By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002


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January 2, 1886

CATHARE [as spelled] STUMP, nee Gingry, born Oct. 19, 1789; died in vicinity of Nashville, Oct 21, 1885; native of Pa.; moved to Tenn. at the age of 12 years; married Captain Stump in 1816 but she was a widow for 65 years; she furnished the ground "on which the old

Ebenezer [Methodist] Church was erected." [Catherine Gingery married Frederick Stump, March 6, 1816 in Davidson County, Tennessee.]

Rev. E. A. GREAVES born Marion Dist., S.C., Sept. 10, 1814; moved to west Tenn. in 1832; married Emly Davy daughter of Rev. E. Davy in 1837; she died in April 1861 leaving 5 children; he married Mrs. M. H. Jordan in 1864 and he died December 1884.

Hon. SIMPSON BOBO, a distinguished layman of South Carolina Methodist Conference; died at Spartanburg, S.C., Dec. 16, 1885.

Rev. OLIN W. SAMPLES born Forsyth Co., Ga., May 25, 1857; died Nov. 13, 1885; moved to Ala. with his parents in 1872; licensed to preach in Methodist Church April 1876; married Lilla Anthony, Dec. 31, 1878; joined No. Ala. Methodist Conference in 1880; ordained deacon, 1882; ordained elder, 1884, "happy years for him"; in a tribute to his memory, attached to this obituary, by the Ladies' of the Methodist Church in Kennedy, Ala. His death date is given as November 12, 1885.

PLEASANT A. MITCHELL born Greene Co., Tenn., Sept. 1, 1816; died Marion Co., Tenn., Nov. 14, 1885; moved with parents to the latter county in 1821; son of John Mitchell; married Margaret, daughter of W. T. Griffith, May 14, 1848; she died Sept. 26, 1878; 3 daus., 1 son.

Rev. HARRISON ELLER born Wayne Co., Ky., May 23, 1819; licensed to preach in Methodist Church about 1841; moved to Collin Co., Texas in 1859; ordained deacon, 1866; ordained elder, 1872; moved to Fannin Co., Tex. in 1881; died Dec. 6, 1884; many years a local Methodist preacher; surviving were his widow and 5 children. Tribute to him offered by the 4th Quarterly Conference, Fannin Circuit; undated.


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SARAH A. HOLMAN wife of Rev. T. P. Holman, born Madison Co., Ala., Nov. 28, 1820; died Capleville, Tenn., July 7, 1885; married June 13, 1843.

WILLIAM M. "Billie" CLOAR died Aug. 24, 1885 aged 69 years, 2 months; afflicted with heart disease; a husband and father.

JOHN H. PYRON son of Thomas and Lucinda Pyron born Fayette Co., Ala., June 2, 1836; died Aug. l3, 1885; his daughter, LOTTA PYRON, born Dec. 15, 1866; died Aug. 26, 1885; another daughter, DELLE PYRON, born Mar. l0, 1876; died Aug. 11, 1885.

MAGGIE ROBERTSON daughter of William A. and Pollie Ann Robertson, born Monroe Co., Tenn., Dec. 18, 1865; one of 5 children; died Sept. 5, 1885.

N. J. WORTHAM born near Baton Rouge, La., Feb. 27, 1851; married Susie Jones, Dec. 26, 1877; 3 ch.; died May 30, 1885 near Bosqueville, Texas.

Miss IDA JOSEPHINE FORSTER died Mt. Sterling, Ala., June 15, 1885.

LONNIE A. SHEALEY born Feb. 11, 1862; died April 12, 1885.

NANCY JANE WARF born Williamson Co., Tenn., Aug. 10, 1858; daughter of Milton and Nancy Fox; married James W. Warf, October 17, 1880; died June 16, 1885.

KISSIRAH LONGSHORE born Newberry Dist., S.C., Dec. 11, 1807; married John Sanders in 1825; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. in 1837 where her husband soon died; 6 children; married John Longshore who died in June 1876; died August 29, 1885; wife and mother.

MARY MUNFORD PADGATE born about 1797; died Aug. 2, 1885; wife and mother.

W. D. FLOYD born Bedford Co., Tenn., April 25, 1820; moved with parents to Ala.; married Mahala Adams, Feb. 13, 1842; died July 23, 1885.

GILES EVERETT GREEN son of Dr. H. J. and Nannie Green, died June 2, 1885 aged 3 mos., 1 day.

MALISSA KING daughter of Philip and Catharine Wade, born Pickens Co., Ala., Feb. 11, 1849; married Lucien King in 1865; died Aug. 30, 1885; wife and mother (5 children).

ELIZA ANN WARF born Williamson Co., Tenn., Mar. 25, 1832; married William T. Warf, Feb. 1857; died June 15, 1885; 10 children.

MARY E. HARE daughter of Ed. and Elmira Hare, born Cross Co., Ark., June 8, 1875; died May 4, 1885.

RACHEL C. FURER born Marshall Co., Tenn., Dec. 3, 1837; married W. P. Roberts, Dec. 22, 1858; died Poinsett Co., Ark., Aug. 10, 1885.


January 9, 1886

JAMES E. BAILEY ex-senator of Tennessee, died Clarksville, Tenn., December 28, 1885. [See, Addenda, I, page 116.]

ABIJAH JAY, policeman, Detroit, Michigan, died December 28, 1885.

FRANCIS BRADLEY KERR born S.C., Feb. 27, 1801; moved with parents to Giles Co., Tenn.; married Ann R. Neal in 1826 and moved in 1829 to Fayette Co., Tenn.; helped to organize the Methodist Church at Dancyville before the village existed; died Dec. 1, 1885 and buried in Dancyville.

Rev. WILLIAM S. FOUST son of Rev. Peter Foust, born Smith Co., Tenn., Sept. 27, 1803; died Blount Co., Ala., Aug. 10, 1885; married Sarah Bynum, April 3, 1828; to Celia Blakley, Oct. 28, 1849; to Elizabeth Clarkson, Nov. 22, 1855; 6 children of first marriage; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Oct. 23, 1830; ordained deacon, Jan. 5, 1838; local Methodist preacher.

EVALINE WYATT ADAMS, nee Garrett, born Jan. 26, 1813; died July 20, 1885; married Joseph Adams, March 24, 1831.

CATHARINE C. ELLIS wife of Prof. S. A. Ellis, daughter of John H. and Malinda Fendley, born Blount Co., Ala., Mar. 29, 1846; died there, Sept. 5, 1885; married Oct. 13, 1874; 5 children.


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THOMAS HENDERSON WILSON born June 26, 1862; died Sept. 12, 1885; son of C. A. Wilson; grandson of Rev. Samuel G. Miland and great-grandson of Rev. James McFerrin; Collierville, Tenn.; burial in Magnolia Cemetery beside his sister, Maltie, who also died from consumption.

WALTON T. PENN son of Thomas L. and Enora Penn, born April 10, 1865; died in Ala., Sept. 16, 1885; graduate, A & M College, Auburn, Ala., June 1885; had begun a wholesale grocery business in Opelika when felled by typhoid fever.

WILLIAM BIFFLE son of Jacob and Polly Biffle, born Buncombe Co., N.C., July 31, 1803; moved with family to Maury Co., Tenn. in 1808; married Frances Isom, June 25, 1825; joined the Methodist Church in 1833; died in Maury Co., Tenn., August 31, 1885.

SARAH A. ALEXANDER daughter of William B. and Sallie Trent, born Nov. 27, 1851; married George W. Alexander, Oct. 13, 1825; died near Strawberry Plains, June 6, 1885.

MARY E. RAMSEY born Mar. 19, 1840; died Arlington, Ky., Sept. 13, 1885; married Isaac M. Turner (died Oct. 27, 1862), Aug. 28, 1840; then to Elijah Massey (died Mar. 13, 1873), 1865; long a Cumberland Presbyterian; joined Methodist Church in 1884.

HARRIET E. SLAGLE daughter of Jacob Siler, Macon Co., N.C.; born Asheville, N.C., Nov. 26, 1820; married A. H. Slagle, Aug. 28, 1845; died Macon Co., N.C., Sept. 13, 1885.

Rev. Dr. H. S. CRICHLOW born Feb. 9, 1810; died Crockett Co., Tenn., July 23, 1885.

MAGGIE A. LOVELL born near Creelsboro, Ky.; married Capt. W. H. Lovell, Feb. 1869; died Sept. 12, 1885; wife and mother.

CLARA LEE PLUMMER only daughter of A. L. and. Ada Pearl Plummer, died near Wytheville, Va., Sept. 9, 1885 in her 5th year of age; diphtheria.

IDA SEAY daughter of Dr. W. H. and Zillie Seay, born Sept. 13, 1880; died July 30, 1885.

ETTA BURKS born July 18, 1884; daughter of Rev. J. G. Burks; died Purdy, Tenn., Sept. 5, 1885.

WILLIE McNEELY son of W. J. and E. J. McNeely, born Sept. 11, 1882; died Sept. 4, 1885.


January 16, 1886

CASSANDRA L. ARNOLD widow of Rev. B. F. Arnold; daughter of Lewis and Martha Marshall; born Henry Co., Va., Aug. 20, 1807; died McLean Co., Ky., June 1. 6, 1885; moved when 4 years old with parents to Logan Co., Ky.; daughters: Mrs. D. T. Short and Cynthia A. Arnold.

HENRIETTA C. MERlWETHER, nee Smith, born Green Co., Ga., Jan. 11, 1838; died Aug. 25, 1885; wife of T. M. Meriwether; 3 daughters died in the last year.

JAMES H. STONE born Calloway Co., Ky., May 15, 1850; died Aug. 24, 1885.

SARAH ELLA KELSEY born Marshall Co., Miss., Aug. 21, 1857; died Aug. 12, 1885.

FLORENCE MOSELEY died Clarksville, Tenn., Sept. 10, 1885 aged 7 years, 7 months.

CARRIE NOE ARNOLD daughter of L. M. and L. E. Arnold, died Hopkins Co., Ky., Sept. 9, 1885 aged "ten summers."

MAGGIE K. ROBERTS wife of Capt. B. E. Roberts, died Pineville, Ky., Sept. 17, 1885.

MARY VIRGINIA ADAMS, nee Hunter, born Dec. 12, 1849; died Aug. 7, 1885; married W. C. Adams, Dec. 6, 1870; children: Eugene, Anna, Eva and Daisy Hill.

EMMA S. BRADLEY daughter of W. H. and Martha Bradley born Dec. 28, 1866; died Sept. 17, 1885.

MARY IDA ALLEN born July 1, 1859; died Aug. 28, 1885.

JANE DURHAM, nee Wilson, born Nicholas Co., Ky., 1818; married John B. Durham, Nov. 3, 1840; 5 ch; died September 16, 1885.

NANCY MANGUM wife of W. W. Mangum, died Sept. 16, 1885 aged 43 years; 3 sons.



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MARTHA A. WALTON daughter of Etheldred and Edna Futrell, born Johnson Co., N.C., Aug. 3, 1829; married J. P. Walton, Feb. 1846; died Sept. 9, 1885.

AGNES PRYOR HARRIS daughter of Henry A. and Mary Harris; died in residence of her grandmother, Mrs. Mary Agnes Somerville, Tipton Co., Tenn., Aug. 12, 185 aged 6 mos., 1 day old.

OSCAR BURTON WARF born Hickman Co., Tenn., Dec. 19, 1882; son of James W. and Nancy Jane Warf; died Oct. 8, 1884.

MARY VERNA WELLS daughter of J. M. and Ella Wells, born Johnson Co., Ark., Oct. 29, 1883; died Sept. 22, 1885.

Mrs. LUEWILA B. HELM died Elizabethtown, Ky., Dec. 15, 1885.

THOMAS LOGSDON born Oct. 3, 1802; died June 4, 1885.

JOHNNY REAGIN son of John R. Reagin, Tennessee Methodist Conference, died Jan. 7, 1885 in the residence of his grandmother, Mrs. Page.


January 23, 1886

"Uncle BILLY" McCOY died Monteagle, Tenn., Jan. 12, 1886 aged 105 years; his wife, aged 99 years, survived him.

THOMAS DUNN born Oct. 8, 1819; died Kingston Springs, Tenn., Nov. 18, 1885.

JOHN C. WILSON born Orange Co., N.C., Sept. 25, 1812; moved with widowed mother and family to Bedford Co., Tenn. in 1815; died Dec. 12, 1885; his wife predeceased him; a son and widowed daughter (with 7 children) survived him.

WILLIAM WILSON born Orange Co., N.C., Oct. 20, 1806; moved with widowed mother and family to Bedford Co., Tenn. in 1815; died Nov. 11, 1885; husband and father.

Tribute of Respect for ALVIS WILLIAMS who had died; by a church group; undated.

BENJAMIN BLANTON, SR. born Brunswick Co., Va., May 16, 1802; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn. in 1814; married Martha Farmer, Oct. 26, 1826; moved to Bedford Co., Tenn. in the fall of 1865 where he died November 23, 1885.

JOSEPH HASTINGS born N.C., Nov. 13, 1804; died Dec. 1, 1885; married April 5, 1849 [to whom is not given].

Mrs. BENJAMIN. P. BERRY, Spring Hill, Ky., died Dec. 19, 1885 in her 45th year of age; was a daughter of Isaac Bugg.

BARTON SMOTHERMAN born Nov. 19, 1823; died Dec. 10, 1885.

ADAM S. RIGGS born May 7, 1860; son of Rev. Adam S. Riggs, dec.; died near Shelbyville, Tenn., November 24, 1885. Also, from the March 6, 1886 issue, page 7:


How can we say, "God's will be done,"
When that great will must wrest
From heart and home their sweetest tie,
Our dearest and our best?

And yet there is no peace like this:
That when we let him go
From our frail human clasp, he went
With Christ who loved him so!

But life seems not the same to us,
Since we so sadly miss
That young, sweet face, that rare, sweet grace,
That gentle good-night kiss;

Those dear, strong hands, which ever sought
Their help and strength to give;
That brave, true soul, which, living right,
Taught others how to live.

But that short life, that bright, brief span,
Was not spent here in vain;
When "all is well." and hopes die not,
We'll find our boy again.

God's will be done! To us alone
The sorrow here is given;
For him sweet peace, eternal rest,
His Father's love and heaven.



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SUSIE E. THOMAS daughter of B. F. and Mattie Thomas, born July 20, 1873; died recently; granddaughter of Rev. John T. Neblett, dec.

MARTHA S. GARDNER wife of Rev. John M. Gardner, born June 29, 1825; died Maury Co., Tenn., Oct. 12, 1885.

WILLIAM J. ELLETT died April 23, 1885 aged about 70 years, in Neal Chapel community.

JOHN COFFMAN born Jan. 8, 1805; married Elizabeth Cobb in 1830; died Hopkins Co., Ky., Sept. 21, 1885.

MICHAEL F. GREEN born Madison Co., Ky., 1857; son of William E. and Mary Green; married Ella Bradburn, Dec. 6, 1882; lived in Lebanon, Tenn. as a merchant; died recently in residence of father-in-law, George Bradburn.

HELEN M. SHIRRAN born Winchester, Va., Mar. 13, 1815; moved to Uniontown, Ky. about 1850; died Oct. 25, 1885.

BURNETTA W. MOON, nee Oliver, born Madison Co., Ala., July 31, 1821; died April 6, 1885; 4 children survived her.

WILLIAM H. CAMPBELL born Davidson Co., Tenn., Dec. 14, 1823; married Martha Hayes, Dec. 28, 1846; died Sept. 20, 1885.

NETTIE JOHNSON daughter of Thomas B. and Lucy Johnson, born April 21, 1851; died Dec. 7, 1885 in Tennessee.


January 30, 1886

Rev. PHILIP TUGGLE born Powhatan Co., Va., Mar. 9, 1815; died Jan. 7, 1886 near Oakland, Calif.; Methodist preacher in Memphis and No. Miss. Methodist conferences; ordained deacon, Nov. 24, 1844; ordained elder, Nov. 29, 1846; transferred to Los Angeles Conference in Dec. 1874; surviving him were his widow and a daughter, Clay Tuggle.

MICAJAH W. GRISSAM born Christian Co., Ky., Aug. 18, 1837; one of 12 sons, 8 daughters; his father was "a thrifty farmer and found plenty to engage the hands of his son until he reached his majority"; moved to Hopkinsville, Ky. in 1878; married Nannie Lacy, Dec. 21, 1870; 4 children; died Sept. 28, 1885.

JOSEPH F. KIRK born Mason Co., Ky., Dec. 13, 1826; died there, Nov. 20, 1885.

ANNIE BELLE WOOD, Glasgow, Ky., died Sept. 9, 1885 aged 11 years.

MAGGIE LANIER in Maury Co., Tenn., recently.

Dr. JEFFERSON LINK born Va., Feb. 10, 1803; married Elizabeth Price, 1835; died Smith Co., Tenn., Nov. 22, 1885; 1 dau., 2 sons; granddaughters: Mattie, Capleanor and Etta Link.

PHILIP HARRISON born Sept. 5, 1874; died Nov. 10, 1885.

JARRETT E. GRACE born Lincoln Co., Ga., Aug. 10, 1810; died Oct. 27, 1885; married Sarah Simmons and moved to Talladega Co., Ala. in 1841.

FANNIE PERRY wife of William Perry, daughter of G. B. Hester of Indian Territory; died Denison, Texas, Nov. 12, 1885.

PLEASANT VIA born Va., 1799; moved to Tenn. in 1825; to Hickman Co., Tenn. in 1828; he died recently.

LEONA FLORENCE YOUNGBLOOD only daughter of L. and J. Youngblood born Dec. 20, 1883; died Oct. 7, 1885.

LOLA BATEMAN daughter of G. W. and C. R. Bateman, born Feb. 28, 1874; died Oct. 8, 1882.

MERDA HOPKINS daughter of Ed. and Betty Hopkins, died Graves Co., Ky., November 1885.


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EMMA WATTS RINGO born April 12, 1855; died near Clinton, Ky., Nov. 29, 1885; married James Butler Ringo, March 2, 1874; 2 daus., 1 son.

WARNER BAIRD son of Dr. W. L. and Callie Baird, Hickory Valley, Tenn., born Nov. 6, 1871; died Oct. 30, 1885.

GEORGE C. GILLESPIE son of George C. and Sallie Gillespie, born June 1884; died Oct. 6, 1885.

EDDY PARKER died Graves Co., Ky., Nov. 1885 aged 10 years; son of Elizabeth Parker.

WILLIE E. FOSTER son of James W. and Mary Foster, born Lawrence Co., Tenn., June 18, 1884; died October 18, 1885.

WALTER DICKSON McCARLEY son of Richard and Bettie McCarley, born Feb. 27, 1880; died Sept. 30, 1885.

NONEY CARL BUGG son of Marcus and Ann Bugg, born Hickman Co., Ky., Oct. 22, 1885; died Dec. 2, 1885.

GEORGE VAUGHAN son of Roy and Emma Vaughan died Graves Co., Ky., Nov. 8, 1885.


February 6, 1886

Rev. GEORGE SHAEFFER died Columbus, Miss., Jan. 23, 1886; former member of Alabama and No. Miss. Methodist conferences.

Major MARION BANKS died Tuscaloosa, Ala., January 16, 1885.

FANNIE (Hester) PERRY died Denison, Texas, Nov. 12, 1885; married J. Will Perry, Aug. 5, 1885.

MARGARET A. CHERRY, nee Bonner, born Wilson Co., Tenn., June 21, 1832; died Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 18, 1885; married (1) William L. Hearn, May 13, 1856; one daughter, Mrs. Jessie Goode; (2) Eli Cherry, February 25, 1868.

ROBERT N. MALONE born Va., Dec. 3, 1807; died Athens, Ala., Dec. 19, 1884; married (1) Rebecca Allen (died 1856), Jan. 19, 1832; (2) Mrs. Ann Malone, Nov. 8, 1860; had son in first marriage, a daughter in second marriage.

CHARLEY EDWARD STITH son of Edmund J. and Mary Stith, born Brandenburg, Ky., Mar. 4, 1859; died Jan. 17, 1886; married Eugline Davis, April 5, 1885.

UNA RUSSELL HILL born Jan. 3, 1860; married Dr. J. S. Hill, April 19, 1882; died Dec. 17, 1885.


February 13, 1886

The Memorial Edition Obituaries

WILLIAM WATSON MOORE only son of Dr. Samuel and Mary Moore, died April 18, 1885 aged 24 years, 7 months and 6 days; graduate in law at Lebanon, Tenn. in 1881; law partner with half-brother, Colonel J. H. Moore.

ANNIE ELIZABETH DYER, nee Beavin, wife of James J. Dyer, born near Hardinsburg, Ky., Jan. 20, 1847; married May 5, 1878; died Cloverport, Ky., July 22, 1885.

L. SCHUESSLER, LaFayette, Ala., born Baton, Germany, Mar. 13, 1820; married Mary Dasenger, Montgomery, Ala., in 1843 and moved to LaFayette the same year; died recently; husband and father.

JOSEPH ARDREY ROBINSON son of W. T. Robinson died April 23, 1885.

WILLIAM FLOYD BUTTRAM born Oct. 19, 1869; died near Dayton, Tenn., Aug. 27, 1885.

ROBERT ZACHARY HILL born Spottsylvania Co., Va., Jan. 30, 1814; moved to Logan Co., Ky. in 1836; married Mary Clark in 1839; 10 children; died in September 1885.

LULA ESTELLE JONES daughter of Rev. J. W. and M. J. Jones, died Carroll Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1885 aged 17 years, 16 months and 16 days.

NANNIE SCOTT FOULKS child of J. G. and Alice Foulks, born Jefferson Co., Ala., Sept. 20, 1883; died Elyton, Ala., Sept. 22, 1885.


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EMILY ANGELINE COURTS daughter of Josiah and Eleanor Wilcox, born Russellville, Ky., Oct. 3, 1807; married Richard Courts (died 1874); she died recently.

SUSAN A. BRYANT daughter of Turner and Mary Lane, born White Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1839; moved to Hempstead Co., Ark. in 1852; married O. M. Bryant in 1859; died Aug. 8, 1885; 2 children

Miss MATTIE HINNANT born Feb. 3, 1843; died July 26, 1885, Mt. Springs, Arkansas.

LORAH McCLAIN wife of W. A. McClain, daughter of William and Arabella Elliott, born May 6, 1859; married Dec. 3, 1874; died Sept. 12, 1885; wife and mother.

JOHNNIE BARHAM died Mastodon, Miss., Sept. 25, 1885 aged 4 years, 6 months old.

SUSAN VANCLEAVE, nee Jackson, born Va., Sept. 14, 1828; married Robert Vancleave, Oct. 4, 1855; died August 17, 1885.

HARRIETTE SIMMONS wife of A. J. Simmons, daughter of Isham and Clara Baird of Va., born Hickman Co., Tenn., Jan. 22, 1813; married Oct. 30, 1836; moved to Gibson Co., Tenn. in 1839 where she died August 20, 1885; 6 children.

Mrs. R. B. CRAWFORD born June 12, 1848; died Aug. 25, 1885; 3 children, 1 surviving her, aged 16 months.

KING STEPHENS son of Dr. J. King and Bettie Stephens, died Ralston, Tenn., Sept. 18, 1885.

THOMAS J. STOFLE born Henry Co., Tenn., May 4, 1820; married Frances Haggard, April 21, 1849; moved to Weakley Co., Tenn.; died Sept. 3, 1885; 10 children.

GROVER TILLAR STANLEY son of Dr. J. P. and M. E. Stanley, died Salem, Ark., Oct. 11, 1885 aged about 7 weeks old.

BELLE AKIN daughter of Dr. L. E. Covey, born Feb. 19, 1861; married John Akin, Feb. 20, 1884; died April 20, 1885 leaving an infant daughter.

LOUISA V. YOUNG wife of James A. Young, daughter of Robert D. and Louisa Cowden, born July 3, 1856; married Sept. 15, 1882; died Sept. 1, 1885.

LAVINIA H. AKIN daughter of H. J. and M. J. Akin, born Maury Co., Tenn., May 16, 1876; died Ellis Co., Texas, Sept. 22, 1885.

ANN ASKEW born Dec. 13, 1804; died Mar. 1, 1885; married John Askew, April 1, 1824; she, her husband and nine children, now deceased; one daughter, Donie, living.

MARY ALICE ADAMS daughter of Joseph and Mattie Adams died Oct. 1, 1885 aged 6 months. Another daughter, BLANCHE, died July 11, 1884 aged 3 years.

ELLEN M. SPEARS born May 30, 1863; died Weakley Co., Tenn., Sept. 1, 1885; daughter of E. T. and Margaret Spears.

OSCAR FITZALLEN DUDLEY born Bibb Co. (now Chilton Co.), Ala., Nov. 15, 1857; died Sept. 25, 1885; son of Mrs. E. M. McCoy from a former marriage.

MARY ANN MILLS wife of Rev. R. F. Mills died September 15, 1885.

LEONA KITCHENS only child of Rev. J. W. and Sarah Kitchens, born Aug. 19, 1881; died Oct. 5, 1885

REGINA McMinn, nee McCafferty, born April 7, 1850; married Nathan McMinn, Feb. 25, 1879; died August 30, 1885.

FLORENCE L. JEWETT daughter of Hon. Joshua and Mary Jewett, born Elizabethtown, Ky., Jan. 25, 1855; died Hodgensville, Ky., Oct. 14, 1885; orphaned she was reared by the Hon. W. B. and Sallie Reed.

SUSIE J. FRENCH daughter of J. W. and V. F. Mayes, born Fulton Co., Ky., Sept. 18, 1850; married H. B. French, Nov. 20, 1872; 6 children; died August 16, 1885.


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JANIE WINNETT daughter of John and Sarah Bane, born Nov. 20, 1858; married R. J. Winnett, Jan. 30, 1883; died June 3, 1885.

BESSIE IONE HOWELL daughter of A. G. and Fannie Howell, born July 18, 1885; died Oct. 8, 1885.

CHARLEY G. SEXTON son of E. G. and Mary Sexton, born Aug. 1865; died Sept. 12, 1885.

JEFFERSON OXLEY son of Lawson and Mary Oxley, born Cynthiana, Ky., July 16, 1842; Confederate veteran; druggist; Nicholasville, Ky.; married Laura Hemphill, June 1872; 3 children; died October 11, 1885.

G. W. COLEMAN died Danville, Ky., Sept. 6, 1885.

GUY OTHO MARTIN son of Thomas and Mattie Martin, born Muhlenburg Co., Ky., May 18, 1866; died Oct. 13, 1885.

JAMES P. SIMS oldest son of William P. and Sarah Sims born Nov. 17, 1844; died Aspen Hill, Tenn., Oct. 3, 1885; married Jane Legg, Dec. 27, 1866; 3 children.

BARNA EVANS TURNAGE youngest child of J. S. and M. W. Turnage, Tipton Co., Tenn., died Oct. 4, 1885 aged 1 year, 5 months and 9 days old.

LEVIS B. RUSSELL daughter of William Rives; wife of R. A. Russell; born Sept. 7, 1847; died Aug. 15, 1885; two children, one a "babe" born Sept. 12, 1884; she died August 26, 1885.

OSCAR AKIN RIVES, brother of L. B. Russell, just above, born Oct. 17, 1865; died Jan. 14, 1885.

ROBERT RIVES born Warren Co., N.C., Dec. 16, 1803; died Christian Co., Ky., in residence of Charles Rives, recently; married and moved into Tennessee.

SAMIRA CRAWFORD daughter of Tempe and Quinnie (Lasiter) Crawford, died Oct. 19, 1885 aged 35 years.

KITTIE ELBERTA EAMES born Newport, Ky., July 29, 1867; died Jeffersonville, Ind., Oct. 19, 1885.

ALLIE W. TWITTY, nee Walthall, born Powhatan Co., Va., Nov. l1, 1838; married Dr. S. G. Twitty, Nov. 9, 1864; died Monticello, Ark., Oct. 9, 1885; 2 daus., 3 sons.

LULA VIRGINIA DOTSON daughter of Christopher and Eppie Dotson, born Jan. 2, 1885; died Sept. 20, 1885.

Miss SUE M. BRIDGES born Mar. 16, 1868; died Sept. 14, 1885.

Mrs. Rev. P. S. BUCKNER died September 27, 1885.

CORA IRONS daughter of A. H. and A. G. Irons, born Decatur, Ala., Feb. 2, 1885; died Oct. 24, 1885.

VERNON WATTS son of F. A. and E. J. Watts, born Feb. 6, 1884; died July 8, 1885.

LIZZIE LITTLE born Waverly, Tenn., Aug. 21, 1861; died Sept. 13, 1885.

JAMES LYLE born Mar. 28, 1809; died Sept. 28, 1885; married Sallie McCorkle, Dec. 4, 1833. "It was a real treat to talk to this soldier of Christ."

GEORGE B. CUNNINGHAM son of H. W. and L. A. Cunningham, born Dec. 11, 1883; died July 14, 1885.

ALONZO L. COOPER son of Charles D. and Elizabeth Cooper, born Maury Co., Tenn., Mar. 18, 1857; died near Waxahachie, Texas, Oct. 24, 1885.

SAMUEL C. DEBOW born Smith Co., Tenn., Jan. 8, 1815; moved to Obion Co., Tenn. in 1849 where he died April 25, 1885.

MARY A. SHELL wife of C. Shell, born May 6, 1847; married Dec. 19, 1867; 11 children; died Sept. 26, 1885.


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MABEL CLEMENT daughter of Robert and Mollie Clement, born Henry Co., Tenn., June 27, 1884; died May 24, 1885.

NANNIE DOTSON daughter of R. J. and Mollie Dotson, died Flippin, Ky., Oct. 11, 1885 aged "eight summers."

THOMAS W. READ died Oct. 17, 1885 "in his humble cottage" in Bedford Co., Tenn.

EFFIE HINES daughter of W. H. Hines died Oct. 13, 1885.

WATSON DISMUKES died September 17, 1885 aged 31 years.

IDA MARY RAMER daughter of J. B. Ramer died near Murfreesboro, Tenn., Sept. 25, 1885 aged 6 years and 8 months; diphtheria.

EMMA C. FISHER daughter of Calvin and Tennessee Lacy, born Decatur Co., Tenn., Dec. 5, 1863; married Matt. Fisher, Jan. 30, 1883; died Sept. 17, 1885.

FANNIE S. BELCHER daughter of C. C. and Tennessee Lacy, born Decatur Co., Tenn., Sept. 21, 1861; married Thomas Belcher, July 2, 1882; died August 26, 1885.

Mrs. E. KEIGHTLY died Louisville, Ky., Oct. 9, 1885 aged 82 years in residence of son-in-law, Clem C. Moore; a son, Dr. A. J. Keightly also mentioned.

JESSE WARMATT son of R. H. and S. A. Warmatt, born Madison Co., Tenn., Aug. 18, 1869; died Sept. 4, 1885; scrofula.

MALVINA A. McCOWN, nee Fentress, married Lewis McCown, May 25, 1832; died So. Carrollton, Ky., Oct. 30, 1885 aged 75 years, 8 months and 20 days old.

B. F. HORN born Nov. 16, 1823; died Daviess Co., Ky., Oct. 28, 1885; married Helen Wilkinson, April 13, 1853.

SAMUEL MILTON ROWELL born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Jan. 6, 1818; married Matilda Lay in 1840; died in county of birth, Sept. 9, 1885.

JAMES PARKER son of Alvis J. and Jane Parker, died Oct. 25, 1885 aged about 19 years.

RACHEL B. HUTCHISON daughter of Dr. J. D. and Elonia Hutchison, born Feb. 19, 1876; died Columbus, Miss., Oct. 22, 1885.

Rev. W. B. VEAZEY born Feb. 5, 1823; died Sept. 2, 1885; married (1) Mary Ann Crowder, Dec. 17, 1844; (2) Mrs. E. E. Penn, May 30, 1875; had fourteen children.

Hon. MARTIN MILLER died June 18, 1885, Clinton Co., Ky.

MANNA ANDERSON daughter of Samuel P. and Lucinda Anderson, born Mar. 2, 1871; died July 25, 1883.

MARY ETROEL STEGER daughter of John and Americus Steger died Sept. 21, 1885 aged 2 years, 2 months and 3 days old; diphtheria.

MARY ELIZABETH McMULLEN born Henderson Co., Ky., Feb. 2, 1828; married Thomas J. Poole, June 7, 1849; died Oct. 13, 1885.

TURNER BYRON HEART son of J. T. and Margaret Elizabeth Heart, born Giles Co., Tenn., Oct. 4, 1881; died June 9, 1885.

ANNIE HOLT daughter of J. J. and H. H. LAMOND died Oct. 25, 1885.

ANN AMELIA MERIWETHER daughter of Judge Thomas Meriwether, Newton Co., Ga., granddaughter of the late Bishop J. O. Andrew, born near Oxford, Ga., May 15, 1852; died near there, July 31, 1885.

JAMES LIVINGSTON COLVERT son of G. W. and M. A. Colvert, born Oct. 5, 1883; died Oct. 6, 1885.

SALLIE J. CHISHOLM daughter of J. W. and M. J. COKER, born Cherokee Co., Ala., Dec. 28, 1847; died Nov. 1, 1885.


(Page 66)

MARY ANN PARTLOW wife of Jesse Partlow, born Clark Co., Ind., Nov. 18, 1813; died Sept. 17, 1885; 3 children.

S. S. DUGGER dau of Rev. Richard and Elizabeth Jones, born Anson Co., N.C., June 29, 1810; moved with her parents to Maury Co., Tenn.; married James Dugger, Nov. 30, 1830 and moved to Pontotoc Co., Miss. in 1838; then to Aberdeen, Miss. in 1861 where she died Oct. 23, 1885.

JENNIE TURNER wife of Capt. H. D. Turner, daughter of Judge F. L. Hammond; married in 1870; died Huntsville, Ala., Oct. 8, 1883.

DAVID L. ROBERTSON born Humphreys Co., Tenn., Jan. 6, 1836; died Nov. 3, 1885; a tribute to his memory by a quarterly conference; undated.

GUY O. MARTIN born Muhlenburg Co., Ky., May 18, 1866; died Greenville, Ky., Oct. 13, 1885.

PATTIE TYNER wife of Thomas R. Tyner, Crittenden Co., Ky., born Montgomery Co., Tenn., April 2, 1814; died Nov. 10, 1885.

MARY A. HARLAN born Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 21, 1827; died Noxubee Co., Miss., Nov. 7, 1885; married William S. Harlan, Oct. 5, 1844; he died June 6, 1865; she married John Harlan, her brother-in-law, Jan. 3, 1878; mother of eight children.

Miss MOLLIE HILL died Colbert Co., Ala., Sept. l1, 1885.

PANTHA M. BALTZELL, nee Bullock, widow of Dr. Thomas Bullock, born Granville Co., N.C., June 7, 1827; died Green Co., Ala., October 19, 1885.

JONATHAN F. HOOKER born N.C., July 8, 1805; moved with parents to Wilson Co., Tenn.; married Margaret Gynn, Mar. 28, 1827; died Oct. 15, 1885; 13 children.

ELEANOR P. SPENCER, nee Holcomb, born Va., July 25, 1844; married J. A. Spencer, July 17, 1867; died Nov. l1, 1885.

SALLIE V. STROTHER, wife of George Strother, daughter of J. R. Barclay, born Brooke Co., Va. (now W. Va.); married Sept. 4, 1877; died Nov. 2, 1885; wife and mother.

MARY ANN COXON born Durham Co., England, Nov. 11, 1828; died Spottsville, Ky., Nov. 12, 1885; wife and mother (4 children).

MELISSA A. FREY wife of Fev. W. J. Frey, born Sumner Co., Tenn., April 1, 1828; married Sept. 2, 1847; died Sept. 28, 1885; funeral in Oregon Co., MO.

LINNIE A. THOMAS daughter of Rev. W. R. Dickey, born Oct. 10, 1845; married R. J. Thomas; died Sept. 26, 1885.

CELIA MITCHEL born Warren Co., Tenn., Feb. 3, 1837; daughter of Green Broom; married A. J. Mitchel, Jan. 1, 1854; 5 daus., 1 son; died Henderson Co., Tenn., July 30, 1885.

MARY E. DIBRELL born Oct. 17, 1822; died Mooreville, MO, Nov. 3, 1885; husband and five children predeceased her; 5 children survived her.

MAGGIE P. PORTERFIELD daughter of W. G. and B. E. Thomas, born Dec. 4, 1861; married Mack Porterfield, Dec. 18, 1879; died November 1, 1885.

MATILDA K. WEST born Smith Co., Tenn., Feb. 3, 1835; married Martin West, Oct. 19, 1866; died Macon Co., Tenn., Aug. 26, 1885; daughter of John and Nancy Dickens.

REBECCA FRANCES TAYLOR born Greenville Co., Va., Nov. 2, 1817; died Oct. 15, 1885 in the residence of her sister, Mrs. R. B. Hurt [Jackson, Tenn.]; a tribute to her memory by the Woman's Missionary Society; undated.

LONZA JOHNSON born Bullitt Co., Ky., June 5, 1870; killed by accidental shotgun wound, September 1884.

NANCY GRAY, nee Robinson, born Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 23, 1808; married James Gray, Sept. 20, 1838; died Nov. 3, 1885.


(Page 67)

FANNIE HENNING MOORER died Henry Co., Tenn., Nov. 14, 1885 aged nearly 43 years.

FANNIE M. COLEMAN, nee Lee, wife of A. K. Coleman, born Feb. 6, 1821; married Dec. 12, 1844; died Nov. 5, 1885; 2 children: M. B. Coleman and Mrs. T. Herndon.

EVALINE CATRON wife of Alfred G. Catron, Chattanooga, Tenn., born Wythe Co., Va., May 10, 1824; died November 5, 1885; daughter, SUSIE, predeceased her [date not given].

ELLEN ISAPHRIM POWERS born Dec. 14, 1855; died Oct. 7, 1885.

BUNA HILL daughter of James and Sallie Hill, granddaughter of Rev. W. B. Hill, died Marshall, Texas, Oct. 18, 1885 aged 15 years, 7 months old.

SOPHIE R. THOMPSON daughter of Dr. Elijah and Mary Thompson, born Feb. 1, 1857; died Jan. 3, 1886.

ELIZABETH AMBROSE daughter of Henry and Elsie Williams, born Sumner Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1812; married W. B. Ambrose, Feb. 4, 1834; died now-Lee Co., Ala., Sept. 18, 1885.

FLORA SAMPLE HUNTER daughter of H. D. and E. A. Hunter, born May 16, 1870; died Nov. 20, 1885.

SARAH E. FORBIS born Mar. 25, 1843; died Sept. 16, 1885, Mayfield, Ky.

MARTHA A. CLARK, nee Lemons, born Henry Co., Tenn., Jan. 30, 1858; died May 30, 1885; wife and mother.

LULA HILDERBRAND daughter of W. W. and Susan Hilderbrand died Nov. 23, 1885 aged 13 years; typhoid fever.

WILLIAM LEWIS born St. Clair Co., Ala., Feb. 25, 1825; died East Carroll Parish, La., Nov. 25, 1885.

ANNA GILLILAND born Ky., Sept. 16, 1804; moved with parents to middle Tenn. in 1812; married John Armstrong, Dec. 1818; 4 children; moved to Haywood Co., Tenn. in 1828; he died August 1829; in 1831 she married James Gilliland who died in 1835; two children; moved to Upshur Co., Texas in 1853 where she died October 29, 1885.

W. PITT EASON born Madison Co., Ala., Jan. 28, 1828; settled in now-Tate Co., Miss. in 1839; married Mary Elizabeth Harris, Sept. 30, 1846; died Nov. 20, 1885, "dignified bearing, pleasant manners, self-possession, quick perception, good voice and ready delivery." Served in state legislature; lay Methodist; surviving him were his widow and 9 children.

EUGENIA B. BUNCH born Sept. 6, 1863; died Nov. 22, 1885; consumption.

M. T. JACKSON, nee Palmer, born Fayette Co., Tenn., June 1848; married J. K. P. Jackson, Dec. 14, 1869; died Sept. 28, 1885.

FLORENCE YOUNG daughter of Rev. W. C. Young, born May 14, 1870; died Sept. 19, 1885.

MARY JANE FITZHUGH born middle Tenn., Mar. 3, 1849; married J. A. Fitzhugh, Dec. 15, 1868; died Nolensville, Tenn., Nov. 7, 1885; 5 children.

ANN E. WESTMORELAND daughter of Albert G. and Jane Westmoreland, born Feb. 6, 1848; married J. J. Atkinson, Jan. 8, 1878; 3 children; died Feb. 26, 1885.

MARCELLA STOKES MAXWELL born Fayette Co., Tenn., Sept. 5, 1860; died near Staunton [Stanton], Tenn., Oct. 17, 1885.

MARY JANE DANIEL daughter of Thomas and Lydia Hall, born in so. Ala., May 5, 1837; moved to Franklin Co., Ala. where she married William Daniel, Dec. 21, 1865; 3 children; moved to Ellis Co., Texas in 1882, where she died from cancer, August 12, 1885.

MARY J. PATE born Williamson Co., Tenn., April 8, 1827; married James M. Rakestow, Nov. 6, 1843; died Nov. 9, 1885.

JOHN HAMER PRIMM died Williamson Co., Tenn., Nov. 14, 1885; husband and father.


(Page 68)

OSCAR TURNER BINKLEY son of Fred M. and Amanda Binkley died Crittenden Co., Ky., Nov. 24, 1885 aged 3 years, 4 months and 6 days old.

MARY E. DUNCAN granddaughter of T. M. and G. B. Guthrie, born June 5, 1862; died Oct. 1, 1885; orphaned when young.

LOUISA JOHANNAH HOOD, nee Simpson, born Giles Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1851; died in same county, Oct. 10, 1885.

JAMES A. BOSTICK born near Huntsville, Ala., in 1819; moved to Nashville, Tenn. in 1834; married Maria Smith in 1838; for years deputy U.S. marshal and for several years assistant warden of Tenn. state penitentiary; crippled when fell from street-car in east Nashville in July 1881; died Dec. 8, 1885.

STEVIE O. McANULTY GALOWAY daughter of M. A. and R. I. McAnulty, born Kossuth, Miss., Jan. 25, 1856; died Saulsbury, Tenn., Oct. 13, 1885; married David M. Galoway, Dec. 27, 1883.

MARY E. LANIER daughter of A. B. and Eliza Christian; wife of Dr. J. H. Lanier; born June 24, 1849; died Oct. 20, 1885; wife and mother.

EMMA SMITH TOWNSEND wife of Dr. R. P. Townsend, Adairville, Ky., born April 18, 1853; married Nov. 23, 1875; died Dec. 2, 1885; daughter of Hon. D. B. Smith, Todd Co., Ky.

JESSE MAJOR BEDNELL born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Mar. 15, 1851; son of J. B. Bednell; married Mrs. Elzira Kieth [as spelled], Oct. 7, 1875; died Oak Hill, Tenn., Sept. 18, 1885.

MATILDA C. CONLEY, nee Brown, born McDowell Co., N.C., April 17, 1808; died Marion, N.C., Nov. 23, 1885 in residence of son-in-law, C. A. Dale; married Colonel Joseph Conley.

NANCY GRESHAM born Sept. 23, 1856; died May 27, 1885.

AMANDA C. BAKER daughter of Rev. J. G. Molloy, Tennessee Methodist Conference, born Dec. 6, 1867; died Elmwood, Tenn., Dec. 2, 1885; married Jan. 10, 1885 [spouse's name not given].

AMMA BRITTON daughter of J. G. and E. A. Elrod, wife of J. W. Britton, born Oct. 22, 1861; married Dec. 16, 1880; died Birmingham, Ala., May 19, 1885.

HENDRICK F. ALLEN son of Thomas F. Allen born Sept. 22, 1881; died from croup, Nov. 25, 1885 near Renfroe, Ala.

REBECCA M. DUPREE, nee Washington, born Norfolk, Va., Aug. 24, 1821; moved to Tenn. in 1833; married Dr. P. W. Dupree, Nov. 24, 1840; died near Oakland, Tenn., Dec. 18, 1884.

MARY A. E. MAY born Humphreys Co., Tenn., Oct. 2, 1830; daughter of William Hust; married Judge W. N. May, April 27, 1860; a son, William Arthur May, born Chicago, Ill., Nov. 5, 1864; now a law student; a sister, Mrs. Sallie Shelton, Ozark, Ark.; a brother, Rev. William Hust, a merchant at Hustburg, Tenn.; she died Dec. 17, 1885.

HELEN DOUGLASS daughter of George and Lizzie Doubleday, born Nov. 1, 1854; died Dec. 22, 1885; married Wiley J. Douglass, Oct. 1876; 5 children.

SANDERS C. COVINGTON son of Leroy and Elizabeth Covington, born Mar. 24, 1835; married Evaline McMillin, July 12, 1854; she died; he married Nannie Carr, Mar. 3, 1856; Confederate veteran; freemason; died Dec. 31, 1885.

JAMES E. JOPLIN born Benton Co., MO, April 16, 1862; died Jan. 9, 1886.

NORA RUSSELL daughter of Washington B. and Catherine Russell, born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Jan. 3, 1860; married Dr. J. Spencer Hill, April 18, 1882; died Dec. 17, 1885; burial in Lasting Hope Cemetery.

MARY ELIZA YOUNG born Dec. 15, 1865; died Dec. 26, 1885.

JENNIE E. WILSON dau of E. E. and Emma Wilson, Chapel Hill, Tenn., born Mar. 12, 1855; died Oct. 21, 1885; pneumonia.


(Page 69)

NANCY L. GATLIN born Mar. 19, 1805; married L. D. Gower, Aug. 14, 1823; died Oct. 8, 1885.

JENNIE CAMP born Nov. 15, 1838; died Neeley's Bend, Tenn., Oct. 10, 1885.

JOHN ROBERT NELSON born June 30, 1845; died Dec. 7, 1885. Kentucky.

JOSEPH H. COOPER born Ga., 1811; died near Pinson, Tenn., Dec. 29, 1885.

SAMUEL P. PIKE born Patrick Co., Va., Feb. 18, 1854; died Aug. 11, 1885; son of Joseph and Sally Pike; married Levina Seitz, Dec. 28, 1882; 2 children.

MAGGIE E. REGEN daughter of Joel A. and Mattie Regen, born, Sept. 23, 1861; died Verona, Tenn., Nov. 23, 1885.

ANNA E. RUSSELL daughter of E. and M. E. Cameron, born Oct. 25, 1862; married "Mr." Russell, Feb. 5, 1885; died Alexandria, Ark., Dec. 24, 1885.

Rev. JOHN M. WHEAT born Russell Co., Ky., Jan. 14, 1837; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1867; ordained deacon, 1873; ordained elder, 1878; married Susan R. Bridges, Nov. 3, 1863; a popular Methodist preacher; died Jan. 1, 1886; 3 children.

FIE. WADE daughter of Willie and Clemie Wade, born Nov. 11, 1882; died Calloway Co., Ky., Nov. 21, 1885.

WILLIAM HUTCHISON OWEN born Dec. 27, 1827; married Olvena John, 1854; died Williamson Co., Tenn., Dec. 18, 1885; consumption.

GARRARD GERMANICUS OLIVER son of Labon and Rebecca Oliver, born Mar. 5, 1884; died Nashville, Tenn., August 17, 1885.

Major W. G. BUSBY son of Rev. J. F. and Pinnie Busby, born Sumter Co., Ala., April 11, 1827; married Lizzie Lawrence, June 3, 1852; died Jan. 3, 1886, Tate Co., Miss.; husband and father.

EMMA HITT daughter of James and Harriet White, born Feb. 21, 1867; died Jan. 12, 1886; married Neil S. Hitt, Nov. 19, 1882.

MARY J. HOLMES wife of Dr. A. G. Holmes, daughter of Thomas and Mary Turnham, born Grayson Co., Ky., May 15, 1852; died Brownsville, Ky., Oct. 19, 1885; 4 children.

GEORGE B. SARY died Sept. 13, 1885, Robertson Co., Tenn., aged 51 years, 8 months and 26 days, survived by his widow and a son and a daughter; 5 children predeceased him.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. J. D. OWEN by the Lebanon Auxiliary of Woman's Missionary Society, dated Jan. 13, 1886; she had been auditor of the Tennessee Conference's Woman's Missionary Society since October 1878; evidently a truly charitable person.

ALFRED NELSON OSBORNE son of George Osborne, born Sept. 12, 1864; died Oct. 20, 1885.

S. A. SWEAT born Green Co., Ga., Dec. 22, 1840; moved with her parents to Attala Co., Miss. in April 1857; married N. N. Sweat, Nov. 1, 1859; died near Kosciusko, Miss., Nov. 1, 1885; 7 ch.

NANCY HARDAWAY born Breckinridge Co., Ky., Mar. 10, 1817; daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Stith; married Ezra Hardaway, Dec. 26, 1841.; moved to MO in 1842; he died Aug. 25, 1844 and she moved in July to Ky. where she lived until 1875 when she returned to Newton Co., MO where she died Oct. 21, 1885.

SALLIE B. HOLLETT wife of Rev. Littleton Hollett, daughter of Charles and Caroline Read, born June 22, 1857; died Hodgensville, Ky., June 15, 1885.

JOHN W. EVENS born middle Tenn., Sept. 7, 1810; married Eudora McDowell, Feb. 9, 1832; moved to Haywood Co., Tenn. in 1836; his wife died in 1872; he married Bettie Black, Oct. 14, 1874; 4 children; died Nov. 28, 1885.

HENDRICK ALLEN died Nov. 25, 1885 aged 3 years, 3 mos.; son of Thomas F. and Fannie Allen.


(Page 70)

MARY M. PRITCHITT born Lunenburg Co., Va., Mar. 26, 1811; died Henry Co., Tenn., Dec. 28, 1885; married A. C. Pritchitt, Dec. 16, 1830; moved to Henry Co., Tenn. in 1835.

GEORGE T. CARTER born Adair Co., Ky., July 19, 1857; married Mary J. Vance, Jan. 28, 1885; died in native county, Sept. 15, 1885.

ILA MARY BERTON daughter of J. Y. and Bettie Berton born May 26 [other dates are creased in fold of newspaper].

Tribute of Respect for ADAM S. RIGGS; by Official Board, Rich Valley Circuit, Tenn. Conf.; dated Jan. 2, 1886.

MAGGIE L. WEBB daughter of Dr. John L. Webb, Nashville, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Jan. 25, 1858; married Mark L. Andrews, Jr., Mar. 14, 1882; died Dec. 17, 1885; had child named Hazel.

K. B. WOODRUFF, nee Burch, born Surry Co., N.C. about 1802; died near Ozark, Ark., Oct. 26, 1885 in residence of son, Abner P. Woodruff; in 1819, on her birthday, she married Samuel P. Woodruff and later moved to Ga.; husband died in Jan. 1863; youngest son, Sammie, had died; a large progeny.

RACHEL PITTS COTTON, nee Tucker, born May 16, 1841; married J. A. Cotton, Jan. 16, 1836; died Nov. 23, 1885.

Miss MARY KEELING born Oct. 8, 1863; died Dec. 13, 1885.

HENRY BROWDER son of Rev. David Browder, Virginia Methodist Conference, born Dinwiddie Co., Va., Nov. 15, 1813; died Logan Co., Ky., Dec. 13, 1885; married Mary J. Herndon; 4 children.

BENJAMIN F. BAKER son of Moses J. and Elizabeth Baker, born Miss., Mar. 10, 1853; moved to Sevier Co., Ark. when small; married Mollie Alexander, Oct. 11, 1885; died Grayson Co., Texas, Nov. 2, 1885.

SARAH LIGHT daughter of E. W. and N. Light, born Nov. 30, 1868; died Dec. 17, 1885; burial at Mt. Nebo.

JUDA MASTERS born Jan. 10, 1811; died Overton Co., Tenn., Nov. 3, 1885; wife and mother.

WILLIAM A. ROBERTS son of J. D. and S. M. Roberts, born Feb. 15, 1856; died Sept. 21, 1885; married Etta Hunter, Feb. 7, 1885.

JAMES H. TURNER, Nashville, Tenn., born May 7, 1804; married (1) Miss Pilcher, Lexington, Ky.; (2) Cornelia daughter of Joel Dyer of Murfreesboro, Tenn.; died Columbus, Miss., Nov. 7, 1885.

Judge D. B. THOMASSON died Prescott, Ark., December 22, 1885.

MARTHA PUTNAM HANKS wife of Thomas M. Buck, Sr.; daughter of Major Richard and Sarah Barrow Hanks; granddaughter of Colonel Daniel and Virginia Barrow Dennis; all of Davidson Co., Tenn.; born Nashville, Aug. 28, 1820; Huguenot descent; first cousin of President Abraham Lincoln. She died August 26, 1885. [See, Addenda, III, page 117.]

ELIZABETH ROSENBAUM daughter of Peter Spangler, born Wythe Co., Va., Aug. 29, 1818; died Adair Co., Ky., Oct. 18, 1885; married Adam Rosenbaum, Mar. 24, 1837; large no. of children.

ELIZABETH RICHARDSON wife of James A. Richardson, born Dec. 6, 1821; died Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 30, 1885; married in 1840; large no. of children.

Tribute of Respect for Miss BETTIE WILLIAMS who died Dec. 30, 1885; by the Bible Class, Methodist Church in Smyrna, Tenn.; undated.

ROBERT T. KERNACHAN died near Florence, Ala., Nov. 20, 1885 in his 31st year of age of accidental gunshot wound; married Blanche Moore, Jan. 18, 1881; 2 children.

HANNAH NEWMAN, nee Berry, wife of Rev. J. W. Newman, No. Ala. Methodist Conference, born DeKalb Co., Ala., Sept. 14, 1850; died Gadsden, Ala., Nov. 23, 1885; married Oct. 10, 1869; 4 children.


(Page 71)

SARAH CLARKE PARISH TURNER, mother of Rev. Will Allen Turner, Tenn. Methodist Conference, born Pittsylvania Co., Va., April 1819; moved with mother, Fannie Hunt Parish, to Dickson Co., Tenn.; married John T. Turner in her 20th year of age; 11 children, 5 surviving her; died Jan. 4, 1886; burial in Hopkinsville, Ky.

ALICE LEWIS died Cumberland City, Tenn., Jan. 20, 1886 aged 4 years, 1 mo. old.

Capt. Z. T. ADAMS, Kaufman, Texas, died Jan. 9, 1886; "a brainy man."

SALLIE DAMRON died Dec. 28, 1885 aged 93 years, 4 months the day she died; burial in Tarpley Cemetery; mother of ten children, only two surviving her.

J. M. GILBERT born near McKenzie, Tenn., Mar. 24, 1827; died Waverly, Tenn., Jan. 13, 1886; married Carrie Whitten; 1 daughter.

Prof. C. W. CALLENDER born Harrisburg, Pa., 1825; graduate, Alexandria College, Meadville, Pa., 1842; moved to Texas in 1844; several years president of Soule Female College in Murfreesboro, Tenn. and the female college in Franklin, Tenn.; at outbreak of Civil War he returned to Sumner Co., Tenn. and taught a private school; afterwards elected supt. of county schools; married Clara Harper; 2 sons; died Nov. 26, 1885.

DAVID S. GRAVES born Davidson Co., Tenn., Nov. 30, 1825; died Jan. 16, 1886; married Elizabeth Goodrich, May 1, 1849; 2 daughters.

Tribute of Respect for F. B. KERR who died Dec. 1, 1885; by First Quarterly Conference, Dancyville Circuit, Memphis Methodist Conference; dated Jan. 2, 1886.

FANNIE S. BAILY daughter of J. T. and M. L. Baily, born Sept. 2, 1865; died Marshall Co., Miss., Dec. 25, 1885.

JAMES EGBERT WRIGHT born Boone Co., MO, Aug. 3, 1822; married Sarah A. Robertson, Jan. 13, 1848; died Logan Co., Ky., January 13, 1886.

WALTER GRAY son of John N. and Rebecca Gray, born near Centerville, Tenn., July 18, 1867; died Dec. 31, 1885.

PLEASANT M. FINLY born Edgefield Dist., S.C., 1816; migrated to Brazil, South America, in 1867; died Campinos Dist., near Santa Barbara, Dec. 8, 1885; 5 children.

MARY E. WILLIAMS daughter of James S. and Mary Williams died Dec. 31, 1885 only 11 mos. after her sister, SALLIE, died.

Tribute of Respect for S. S. DAVIS by Trammel Masonic Lodge #436 dated July 25, 1885.

Tribute of Respect for SAMUEL LANDRUM by First Quarterly Conference, Hickman, Tenn., dated Dec. 30, 1885.

SALLIE BOLTON wife of W. J. Bolton, born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Dec. 9, 1859; married in Humphreys Co., Tenn., Jan. l1, 1883; moved to Texas in Feb. 1884; died near Arlington, Tex., Oct. 15, 1885; consumption; no children.

JESSIE ALICE CLARK born Aug. 22, 1868; died Dec. 17, 1885; daughter of T. M. and Josephine Clark, McKenzie, Tenn.

JAMES CALVIN CRAWFORD born Johnson Co., Ark., Dec. 5, 1839; married Jane Gillespie, Feb. 15, 1866; died Kaufman Co., Tex., Jan. 6, 1886.

ANNIE EDGING TINNIN daughter of Abraham and Jane Edging, born Dec. 18, 1864; died Dec. 26, 1885; married Joseph Tinnin, Dec. 9, 1884; she and infant buried [together?].

LUCY J. IRELAND born Ala., Oct. 27, 1846; married John H. Ireland, Aug. 1869; died Bastrop, Tex., Jan. 24, 1886; 1 dau.



(Page 72)

REBECCA "Becca" WHITE born N.C., Nov. 15, 1797; moved with parents to Denton Co., Tex. where she died Dec. 16, 1885. She had told her pastor, "As my mother lay dying when I was 35 years of age, I said, 'Mother, what shall I do?' 'Why, Becca, I have given you to the Lord.' The Lord has taken care of me."

NANCY C. KNIGHT wife of Rev. M. Knight, born Edgefield Dist., S.C., Nov. 24, 1810; moved with husband to Smith Co., Tex. in 1833 where she died Aug. 1, 1885; 12 children.

Mrs. MARY E. PORTER born June 25, 1821; died Elkton, Ky., Jan. 15, 1886.

MARY C. MARTIN wife of T. A. Martin, Todd Co., Ky., died Jan. 4, 1886 in her 31st year of age.

MANDY WARREN BOLTON daughter of W. J. and Sallie Bolton, born Feb. 9, 1885; died near Arlington, Tex., June 11, 1885.

Judge A. R. BOONE, member of U.S. Congress, 1874-1878; died Mayfield, Ky., Jan. 27, 1886; a great-nephew of the famed Daniel Boone. Also, from the BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS, 1774-1971, Washington, D.C., 1971, page 612:

BOONE, Andrew Rechmond, a Representative from Kentucky; born in Davidson County, Tenn., April 4, 1831; moved with his parents to Mayfield, Graves County, Ky., in 1833; attended the public schools; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1852 and practiced in Mayfield; elected judge of the Graves County Court in 1854; reelected in 1858 and served until 1861, when he resigned; member of the State house of representatives in 1861; circuit judge for the first judicial district of Kentucky 1868-1874; elected as a Democrat to the Forty-fourth and Forty-fifth Congresses (March 4, 1875-March 3, 1879) ; was not a candidate for reelection in 1878; chairman of the State railroad commission 1882-1886; died in Mayfield, Ky., January 26, 1886; interment in Mayfield Cemetery.


JAMES A. KOGER, superintendent of Brazil, South America Mission, died recently of yellow fever [article about Koger in February 27, 1886 issue, page 11, explaining that he and his wife had accompanied other missionaries to Brazil in 1881].


February 20, 1886

Rev. JOHN FLETCHER ENGLAND died Feb. 1, 1886 aged 72 years; lived in Texas since 1870; converted (religious experience) in Robertson Co., Tenn. many years ago.

Rev. JAMES M. PATTERSON born Maury Co., Tenn., Mar. 1, 1862; died Cookeville, Tenn., Sept. 27, 1885; licensed to preach in Methodist Church July 17, 1880, Tennessee Conference; "a good revivalist."

ROBERT C. PARKS born N.C., July 28, 1806; when 3 years old moved with parents to Franklin Co., Tenn.; married Flora Wakefield, Dec. 4, 1827; joined Methodist Church Sept. 1837; died Jan. 17, 1886; husband and father.

MARQUIS L. JACKSON born Va., Jan. 8, 1825; died Jan. 18, 1886; moved to Fayette Co., Tenn. when young; married Priscilla Hermon, Mar. 13, 1850; husband and father.

DAVID C. GREESON born Bedford Co., Tenn., Mar. 9, 1822; died Nov. 29, 1885; moved with parents to Wayne Co., Tenn. and then in mid-life moved to Hardin Co., Tenn.; married (1) Flora Ann McFadgen, 1842; (2) Sarah Ann Gifford, 1852; (3) Sarah Ann Berry, 1859; he had 15 children.

AMINTA A. JOHNSON, nee Gillis, born Feb. 5, 1809; married Rev. J. C. Johnson, May 11, 1831; died Dec. 29, 1885.

MATTIE C. DABNEY born, reared and died in Cadiz, Ky.; daughter of John W. and Sarah Chappell; born Jan. 21, 1853; married John C. Dabney, June 14, 1876; 5 children; died Jan. 25, 1886. [CHAPPELL, DICKIE AND OTHER KINDRED FAMILIES, by Phil E. Chappell, Kansas City, 1900, pages 284-285, records that John Wesley Chappell, born 1824, had a Halifax Co., Va. background; married Sarah Jefferson, 1845-1895; parents of Martha Dabney]


(Page 73)

Rev. JOSEPH PASCAL STANFIELD born 1861; died Haywood Co., Tenn., Oct. 8, 1885.

SOLOMON J. HUNTER born Aug. 30, 1802; married Isabel Watson, June 24, 1824; died Jan. 27, 1886; 12 children, 8 surviving him.

JOHN HOLT died near Irvin's Store, Ky., Jan. 6, 1886 aged about 80 years.

MARTHA M. PEARSON daughter of Phineas and Mary Thomas, born Williamson Co., Tenn., July 11, 1807; married (1) Rev. Dickson C. McLeod, Tennessee Methodist Conference, Nov. 30, 1830; 2 daus., 1 son; he died in 1840; (2) H. F. Hamilton (died 1867), 1854; (3) Henry D. Pearson (died 1872), in 1869; she died in Henderson, Tennessee, January 25, 1886. Daughters: Mrs. Mary J. Blair and Mrs. Bettie Johnson.

AUGUSTUS T. WALTON son of Thomas H. and Ann Walton, born Cumberland Co., Va., Aug. 13, 1817; married Mary E. Davenport, July 12, 1843; 10 children; moved to Marshall Co., Miss. in 1844 and to Shelby Co., Tenn. in 1810 where he died May 26, 1884; graduate, Hampden-Sidney College, 1835; scholarly man.

MARY J. JOHNSON born Lemaster, S.C., Feb. 6, 1838; married Dr. James F. Johnson, Sept. 19, 1865; moved to Hickory, N.C. where she died Dec. 30, 1885. "She sleeps beside her father at Cumberland College."

JAMES MALLORY CHAMBLIN son of John and Anna Chamblin died Ashland City, Tenn., Nov. 10, 1885 aged 7 "summers."

W. N. HOBBS born in 1814; died Dec. 26, 1885, Waverly Circuit, Tennessee Methodist Conference.

CHARLES THOMAS COLE born Granville Co., N.C., Feb. 15, 1809; died Jan. 21, 1886; married Prudence Hutchison, Jan. 9, 1833; moved to Weakley Co., Tenn. from N.C. in 1820; husband and father.

REBECCA GREEN born Aug. 21, 1811; married John Green in Orange Co., N.C., June 9, 1831 and moved to Tenn. the same year; died Gibson Co., Tenn., Dec. 7, 1885; 5 children.

MARY L. BURTON, nee Cain, born May 1, 1852; died Jan. 15, 1886; graduate, Mary Sharpe College, Winchester, Tenn.


February 27, 1886

ZACK T. LACY born Sept. 22, 1847; died Christian Co., Ky., Feb. 2, 1886; married Ellen Hall, Dec. 17, 1878; a son, Redford, four years old.

SARAH T. RIDGWAY died Mayfield, Ky., Dec. 28, 1885 aged 72 years, 3 months and 9 days old; daughter of James and Mary Caldwell of Va.; married John Ridgway in 1831.

EMMA TURNER daughter of Scott and Josie Miller Turner and granddaughter of Rev. Joseph Miller; died Okolona, Miss., Nov. 18, 1885.

HARRY DURHAM born May 8, 1873; died Jan. 24, 1886.

SARAH BRADLEY, nee McMurray, born Smith Co., Tenn.; married E. S. Bradley, Jan. 1, 1850; died near Greenville, Ky., Dec. 16, 1885.

JACOB FRANKS born Ala., 1823; moved to Izard Co., Ark.; died Fulton Co., Ky., Dec. 4, 1885.

EMMA O. RUTLAND wife of William R. Rutland, daughter of Levin P. Frost, dec., Limestone Co., Ala.; died Colbert Co., Ala., Nov. 25, 1885.

LAFAYETTE RAY died Feb. 10, 1886, Grayson Co., Ky.; burial in Beaver Dam Cemetery.

RICHARD GRAINGER son of Dr. R. A. and Mattie Grainger born Oct. 26, 1884; died Dec. 28, 1885.

MARY E. MILLER daughter of Miles H. and Mary Bradford, born Haywood Co., Tenn., April 4, 1831; married John Miller in 1848; died Jan. 13, 1886.

SARAH LEWIS MOORE daughter of B. P. and Sarah Moore died Jan. 2, 1886.


(Page 74)

M. A. McCLUTCHEY, nee Gregory, born Dec. 7, 1842; died Jan. 7, 1886; wife and mother.

MARY AGNES SUTTON born Jackson Co., Ala., April 11, 1861; daughter of Joseph F. and Louisa Neil; moved to Bedford Co., Tenn. in 1873; married John B. Sutton, Oct. 9, 1881; died Dec. 23, 1885.

JOHNSON T. VAUGHN son of B. Y. and Nannie Vaughn born Williamson Co., Tenn., June 16, 1868; died Davidson Co., Tenn., Nov. 26, 1885.

NANNIE HAILEY daughter of Mrs. Mary Hailey died Oct. 26, 1885 aged 20 years. Rives, Tenn.

WILLIAM BUSH moved from Ala. to Ky. with his mother and sister; married and moved to Ark. where his wife died; he died recently; 3 children.

CHARLES W. MAYFIELD son of J. H. and Ellen Mayfield died Jan. 27, 1886.

MARTHA A. PAFFORD daughter of C. L. and Jane Kelley, Washington Co., Va., born Feb. 23, 1839; married M. W. Pafford, Dec. 6, 1860; he served in Confederate army; moved to Collin Co., Tex. in 1872; she died Jan. 14, 1886; 8 children, the oldest 24 years old, the youngest 8 years old (6 sons, 2 daus.)

Tribute of Respect for C. A. BARCLAY; by Nashville Commandery, U. O. G. C. #7, Nashville, dated February 4, 1886 (of which group he had been a member).

JAMES M. WOOD son of Robert and Anna Wood, born Guilford Co., N.C., Dec. 24, 1801; moved with parents to Bedford Co., Tenn. in 1815 and to Carroll Co., Tenn. in 1819; married Sarah Shephard, Aug. 18, 1825; died Carroll Co. [April 23, 1885].

WILLIE HACHEL son of Robert and Malinda Hachel, born Sept. 1885; died Feb. 10, 1886.

MARY STEAGAL daughter of James and Sarah Hodge, born N.C., Feb. 16, 1807; moved with parents to Tenn.; married O. G. Steagal in 1830; 8 daus., 4 sons; died recently.

EMELINE DEW born Trigg Co., Ky., 1842; married Wilson Dew, Feb. 25, 1869; died recently.

Rev. MADISON DEAN born April 21, 1839; died Dec. 6, 1885; married Susan Akers 1859; 11 children

LINA B. HOUSTON daughter of J. F. and Emma Houston, died Feb. 6, 1886 aged 4 months, 2 days.

AVRY LOCKY JACKSON daughter of Rich. and Mattie Jackson born Aug. 5, 1882; died recently, Graves Co., Ky.

VODA MOBLEY son of Will and Jennie Mobley died Hickman Co., Tenn. "a few days ago" aged 3 years.


March 6, 1886

A. W. McFARLAND, Water Valley, Miss., "is dead" after a long decline in health.

EVELINE PEEPLES wife of Sterling Peeples, Chattanooga, Tenn., born McMinn Co., Tenn., Feb. 1, 1854; only daughter of Jathan Gregory; married Oct. 29, 1874; died Oct. 20, 1885; wife and mother.

JOHN E. JOHNSON born May 26, 1840; married Joanna Walters daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Walters, Nov. 1866; died Dec. 13, 1885; 6 sons, 2 daus.

JOHN FAIN died Marshall Co., Tenn., Feb. 17, 1886 in his 73rd year of age.

THOMAS WILMOR ADAMS born June 29, 1873; died Jan. 23, 1886; youngest member of a Methodist congregation organized at Dolamite, Jefferson Co., Ala., Dec. 27, 1885.

MARY ANN GREEN daughter of James and Emily Porter, born Davidson Co., Tenn., July 8, 1860; died Jan. 26, 1886; surviving was her widower.

EMMA WAGGENER GRAHAM born Morganfield, Ky., Mar. 24, 1856; died there, Feb. 10, 1886; married Barnett Graham, Dec. 18, 1884; left an infant.


(Page 75)

Prof. LORENZO DOW PATTERSON born Bibb Co., Ala., Nov. 8, 1829; moved to DeKalb Co., Ala.; married Mary Berry, July 15, 1869; died Collinsville, Ala., Dec. 20, 1885.

MARY E. SMEATHERS born Daviess Co., Ky., July 17, 1805; married Atha Smeathers, Mar. 25, 1825; died Jan. 16, 1886; 5 children and "a host of grandchildren."

PERSIS H. HOWARD born Oldham Co., Ky., Jan. 20, 1808; daughter of James and Hannah Barnhill; married Thomas J. Howard, Dec. 22, 1829; died Feb. 16, 1886.

ARTHUR H. WYATT son of W. P. and M. T. Wyatt, near Cold Water, Miss., was caught by the saws of a steam gin and so injured that he died Dec. 23, 1885; born Washington Co., Tex., Sept. 7, 1876.

MARY L. GRIGGSBY died Feb. 21, 1886.

JAMES M. BOWERS son of Lynville and Millie Bowers, born Feb. 21, 1869; died Feb. 8, 1886.

EDITH MATHENY youngest child of Capt. J. C. Matheny died Feb. 18, 1886 aged 2 years, 7 mos.

JAMES D. R. WATSON died Henryville, Feb. 14, 1886 in his 36th year of age; surviving him were his widow and 3 children.

FANNIE JAMISON OWEN born Smith Co., Tenn., April 9, 1835; married Dr. John D. Owen, Nov. 1, 1853; died Jan. 6, 1886, Lebanon, Tenn.; member of Woman's Missionary Society in the church there.


March 13, 1886

Mrs. MARY A. CLEMENT died Jan. 21, 1886, heart disease; born Edgefield Dist., S.C., Jan. 2, 1833; moved to Tishomingo Co., Miss. in 1839; married A. M. Clement, Feb. 8, 1853; daughter of C. B. and Penelope Cochran.

Rev. PETER AKERS, DD, died Jacksonville, Ill., Feb. 21, 1886 in his 96th year of age; had begun his Methodist ministry in 1821.

MARY V. TERRELL, nee Laurance, born Marshall Co., Tenn., Feb. 28, 1842; married Capt. J. C. Terrell, Ft. Worth, Tex., June 1, 1871; 6 children; died Nov. 23, 1885.

WILLIAM W. ADAMS born Montgomery Co., Tenn., July 15, 1815; died Jan. 24, 1886; married Olive Patterson, 1853; two sons.

CHARLES W. HURT born July 31, 1834; died Dec. 3l, 1885; husband and father.

WILLIAM ROBERT ELLISON son of Sam and Mary Ellison, born Shelby Co., Ala., Aug. 16, 1870; died Feb. 5, 1886.

ANNA SMITH, nee Curlle, born Anson Co., N.C., 1800; moved with parents to Rutherford Co., Tenn. in 1808; then later moved to Tipton Co., Tenn.; married B. L. Smith.

ISAAC L. GOODLOE born Franklin Co., Ala., Nov. 29, 1836; died Colbert Co., Ala., Oct. 18, 1885.

NANCY HOWELL wife of P. C. Howell, dec., born Dec. 18, 1816; died Jan. 20, 1886.

Dr. CHARLIE W. SULLIVAN, Waterloo, Ala., died Jan. 23, 1886 aged 32 years old; graduate, Vanderbilt University, 1876.

MARY VIRGINIA METCALFE daughter of George W. and Florence Metcalfe born Lamar Co., Ala., Mar. 20, 1883; died Jan. 27, 1886.

SALLIE A. COX, widow of Thomas Cox, daughter of Bryant and Mary Boone, born Davidson Co., Tenn., Sept. 10, 1811; died Graves Co., Ky., Nov. 1885. The writer of this obituary, A. R. Boone, died "before he had it ready for the mail" and his widow sent it instead.

SARENAH HINES nee Sherard born Wayne Co., N.C., Oct. 6, 1815; married Hiram Harris; 13 children, 6 surviving her; died Benton Co., Miss., Feb. 3, 1886.

RICHARD W. BROWN died Clinton, Miss., Nov. 23, 1885 aged 19 years, 10 mos.; son of H. B. and M. J. Brown; native of Attala Co., Miss.


(Page 76)

WILLIAM McCREERY born Estill Co., Ky., May 4, 1820; married Nancy Montgomery, Nov. 13, 1839; 4 daus., 3 sons; the oldest son was killed in the Civil War; died near Worthville, Ky., Dec. 27, 1885.

MARGARET C. STEVENSON wife of Rev. J. C. Stevenson, born Dec. 8, 1816; daughter of Duncan and Margaret Brown, sister of ex-governors of Tennessee, Neil S. and John C. Brown; married Nov. 19, 1835; died Giles Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1886.

Miss RUTH TURNER daughter of Dr. H. H. and Selena Turner, born Franklin Co., Ark., June 4, 1870; died in Ozark, Ark., Feb. 2, 1886.

J. F. McGEEHEE born Culpeper Co., Va., Nov. 19, 1810; married Elizabeth Ewell, Nov. 7, 1834; 2 ch; died recently "at a ripe old age."

MARGARET JANE CRABTREE born Oct. 10, 1844; died Feb. 18, 1886.

EMMA HACHEL died Graves Co., Ky., recently; wife of George Hachel; daughter of Tom and Puss Clark; granddaughter of Rev. Frank Bone, Hickman County.

MIRANDA ROBERTSON, nee Asbury, widow of Thomas Robertson, born 1812; died Jan. 14, 1886 near Flemingsburg, Ky.

GEORGE L. FALLS born Lincoln Co., N.C., Nov. 1, 1844; died Booneville, Miss., Feb. 14, 1886; married Sallie Elliotte, Dec. 11, 1867; no children.

MARY LOU TUCKER wife of W. T. Tucker; daughter of W. R. Kindley; born Mar. 5, 1860; educated at Mt. Pleasant Female Seminary and G. F. College; married Jan. 15, 1878; died Mt. Pleasant, N.C., Jan. 22, 1886.

MELISSA A. MULLINS, daughter of Henry C. Massey, died Germantown, Tenn., Jan. 22, 1886; married Thomas R. Mullins, Feb. 7, 1866.

Notice that Mrs. MARGARET LITTON BOSTICK "celebrated" her 82nd birthday, Feb. 28, 1886 in the residence of her son-in-law, John Early, in Nashville, Tennessee.


March 20, 1886

MARTHA FANNIN MORGAN born Milledgeville, Ga., Dec. 15, 1833; married R. J. Morgan, Sept. 19, 1854; moved to Memphis, Tenn. in 1859; daughter of Dr. Tomlinson Fort; died Feb. 23, 1886; burial in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis.

SARAH C. MUNFORD daughter of Robinson and Jane Munford, born Fayetteville, N.C., Nov. 27, 1803; married William L. Miller, Jan. 22, 1825; died DeSoto Co., Miss., Oct. 23, 1885; husband was from Bladen Co., N.C.

LUELLA D. LEDBETTER wife of Rev. R. N. Ledbetter, No. Ala. Methodist Conference, daughter of Smith and Sallie Dunn; born Tallapoosa Co., Ala., Nov. 26, 1854; died Meridianville, Ala., Feb. 14, 1886; married Dec. 9, 1879; dau., 2 sons.

ZONA L. WESTBROOK wife of T. J. Westbrook, daughter of William and Margarette Linn, died McCardy, Miss., Feb. 14, 1886 in her 28th year of age.

JAMES ELLIOTT born Washington Co., Ky., July 29, 1804; died Feb. 24, 1886; 16 children; numerous progeny.

EMILY J. HOPKINS wife of R. W. Hopkins, born Sept. 28, 1828; died Feb. 11, 1886; married Nov. 18, 1847; wife and mother.

NARCISSA STITH daughter of Marion and Nannie Stith died Meade Co., Ky., Nov. 25, 1885 aged 2 years and 27 days.

THOMAS FAULKNER oldest son of W. H. and Angeline Faulkner, born Allen Co., Ky., May 7, 1867; died Nov. 5, 1885, typhoid fever.


(Page 77)

WILLIAM T. KIMBROUGH son of George D. and Mary Kimbrough born Anderson Co., Tex., Mar. 9, 1859; moved with parents to Grayson Co., Tex. in 1868; his father died in 1871; died Feb. 19, 1886.

M. B. ALLEY, nee Johnson, born Mar. 23, 1806; died Dec. 18, 1885; native of Kentucky.

JANE G. KENNEY, nee Douglass, born N.C., Feb. 14, 1811; moved with brother, Rev. Joseph E. Douglass, to Williamson Co., Tenn.; married John Kenney of Florence, Ala., Dec. 10, 1833; died Jan. 7, 1886; 11 children, 9 surviving her.

ABNER H. MARLIN born Roanoke Co., N.C., Jan. 1, 1809; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn. at the age of 8 years; died Marshall Co., Tenn., Jan. 6, 1886; pneumonia.

LUCY ANN MALONE born in Tenn., Mar. 1812; married Dr. Thomas J. Malone, Feb. 7, 1857; died Holly Springs, Miss., Feb. 9, 1886.

JOSEPH WARREN LAMASTUS son of Bedford and Sallie Lamastus, born Warren Co., Ky., Feb. 1851; died Oct. 15, 1885.

KATE P. DOUGLASS daughter of Thomas J. and Fannie Douglass, born Feb. 22, 1862; graduate, Huntsville Female College, June 1880; died Madison, Ala., Feb. 26, 1886.

M. LULA WITT died March 7, 1886.

NANNIE E. LINDSEY born Ballard Co., Ky.; daughter of M. L. and Mary Chenault; married Owen C. Lindsey, Oct. 1878; died Feb. 23, 1886.

THANKFUL JANE RAYMOND daughter of Benjamin Milan, Dickson Co., Tenn., wife of William N. Raymond, died Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 21, 1885 aged 43 years.

ELIZABETH CROW daughter of David Hooks, moved to Florence, Ala. when she was 9 years old and she died there, Feb. 13, 1886 in her 72nd year of age.

JOSEPH IRVINE SANDERS born Maury Co., Tenn., Mar. 15, 1820; died there, Mar. 8, 1886; married Mary Rodgers, Oct. 13, 1841; 3 sons.

FRANCES BAGBY CRENSHAW widow of Crawford Crenshaw, born near Lynchburg, Va., July 17, 1806; died Christian Co., MO, Jan. 26, 1886; moved from Va. to MO in 1843; 7 children.

JIMMIE JONES son of H. W. and Caroline Jones born Aug. 25, 1866; died in Vienna, Ala., Jan. 23, 1886.

MANDIE THOMPSON daughter of Harlan and Willie Thompson born Lamar Co., Ala., Dec. 7, 1885; died Jan. 25, 1886.


March 27, 1886

A poem in memory of Mrs. MATILDA E. MILLER. Born June 5, 1841. Died Dec. 24, 1885.

VAN ALLEN BAUGH born Ky. about 68 years ago; moved to Nashville, Tenn. in 1832; worked in a woodshop; died Feb. 7, 1886; married Minerva Cabler, Feb. 16, 1845; 4 sons, 2 surviving him.

GABARELLA LEWIS FOSTER born Barren Co., Ky., Aug. 2, 1853; married B. C. Foster, 1873; died near Glasgow, Ky., Feb. 25, 1886; 2 daus.

SARAH A. RANDLE daughter of Rev. Malcolm McPherson died Ripley, Tenn., Jan. 28, 1886 aged 44 years.

L. S. STEGALL daughter of A. and E. McDonald, born in Tenn., Nov. 14, 1834; married J. J. Stegall in 1855; moved to Texas in 1877; died Wilbarger Co., Tex., Dec. 14, 1885.

JOHN VINSON FITE son of Thomas J. and Elizabeth Fite, born Carroll Co., Tenn., Mar. 4, 1866; died March 5, 1886.

MARTIN McCALL died December 29, 1885 aged 21 years.


(Page 78)

HENRY W. BENNETT Son of Benjamin and Margaret Bennett, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 11, 1855; married Bettie Hunter, 1883; died Warrenton, Ala., Feb. 14, 1886.

LUCIE VANCLEAVE died Dec. 24, 1885; a long panegyric written by her son, Thomas Vancleave.

EMMA STROTHER born Pike Co., MO, May 2, 1857; died Feb. 7, 1886.

TOMMIE CLAY DICKINSON Son of James S. and Lottie Dickinson, born June 1881; died Madison, Fla., Mar. 7, 1886.

LENARD C. INMAN born April 7, 1868; died Dec. 28, 1885.

CHARLES C. STEEL born Los Angeles Co., Calif., April 2l, 1884; died Feb. 13, 1886.

VIRGIL LYLE born July l4, 1837, Ohio Co., Ky.; married Aranta Taylor, Jan. 10, 1860; died Jan. 15, 1886.

MINNIE LONG daughter of John and Sallie Demumbrane, College Grove, Tenn., married James Long, Nov. 8, 1883; died Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 1886.

STARKS B. SEARS born Orange Co., S.C., Dec. 22, 1803; moved to Tenn. when about 25 years old; married Mary Peach, May 20, 1839; died Feb. 4, 1886.

ETTA FOX daughter of Milton and Nancy Fox, born June 22, 1864; died Feb. 1886. Her father, MILTON FOX, born Feb. 12, 1825; died October 1885.

ELIZABETH AMANN, nee Hammer Schmidt [as spelled] wife of Conrad Amann, born Bavaria, Germany, Dec. 6, 1836; "came to" New Albany, Miss., in 1854; married July 4, 1855 and moved to Ripley, Miss. in Oct. 1855; 8 daus; died Ripley, Miss., cancer, Feb. 19, 1886.

Miss MAUD ROBERTS born Itawamba Co., Miss., Aug. 20, 1865; died Feb. 15, 1886.

LEN R. BRASFIELD Son of Caleb and Nancy Brasfield, born Weakley Co., Tenn., Nov. 19, 184l; married Bettie Jeter; 1 dau., 7 sons; freemason; died Dec. 27, 1885.

JAMES OWEN born Tenn.; died recently in his 75th year of age.

SOPHRONIA DYESS, nee Evans, born July 1860; died Bell Co., Tex., Feb. 14, 1886; married Sept. 1880

LERA HARBOR MAYHEW daughter of C. H. and Emma Mayhew born Allen Co., Ky., Nov. 18, 1884; died Sept. 29, 1885.

LEGRAND SEXTON born Shenandoah Co., Va., Nov. 13, 1816; died Smyth Co., Va., Feb. 15, 1886; married (1) Miss Stephens; (2) Miss Allison; (3) Miss Whitehead; (4) Miss Korff; 2 children of third and 6 children of fourth marriage survived him.

WILEY S. CAMPBELL Son of John S. and Mary Campbell, born Warren Co., Ky., Feb. 17, 1825; married (1) Elizabeth Wrenn, 1850; (2) Louisa Wise, May 1865; died Feb. 23, 1886.

Mrs. NANCY C. DANIEL daughter of William C. and Elizabeth Ray; granddaughter of Rev. Joseph Smith, born Franklin Co., Tenn., Mar. 17, 1851; died Troy City, Aug. 14, 1885; 5 children.

EMMA L. MAYHEW daughter of W. M. and L. M. Terrel, wife of C. H. Mayhew, born Allen Co., Ky., Sept. 18, 1862; died recently; married Jan. 26, 1882; 1 dau.

W. H. WYATT died Cadiz, Ky., Jan. 11, 1886 in his 68th year of age.

CARL HUBERT PHELPS youngest child of G. W. and N. J. Phelps born May 11, 1885; died Mar. 9, 1886.

AMANDA M. WALDEN wife of H. V. Walden, born Nottoway Co., Va.; moved as a child to Lebanon, Tenn.; 9 children, 5 surviving her; died Davidson Co., Tenn., recently aged 53 years.

Miss NANNIE J. HOWELL born Union Co., Ky., Nov. 18, 1839; died Feb. 21, 1886.

ROBERT SMITH born Jan. 19, 1885; died Jan. 24, 1886; son of Rev. W. and Esther Smith.


(Page 79)

April 3, 1886

MARGARET LULA WITT, nee Strange, born May 18, 1859; married John R. Witt, June 24, 1884; died Mar. 6, 1886; consumption.

JANE E. JOHNSON wife of W. A. Johnson, born Feb. 21, 1822; twice married; several children; died of pneumonia, Mar. 7, 1886.

BETTIE LEE RUCKER daughter of W. J. and Jane Walden born Baldwin, Miss., June 6, 1865; moved with parents to Collin Co., Tex. in 1870; married Joseph L. Rucker, July 17, 1881; died Collin Co., Tex., Nov. 29, 1885; 2 children.

NANCY S. RYNERSON born Mercer Co., Ky., Dec. 23, 1817; died July 13, 1885; daughter of Joseph Lillard, founder of two Methodist churches in Mercer County; married Major Peter Rynerson, Mar. 1, 1841; he died May 1, 1853; 3 daus., 2 sons; a son, Willie, died in infancy; three years before her death she moved to a home, Cedar Cottage, where she died.

THOMAS SHELTON VAN CLEAVE born in Fosterville, Tenn., Mar. 10, 1811; died Courtland, Ala., Mar. 16, 1886; married Julia McClure in 1833; 1 dau., 2 sons.

BELLE HARRIS born Ky., Mar. 2, 1855; died near Comanche, Tex., Mar. 12, 1886; daughter of A. S. A. and M. E. Wallace; wife of J. A. Harris.

MYRA W. FLY, nee Allen, wife of Jackson N. Fly, Williamson Co., Tenn., born Dec. 6, 1833; married Dec. 25, 1852; died Mar. 15, 1886.

SALLIE W. BRADLEY born Smith Co., Tenn., 1828; married E. S. Bradley (died Jan. 1873), 1850; 4 daus., 6 sons; died Greenville, Ky., recently.

NANCY ROBINS daughter of John and Ruth Riggs, born N.C., Dec. 16, 1811; married Anderson Robins, July 8, 1830, Henderson Co., Tenn.; died Feb. 22, 1886.

BETTIE MEACHUM wife of John H. Meachum, born Oct. 22, 1862; died Smithville, Tenn., Feb. 15, 1886; 1 dau.

ALMEDIA WILLIAMS, nee Tomlinson, born Henderson Co., Tenn., 1847; married Dr. N. N. Williams, Oct. 17, 1872; died Dec. 27, 1885.

IDA ASKEW daughter of David and Henrietta Askew, granddaughter of Betsy Green, died Henderson Co., Ky., Feb. 28, 1886 aged 15 years; typhoid fever.

SAMUEL H. LARRIMORE born Hart Co., Ky., Oct. 16, 1863; married Mary Chism, Oct. 16, 1883; moved to Sumner Co., Kansas in Feb. 1884; died Feb. 14, 1886.

ANNIE SAMUELS daughter of Reuben and Ida Samuels born Nov. 7, 1882; died Nov. 14, 1885.

JETTIE BOBBIE CARTER child of R. H. and Tennie Carter born Aug. 25, 1884; died Mar. 10, 1886.

JIMMY ELLIOTT died Hickman Co., Ky. several weeks ago aged about 20 years.

LUNCEFORD HAY, aged about 65 years, died three weeks ago; 1 daughter.

JOHN FLETCHER ENGLAND born Robertson Co., Tenn., Dec. 25, 1813; married Louisa daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Pepper, July 11, 1837; 10 children, 3 daus. and 7 sons now living; licensed to preach in Methodist Church June 1850; ordained deacon, Oct. 31, 1854; moved to Tex. in 1870; died near Luling, Tex., Feb. 1, 1886.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. ROBERT VANCE by Asheville Methodist Church; undated.

F. G. TRAYNHAM born Laurens Dist., S.C., Feb. 24, 1834; married F. A. Puckett, Dec. 19, 1865; died near Athens, Miss., Mar. 7, 1886.

ELIZABETH ANN COUSER born May 18, 1818; married Robert Couser, 1836; 12 children; died Moore Co., Tenn., Dec. 25, 1885.

Tribute of Respect for W. L. SHAW who had died; by Mt. Pleasant Masonic Lodge #99; undated.

Rev. J. M. PHILLIPS died Lebanon, Ky., Mar. 26, 1886.


(Page 80)

Rev. W. P. COPLE died Fairmont, Kansas, March 26, 1886.


April 10, 1886

Rev. E. L. JONES born Cannon Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1854; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Oct. 30, 1875; Tennessee Methodist Conference; ordained deacon, Oct. 12, 1879; ordained elder, Oct. 22, 1882; died Feb. 12, 1886.

Rev. WILLIAM N. MOORE born Limestone Co., Ala., Dec. 30, 1836; licensed to preach in Methodist Church June 14, 1861; Tennessee Methodist Conference; ordained deacon, Oct. 8, 1865; ordained elder, Oct. 27, 1867; filled several charges in the conference; married Nannie Brister, Aug. 21, 1873 and died Mar. 10, 1886; 4 children; burial at Mt. Gilead Cemetery three miles SW of Sparta.

WILLIAM ALEXANDER SHAW born Columbia Co., Ga., Nov. 29, 1810; married R. E. Johnson, Mar. 3, 1831; died Feb. 5, 1886.

MARY ALICE FOSTER daughter of William and Agnes Burke, born Jan. 20, 1816; died Mar. 20, 1886; wife of Rev. L. C. Foster.

MARY STEPHENS died Feb. 11, 1886; wife of T. M. Stephens.

EMMA L. ANTHONY wife of Rev. N. A. Anthony, Tenn. Methodist Conference, born Feb. 3, 1849; died Liberty, Tenn., Feb. 3, 1886.

SUSANNA S. DAVIS born Jan. 19, 1831; died Mar. 21, 1886; married at age 15 years to E. B. Learned who died Feb. 28, 1861; married A. S. Davis, Feb. 4, 1863; had four daughters.

BETTIE E. NASH born N.C., Aug. 4, 1850; died Jan. 1, 1886, Henry Co., Tenn.; married O. Z. Nash, May 1, 1868; 7 children.

MARIA A. JARRATT, nee Fleming, born Maury Co., Tenn., Dec. 17, 1837; married O. A. Jarratt, Dec. 27, 1852; 13 children; died Jan. 3, 1886.

MERRIL ASENATH ANDERSON daughter of Thomas H. Anderson, born Napa Co., Calif., Oct. 20, 1859; moved to Lebanon, Tenn., then to Nashville, Tenn. where she married C. W. Smalling; died Jan. 31, 1886.

Dr. LEVI G. ANDERSON son of Rev. G. W. Anderson, Tennessee Conference, Murfreesboro, Tenn., died Jan. 5, 1886; dental grad., Vanderbilt University, 1881. Shelbyville, Tennessee.

JULIA C. CHRISTIE born July 5, 1849; married Norman R. Christie, Jan. 6, 1870; died Feb. 18, 1886; 2 daus., 3 sons.

LUCILIAN D. LINDSEY born Sumner Co., Tenn., Mar. 2, 1823; died Feb. 22, 1886; married Sallie Crutchfield, Oct. 3, 1843; moved from Wilson Co., Tenn. to Carroll Co., Tenn. in 1844. Cumberland Presbyterian; 3 daus., 3 sons.

MATTIE VIRGINIA BROWN daughter of P. W. and M. J. Brown, born Dec. 27, 1873; died Mar. 6, 1886.

NANCY LONG born S.C., Feb. 27, 1800; married William Sigler and moved to Ala., then to Shelby Co., Tenn.; died Nov. 28, 1885.

RUTH FREEMAN born Morgan Co., Ala., August 10, 1800; died Feb. 21, 1886; daughter of William and Ann Martin; married (1) James Stevens (died 1823), Aug. 1, 1816; 2 children; (2) Allen Freeman, May 1825; 10 children; moved to Morgan Co., Ala. in 1827.

JOHN ROBERT NELSON born June 30, 1845; died Dec. 7, 1885. Kentucky.

FANNIE TUGGLE PHILLIPS daughter of Rev. Joseph and Cornelia Johnson, born Oct. 5, 1855; married Isham W. Phillips, Nov. 6, 1878; died Feb. 8, 1886.

JOHN D. REYNOLDS died near Pulaski, Tenn., Sept. 12, 1885 in his 57th year of age.

Miss ADA GOODIN born Nov. 22, 1861; died Mar. 1, 1886.


(Page 81)

Mrs. SARAH G. WILCOX born Nov. 27, 1838; died Feb. 20, 1886.

SALLIE LOU MASSEY daughter of G. P. and M. Hammerly, born Iuka, Miss., Oct. 9, 1862; married Charles C. Massey, Dec. 11, 1884; died Mar. 17, 1886.

ANN ELIZA SMITH daughter of George W. and Emily Ronald, born Culpeper Co., Va., May 10, 1820; married Vance Smith, May 1, 1845; died Warren Co., Ky., Mar. 20, 1886.

JODIE BEARD MEADOWS wife of W. W. Meadows, daughter of T. L. and Elizabeth Beard, born Aug. 4, 1857; died Jan. 22, 1886; born in La.; moved to Memphis, Tenn.; graduate, Memphis Conference Female Institute, Jackson, Tenn., 1874. Fulton, Ky.

PURDIE A. MUNN born Marshall Co., Miss., Sept. 20, 1839; died there, Jan. 5, 1886.

BENJAMIN F. FLANNERY born Meade Co., Ky., Oct. 20, 1819; died in Ky., Mar. 7, 1886.

J. G. HALSELL born Ala., May 15, 1845; died Riverside, Calif., Mar. 16, 1886; husband and father.

MARTHA DAVIS, nee Hatfield, born Newberry Dist., S.C., Dec. 25, 1806; married Vachel Davis, Sept. 6, 1827; 8 children; died Sebastian Co., Ark., Dec. 6, 1885.


April 17, 1886

ELEANOR J. RANDLE widow of Rev. Thomas W. Randle, Tennessee Methodist Conference, daughter of James Plummer, born Columbia, Tenn., Dec. 8, 1823; died Nashville, April 8, 1886; married May 1842.

THOMAS J. DOWNER born Anson Co., Tenn., Feb. 14, 1821; died DeSoto Co., Miss., Jan. 12, 1806; moved to Miss. in 1860; husband and father (11 children).

SUSANNA COFFIN GREGORY MATSON born Sevier Co., Tenn., July 24, 1811; died Feb. 17, 1886; married in 1831; 7 daus., 2 sons, one of whom died in the civil War; moved to Talladega Co., Ala. when young.

JAMES W. MANSON born Dinwiddie, Va., June 10, 1801; moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. in 1828; married S. E. Bostick, 1831 or 1832; 6 children; she died in 1863; only surviving child being the wife of Dr. E. R. Dabney; died Mar. 17, 1886.

MARY ANN HENDRICKS born Abbeville Dist., S.C., Sept. 11, 1815; died Feb. 15, 1886; married David Hendricks; 8 children.

DORA D. HOLMES born Feb. 11, 1870; died Sept. 13, 1885.

JULIA ANN SEATON wife of Rev. William Seaton, born April 16, 1847; married Jan. 23, 1868; 8 children; died Haywood Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 1886; husband a one-arm Confederate veteran.

NANCY VAUGHAN daughter of John B. and Catharine Moseley, born July 7, 1832; died Davidson Co., Tenn., Mar. 11, 1886; married John T. Vaughan, Aug. 2, 1865.

MARGARET WILLIS daughter of J. H. and Delia Shallard Willis died Mar. 15, 1886 aged 15 years and 4 months.

W. Z. T. CHRISMAN born June 17, 1848; died Feb. 1, 1886; husband and father.

ELIZA ANN SPEERE born June 24, 1838; married John Speere, Sept. 24, 1861; died Saltillo, Tenn., Dec. 13, 1885.

BETTIE E. STONE, nee Joiner, born Feb. 21, 1860; married W. A. Stone of Trigg Co., Ky., July 1883; died Mayfield, Ky., March 17, 1886.

RUTH S. STALLARD daughter of J. R. and Mary Stallard, wife of R. F. Dale, born Spencer Co., Ky., Dec. 11, 1846; married Feb. 15, 1881.

MARY J. COWLES widow of John Cowles born Feb. 17, 1811; died Feb. 27, 1886.

JULIA E. BOSWELL daughter of J. W. and M. K. Boswell, born July 18, 1859; died Mar. 11, 1886, Shelby Co., Ky.


(Page 82)

MARTHA WALLER born Amelia Co., Va., 1812; moved to middle Tenn., then to Hickman Co., Ky. where she died; her husband died in 1876; she died March 14, 1886.

MARGARET BRIGGS, nee Hughes, wife of John R. Briggs, born June 22, 1831; died Nelson Co., Ky., Feb. 17, 1886; wife and mother.

ANNIE MARY HOLMES daughter of Benjamin and Allevia Holmes, born Jan. 10, 1883; died May 25, 1885, Nashville, Tenn.

FRANK STUBBLEFIELD born Calloway Co., Ky., Dec. 1816; married Susan R. Waters, Dec. 1864; died Dec. 3, 1885.

AMANDA MELVINA ALLEN born Dec. 30, 18_3 [smeared digit]; died Mar. 24, 1886; married Richard H. Allen; 2 sons surviving her.

JAMES N. GOOD born August 10, 1840; reared in Rutherford Co., Tenn.; died Dec. 8, 1885; married Sept. 5, 1871 [spouse's name not given].

NANCY HALL died Graves Co., Ky., Mar. 6, 1886 aged 84 years, in residence of son, Marsh Hall.

SUSAN R. CUTCHER born Spencer Co., Ky., May 24, 1835; married James B. Cutcher, Dec. 29, 1853; died Feb. 22, 1886.

WILLIE MOORE son of Thomas and Sallie Moore, died April 2, 1886, Fulton Co., Ky., aged about 18 months.

IDA ELLIOTT wife of W. H. Elliott died "a few days ago" aged about 40 years old near Farmington.


April 24, 1886

Rev. GEORGE SHAEFFER son of George and Sarah Shaeffer, born Lancaster, Pa., Dec. 12, 1806; moved with parents to Mobile, Ala. and at age 16 moved to Columbus, Miss.; entered Methodist ministry in January 1837; ordained deacon, Jan. 6, 1839; ordained elder, Jan. 1841; died Columbus, Miss., January 23, 1886, "he never wore out [as a preacher] and the people were always glad to have him."

Rev. JAMES WALSTON born N.C., Mar. 8, 1817; died near Oakland, Ala., Mar. 6, 1886; son of Turner and Elizabeth Walston; moved with them to Ala.; began his Methodist ministry at age of 21 years; ordained deacon, Oct. 24, 1841; ordained elder, Oct. 1, 1843; married (1) Lorena Poneler, 1844; (2) Harriet Edwards, Sept. 1, 1857; served several years as itinerant preacher, then in a local capacity.

REBECCA EVA LAYTON wife of L. M. Layton, born Houston Co., Tex., Mar. 27, 1852; died Johnson Co., Tex., Feb. 20, 1886; married Mar. 23, 1884; a son and a daughter.

TERIA ROQUEMORE wife of J. M. Roquemore, daughter of Rev. William Beard, born Aug. 26, 1863; died Nov. 22, 1885.

SUSAN E. SESLER, nee Jackson, born June 24, 1842; married W. H. Sesler, Sept. 27, 1865; died Dickson Co., Tenn., Mar. 29, 1886.

MARY C. DAVIS born Hickman Co., Ky., Aug. 5, 1831; married G. W. Davis (died Feb. 24, 1874); died Graves Co., Ky., Dec. 24, 1885; daughter of Elijah and Elizabeth Vaughan.

ERNEST SPIKES son of J. C. and Sallie Spikes born Dec. 18, 1877; died July 7, 1885.

THOMAS JOHNSON died "a short time since", aged about 20 years.

CHARLES WESLEY BRAME son of Charles H. and Susan Brame, born Christian Co., Ky., April 24, 1842; married Belle McKinney, Sept. 1857; died Aug. 7, 1885; 7 children.

WILLIAM M. JOHNSON born Hickman Co., Ky., Oct. 21, 1851; married Frances Ida Williams, Jan. 1, 1874; died Mar. 23, 1886; children: Edna and Marvin.

REONA HARLEN wife of Charles H. Harlen, born Roane Co., Tenn., Feb. 6, 1863; died Mar. 11, 1886; daughter of Rev. M. Hassler; moved to Wentfield, Ga. when an infant; her mother died when she was 13 years old.


(Page 83)

LIZZIE SHARP daughter of J. W. and A. A. Sharp, born Franklin Co., Tenn., Mar. 26, 1869; died Tarrant Co., Tex., Mar. 27, 1886; joined Methodist Church, August 27, 1881.

ELIZABETH M. MILLER born July 25, 1816, Logan Co., Ky.; married James Miller, Nov. 6, 1833; died in east Nashville, Tenn., Mar. 12, 1886.

CHRIS EMMA CAGLE daughter of Hardin Pottinger, born Nelson Co., Ky., Oct. 26, 1864; married Albert S. Cagle, April 21, 1885; died Larue Co., Ky., Mar. 30, 1886; 3 stepchildren.

JAMES K. P. LASATER born Weakley Co., Tenn., Feb. 23, 1860; son of Dr. E. D. and Sarah Lasater; married Ella Finch, Oct. 22, 1882; died Mar. 11, 1886.

QUEEN VICTORIA BENNITTE born Fulton Co., Ky., 1852; married W. S. Bennitte; died Howell Co., MO, Jan. 1886.

JOSEPH BENTON SMOTHERMON son of Joseph and M. J. Smothermon, born Dec. 8, 1884; died Feb. 14, 1886.

Tribute of Respect for JOSEPH I. SANDERS of Maury Co., Tenn. who died Mar. 8, 1886; by Blanton's Chapel Sunday School, dated March 21, 1886.

ALLEN JONES born Oct. 5, 1823; died Mar. 12, 1886; farmer; a tribute by Mt. Zion Masonic Lodge #412; undated.

ELIZA BELLE HADLEY, nee Grider, born Russell Co., Ky., May 17, 1856; died Dec. 6, 1885; 4 ch.

MORRIS HARRISON LEEKE son of Rev. M. F. and B. I. Leeke, born Oct. 8, 1883; died Feb. 25, 1886.

BENJAMIN HOLMES born Sept. 8, 1860; married Allevia Corbitt, 1881; conductor, L & N RR; died Aug. 12, 1885; 1 child.

GRIFFIN WHITE died Savannah, Tenn., Mar. 22, 1886; known as "the old ferryman."


May 1, 1886

Dr. ALEXANDER P. CAMPBELL of Irish descent; born Feb. 11, 1825; died recently; married Fannie Ellis, June 21, 1860; 7 children; dentist; his grandparents settled in Va. and his father was a veteran of the War of 1812.

MARIETTA NEWELL born Oct. 12, 1833, Montgomery Co., Tenn.; died April 2, 1886; married J. M. Newell, Jan. 26, 1854; 1 dau, 5 sons (one of whom died at age 3 years).

CURTIS D. VINSON Son of John D. and Eliza Vinson, born Colbert Co., Ala., Mar. 18, 1867; died Florence, Ala., Nov. 21, 1885.

HALLIE W. WARMATH, nee Green, born May 1, 1839; married Thomas D. Warmath, Sept. 20, 1854; died March 16, 1886; 4 children.

CHARLES ASBURY BACON born Charlotte Co., Va., Feb. 15, 1807; died Trigg Co., Ky., Jan. 16, 1886; married (1) Susan Rowlett; (2) Mrs. Margarest Gains Ratcliff; "blessed with a large family."

ALEXANDER LINDSEY born Shepherdstown, Va.; moved to Mt. Sterling, Ky. with his parents; married Rachel Stockton; 10 children; died in Jackson, Tenn., April 2, 1886 in his 78th year of age in residence of his son, Edward A. Lindsey.

MARIA SHIVELY, nee Hambleton, born Orange Co., Va., 1803; moved with parents to Jefferson Co., Ky. in 1815; married in 1821; remarried, to Henry Shively (died 1847) in 1829; 2 Sons and a step-daughter.

SARAH G. WILCOX daughter of H. and C. W. Collie, born Nov. 27, 1838; died Lyon Co., Ky., Feb. 20, 1886; married J. M. Wilcox, Oct. 14, 1856; 7 children.

JENNIE PARSONS, nee Estes, born Dec. 7, 1857; married "Mr." Parsons, June 12, 1884; died near Nashville, Tenn., February 12, 1886.

SALLIE MAJOR daughter of E. E. and Minnie Major born Nov. 22, 1883; died July 15, 1885.


(Page 84)

LAURA M. MOORE, nee Robertson, born Jan. 28, 1861; married Albert C. Moore, Jan. 15, 1880; died Feb. 23, 1886; child, Alda, aged 5 years.

NANCY D. PEAY born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Dec. 5, 1822; died Warren Co., Tenn., Mar. 31, 1886; married David M. Jarratt, 1863; married T. T. Peay in 1868.

MATTIE SMITH daughter of D. W. and Elizabeth Smith born April 28, 1865; died Paducah, Ky., Oct. 12, 1885; her mother died when she was 15 years old and she helped in the rearing of her siblings.

JOHN C. VANCE born Giles Co., Tenn., April 15, 1849; died Elkmont, Ala., Jan. 24, 1886.

WILLIAM PERRIN TURPIN born Richmond, Va., Nov. 22, 1822; moved to Ky.; married Maria Redford, Dec. 3, 1845; 5 children; died recently.

PERLENA I. REEVES daughter of E. and Bedy Thornton, born Hickman Co., Tenn., Nov. 4, 1846; married Robert, son of Wesley Reeves, January 1864; moved to Ky.; then to Harwell Co., MO, where she died March 30, 1886; 4 sons.

ANN T. FAUCETT, nee Matthews, born Richmond Co., Va., 1812; moved with mother and two brothers to Boone Co., MO in 1836; married W. H. Faucett, Aug. 28, 1838 and moved with husband and 2 daughters to Oregon City, Oregon in 1854 and died in Nestocton, Oregon Mar. 28, 1886; survived by widower and two orphaned grandchildren.

STEPHEN ASBURY PETTY born Smith Co., Tenn., Sept. 28, 1861; died Dec. 31, 1885; married Victoria Huddeson, July 21, 1885.

SUSAN SARAH BAKER born Nov. 10, 1818; died Mar. 11, 1886.


May 8, 1886

FANNIE LOU EMERSON daughter of Rev. I. W. Emerson, Franklin, Ky., died April 28, 1886.

PRISCILLA J. SHIELDS born Jan. 4, 1821; died Weaversville, N.C., Mar. 5, 1886; daughter of John and Elizabeth Brabson, Sevier Co., Tenn.; married Milton Shields (died 1867) of Grainger Co., Tenn., Sept. 1839; 10 children.

WILLIAM SPENCER THOMAS son of W. B. and S. A. Thomas, born Haywood Co., Tenn., May 31, 1855; died there, Jan. 8, 1886; married Ada Crichlow, Dec. 8, 1881.

JOHNNIE J. SHANNON son of J. N. and B. C. Shannon, born Sumner Co., Tenn., April 19, 1879; died Oct. 28, 1885.

JULIA TARRETTE daughter of Rev. John T. Rhoades; died Stoddard Co., MO, April 9, 1886; 3 ch.

LINA McGEE born Ga., 1808; died Mar. 8, 1886, Valley Mills, Tex.; left a widowed daughter, Mrs. Booth.

ESTHER ELIZABETH POWERS wife of Rev. R. M. Powers, presiding elder of Dallas Dist., No. Tex. Methodist Conference, born Iredell Co., N.C., Oct. 11, 1849; daughter of Rev. A. C. and M. A. Allen; when three years old moved with parents to Miss.; married Oct. 2, 1873; died Terrell, Texas, April 9, 1886.

MARGARET J. PRICE wife of W. J. Price, daughter of J. M. and N. C. Tunstell, born Smith Co., Tenn., Sept. 14, 1845; married Sept. 1860; 8 children; died Macon Co., Tenn., April 10, 1886 ; pneumonia.

N. A. BURNS born St. Clair Co., Ala., Aug. 25, 1831; married Giles Burns in her 25th year of age; 7 children; died Pulaski Co., Ark., March 20, 1886.

WILLIE MOBLEY, Union Co., Ky., daughter of Thomas F. and Mollie Mobley, born Aug. 30, 1873; died July 19, 1885.

MARY A. ANDERSON born Robertson Co., Tenn., Aug. 16, 1829; daughter of Zachariah Davis; family moved to now-Johnson Co., MO, in 1831; married W. H. Anderson, Feb. 1884; died Warrensburg, April 5, 1886; 1 dau., 6 sons.


(Page 85)

Hon. W. H. KILPATRICK born near Columbia, Tenn., April 9, 1820; second marriage was to Maggie Hay, Dec. 27, 1866; died Corinth, Miss., Mar. 22, 1886; lawyer; judge of Fifth Judicial District two consecutive terms; a sometime mayor of Corinth.

N. S. WALKER born Robertson Co., Tenn., Jan. 21, 1827; married Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. Gray Williams, Virginia Conference, Oct. 23, 1856; died March 22, 1886.

TERRISSA JANE ETTER wife of John M. Etter, Hawkins Co., Tenn., born June 8, 1843; died March 21, 1886; daughter of Henderson and Mary Fudge; married Nov. 23, 1870; several children.

A. O. WILLIAMS, Culleoka, Tenn., died November 20, 1885; husband and father.

MARTHA E. HUGHES wife of J. N. Hughes, daughter of Rev. H. H. and R. P. Murrell, born Carroll Co., MO, June 7, 1861; died recently; 2 children.

JAMES MARVIN MITCHELL born Aug. 21., 1881; died Dec. 9, 1885.

ELIZA A. PARKER wife of E. F. Parker, born April 25, 1840; died Pulaski Co., Ky., Mar. 25, 1886.

JAMES ROSSER born Jasper Co., Ga., Mar. 16, 1814; moved to Texas in 1878; married J. M. Trice: 10 children, one son having been killed in Confederate army; died Montague Co., Tex., Mar. 9, 1886.

ANNIE E. PRIEST born Feb. 3, 1861; married Jesse G. Gaut, Oct. 1881; died April 4, 1886.

SARAH A. ELLIOTTE born Haywood Co., Tenn., Jan. 11, 1834; married B. F. Elliotte, 1851; died Jan. 18, 1886, Washington Co., Texas.

JULIA A. DUGGER, nee McCord, born Marshall Co., Tenn., Apr. 13, 1862; married John F. Dugger, May 21, 1882; died Mar. 14, 1886.


May 15, 1886

SARAH H. WALTON daughter of Major William and Lucy Ramsey, born east Tenn., Feb. 1, 1814; died near Bolivar, Tenn., April 2, 1886; married (1) Philip Kearosey [Kearsey], 1828; 4 children; (2) Robert H. Walton, 1842; 3 children. Baptist.

ELBERT THOMAS son of James W. and Estelle Thomas, born Marshall Co., Tenn., Jan. 30, 1869; died near Verona, Tenn., Oct. 28, 1885.

MATILDA PROVIDENCE "Provie" TOLLEY daughter of William N. and Mary Tolley, born June 17, 1864; died Mar. 25, 1886.

SALLIE F. MITCHELL wife of T. L. Mitchell, born July 15, 1847; died River Hill, Tenn., April 8, 1886.

MARY E. LUCAS wife of James Y.; daughter of Thomas and Mary Lanier, dec., born Brunswick Co., Va., Dec. 30, 1826; died near Moscow, Tenn., Dec. 25, 1885.

MARGARET T. BROWDER COOPER born Logan Co., Ky., Mar. 8, 1828; died Ashley, Ill., Mar. 31, 1886; married William T. Cooper, Aug. 16, 1849.

SUSAN OMER daughter of James and Celia Moore, born Jefferson Co., Ky., April 6, 1819; married Levi Omer, Sept. 6, 1838; 4 daus., 6 sons; moved to Union City, Tenn. in 1843 where she died April 24, 1886.

PEACHEA DOYLE born Jan. 4, 1798, Amherst Co., Va. where she was reared; married William Doyle (died Dec. 1851), 1812; 8 children, all deceased, the last to die having been Mrs. Martha A. Leffler who died Jan. 22, 1872; died in residence of granddaughter, Mrs. Mattie Greer, Smithland, Ky., April 18, 1886.

JAMES D. "Smiley" KINDRIC died April 16, 1886.

JAMES BARCLIFT died Nashville, Tenn., April 18, 1886, measles, not over 24 years old.

G. McROY born N. J., Dec. 12, 1825; died Union City, Tenn., April 20, 1886; 2 daus.


(Page 86)

FANNIE I. CARLOCK died Senatobia, Miss., Dec. 22, 1885 aged 62 years, 2 months and 20 days; married John Carlock, June 26, 1847.

HATTIE PANCOAST wife of William Pancoast died San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 12, 1886.

J. WATSON MELVIN son of Philip Melvin, born Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 15, 1860; died Cedar Hill, Tenn., April 11, 1886.

MARY ALICE SMITHSON born Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 3, 1853; married James M. Smithson, Dec. 14, 1880; died Feb. 24, 1886.

MATTIE AURILLA FAUCETT daughter of Dr. J. T. and E. K. Faucett, born May 13, 1884; died Apr. 2, 1886.


May 22, 1886

Rev. JAMES M. PHILLIPS born Taylor Co., Ky., April 27, 1848; entered the Louisville Conference as a Methodist preacher in 1870; served in numerous charges in the conference; married Jennie Rankin, Sept. 30, 1880; 2 daus.; died Mar. 26, 1884.

LUTHER M. BELL born Lincoln Co., N.C., Mar. 24, 1818; moved with parents to Tenn. when he was about seven years old; married Miriam Fincher, April 7, 1840 and soon moved to Ark.; his wife and infant child died; he married Mary Benbrook, Mar. 27, 1845; 6 children; this wife died Mar. 8, 1856 and he married Sarah Watson, Jan. 8, 1857; 10 children; she died Nov. 5, 1874 and he married Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Couts, Dec. 3, 1876. He died recently. A tribute in his memory by Masonic Lodge #93, Madison Co., Ala.; undated.

FRANK BUFORD LESTER married Lou Black, Giles Co., Tenn.; 7 children; he died recently, one day short of his 59th birthday.

Mrs. [CHARLOTTE LIZZIE] FYKE wife of Dr. B. F. Fyke, daughter of Henry and Mary Wells, born Oct. 10, 1861; died Robertson Co., Tenn., Mar. 2, 1886.

JOSEPH H. WILLIAMS born Sumner Co., Tenn. about 1808; died Chambers Co., Ala., April 26, 1886; married Mary Holloway, 1841; moved to now-Lee Co., Ala. in 1842 and to Chambers Co. about 1851; 10 children.

ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND McNEAR born "on the Hudson in New York," Sept. 18, 1831; moved to Memphis, Tenn. about 1852 and there died April 1, 1886; surviving him were his widow and 4 children.

M. E. LEAK, nee Pitts, born Jan. 31, 1855; married John Leak, Sept. 22, 1875; died Mar. 25, 1886; 3 ch.

WILLIAM MARIS born Hillsboro, N.C., Dec. 7, 1817; moved near to Somerville, Tenn. about 1842; died April 3, 1886; served a while as a missionary to the Indians; an active Methodist layman; husband and father.

LYDIA M. RAMSEY daughter of George and Frances Calvert, born Allen Co., Ky., Oct. 1, 1836; married (1) John Ogles (died Sept. 13, 1862), Dec. 3, 1857; 2 children; (2) Booker C. Ramsey, July 21, 1869; 4 children; she died Feb. 7, 1886; consumption.

EVERETT POWERS son of Prof. B. F. and Franky Powers, Lauderdale Co., Ala., died Dec. 21, 1885 aged 5 years in residence of his grandfather, Rev. E. R. Kennedy.

MARY CLINTON TUCKER daughter of Nathan and Emma Frizzell, born Winchester, Tenn., Aug. 22, 1860; married Thomas B. Tucker, 1878; died Belvidere, Tenn., April 19, 1886.

LAURA STERRETT LEWIS, aged 38 years, 6 months, wife of James C. Lewis, died Mar. 14, 1886. Tip Top, Ky.

THOMAS C. CROSS son of Major R. [Reddick] and E. [Elizabeth] D. Cross, born Hertford Co., N.C., Nov. 15, 1832; died in residence of his nephew, G. W. Shelton, Fayette Co., Tenn., April 22, 1886; wounded at the battle of Shiloh [April 1862].

JESSE PARTLOW son of Samuel and Elizabeth Partlow born Va., May 16, 1805; brought by parents the same year to Nelson Co., Ky. and after ten years moved to Meade Co., Ky. and with his parents moved from Ky. to Ill. in 1830; in 1831 moved to Owen Co., Ind.; married Mary Ann Goodin, June 10, 1831; moved to Bellmore, Ind. and finally to Canmer, Kentucky in 1882 where he died Mar. 11, 1886.


(Page 87)

LEE P. KIMBROUGH born Todd Co., Ky., Nov. 16, 1858; died near Guthrie, Ky., Mar. 21, 1886; husband and father.

MARY L. HUNTER, nee Orr, died near Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., April 11, 1886 in her 37th year of age; married Jehu Hunter, April 15, 1875.

JOSEPH NEWTON born May 8, 1837; died April 21, 1886; married Ruth Frances, Sept. 13, 1859.

SAMUEL C. SANDS born Aug. 16, 1819; died nine miles from Holly Springs, Miss., Mar. 28, 1886.

FRED STITH son of Jesse J. and Emma Stith died April 17, 1886 aged 9 months.


May 29, 1886

Tribute of Respect for Rev. J. H. BROOKS, Methodist preacher, by the Baptists at LaVita, Calif. for his having been a fine Christian co-worker; undated.

REBECCA TROY wife of Rev. John Troy, born June 17, 1838; died Aug. 17, 1885; daughter of George and Sallie Lundy, Grayson Co., Va.; orphaned she was reared by an aunt and uncle, Patsey and John King; married June 20, 1861; buried Aug. 19, 1885 in Pleasant Hill Churchyard.

MARY ALICE SHROPSHIRE wife of Frank W. Shropshire, daughter of Thomas and Mary A. Josey, born Oktibbeha Co., Miss., Mar. 14, 1852; married Dec. 31, 1874; 6 children; died near Starville, Miss., Jan. 12, 1886.

MARY A. IGOLL nee Skillern, born Mar. 22, 1810; married General Samuel Igoll, Bledsoe Co., Tenn., 1820; died Loudon Co., Tenn., July 22, 1885; 5 children. [This lady's death chronicled in July 17th issue, correcting the marriage date; also, there is a contradiction in the spelling of the surname which may in fact have been IGOR.]

Tribute of Respect for J. R. BENNETT who had died; by Methodist Sunday School at Rock Mills, Ala.; undated.

Mrs. MOLLIE J. BLAND died near Medina, April 4, 1881.

ELIZABETH CROW died of cancer, April 19, 1886 aged 37 years.

LOUISA HOLLANDSWORTH, nee Reynolds, born Smith Co., Tenn., 1820; moved to Miss. in 1842; married (1) Alex. Robinson; (2) James Hollandsworth (died 1862); she died Feb. 11, 1886, Alcorn Co., Miss.

LAURA G. G. LEAMON daughter of James G. and Mary Leamon born Metcalfe Co., Ky., Feb. l1, 1866; died April 28, 1886.

HARRIET FLOAT, nee Pucknot, born Sussex, England, January 16, 1858; married Harry Float, Jan. 28, 1879 and they moved to Miss. shortly after their marriage; died Jan. 28, 1886.

MARGARET E. ORRELL born Oct. 5, 1836; married R. A. Orrell, Jan. 27, 1856; 12 children; died recently.

ELIZABETH A. F. RUSSELL wife of John Russell born Jackson Co., Tenn., Jan. 9, 1855; died April 14, 1886.

ATEMISIA KURTZ, a widow, born July 24, 1815; died Madison Co., Ky., May 2, 1886.

WILLIAM KEENER GRIMES born Nov. 7, 1885; died April 16, 1886.

THOMAS J. TRAMMEL, SR. born Clark Co., Ga., Mar. 20, 1810; married Rhoda, daughter of General R. M. Echols of Walton Co., Ga., 1832; moved to Ala. in 1853, then to Texas in 1854; she died in 1859; he married again in 1860 and she died in 1870 [her name not given]; then he married E. J. Jones; died Henderson, Texas, April 16, 1886; husband and father.

NANNIE E. BENNETT wife of W. C. Bennett, daughter of Frank and Margaret Potts, born Franklin Co., Ala., July 28, 1848; married Dec. 22, 1868; moved to Texas in 1878; died Pottsboro, Tex., Feb. 17, 1886.

NATHANIEL BENJAMIN OWEN born Jan. 28, 1856; died near Nolensville, Tenn., Feb. 28, 1886.

PERMELIA WOODBURN born N.C., 1808; died March 20, 1886.


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June 5, 1886

Mrs. ANN MARIA SAYERS, nee Taliferro, born in Va.; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. where she died April 8, 1886.

JAMES D. KINDRIC born Granville Co., N.C., June 17, 1822; moved with parents to Montgomery Co., Tenn. when he was five years old; married Frances Jane Johnson, Oct. 11, 1864; 4 children; died April 16, 1886.

EMMA DENTON LYON born Feb. 1, 1853; married E. C. Lyon, Nov. 7, 1877; 5 children; died Apr. 23, 1886.

ELIZABETH J. RICHARDSON daughter of William Carson, born Trigg Co., Ky., July 7, 1828; died March 23, 1886; married James Richardson, Nov. 23, 1852.

THOMAS C. SUMMERS born Feb. 4, 1822; died March 2, 1886.

JOHN J. BOOTH born Williamson Co., Tenn., June 15, 1861; died Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 11, 1885.

MARY J. HANNA born Mar. 26, 1821; married James L. Hanna, Nov. 9, 1837; died Gallatin, Tenn., Oct. 4, 1885; 4 children; a son died at the battle of Shiloh [April 1862].

LULA AKIN born Dec. 20, 1873; died Dec. 14, 1885; granddaughter of Robert McLemore, an old citizen of Maury Co., Tenn.; her mother, Mrs. Addie Akin, was widowed and Lula was "her all and her darling."

Tribute of Respect for Dr. B. C. NEWMAN who had died; by Third Quarterly Conference, Fayetteville, Ark., dated May 7, 1886; he had been a steward of the church.

MILDRED ANN NOLAN born Shelby Co., Ky., Aug. 12, 1851; died Shelbyville, Ky., Sept. 27, 1885.

SABRA A. GUNN born Mar. 27, 1827; daughter of Edmund Gunn, a local Methodist preacher in Logan Co., Ky.; married Presley A. Bailey (died 1849), Dec. 1845; 2 sons; died April 1886.

Dr. W. A. TURNER born Wilson Co., Tenn., Nov. 5, 1834; died Mayfield, Ky., Mar. 24, 1886; graduate, Nashville Medical University, 1857; located in Graves Co., Ky.; married Corrila daughter of Judge R. K. Williams, in 1859; due to loss of his left arm he retired as a physician and in 1862 was elected clerk of circuit court which office he held 6 years and thereafter practiced law until 1874; city judge of Mayfield for two years; 5 children.

MARY E. GRIGSBY daughter of N. H. and Elyn Grigsby, born in Ky., Mar. 3, 1857; married W. C. Milner, Dec. 20, 1876; died Reaves [Rives?], Tenn., Feb. 19, 1886; 4 children.

GERTRUDE LACKEY ARCHY daughter of Rev. W. H. and Ruphenie Archy, born Jan. 25, 1885; died May 5, 1886.


June 12, 1886

W. B. TRENT, SR. born Campbell Co., Va., Nov. 5, 1811; married Sallie Garrett, Dec. 29, 1833; died near Strawberry Plains, April 27, 1886. [Strawberry Plains is located in Jefferson County, Tennessee.]

KATIE SEAY PETWAY born Oglethorpe Co., Ga.; daughter of Dr. W. B. and Elizabeth Seay; married H. Petway and moved to Texas about 1868; died Gidding, Tex., May 9, 1886.

LOUISE C. BURKS, nee Day, wife of Henry H. Burks, Barren Co., Ky., born Mar. 6, 1823; died May 8, 1886; 6 children and 5 step-children.

Tribute of Respect for OLLIE HARKINS whose "happy face" would be missed by Young Ladies' Missionary Society, Owensboro, Ky.; undated.

LAURA M. BUNN, nee Strong, born Ga., July 14, 1815; died Hampton, Ark., May 2, 1886.

Mrs. NOLAND, sister of Dr. Ellis, born Oct. 1838; died April 21, 1886.

LULA THOMASSON GASTON died Prescott, Ark., April 6, 1886.

Tribute of Respect for ALSEY STEPHEN, deceased; by Putnam Masonic Lodge #212; undated.


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CHARLES F. SHERROD son of Benjamin and Tabitha Sherrod born Lawrence Co., Ala., Nov. 3, 1827; married Susan Billups, Dec. 1851; died near Columbus, Miss., May 7, 1886; active Methodist layman.

ADDIE CORNELIA WEBB wife of W. F. Webb, daughter of William N. Hailey, born Dec. 1, 1856; died April 14, 1886; married Mar. 6, 1883; had one child, a few weeks old.

WILLIAM "Uncle Buck" MOORE born Davidson Co., Tenn., Aug. 22, 1806; died April 12, 1886; 6 daus., 1 son.

HELENA RABON, nee Helm, born Russellville, Ky., April 8, 1861; died May 6, 1886; surviving was her widower.

ELLA OWEN, Robertson Co., Tenn. died recently.

RICHARD CLIFTON HINTON died recently, aged 15 mos., 20 days old; son of Dr. R. L. Hinton.

Rev. JOHN DAVIS born May 27, 1833; died Iuka, Miss., Mar. 5, 1886; local Methodist preacher.


June 19, 1886

ELIZABETH CAROLINE ALEXANDER, nee Berryhill, born Mecklenburg Co., N.C., June 8, 1805; married Samuel P. Alexander, 1824; moved to Tenn. in 1838; 11 children; a large progeny; died Carroll Co., Tenn., Mar. 6, 1886 in residence of son, J. L. Alexander.

ABRAM HOUSWORTH MONTGOMERY born Shelby Co., Ky., Sept. 2, 1824; died April 8, 1886; lived in Texas but returned to Ky. in Dec. 1867 and on the tenth of that month married Mattie Burnside; 4 children.

ROBERT R. RAMEY born Montgomery Co., Tenn., June 28, 1818; married Martha Peoples, Aug. 28, 1838; died May 12, 1886; moved to Ark. in 1834, then to Hopkins Co., Tex. in 1864.

LOU C. NEWBERN daughter of Capt. Jacob and Jane Hill; born Madison Co., Tenn., June 6, 1831; joined Cane Creek Baptist Church about 1846; married George W. Newbern, Aug. 10, 1852; 6 daus., 3 son; died Bolivar Hotel, recently.

MOSES S. HURT born middle Tenn., Dec. 14, 1816; died Feb. 28, 1886; 2 daus., 1 son.

W. A. HUDSON born April 1, 1834; married Mary E. Taylor, Jan. 16, 1854; died May 9, 1886 in Webster Co., Ky. while on a business trip; burial in Morganfield Cemetery.

JOHN WESLEY SPRADLIN born Sumner Co., Tenn., Nov. 3, 1810; son of Joseph Spradlin; died May 16, 1886; married (1) Margaret Cope; (2) Emily Hodges, May 22, 1839; 3 daus., 1 son.

ANNIE COLES daughter of J. F. and Susan Coles, born Wilson Co., Tenn., Sept. 20, 1855; died in same county, April 8, 1886.

WILLIAM GRANVILLE "Bill Gran" CROCKETT born Dec. 25, 1818; married Elizabeth J. Jarratt in Dec. 1843; died May 27, 1886. Rutherford Co., Tenn.

MARY WESTWOOD GREEN, nee Armistead, was buried June 1, 1886; born July 5, 1866; married Charles B. Green, Dec. 27, 1883; died Aug. 31, 1886; granddaughter of Rev. Martin Clark.

J. C. CARROLL daughter of William and Lemander Redus, born Marion Co., Ala., Nov. 14, 1826; died Feb. 9, 1886; married William Martin (died Mar. 6, 1855) in 1850; 3 children; (2) A. J. Carroll in 1858; 3 daus., 3 sons; moved from Ala. to Miss. in 1860 and from there to Texas in 1872.

MARTHA PEACOCK, nee Brown, born Wilkerson Co., Ga., Jan. 5, 1841; married (1) William Brown, 1858; (2) S. Peacock, 1869; died May 21, 1886.

P. W. WALKER, White Co., Tenn., born Jan. 22, 1816; died April 11, 1886.

GEORGE T. WORTHINGTON born Oct. 21, 1869; died May 16, 1886.


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June 26, 1886

Tribute of Respect for Rev. CHARLES B. GALLOWAY, a former pastor of Jackson, Miss. Methodist Church, by this church in conference dated June 6, 1886.

JAMES BOWDEN born Oglethorpe Co., Ga., Feb. 6, 1806; died Feb. 9, 1886; married (1) Elizabeth McAnally; (2) L. J. Ladd; had 8 children.

MARTHA LANE wife of James A. Lane, daughter of Willis and Sarah Bobo, born Floyd Co., Ga., Aug. 23, 1845; died Montgomery Co., Miss., May 18, 1886; married Oct. 16, 1873; 3 children.

LUCY L. CROUCH daughter of Cornelius and Deborah Frogge, born Fentress Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1826; married James Crouch in Feb. 1840; died May 21, 1886.

DELIA SULLIVAN, nee Johnson, born Marion Co., MO, Aug. 27, 1838; married John T. Sullivan, Feb. 1, 1866; died in Kentucky, May 17, 1886.

JOSEPHINE STOCKARD daughter of James and Martha Hughes, born Oct. 12, 1851; married S. J. Stockard, Feb. 24, 1874; died April 1, 1886.

SYTHA L. A. McSHAW wife of Feaster McShaw, born Union Dist., S.C., Jan. 5, 1818; daughter of Nathan Coleman; married July 20, 1837; moved to Pickens Co., Ala. in 1848; 10 children; she died March 22, 1886.

ALPHONSO W. CORBETT born Aug. 14, 1835; married (1) Miss Dark, Nov. 28, 1867; (2) Mittie Reavis, Nov. 22, 1876; died April 30, 1886.

BETTIE P. LONGMIRE wife of J. T. Longmire, daughter of J. H. and S. T. Bolton, born Wayne Co., MO, Nov. 19, 1843; when young moved with family to Bollinger Co., MO, then to no. Miss.; her father died August 25, 1869.

GREEN C. HILL born Dec. 18, 1813; died Henry Co., Tenn., May 24, 1886; married (1) Mary Jane Colter; 3 sons, 2 daus.; (2) Nancy Cuff; (3) Rhoda Wrather, Jan. 1, 1853; she died Nov. 1877; lived with his youngest son "on the old homestead until his death."

NANCY ELLA BELEW daughter of Giles and Nancy Ellen Belew born Aug. 23, 1864; died Feb. 23, 1886.

Mrs. VIRLINDER KING born Bourbon Co., Ky., May 16, 1803; died Independence, MO, April 22, 1886; most of her life was spent in Carroll County, Kentucky.

RUTH COKE born July 7, 1880; died June 6, 1886; diphtheria; daughter of John B. and Ellen Coke.

JOHN JAMES DOBBINS born near Columbia, Tenn., Mar. 26, 1814; married Ann Rebecca Chappell; 7 children; died June 7, 1886, Union City, Tenn.

ROBERT ARMSTRONG GLENN born Aug. 4, 1810; died May 26, 1886.

ELIZABETH J. GIBSON, nee Walker, born Lyon Co., Ky., May 23, 1843; married William Gibson, Mar. 4, 1860; died May 12, 1886.

ETHRIDGE BOEHM son of Samuel and Mattie Boehm born Feb. 21, 1885; died May 19, 1886.

JAMES E. "Eddy" DEEDS born Todd Co., Ky., July 3, 1861; died in same county, Feb. 5, 1886.

MAMIE MOREHEAD daughter of J. M. and Ella Morehead born Hopkins Co., Ky., Jan. 23, 1886; died April 12, 1886.


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