By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002


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July 5, 1890

MARY MILDRED MORRIS, nee Hill, widow of the Rev. F. M. Morris (died 1867), Memphis Meth. Conference; died Henning, Tenn., Feb. 8, 1890 in the 58th year of her age; youth spent in Graves Co., Ky.; 3 daughters.

ALFORD CARTER TOWSON born Jan. 13, 1807; died June 4, 1890; married July 30, 1845 [spouse not named]; 2 daughters, 1 deceased.

SARAH LORENZO DOW VAUGHAN born Blount Co., Ala., Feb. 14, 1816; died Hardin Co., Tenn., recently married Alexander Templeton; 10 children, 3 surviving her.

GEORGE WASHINGTON LAYNE born Feb. 6, 1817; died April 13, 1890; left widow and 4 children.

LILLIAN LOVE infant daughter of J. L. and Anne Holmes, died Ripley, Tenn., June 3, 1890.

ANDREW BLACKWELL and MARQUIS SPENCER, twin sons of Rev. J. P. and Mollie Walker, born Nov. 2, 1889; one dying Jan. 30, the other May 11, 1890 [presumably, respectively named].

Rev. JESSE MORELAND, local Methodist preacher, died Mar. 3, 1890 in his 89th year of age; native of Jackson Co., Tenn.; his brother, William Moreland was aged 85 years.


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CORNELIA TULLIS ELLISON wife of the Rev. J. F. Ellison, born near Oak Bowery, Ala., Nov. 21, 1840; died Evergreen, Ala., May 5, 1890; married Dec. 12, 1864; 2 sons, 1 dau.; daughter-in-law of William H. Ellison.

T. J. WRIGHT born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Nov. 5, 1811; died Cuero, Texas, May 13, 1890; married (1) Owen E. Austen (died 1854), Nov. 26, 1829 and moved to Texas; (2) Judge W. G. Wright (died in 1861); 10 children, 4 surviving her.

ANNE PAYNE daughter of A. N. and Alice Peyton, died Charlottesville, Va., May 22, 1890 in the 15th year of her age.

MARTHA L. GATEWOOD born Madison Co., Ala., August 29, 1829; died Lee Co., Ark., May 21, 1890.

BENJAMIN B. BOWEN born and died on the same farm, Dickson Co., Tenn., born Jan. 17, 1810 and died May 25, 1890; all his children predeceased him.

CLIFTON son of Luther and Minnie HOWELL, Miss., born Dec. 31, 1888; died May 2, 1890.

W. D. MOSS died Christian Co., Ky., March 31, 1890 aged 67 years, 6 months and 15 days old.

JESSE GARRETT born True Co., Ga., July 8, 1832; married Elizabeth Eichelberger, Henderson Co. Ga., Aug. 22, 185; died Wise Co., April 30, 1890; 2 daughters.

SANTA M. wife of John W. HURT daughter of Charles and Nancy Warnum; born Jones Co., Ga., Nov. 4, 1829; died Anniston, Ala., March 15, 1890.

HUBERT POTTER KIRTLEY son of Samuel and Ella Kirtley, born Sept. 19, 1877; died Jan. 25, 1890 from accidental gun wound.

MARY E. WRIGHT wife of William H. Wright, daughter of Christopher C. and Edna Dillard, Amherst Co., Va., born July 20, 1850; died Oct. 31, 1889, bronchitis; married Oct. 25, 1879.

FRENCH E. NANNEY son of William and Mary J. Nanney, born Muhlenburg Co., Ky. and died there March 26, 1890 in his 22nd year of age.

JAMES H. HICKS died Dyer Co., Tenn., May 1890, malaria.

MARY S. SHARPE born April 6, 1810; married Silas D. Sharpe, Dec. 22, 1829; 4 sons, 3 daughters; died June 11, 1890.

HENRIETTA "Hetty" VIRGINIA daughter of John D. and Martha THOMAS, died Colbert Co., Ala., Feb. 9, 1870 aged 3 years, 1 month and 2 days old.

JOHN PATRICK McCOY born Oct. 19, 1871; died June 18, 1890; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church in July 1885.

LOU WILLIE daughter of W. F. and Roe Scinzer born Jan. 24, 1890; died April 25, 1890.


July 12, 1890

GEORGE TAYLOR DASHIELL oldest son of Dr. R. R. Dashiell, died Dallas, Texas, June 29, 1890 aged 39 years.

Rev. Dr. T. M. JONES, president of Greensboro Female College, N.C., died June 30, 1890; brother of Amos W. Jones, Jackson, Tenn. and father of the Rev. J. F. Jones, student at Vanderbilt Un.

CHARLES QUILLIN born July 31, 1801; died Scott Co., Va. June 17, 1890; served in state legislature three terms.

Rev. ROBERT T. WRIGHT died April 21, 1890; born Warren Co., Ky., Dec. 28, 1809; married Eleanor Brame (died 1881) in 1837; 7 children, 6 surviving him; moved from Christian Co., Ky. to Mayfield, Ky. in 1849.

MARTHA DRUSILLA THOMAS born Calhoun Co., Ala., Oct. 19, 1854; moved to Colbert Co., Ala. in 1869; joined Missionary Baptist Church in 1870; married John D. Thomas, March 18, 1871; joined Methodist Church in Sept. 1887; died near Spring Valley, Jan. 25, 1890; 5 sons.


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MATTIE BLACK dau. of A. A. Black born Oct. 13, 1878; died May 1, 1890.

Dr. S. L. PAINE born Giles Co., Tenn., Dec. 14, 1824; died Maldon, Miss., April 28, 1890; married Maria Oliver, Oct. 14, 1847; 3 daughters, 1 son; joined Methodist Church in June 1870.

STUART WILSON died Tullahoma, Tenn., May 27, 1890; son of J. A. and Anna Wilson, Bolivar, Tenn.; born July 4, 1864; married Ida Wilkerson, December 1887.

MALINDA WEST wife of Thomas West, Sr., daughter of Randolph and Martha Murff, died Calhoun Co., Miss., April 25, 1890 aged 77 years.

ALBERT WITTY born Wilson Co., Tenn., Feb. 14, 1858; married (1) S. F. James, March 25, 1877; 2 daus; (2) Rebecca Patton, January 31, 1889; he died May 15, 1890; 2 children. First wife died August 2, 1884.

Mrs. H. E. KING born Atlanta, Ga., May 4, 1830; died in Ark., May 9, 1890; married T. W. Key; only daughter [unnamed] married F. M. Winburne.

VERNON infant son of William and Hallie GODSEY died April 24, 1890 aged 1 year, 6 months and 20 days old.

ELIZA FRANCES BRASWELL, nee Haggard, born Smith Co., Tenn., Sept. 12, 1861; died May 15, 1890.

MATTIE A. EDWARDS wife of W. W. Edwards, died Dyer Co., Tenn., June 20, 1890 aged 37 years, 6 months and 25 days; married Sept. 1870; 5 children.

EMILY ROSS, nee Sledge, daughter of Maclin Sledge, born now-Colbert Co., Ala., July 23, 1830; married (1) Richard Allen in 1848; 10 children, 4 surviving her; (2) John Ross; she died Dec. 25, 1888.

JAMES A. MAXWELL son of Robartus Maxwell, born Ohio Co., Ky., Feb. 14, 1866; killed in a runaway team of horses, May 31, 1890.

Colonel PHILIP ROBERTS died Grundy Co., Tenn., May 30, 1890 in his 88th year of age; served in Florida [Seminole] War of 1836 and in the Civil War.

DICEY TOOMS born July 30, 1818; married B. R. Tucker, 1836; died June 2, 1890, Rutherford Co., Tenn.

DAISY MAY daughter of J. M. and Lula SMOTHERMAN born Oct. 15, 1880; died April 4, 1890.

JAMES ROGERS and CARRIE MILES JACKSON, children of J. W. and Mattie Jackson, born Jan. 19, 1890, died June 18 and 24, 1890, respectively.


July 19, 1890

JOHN C. TELLER died Richmond, Va., July 4, 1890; married Julia Sledd.

HORACE WARE, iron-maker, died Birmingham, Ala., July 2, 1890 aged 78 years.

Mrs. M. A. OGBURN wife of the Rev. Samuel D. Ogburn, died July 9, 1890 aged 84 years.

Mrs. W. S. HEARON wife of Dr. D. S. Hearon, president of Sullins College, Bristol, daughter of the Rev. George W. Miles, died July 12, 1890.

General CLINTON B. FISK died in New York City, July 9, 1890; prominent Methodist.

Rev. JOHN BARCROFT, No. Miss. Methodist Conference, died Richland, Miss., July 6, 1890.

MARY LYONS ATKINS dau. of Dr. James Atkins, died Emory, Va., July 7, 1890; a "lovely child."

Rev. E. J. MEYNARDIE, South Carolina Methodist Conference, died Columbia, S.C., July 1, 1890.

JOHN DANIEL son of John and Hannah Daniel born Adair Co., Ky., Nov. 9, 1821; died May 20, 1890 near Columbia, Tenn.; married Martha C. Callison, March 4, 1847; 4 daughters, 2 sons. Wife died Dec. 6, 1883.


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MARGARET C. MALONE daughter of Daniel and Nancy (Comer) Richmond, born Caswell Co., N.C. May 14, 1814; married Lewis Malone, March 15, 1837; in the fall of 1839 they moved to Miss.; 8 children, 4 surviving her; burial in old Richmond family cemetery "next to her father who had directed that space be left there for her, his only daughter."

Rev. JAMES B. LENDERMAN son of Henry and Phebe Lenderman, born Carroll Co., Tenn., Oct. 5, 1825; died Marshall Co., Miss., April 7, 1890; married (1) Frances Wrightsel (died April 24, 1879); 6 children, 3 surviving him; (2) Mrs. Eliza Wiseman. Methodist preacher.

MARY E. FERGUSON, nee Simpson, born Morgan Co., Ala., June 20, 1821; died Bessemer, Ala., June 7, 1890; married J. Y. Ferguson, Feb. 9, 1848.

JOHN DAVIS born in Va., April 10, 1809; died near Bellview, Texas, June 7, 1890; moved to Wilson Co., Tenn.; four times married; had 9 children, 1 surviving him.

MARIETTA I. POOL daughter of W. P. Abbott, born Ohio Co., Ky., April 1868; married N. B. Pool, Dec. 26, 1888; died Muhlenburg Co., Ky., June 11, 1890, leaving an infant aged 2 weeks old.

Dr. D. J. NEWBERN, recent superintendent of the Sunday School, Methodist Church in Bolivar, Tenn., died recently; memorialized by this group, undated.

MARY J. WEST born in Va., May 10, 1812; died Dec. 27, 1889; married William West and moved to Tenn.; one child, Rev. R. L. West, Memphis Methodist Conference.

THOMAS M. WEAVER, born in 1852; died May 29, 1890; licensed to preach in Meth. Ch. in 1884.

ELIZA BLACK born Sumner Co., Tenn., August 27, 1852; married A. M. Black; 1 son; died June 12, 1890.

VICTORIA daughter of Dr. P. G. and M. J. Reed, born Oct. 11, 1871; died May 30, 1890.

ELIZABETH C. ROBERTS wife of Jesse B. Roberts, born Oct. 11, 1825; died Feb. 26, 1890.


July 26, 1890

Mrs. REBECCA USSERY died Clarksville, Tenn., July 15, 1890 aged 88 years.

MARY ANN MAXEY died Jan. 31, 1890; a spinster; daughter of William and Margaret (Porter) Maxey who came with 14 children from Virginia to Tenn. and settled 3 miles east of Nashville, Tenn. Sister of Dr. John Maxey and P. W. Maxey.

Tribute of Respect for EDWIN R. HARRISON who died April 13, 1890, presiding elder of Bowling Green District, Louisville Methodist Conference for three years; by the District Conference; undated.

WILLIAM H. RICHARDSON died June 1, 1890; left widow and 9 children.

WALTON son of J. E. HARRISON died June 21, 1890, 8 ˝ years old; burial in Franklin, Tenn. beside her little sister.

WILLIAM GIBBS born Bedford Co., Va., May 10, 1811; moved to Tenn. in 1839; married Jane Bransford, April 31, 1859; died May 24, 1890.


August 2, 1890

Rev. MANLIF D. ROBINSON, Memphis Methodist Conference, born N.C., March 13, 1813; died near Gardner, Tenn., June 24, 1890; moved to Indiana in 1829; to Tenn. in 1848; married (1) Mary Prather, no children; (2) Martha A. Frost. Methodist preacher.

JOHN H. SLEDGE born Warren Co., Ky., July 25, 1847; married Elizabeth Pearson 18 years ago; 6 children; died May 25, 1890.

JAMES M. ARD born 1804; died October 31, 1889.


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F. A. BURKE born Williamson Co., Tenn., August 1816; died Maury Co., Tenn., June 8, 1890; married Mary E. Owen; 2 children, both deceased; active Methodist layman.

SARAH E. TARPLEY daughter of William B. and Malinda Phillips, born Bedford Co., Tenn., Feb. 20, 1837; married John W. Tarpley (died in 1871), March 1853; died Independence Co., Ark., June 30, 1890.

ISABELLA HENDERSON LEDBETTER, nee Cochran, born Nov. 29, 1841; married James L. Ledbetter, April 25, 1866; died June 14, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for Miss CLAUDIE SMITH who died June 2, 1890; by Kedron Tennessee Methodist Sunday School, undated.

GUS SWEET WALKER son of T. J. and Bettie Walker; drowned in Obion River, July 4, 1890; 18 years old as of last January 10.

RICHARD HAMILTON infant son of Richard J. and Laura HOARE, born Pulaski Co., Ms., Dec. 4, 1889; died June 2, 1890.


August 9, 1890

Mrs. J. H. HARGRAVE died Mocksville, N.C., July 21, 1890.

Rev. S. S. TROY, Baltimore Conference, died July 19, 1890.

Rev. JOHN BARCROFT who had been secretary of the No. Miss. Methodist Conference for twenty years "and his journal has always been considered one of the best" in the Methodist Church, was stricken with apoplexy [a stroke] in a meeting, August 6, 1890 and died in about an hour; burial in Holly Springs, Miss. cemetery.

Miss ANN LEONORA WEAVER born Greensboro, Ga., April 22, 1825; died Chattanooga, Tenn., May 30, 1890.

JOHN ALBERT JOHNSON born Smith Co., Tenn., April 3, 1832; married Fannie Isabella Willis, Nov. 16, 1879; died January 26, 1890.

SUSAN O. LUTER wife of Richard M. Luter, born Feb. 14, 1817; joined Methodist Church July 27, 1871; died February 11, 1890.

EDITH HARKEY, nee McCarnes, born in Ala., May 7, 1821; married the Rev. David Harkey, Nov. 1846; 7 children; died May 30, 1890 in Lee County, Mississippi.

Miss SUSIE BRAGG born Maury Co., Tenn., March 19, 1856; died May 22, 1890 in the residence of her uncle, Dr. W. W. Joyce, Maury Co., Tenn.; her mother died in 1862.

Mrs. CHARLIE SUTTON FRIZZELL born Oct. 2, 1852; joined Methodist Church in 1872; died June 8, 1890; one daughter.

FRANK W. DAWSON born Newark, N. J., August 21, 1811; died Sebastian Co., Ark., July 8, 1890; moved to Brownsville, Tenn. in 1834.

JOSEPH M. GEST born Milford, Ohio, Feb. 12, 1818; died Columbus, Ky., June 11, 1890; married Sarah Ann Hageman, August 30, 1840; 3 children.

ADA W. GRIFFITH born Brunswick Co., Va., Feb. 20, 1820; died July 18, 1890; married Samuel S. Griffith, March 9, 1842.

JAMES NORTH ANDERSON son of John and Mattie Anderson died June 23, 1890 aged 2 years, 3 months old.

JERRY J. JACKSON born Fairfax Co., Va., Sept. 2, 1811; died April 24, 1890; since wife's death in 1878 he had lived with his son, J. B. Jackson in Logan Co., Ky.; also had 2 daughters; moved from Virginia to Todd Co., Ky. in 1838.


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MARY LOUISE BUTTS infant daughter of Bascom and Lizzie (Woods) Butts, born Sept. 29, 1889; died June 17, 1890.

MARY T. GRAINGER daughter of F. W. and Sarah A. Grainger born Logan Co., Ky., Feb. 26, 1869; died Dallas Co., Mo., August 5, 1890.

Rev. WILEY B. QUINN born January 12, 1821; died Mayfield, Ky., May 12, 1890; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1842, then the Methodist Church; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Oct. 18, 1851; St. Louis Conference; ordained deacon Oct. 14, 1860; transferred to Memphis Methodist Conference in 1867 but left regular ministry in 1873; married Louisa Harvey, May 14, 1843; several children.

FRANKLIN A. BURKE born Rockingham Co., N.C., August 27, 1816; in childhood moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. where he married Mary Owen, Dec. 23, 1845 and in 1847 moved to Maury Co., Tenn. where he died June 8, 1890; 2 daughters; a freemason.

MARY J. WYNNE died Overton, Texas, June 9, 1890 in residence of son-in-law, Henry Burton, in her 71st year of age; moved to Texas in 1833 when she was young; married Col. Robert W. Smith (died 1851) and had children: Mrs. C. P. Eskridge; Mrs. Taylor Brown; J. E. and J. M. Smith, all Texans; married (2) Colonel Robert E. Wynne, 1853; children: Mrs. Roberson, Mrs. Barton and Robert Wynne; also two stepchildren.

LUVICEY KELLY born Newbern Dist., So. Carolina, March 18, 1799; married in 1816 to Jesse Hunter; 6 children; married, secondly, Henry Kelley (died Jan. 2, 1887), March 1879; she died May 10, 1890.


August 16, 1890

Rev. EVAN L. RAGLAND born Halifax Co., Va., Dec. 16, 1816; moved with parents to Tenn. in 1832; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Sept. 24, 1838; Tennessee Methodist Conference; ordained deacon Nov. 8, 1840; ordained elder Nov. 6, 1842; married Cecil Gallaher in 1844. He had 7 children, living: Dr. Andrew McFerrin Ragland and a daughter of the second marriage. He died Hart Co., Texas, July 14, 1890.

MATTIE TIGNOR HOLME born Monroe Co., Ga., June 28, 1834; died Des Arc, Ark., June 9, 1890; married the Rev. D. T. Holme, Feb. 3, 1858; 2 daughters, 5 sons.

ROXANNA A. CATON daughter of Thomas and Mary Butler, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 20, 1820; died June 24, 1890; married Thomas S. Caton, March 14, 1838 and moved to Henry Co., Tenn.; several children.

CLAUDA SMITH daughter of Joseph and Eliza Smith born Nov. 1, 1868; died June 2, 1890.

JAMES B. NORTHERN son of Robert and Fannie Northern, born Nov. 24, 1864; died Williamson Co., Tenn., December 24, 1889.

ALEXANDER ERWIN NEBLETT son of P. P. and Laura (Lowe) Neblett, born Montgomery Co., Tenn., July 25, 1862; died April 21, 1890; salesman.

GEORGE K. daughter of the Rev G. K. and L. H. BROOKS, born June 3, 1889; died July 10, 1890.

FANNIE PARALEE HALEY daughter of C. C. and Bettie Williams born near Nolensville, Tenn., June 19, 1863; died Nashville, April 6, 1890; a wife and mother.

WILLIE SUMNER NEBLETT son of Hatcher and Mollie (Lowe) Neblett, born July 24, 1875; died when a falling cart crushed his head, June 10, 1890.

JOHN L. ATKINS born April 27, 1812; died June 19, 1890; thrice married; reared a large family.

JAMES ROBERT only son of George and Lillie SAWYER born July 16, 1889; died March 19, 1890.

ROY KEATHLEY WOOD son of William and Amanda Wood, born Jan. 21, 1890; died June 13, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for E. T. HILL; by a Committee, undated; he had died recently.


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Rev. SYLVESTER E. SWOPE died August 3, 1890 in his 87th year of age; farmer and local Methodist preacher; treasurer of Clay Co., 3 years; born Cumberland Co., Ky., 1804; licensed to preach in Methodist Church July 30, 1837; ordained deacon Jan. 1, 1843; ordained elder Jan. 12, 1851.

WINFIELD infant son of Dr. and Viola WILLIAMS born Oct. 23, 1889; died July 6, 1890. Ga.

THOMAS MACLEN infant son of James and Alice Hodge, died Green Co., Ky., July 13, 1890.

JOHN L. HANCOCK born Coffee Co., Tenn., August 8, 1843; married Nov. 1, 1866; 7 children, 5 surviving him; died July 1, 1890.

ELIZABETH PRICE born Bedford Co., Tenn., Sept. 8, 1818; married T. C. Price, Dec. 26, 1840; 5 children 2 surviving her; died June 14, 1890.

EDWARD ELISHA GRIFFITH born in N.C., Oct. 16, 1816 and moved to Monroe Co., Tenn. with his parents; died July 21, 1890; a husband and father.

GEORGE W. HUNT born Jan. 27, 1827; joined Methodist Church Sept. 1874; died Cheatham Co., Tenn., July 16, 1890; a master mason; a husband and father.

CHRISTOPHER T. son of the Rev. Guy and Nancy WILLIAMS born Robertson Co., Tenn., July 29, 1818; married Elizabeth Clevenger, Nov. 17, 1842; died Gordonsville, Ky., March 16, 1890.

MIRTY daughter of B. M. and Docia PINSON, born Dec. 10, 1885; died June 30, 1890.

SARAH E. RAWLS, nee Spence, born near Ballymena, Ireland; when 12 years old came with parents to U.S.; married L. H. Rawls; 9 sons, 2 daughters; died recently.

EMMA HUFFMAN, nee Parker, died Baldwyn, Miss., July 6, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for JOHN SHAKESPEARE MATTISON who died recently; by the Quarterly Conference (Methodist), Rio de Janeiro, Brazeil, where he was pastor; left a widow and daughter, undated.

MALINDA C. RAGLAND, nee Senseman, born Salem, N.C., April 15, 1821; married (1) Mr. Hewett; (2) Judge P. T. Scruggs, Memphis; a Moravian she moved to teach in west Tenn. and later joined the Methodist Church. Her third husband was Col. F. B. Ragland, Brownsville, Tennessee.

SARAH A. LEIGH, nee Clary, born Hartford Court House, N.C., May 2, 1809; died Little Rock, Ark., July 1, 1890; married Dr. Richard Leigh (died 1866), a brother of prominent Methodist preacher, Hezekiah G. Leigh; married Mar. 11, 1830; moved to Chattooga, Ga. in 1837 and settled among the Cherokee Indians; he was licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1840; 11 children, 5 died in childhood; Wilbur Fisk and Charles Wesley died in Confederate service and surviving children were John W. Leigh, Chattanooga; J. G. and L. B. and Mrs. Dance, Little Rock, Ark.; moved from Ga. to Chattanooga in 1869 and then to Brownsville, Tenn. in 1871 and later still to Little Rock.

Colonel JOHN T. TERRY born Chester Dist., S.C., August 31, 1831; son of John W. and Emily (Taliaferro) Terry; in 1835 parents moved to Alabama; he was educated at University of Alabama and University of Louisville (law school); began practice of law in 1853; married (1) Miss Kerr; 6 children; (2) Mary Taylor, a son, Ben T.; died Birmingham, Ala., June 16, 1890.


August 23, 1890

CAROLINE REED HARRISON born Pittsburg, Pa., Oct. 22, 1825; died June 8, 1890; daughter of John C. Reed and moved with family to Maysville, Ky.; married Dr. Wm. H. Harrison; spent most of life in Maysville.

Mrs. NANNIE D. BURROW born July 30, 1858; died May 6, 1890


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Dr. D. J. NEWBERN born near Newbern, N.C., Jan. 25, 1824; died Bolivar, Tenn., June 8, 1890; married Kittie Ramsey, Nov. 19, 1850; 16 children, 11 surviving him; active Methodist layman; served two years in state legislature and was for years a justice of the peace.

RICHARD HILL PARHAM died Benton Co., Miss., July 5, 1890 aged 83 years; moved from Virginia to Marshall Co., Miss. in 1843.

WILLIE F. daughter of W. P. and C. A. MAHONEY born Somerville, Tenn., Sept. 16, 1889; died in residence of grandfather, C. F. Neely, Wellwood, Tenn., June 28, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for Miss BETTIE BOSTICK who died June 12, 1890; by the Sunday School friends in the Methodist Church she attended, undated.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. SALLIE R. SIBLEY, a member and teacher of Soule's Chapel Methodist Sunday School, Ala.; by this group; undated.

ADDIE died June 28, 1890. ELIZABETH died July 12, 1890. Daughters of W. P. Titus, Clarksville, Tenn.

EMERSON ESTELLA son of Dr. P. R. and Mollie Carson, born March 26, 1887; died Morrison, Texas, June 22, 1890.

JOHN M. BASS born Sept. 18, 1857; married Susan Scott, July 16, 1889; died May 31, 1890.


August 30, 1890

WILLIAM C. FOSTER son of P. C. and Minerva Foster, born Allen Co., Ky., July 5, 1862; died Vernon, Texas, May 30, 1890.

ADELIA C. "Dillie" JOHNSON, nee Nolan, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 6, 1814; died near Triune, Tenn., June 3, 1890; married W. B. Johnson, February 5, 1835.

JODA BATT son of C. H. and L. A. Batt, born Obion Co., Tenn., May 15, 1875; died Indian Territory [Oklahoma], June 24, 1890.

ALICE ELLIS only daughter of the Rev. R. A. and Mattie Ellis, born Lafayette Co., Miss., June 29, 1867; died Winona, Miss., June 17, 1890.

Rev. J. B. YOUNGBLOOD born Pickens Co., Ala., Feb. 19, 1854; died Millport, Ala., July 16, 1890; Methodist preacher; married Lena Jimerson, January 1, 1889; 1 child.

J. J. ABEL born Rhea Co., Tenn., July 22, 1800; died June 1890; twice married.

MARGARET BEARDEN born July 3, 1806; died June 20, 1890, Lincoln Co., Tenn.

VIRGINIA WEST FUQUA daughter of S. F. and M. E. Mitchell, born Robertson Co., Tenn., Sept. 30, 1855; married B. G. Fuqua, May 7, 1879; 2 sons, 1 daughter; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., July 14, 1890.

ANN ELIZA McGEE, nee Smith, born in Ga., Oct. 9, 1833; died Union Co., Ark., July 16, 1890; married (1) J. C. Ingram, Feb. 9, 1854; he died in Confederate army, August 20, 1864; 1 daughter; (2) John McGee, January 7, 1872; 1 son, 1 daughter.

WILLIE CABELL infant son of M. F. and M. E. GUTHRIE, born Nov. 26, 1889; died June 1, 1890.

MARY A. COVINGTON, nee Martin, born Saundersville, Tenn.; died Abilene, Texas, Feb. 16, 1890; married L. B. Covington, July 16, 1878; 4 children, 3 surviving her.

MARY MILDRED MORRIS widow of the Rev. F. M. Morris, Memphis Meth. Conference, died Henning, Tenn., Feb. 8, 1890; 58 years old.

JOHN A. FREEMAN born Hancock Co., Ky., Jan. 29, 1844; died April 8, 1890.

HELEN MARY daughter of Mrs. Kate POINDEXTER, Clarksville, Tenn., died July 19, 1890.

JOSEPH S. WOOD, born Weakley Co., Tenn., May 4, 1835; died May 26, 1890.


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ANNA ELIZABETH daughter of Dr. F. F. GILMORE died Tuscumbia, Ala., May 26, 1890 aged 2 years and 10 months old.

ALICE BLANTON, nee Parseley, born June 23, 1855; died April 18, 1890; married D. W. Blanton.


September 6, 1890

Rev. JOHN TILLETT, 1812-1890:


Rev. John Tillett, son of Isaac and Anna Tatum Tillett, was born near Shiloh, Camden County, N.C., Nov. 23, 1812. His father died when he was quite young. He was prepared for college in Elizabeth City by an Episcopal clergyman, Rev. Mr. Buxton, father of Judge Buxton, of Fayetteville, N.C. When about sixteen years of age he heard a Methodist preacher for the first time — the Rev. George Bain. Through his influence, joined with that of Rev. Wm. Elliott, a useful local preacher, he entered the first Freshman class at Randolph-Macon College in August, 1833. It was his purpose when he entered college to study law, but after he was converted and joined the Methodist Church in 1834, under the ministry of Rev. W. B. Rowzie, he felt divinely called to preach the gospel, and was licensed, under Rev. Lewis Skidmore in 1836. He graduated in 1837. He taught school ten months in Clemmonsville, and six months at Mocksville, N.C.

He was admitted into the North Carolina Conference at Salisbury, Jan. 30, 1839. Ordained deacon by Bishop Thomas A. Morris, at Mocksville, Dec. 27, 1840; elder, by Bishop B. Waugh, at Louisburg, Oct. 26, 1842. The following were his appointments: 1839, Iredell Circuit; 1840, Tarboro Circuit; 1841, Beaufort Circuit; 1842, Tarboro Circuit; 1843, Smithfield Circuit; 1844-5, Granville Circuit; 1846, Halifax Circuit, Va.; 1847-8, Iredell Circuit; 1849-50, Mocksville Circuit; 1851-2, Davidson Circuit; 1853-4, Smithfield Circuit; 1855-6, Danville District, Va. (which was then in the North Carolina Conference); 1857-8, Ridgeway Circuit; 1859-60, Pittsboro Circuit; 1861-2, Rockingham Circuit; 1863-4, Person Circuit; 1865-6, Iredell Circuit; 1867-8-9, Granville Circuit; 1870-l, Durham Circuit; 1872-3, Robeson Circuit; 1874-5, Yanceyville Circuit; 1876, Pittsboro Circuit; 1877- 8, Carthage Circuit; 1879-80, Bladen Circuit; 1881-2-3-4, Alamance Circuit; 1885-6, Pleasant Garden Circuit.; 1887-90, inclusive on the superannuated list.

During his active ministry, beginning with January, 1839, and closing with November, 1885, he attended every session of the North Carolina Annual Conference. On the fourth Sabbath in November, 1885, he preached two memorable sermons, which closed his pulpit ministrations. That night he was taken violently ill of acute bronchitis. Typhoid fever soon set in, which left him prostrated and a great sufferer until July 17, 1890, when he sweetly fell asleep in Jesus.

In 1886 he moved to Thomasville, where he lived until the death of his wife in April, 1889. For one year thereafter he lived with his daughter, Mrs. T. J. Allison, her husband being the Presbyterian minister at Elmwood, Iredell County, N.C.

Last April he moved to the home of his son, Charlie W. Tillett, in Charlotte, where he died in the presence of three of his sons, Wilbur, Charlie, and Augustus, the last of whom had not seen him for ten years. His sufferings through nearly five years had been of the most intense character. His poor body shrank from the returning paroxysms of pain, and the desire to get out of body was often expressed; yet he was Christianly patient; at no time did he express a desire for any thing unless God should be glorified by it. His peace was as a river; his conscious acceptance with God through Jesus Christ, and his joyful hope of heaven, constituted his normal condition for several years. Dr. W. F. Tillett, who was with him for two weeks before his death, writes: "Never did any one long for and welcome death more eagerly than he. The future was as bright and clear to him as the noonday sun. Death had not a single fear to him." The last passage of scripture he was known to quote (and that to himself when he thought no one was near) was, "Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth, good-will to men." The voices of the holy ones of heaven and earth blend in noblest notes of praise to God. Through grace he was completely ready, and has entered heaven, and with dear ones gone before he will ever give glory to God in the highest.

He was buried in Charlotte, N.C., the funeral ceremonies being conducted by Rev. P. J. Carraway, Presiding Elder of Charlotte District, assisted by Rev. S. Pool and the Rev. W. C. Gannon.

Oct. 6, 1841, he married Miss Elizabeth Wyche, daughter of James Wyche, Esq. (first President of the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad), and sister of Rev. Ira T. Wyche, by whom he had nine children-two dying in infancy, one in youth and one (Miss. Laura Elizabeth) in riper years, in 1880. She was a woman of strong intellect, a very successful teacher in the town of Rockingham, and an active worker in the Church of Christ. Her memory is precious. The surviving children are: James W. Tillett, of Person County; "Nettie," now Mrs. T. J. Allison; Rev. Wilbur F. Tillett, D.D., Dean of the Theological Faculty and Professor of Systematic Theology at Vanderbilt University; Charles W. Tillett, of the Charlotte bar, and Henry Augustus Tillett, a lawyer of Abilene Texas. His wife died in 1862. In the latter part of 1863 he was married again to Mrs. Louisa G. Speed, who died April 5, 1889, at Thomasville. True and noble women they were. "Each was faithful to the obligations inhering in the relation she sustained to husband, the children in that home, and to the Church of God. He who knows all can alone determine how far the successful ministry of the husband, the true nobility, and the present and prospective usefulness of the children have resulted from their quiet, beautiful, Christian lives. God will reward them. He was greatly blessed in his children, who have ever honored him, and through the years of suffering have delighted to contribute in every way possible to his comfort.

"When the Rev. John Tillett died the earthly career of a most remarkable, strong, successful Methodist preacher was closed."


(Page 34)

GEORGE WILLIAM JACKSON born Logan Co., Ky., March 28, 1867; died May 7, 1890; grandson of Absalom Miller and Jerry Jackson; married Lula Hines, May 15, 1888; 1 daughter.

MARY VESTA ALFORD born Jan. 21, 1843; died July 16, 1890; married Thomas Alford, August 6, 1867; 8 children.

ROBERT N. NEELY son of C. F. Neely, Wellwood, Tenn., born Nov. 26, 1869; died July 17, 1890.

CAROLINE H. ONEAL born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Jan. 21, 1824; died Memphis, Tenn., June 30, 1890; 2 daughters, Mrs. Wright and Mrs. G. P. Jackson.

ROBERT HOLLAND son of Miles and Kate OZIER born July 5, 1885; died June 29, 1890.

ELLA LONG ORR daughter of Major Lem and Martha Long, born Maury Co., Tenn., May 16, 1859; died July 7, 1890; married M. J. Orr, Dec. 22, 1881; 2 daughters.

WILLIAM TAYLOR GLISSON son of W. B. and Isabel Glisson, died Trimble, Tenn., March 19, 1890 aged 26 years; married Ava Askew, March 17, 1885; 2 sons.

MARTHA VIRGINIA MAXWELL daughter of Thomas and Martha Goodrum, born Jan. 13, 1840; died near Bigbyville, Tenn., July 2, 1890; married (1) Dr. Wiley T. Perry (died Dec. 6, 1869), March 16, 1862; (2) Colonel William L. Maxwell (died May 18, 1878), Sept. 16, 1874; 5 children, one, Willie B. Perry, died January 12, 1868.

MARTHA LUNSFORD born in east Tenn., Dec. 9, 1809; died Lauderdale Co., Tenn., July 11, 1890.

JESSE HAWKINS died Lincoln Co., Tenn., June 19, 1890 aged about 85 years.

MATTIE ARMOUR, nee Ligon, daughter of J. A. and E. A. Ligon, born July 3, 1867; married Arthur Armour, Jan. 16, 1889; died April 26, 1890; one child, who died 7 weeks after its mother died.

RUTHA HARRIS born Dec. 2, 1850; died June 27, 1890; married Dr. S. J. Harris, April 14, 1874.

Colonel J. M. RIGGS died Corsicana, Texas, April 16, 1890; long-time district clerk of Navarro Co., Texas.

ABEL B. WOODWARD born Sept. 30, 1858; died Nashville, Tenn., April 30, 1890; lived and worked in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

ANGELINA SMITHSON born Giles Co., Tenn., July 4, 1836; died May 6, 1890; married John Smithson Dec. 25, 1858 and moved to Hickman Co., Tenn.

JANE P. WILLIAMSON born Caswell Co., N.C., Oct. 7, 1827; married S. S. Williamson, March 9, 1854; died Prospect, Tenn., June 30, 1890 in residence of son, Dr. H. G. Williamson.

MARGARET F. FARRAR, nee Willson, born July 22, 1854; died July 3, 1890.

LELIA ANNIE MARSHALL born July 13, 1872; died June 28, 1890.

MARVIN McTYEIRE son of George and Rebecca DEATS died San Antonio, Texas, June 21, 1890 in his 9th year of age.

ROSCOE MITCHELL CLOYD son of C. S. and C. A. Cloyd, born Sept. 29, 1886; died May 18, 1890.

PORTIS GRAY RANSOM son of Dr. R. P. and Lillie Ransom born July 25, 1887; died Williamston, S.C., July 22, 1890.

Mrs. MARTHA P. MURRY born White Co., Tenn. May 23, 1821; died near Sparta, Tenn., May 17, 1890.

ELIZABETH KIRBY, nee Gross, married R. L. Kirby, July 8, 1830 and lived near Dodsonville, Ala.; died January 15, 1890 in her 80th year of age.

T. L. MASSEY born Oct. 8, 1855; married (1) Carrie Hunt (died Dec. 21, 1882), Mar. 29, 1882; (2) Anna Stevens, Nov. 7, 1888; a son, Leslie, died June 20, 1890.


(Page 35)

ELIZA ANN BELLE ALLEN, nee Turner, born Feb. 10, 1833; died Jan. 28, 1890; wife of Samuel Allen.

ELI WHITE born Onondega Co., N. Y., July 11, 1839; moved to Miss. in 1857; married Celia Ratcliff, August 13, 1860; died Carroll Co., Miss., June 17, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for JIMME PAINE, born Bond Station, Tenn., Jan. 29, 1874; drowned May 24, 1890; by the Sunday School, Bartlett, Tenn. Methodist Church; undated.

C. J. TAYLOR born Nov. 1, 1814; died June 27, 1890.

ROBERT WILLIAM SCOTT born Feb. 20, 1838; married Nannie Glover, May 10, 1860; died May 24, 1890.

OTMAN GIBSON infant son of Andrew Jackson Gibson born Aug. 4, 1889; died June 14, 1890.

JOHN B. McKINNON born May 5, 1846; died Feb. 1, 1890.

Dr. WILLIAM Y. BENNETT born Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1818; died July 13, 1890.


September 13, 1890

MINNIE LANEY died July 10, 1890; daughter of R. W. and Susan Laney.

MAGGIE oldest daughter of M. G. and L. A. BOXLEY born Oct. 21, 1873; died July 19, 1890.

MARY A. SCOTT born in Va., Oct. 18, 1814; married Wiley Scott; died recently.

ELLA FLORENCE WHEAT wife of W. D. Wheat, daughter of Dr. A. and Mary Baugh, born Oct. 22, 1860; died Russell Co., Ky., July 27, 1890.

Mrs. NANCY BROWNING born July 4, 1810; died June 18, 1890; one surviving child, Mrs. Lelia Wallingford.

LEWIS GREEN MILLS born Sumner Co., Tenn., Feb. 9, 1813; married (1) Maria Miles, one child; (2) Isabella Siddons, March 6, 1845; 10 children, 5 surviving him; died July 25, 1890.

IDA DINWIDDIE born June 29, 1875; died DeKalb Co., Tenn., July 9, 1890.

MARY RICKETS born Craig Co., N.C., May 26, 1805; died cancer, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., Aug. 3, 1890.

MARY CAROLINE OGBURN, nee Hunt, born Granville Co., N.C., July 4, 1867; moved with parents to Montgomery Co., Tenn.; married John Ogburn, May 27, 1830; 4 sons, 5 daughters; died New Providence, Tenn., recently.

Miss M. F. DUFFER born May 17, 1815; died recently.

GERTRUDE LOVEL, nee Bennett, born in Ill.; died Belton, Texas, July 6, 1890 in 40th year of age.

MARTHA S. SIMPSON daughter of the Rev. Philip W. Taylor; born Spencer Co., Ky., Nov. 26, 1799; died McCracken Co., Ky., June 10, 1890; married Erasmus Simpson, Sept. 4, 1829; 1 son.

LEAH TIDWELL wife of C. H. Tidwell, Giles Co., Tenn., born Feb. 17, 1827; died Sept. 2, 1889.

BENJAMIN A. WORRELL born Dec. 4, 1848; died Mar. 16, 1890; husband and father.

Dr. WILLIAM T. BARRY born Robertson Co., Tenn., Mar. 27, 1848; married Annie Anderson, Nov. 1, 1887; died Guthrie, Ky., June 19, 1890.

THOMAS C. HUGHES born Abbeville Dist., S.C., Dec. 7, 1867; died Etowah Co., Ala., May 26, 1890; married Margaret Ann Cowen, May 16, 1848.

ELIZABETH WOODRING born Sumner Co., Tenn.; married C. M. Woodring (died July 25, 1871) several children; died Tracy City, Tenn., June 28, 1890.

MOLLIE Y. DURHAM, nee Turner, born July 24, 1861; married A. M. Durham, Jan. 1, 1880; died March 29, 1890; daughter of the Rev. Hardin J. Turner, Memphis Methodist Conference.

VIRGINIA NORMAN, nee Brooks, wife of the Rev. Joseph Norman, born Feb. 21, 1820; died July 15, 1890; married in 1841.


(Page 36)

WILLIAM EDWARD HALL CUSTER son of C. J. and Sallie Custer, born Humboldt, Tenn., Jan. 9, 1888; died Union City, Tenn., June 25, 1890.

LOUISA ELIZABETH ERWIN, nee Gash, born Buncombe Co., N.C., Nov. 19, 1818; died Spartanburg, S.C., May 24, 1890.

Capt. DOWNS BREWSTER DOYLE died Webster Parish, La., July 2, 1890 in his 73rd year of age; married Emeline Austin, 1844; 7 children.

Miss LUCY VAN BUREN daughter of the Rev. Gerardus and Mary Van Buren, born Maury Co., Tenn., March 23, 1828; died Haywood Co., Tenn., August 6, 1890.

PARMELIA ANNA HERRING, nee Tarrant, wife of Dr. B. N. Herring, Clarksville, Tenn. died Aug. 3, 1890.

Dr. JAMES STOKLY HOWLETT born Davidson Co., Tenn., Oct. 13, 1833; married Bettie Tate, Sept. 12, 1865; 4 children; moved to Culleoka, Tenn. in 1884; died July 21, 1890.

THOMAS WALKER ORR born County Armagh, Ireland, Dec. 19, 1804; migrated to Louisville, Ky., in 1832; died June 5, 1890.

JOEL HAGLER son of Jacob and Frances Hagler, born Wilkes Co., N.C., July 19, 1795; with parents moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. in 1807, then to Henry Co., Tenn. in 1819; married Mary Sturdart in the spring of 1819; served at New Orleans in War of 1812; joined Methodist Church in 1829. Died Henry Co., Tenn., March 23, 1890.

PARNICK EGGBERT son of R. J. Hill died August 13, 1890 aged 1 year, 5 days old.

Mrs. V. L. HINES, nee Gibson, died Dallas, Texas, July 25, 1890; 4 children.

MICHAEL BARNETT son of Thomas and Elizabeth Barnett, born Monroe Co., Tenn., Sept. 12, 1828; died Carthage, Tenn., July 18, 1890; married (1) Melissa Craton McNutt (died 1867) in 1848; 5 sons, 2 daughters; (2) Sarah Bonham, 1868; moved to Polk Co., Tenn. in 1855, later to Carthage, Tenn. Obituary written by his son, W. R. Barnett.

FANNIE CAMILLE BOGGAN wife of Robert Boggan; daughter of Joseph and Ellen Blackwell, born Marshall Co., Miss., Aug. 31, 1866; married Aug. 16, 1888; died July 17, 1890; 1 child who died before she died.

KITTY A. MOORE born April 28, 1814; died Green Co., Ky., Aug. 6, 1890; married Hiram Moore, Dec. 24, 1835; joined Methodist Church in 1867.

WILLIAM J. LYLE son of Thomas and Margaret WILKERSON born Mar. 22, 1832; died Haywood Co., Tenn., Nov. 9, 1889; born in Montgomery Co., Tenn.; married Sarah Alexander, Oct. 9, 1856; county official for Haywood County for years.

NATHANIEL FRANCIS son of John and Elizabeth SCALES born Dec. 1889; died June 1890.

Rev. W. A. HARRIS born in Tenn., 1824; died Boone Co., Ala., June 30, 1890; married (1) Regina Hoevard, Nov. 3, 1850; (2) Mrs. Phoebe Rook.

CLAUDE infant son of W. T. and Emma WEBBER born Oct. 26, 1889; died Aug. 8, 1890.


September 20, 1890

JOHN SAMUEL KATTERJOHN born Newburg, Ind., Aug. 26, 1865; graduate, Louisville Sch. Pharmacy, 1887; died June 20, 1890.

Miss MATILDA "Tilda" LANKFORD born Dec. 18, 1867; died Warren Co., Ky., August 10, 1890.

MARY A. BOWDEN born Aug. 19, 1816; married James Bowden, 1855; died June 1, 1890; Miss.

DOVIE EMMERSON DRENNAN born Nov. 19, 1859; died Feb. 28, 1890.

JULIA A. GAINS, nee Passmore, born in Ill., May 22, 1868; died Sparta, Tenn., July 31, 1890; married Dr. S. E. Gains, June 19, 1890.


(Page 37)

Rev. R. H. READ, 1814-1890:


It is a sad, yet pleasing task to me to chronicle the life-work of my dear friend and co-laborer, Rev. R. H. Read. In 1843 we were received together on trial in the traveling Connection in the Mississippi Annual Conference held at Woodville, Miss. Out of thirteen young men in our class there remain now but myself and one other, and it is but fitting that I should be permitted to pay this last tribute of love to the memory of one to whom I was so greatly endeared by long association in the vineyard of the Lord. He was abundant in labors, a genial companion, and a devout Christian. His work is done and he has gone to his reward.

Brother Read was born in Baltimore, Md., in 1814; joined the Mississippi Conference in 1843 at Woodville, Miss., prior to its division into the Louisiana and Mississippi Conferences. In 1844 he served Vidalia Circuit, La., Natchez District; 1845, Wilkinson Circuit., Miss.; 1846, he was stationed at Opelousas, La.; 1847, he served Chicot Circuit, La.; 1848, he was agent of Centenary College; in 1849 and 1850 he was stationed at Shreveport, La.; in 1854 he served Caddo Circuit; in 1852 and 1853, Franklin and Pattersonville Circuit. At the close of 1853 he was located at his own request, and till 1861, was engaged in the drug business in Pattersonville and New Orleans. So far, however, from his secular employment quenching his zeal for preaching the gospel to which he was called, it was his delight to preach almost every Sabbath during this period. So was he faithful to his vows. In 1861 he was elected to serve as chaplain in the Fifth Louisiana Regiment, which post he faithfully filled during the four years’ civil war. At its close he settled at Holly Springs, Miss. Though not connected with the Conference he preached whenever opportunity offered. This was his loved employ and he never declined to declare his divine message to the people, continuing his labors among them as a local preacher during 1866 and 1867. In 1868 he joined the Southern Illinois Conference, remaining three years at Bloomington and Jacksonville, where through his arduous labors, a church was built. In 1871, being advised to go farther south for the health of a beloved child, he was transferred by Bishop Kavanaugh to the Kentucky Conference, and sent to Middletown. In 1872 he was sent to Maysville, where he remained two years. During 1874 and 1875 he was stationed at Lexington. The health of his child still remaining delicate, he sought a still more southerly clime, requesting to be transferred to the North Texas Conference, and serving the Church at Paris during 1876. In 1877 and 1878 he was stationed at Sherman, and at the close of the latter year located. Declining age, and a prospect in the near future of being to do effective itinerant work, a large family and heavy expenses, induced him to take this step, and he settled in Paris, Tex., expecting to serve his Master as a local preacher whenever a way opened. Rest from constant labor recuperated his strength and he accepted a salaried position to preach for the Congregational Church in Paris, with the avowed understanding

that he was not to relinquish one iota of his belief in the doctrine of his own Church. For this step he may be censured by some, yet when all the circumstances are known, our censure would be palliated into sympathy. Brother Read maintained his integrity as a faithful preacher and a devout Christian to the day of his death, always adhering to the doctrines of the Methodist Church, within whose pale only was he content to die. He served the Congregational Church at Paris during 1880, 1881, and 1882. In 1883 he resigned his charge at Paris to serve the Congregational Church at Eureka Springs, Ark., where he did most noble work for three years, 1883, 1884, and 1885. Thence he was called to Little Rock, in which city he preached to the Congregational Church during 1886 and 1887. This closed his active ministerial work. His health, through long and arduous labor, having failed, he sought the healing mountain breezes of Eureka Springs; but the grand machinery was slowly yielding to the inevitable law of dissolution. His spirit, bright as in the days of his youth, made a heroic struggle to impart some of its own indomitable strength and energy to the body, but in vain. Finding no benefit he returned to Paris, and there among beloved friends he yielded to the stern decree: "Dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return." He died in great peace March 1, 1890. As he had been serving Congregational Churches for ten years, be expressed a wish just before his death to reunite with the Methodist Church, and die within its pale; thus distinctly averring his allegiance to his mother Church, and emphasizing the fact that be had been true as steel to her doctrines and principles, though with a broad generosity he had served in other pulpits.

His was an aggressive Christianity. He could not have made a martyred Stephen, but rather a soldier, like Paul, ready to go where duty called, fearless of all save the one manly fear of wrong-doing. His eloquence was of that soul-stirring quality that once echoed in the halls of Agrippa, and forced from those kingly lips the cry: "Almost thou persuaded me to be a Christian!" For forty-three years he served the Master; who shall say in what glorified kingdom he now rests, waking from pain and suffering to hear a voice tender with love, saying: "Well done, good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many."



(Page 38)

EMMA SERILDA OGLESBY daughter of D. F. and Clara Oglesby, born Mar. 20, 1883; died Aug. 22, 1890.

MARVIN infant son of H. W. and M. J. STRATTON born Hardin Co., Tenn., Jan. 19, 1888; died April 29, 1890.

SARAH HODGES wife of Jeremiah Hodges, born July 10, 1825; died May 26, 1860. Chester Co., Tenn.

FLORA ALICE infant daughter of John and Eula FARMER died recently.

E. C. HUNTER born in Ga., Mar. 5, 1808; died in Miss., July 17, 1890; married Jane Forbes, 1831; she was born in Ga., March 29, 1810 and died in Miss. Nov. 1885; 7 children; a son, Rev. John Hunter, Methodist preacher in Ga., Ala. and Mississippi.

HENRY CLAY NABORS born Columbiana, Ala., Nov. 25, 1842; married Hattie Wagner, Oct. 11, 1870; moved to Texas in 1874; died August 19, 1890 in his old home.

CYNTHIA ISABEL KNIGHT, nee Thomas, born Humphreys Co., Tenn., Feb. 27, 1844; married the Rev. J. R. Knight, Feb. 3, 1876; died August 26, 1890.

JANE GENTRY wife of Matthew M. Gentry, died May 23, 1890 aged 45 years.

MAMIE BELLE MUSTAIN daughter of the Rev. S. L. and Locky Murrell, born Aug. 31, 1859; married James T. Mustain, Sept. 12, 1877; died July 1, 1890, Horse Cave, Ky.

CAROLINE M. BOND daughter of the Rev. Gerard and Mary Van Buren, born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Dec. 1, 1822; moved with parents to Haywood Co., Tenn. in 1844; married W. T. Bond, Feb. 19, 1861; died July 27, 1820.

SARAH SCRUGGS born Murfreesboro, Tenn., Oct. 16, 1812; died Huntsville, Ala., July 31, 1890; married H. F. Scruggs, Jan. 18, 1831; 8 children, 5 surviving her.

WILLIE CANTRELL wife of H. H. CROCKETT, daughter of John T. Baker, died Gallatin, Tn., July 29, 1890.

ROBERT died March 21, 1889 aged 24 years. RICHARD A., born July 28, 1867 and died March 10, 1890. Sons of C. C. BELL, Springfield, Tenn.

N. E. CHATHAM, nee Clower, born Sept. 3, 1840; married W. C. Chatham, Feb. 20, 1868; died August 18, 1890.

MARTHA JOSEPHINE LEATH born March 15, 1849; died July 30, 1890.

TOMMIE MARVIN son of L. K. and Emma LADEN, grandson of the Rev. T. S. Duncan, born Feb. 22, 1886; died August 3, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for Dr. CHARLES WESLEY MALONE born Wilson Co., Tenn., 1813; died July 24, 1890; graduate, University of Philadelphia, Pa. (medical); moved to Memphis, Tenn. in 1866 where he ever afterwards lived, practiced medicine and died; by the Sunday School of First Methodist Church; in Memphis, Tennessee; undated.

MAMIE LEE daughter of James M. and M. J. JENKINS born Lauderdale Co., Tenn., August 5, 1872; died Aug. 18, 1890, Ark.

NAPOLEON J. OGILVIE son of Lemuel H. and Martha Ogilvie, born Oct. 17, 1836; died Charleston, Mo., August 21, 1890; married Love T. Burnley, June 18, 1857; probate judge of Miss. Co., Mo.; 4 daughters.

WARREN WYATT born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Oct. 15, 1826; moved to Haywood Co., Tenn. in 1837; married (1) Susan Dancy (died 1868), in 1848; 4 children; (2) Sarah E. Quimby, Dec. 15, 1870; died Feb. 19, 1890.

ELIZABETH BONDS born Oct. 17, 1818; died August 9, 1890; died in and buried in Humboldt, Tenn.

WILLIAM THOMAS HITT born Aug. 19, 1889; died June 30, 1890.


(Page 39)

SAMUEL MARTIN McMURREY son of Vincent and Jane McMurray, born Obion Co., Tenn., April 27, 1850; died Dixon Springs, Tenn., Aug. 17, 1890; burial in Mt. Zion Cemetery.

MARY ELIZABETH MORGAN daughter of Aquila and Martha Brown, born May 20, 1855; died June 29, 1890; married George W. Morgan, June 14, 1871; several children.

TABITHA CAROLINE GURLEY wife of Joseph Gurley, daughter of James Loveless, born Tishomingo Co., Miss., March 13, 1844; married Oct. 28, 1860; died August 9, 1890.

ARTHUR EDWIN son of J. B. and E. C. PULLEN born April 17, 1871; died Aug. 9, 1890; born and reared in Tipton Co., Tenn.

MOLLIE MILLER daughter of Frank and M. A. Miller, born Robertson Co., Tenn.; died June 15, 1890.

ELLIE NEAL infant daughter of A. T. Neal, a "treasure" born Mar. 28, 1888; died July 4, 1890.

CYRUS McCARTY born Hardinsburg, Ky., April 13, 1838; married Sarah Bell, Nov. 11, 1868; died August 26, 1890, McMinnville, Tenn.

Rev. JOHN B. PENNINGTON son of Leroy and Eliza Pennington, born Henryville, Tenn., May 25, 1863; died August 8, 1890.

JOE son of Joe T. and Lucy PATTON born June 6, 1889; died March 25, 1890.


September 27, 1890

ELIAS J. MEYNARDIE, whose ancestors were Huguenots, born Charleston, S.C., May 21, 1826; became a well-known Methodist preacher and speaker; died July 1, 1890.

Gen. N. D. GUERRY, delegate to the Constitutional Convention from Lowndes County, Miss. born Houston Co., Ga., July 28, 1828; moved to Ala. in 1834; lawyer; at age 26 years he served as general of state militia; served in 15 Ala. Inf. Reg, CSA; moved to Artesia, Miss. in 1882; farmer; died September 1, 1890.

WESLEY W. WOODS born Feb. 6, 1826; died Clinton, Ky., Aug. 22, 1890; married Bettie Dement, Sept. 23, 1858; 2 sons, 6 daughters.

E. S. LYNN, nee Patton, born Sumner Co., Tenn., Aug. 10, 1828; married L. E. Lynn, July 25, 1850; 8 children, 6 surviving her; died March 16, 1890.

LULA A. WOODRUFF daughter of the Rev. J. A. and S. A. Andrews, wife of the Rev. J. C. Woodruff, No. Miss. Methodist Conference, born Itawamba Co., Miss., May 16, 1867; died Aug. 29, 1890 while visiting her father in Lamar Co., Miss.; 4 children, the youngest 11 mos. old.

JOHN SIMS WALDMAN born Winchester, Tenn., Oct. 21, 1849; died Aug. 8, 1890; married Cora Morris (died Aug. 28, 1882), Dec. 20, 1876.

GODFREY GATES born S.C., Feb. 27, 1813; died near Ingomar, Miss., Feb. 17, 1890.

HELEN daughter of B. F. Shaw, Clarksville, Tenn., died August 30, 1890.

WILLIAM ADAM CAMPBELL born Logan Co., Ky., Feb. 28, 1810; married Rosamond Adams, Aug. 9, 1832; died Sept. 7, 1890.

A. M. ALEXANDRIA born Allen Co., Ky., July 11, 1819; died Wise Co., Texas, Mar. 29, 1890; married Mary F. Glaiburn (born Macon Co., Tenn., May 22, 1823; died Jan. 27, 1887), Feb. 9, 1847.

REBECCA FRANCES EDDINS born Wilson Co., Tenn., Dec. 16, 1830; died near Bartlett, Tenn., March 14, 1890; surviving daughter, Mrs. Lucy Allen.

JAMES S. SHANNON born Coosa Co., Ala., June 20, 1848; died July 18, 1890.

Rev. JAMES HASWELL, Hardinsburg, Ky. died Sept. 12, 1890; left widow, 5 children.


(Page 40)

BETTIE DOUGLASS WHEELER daughter of the Rev. Joseph E. Douglass, No. Miss. Methodist Conference and Frances Jefferson (Steger) Douglass; born Marshall Co., Miss., June 27, 1848; married Dr. J. M. Wheeler (died 1878) in 1872. Moscow, Tennessee. She died April 2, 1890.

SUE ATKINSON EATHERLY daughter of W. J. and Chloe Atkinson, born Wilson Co., Tenn., August 8, 1861; married T. H. Eatherly, Oct. 19, 1887; died July 10, 1890, typhoid fever; 3 children.

JOSEPH CLEMENTS born Fleming Co., Ky., Feb. 20, 1805; died Grayson Co., Ky., June 22, 1890 married Eliza Ann Rowbet (died April 21, 1875), December 13, 1831.

ELIZABETH A. DUGAN born July 21, 1807; married John Murphy, April 8, 1841; died March 28, 1889.

ROBERT BONDS born in N.C., May 9, 1818; died Humboldt, Tenn., Sept. 11, 1890; a son, James Bonds, mentioned.

J. T. HILL died Red Bank, Miss., Sept. 9, 1890 in his 34th year of age.

HAROLD son of Edward and Lucy WESTENBERGER, Charlotte, Tenn., died August 29, 1890.


October 4, 1890



Rev. John Baxter Stevenson, son of Rev. Elam and Mrs. Lydia Stevenson, was born in Giles County, Tenn., Dec. 17, 1821, and departed this life Sep. 6, 1890, in Roanoke, Ala. The religion of his paternal ancestry was Calvinistic Presbyterian; his maternal, Protestant Episcopal. His father was licensed to preach in the Methodist Church in 1813. Brother Stevenson was one of eleven children. Three of his brothers have been local preachers in the M. E. Church, South. His parents dedicated the children to God in baptism in their infancy. This family was a patriarchal church in which the paternal priest offered the morning and evening sacrifice, consisting of reading the Scriptures, singing a hymn of praise, and offering a devout prayer. These services were not so prolix as to weary the children, nor so short as to appear an irreverent form of devotion. Under the ministry of Rev. James McFerrin, presiding elder, Brother Stevenson formally united with the M. E. Church, in 1832. In 1834, after two sermons, one preached by Rev. J. B. McFerrin, the other by Rev. H. H. Brown, at Mount Pisgah Camp-ground, in Giles County, Tenn., he was genuinely converted. He held his membership at Bee Spring, Richland Circuit, Tennessee Conference, from 1832 until received on trial in this Conference in 1843. His first public prayers were offered around his father’s family altar. July 22, 1843, he was licensed to exhort by recommendation of his society. Sep. 2, 1843, he was licensed to preach by the Quarterly Conference of Richland Circuit, Rev. Thomas Madden, presiding elder. At the same time and place he was recommended to the Tennessee Annual Conference for admission into the traveling Connection, and was subsequently received on trial. His first appointment was Bellefont Circuit as junior preacher, Cornelius McGuire, preacher in charge. The second year was spent on Marshall Circuit, Rev. L. D. Howell, preacher in charge. This was an exceedingly pleasant and successful year, about two hundred having been added to the Church. At the close of this year he was admitted into full connection, and elected to deacon’s orders, but was not ordained until the following year, no Bishop being present. At the Conference in 1845 he was placed in charge of the Wartrace Circuit. This was also a year of great success. At the Conference of 1846 he was ordained deacon by Bishop Andrew, and appointed to Bedford Circuit, with J. C. Woodward, as junior preacher, About one hundred members were added to the Church, among them R. L. Fagan, who became a member of the Tennessee Conference. This closed his fourth year in the itinerancy, and he was elected to elder's orders and ordained by Bishop Paine. His next appointment was Hickory Creek Circuit. In 1848 he was appointed to Russell Valley Circuit; in 1849 to Bellefont Circuit. June 25, 1850, he was married to Miss Eleanor G Shriver, of Bedford County, Tenn. In 1850 he was appointed to Montgomery Circuit; in 1851 to Hickory Creek Circuit; in 1852, to Woodbury Circuit. During these past two years his wife had been an invalid, and he had boarded her at her father’s, working at manual labor, when not ministerially employed, for money to pay her board. In 1853 he was appointed to Wesley Circuit, the nearest appointment being twenty miles from his afflicted wife. In 1854 he was returned to Wesley Circuit, upon which he suffered during the year from acute tonsillitis. At the Conference of 1855 he was under the painful necessity of taking a supernumerary relation; which he held for five years in connection with Bedford Circuit. During all these years his throat caused him great trouble. During three years of the war he preached very little, owing to the Federal invasion. In 1863 he went with the Confederate army, until failing health drove him to North Carolina, the home of his ancestry. Here he labored successfully until April 30, 1865, when he returned to his wife in Middle Tennessee. On the morning of March 16, 1866, she peacefully fell asleep in Jesus. In 1866 he was appointed to Florence Station; and Oct 8, 1867, was married to Miss Sallie C. Munn, of Florence, Ala. In 1867 he was appointed presiding elder of Florence District, which he served efficiently for two years, when his throat trouble caused him to ask the Bishop for lighter work. In 1869 he was sent to Valley Station, where he staid four years. He was then sent to Florence District, which he served three years. He was then sent to Oxford and White Plains, which he served two years; then to LaFayette District, four years; Alexandria Circuit; one year; Birmingham Circuit, one year; Munford Circuit, three years; and Roanoke Circuit, which he was serving his third year. He was twice elected to the General Conference.

This is, in brief, the record of an active life, full of good words and works. It is impossible, in an article like this, to


(Page 41)

estimate the good he accomplished, or state the greatness of the man. Brother Stevenson was thoroughly converted; he never doubted it, nor did those who knew him. He was deeply in love with Jesus and his fellowmen. As a minister of the gospel he was able and fearless. He was a strong and scriptural preacher, with a healthy conscience, and possessed of undaunted courage. When he took a position, satisfied of its correctness, no man or army of men could drive him therefrom. He made n great many new sermons in his latter years, some of which were extraordinary — all were good. He was a friend of true education. He loved children and the young people. He was a man of prayer-one of Enoch's class —"he walked with God." He was a father to young ministers, and a true brother to older ones, loving preachers as well as any man I ever knew. He was my presiding elder when I was licensed to preach, September, 1869, and our love for each other can never die. Next to my father he took interest and confided in me. His last illness was very painful. He was never well after returning from Greensboro last Commencement. He craved to get well that he might continue to preach, but had "a desire to depart and be with Christ" if he could not get well enough to continue preaching.

The writer conducted his funeral service Sunday, Sep. 7, in the Grove at Roanoke Methodist Church, there not being room for on third of the audience inside the church. It was estimated that there were over one thousand people present. Remarks were also made by Rev. R. S. Snuggs, F. P. Randle, and Dr. Shaffer, pastor of the Baptist Church. Then we laid his body in Roanoke Cemetery to rest until it shall be reunited with the happy and Holy Spirit in heaven. The Lord bless the wife who had a model husband, and the four boys who had an affectionate father, to whom he left the legacy of a spotless life and stainless character. "Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel?"

L. F. Whitten.


MELISSA BATEMAN "Babe" MACPHERSON daughter of W. D. and M. C. Robertson, born Nashville, Tenn., January 29, 1842; married (1) Thomas Bateman, May 3, 1860; (2) the Rev. Joe Macpherson, June 24, 1886; died Triune, Tenn., August 5, 1890.

MARTHA AMANDA PAGE wife of J. W. Page, born Feb. 3, 1831; died near Columbia, Tenn., Aug. 22, 1890.

ROBERT CREACY born Charlotte Co., Va., July 11, 1794; died Aug. 24, 1890; married Mary Beck, Pittsylvania Co., Va., 1820 and moved to Cumberland Co., Ky. in 1830. She died Dec. 6, 1863.

MARY HUTCHERSON BENNETT daughter of Anderson and Caroline Johnson, born Dec. 3, 1827; married Thomas A. Bennett, Jan. 9, 1850; 2 daughters; died June 21, 1890.

PHINEAS MACE born June 23, 1811; died recently.

S. M. Endsley, nee Ladd, widow of I. N. Endsley, Belfast, Tenn., died August 16, 1890 in the 66th year of her age; married October 26, 1852.

LOU C. McKINLEY daughter of W. H. and E. J. Slagle and wife of James McKinley, born Hawkins Co., Tenn.; moved to Putnam Co., Tenn. in 1868; married Oct. 2, 1887; died recently.

SAMUEL SEDAN DAVIS born Dec. 6, 1834; died Trousdale Co., Tenn., Sept. 21, 1890; married Amanda Law, November 18, 1857; 1 son, 1 daughter.

Miss LETTIE A. HOLIMAN born Jackson Co., Tenn., Dec. 8, 1868; died near Granville, Tenn., June 2, 1890.

MATTIE BRIEN daughter of William and Pertama Staton, born Marshall Co., Ky., Jan. 13, 1862; married Levi Brien, Nov. 10, 1886; died July 4, 1890.

MARION infant son of H. W. and M. J. STRATTON born Jan. 19, 1889; died April 29, 1889.

FLETCHER COMER born April 1889; died June 11, 1890; son of George and Mollie Comer.

MAUD daughter of J. H. and N. E. WILLIS, born Feb. 9, 1887; died Sept. 12, 1890.


October 11, 1890

FANNIE MORRISON daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Morrison, Kossuth, Miss., born May 9, 1851; died April 24, 1890.

JAMES ALSTON GROVES born Elbert Co., Ga., Sept. 29, 1798; died Dallas Co., Ala., June 30, 1890 lawyer; married (1) Mrs. Tabitha Beall; (2) Mrs. Atkinson; he had no children.


(Page 42)

AMERICA JANE LYNCH born middle Tenn., Feb. 12, 1838; died Collierville, Tenn., August 3, 1890; daughter of Wyatt Ramsey; married John Lynch, Jan. 20, 1856; 2 daughters.

REBECCA DEBOW widow of William DeBow, died Anniston, Ala., recently; daughter of James Gaines; married (1) George Love; one son, Clarence; (2) Major William DeBow; one son, Archie aged about 8 years old.

FANNIE M. LAWS born Nov. 5, 1815; died Sept. 4, 1890; married (1) Kendal Dazey; 7 children; surviving children: George A. and Kendal F. Laws. (2) Colonel John Laws; daughters, Nannie and Fannie.

ANNIE JANE ALLEN widow of Granderson Allen, died June 23, 1890 aged 91 years, 9 months; nine miles from Nashville, Tenn.; native of Halifax Co., Va.; 6 children.

MATTIE A. BARTON born Monroe Co., Miss., Aug. 30, 1844; died Madison, Ala., Sept. 13, 1890; married (1) Berry Leemond (died July 15, 1886); (2) John W. Barton, April 5, 1888.

MINNIE WALLACE, nee Herod, born Mar. 25, 1867; married John Wallace, Dec. 18, 1888; died Goodlettsville, Tenn., May 18, 1890.

J. H. STUTTS born Nov. 7, 1869; died April 14, 1890.

JOHN S. MATTISON born Anderson Co., S.C., Oct. 4, 1860; died Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 10, 1890; a missionary.

BETTIE C. BOSTICK daughter of Harding and Mary (King) Bostick, born Jan. 4, 1871; graduate, Tennessee Female College, 1889; teacher, Triune Academy; died June 12, 1890.

ELIZABETH KENDALL, nee Brown; born Giles Co., Va., April 19, 1809; married the Rev. Allen Kendall in 1828 and moved to Ky. in 1832; to Texas in 1859; died Oak Cliff, Texas, August 17, 1890.

MINERVA J. MEADOR daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth Durham; born Jan. 9, 1848; married (1) Mr. White; (2) Thomas Meador; 1 child; died September 9, 1890.

ZORA ZULA daughter of William FARLEY, born May 15, 1874; died from falling accident with horse, September 4, 1890.

CHRISTIAN ARNOLD STUTTS born Nov. 9, 1884; died Sept. 23, 1886.

FANNIE BELL daughter of R. B. and R. M. Hogan, born March 20, 1886; died Sept. 14, 1890. Denton Co., Texas.


October 18, 1890

Rev. JAMES B. YOUNGBLOOD born Pickens Co., Ala. in 1854; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1878; Methodist preacher, No. Ala. Meth. Conference; died recently leaving a widow and one son.

LIZZIE MARSHALL POOSER daughter of Augustus and Rebecca Ann Marshall, wife of the Rev. M. H. Pooser, born Charleston, S.C., July 23, 1844; married Mar. 31, 1886; died Parksville, S.C., July 9, 1890.

MAGGIE PENN GOBER wife of M. A. Gober, died Early Grove, Miss., Aug. 8, 1890.

MARY ANNA SMITH, nee Armstrong, born Upshur Co., Texas, Feb. 23, 1866; married J. M. Smith, Dec. 29, 1887; 1 child; died Sept. 29, 1890.

W. W. GALBREATH born Davidson Co., Tenn., Sept. 22, 1847; died Tipton Co., Tenn., August 23, 1890; married Amelia Taylor, May 7, 1867; 1 son; burial at Mt. Zion, Tipton County.

Dr. MARION TROTT son of B. F. and R. M. Trott, born Mar. 9, 1856; married Fannie Fletcher, Dec. 23, 1888; died July 14, 1890.

CLAIBORNE HOLLOWAY born in 1860 near Nashville, Tenn.; married Dorothy Baker in 1826;


(Page 43)

moved to Indiana in 1829, then to Illinois, back to Indiana, then to Illinois where his wife died in 1853; he married Lydia Allison in 1856; 1 son; died recently.

MARY ANN SANDIDGE, nee Cocke, born Maury Co., Tenn., Mar. 9, 1822; died DeSoto Co., Miss., July 17, 1890; married (1) Nathaniel Mims; 3 children; (2) Dr. Albert G. Sandidge.

SALLIE G. MOORMAN born Talbott Co., Ga., July 25, 1830; married John S. Moorman, June 14, 1854; died August 17, 1890.

MARY A. SMITH daughter of Benjamin and Nancy Whitfield, born Haywood Co., Tenn., Nov. 1834; married Valentine Smith in 1856; died Sept. 23, 1890.

Mrs. NANNIE KEETON born April 12, 1870; died April 4, 1890; daughter of Samuel and Mary Adkisson.

G. W. BROYLES died Limestone Co., Ala., August 23, 1890; an old man.

JOHN W. STREET born Tishomingo Co., Miss., August 4, 1853; died Lincoln Co., Tenn., July 16, 1890; married (1) Mattie Rees, Jan. 26, 1875; 1 daughter; (2) Ann Rees, March 15, 1887.

WILLIAM DURDAN CALLAWAY born Mar. 29, 1852; died Sept. 27, 1890; left widow and 3 children.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. EMMA PECK who died recently; by a Methodist Church committee; undated.

ODIOUS S. BURKS son of D. M. and M. E. Burks, born Hardin Co., Tenn., Oct. 28, 1889; died Sept. 12, 1890.

LELA daughter of M. J. and L. A. BOXLEY, died Sept. 15, 1890 aged 14 months. Panola Co., Miss.


October 25, 1890

D. E. YOUNG son of Dr. J. R. Young, Benton Co., Tenn., died July 24, 1890.

SARAH ANN VAN HOOK daughter of Benjamin and Parmelia Bledsoe, born near Lexington, Ky., Sept. 15, 1825 and moved with parents to Alabama; married in Oct. 1844 and moved to Shelby Co., Tenn. where she died July 9, 1890.

Mrs. HEBE CRABTREE daughter of Dr. G. W. and Lemmie FARR, born May 17, 1869; died Lexington, Miss., Sept. 12, 1890.

BETTIE SWANN DONNELL born in Tenn., Mar. 24, 1844; died Alexandria, Tenn., Sept. 10, 1890; married John Donnell, Nov. 12, 1867.

WILLIAM J. TALLEY born Orangeburg Dist., S.C., Dec. 27, 1814; died Loachapoka; Ala., Aug. 22, 1890; son of the Rev. William and Eugenia Talley who moved from S.C. to Green Co., Ga. when he was a child; married Mary R. Smith (died 1847) in 1838; two daughters, Mrs. G. B. Jewell and Mrs. M. A. Jones; moved to now-Lee Co., Ala. in 1841 where he died.

Mrs. E. N. MAY wife of Col. J. T. May, died Talladega, Ala., October 3, 1890.

MARY KERR daughter of B. M. and E. Dale, born June 22, 1886; died Sept. 21, 1890, Kerrville, Tenn.

MARTHA A. JARVIS daughter of James J. and Flora Jarvis born now-Union Co., Miss., June 25, 1851; died Sept. 26, 1890; invalid for many years.

LUTIE M. WOODS son of Henry and Caroline Woods born Marshall Co., Miss., Feb. 17, 1871; died Sept. 20, 1890.

LULA ALLEN daughter of Henry and Dollie Allen born May 21, 1879; died Aug. 5, 1890.


November 1, 1890

WILLIAM HARPER born Sumner Co., Tenn., Sept. 13, 1843; killed by lightning near Hendersonville, Tenn., August 26, 1890.


(Page 44)

HESTER A. CRUTHIRDS born near Tuscaloosa, Ala., April 3, 1832; moved to Miss. with mother, and brother about 1840; married B. Cruthirds, July 31, 1856 and died near Pittsboro, Miss., Sept. 8, 1890; her only child, a daughter, died August 4, 1885 leaving 2 children, one being named Mabel; died recently.

JAMES W. CARTER died March 31, 1889.

ROBERT B. NEAL died September 14, 1890.

HARRIET A. HOLMES, nee Smith, wife of Joshua B. Holmes, born 1847; died Sept. 28, 1890.

SUSAN J. OSIER, nee Bobbit, born in 1828; married Loyd Osier in 1858; died Feb. 25, 1890.

ELIZA TENNENT, nee McGowan, born Tipton Co., Tenn., 1833; married William Tennent, Oct. 19, 1850; 11 children, 4 surviving her; died Oct. 4, 1890.

SUSAN L. HERNDON, nee Miles, born Logan Co., Ky., May 10, 1866; died June 6, 1890; married R. B. Herndon, Dec. 31, 1886; 2 children.

Mrs. M. E. ROSSON, nee Grant, born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Oct. 10, 1847; died Oct. 2, 1890; married A. F. Rosson, June 17, 1890; 9 children.

JAMES O. HOLLIS son of John and Harriet Hollis, born June 20, 1849; died Sept. 3, 1890; married Lou Davis, Aug. 20, 1869; 4 children.

JAMES F. NEAL born April 25, 1857; died Sept. 22, 1890; married Adeline Jones, Feb. 4, 1885.

GEORGE R. WILLIAMS died Sept. 3, 1890; son of James and Mary Williams.

NELLIE MORGAN infant daughter of Guy and Bettie Morgan, born May 7, 1890; died Aug. 17, 1890.

MARIE COFFMAN daughter of Kent and Alice Coffman, born Jan. 15, 1890; died July 13, 1890.

INFANT of C. W. OLDHAM died Bradford, Tenn., Oct. 4, 1890.

JULIA G. COLEMAN, nee Simmons, born Mecklenburg Co., Va., Dec. 11, 1807; married R. H. Coleman and in 1834 they moved near to Brownsville, Tenn.; moved in 1846 to now-Montgomery Co., Miss. where she died July 14, 1890.

ELIZABETH FRANCES wife of R. R. BENNINGFIELD, Taylor Co., Ky., died Aug. 8, 1890.

ELIZA D. MURRELL, nee Smith, born Glasgow, Ky., March 11, 1857; died Sept. 29, 1890; married the Rev. Jesse L. Murrell, Louisville Methodist Conference, Oct. 30, 1884.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. J. H. FREEMAN who died recently; by North Port Methodist Sunday School; undated.


November 8, 1890

JUDITH DEMMARIS RAMSEY wife of the Rev. N. P. Ramsey, born Henry Co., Tenn., Jan. 29, 1843; died Humboldt, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1890; married (1) Monroe Waddy, Dec. 3, 1860; killed at battle of Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1 child; (2) Rev. Ramsey, April 26, 1864; 3 sons, 3 daughters.

WILLIAM FREEMAN DOUGLAS born Haywood Co., Tenn., Sept. 11, 1886; died Shelby Co., Tenn., July 19, 1890.

ELISHA ARNOLD ROBERTSON son of the Rev. Henry and Martha B. Roberts, born Bath Co., Ky., May 1, 1811; died Fleming Co., Ky., Sept. 8, 1890; married Mary Hart in December 1856.

OSGOOD QUITMAN SCARBROUGH son of John and Velma Scarbrough born Calloway Co., Ky., April 5, 1866; died Sept. 27, 1890.

MARY J. RAGLAND, nee Easley, born Halifax Co., Va., Dec. 1809; died Sept. 27, 1890.

MATTHEW RICHARD RANDLE born Madison Co., Tenn., Oct. 31, 1826; died New Decatur, Ala., Sept. 16, 1890.

Rev. M. PAINE born in Va., Aug. 14, 1817; died Montague Co., Ky., Oct. 9, 1890; married Margaret Talley in 1839.


(Page 45)

ELIZA JANE JACOBS born Abbeville Dist., S.C., Oct. 9, 1834; married Moses Jacobs, Dec. 29, 1851 and moved to Coosa Co., Ala. in January 1856; died there Sept. 26, 1890; 2 children.

MARY ELIZABETH wife of J. L. THAXTON born Jan. 7, 1866; died Warren Co., Tenn., Aug. 13, 1890.

JOSEPH W. FLEECE died Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 10, 1890.


November 15, 1890

General JOSEPH B. PALMER died Murfreesboro, Tenn., Nov. 4, 1890; gallant officer, Confederacy.

Rev. THOMAS JEFFERSON NEELY born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Dec. 23, 1803; son of Major James Neely; died Hardeman Co., Tenn., Aug. 11, 1890; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1822, Tennessee Methodist Conference; married (1) Sarah Putney, Oct. 23, 1828; (2) Alley Collins, Jan. 1831; one of the charter members of the Memphis Methodist Conference in 1840; "located" in 1845 and re-entered regular ministry in 1865 but soon retired; married (3) Charity Springfield, Jan. 30, 1840.

MARY FRANCES SHERRILL, nee McCoy, born Giles Co., Tenn., Aug. 6, 1831; married (1) Wormley Bruce; (2) Dr. Joseph Sherrill; died Lincoln Co., Tenn., July 4, 1890.

ELIZABETH B. CHANDLER daughter of John and Elizabeth Hicks, born Northampton Co., N.C., Aug. 26, 1814; married (1) Thomas Grizzard (died 1848), Jan. 7, 1840; moved to Tenn. in 1851 and married (2) Gabriel Chandler (died 1872), Jan. 25, 1854; died near Jackson, Tenn., August 22, 1890.

Miss ELIZA JENKINS PETRIE born Todd Co., Ky., July 26, 1816; died Elkton, Ky., April 26, 1890.

JOHN A. LEITH died Wilson Co., Tenn., Oct. 12, 1890 in his 75th year of age.

THOMAS P. KEY born Rutherford Co., Tenn., July 19, 1809; moved to Gibson Co., Tenn.; twice married and father of 4 children; died September 30, 1890.

SOPHIA ANN GRIFFIN born Sept. 18, 1863; died Sept. 29, 1890.

SAMMIE MITCHEL JONES son of W. T. and Josie Jones, born Feb. 22, 1890; died July 5, 1890.

CHARLES L. LOCKETT son of John and Margaret Lockett, born Logan Co., Ky., July 26, 1866; died Sept. 8, 1890; married Laura Robins, Nov. 4, 1886; 1 son.


November 22, 1890

LAURA A. SNOW, nee Baugh, born Russell Co., Ky., Dec. 22, 1863; married A. F. Snow, Dec. 22, 1881; died Sept. 7, 1890; burial in Albany Cemetery.

JOHN M. PITTMAN born July 8, 1850; killed in a sawmill boiler explosion, Oct. 2, 1890 as was his brother, WALTER H. PITTMAN, born September 19, 1858 at Chewalla.

MARY BRAND born DeKalb Co., Ga., June 15, 1823; died Calhoun Co., Miss., Oct. 25, 1890; married (1) James Harmon; 2 children; (2) J. P. Brand.

LENA KLYCE FORREST born Alamo, Tenn., Oct. 24, 1864; married C. W. Forrest, Dec. 26, 1889; graduate, Memphis Conference Female Institute, Jackson, Tenn., 1888; taught in the Wesleyan Female College, Brownsville, Tenn.; died in that town, September 14, 1890.

SUSAN L. wife of Thomas BROWN, nee Pope, born August 10, 1846; died Warren Co., Tenn., May 13, 1890.

DELLA MAJOR daughter of the Rev. J. M. Major, died near Fulton, Ky., July 22, 1890.

NELL daughter of Prof. F. W. Chatfield, born Las Vegas, New Mexico, May 6, 1867; died Sept. 30, 1890.

ISADORA PHILLIPS daughter of John and Elizabeth Phillips, born Henderson Co., Ky., Nov. 12, 1872; died Todd Co., Ky., October 21, 1890.

ANNIE MAY MENDENALL born Shelby Co., Tenn., May 26, 1886; died September 5, 1890.


(Page 46)

Tribute of Respect for ALEX F. HAMON "killed by being thrown from his cart," August 4, 1890; by a Sunday School Committee; undated.

FANNIE SUE daughter of Samuel and Sallie Anderson died September 6, 1890.


November 29, 1890

JOHN WESLEY IRWIN, local Methodist preacher, died Oct. 28, 1890; born Williamson Co., Tenn., June 13, 1811; married (1) Serena Sellars; (2) Amanda Witherspoon, January 26, 1846.

MARIA E. MOORES, nee Greening, wife of the Rev. William Moores, Los Angeles Methodist Conference, born Conecuh Co., Alabama, Jan. 29, 1828; died Downey, California, Oct. 30, 1890; moved to Ark. in 1846 and to California in 1870.

WILLIAM McLAIN born Marshall Co., Tenn., Oct. 22, 1833; died Belfast, Tenn., Oct. 22, 1890; wife, Polly.

JULIA A. BAKER, nee Allen, born Cumberland Co., Ky., May 4, 1855; died Oct. 22, 1890; married H. C. Baker, Oct. 4, 1874.

M. P. McMURRY, nee Godwin, born Maury Co., Tenn., May 13, 1859; married M. P. McMurry, March 6, 1888; died Oct. 31, 1890.

SALLIE T. CARTER, nee Hall, wife of C. J. Carter, born April 16, 1866; died Oct. 25, 1890; married April 20, 1887.

W. W. SENTER born March 19, 1860; died Oct. 22, 1890.

ELIZABETH A. SHORT born Feb. 9, 1830; died Cloverport, Ky., Nov. 8, 1889.

JAMES H. WARE born in Va., Feb. 16, 1811; died Huntsville, Ala., August 6, 1890.

CORA CHAMBERLIN TROTTER born near Grenada, Miss., Mar. 13, 1854; married Walter Trotter, July 18, 1888; died Oct. 21, 1890.

ANNIE C. LEATHERWOOD born May 27, 1840; married E. T. Leatherwood, August 1872; died Oct. 2, 1887.

JOHN SIDNEY HORNER born Fauquier Co., Va., Aug. 24, 1806; died Helena, Ark., Nov. 5, 1890; married Elizabeth John (died 1873), Oct. 1, 1829; 7 children; county official and banker.

BELLE COOKSEY, nee Breedlove, born Warren Co., Ky., Nov. 2, 1841; married C. H. Cooksey, Nov. 8, 1886; died recently in Texas.

Tribute of Respect for SAM McMURRY who died recently; by Ladies' Aid Society, Mt. Zion Methodist Church [place not given]; undated.

WILLIAM T. PECK born Augusta Co., Virginia; married Mary Ellis; 5 sons, 6 daughters; died recently.

MARY W. DUNAGIN born Oct. 22, 1814; died Sept. 28, 1890.

JOHN W. SHELTON born March 1, 1862; died Oct. 7, 1890.

ERNEST AUGUSTUS LITTLE born May 9, 1882; died Memphis, Tenn., October 22, 1890.

IRMA CHRISMAN WHITEHURST born July 16, 1889; died August 24, 1890.

ROBERT BROWN FROST born Jan. 21, 1848; died July 16, 1890.

HESTER REBECCA NEALE born Henry Co., Tenn., Feb. 5, 1889; died Sept. 12, 1890.


December 6, 1890

MARY C. KELLEY oldest daughter of Governor William Campbell, Tenn.; born May 1836; married the Rev. D. C. Kelley, January 1869; died [November 14, 1890]; another tribute to her memory in December 27, 1890 issue by the Leeville, Tenn. Methodist Sunday School; undated.

MARTHA ELIZABETH WILES born Sept. 5, 1815; died Columbia, Tenn., September 21, 1890.


(Page 47)

C. I. A. BRASFIELD born Weakley Co., Tenn., May 15, 1835; died there, Oct. 19, 1890; married (1) M. F. Jones (died 1884), November 1855; (2) E. R. Winston, 1887.

MARY J. TUCKER, nee Ducan, born Logan Co., Ky., April 27, 1815; married (1) William Moore (died Sept. 11, 1842), Sept. 18, 1832; (2) Rev. Robert Tucker, 1851; died July 6, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for W. R. ABERNETHY who died recently; by Mt. Hebron Methodist Sunday School; undated.

JAMES A. YEARGIN born DeKalb Co., Tenn., Sept. 27, 1825; married Louisa Minor, April 25, 1850; 5 children; businessman; Confederate veteran; died Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 30, 1890.

I. D. TURNAGE born April 22, 1822; died Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 28, 1890; married Susan Phelps, 1848; Confederate veteran.

JAMES TUCKER son of Robert Tucker, born Dinwiddie Co., Va., July 13, 1827; moved to Fayette Co., Tenn. in 1838 where he died Sept. 29, 1890; married Laura Caruthers.

WILLIAM SMITH born Montgomery Co., Tenn., May 10, 1810; moved with widowed mother to Calloway Co., Ky. in 1824; married Ellen Scyster in 1835; moved to Miss. in 1858; moved finally to Calloway Co., Ky. and died Oct. 25, 1890.

JOEL A. SMITH born Giles Co., Tenn., Oct. 7, 1836; died there, August 31, 1890.

FANNIE GAINS daughter of Cornelius Gains, nee Elder, born in Ga., Sept. 8, 1826; died Sept. 7, 1890; married March 28, 1843.

JOHN WALTER TEAGLE born Maury Co., Tenn., June 9, 1869; died Oct. 1, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for MANDOSIA HOLT wife of Dr. Wyatt Holt who died recently; by Bee Spring, Giles Co., Tenn. Methodist Sunday School, dated Oct. 19, 1890.

DOLLIE M. KINZER born Aug. 28, 1858; died Aug. 25, 1890.

ADDIE McCORD, nee Miller, born Spartanburg, S.C., 1847; moved to Pontotoc Co., Miss.; married J. W. McCord in 1887; died Lee Co., Miss., Oct. 15, 1890.

EMILY CAROLINE OWEN, nee Jernigan, born April 10, 1843; died Pontotoc Co., Miss., Aug. 31, 1890.

SALLY L. BRADLEY, nee Hyde, wife of Benjamin Bradley, Pleasant View, Tenn., born May 11, 1853; died October 10, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for ELIZA JACOBS who died recently; by Woman's Missionary Society, undated.

CELESTIA A. DUNCAN, nee Strong, born in Ga.; married Dr. B. A. Duncan; died West Point, Miss., Oct. 2, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for M. W. ROBERTS who died recently; by Kedron, Tenn. Methodist Sunday School dated November 16, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for J. H. STAPP who died recently; by Kedron, Tenn. Methodist Sunday School dated November 16, 1890.


December 13, 1890

Mrs. NANCY McWHIRTER, "Grandma McWhirter," died Clarksville, Tenn., Dec. 6, 1890 in her 95th year of age; burial in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

MARY H. CLARK, nee Beard, born Clayville, Ala., Jan. 27, 1834; married W. D. Clark; died Collierville, Tenn., October 27, 1890.

IVERSON VAUGHN born in N.C., Aug. 31, 1832; married Louisa Jones, Mar. 11, 1862; died recently.

Miss HELEN CLARKSON born Sept. 24, 1873; died Sept. 17, 1890.

JENNIE ELIZABETH CARTWRIGHT born Davidson Co., Tenn., Mar. 12, 1842; married John Asbury Cartwright, Oct. 22, 1867; 2 sons, 2 daughters; died Nov. 17, 1890.


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MARY CLARK, nee Felts, born Logan Co., Ky., Sept. 25, 1829; married E. G. Clark, Dec. 23, 1847; 12 children; died Sept. 29, 1890.

M. S. DAVIS, nee Bay, born Roane Co., West Va., Dec. 23, 1862; died Oct. 18, 1890; married B. F. Davis, Aug. 28, 1889.

AMELIA MAY daughter of Edwin and Mollie Woodson born Dec. 2, 1882; died Oct. 11, 1890.

MATTHEW M. LACY born Fayette Co., Tenn., Jan. 12, 1833; married Emily McNeill, Aug. 6, 1854; died Waterford, Miss., Dec. 17, 1890.

MOLLIE C. GROVE born Sept. 16, 1837; died Nov. 15, 1890; married John J. Grove, Dec. 21, 1854.

ANNA MAXWELL daughter of J. A. and Queen Maxwell, born Aug. 5, 1870; died July 13, 1890.

PULINA ANN, wife of the Rev. H. C. LOCKE, nee Bucey, born Caswell Co., N.C., Oct. 9, 1814; married Jan. 3, 1837; died near Memphis, Tenn., Sept. 24, 1890.

ELIZABETH HOPSON born Allen Co., Ky. about 84 years ago; married William Hopson and moved later to Sherman, Texas; died August 6, 1890.

EMELINE M. COPPEDGE, nee Elliott, born Jan. 18, 1813; died Oct. 20, 1890; married Alex. H. Coppedge in 1828; he died August 2, 1851.

NEWTON FINLEY born June 16, 1811; died Aug. 30, 1890.

MARTHA wife of George W. POLLARD died Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 11, 1890 at a "ripe old age."

IDA B. FARLEY died near Whiteville, Tenn., Oct. 11, 1890 in her 9th year of age.

ELVY YANCY born Jan. 10, 1804; died October 4, 1889.

MARY D. QUIMBY, nee Edwards, born near Grenada, Miss., July 18, 1842; moved to Limestone Co., Texas at age 9 years; married (1) Ewing Caruthers (died 1862), Feb. 3, 1857; (2) H. R. Quimby (died 1882), Sept. 26, 1865; died Navarro Co., Texas, October 29, 1890.

WHITNEL RANSOM died Winchester, Tenn., Nov. 18, 1890 in his 77th year of age; son of Benjamin and Sallie Ransom of Rutherford Co., Tenn.; married Martha Williams; Confederate veteran.

Tribute of Respect for CHARLIE son of Everett BLOOMINGDALE who died Nov. 8, 1890, aged 8 years; by Rehoboth Methodist Sunday School; undated.

MILTON GROWN son of W. D. and Jennie AUSTIN, born Aug. 12, 1887; died Nov. 24, 1890.


December 20, 1890

LOU CAGE WALTON wife of Dr. Isaac B. Walton died Nov. 17, 1890.

Rev. W. THOMAS SHELL born Yazoo Co., Miss., Feb. 27, 1838; Confederate veteran (lost a leg at Sharpsburg); married Carrie Powell, Aug. 7, 1866; 4 children; died June 30, 1890; Methodist preacher.

SUSAN FLANAGAN died Oct. 31, 1890, Winchester, Tenn.

LOU ABEL, nee Rogers, died Rhea Co., Tenn., Oct. 7, 1890.

MARY CAMPBELL KELLY wife of the Rev. D. C. Kelley, died Wilson Co., Tenn., Nov. 13, 1890.

JAMES TEMPLETON GADDON born Spartanburg Dist., S.C., Nov. 9, 1798; died Oct. 18, 1890; moved to Ky. in 1811.

VIRGINIA TROUSDALE CALDWELL born Dec. 13, 1889; died Nov. 26, 1890.

PRISCILLA JONES, nee Taylor, born Feb. 13, 1840; died Nov. 16, 1890; married Jefferson Jones in 1862.

ANNIE LOU IVER wife of T. A. Iver, Jackson, Miss., was buried Sept. 9, 1890; native of Lincoln Co., Ga.; married in 1877.


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Rev. M. H. WEATHERLEY born Feb. 25, 1831, Ga.; married I. J. C. Sims; 11 children; died recently.

KATE MATTHEWS, nee Harlan, born Berkeley Co., Va., Sept. 14, 1806; married Hutchins Burton (died 1838), 1835; 2 children, John W. Burton and Elizabeth Burton Roberts; (2) E. N. Matthews, 1843 and moved to Miss.; died Sept. 3, 1890.

SALLIE BROWN, nee Harris, born 1842; married Dr. W. E. Brown in 1863; died Nov. 20, 1890.

EMILY JANE CLIFFT born May 30, 1826; Fayette Co., Tenn.; married William N. Cundiff, Oct. 9, 1849; died September 12, 1890.

RUTH KESIAH ALEXANDER born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Jan. 15, 1837; married W. V. Tate, April 15, 1857; died November 12, 1890.

ELSIE MABEL daughter of J. W. REGISTER, Tenn.; died Dec. 2, 1890 aged 3 years, 1 month and 17 days old.


December 27, 1890

Dr. ANDREW AGATE LIPSCOMB, a tribute of respect, who died Nov. 25, 1890, emeritus professor of philosophy and criticism; by Vanderbilt University Faculty, dated Nov. 27, 1890. He had been a faculty member when the university was established in 1875.

MANNIE DUNCAN born Sept. 11, 1873; died Nov. 18, 1890, Nashville, Tenn.

SARAH SIMMON born Lincoln Co., Ga., Feb. 8, 1816; married Jared E. Grace, Dec. 6, 1831; died Nov. 14, 1890.

AMBROSE HARDEE VAUGHAN died near Almaville, Tenn., Nov. 25, 1890 aged 26 years.

ROBERT M. COLES born Sept. 17, 1864; died Wilson Co., Tenn., Dec. 8, 1890.

MORRIS GAFFIN died Ogle Hill, June 27, 1838; died Nov. 30, 1890 near McMinville, Tenn.; married Jane Zeigler in 1860.

Rev. COLIN C. MURCHISON born Montgomery Co., N.C., Oct. 7, 1815; married Rhoda Andrew, August 15, 1841; died recently.

Dr. WILLIAM C. FERRELL who was born Nov. 2, 1877, there would be need for more weighing; born Nov. 2, 1847, Smith Co., Tenn.; died November 12, 1890.

R. N. CATHCART born Warren Co., Tenn., May 14, 1818; married Charity Sellars in 1836; died DeKalb Co., Tenn., Sept. 9, 1890.

GEORGE W. WINSETT son of D. G. and Catharine Winsett, born Feb. 26, 1868; married Rhoda Bell, Dec. 27, 1888; died Oct. 9, 1890.

MARY SUMMERS, nee Lay, Christian Co., Ky., born Dec. 31, 1863; married Wm. D. Summers, Oct. 31, 1889; died August 31, 1890.

CATHARINE A. WELLS, nee Selby, born Aug. 22, 1820; died Russell Co., Ky., Oct. 27, 1890; married Nicholas Murrell (died Oct. 16, 1855), March 25, 1840; 5 children; (2) Isaac Wells, Oct. 9, 1864.

JOHN M. CARROLL son of Felix and Martha Carroll, born Feb. 11, 1828; died Sept. 11, 1890; married Martha Grison in 1851; 4 children.

JAMES WINFREY born Nov. 15, 1807; married Emily Campbell, Jan. 27, 1830; died Mar. 6, 1890.

J. R. HARDAWAY born Feb. 26, 1811; married Jane Thweat, Mar. 30, 1836; died Nov. 9, 1890.

Tribute of Respect for the Rev. JORDAN FRANCIS JONES who died recently; by students, university biblical department; undated.


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