first Sunday in November 1894.

FANNIE M. GASKILL wife of T. C. Gaskill born Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 14, 1837; died Oct. 13, 1894.

W. L. MOSS born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Sept. 11, 1854; died near Lafayette, Ky., Jan. 28, 1895.

Tribute of Respect for ISAAC LITTON who died December 21, 1894; by a committee, undated.


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Rev. CLAIBORNE C. JONES, Morgan Co., Alabama, son of the Rev. John Jones, died May 1894 in his 74th year of age.

NANCY H. CREIGHTON born October 24, 1828; died January 16, 1895.

LAURA M. BRUCE born May 4, 1870; died September 22, 1894, pulmonary disease.

MARY A. BALLARD, nee Williams, wife of G. W. Ballard, daughter of J. H. and Martha Williams, born Benton Co., Tenn., 1833; died January 29, 1895; five children. Missionary Baptist.

NORMA infant daughter of John K. and Lenie Forgey Malone, Jonesboro, Ark., died Jan. 20, 1895 aged 7 months and 20 days.


February 21, 1895

LANDON CABELL GARLAND, Chancellor emeritus, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, died on the university campus, February 12, 1895. Born Nelson Co., Virginia, Mar 21, 1810; son of Spotswood and Lucinda R. Garland; alumnus, Hampden-Sidney College; taught at Washington College, Randolph-Macon College, University of Alabama and for eighteen years chancellor of Vanderbilt University. Photograph included, though very dark. March 7, 1895 issue has a tribute of respect for him, by the faculty members of the University of Alabama dated February 13, 1895, in his memory as an "eminent scholar and distinguished educator."

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. J. W. HANNER who died January 29, 1895; by Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, First Methodist Church, Columbia, Tennessee, undated.

Tribute of Respect for J. N. SANFORD who died January 22, 1895; by Milburn, Ky. Sunday School (Methodist).

CHESLEY J. M. CHURCH born Hardin Co., Tenn., June 30, 1854; died January 12, 1895; married Alice Williams, May 1890; three children.

MARY E. LILLY born Jefferson Co., Ky., June 11, 1828; moved to Henderson Co., Ky. in 1852; married (1) Alexander Haskins; (2) Gabriel P. Lilly. Died Union Co., Ky. Jan. 24, 1895.

STELLA E. SHAPARD daughter of Evander and Emma F. Shepard, Shelbyville, Tenn., born May 25, 1891; died January 14, 1895.

EDNA LEONA HEDGE daughter of Thomas and Annie Hedge, died of scarlet fever, Dec. 26, 1894 aged 6 years; her brother, FRANK HEDGE, died Dec. 29, 1894 aged 4 years.

MALINDA SHEPPARD, nee Sawyers, born June 16, 1819; died January 10, 1895.

MARTHA ROBERTS, nee White, born Mason Co., Virginia, May 5, 1825; died on the Clarksville-Lafayette Road, January 17, 1895.


February 28, 1895

SAMUEL M. HOPKINS born Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 10, 1828; married Mary J. Faris, 1849; his only daughter, Lena, died January 31, 1888 aged 20 years; five of six sons surviving; among them J. S.; C. W.; John J.; Sidney J. Died January 27, 1895; burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tenn.

ISAAC D. HIGHTOWER born Monroe Co., Ga., Nov. 25, 1825; married Rebecca A. Dudley, Nov. 23, 1848; moved to Texas in 1851; died Granbury, Texas, Nov. 11, 1894; five sons, five daus. The sons were Methodist preachers in NW Texas Methodist Conference.

ARLENA WEST wife of O. F. West, Tunicao Co. Miss., died Jan. 31, 1895; two sons.

LOU P. COGGINS, nee Dunlap, born Oct. 25, 1844; died Jan. 17, 1895; married John Coggins; joined Methodist Church in 1857.

SARAH E. STEARMAN born Green Co., Ky., Dec. 2, 1843; joined Methodist Church Sept. 10, 1865; died December 10, 1894.


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MARGARET Q. LAND, nee Watson, born Nashville, Tenn., March 13, 1826; married Abram Land, November 19, 1846; nine children; died Woodruff Co., Arkansas, February 2, 1895.

WILLIAM H. ARRINGTON "has fallen asleep" in young manhood.

D. A. GATEWOOD, nee Partlow, born December 25, 1836; died Spotsylvania County, Virginia, February 4, 1895; three sons surviving.

Tribute of Respect for JOHN PERRY son of Dr. and Mrs. Eli Perry, born December 2, 1872; died Waverly, Tenn., January 29, 1895; by a committee, undated.


March 7, 1895

SARAH A. NEELY born Meade County, Kentucky, March 25, 1827; daughter of Thomas H. and Lucy Stith, old-time Methodists; married J. M. Dowell, April 29, 1846 and moved to Crockett County, Texas in 1858 and from there to Sherman, Texas; married the Rev. M. H. Neely, April 23, 1865. She died in Denver, Texas, January 29, 1895.

MILTON B. NOLEN born February 14, 1819; died Franklin, Tennessee, January 8, 1895; married (1) Mary Bryant; (2) Louise White, November 22, 1855. Merchant but later farmed.

CARLTON M. GILDANT son of T. H. and H. M. Gildant, born August 11, 1823, Burnet Co., Texas; died October 5, 1894.

BETTIE TROTTER wife of B. Y. Trotter, daughter of the Rev. Joseph and Cornelia Johnson; died Holly Grove, Arkansas, January 31, 1895.

WILLIAM FOY son of John H. and Rillie Cade born November 16, 1879; died Feb. 15, 1895; burial in Sardis Ridge Church Cemetery two miles west of Perryville, Tennessee.

ADA L. TERRY daughter of D. B. and J. A. Pack, born May 12, 1872; died December 16, 1894; reared in Tate County, Miss.; married A. R. Terry.


March 14, 1895

THOMAS W. DILLARD married (1) Sarah B. Dupree; eleven children; (2) Mrs. M. A. Wooford; one child. One son, Hon. George G. Dillard is U.S. Consul at Ecuador, South America; no vital stats given.

CALLIE THROWER daughter of Thomas and Martha Hughes, born Bradley Co., Tenn., March 17, 1849; died December 28, 1894; married (1) G. C. Crawford; (2) the Rev. Young Thrower.

FRANK B. HOLLOMON died Obion County, Tennessee, February 12, 1895 aged 23 years and 8 days.

SALLIE A. CARTWRIGHT, nee Lane, born Marshall Co., Tenn., May 24, 1841; married Columbus Cartwright, June 24, 1858; moved to San Augustine, Texas in 1858 where she died Feb. 18, 1895; six children.

J. W. GRIMES born LaFayette County, Miss., October 9, 1846; died January 9, 1895; a magistrate fourteen consecutive years; married (1) Mattie Duncan; six children (2) Bettie George; four children. Served in Duff's Mississippi Volunteers, CSA, during Civil War.

LUCY A. HADEN died Owen's Cross Roads October 21, 1894; married William W. Haden, December 11, 1879.

Dr. JOSEPH CATHELL drowned at Tavares, Florida, March 6, 1895; native of South Carolina. In the May 16, 1895 issue a long panegyric written by F. M. Grace, D.D., in Cathell's honor and another one was published in the November 28, 1895 issue.

A. G. McDOUGAL born Cumberland County, North Carolina, January 12, 1812; died Savannah, Tennessee, December 9, 1894; son of Alexander and Eleanor Gorrick McDougal; maternal ancestors were Scottish. His grandparents, Duncan and Mary McDougal were born and married in Argleshire, Scotland and migrated to the U.S., to N.C., before the American Revolution; their son, Alexander, married Eleanor Gorrick in 1799; had eight children, six born in N.C. and 2 in Lauderdale Co., Ala.; moved to Lauderdale County and from there


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Obituary of A. G. McDougal continued:
to Lawrence County in 1833. A. G. McDougal was licensed to practice law March 1839; served in state senate in 1845, having moved to Waynesboro, Tenn.; moved to Savannah in 1852; he served in state senate in 1857 and in Constitutional Convention of 1870; retired from practice of law in 1889; joined Methodist Church October 1879; married Elizabeth East, September 1845; she died May 31, 1855; their daughters were Mildred and Anna.


March 21, 1895

The Mother of the Rev. C. E. HERIGES, Tennessee Methodist Conference, died March 2, 1895.

Rev. N. P. RAMSEY died March 14, 1895, Paris, Tennessee; burial in Rose Hill Cemetery.

Rev. J. E. PENNY, Florida Methodist Conference, died recently.

SARAH A. BURNS born near Franklin, Tenn., May 10, 1810; married Richard R. Haynes, April 16, 1831; five children, of whom, Joseph H. Haynes was surviving; in 1869 she married the Rev. William Burns. She died July 24, 1894.

ELIZABETH M. RICHARDSON died in residence of son-in-law, the Rev. John O. Willson, editor of the SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, March 5, 1895; daughter of David Palmer, Georgetown, South Carolina; born May 15, 1816; married William F. Richardson, Marion Co., S.C., 1832; he died in 1863; eleven children; surviving were James F., Mrs. J. M. Godbold, Mrs. J. M. Johnson and Mrs. J. B. Campbell.

JAMES W. GILLESPIE born Pulaski, Tenn., Dec. 11, 1834; died January 6, 1895; married Sarah M. Bickley, May 7, 1856; large family.

Dr. L. C. WAGNER born Knox County, Ohio, March 20, 1846; third son of Casper and Maria Wagner; moved to Nicholasville, Ky. where he taught school; graduate, Bellvue Hospital Medical College, New York, in 1878; practiced medicine in Jessamine Co., Ky.; married (1) Mrs. Sallie McCampbell, June 1880 (she died in 1881); (2) Susie Todhunter, June 1884. He had 3 children. He died February 14, 1895.

WILLIAM H. MOSS born Greenville [Granville] County, North Carolina, Dec. 26, 1807; died near Thompson's Station, Tennessee, Feb. l0, 1895; married Sarah E. Giddens, January 2, 1834; two sons, three daughters. She died September 30, 1862.

RUTH JACKSON, nee Hambleton, born April 17, 1822; died February 18, 1895; married Joel E. Jackson in 1847 who was buried 19 years before the day of her death; seven children.

LOUISA T. SNELL born January 23, 1843; died February 5, 1895; married James H. Snell, Dec. 20, 1859.

BETTIE BROWNING died October 25, 1894.

SARAH J. TARPLEY, nee Snell, born Bedford Co., Tenn., May 13, 1835; married John A. Tarpley, June 10, 1873; died Feb. 3, 1895, "quiet and retiring."

OLIVER WEST died January 31, 1895; born Rankin Co., Miss., Sept. 20, 1855; burial in Senatobia, Miss; had two sons.

Miss MATTIE E. VANN died near Hope Hope, Alabama, January 15, 1895; an invalid for three years.


March 28,1895

GRACE CARVER HAMER wife of the Rev. John W. Hamer, Jr., pastor of the Methodist Church in Columbia, Tennessee, died January 29, 1895.

WILLIAM W. McNISH born May 23, 1859; died January 29, 1895.

HESTER A. CARRIGER born Estillville, Virginia, Sept. 27, 1829; died Morristown, Tenn., Feb. 11, 1895; her husband and two children predeceased her.


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A. G. McDOUGAL died December 9, 1894; donated $1000 to the benefit of retired Methodist preachers fund.

Rev. CLABURN JONES son of the Rev. Job C. Jones, died Morgan Co., Ala. in the spring of 1894.

RACHEL SKINNER daughter of Aris and Rachel Woodham, born Darlington District, South Carolina, May 3, 1808; died near Greenville, Alabama, January 31, 1895; married the Rev. Asa Skinner, July 6, 1826; eleven children, six surviving her.

NANCY J. TIDWELL, nee Wallace, born North Carolina in 1822; married Dr. E. S. Tidwell in 1840; moved to Texas in 1873; died Feb. 20, 1895; buried beside husband in College Mound in Kaufman Co., Texas.

ISAAC F. BUCEY born Caswell Co., North Carolina, March 17, 1807; married (1) Margaret Astin, 1830; (2) Martha A. Buchanan, 1848; moved from N.C. to Tennessee in 1836 and then to north Miss. in 1869 where he died December 28, 1894.

FANNIE THOMASON died March 2, 1895 aged 24 years, 10 months and 14 days. Funeral at Robert's Chapel near Flatwoods.

Tribute of Respect for Hon. A. G. McDougal who died December 9, 1894; Mrs. SALLIE BARLOW who died July 30, 1894; Mrs. EMMA WILLIAMS who died February 12, 1895; by the Savannah, Tenn. Auxiliary of Woman's Missionary Society, undated.


April 4, 1895

Rev. B. A. SIMS born Lincoln Co., Tenn., 1825; died Montgomery Co., Texas, September 10, 1894; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1851, Tennessee Conference; married Virginia A. Farris, December 2, 1858, Walker Co., Texas; three sons, eleven daughters. Burial in Farris Chapel Cemetery.

JAMES T. SUMMERS grandson of T. O. Summers, DD, LLD, and of Irby Morgan, died of accidental gunshot wound January 31, 1895.

HUGH CARROLL born in North Carolina, September 19, 1819; moved to Tennessee in 1845; died recently; burial in city cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee.

ELLEN L. ROGERS, nee Scott, born March 11, 1852; married S. L. Rogers, Dec. 13, 1877; died Jan. 4, 1895; one child.

MATTIE B. MILLS daughter of R. H. M. and Lizzie L. Mills, born Pine Bluff, Ark., Dec. 22, 1868; married George Butterworth, Oct. 8, 1890. Yazoo City, Miss. Died there Dec. 2, 1894.

MARY T. LANIER born Brunswick County, Virginia, July 7, 1813; died Woodville, Ky., Feb. 15, 1895; married Thomas W. Lanier, 1833 and moved to Kentucky in 1844; eleven children. Her husband died in 1884.

Rev. SAMUEL WATSON born in Maryland, August 10, 1813; died Memphis, Tenn., January 20, 1895; served Methodist church in the Tennessee Conference; married (1) Mary Dupree, 1842; eleven children, one surviving him; (2) Mrs. Ellen Perkins, 1867; five children. The first wife died in 1866. Burial in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis.


April 11, 1895

EMILY G. WILSON wife of the Rev. A. B. Wilson, Memphis Methodist Conference, born in Virginia, February 28, 1832; died Jackson, Tenn., March 23, 1895; married (1) Richard Goodwin; (2) G. I. Christian; (3) Rev. A. B. Wilson.

SARAH McCURDY, nee North, born Washington Co., Tenn., October 11, 1808; died Monroe Co., Tenn., recently; moved to McMinn Co., Tenn. in 1820; married Henry McCurdy, October 11, 1848; he died fifteen years ago.


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ROBERT PLUMMER CORNEAL died Christian Co., Ky., March 10, 1895; married Alice Crawford, March 29, 1882; two sons. Burial in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

WILLIAM LAMPKIN BAKER son of Robert A. and Manerva Lampkin Baker, born Franklin Co., Alabama, October 26, 1832; died March 2, 1895; graduate, LaGrange College, Alabama, July 1853, with "first honors"; married Eliza M. Godfrey, September 20, 1853; six children; in the cotton business in Mobile, Ala. until December 1884 when he moved to New Orleans and a year later moved back to Mobile where he had a real estate and insurance business.

SOL. WHITLOCK died October 1, 1894 aged 32 years, near Mulberry, Ark.; left a widow and three daughters.

ELIZA T. MORRIS, nee Estes, born Maury Co., Tenn., January 11, 1854; died December 3, 1894; married William Morris and moved to Arkansas.

Judge ANDREW ALLISON born Sumner Co., Tenn., February 6, 1842; married Nettie E. Smith, daughter of General Granville P. Smith, December 13, 1866; lawyer; died recently, Nashville.

MARY S. WEBSTER born October 4, 1833; married Dr. Alexander McCown, May 14, 1856; died Dec. 28, 1894.

AARON SHIVE born Cabarrus County, North Carolina; died Coryell Co., Texas, January 11, 1895 in his 81st year of age; married Mary Morgan; six children; moved to Lafayette Co., Miss. after his marriage.

CYNTHIA ANN RAMSEY daughter of H. M. and A. Taylor, born Hart Co., Ky., February 9, 1822; moved to Morgan Co., Ala. about 1828; married James M. Ramsey, October 19, 1843; her only living daughter "is" 45 years old, an invalid; three sons. Died Timpon, Texas, July 2, 1894.


April 18, 1895

CILICIA ESTELLE COOK wife of the Rev. W. T. S. Cook, Tennessee Methodist Conference, born Tuskegee, Ala., February 14, 1862; married July 19, 1893; educated at the Alabama Female Conference College; died Clarksville, Tenn., March 18, 1895.

ROBERT L. TRICE born Madison Co., Ala., October 24, 1824; died Verona, Miss., Dec. 12, 1894; married Mordest C. Raymond, November 24, 1857; a Methodist "warp and woof."

TURNER T. HOOPER son of T. W. and M. W. Hooper, died Clarendon, Ark., Feb. 8, 1895 on the "threshold of manhood."

KATIE S. SANDIFER only daughter of Henry and Ida S. Sandifer, born Oct. 1, 1874; died Danville, Ky., March 24, 1895.

ANNA E. MURPHREE, nee McNamara, born Dorchester Co., Maryland, 1832; died near Sharkey, Miss., January 24, 1895; married Alice Murphfree, 1867; two sons, one daughters.

Mrs. ELIZABETH C. STEPHENS daughter of Wetherstone and Mary Greer, born Nov. 14, 1823; married Mark Stephens, Dec. 2, 1847; died October 4, 1894.

RETTA STUBBS daughter of Thomas B. and Henretta Stubbs born April 18, 1891; died of croup, April 3, 1895.

WILLIAM P. HUNT born Abingdon, Virginia, February 9, 1817; died Williamsburg, Ky., Oct. 7, 1894; moved with widowed mother to Tennessee; at close of Civil War moved to Bourbon Co., Ky.; married Rebecca Grace Piles, June 5, 1895. She died Dec. 13, 1891. They had ten children.

Tribute of Respect for LOU P. COGGIN, nee Dunlap, born Oct. 25, 1844; died Jan. 17, 1895; married J. C. Coggin, Nov. 18, 1868; joined Methodist Church in 1857; by a committee, undated.

JAMES McKENZIE born in Nevada, August 1853; married (2) Effie Wells, May 18, 1893; died near Thackerville, Indiana, October 9, 1894.

Tribute of Respect for Miss LAURA PETRIE who died recently; by Sunday School, Methodist Church. Christian, Ky., dated March 17, 1895.


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April 25, 1895

MATTHEW DEBERRY SHEA oldest son of Dr. A. and Emma Cross Rhea, died Whiteville, Tenn. March 29, 1895 aged 24 years and 4 months. Died in residence of his aunt, Mrs. E. A. Green.

MARY E. BELL died near Paducah, Ky., March 22, 1895; married in 1856; husband died in 1878

BUSHROD FIGG born Shelby Co., Kentucky, January 23, 1839; died February 25, 1895; married Susan Doyle, December 13, 1871; seven children.

JANE BEASLEY wife of G. W. Beasley, daughter of Silas and Sallie Sullivan, died October 2, 1894; an invalid.

MELISSA A. RUFFIN born Madison Co., Tenn., August 6, 1834; married R. J. Fuffin, April 24, 1856; died in Jackson, Tenn., "about" February 1, 1895; three daughters, two sons.

Mrs. S. G. McCUTCHEN born Walker Co., Ga., March 22, 1841; died Dalton, Ga., January 23, 1895; daughter of Joseph P. and Elizabeth R. McCulloh; widow of W. S. McCutchen; left a widow in 1879.

BENJAMIN F. RANSOM born Rutherford Co., Tenn., July 27, 1836; married Susanna Sims of Bedford Co., Tenn., May 5, 1861; nine children. He died April 7, 1895.

JENNIE HARRIS wife of A. L. Harris, daughter of W. J. and Ann Buttersworth, born Glasgow, Ky., July 6, 1857; died Franklin, Ky., Dec. 2, 1894; married June 16, 1874; four daughters.

GEORGE BEASLEY born May 12, 1812; died February 16, 1895; married Mary Rawlins; moved to LaGrange, Tenn. in 1844; wife died in 1859; he married Jane Pulliam

MARION A. MYERS born Union Co., South Carolina, Nov. 23, 1833; died Como, Miss., Mar. 13, 1895.

Tribute of Respect for the Rev. N. P. RAMSEY who died recently, pastor; by Sunday School, Clinton, Ky., undated.

Tribute of Respect for BURR BUCHANAN who died recently; by Trinity Sunday School, undated.


May 2, 1895

Rev. WILLIAM E. MABRY born Shelby, North Carolina, May 2, 1837; died Palatka, Florida, March 21, 1895; married Sallie De Graffenried of no. Alabama; seven children.

For four years he served pastoral charges in the Alabama Conference; then for six years he received appointments in the Mobile Conference; he received one appointment in the Tennessee Conference, and twenty-four appointments in the North Alabama Conference. He was admitted on trial in the Alabama Conference at Eufala, Ala., in December, 1859, and appointed to Blue Springs Mission, in the Blountsville District. In December 1861, at the session of the Conference at Greensboro, Ala., he was admitted into full connection in the Conference, and ordained deacon. At the session of the Conference at Columbus, Miss., in December, 1863, which was the last session of the Alabama Conference ever held, he was ordained an elder. He was the preacher on the North Port Charge for 1861 and 1862. He was at Belmont for 1863, at Crawfordville for 1864, and at McKinley and Bethlehem for 1865. He was the presiding elder of the Athens District, Mobile Conference, for 1866 and 1867. For the next two years he was in charge of Meridian Station. Then he was transferred to the Tennessee Conference, and was the presiding elder of the Athens District, in Alabama, for 1870. At the organization of the North Alabama Conference, in November 1870, he was appointed for the next year in charge of the Tuscaloosa Station. But in consequence of great nervous strain and nervous prostration, he retired from the station in the early part of the year. For 1872 he was in charge of Decatur Station, and then four years he was presiding elder on the Decatur District. For three years he was in charge of Gadsden Station, and then for two years in charge of Oxford station. For 1883 he was appointed to Harpersville Circuit, but, on account of a vacancy in the Talladega Station, in three or four months he was removed to the Talladega Station where he remained for the pastoral term of four years. Then for four years he was presiding elder of the Gadsden District. The last appointment which he received was the LaFayette Station for 1894. His health so declined in the early part of the year that he had to desist from work. At the session of the North Alabama Conference, at Athens, in the latter part of 1894, he received a superannuated relation.


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HATTIE W. DUKE youngest daughter of Steven and Harriet Miller, born Madison Co., Tenn., May 3, 1845; married Charles C. Duke, 1865 in Tunica Co., Miss.; moved to Clay Co., Texas in 1884; then to Wise Co., Texas where she died January 24, 1895.

JOHN J. RATCLIFFE son of John A. and Mattie Ratcliffe, born July 3, 1893; died April 1, 1895

Capt. JAMES TERRY born Pittsylvania Co., Virginia, April 20, 1809; died Campbell Co., Va., March 31, 1895; married Mary M. C., daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Bailey, Campbell Co., Va., May 25, 1842; ten sons, four daughters.

BIRDIE D. DIXON daughter of W. E. and L. J. Dixon, born May 21, 1876; died Dec. 6, 1894, New Roe, Ky. and where she had been teaching school.

ELISHA D. LUTER born Robertson Co., Tenn., Oct. 17, 1827; died Paducah, Ky., August 18, 1894; married (1) Malinda F. Morris, April 7, 1857; (2) Martha J. Wyatt, Feb. 24, 1861. Active Methodist layman.

GEORGIANA AMBROSE daughter of George E. Dismukes, born Sumner Co., Tenn., Sept. 1, 1856; died Compton, California, Dec. 30, 1894; married W. D. Ambrose, Dec. 25, 1872, Holmes Co., Miss.; joined Methodist Church near Downey, California in 1874.

Judge HOWSON C. BAILEY son of John and Lucy Bailey, born Charlotte Co., Virginia, July 27, 1824; died Weakley Co. Tenn., April 4, 1895; married Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Bailey, Campbell Co., Va., February 13, 1845; moved to west Tennessee.


May 9, 1895

Rev. THOMAS P. HARRIS born Warren Co., Tenn., June 10, 1817; moved to Georgia at the age of six years; in 1879 moved to McLennon Co., Texas where he died February 10, 1895; ordained deacon, Methodist Church, May 13, 1871; ordained elder, ditto, July 1, 1883; married (1) Rebecca Jay, October 24, 1837; nine children; (2) Mrs. J. E. Lernard, Nov. 13, 1868; seven children. One son, Robert, 16 years old, died February 18, 1895.

FRANCIS H. HOWELL born Wayne Co., Tenn., October 30, 1830; died Dyersburg, Tenn., January 18, 1895; married Elizabeth Tatum, May 1, 1851; six sons.

ARMINTA D. TAYLOR born August 27, 1816; married Daniel Taylor, February 19, 1839; moved from east Tennessee to Marshall Co., Tenn. where she died April 15, 1895.

Tribute of Respect for FANNIE E. JOHNSON who died April 1, 1895; married Granville S. Johnson seven years ago; active in the Sunday School work; by Sunday School Class, Saundersville, Tenn. Methodist Church dated April 7, 1895.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. SALLIE SOWELL who died April 11, 1895; by Sunday school at Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Methodist Church undated.


May 16, 1895

Rev. J. M. FRALEY died Monroe Co., Tenn., February 1, 1895; local Methodist preacher; married (1) Anna Maria McCorkle, July 1841 who died in February 1862; two sons, one daughter; (2) Lucinda Doss, nee St. Clair, June 1864.

SALLIE T. BLAKELY born Maury Co., Tenn., November 27, 1846; her parents were among the settlers in the "Frierson Settlement", Maury Co., Tenn., at Zion Presbyterian Church; married (1) George Gantt, Nov. 12, 1844 who died in 1849; one son; (2) John Marks, June 9, 1863 who later died; (3) Rev. Joseph M. Sowell, April 4, 1874. She died April 11, 1895.

MARY EWING died recently; from a paper read in her memory in West End Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn. on March 25, 1895.

EMMIE CLARK daughter of Dr. James and Mary C. Knight, born Ballard Co., Ky., July 29, 1859; died Bowling Green, Ky., April 2l, 1895; married D. B. Clark, May 2, 1882; two children.

THEOPHULUS R. CLEMENT son of William A. and Lillian Clement, born Dec. 10, 1866; died Feb. 2, 1895, Humboldt, Tennessee.


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CLEMMIE HOLLINGSWORTH daughter of the Rev. L. D. and C. E. Hollingsworth, born August 14, 1882; died April 18, 1895.

ALICE WILLIAMS infant daughter of R. A. and Hettie Williams, born May 6, 1893; died Quanah, Texas, January 29, 1895.


May 23, 1895

EFFIE O. MECK born White Co., Tenn., November 11, 1868; died April 11, 1895; married the Rev. H. M. Jarvis, Tennessee Methodist Conference, January 26, 1887.

JAMES E. STOCKARD born September 9, 1817; died April 27, 1895; twice married.

LENA MAY daughter of M. R. and Minnie Hanger died Dayton, Washington, April 1, 1895 aged 5 years, 4 months and 6 days old.

Maj. JOHNSON born February 8, 1828; married Lucy E. Hopson, November 1858; died April 10, 1895.

HENRY H. POWERS born in Ga., January 7, 1844; moved with parents to Chickasaw Co., Miss. when he was about eleven years old; married Mary J. Foster in 1867; served as steward in Methodist Church for about fifteen years; died April 27, 1895.

LOU A. THOMAS daughter of the Hon. R. E. and Sallie Thomas, born March 7, 1867; died April 19, 1895.

MARION TYFFE only child of Mrs. MASTIE B. TYFFE, born Nov. 27, 1890; died January 30, 1895 in residence of his grandfather, W. M. Bryant, Shelbyville, Tennessee.

ALEXANDER RAYMON born Bullitt Co., Ky., November 1, 1823; died Corydon, Ky., April 17, 1895; married Mary Powell, March 28, 1854; joined Methodist Church in 1853.

MATTHEW G. BABBITT born in South Carolina, June 26, 1819; moved with parents to Gibson Co., Tenn. as a youth; married (1) Martha Williams, Dec. 15, 1846; moved to Victoria Co., Texas in 1855; his wife died Sept. 4, 875; five sons, three daughters; married (2) Maggie C. Cooley, November 30, 1876. He died suddenly March 4, 1895.

JOHN T. JEFFRIES born Nov. 18, 1871, Haywood Co., Tenn.; died Dec. 6, 1894; married Oct. 25, 1894.

MARGUERITE infant daughter of G. R. and Kate YOUNG, Roswell, Nex Mexico, died May 4, 1895.

Tribute of Respect for FANNIE W. BROWN who died April 25, 1895; by Woman's Parsonage and Home Mission Society, McKendree Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn., undated.


May 30, 1895

Rev. J. E. NEWMAN born near Pt. Pleasant, West Virginia, October 16, 1819; died near place of his birth, May 15, 1895.

AMANDA A. NEWMAN wife of Thomas H. Newman, daughter of Osborne R. and Adaline Watkins, died near Talbott, Tenn., April 4, 1895 aged 53 years, 8 months and 17 days; married Oct. 24, 1872.

NONA BOSTICK daughter of W. E. and Elizabeth N. Bostick, born October 10, 1878; her "journey ended" February 17, 1895.

MARY V. BRUCE, nee Moorman, born in Virginia in 1810; moved to Kentucky with parents when she was three months old; married in 1829 and lived with husband 63 years; she died Jan. 6, 1895.

WILLIAM B. BYERS born Washington Co., Va., October 16, 1815; died April 16, 1895; married Sallie Taylor; no children but reared two of her nieces.

VIRGINIA E. BAIRD, nee Booth, born in Virginia, October 7, 1829; died Atlanta, Ga., December 6 1894; married James W. Baird, June 22, 1852 who predeceased her by eighteen months.


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CORDELIA F. EVANS daughter of Dr. J. B. and M. E. Evans, born Marion Co., Ky., November 13, 1877; died May 7, 1895. "Her race was short."

MARGARET L. ADCOCK, nee Peyton, born Maury Co., Tenn., June 1, 1842; married Houston Adcock, June 30, 1859; four sons, four daughters; also surviving were two aged sisters and two brothers.

BOWLING S. FISHER born Murfreesboro, Tenn., September 1, 1832; died Ripley, Tenn., March 25, 1895; married Anna E. Moorer, December 3, 1856.

JAMES T. WILLIAMS son of George and Mary Williams, born January 26, 1869; died March 15, 1895. "I am not afraid to die."

JAMES J. BROWN born Warren Co., Tenn., March 6, 1821; died March 28, 1895; joined Methodist Church September 23, 1838; married Rhoda Winton, April 7, 1846; two sons, five daughters.

Tribute of Respect for ANNIE McGEHEE who died recently; by a Sunday School committee, undated.


June 6, 1895

Rev. JAMES T. BARTEE born July 11, 1817; died April 23, 1895; joined the Tennessee Methodist Conference in 1844; ordained deacon November 7, 1847; ordained elder October 28, 1849; married Maria L. Sullivan, January 23, 1855.

E. A. DUNN wife of T. N. Dunn, born July 26, 1856; died May 19, 1895 at Chestnut Bluff.

LINDSEY H. HALL born Pickens Co., Ala., September 26, 1866; died Oktibbeha Co., Miss., May 8, 1895; son of W. H. and Mary Ann Hall; married Meldie McReynolds, Nov. 2, 1893.

ROBERT GRIZZLE born April 8, 1863; died March 16, 1895; licensed to preach in Methodist Church February 10, 1894.

WILLIAM N. JOHNSON son of Jerry and Susan Johnson, born Feb. 16, 1871, Obion Co., Tenn.; died April 22, 1895.

Capt. THOMAS P. KENNEY born October 17, 1823; died November 5, 1894.

ANDREW J. HUNTER born Henderson Co., Ky., October 7, 1821; died near where he was born, May 4, 1895.

Tribute of Respect for Dr. J. B. COTTRELL who drowned recently in Florida; by a group in Owensboro District, Louisville Methodist Conference, undated.

Tribute of Respect for THOMPSON ANDERSON who died May 15, 1895; born Wilson Co., Tenn., 1813; moved to Clarksville, Tenn. in 1844, later to Nashville; merchant; by McKendree Methodist Church Sunday School, Nashville, undated.


June 13, 1895

THOMAS FRANKLIN BURROUGHS born Franklin Co., Tenn., Nov. 25, 1831; died McMinnville, Tenn., May 9, 1895; married Nancy Ann Smallman, November 5, 1857; two sons; one daughter.

EVA NEWMAN daughter of Henry and Fannie Newman, born Union Co., Ky., January 15, 1814; died April 24, 1895.

JULIA DANTZLER daughter of Neely and Eliza Drake, born Noxubee Co., Miss., April 2, 1849; married F. H. Dantzler, Dec. 4, 1872; died March 28, 1895.

WILLIAM T. THURMOND son of the Rev. J. M. and Prairie Thurmond, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 25; 1863; died Grossbeck, Texas, May 13, 1895; married Sadalia Shields, May 26, 1886. "He was a sweet singer."

S. J. KELLY wife of E. B. Kelly, died near Eagleville, Tenn., May 12, 1895 aged 65 years

JAMES CURL RYAN born in Ky., July 25, 184O; died Shelby Co., Ala., May 21, 1895; married Cordelia Evans in 1867.


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June 20, 1895

Rev. GEORGE WASHINGTON WINN born Williamson Co., Tenn., July 5, 1819; died near Nashville Tennessee, April 18, 1895:

REV. G. W. WlNN.

Rev. George Washington Winn was born July 5, 1819, in Triune, Williamson County, Tenn., and died near Nashville, Tenn., April 18, 1895. He was the son of Archelaus Winn, who came at an early day from Virginia. His mother was Susanna Bellaphant, of French descent, and a daughter of a Revolutionary soldier, who fought under La Fayette. His grandfather, James Winn, was from Wales, and was converted under Mr. Wesley’s preaching. His father was converted in his thirteenth year in the Old Dominion. He was baptized in infancy by Rev. Sterling Brown, a great light in his day; and when two years old his father removed to the neighborhood of Pleasant Grove, now Culleoka Tenn., where at Pleasant Grove Academy his education was obtained under the professorship of Mr. Wm. Kercheval. He was converted at Wilkes Camp ground, under the preaching of Rev. Thos. L. Douglas, and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1833; was class leader several years, and was licensed to preach by a Quarterly Conference, Rev. F. E. Pitts, presiding elder, in 1840. October 14, the same year, he was admitted on trial into the Tennessee Conference at Murfreesboro, Tenn., from which time to his death he was a regular itinerant preacher fifty-four and a half years.

February 22, 1844, he married a widow with two children, originally Miss Alma Cargyle Stamper, adopting the children, and giving them his name. Subsequently were two children, Robert Soule Winn and Mrs. W. D. Shute, who survive. She preceded him to the beautiful land. Having lived together a half century he wrote: "No man ever had a truer and more consecrated wife."

Andrew Jackson made a great impression on Brother Winn when a boy. With other boys he was trying to get nearer Jackson in a crowd, and the men were pushing the boys back. Jackson reproved the men, and called the boys to him and shook hands and spoke kindly with each of them. It made him a Democrat on the spot, and a life-friend of "Old Hickory." This no doubt had to do with his Andrew Jackson type.

Rev. L. C. Bryan, only surviving member of Brother Winn’s Conference class of 1840, and intimate acquaintance through most of this time, says of him: "He seemed born with a martial spirit. His face was of the Andrew Jackson cast—features strong and firm. He had a fine physique, a clear, blue eye that never quailed and feared no man. He espoused the Confederate cause and made a brave soldier as a member of Gen. Morgan’s command, and preserved his Christian integrity through all the temptations of war. As a flower, slow in unfolding, he developed into a strong preacher. As a pastor he was faithful, trying to find every member."

AMANDA RAY BAIRD born December 2, 1830; died March 25, 1895; spent her entire life in Alexandria [state not given]; married J. M. Baird (died 1889), 1848; five children; joined the Methodist Church in 1851.

EXIE NOAH daughter of A. G. and Rebecca Noah, born March 19, 1859; joined Methodist Church in 1874; married G. E. Ratliffe, March 19, 1871; died near Kosciusko, Miss., May 15, 1895.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. FLORENCE J. GREENS who died recently; by Harmony Sunday School, Cayce District [Louisville Conference], undated.


June 27, 1895

SALLIE H. SOUTHGATE wife of the Rev. E. L. Southgate, Kentucky Methodist Conference, born Gallatin Co., Ky., December 15, 1845; married in 1865; died May 21, 1895, of consumption; eleven children.

T. M. ROBERTS son of William S. and Eliza Roberts, born Cleveland Co., North Carolina, May 5, 1848; moved with parents to Tippah Co., Miss. in 1855; married Johnnie H. Hill, August 4, 1892; died June 1, 1895; burial in Sand Springs Cemetery, Tippah County.

LOUISA CLAY SELLARS born Hickman Co., Ky., November 9, 1854; youngest child of Brooks J. and Martha S. Burnett; married James W. Sellars, Oct. 30, 1873; died Hickman Co., Ky., May 30, 1895.

EIZABETH RUSSELL STAGGS daughter of Birks and Sarah Lafferty, born May 25, 1822; died March 11, 1895; married (1) Elbert Sloan (died Oct. 3, 1850), January 18, 1849; (2) William Maples, who died; (3) B. F. Staggs; three children.


(Page 43)

ISABELLA JANE SIDDONS born Allen Co., Ky., April 9, 1827; married Donis G. Mills (died 1890), March 6, 1845; ten children. She died June 9, 1895.

The Wife of the Rev. G. W. SUMMERS died in Nashville, Tenn., June 24, 1895.

JANE DAVIDSON daughter of Charles and Jane King; wife of Joseph Davidson; born Giles Co., Virginia, January 17, 1819; died Monroe Co., Virginia, May 21, 1895; married Nov. 19, 1844; two daughters, four sons; moved to Mercer Co., Va. in 1820 but moved in November 1894 to Monroe County to live with an invalid son.

RUTH WALTON, nee Randolph, born February 25, 1876; married Thomas Walton, Corydon, Ky., September 26, 1893; died Hanson, Ky., May 30, 1895.


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