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January 3, 1885

"I have lost my loved companion, ARNETTA DOULEY, who departed this life Nov. 21, 1884, leaving me with two little ones . . ." wrote Rev. Eli J. Douley, an Indian preacher.

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of J. J. S. GILL and Wife:


            It may be of interest to the many friends of J. J. S. Gill, of Petersburg, Tenn., to hear that, in the wonderful mercy and providence of God, his and the life of his excellent wife have been spared to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding-day. A large number of their old friends and neighbors were present to congratulate them on the happy occasion. Brother Gill entered the parlor, with his bride upon his arm, where he was met by his pastor, who in a few congratulatory remarks introduced the happy couple to the assembly.
            Their children then presented them with some mementoes of their esteem and affection. Oliver, their youngest son, in behalf of their son-in-law, Geo. Gillespie, presented to each of them an arm-chair, remarking that this expressed the rest that they needed in their declining days. Their daughters, Miss Mollie and Mrs. Gillespie, then put cushions on the chairs that their rest might be easy.
               Then their son, Bascom, and their daughter, Miss Mollie, read letters from their oldest son, Rev. W. T. Gill, of the Missouri Conference, and his wife, containing their loving wishes and prayers, also a golden memento to each of the parents. After the reception of other presents Brother Gill responded in some happy remarks outlining his long and useful life, referring often and felicitously to his loved companion at his side. We were then invited to an elegant dinner. Before leaving we had a fervent prayer by Brother Warren, of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and some happy remarks by the Rev. Wm. Gill, of Fayetteville, referring to the Joys of the occasion, and the precious hope of meeting in heaven. A good old-fashioned song was sung, during which we had a religious handshaking, and thus happily closed one of the happiest days of our lives.

Wm. McQueen
Petersburg, Tenn., Dec. 4, 1884


Major WILLIAM HOWELL, brother of Mrs. Jefferson Davis, died in hospital, San Francisco, California, recently, "finally being reduced to want by dissipated habits."

MARY FRANCES "Aunt Fannie" WOODS, youngest daughter of Thomas and Susan Jarratt, born August 6, 1815; married Major John Woods, Murfreesboro, Tenn., Oct. 30, 1833; died August 29, 1884; a person "free from tattling, levity and vanity."

Rev. JOHN POISAL, former chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives (resigned as such in November 1877), whose death was noted. [John Poisal was born May 13, 1807 and died June 25, 1882; a member of the Baltimore Methodist Conference. "Conference Journal Memoirs," United Methodist Archives. A Searchable Database for Conference Journal, 1995-1998]

NANCY TRAVIS daughter of David Randolph, sister of Rev. T. J. Randolph, Louisville Methodist Conference, born 1821; married J. W. Travis in 1839; died Ft. Worth, Texas, Sept. 16, 1884; a daughter, NANNIE, died a month before her mother died. A son, Rev. D. L. Travis, a theological student at Vanderbilt University.

JULIA BELL SHEARER born Mobile. Ala., Sept. 24, 1857; died West Point. Miss., Sept. 24, 1884. "She and Miss Lena Taggart were fast friends. She had not been told of Miss Lena's death for fear of its effect upon her . . . what a happy meeting there has just been in heaven." Surviving were her parents and siblings.

JOHN M. HODE born Vinton. Miss., Oct. 10, 1861; died typhoid fever, Oct. 3, 1884; just finished a five-year course of study at Miss. University; his mother, Mrs. W. T. Trotter, mentioned.

DUDLEY SANDFORD ADAMS born Oct. 10, 1853; died Robertson Co., Tenn., Aug. 2, 1884.

WILLIAM PENNY born Bertie Co., N.C., Aug. 8, 1806; died Shanon, Miss., Aug. 2, 1884; moved to Chickasaw Co., Miss. about 1842.


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JOSIE B. SULLIVAN, nee Starkley, born Aug. 4, 1858; died near Gower's Chapel, Oct. 19, 1884; married Dr. W. C. Sullivan, October 3, 1876.

MARY ANN VALENTINE born March 21, 1811; died May 10, 1884. WILLIAM McMASTER VALENTINE born April 9, 1813; died Oct. 14, 1884. Siblings, living where they were born in Dickson Co., Tenn. A sister, Mrs. RACHEL M. COLLIER, died about a year ago.

FRANKLIN MARCO McGLATHERY son of F. M. and M. E. McGlathery, born Hardeman Co., Tenn., Dec. 3, 1876; died Oct. 30, 1884.

JENNIE BONNER, nee Cunningham, died Pickens Co., Ala., Oct. 6, 1884 in her 43rd year of age.

AMANDA BENNETT daughter of Wm. G. and Rusha Bennett died east Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 15, 1884 in her 23rd year of age.

MARY McFERRIN STEPHENSON born Sumner Co., Tenn., Dec. 4, 1850; daughter of James and Mary Haw; moved to Texas in 1859; married Taylor Stephenson, May 31, 1875; died Wilson Co., Texas, Sept. 6, 1884.

HANNAH CRAIG wife of James T. Craig, born a few miles from Nashville on White's Creek; died in north Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 16, 1884 aged about 58 years.

ERNEST MACKEY JONES only child of Oren and Tommie Jones born Jan. 22, 1883; died Centersville, Ga., Oct. 18, 1884.

MAUD MARY KENDRICK daughter of J. H. and D. A. Kendrick, born Madison Co., Tenn., Mar. 17, 1883; died Oct. 24, 1884.

SALLIE GRACE McSWAIN daughter of Dr. I. A. and Maggie McSwain, born April 15, 1883; died Oct. 21, 1884.

ROSELLA WHETSTONE daughter of Charley and Ella Whetstone born May 8, 1883; died Oct. 24, 1884.


January 10, 1885

Hon. JOHN BALDWIN, founder of Baldwin University, Berea, Ohio, died Dec. 24, 1884, Baldwin, La., aged 85 years.

Wife of Senator L. Q. C. LAMAR, Miss., died Oxford, Miss., Dec. 30, 1884. [This was VIRGINIA LONGSTREET, first wife of Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar, whom he married July 25, 1847. See DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, edited by Dumas Malone, New York, volume 10, 1933, page 552.]

Rev. Dr. WILLIAM H. ELLISON died Clayton, Ala., Dec. 31, 1884; former "presider" of Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia.

Dr. SAMUEL DWIGHT RICE (DD), senior superintendent, Canadian Methodist Church, born 1815; of Puritan stock; his mother, a Miss Putnam, was cousin of General Israel Putnam; educated at Bowdoin College; entered Methodist ministry in 1837; filled numerous charges in Canada; a tribute, attached, by Dr. Dewart, editor of CANADA GUARDIAN.

Rev. W. E. GIBSON born Mercer Co., Ky., Oct. 3, 1853; oldest child of Watson and Martha Gibson; attended college in Harrodsburg, Ky.,; a licensed Methodist preacher; married Ella Wilson, Jan. 18, 1881; 1 child; died Estill Co., Ky., Oct. 23, 1884. Burial in Shawnee Run Cemetery, Mercer Co., Ky.

WILLIAM MURRAY VAUGHAN grandson of Rev. William Murrah, No. Miss. Methodist Conference, died West Point, Miss., Oct. 7, 1884 aged nearly 17 years.

MARY E. FORD born Huntsville, Ala., Nov. 28, 1818; married A. H. Ford, 1835; moved to Richmond, Ky., in 1873; died Richmond, Ky., Nov. 14, 1884 in residence of son-in-law, Judge C. H. Buck. Surviving were a son and a daughter.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM NELSON who died Sept. 29, 1884; by Oxford, Miss. Circuit, Quarterly Conference dated October 25, 1884.


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JANE REBECCA PARKS born Brunswick Co., Va., April 2, 1821; moved when young to Merideth Co., Ga. with her family; married J. Parks, Feb. 1839; lived in Cowetta Co., Ga.; followed her children to Tenn. as a widow; died Marshall Co., Tenn., May 28, 1883.

JESSIE OPHELIA ALEXANDER daughter of Eb. and Lillie Alexander, died Oct. 3, 1884; an infant.

Dr. W. E. HATCHER son of Rev. E. H. Hatcher, Tenn. Methodist Conference, born Davidson Co., Tenn., 1844; died Dec. 12, 1884; studied and practiced medicine, Bowling Green, Ky.; among his survivors were eight children.


January 17, 1885

Rev. ANDREW ROBERTSON, local Methodist preacher, died Tunnel Hill, Ga., Jan. 8, 1885; father of J. W. Robertson.

Rev. Dr. CHARLES W. MILLER, Kentucky Methodist Conference, died Lexington, Ky., Jan. 10, 1885; "an able preacher and a brilliant writer." [Jan. 31, 1885 issue has an account of his funeral, Jan. 11, mentioning his having joined the Ky. Conf. in 1857; burial in Cynthiana, Ky. A panegyric dated Feb. 7, 1885 from New Jersey published in the March 14, 1885 issue.]

SARAH A. JONES born Southampton Co., Va., Aug. 16, 1796; daughter of John and Rebecca Applewhite; married Albridgton Jones, Jan. 28, 1813; 6 daus., 1 son, Dr. W. H. T. Jones, Nashville. They moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. in 1828 where he died Oct. 25, 1833. She died Oct. 20, 1884 in residence of son-in-law, Dr. T. J. Shaw, Cheatham Co., Tenn. where she had lived the past 22 years.

MOLLIE B. STAHLMAN daughter of Edward B. and Mollie Stahlman born Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 6, 1875; died there, Oct. 9, 1884.

A. E. GOODWIN born in Ala., Sept. 18, 1830; married April 27, 1847; died Oct. 30, 1884; surviving were her widower and large family of children.

MERCY C. ALEXANDER daughter of Col. Walter Emerson, Wayne Co., Ky., born Feb. 14, 1831; married R. C. Alexander, Sept. 11, 1857; died Oct. 3, 1884.

JOHN BROWN born Campbell Co., Va., June 6, 1806; joined Methodist Church in 1824; moved to Madison Co., Tenn. in 1826 and married there to Rhoda Chandler, Mar. 13, 1828; moved to Memphis, Tenn. in 1841; died there, Nov. 3, 1884; active Methodist layman.

BLAKE HUGHES born Aug. 1, 1869; died Oct. 17, 1884; son of Rev. J. M. and Rebecca Hughes, Cumberland Presbyterians.

SALLIE BERRY daughter of Aleck Majors, born in Md., Dec. 13, 1803; died Madisonville, Ky., Oct. 24, 1884; moved with parents to Hopkins Co., Ky. when she was three years old; married Granville Berry, April 28, 1833; 2 daus.; a daughter married Jan. 30, 1856 and took her mother to live with her until 1865 when, leaving the state, this daughter gave her up to another daughter, Mrs. W. M. Bailey, who took her into her home where she later died.

Mrs. MARTHA J. CROCKETT, nee Boyd, born March 24, 1824; died July 10, 1884.

WESLEY HARWELL born Nov. 15, 1808; died Oct. 28, 1884; among survivors were 4 children.

MOSES BAUGH born Logan Co., Ky.; died Oct. 15, 1884 aged about 79 years, near Browder's Chapel in the Louisville Methodist Conference.

ROBERT N. ESKRIDGE son of Richard and Jane Eskridge, grandson of Solomon Spicer, born June 24, 1883; died Union City, Tenn., October 11, 1884.

MARY KELLY, nee Hamilton, born S.C., Sept. 16, 1797; died Robertson Co., Tenn., Oct. 13, 1884; moved to Tenn. when less than ten years old; married Rev. Green B. Kelly, May 20, 1819; 2 sons, Richard Kelly and Wm. B. Kelly, now a local preacher; 2 stepsons, one Rev. J. M. Kelly.


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CHARLES BEARDSLEE "Birdie" ADAMS born Jan. 20, 1877; died Aug. 11, 1884; son of Beardslee and Elcy Adams.

DORA ELLOISE BARCKLEY born Mar. 24, 1858; died near Brownsville, Tenn., Aug. l1, 1884.

MARY KAYE died Sept. 16, 1884; a child.

LYDIA ANN REBECCA HARRISON daughter of John and Sallie Harrison, born Mar. 3, 1881; died Sept. 3, 1884.

ELIZA A. TRENT born Dec. 21, 1840; died July 24, 1884; married Edwin R. Clark, Sept. 1874.

ESTHER DURHAM AYER, nee Johnson, born Blount Co., Tenn., April 29, 1806; married Dr. Alexander O. Ayer, Mar. 26, 1826 and moved from Tenn. to now-McLean Co., Ky. in 1832; 11 children, 5 surviving her; died Nov. 8, 1884.

Rev. J. C. CREWS born Halifax Co., Va., Jan. 9, 1807; married Dec. 23, 1828; moved west in 1830, eventually settling in Weakley Co., Tenn.; joined Protestant Methodist Church in 1834; a licensed preacher therein; joined Methodist Episcopal Church, South about 1861; a preacher therein, in Memphis Conference; Confederate chaplain; died McKenzie, Tenn., Sept. 7, 1884.

JOSEPH F. GILL son of Presley and Sarah Gill, born Stafford Co., Va., Sept. 20, 1816; moved with parents to Logan Co., Ky. in 1826; married Mary daughter of Rev. Edmund Gunn in 1847; died near Allensville, Ky., Oct. 29, 1884.

DEBORAH CLARK McCLELLAND wife of Thomas McClelland, born Washington Co., Pa., April 25, 1834; died Oct. 27, 1884. Presbyterians living in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

M. C. ADAMS daughter of Candor McFaddin, born Davidson Co., Tenn. Feb. 10, 1842; moved with family to Tipton Co., Tenn. in 1856; married J. L. Adams, Jan. 19, 1864; died Mt. Zion, Aug. 9, 1884; 1 dau., 3 sons.

MARGARET ELLEN PARIS daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Paris, born Aug. 6, 1858; died near Ripley, Tenn., Oct. 2, 1884.

ANN ELIZA EBLEN wife of W. B. Eblen, daughter of W. T. and S. E. Cottingham, born Henderson Co. Ky., Feb. 9, 1860; married Oct. 18, 1877; died near Cairo, Ky., July 7, 1884.

MAGGIE ENOLA ALEXANDER, aged 3 years, 3 months and 14 days, died near Thompson's Station, Tenn., October 21, 1884.

ABRAHAM CHAPPELL born Dec. 18, 1843; married Elizabeth Easton, April 15, 1866; died Aug. 20, 1884; joined Methodist Church in Indiana before moving to Tenn. [This man was a probable descendant of the Prince George, Virginia ancestor, Thomas Chappell, an eighteenth century resident of same, some of whose descendants moved to Ohio and Indiana after becoming Quakers. See, CHAPPELL, DICKIE AND OTHER KINDRED FAMILIES, by Phil E. Chappell, Kansas City, 1900, pages 145-156.]

ALBERT LEROY DUNCAN son of John T. Duncan, born Marshall Co., Tenn., Jan. 29, 1883; died near LaGrange, Fla., Nov. 5, 1884; nephew of Rev. T. J. Duncan.

NELLIE GRAY only daughter of Mrs. Susan E. Gray, born Mar. 24, 1878; died Oct. 21, 1884.


January 24, 1885

Miss MATTIE LEE HERMAN born Jan. 14, 1866; died Nov. 1, 1884.

RACHEL J. STONE wife of Thomas R. Stone, daughter Rev. Whitaker and Hannah McMorris, born Graves Co., Ky., Mar. 13, 1853; died near Clinton, Ky., August 21, 1884.

THOMAS H. HOBBES born Oct. 12, 1847; died Sept. 7, 1884; surviving were widow and 5 children.

JOHN WILSON ADAMS born Lancaster, New Hampshire, Oct. 17, 18l7; died Nov. 11, 1884; moved to Simpsonville, Ky. in 1842; taught school.


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"A Death Grapple":

            Adam and Andrew Poe were brothers living on the Ohio a few miles above Wheeling. They were splendid fellows, especially Adam, in physical strength and beauty, and trained amid the perils and hardships of frontier life.
            In July, 1782, they started off with six others on the trail of some Wyandottes, who had been spreading terror and committing depredations in that vicinity. The savages were headed by a renowned chief, named "Big Foot," from the great size of his feet. He was in fact, considered quite a giant, and a Hercules of the woods. His band consisted of' his five brothers, all noted for their size and ferocity.
            The trail led them to a rocky ridge by the riverside. Creeping through the bushes to the top of a jutting cliff, Adam Poe saw two vacant canoes on the shore, and immediately below Big Foot lying under a tree with another warrior. Taking careful aim, he fired; but his gun flashed!
            The Indians sprang to their feet.
            There was no retreat for Adam, and he had no time to reload. He leaped boldly down and lighted upon the breast of Big Foot, bearing him to the earth--also with his right arm about the other Indian's neck. They were partly stunned by the shock, and. he was able for a time to keep them down, but got no opportunity to use his knife. It became a wrestle for life. Big Foot threw his long arms about his antagonist, and with the pressure of a boa-constrictor nearly squeezed the life out of him.
            The smaller Indian worked himself loose, and seizing a tomahawk which lay at a little distance approached to kill him. But the white man, watching him closely, succeeded in giving him a sudden kick just as he was about to strike, which sent him staggering into the water, with his tomahawk flying from his hand. A second attempt was more successful, the savage carefully avoiding Adam's heels, and making many preliminary feints. But by his vigilance and dexterity Adam was able to receive the blow, without serious injury, on the wrist.
            Then by a sudden jerk he freed himself from Big Foot's arms, and snatching his rifle (which his enemy had not dared to use lest he should injure his chief) he shot the smaller Indian through the body. Whereupon the giant caught him by the collar and waist, and tossed him ten feet into the air! Recovering himself instantly, and with new courage derived from shame at being so easily handled, Adam went at his big adversary with his fists, neither of them having time to use his knife. But the Indian, finding himself greatly inferior as a pugilist, closed and hurled him to the ground, and the wrestle recommenced.
            Rolling into the river, they attempted to drown each other. Adam, seizing the Indian's scalp-lock, got his head under water, and held it there till he supposed him to be lifeless. But he proved to be only "possuming," and in turn pulled the white man under. But in the struggle they were carried beyond their depth, and were obliged to let go and swim for their lives. Both struck out for the shore, where was still a loaded rifle. Big Foot proving to be the fastest swimmer, Adam turned back and swam out into the stream.
            Just then Andrew Poe, who with his comrades had encountered and slain the remaining Indians on the other side of the ridge, came running down to the river. Mistaking his brother for an Indian, he shot at and wounded him in the shoulder.
            His gun being thus emptied, they would both have been at Big Foot's mercy if the latter had not by mistake seized the rifle that had been discharged. It was now reduced to a question which should load first. In his hurry the Indian's ramrod escaped from his hand and while recovering it he lost his advantage, and was shot in the breast, just as he was raising the gun to his shoulder. He fell on the margin of the river, and immediately, with an Indian's pride in securing his scalp, he began to wriggle himself into the water. Against Adam's earnest protestation that he should first secure his trophy, Andrew, seeing his brother's exhaustion, went to his aid without delay. Meanwhile Big Foot succeeded in reaching the deep water before he expired, and was borne away by the current.
            All the five brothers also perished, and it was a terrible blow to the whole Wyandotte Nation. Adam Poe recovered, but you may be sure he never ceased to feel that tremendous hug in the arms of his gigantic foe!
F. N. Zabrisks, in Christian Intelligencer.


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RICHARD SETTLE HINES born Feb. 9, 1866; died Aug. 3, 1884.

HANNAH DAVIS died near Town Creek, Ala., Sept. 24, 1884; born Aug. 9, 1823, Newport, Rhode Island; surviving were 3 daus., 1 son.

GEORGE J. MOREHEAD born Nelson Co., Ky., Jan. 1, 1807; married Elizabeth Helm, 1830 who soon died; to Mildred Herndon, Shelby Co., Ky.; moved to now-McLean Co., Ky. in 1850; died Sacramento, Ky., September 16, 1884.

MARY PHEBE AMBROSE SHELL daughter of Rev. W. T. and Carrie S. Shell, born Yazoo Co., Miss., Sept. 7, 1867; married Clarence L. Logue, Dec. 6, 1883; died Washington Co., Miss., Sept. 29, 1884

JOHN NELSON LACKEY born Clinton Co., Ky., May 17, 1845; died recently; twice married.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM L. BUFORD; by Quarterly Conference, Rover Circuit, Arkansas Methodist Conference; undated.

EARLIE M. WELLS, blind music teacher, born Jan. 22, 186l; died Aug. 29, 1884.

MARY ANN DORRIS wife of D. W. Dorris, formerly of Nashville, Tenn., born December 1813; married (1) E. G. Cain; (2) D. W. Dorris, April 19, 1849; died Hart Co., Tex., Oct. 4, 1884.

LINNIE DAVIS daughter of John and Tempie Davis, born Jan. 17, 1872; died Nov. 3, 1884.

AMELIA A. ROLLAND oldest daughter of John C. and Mary M. Mann; wife of R. A. Rolland, died recently in her 30th year of age.

MAGGIE WILLARD RANDLE daughter of Rev. W. A. and Mary E. Randle, No. Alabama Methodist Conference, born Oct. 19, 1882; died Waterloo, Ala., Oct. 24, 1884.

PEARL HIGHTOWER daughter of Dr. Thomas A. and Emma Hightower, born Prospect, Tenn., Oct. 25, 1879; died DeView, Ala., Nov. 2, 1884.

NORA O. BROWN daughter of J. M. and M. T. Brown, born Hardin Co., Tenn., Jan. 14, 1882; died Center Point, Tenn., August 17, 1884.

CONSTANTINE A. HALL born Dec. 16, 1816, Hickman Co., Ky., moved to Lincoln Co., Tenn. in 1825; married Martha J. Ramsey, 1843; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. and then in 1866 to Alcorn Co., Miss. where he died Oct. 15, 1884; married, secondly, S. E. Williams, Nov. 9, 1879.

WINNIE SCARBORO born Jan. 2, 1802; married Edmund Scarboro, Dec. 3, 1820; moved from N.C. to Madison Co., Tenn., April 1822; joined Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church about 1824; died Sept. 29, 1884.

MARY F. MILLS born Jan. 6, 1841; died Hickman Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1884.

NANCY ANN MITCHELL wife of R. N. Mitchell, daughter of J. W. and Sarah S. Crawford, born Hardeman Co., Tenn., June 25, 1848; married Aug. 21, 1846; died Nov. 9., 1884.

CALEDONIA BOWEN daughter of R. A. and Sarah Bowen, sister of Rev. J. A. Bowen, born Marshall Co., Miss., Jan. 5, 1849; died Oct. 30, 1884.

ELIZA A. YOUNG widow of Henry Young died Taylor Co., Ky., Nov. 3, 1884.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. SALLIE TAIT POINTER who died in Como, Miss., Dec. 4, 1884; by Woman's Missionary Society, Como, Miss.; undated.


January 31, 1885

Prof. EDWARD W. HALBACH son of John P. and Ellen W. Halbach, born Charlottesville, Va., Jan. 8, 1837; married Victoria Anderson in 1858. Baptist, teacher and revenuer; died Jan. 2l, 1885, Nashville, Tenn.; surviving were his widow and several children.

MAGGIE BELL LOVE daughter of Col. I. R. and Julia Reagan Love, Sweetwater, Tenn., died Jan. 7, 1885, Nashville, Tenn.; a child; a poem included about the loss of a "little lamb."


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Mrs. T. R. KENDALL died in Atlanta, Ga. where her husband was pastor of Trinity Methodist Church, January 1885.

LOTTIE ROGERS GLASSCOCK born Feb. 28, 1838; died Hardin Co., Ky., Nov. 14, 1884; wife of J. D. Glasscock.

MEDORA HUNTER SLATE daughter of James N. and Cynthia Ann Hunter, born Feb. 5, 1854; died Shelbyville, Tenn., Sept. 23, 1884; married Thomas G. Slate, Jan. 15, 1880.

JAMES B. COBB born Franklin Co., N.C.; died Jackson, Tenn., Nov. 27, 1884; twice married; had a daughter in the first marriage. [Buried Riverside Cemetery in Jackson, Tennessee]

W. W. PERKINS born Warren Co., Ky., July 29, 1842; died Nov. 6, 1884; married Lou Crenshaw, Sumner Co., Tenn., Oct. 16, 1886; 1 dau., 1 son.

HARRIET E. S. MULLINS daughter of Horatio and Rebecca Cleggett, born in Md., May 29, 1812; moved with family to Hickman Co., Tenn.; married Rev. William Mullins, Tennessee Methodist Conference, 1829; 12 children; died October 20, 1884.

MARY ANN HOWELL wife of S. G. Howell, born Nov. 13, 1835; died Oct. 12, 1884, congestion; burial in Forest Chapel Cemetery.

BRANSON LAMB son of Zimri and Delilah Lamb, born N.C., Dec. 11, 1843; died Decatur, Ala., June 24, 1884; burial in Decatur cemetery.

GEORGE D. LEWIS born in Va., Oct. 28, 1809; moved with parents to Nelson Co., Ky. when he was six years old; subsequently to Hancock Co., Ky.; died Lewisport, Ky., Nov. 16, 1884; surviving were widow and 6 children.

WILLIAM T. HAMILTON born near Egypt, Miss., May 2, 1866; died Hartford, Ark., Sept. 13, 1884, typho-malaria.

JOHN R. GILLILAND born Oct. 22, 1858; died Cheatham Co., Tenn., Aug. 17, 1884 in residence of brother-in-law; his widow was a sister of Rev. J. S. Blain; 2 children.

JOHN W. BELL born in Va., Aug. 27, 1817; moved to Ky. with his father, Rev. Caleb Bell and family in 1822; twice married; surviving were widow and 5 children; 1 step-daughter. Died of cholera, Sept. 2, 1884.

Tribute of Respect for M. M. ADAIR who died Oct. 31, 1884; by a Sunday School committee; undated.

MATTIE DRAKE born Oct. 8, 1865; died Oct. 14, 1884.

SARAH A. SHELTON born Pickens Co., Ala., June 15, 1843; married J. H. Shelton, Dec. 12, 1865; moved to Texas; died Milam Co., Texas, Nov. 16, 1884.

JIMMIE SMITHSON son J. W. and Anna Smithson, grandson of T. J. and Nannie Braden, Humphreys Co., Tenn., born Nov. 19, 1883; died Oct. 13, 1884.

SARAH J. RANDLES wife of John S. Randles, nee Huffaker, born Feb. 16, 1836; married Mar. 8, 1859; died Seclusion Bend, Tenn., Oct. 25, 1884; twin daus. and 3 sons.

Mrs. L. C. STEVENSON born Morgan Co., Ala., July 10, 1844; died Booneville, Ark., Oct. 26, 1884; married Dr. E. A. Stevenson.

HESTER ANN WINSTEAD born Sept. 29, 1836; married H. W. Winstead, Oct. 21, 1857; died Nolensville, Tenn., Nov. 21, 1884.

FLORENCE LAMB daughter of Branson and Octavia Lamb, born in Ind., Jan. 19, 1872; died in Ala., July 27, 1883.

Tribute of Respect for LIZZIE HINSON wife of Rev. T. H. Hinson (in memory of); by Methodist Sunday School, Alexandria, Tenn., dated November 16, 1884.

RUBIE UMSTED daughter of LaFayette and Cora Umsted, died Oct. 20, 1884 aged 14 months.


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HATTIE DAVIS daughter of B. C. Lankford, born May 21, 1862; died Brevard, N.C., Oct. 6, 1884 in her father's residence; married C. C. Davis, Oct. 9, 1883; left an infant child.

ADDIE E. COLES daughter of J. F. and Susan G. Coles born Mar. 23, 1858; died Sept. 6, 1884.

MARY EMILY DARDEN only daughter of Charles B. and Addie Darden, born Robertson Co., Tenn., Dec. 6, 1868; died Oct. 28, 1884.

ELLEN DRAKE wife of J. W. Drake, daughter of J. Q. and Mattie Henry, born Dec. 6, 1855; married Feb. 1, 1874; died Starkville, Miss., Oct. 29, 1884.

MARY E. REYNOLDS, nee Abernathy, born April 14, 1823; died Nov. 8, 1884; married David T. Reynolds, Nov. 27, 1839; "of a frail, delicate and refined nature."

BENJAMIN IVA MATHIS son of Harvey M. and Martha J. Mathis, born April 14, 1877; died Oct. 29, 1884.

INEZ WALTERS daughter of Robert S. and N. P. Walters, born May 16, 1880; died July 26, 1884.

Mrs. ISADORA HALLIBURTON died near Grantville, Tenn., Oct. 10, 1884, of consumption, aged 28 years, 4 months and 7 days old.

RICHARD F. SHELTON born Stafford Co., Va., April 8, 1810; married Harriet Hill, Oct. 20, 1831; moved to Greene Co., Tenn. in. 1834 where he later died, June 2l, 1884; member of Trinity Methodist Church.


February 7, 1885

Mrs. MARTHA A. PETERSON died Petersburg, Va., January 1885 in her 79th year of age; a widow more than 33 years; 6 children.

"A Symposium of the Men of Fifty Years Ago," being taken from the scrapbook of THOMAS STRINGFIELD; entries made therein by the persons included here:

Your, unworthy brother was born in the State of Georgia, on the 11th April, 1790; educated for the profession of the law, and admitted to the bar in his native State in September, 1809; an avowed infidel, in relation to the doctrines of Christianity, and a sinner in life, he abused the manifold blessings of God, until an ample patrimony was melted away (partly owing to the malice of enemies, and partly to his own thoughtless liberality), his best friends were laid in the grave, and his own health irretrievably ruined. In the year 1825, whilst residing in the city of Augusta, Ga., he was induced by the Rev. Samuel Dunwoody to read Mr. Fletcher's "Appeal." His understanding was convinced, and the Lord applied its solemn truths to his heart; and whilst engaged in secret prayer Jesus Christ was revealed to him as "the way, the truth, and the life," on the evening of the 11th November, 1825. He joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in April, 1826, and was received into the itinerant Connection, on trial, in the (then) South Carolina Conference, in February, 1828. He thinks his most devout wish is to be holy in heart, and his honest purpose to be useful as a preacher of the gospel; his only hope is to be "saved by grace, through faith" and that not of himself, but by "the gift of God."---Ignatius A. Few, Columbus, Ga. Philadelphia, May 21st 1832.

Geo. W. D. Harris was born in North Carolina (Montgomery county) Jan. 25th, 1797; born of the Spirit in the later part of October, 1822; joined the Methodist E. Church soon after; was received into the traveling Connection in 1825, in which he has continued up to the present time. He hopes while he lives to cultivate communion with Jesus Christ and his saints, and to know to the joy of his heart that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth from all sins, and to say with St. Paul, "For me to live is to Christ; and to die is gain." My present residence is Paris, Tennessee.---G. W. D. Harris.

Elijah Hedding, a poor pilgrim, born in Dutchess county, N. Y., June 7th, 1780; born of the Spirit Dec. 27th, 1794; commenced traveling as a preacher in the Methodist E. Church Nov. 15th, 1800; now claims Lynn, County of Essex, Mass., as his home, and lives in hope of eternal life only through the merit of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of sinners. ---Philadelphia, May 8th, 1832.

Savannah, Georgia. A sinner saved by grace Divine, to full salvation called. I was born in Clark county, Georgia, A. D. 1807. In 1827 I became a member of the M. E. Church, and in 1831 joined the traveling Connection. In it I expect to live and wish to die. The itinerant leads a life of privation and suffering, but lives in confident expectation of a higher and happier destiny.---A. H. Mitchell, Athens, Georgia.


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Savannah, Ga., Jan. 10th 1835. Brother Stringfield, I was born in, Franklin County, Ga., Nov. 30th, 1799; born of the Spirit, in the same neighborhood, Sept. 29th, 1818; entered the itinerancy in 1822. I have, up to this time, striven to act up to a few simple rules: 1.) To be punctual in all matters, temporal and spiritual. 2.) Never to pretend to know more than I really do. 3.) Always to strive so to preach, talk, live, dress, and do every living that there should be no drawback on my ministry and usefulness either great or small. 4.) I have always been in stretch to be a great preacher. I now feel I love God, and his people, and though a stranger here on earth, I live in good hope of a better inheritance in heaven.---Wm. J. Parks.



Near a century ago two young men (says the N.Y. Evangelist), Andrew Jackson and James Gwin emigrated to Tennessee, one from South Carolina and the other from North Carolina. They settled in adjoining counties and became life-long friends. Andrew Jackson, then a young lawyer, became a general, fought a famous battle, and was twice elected President of the United States. James Gwin was celebrated in Tennessee as a Methodist minister, being one of the founders of the Methodist Church in the West and Southwest, and was General Jackson's chaplain at the battle of New Orleans. He died in 1841, and Jackson four years later. On the death of his father, William M. Gwin, afterward United States Senator from California, received the following letter from General Jackson, which has never been published, but which we are permitted to copy from the original. The tone of the letter will excite surprise. We are accustomed to think of General Jackson as the soldier on the field of battle, or as the strong-willed and imperious president. But here he appears as a humble disciple, sitting at the feet of his Divine Master, giving consolation to a friend who mourns the death of a father:

HERMITAGE, Aug. 16, 1841
My dear Sir:--
            Yours of the 8d inst. is just received, bearing the melancholy information that my old and valued friend, your father, is no more. I offer you and all the connection my sincere condolence on this melancholy occasion. But let us not mourn for the dead, but for the living. He is at rest with our dear Saviour in the realms of bliss. Let us therefore cease to mourn, but by pursuing his Christian example prepare to meet him in the heavenly mansion prepared by our dear Saviour for all who believe in and love him. Our dear friend lived to a good old age, lived in a way that he was prepared to die and meet a smiling Saviour. Peace to his memory. Let us take him for our example, and live to be prepared for death, which we all know we have certainly to meet.
            I have had lately a very sudden and severe attack of sickness. I was very near unto death, but Providence has spared me for the present, and I am slowly recovering and able once more to wield the pen. And, my dear friend, summon up all of your fortitude, give up all your grief for the bereavement of your honored father. He is happy, whilst we are left in this wicked world amongst all its temptations and evils; but if we take his example and precepts for our guide, we will be sure to meet him in a happier clime "where the wicked cease to trouble and the weary are at rest."
            Andrew and Sarah join me in sincere condolence and best wishes to you and your lady and all your connections, and believe me sincerely your friend.


Dr. W. M. Gwin.
P.S.-I am able to move about, but may be said to be really a walking skeleton, but gathering strength slowly.---A. J.


Rev. WOODFORD W. LEMAY born Granville Co., N.C., May 4, 1816; moved with parents to Tenn. when he was about 12 years old; moved to Lawrence Co., Ala. in 1839 where he died Feb. 2, 1884; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church April 4, 1849; ordained deacon, Oct. 8, 1854; ordained elder, Oct. 28, 1866.

STERLING BROWN FLY born Williamson Co., Tenn., May 5, 1823; died Nov. 20, 1884; surviving were his widow and 4 adult children.

JOHN McDOWELL born Amelia Co., Va., May 22, 1821; moved with parents to Hickman Co. Ky. in 1842 where he married (1) Kesiah Puckett (died Jan. 15, 1869, Mar. 4, 1844; 8 children; (2) Nancy A. Hughes, Sept. 12, 1872, a daughter of Overton and Martha Via; joined Masonic order in 1867. Cumberland Presbyterian. Died Nov. 13, 1884.

Judge ARMSTEAD MOORE born June 1, 1814; died near Gallatin Tenn. Nov. 7 1884.

O. H. SHARP born Oct. 26 1832 in Ala. moved to Miss.; married (1) Sallie Coopwood; (2) Miss Clark, Nov. 18, 1868; died Tate Co., Miss., Sept. 23, 1884; consumption.

ROBERT EVANS WATKINS son of Samuel T. and Sarah D. Watkins, born Clinton Co:, Ky. Mar. 22, 1851, married Jane Pace, Oct. 20, 1874; died Trigg Co., Ky., Oct. 7, 1884.

CORA F. BARNETTE born June l4, 1865; died Tioga, Ill., October 3, 1884.

Mrs. IRENE WEBSTER died Pilot Pt., Tex., Nov. 3, 1884 in her 72nd year of age.


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SARAH T. LOWERY daughter of George C. and Nancy Kemper, born Davidson Co., Tenn., Jan. 11, 1841; married W. B. Lowery, July 25, 1861 and moved to Sumner Co., Tenn.; died Nov. 14, 1884; 6 children.

MARY E. MORRIS born Breckinridge Co., Ky., Feb. 10, 1838; married A. K. Morris, May 14, 1856; died recently.

ELIZABETH RAYMOND, nee Hudson, born Hickman Co., Tenn., June 8, 1853; married I. K. Raymond, Dec. 22, 1872; died July 22, 1884.

DAVID M. HILLIARD born Nov. 27, 1812; died Hickman Co., Ky., Nov. 20, 1884; married (1) Catherine Embury, March 1838 and to (2)"present wife", Feb. 10, 1857; father of six children; a son, Rev. C. D. Hilliard, Memphis Methodist Conference. Burial in Clinton, Ky. cemetery.

ELLA LEE CLARK born Scott Co., Ill., Dec. 1, 1861; daughter of John M. Letton; married W. C. Clark, Nov. 3, 1881; died near Ashland, Ill., Nov. 3, 1884; daughter, Terry E. Mayhew; stepmother of Dr. C. C. Mayhew, Ill. Methodist Conference.

ADDIE BELLE COTTER daughter of J. T. Cotter, Opelika, Ala., born June 3, 1881; died Nov. 3, 1884.

JOHN LOYD GARDNER son of J. N. Gardner, Tioga, Ill., born Jan. 22, 1884; died Sept. 17, 1884.


February 14, 1885

JOHN and LYDA JONES children of Joseph and Tennie Jones, burned to death near Bethel, Tennessee, Feb. 5, 1885; burial in Mt. Carmel Cemetery.

ROBERT LEE HARPER born Exeter, July 11, 1845; moved with family to Canada when about ten years old; moved to Charleston, S.C. in 1866; entered S.C. Methodist Conference in Dec. 1866; married (1) Mary Sanders; continuing in Methodist ministry, entered Memphis Conference in 1868; returned to S.C. in 1873; married (2) Harriet Clapp, Jan. 22, 1872; he died Aug. 17, 1884.

Rev. W. H. SEAT, West Texas Methodist Conference, died Goliad, Tex., Jan. 28, 1885.

MOTHER of Rev. G. R. LYNCH of the Ala. Methodist Conference died Feb. 2, 1885 aged over 80 years old.

MICHAEL ROCH, Irishman, Cleveland, Ohio, murdered his wife and then cut his own throat on January 24, 1885.

WAYNE POWERS, a murderer, was hanged at Estellville, Va., February 6, 1885.

JOHN JONES born McMinn Co., Tenn., Nov. 6, 1812; died Rhea Co., Tenn., Nov. 19, 1884; had been partially paralyzed in his legs for thirty years; tinner, coppersmith; obit written by his son, C. M. Jones.

DAVID P. WILLIAMS born Mecklenburg Co., Va., Sept. 12, 1841; moved with father, John Williams and family to Haywood Co., Tenn. in 1826 where he later died, Oct. 8, 1884; married Susan Walton Joyner, daughter of Rev. Thomas Joyner, Mar. 7, 1844; 4 surviving children: Mrs. Dr. T. J. Webb, Nashville; Hon. Mrs. G. W. Martin; Nashville, Tenn.; two unnamed sons.

ELIJAH PULLIAM born Fredericksburg, Va., Oct. 5, 1799; moved to Madison Co., Ala. in 1823; married Pamela Nelson Massey, June 15, 1829; moved to Shelby Co., Tenn., near Bartlett, in 1838 where he died Dec. 5, 1884; burial in family graveyard; "He seemed free from that gloom and moroseness which comes to many in old age"; surviving, widow and 5 children.

REBECCA FISH died Auxvasse, MO, Dec. l0, 1884; wife of Rev. N. L. Fish, MO Methodist Conference.

DAVID B. SYDNOR son of Anthony and Mary Sydnor, born Dinwiddie Co., Va., Feb. 18, 1803; died Logan Co., Ky., Nov. 13, 1884; married Catherine Hilliard (died 1863) in 1827 in Green Co., Ky. where he had moved with his parents; moved to Logan Co., Ky.

MINNIE McCONNELL daughter of I. W. McConnell, born Scottsville, Ala., Dec. 1, 1858; married James H. Campbell, Mar. 10, 1878; died Nov. 17, 1884.

THOMAS S. RAMSEY born N.C. about 1823; died Aug. 18, 1884; married Mary Bryan.


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WILLIE B. WODDY born Dec. 6, 1869; died Nov. 9, 1884; she was a deaf-mute.

EDITH MARY STRONG born Jan. 19, 1859; married T. H. Strong, Dec. 23, 1876; died April 5, 1884.

WILLIAM T. DAVIS son of A. A. and Helen Davis, born Sept. 23, 1867; died Daviess Co., Ky., Oct. 19, 1884.

LUCY B. LOKEY, four year old daughter of John B. and Charity Lokey died Chapel Hill, Tenn., Dec. 6, 1884.

MAHALY FREDERIC died Montgomery Co., Tenn., Nov. 25, 1884; an "old light" of Wiles Methodist Chapel.

MATTIE E. JETER daughter of Charles W. and Martha Jeter, born July 14, 1859; died near Cuba, Shelby Co., Tenn., Oct. 18, 1884.

Dr. A. L. HARRINGTON born Hickman Co., Tenn., Jan. 12, 1826; graduate, Medical College, Richmond, Va., and returned to native county to practice medicine; married (1) Amanda Harrell, June 17, 1856; (2) Rowena Anderson; (3) Mrs. Helen Newcomb; he died Oct. 25, 1884.

HARVEY HUGH SHANNON died Nov. 18, 1884 in his 14th year of age.


February 21, 1885

ELIZABETH McCAULEY daughter of John and Mary McCauley, born Montgomery Co., Tenn., March 13, 1805; married George G. McCauley, North Carolina, Nov. 7, 1820; had numerous children, among them Dr. C. E. L. McCauley in whose residence she died, Clarksville, Tenn., Nov. 30, 1884.

L. R. RANDLE, nee Edwards, widow of Rev. William Randle, Tennessee Methodist Conference, died Jan. 25, 1885 aged 74 years; sister of Rev. Wiley B. Edwards. [See March 15, 1885 issue, page 15.]

Mrs. W. F. FOLSOM died Pocola, Choctaw Nation, February 7, 1885.

ELLA CRABB wife of G. H. Cragg, daughter of James and Lalona Boswell, born Marshall Co., Miss., Oct. 15, 1864; died near Boxville, Tex., Aug. 4, 1884; married in Lavaca Co., Texas, Dec. 24, 1883; had come to live in Texas with an aunt, Mrs. John Bell, Lavacca Co., in 1882.

M. GERTRUDE McMILLIN wife of T. P. McMillin, died Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 6, 1884; orphaned she had been reared by an uncle, S.C. Buchanan and wife of Camden, Ark.; married in 1872.

ROBERT SIDNEY WOOD son of S. R. and S. A. Wood, Jackson Co., Tenn., born Macon Co., Tenn., 1869; died November 24, 1884.

NANCY ROBINSON wife of Adam Robinson, died recently aged 77 years, 9 months and 6 days old.

LIDIE dau of R. T. and M. C. DAVIS, Tuskegee, Ala., died October 3, 1884.

MARTHA "Pattie" SOWELL, nee Poole, born Breckinridge Co., Ky., April 24, 1806; at age ten years she moved with parents to Maury Co., Tenn.; married Thomas Sowell in 1830; widowed, she lived with her daughter, Mrs. Helen Dade, Henry Co., Tenn., where she died Oct. 25, 1884.

MALVIN DELREATH HARRISON, nee Greer, born in Tenn., June 28, 1827; married J. P. Harrison, Jan. 31, 1850 and they moved to Grimes Co., Tex., where she died Nov. 26, 1884; 2 sons, Franklin Columbus Harrison who was married and Richard Beauregard Harrison who was single.

DAISY HILL ADAMS daughter of W. C. and Jennie Adams born Aug. 29, 1882; died Dec. 13, 1884.

MAGGIE LAIRD daughter of J. T. H. and Maggie Hays Laird, born Durant. Miss., Feb. 19, 1882; died Oct. 24, 1884.

J. B. COBB died Jackson, Tenn., October 21, 1884.

ELLA MAY STUBBLEFIELD daughter of Rev. James P. and Nannie Stubblefield, born Jan. 28, 1884; died Nov. 24, 1884.

G. W. WILLIAMS born June 3., 1861; died Humphreys Co., Tenn., November 2, 1884.


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VINCENT CARLTON born King and Queen Co., Va., Feb. 9, 1789; married Nancy Younger, Sept. 15, 1820; moved to Weakley Co., Tenn. in 1848; died August 4, 1884.

MARY CATRION DISHOUGH born Mar. 4, 1838; died Nov. 27, 1884.

WILLIAM A. TOSH born Coffee Co., Tenn., Oct. 3, 1847; orphaned he was reared by Britton Snipes; died Nov. 29, 1884.

JANE FLOW daughter of William and Elizabeth McCombs, born Mecklenburg Co., N.C., Dec. 21, 1800; married David Flow, Jan. 7, 1818; died Emmet, Ark., July 31, 1884.

HENNIE LEWIS daughter of Henry Browder, born Logan Co., Ky., Aug. 28, 1848; married Newton N. Lewis, Dec. 28, 1869; died Denton Co., Tex., Dec. 3, 1884.

Rev. ABRAHAM BUHRMAN born in Md., Nov. 14, 1815; died in upper Botetourt Co., Va., Oct. 3, 1884; moved to Botetourt Co. in 1843 and was licensed to preach in Methodist Church in August 12 of that year; ordained deacon, Mar. 12, 1848; ordained elder, Mar. 6, 1859; married Mary Eyler, June 28, 1838; 2 daus., 4 sons; he died Oct. 5, 1850; he married Elizabeth Wrightsman, May 7, 1851 (second wife).

A. FRANCES GREEN daughter of Benjamin Estes born in Tenn., June 24, 1824; moved to Todd Co., Ky. in 1860; married James W. Green, Oct. 19, 1869; died near Auburn, Ky., Dec. 3, 1884.

FRANCIS A. ANDERSON son of Rev. Thomas Anderson, born in Va., Feb. 1, 1819; moved in infancy with parents to Green, then to Logan counties in Ky.; married Mary J. Magill, May 1, 1848; died Sept. 12, 1884.

DANIEL MONROE MURPHY born Fulton Co., Ky., April 12, 1854; died Hickman Co., Ky., Nov. 13, 1884; moved with family to Lawrence Co., Ark. in Oct. 1880 where his wife died Aug. 19, 1881; he married Mattie A. Cagle daughter of Rev. Aaron and Sallie Cagle, Jan. 8, 1884; surviving were his widow and an infant; also, one son aged 9 years and one son aged 5 years.

CATHARINE P. CORNEY daughter of Joseph and Catharine Binkley, born Davidson Co., Tenn., Sept. 17, 1816; died Nov. 6, 1884; married J. B. Corney, Sept. 19, 1833.

MARY GARRETT died July 10, 1884.

Mrs. MARGARET C. ASTON died Russell Co., Va., Jan. 24, 1885; wife of Hon. W. B. Aston.

Mrs. REBECCA SMITH died Feb. 12, 1885 near Memphis, Tenn. where she had gone sometime before to attend an ill sister, Mrs. Chisholm; body returned to Columbia, Tenn., her home, for burial there in Rose Hill Cemetery.

Notice: Mrs. MARY ANN GOLIGHTLY, a near relative of Rev. WILLIAM MARTIN, wanted news about him. He had ties in Guisborough, Yorkshire, England and had immigrated to the U. S, "in the time of slavery."


February 28, 1885

Rev. TIMOTHY SULLINS, retired preacher in Holston Methodist Conference, died Athens, Tenn., Feb. 18, 1885. [An account of his funeral featured in March 7, 1885 issue, page 9 and another article about him in March 28, 1885 issue, page 17.]

Rev. JOHN SEAY, Tennessee Methodist Conference, died near Lebanon, Tenn., Feb. 18, 1885 [mention of his last will bequests appear in March 21, 1885 issue, page 19 and April 4, 1885 issue, page 6.]

Rev. JOSIAH LEWIS died Sparta, Ga., Feb. 13, 1885. [Notice of his death repeated in March 7, 1885 issue, page 1]

Mrs. JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL died in London, England, February 19, 1885.

FRANCIS GIDEON RATCLIFFE, Williamson Co., Tenn., died a few months ago; a panegyric written by A. T. Goodloe and dated February 14, 1885.


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Dr. SAMUEL HENDERSON, Sr., born Knox Co., Tenn., Oct. 8, 1804; died Dec. 1883 in residence of Captain George W. Smithson, Franklin, Tenn., having "served his day and generation . . . he was gathered to his people."

Dr. THOMAS T. COTNAM born Dec. 6, 1822; died Stevenson, Ala., Dec. 11, 1884; surviving were widow and 9 children.

E. V. DIXON daughter of S. Jane Speight, born N.C., Feb. 3, 1823; married Samuel Dixon, Dec. 5, 1839; died Verona, Miss., Nov. 23, 1884; 9 children, 3 surviving her.

SALLIE DUVALL born Feb. 14, 1857, Trigg Co., Ky.; married Rev. Pitt C. Duvall, April 23, 1873; died Nov. 30, 1884, typhoid-fever; her infant child and a son, Clarence, died shortly after she died.

SALLIE M. ATKINS daughter of H. M. and L. A. Atkins born Stewart Co., Tenn., June 4, 1845; died Clarksville, Tenn., June 8, 1884.

D. H. DICKEY son of Samuel and Rebecca Dickey, born N.C., Feb. 22, 1800; died Oct. 23, 1884; married (1) Letitia Witter; (2) Rebecca Lowe. Burial at New Hope, Loudon Co., Tenn.

JENNIE WHITELY, nee Isbill, born Madison Co., Ala., 1846; died in the same county, Dec. 1, 1884; surviving was her widower.

BENJAMIN CLIFTON GAUSE born Brownsville, Tenn., Feb. 1843; died Ripley, Tenn., Nov. 25, 1884; his first wife and 5 children predeceased him; survived by present wife and a daughter and an aged mother.

HENRY CLAY ALEXANDER born May 14, 1843; died Rutherford Co., Tenn., Dec. 5, 1884; married Kate Ellis, Nov. 4, 1868.

MARTHA ALICE NEELY MATTHEWS daughter of W. L. and Elizabeth Neely, born April 14, 1857; died Nov. 26, 1884; married John I. Matthews, Nov. 13, 1878; 2 children.

Tribute of Respect for J. W. BARNER (in memory of); by Board of Stewards, Tuscumbia Methodist Church dated December 1, 1884.

D. C. BEATLY son of John and Bettie Beatly born Williamson Co., Tenn., Mar. 9, 1839; died Waco, Tex., Sept. 3, 1884; had lived formerly in Lynnville, Giles Co., Tenn.

G. W. PINKSTON born Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 9, 1824; died Waco, Tex., Dec. 2, 1884.

ALICE G. CHISHOLM, nee Buck, daughter of Thomas Buck, died Columbus, Miss., Dec. 25, 1884.

NANCY BRYANT daughter of John and Elizabeth Odell, born near Asheville, N.C., Mar. 26, 1803; died Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 18, 1884; married (1) J. M. Sturdivant; (2) William Bryant.

ELIZABETH PARHAM born Rutherford Co., Tenn.; married Hilliard S. Parham and moved to Williamson Co., Tenn.; died October 1884.

Capt. FRANK T. RICE born Feb. 17, 1839; died Lauderdale Co., Tenn., Oct. 25, 1884; surviving were his widow and 5 children.

WILLIAM P. MONCRIEF born Sept. 1, 1839; married (1) Sallie J. Crenshaw and moved to Ill. (2) Oouisa Slone, Oct. 3, 1882; died Dec. 3, 1884.

SALLIE HERRING, nee Cornelius, daughter of H. F. Cornelius, born Feb. 6, 1859; married S. H. Herring, Feb. 16, 1879; moved to Kansas, July 1884 and died there of typhoid-fever, Oct. 25, 1884; her husband and one son survived her. Remains returned to Ky. for burial.

EVIE LANNOM died Oct. 14, 1884.

ANNIE D. BROWN daughter of Rev. W. S. Brown died recently in Altamount, Tenn.

MALINDA COPPINGER died June 20, 1884.

HENRY COBB EVANS son of Rev. W. H. Evans, died Dec. 24, 1884; Memphis Methodist Conference.


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March 7, 1885

Professor WILLIAM WINSTON VALLENTlNE, brother of Virginia's famous sculptor, Edward Vallentine, died in Richmond, Va., February 17, 1885.

RUFUS JACKSON BURKS son of James C. and Mary Burks born Tazewell Co., Va., July 24, 1836; died Kaufman Co., Tex., Dec. 30, 1884; married Anna Gillespie, Aug. 23, 1865; surviving were 5 brothers and 3 sisters.

Colonel JOHN L. HARDY born April 16, 1810; married Martha M. Adkins, Jan. 25, 1844; died Dec. 7, 1884.

Mrs. R. M. PITTARD, Giles Co., Tenn., died Nov. 30, 1884 aged 37 years, 9 days old.

OLIVE B. PARISH daughter of D. C. and E. J. Parish, born Edmonson Co., Ky., Feb. 7, 1869; died Lamar Co., Tex., Dec. 28, 1884.

LUCINDA YOUNG wife of Thomas H. Young, daughter of William and Dicey Jones, born Trigg Co. Ky., Mar. 29, 1809; died near Paducah, Ky., Dec. 30, 1884; married Feb. 25, 1829 and moved to McCracken Co., Ky. in January 1845.

FRANCES E. KILLEN daughter of Thomas Wynne, born Grayson Co., Ky., Sept. l0, 1844; died Taylor Co., Tex., Dec. 20, 1884; married Fletcher Killen, Oct. 31, 1860.

Mrs. PRISCILLA W. GREGORY born Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 4, 1813; died in Greenville, Miss., Dec. 19, 1884 in residence of her nephew, Samuel R. Dunn, Jr.

TALITHA A. HALL wife of Dr. William D. Hall, died Rush Co., Tex., Dec. 31, 1884; born Jasper Co. Ga., June 6, 1822; daughter of Colonel L. B. Phillips.

M. A. HOGAN, nee Overstreet, born Bedford Co., Va.; died Bristol, Tenn., Nov. 28, 1884 aged about 38 years.

MARY A. BROOKS daughter of James and Sarah Oagger, born Giles Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1839; died Aberdeen, Miss., Dec. 11, 1884; surviving were widower and one daughter.

CELIA BARBER daughter of William Black of Ga.; born May 27, 1791; married Wiley Barber; died Titus Co., Texas, Nov. 12, 1884 in residence of great-grandson, W. M. King.

Rev. J. W. LAWRENCE born June 8, 1818; died Columbus, Ky., Dec. 19, 1884; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Oct. 11, 1851; ordained deacon, Nov. 18, 1855; ordained elder, May 28, 1876; local Methodist preacher; married Cynthia Copelin (died Mar. 9, 1876), Dec. 10, 1840; 13 ch.

SUSIE HOLMES died Cuba, Ala., Oct. 8, 1884; burial in Coke's Chapel Cemetery.

MARY V. J. KIRKPATRICK daughter of Robt. and Tennessee Kirkpatrick, born Jan. 17, 1867; died Maury Co., Tenn., July 15, 1884.

HOMER SUTPHIN son of Dr. P. C. Sutphin born Bedford Co., Va., June 22, 1856; moved to Ky. when young; married Anna A. daughter of R. H. Martin; died Sept. 20, 1884.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. ANDREW ROBERTSON who died Tunnel Hill, Ga., Jan. 8, 1885; by Quarterly Conference, Ringgold, Ga. Circuit, dated January 10, 1885.

MARY ANN GIBBONS born Chester, Pa., Nov. 17, 1802; died Louisville, Ky., Oct. 12, 1884.

FRANKLIN T. McLAURINE born Oct. 2, 1810; married Ann daughter of John and Mary Dorothy Laird, Dec. 5, 1832; died Oct. 24, 1884; surviving were widow and 3 daus., 6 sons.

JOHN T. COLE born Clinton Co., Ky., Dec. 24, 1833; died Dec. 3, 1884. Cumberland Co., Ky.

Rev. JOHN ALLEN SMITH born Weakley Co., Tenn., Nov. 27, 1862; died Nov. 9, 1884; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in August 1883 and moved to Texas the same year.

JOHN WESLEY BELL died Todd Co., Ky., in September 1884.

MAGGIE J. MITCHELL dau. of R. H. and M. O. Mitchell, born Obion Co., Tenn., Oct. 11, 1866; died Oct. 14, 1884.


(Page 16)

LUCY J. YARBROUGH daughter of J. W. and Eliza Blair, born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Mar. 12, 1860; married Joseph S. Yarbrough, Nov. 14, 1882; moved to Madison Co., Ala. where she died Oct. 25, 1884; she was a step-mother.

SARAH COOPER died December 10, 1884 aged 71 years; husband, Isaac Cooper, died shortly before she died. Woodbury Circuit, Tenn.


March 14, 1885

Long biographical sketch about Rev. CHARLES W. MILLER, DD, by E. L. Southgate. Born Mercer Co., Ky., June 22, 1837; his mother was widowed with 4 small children; he was licensed to preach in Methodist Church in July 1837; served as a chaplain in Buford's Confederate Brigade; married Virginia Markham, May 7, 1863; left the army in winter of 1864 and entered the itinerant ministry, Alabama Conference, later moved to Western Va. Conference; returned to Ky. and served in several charges there; died Jan. 10, 1885. A. M. degree from Ky. Wesleyan College; DD from Emory College, Ga.; served on several commissions in the church.

Bishop LINUS PARKER died New Orleans, March 5, 1885. Several resolutions of respect for his memory published in this issue and that of March 28, 1885. [Bishop Parker, March 23, 1829-March 5, 1885, had been editor of the NEW ORLEANS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, a talented clergyman who had been elected to the post of Bishop in 1882.]

A. G. COPELAND, Birmingham, Ala., wrote that his sister, MAHALA, died Feb. 3, 1885.

JAMES L. RIZER died Yalaha, Fla., Dec. 25, 1884 aged 65 years; president, board of directors, Logan Female College in Russellville, Ky.

FANNIE L. BOSTICK daughter of Merry and Mary Ann Abston born Sumner Co., Tenn., Dec. 31, 1834; married James C. Bostick, Williamson Co., Tenn., April 28, 1859; died Jan. 3, 1885; burial in Triune, Tenn.

JANE S. HEWLETT wife of Thomas H. Hewlett, Sr.; daughter of Edward and Jeanette Walton, born Cumberland Co., Va., Mar. 5, 1815; married in 1839; died near Huntsville, Ala., Dec. 30, 1884; 3 daus., 2 sons.

EMMA SNEED, nee Settle, born Fayette Co., Tenn., July 19, 1862; married Joseph H. Sneed, Nov. 29, 1881; died Jackson, Tenn., Sept. 15, 1884; she left her daughter, Mattie, in care of her own sister, Mrs. Mattie Hester.

ALBERT DUDLEY MITCHELL born Nelson Co., Ky., May 11, 1848; married Emma Grigsby, Jan. 23, 1873; died Chaplin, Ky., Jan. 2, 1885.

SARAH GODDARD FOXWORTHY born Fleming Co., Ky., Mar. 7, 1818; died in same county, Jan. 1, 1885; married Alex. Foxworthy, Dec. 2, 1841; a wife and mother.

Mrs. MEDORA A. SUMMERHILL born Cornersville, Tenn., Oct. 7, 1844; died Texarkana, Tex., Dec. 20, 1884.

W. B. CLARK born Mar. 26, 1863; died Jan. 18, 1885.

ELIZA C. CLEARMAN born Aug. 16, 1818; died near Shuqualak, Miss., July 6, 1884; married G. W. Clearman, 1838.

ESTHER HOUSTON died Abbeville, Miss., Jan. 15, 1885 in her 94th year of age; youngest daughter of Capt. Andrew Walker who served in the Revolutionary War; married Major Anson Houston, Mecklenburg Co., N.C., Mar. 3, 1812; 9 sons, 1 dau.; her husband died in 1845. She was buried in Abbeville.

W. L. CULLUM died Jan. 3, 1885 aged 51 years; twice married.

JESSE WINTON born Grundy Co., Tenn., 1837; died Jan. 14, 1885; a husband and father.


March 21, 1885

LUCY P. GAITHER born Iredell Co., N.C., Sept. 4, 1835; died Fayette Co., Tenn., Dec. 23, 1884; wife of James G. Gaither.


(Page 17)

WILLIS PATTERSON born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Nov. 24, 1811; died LaFayette Co., Miss., Dec. 28, 1884; moved to Monroe Co., Miss. when a boy; married Sarah Hilliard, Oct. 26, 1839 and moved in Jan. 1840 to LaFayette County.

ANNIE LONGENIA WILLIAMS daughter of W. B. and Leon Williams, born April. 1, 1871; died Nov. 26, 1884.

CATHARINE WESSON KELLY born Brunswick Co., Va., Aug. 10, 1809; died Madison Co., Ala., Dec. 26, 1884.

JOHN S. CLARK born N.C., Jan. 23, 1859; died from railroad mishap injury, near Columbus, Tex., November 18, 1884.

Dr. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN POWELL born Laurens Dist., S.C., Oct. 27, 1811; moved to Ala. in Dec. 1829; settled in North Port, Ala. in fall of 1835; married Jane Miller, Jan. 8, 1841; a long-time druggist; died Nov. 29, 1884.

AMINTY CATHERINE MARTIN daughter of H. C. and M. J. Martin, born April 3, 1866; died Dec. 11, 1884

Dr. W. B. WILLIAMS son of A. G. and M. J. Williams, born Henry Co., Tenn., April 28, 1835; died Booneville, Miss., January 16, 1885.

MARY A. GRIMES wife of W. G. Grimes, born Ala., July 30, 1828; died Dec. 21, 1884.

WILLIAM M. McGAUGH son of Rev. Felix R. McGaugh, born Marshall Co. ~Tenn., Oct. 25, 1839; married Golie Kirk, Dec. 22, 1874; died Hartselle, Ala., Jan. 16, 1885: active Methodist layman and so tributed by the Methodist Sunday School in Hartselle.

AMABEL STANLEY daughter of Dr. J. P. and M. E. Stanley born Drew Co., Ark., May 16, 1861; died Oct. 24, 1884.

W. D. NORRELL born Jan. 17, 1831; died Jan. 8, 1885.

ROBERT E. NORTHERN born Davidson Co., Tenn., May 9, 1829; married Fannie Buchanan, May 1855; died Davidson Co., October 2, 1884.

K. B. VANN son of M. K. Vann, died Dec. 24, 1884; the first of his parents' children to die.

VELMER YOUNG aged 7 years, daughter of John H. Young, Florence, Ala., died Jan. 16, 1885 from severe burn injuries of January 2.

ELIZA A. SMITH born Clark Co., Ky., May 31, 1806; died Gosport, Ind., Dec. 27, 1884; wife of Daniel Smith; joined Methodist Church, July 22, 1825; surviving children out of nine: Dr. J. W., J. H., Oliver S. and Robert F. Smith.

WILLIAM C. CARVER born Dec. 20, 1842; died Jan. 4, 1885.

WILLIAM BOLLING LOWE died "en route from Florida," Jan. 9, 1885.

WILLIAM F. TRIPP born in Ga., Sept. 2, 1816; moved to Ark. in 1858; died Dec. 5, 1884.

DEMPSY MARTIN LUTHER BANES son of Charles R. and Mary Banes born Hardin Co., Ky., Jan. 5, 1884; died Jan. 11, 1885.

CLEMENTINE J. LAKE born Dorchester Co., Md., Jan. 19, 1815; married William Lake, Sept. 19, 1836; died Ocean Springs, Miss., Aug. 2, 1884; lived in Grenada, Miss. but went to Ocean Springs for her invalid daughter's health in July 1884.

ANN H. WINSTEAD wife of Dr. H. W. Winstead, daughter of Ananias Oliver, Pulaski, Tenn.; born Giles Co., Tenn., Sept. 20, 1836; married Oct. 21, 1857; died Nolensville, Tenn., Nov. 22, 1884.

MARY EMMA BROWN wife of George W. Brown, born LaFayette Co., Miss., Feb. 18, 1841; died Jan. 20, 1885; married April 1858; 4 children.

MARY ELINOR BLAIR KILLOUGH born Aug. 8, 1843; her mother died when she was in her 14th year of age: married S. B. Killough, April 24, 1866; died January 25, 1885.


(Page 18)

NANCY E. ELLISON daughter of Harrison and Jane Down, born Sevier Co., Tenn., March 1860; married John T. Ellison, Dec. 23, 1878; died Jan. 17, 1885.

Mrs. MARY A. POPE died Dec. 16, 1884; consumption. Springfield, Tenn.

WILLIE CARL BIRKHEAD son of W. L. and M. J. Birkhead born Chester Co., Tenn., Dec. 18, 1883; died Jan. 18, 1885.


March 28, 1885

Tribute of Respect for Rev. WARREN M. PITTS who died Feb. 12, 1885; by Chapel Hill Masonic Lodge #320, Chapel Hill, Miss., of which he had been chaplain; dated February 12, 1885.

Rev. JOHN W. QUILLAN, North Georgia Methodist Conference, died of pneumonia, Athens, Ga., March 19, 1885.

ALPHA DODD daughter of Professor William J. Dodd, Vanderbilt University, died Mar. 20, 1885

BENJAMIN GREER born Livingston Co., Ky., Aug. l0, 1843; moved to Santa Rosa, California in 1874 but after six years returned to Ky.; went to Texas in search of health and died at San Antonio, Dec. 24-25 (died during the night), 1884; burial in Bowling Green, Ky., in Fairview Cemetery.

REDMAN GRIGSBY MADDUX born Fauquier Co., Va., Sept. 6, 1817; married (1) Frances Robertson, April 1, 1846; (2) Annie Bollen; died Jan. 5, 1885.

JOHN SMITH BATTLE son of John S. Battle, died Jan. 12, 1885; a young (aged 24 yrs. ) husband.

SARAH E. FRENCH born in Ill., Feb. 31, 1831; moved with parents to Texas; died recently; 8 ch.

SARAH COPE daughter of William F. and Rachel Smith born Wake Co., N.C., May 1, 1818; married H. A. Cope, Aug. 31, 1843; 2 daus., 2 sons; died Choctaw Co., Ala., Jan. 16, 1885.

ADDIE E. BRADFORD daughter of George W. and Addie Pottinger, born Nelson Co., Ky., Sept. 11, 1854; joined Methodist Church Feb. 4, 1873; married David Bradford, Dec. 18, 1883; died Sept. 11, 1884.

ELIZABETH J. PARISH, nee Wells, born Hart Co., Ky., Aug. 26, 1857; married Daniel C. Parish, Dec. 8, 1853; died Lamar Co., Texas, Jan. 11, 1885; moved to Tex. in Oct. 1881; a wife and mother.

AARON ASKEW died Jan. 25, 1885 lacking a few days of his 82nd birthday. Panola Co., Miss.; Baptist; husband and father.

JOSHUA SOULE HEARN, Pine Bluff, Ark., son of Rev. W. C. Hearn, born Tuscaloosa, Ala., Nov. 24, 1853; died Jan. 15, 1885; druggist; married Florence Coleman, Sept. 17, 1875; 2 daus.

Major JOEL ECHOLS WYNNE born Wilson Co., Tenn., July 7, 1812; died Forrest City, Ark., Jan. 1, 1885; lived many years in Marshall Co., Miss.; burial in Holly Sprs., Miss.

LUCINDA ROPER EDWARDS RANDLE born Aug. 31, 1811; married William Randle, Oct. 30, 1828; 9 ch.; sister of Rev. Wiley B. Edwards; died January 25, 1885.

REBECCA FLIPPIN born Nov. 1, 1805; died Jan. 26, 1885; married (1) Thomas Harper when 16 years old; (2) Phillip Flippin (died. 1868), Sept. 6, 1832; died in residence of her brother, P. H. Southall, Sr.

NANCY SPARKMAN daughter of James W. and Elizabeth Copeland, born White Co., Tenn., June 11, 1822; married Lewis Sparkman, 1843; died near Flint, Ala., Dec. 23, 1884; 12 children, 6 surviving her.

Rev. WILLIAM B. BLACKBURN born east Tenn., April 5, 1815; married (1) Levia Crump(died Nov. 14, 1848), Nov. 1, 1838; 8 children; (2) Lydia Taylor, Aug. 23, 1849 and moved from Blount Co., Ala. to Franklin Co., Ala., Dec. 11, 1851; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Sept. 14, 1856; ordained deacon, Oct. 8, 1854; ordained elder, July 18, 1869; died Colbert Co., Ala., Jan. 15, 1885; burial with Masonic honors. [repeated notice of death in April 4, 1885 issue, page 15]


(Page 19)

HARRIET STEVENS daughter of William and Elizabeth Suttle, born Prince William Co., Va., October 1798; married (1) Captain Gaines, 1815; (2) Jesse Stevens; settled in Giles Co., Tenn. in 1829; 7 daus., 3 sons; died suddenly, Jan. 22, 1885; joined Methodist Church in 1829.

SARAH WHITE wife of Dr. D. L. White, Hardin Co., Tenn., born Mar. 16, 1839; died Dec. 24, 1884.

MARY JANE PILE daughter of John J. and Alcy Pile born Fentress Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1850; died Mar. 27, 1884; burial in Three Forks Churchyard off Wolf River.

LOU WHITEHEAD born Feb. 4, 1842; died Robertson Co., Tenn., Nov. 24, 1884; married George H. Whitehead, Jan. 4, 1870.

GEORGE FRANKLIN FOSTER son of W. L. Foster born Oct. 14, 1882; died West Pt., Miss., Oct. 20, 1884

JEREMIAH PRITCHETT born Feb. 19, 1796 near Petersburg, Va.; died Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 2, 1884; left numerous progeny.

Wife of Rev. J. P. HOYARD, Bowling Green District, Ky., died Mar. 11, 1885.

Rev. JOHN W. KELLY died Orangeburg Co., S.C., Feb. 18, 1885; "his peculiarities . . . were natural and were tempered by . . . kindness which selfish and small minds may not always have understood."

Notice of Golden Wedding Anniversary of WILLIAM HARRISON EVANS, born Oct. 16, 1812 and wife, MARGARET A. CHARLTON, who were married February 19, 1835; she having been in her 20th year of age when they married. Observance, Feb. 19, 1885 near Nashville, Tennessee.


April 4, 1885

Rev. JOHN SEAY born Oct. 9, 1794; died February 8, 1885; never married; became an itinerant preacher in the Tennessee Methodist Conference in 1821 but "located" 8 years later, serving thereafter as a local preacher; he built a church on his land for black folk; mention of his brothers, William and Daniel Seay and a niece, Mrs. Pauline Pigue; in early life, 1820, he ran a distillery but became convinced he shouldn't do so; embraced religion at Old Ebenezer in Wilson Co., Tenn., August 20, 1820; willed his 127 acre homeplace for perpetual use of preachers on the Lebanon Circuit and another 114 acres for charitable purposes.

MARY E. HOPKINS, nee Cunningham, born Henry Co., MO, Dec. 3, 1849; died Boonsboro, Ark., Jan. 21, 1885; daughter of J. H. and F. J. Cunningham; married Rev. P. B. Hopkins, Arkansas Conference, Dec. 22, 1868.

NANCY SCOTT FOSTER daughter of John M. and Hannah Jones, born Sept. 27, 1822; married Rev. Andrew J. B. Foster, Tennessee Conference, Oct. 15, 1852; died Oct. 5, 1884.

SARAH J. MOON born Bedford Co., Tenn., Sept. 20, 1836; died Marshall Co., Tenn., Sept. 1, 1884; married W. H. Moon, January 7, 1853.

ROBERT EMORY HARRISON second son of Rev. T. G. Harrison, Louisville Conference, born Sacramento, Ky., Sept. 9, 1869; died Madisonville, Ky., Dec. 19, 1884. His youngest brother, EDWIN LEWIS HARRISON, born Hardin Co., Ky., Dec. 16, 1879; died Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 5, 1885 (an invalid since June 1882).

SALLIE GARRETSON daughter of William Garretson died Coffee Co., Tenn., Jan. 16, 1885 in her 22nd year of age.

LEVI D. CADE born Washington Co., Tenn., Feb. 14, 1828; died Dec. 1, 1884.

ELIZABETH E. NANCE daughter of Robert and Rebecca Clark, born Talbot Co., Ga., Mar. 17, 1805; moved with parents to Madison Co., Ala. in 18l7; married Frederick Nance, Dec. 20, 1821; moved to Texas in 1849; in 1883 to Hempstead Co., Ark. and died Dec. 31, 1884 in residence of her son, B. A. Nance.

JOHN M. BROWN born Rowan Co., N.C., June 30, 1797; moved to Ky.; died Sept. 25, 1884; husband and father.


(Page 20)

EDWARD HUGHSON OSTEEN son of J. T. and M. C. Osteen, born Sept. 25, 1883; died Dec. 15, 1884.

MARY PROCTOR wife of Larkin Proctor died Glasgow Junction, Ky., Jan. 28, 1885 in her 65th year of age.

MARTHA FRENCH wife of Frank C. French, Simpsonville, Ky., born Oct. 19, 1834; died Jan. 4, 1885; married Oct. 3, 1854.

BUNA ELIZABETH HAILEY daughter of George W. and Callie Hailey, died Oct. 14, 1884 aged nearly 4 years.

Rev. JAMES S. PARRISH born Barren Co., Ky.; died Glasgow Junction, Ky., Jan. 29, 1885 in his 50th year of age; local Methodist preacher.

KATHLEEN LEURA IRBY daughter of W. H. and Anna Irby, born Collierville, Tenn., Aug. 13, 1882; died Nov. 15, 1884.

ADA WARD died Weakley Co., Tenn., Jan. 30, 1885 in residence of her grandfather, Tilman Johnson in her 18th year of age.

LAURA PULLIN McILWAIN wife of R. G. McIlwain, born Oct. 11, 1836; died June 12, 1884.

GEORGE W. HAILEY born Sumner Co., Tenn., Feb. 6, 1851; died Obion Co., Tenn., Dec. 15, 1883; married Callie Blair; two daus.

WILBUR HILL KEATHLEY son of Isaac W. and Alice Keathley, born Bethesda, Tenn., Aug. 11, 1884; died Aug. 28, 1884.

Rev. SION TATUM born Aug. 17, 1812; died near Bethel, Tenn., Jan. 18, 1885; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church; ordained deacon, Nov. 10, 1861; ordained elder, Nov. 18, 1866.

TALITHA DUNCAN widow of Anderson Duncan (died 1866), born N.C.; moved to Tenn. when young; died Franklin Co., Tenn., Jan. 16, 1885 in residence of her son, J. Polk Duncan; suffered terribly from rheumatism.

R. WOODS BEACH died Sept. 11, 1884 in his 60th year; married R. A. Neely, 1859. Marshall Co., Tenn.

ALICE BEXLER CLARK oldest daughter of Robert W. and Jane Clark, born Marion Co., Ala., Sept. 4, 1873; died Sept. 24, 1884.

EDITHA LEATON, nee Sled, born Amherst Co., Va., about 80 years ago; in early teens moved with her mother to Ky.; married William Leaton and moved to Boone Co., then to LaFayette Co., MO; husband died, leaving her with 3 children; she then married Reuben Leaton and had 7 children; died Oct. 4, 1884; surviving, then, were 3 sons, 1 dau.

JOE H. CLEERE son of R. H. and S. J. Cleere, aged about 7 years, died Leighton, Ala., Sept. 25, 1884; mother died and he was reared for four years by her parents but on his father's remarriage, he went to live with him.

MARTHA SUMMER born Va., Sept. 28, 1811; reared by a grandmother in Grundy Co., Tenn.; married twice; reared two daughters both of whom predeceased her; she lived among her grandchildren; died September 28, 1884.

ELISHA WOOD born Sept. 29, 1833; died Oct. 5, 1883.

RACHEL J. HUBANKS daughter of G. W. and Annie Hubanks died Aug. 26, 1884; an infant.


April 11, 1885

MARY C. WALKER, wife of Rev. H. P. Walker, Kentucky Methodist Conference, died April 2, 1885. [See May 9, 1885 issue.]

The 5-month-old BABY DAUGHTER of J. S. CRANDELL, Sharon Grove, Ky., died Mar. 17, 1885. Her father was son of Dr. S. W. Crandell.

IRA McMAHON son of Marshall and Ann McMahon, born Aug. 17, 1873; died in Texas Nov. 17, 1884.


(Page 21)

ANDREW BEDWELL son of W. L. and Sisley Bedwell born Mar. 16, 1863; died Nov. 31, 1884; buried beside his intended wife who had died two weeks before their marriage.

MARY F. LANE wife of William Lane, born Bedford Co., Va., Nov. 13, 1821; moved to Ky. with parents, John and Sallie Wade, in 1837; died Nov. 6, 1884.

Mrs. WILLIS G. CENTER daughter of James and Nancy Gallaher, born Roane Co., Tenn., July 4, 1808; married Colonel Center in her 19th year; died near Kingston, Tenn., Nov. 2, 1884; wife and mother.

WILLIAM ELLIOTT born Weakley Co., Tenn., Dec. 13, 1828; died Dec. 7, 1884; pneumonia; a husband and father.

FANNIE SHIVERS daughter of Thomas H. and Margaret Johnson, born Davidson Co., Tenn., Nov. 10, 1859; married Jesse J. Shivers, Dec. 1, 1880; died Nov. 23, 1884; one son, three years old.

Colonel WILLIAM H. BAILEY son of John and Nancy Bailey, born Lincoln Co., Tenn., July 14, 1821; died Marshall Co., Miss., Dec. 7, 1884; moved to Early Grove in latter county in 1856 where he mercantiled.

JOHN W. BARNER, native of Tenn., moved to Alabama; died there, at Leighton, Dec. 29, 1884, his wife having predeceased him by one week.

MARTHA A. FULLER wife of David W. Fuller, died Nov. 19, 1884 aged about 58 years; married April 7, 1853; a wife and mother.

E. C. MURKERSON youngest son of D. C. and Eliza Murkerson, born Shelby Co., Ala., May 1852; died mid-January 1885.

JONATHAN CRISLER born Jackson Co., Ga., Dec. 18, 1806; died Jan. 12, 1885; married (1) Mary McCane (died April 4, 1860), 1828; (2) Frances R. Legge, Jan. 2, 1861; husband and father.

WILEY McKINNEY MELTON son of John W. and Elizabeth Florry Melton, born Sept. 8, 1864; died Jan. 4, 1885.

Miss JULIA MANNING died Wilson, N.C., Dec. 16, 1884 aged 45 years.

M. A. CLARK born N.C., Sept. 11, 1816; died Dec. 11, 1884; a wife and mother.

ADELINE F. COOPER, nee Tuttle, born Somerset Co., Maine, Feb. 14, 1815; married Dr. William M. Cooper (died 1870), Bracken Co., Ky., Dec. 27, 1846; died Henden Co., Ky., Dec. 21, 1884; 5 children; one, Nannie, predeceased her.


April 18, 1885

SOPHIA MANNING BROWN wife of Rev. R. K. Brown, presiding elder, Nashville District, Tenn. Methodist Conference, died April 12, 1885. [A very long panegyric written by O. P. Fitzgerald published in the April 25, 1885 issue, page 5]

WILLIAM W. CHAMP born Caney Springs, Tenn., Mar. 15, 1863; died Marshall, Tex., Jan. 22, 1885.

Rev. JOSEPH B. GREGORY born Limestone Co., Ala., April 7, 1852; died Pontotoc Co., Miss., Jan. 29, 1885; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in 1876; No. Alabama Conference; surviving were his widow and three children.

WILLIE McTYEIRE LUCY son of Rev. William B. and Angie Lucy, born Green Co., Ky., May 20, 1883; died Daviess Co., Ky., Dec. 1, 1884.

ANNIE BELL MIMMS wife of G. M. Mimms, daughter of C. M. Bell, born Todd Co., Ky., Oct. 11, 1863; married July 12, 1882; died Jan. 28, 1885.

ANNIE E. COONS daughter of J. M. and M. Y. Coons, born Pickens Co., Ala., Mar. 31, 1863; died Jan. 18, 1885.

SARAH HARMON born Lincoln Co., N.C., Dec. 1803; died Jan. 31, 1885; moved with husband [unnamed] to Salem, Illinois in 1865.


(Page 22)

REBECCA DAVIS born N.C., 1810; died Tiptonville, Tenn., Jan. 24, 1885; married James Davis (died 1861), Obion Co., Tenn. in her 19th year; 2 daus., 1 son.

FRANCES JACKSON born in 1814; married in 1837; died Feb. 5, 1885; left a widow in 1847 with 5 children; her only daughter, Mrs. Olivia Penn, predeceased her.

CARRIE JESUP CASH wife of George W. Cash, Bowling Green, Ky., born Sept. 3, 1825; married Dec. 19, 1849; died Jan. 18, 1885; two sons survived her, Samuel E. and George K. Cash.

JOHN C. WILLIS born Greene Co., Tenn., Oct. 12, 1850; died Benton co., Ark., Jan. 14, 1885.

Tribute of Respect for L. D. CADE who died Dec. 1, 1884; by fellow stewards, Lone Chestnut "Society", i. e. Church.

ELBERT McMAHON son of Marshall and Ann McMahon born Sept. 14, 1883; died Oct. 23, 1884.

HANNAH M. BEALL widow of Z. M. Beall, Logan Co., Ky., died Feb. 4, 1885 aged 84 years and 6 mos.; married Nov. 3, 1820.

ROBERT SMITH born Greene Co., Tenn., Feb. 16, 1802; moved with parents to White Co., Tenn. when about four years old, where he later died, Jan. 23, 1885; a husband and father.

ARCHIE GREAR EVANS son of Joe and Rebecca Evans, born Nov. 9, 1875; died from a mule-kick, Jan. 3, 1865.

TEXAS MATTINGLY, nee Harris, born Union Co., Ky., April 19, 1846; married in 1870; died Feb. 5, 1885; a wife and mother.

JOHN D. DAVIS born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Mar. 13, 1881; died White Co., Ark., Feb. 2, 1885.

ANNIE ALICE CROW daughter of J. L. and L. F. Crow born Ashley Co., Ark., July 30, 1883; died Jan. 3, 1885.

MARGARET W. TOWNES daughter of Hartwell and Maria Temple, born Henderson Co., Tenn., June 3, 1837; married R. T. Townes, Nov. 30, 1854; died Red River Co., Texas, Feb. 6, 1885.

ELIZABETH WAMSLEY, nee Sagesser, wife of Rev. T. E. Wamsley, Illinois Methodist Conference, born Jessamine Co., Ky., July 4, 1811; married Dec. 18, 1828; moved to McLean Co., Ill. in 1853; died Feb. 6, 1885.

FREDERICK C. DENTON son of Samuel and Temperance Denton, born Henderson Co., Ky., Feb. 4, 1828; married Eliza Spencer, May 25, 1848; died Jan. 11, 1885; surviving were widow and 6 children.

MAGGIE A. PERRY daughter of James S. Perry, died Maury Co., Tenn., Jan. 20, 1885 aged 22 years.

CHARLES W. WEBB, SR., died Washington Co., Va., Jan. 19, 1885 aged about 73 years.

LUCINDA T. GARRETT wife of R. B. Garrett, born Aug. 2, 1841; died near Ft. Smith, Ark., Jan. 28, 1885; married Aug. 3, 1855; a wife and mother.

MARIA ELIZABETH PAYNE daughter of Major Moses and Dulcinea Ryan, born Bath Co., Ky., Oct. 1, 1825; joined Christian Church, June 19, 1831; married Edwin D., son of William P. and Lucinda Payne, Jan. 27, 1847; died Nashville, Tenn., March 21, 1885.


April 25, 1885

SALLIE L. REID wife of Rev. Dr. N. F. Reid, North Carolina Methodist Conference, died Wentworth, N.C., April 1, 1885.

Rev. JAMES R. PLUMMER, Tennessee Methodist Conference, died suddenly, April 18, 1885; a tribute by Preachers' Meeting, Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, dated April 20, 1885.

REBECCA SMITH, nee Wylie, born Chester Co., S.C., Oct. 23, 1835; married Rev. A. W. Smith (died 1875), April 30, 1865; died in west Tenn., Feb. 11, 1885 but she was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia, Tenn., of which town she had been a resident since 1869.


(Page 23)

MARY CLYDE BOBO daughter of W. R. and M. M. Bobo, died Feb. 3, 1884 aged about 6 months.

MARY F. BERTON, nee Eason, wife of Dr. Thomas H. Berton, Gibson Co., Tenn., born April 23, 1831, that county; married July 1, 1847; moved to Dyersburg in 1850 where she died Feb. 13, 1885; surviving were her widower and 4 children.

LELIA HESTER died in the summer of 1884 in Miss.; had a sister, Mrs. Georgia Whitefield, Madison Co., Tenn.

ELISHA G. ADAIR born Putnam Co., Ga.; died Feb. 5, 1885; surviving were his widow, 11 children.

CYNTHIA FARRIS born Sept. 23, 1808; died Feb. 9, 1885.

JOHN EMORY PARKER born May 15, 1862; died Hickman Co., Ky., Feb. 7, 1885; son of J. E. and Elizabeth Parker.

N. A. WINSTEAD daughter of Harrison and Mary Whitfield, born Davidson Co., Tenn., Aug. 5, 1811; married John M. Winstead, Mar. 8, 1827; died Feb. 7, 1885.

Tribute of Respect for J. L. RIZER by Quarterly Conference, Russellville, Ky., Methodist Church dated Feb. 16, 1885; he had died recently.

PRISCILLA MANA ROOKER, nee Mallard, born April 7, 1842; died Feb. 26, 1885; married Rev. John W. Rooker, June 24, 1842 [confused birth and marriage dates!]

THOMAS CHEATHAM died Maury Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 1885 in his 77th year of age.

REBECCA ANN KLYCE daughter of Elisha and Mary Roberts, born Aug. 27, 1827; married H. M. Klyce, Nov. 16, 1861; died recently.

E. H. WEBB, born Graves Co., Ky., Nov. 13, 1842; died Fulton Co., Ky., Feb. 6, 1885; son of Dr. John and Elizabeth Webb; married Nancy daughter of Jordan and Sabra Morgan, Dec. 1864; 5 children.

WILLIAM McCAWLEY died Red Boiling Springs, Tenn., Feb. 27, 1885; born Jackson Co., Tenn., Dec. 1815; married Lucy Pankey in 1846; one daughter.

HARRIS JERNIGAN born Aug. 13, 1811; died Feb. 24, 1885.

ALLA MAY TARPLEY, nee Nunn, born Williamson Co., Tenn., May 10, 1859; died Bedford Co., Tenn., Feb. 17, 1885; wife of James E. Tarpley.

ELIZABETH WILLIAMS wife of Dr. J. R. Williams died Coal Hill, Ark., Feb. 14, 1885 in her 66th year of age.

JOHN JAMES FLETCHER died recently in Limestone Co., Ala. in his 78th year of age.

THOMAS MARION LAMKIN son of T. M. and M. E. Lamkin, born May 2, 1883; died Nov. 17, 1884.

WILLIAM Y. JENKINS born Obion Co., Tenn., Mar. 6, 1867; moved to Los Angeles, California in 1874; died Feb. 3, 1885; consumption.

LUCY HATCHER, nee Rucker, born Bedford Co., Va., 1797; married William Hatcher in 18l4; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn. in 1818; died August 27, 1884.


May 2, 1885

CHRISTOPHER C. WILLIAMS born Robertson Co., Tenn., April 20, 1829; married (1) Paulina Hyde, Jan. 1849; (2) Nancy Ellis, Jan. 4, 1856; died Jan. 16, 1885. Also a tribute of respect for him by the Sycamore Masonic Lodge #255, dated April 11, 1885.

HANNAH BEALL daughter of Middleton Beall, born Montgomery Co., Md., Sept. 4, 1800; married Zadoch M. Beall, Nov. 3, 1820; died Logan Co., Ky., Feb. 4, 1885; member of Pleasant Run Methodist Church for 67 years; a wife and mother.

"Grandma" SKIDMORE died Jan. 21, 1885 aged 86 years; a wife and mother.


(Page 24)

LIZZIE ALICE FARILL wife of Dr. J. P. Farill and daughter of Rev. L. R. and Victoria Bell; born near Alexander City, Ala., Mar. 15, 1866; died Feb. 17, 1885; lived five miles east of Gaylesville, Alabama.

JAMES F. TARVER son of Howell and Sallie Tarver, born Hickman Co., Ky., Feb. 13, 1840; died Jan. 7, 1885; married Nancy Puckett, 1865; 3 children.

SARAH HORTON daughter of James E. and Emily Horton died Feb. 7, 1885 aged 15 years, Tallahassee, Fla., where she had gone for her health but was a resident of Athens, Alabama.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM B. BLACKBURN who died Jan. 15, 1885, 6 miles west of Frankfort, Colbert Co., Ala., after a long illness; by Frankfort Masonic Lodge #275; undated.

NANCY POWELL HODGES daughter of John and Elizabeth Powell, born Wilson Co., Tenn., Feb. 27, 1819; married Richard Hodges, Oct. 19, 1847; moved to Miss. but in 1870 moved to Delta Co., Texas where she died Jan. 2, 1885; wife and mother.

BENJAMIN H. PEACOCK born June 11, 1860; died Selma, Ark., Feb. 24, 1885.

ABBIE GOWAN, nee Daniel, born April 15, 1855; married L. R. Gowan, Mar. 3, 1874; died Mar. 2, 1885.

JAMES L. NICHOLAS born April 7, 1831; died Jan. 23, 1885.

MILLER F. JOHNSTON daughter of John L. and Sarah Grove, born Hardeman Co., Tenn., April 20, 1856; married S. D. Johnston, Nov. 16, 1875; died Marianna, Ark., Mar. 6, 1885; pneumonia.

SARAH C. SEHORN wife of Louis J. Sehorn, died of consumption, Feb. 28, 1883 aged 30 years; 2 daus

Mrs. MARGARET FULLER died Montgomery Co., Va., Nov. 11, 1884 aged 61 years, 4 months.

Mrs. THEODORE LANGLY died Jan. 31, 1885 aged 27 years; native of Muhlenburg Co., Ky.; surviving were her widower and two children.

LORUHANAH LOVELL daughter of John C. and Penelepa Holmes, born near Raleigh, N.C., Sept. 21, 1813; moved with parents a year after her birth to Davidson Co., Tenn.; married William Harrison Lovell, April 4, 1833; 8 children, 4 surviving her; died a widow, Jan. 19, 1885; a son, Charles B. Lovell, mentioned.

THOMAS H. THOMPSON born Dickson Co., Tenn., Jan. 9, 1829; died in same county, Feb. 19, 1885; married Rebecca M. Bateman, Oct. 19, 1852; "almost an invalid;" surviving were widow and 9 ch.

MARY DYKES born Warren Co., Tenn., 1810; died Mar. 2, 1885; married Russell Brown, 1827.

SARAH DALLAS ROBERTS daughter of George B. and Sarah Roberts, born Marshall Co., Ky., Nov. 18, 1866; died there, Mar. 1, 1885; surviving were her parents, 2 sisters, 3 brothers.

ELIZABETH "Betsy" SMITH born Scott Co., Ky.; died recently aged 83 years old.

ULA MOORE oldest daughter of Henry and Carrie Moore died Decatur, Ala., Mar. 7, 1885.

SARAH W. ANDERSON wife of William C. Anderson, Denver, Col., died February 18, 1885.


May 9, 1885

MARY C. WALKER, nee Kenner, born Fleming Co., Ky., Dec. 28, 1840; married Rev. H. P. Walker, DD, Kentucky Methodist Conference, Aug. 23, 1859; 7 children; died Leighton, Ky., Apr. 2, 1885 of Bright's Disease.

AGNES MORGAN, nee McLaughlin, wife of Rev. T. G. Morgan, born in Scotland, reared on the Mendeb farm near Edinburgh; came to U.S. in 1853 and taught school in Illinois for several yrs.; returned to Scotland in 1861 to help care for her parents; after their deaths she returned to the States (1866) and lived in MO and Kansas; then to Calif. in 1872; married Rev. Morgan in 1879; died March 25, 1885.

Rev. J. C. CROW, Kentucky Methodist Conference, died Harrison Co., Ky., April 26, 1885.


(Page 25)

Rev. CAPEL RAIFORD, retired Methodist preacher, South Georgia Conference, died Thomas Co., Ga., April 9, 1885.

Rev. WILLIAM DAVIES, Florida Methodist Conference, died April 22, 1885.

Mrs. MINNIE WINTON, youngest child of Bishop Martin, dec., died Springfield, MO, Apr. 23, 1885.

Mrs. FRANK ARMSTRONG VANDERBILT, only daughter of Robert L. Crawford, Mobile, Ala., widow of Commodore Vanderbilt; born in 1840*; died in New York, May 4, 1885; pneumonia; her mother was a third cousin of her late husband. [Account of her funeral given in May 23, 1885 issue, page 4. This lady, having what is generally considered a man's given name, is credited with cooperating with Bishop Holland McTyeire to influence Cornelius "Commodore" Vanderbilt to donate a small fortune towards the chartering (June 1873) and establishment of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. [See, GONE WITH THE IVY, a history of Vanderbilt University, by Paul K. Conkin, 1985, pages 14-17. She was the second wife of Cornelius Vanderbilt, having married him August 21, 1869.] [*"Biography and Genealogy Master Index", volume 16, Sept. 1988-August 1990, states that Mrs. Vanderbilt was born in 1839.]

CAROLINE PURVIS SPICER daughter of Samuel and Eliza Steel, born Fayetteville, N.C., Oct. 3, 1810; married Robert M. Spicer, April 22, 1827; 11 children, 6 surviving her; moved to Memphis, Tenn. about 1845; her husband died in 1866; she died Feb. 13, 1885; blind for over a year; a wife and mother.

ELDRIDGE W. HENLEY born Franklin Co., N.C., May 11, 1805; died Clay Co., Miss., Feb. 23, 1885; moved to Miss. in 1823; married Frances Grantam Sanders in 1827; 7 sons, 7 daughters, 10 children surviving him.

SOLON F. POOLE eldest son of Lycurgus and Caroline E. Poole, died Poplarville, Miss., March 4, 1885; native of Alabama. "Solon had fine literary taste and a great fondness for biblical lore."

EMMA R. MABRY, nee McLaren, born Lauderdale Co., Ala., July 6, 1861; married Rev. M. J. Mabry, Tenn. Methodist Conference, Nov. 1, 1882; died Maury Co., Tenn., Feb. 8, 1885, yellow jaundice; left a seventeen month old son.

ELLA COLLINSWORTH daughter of Caleb and Martha Robertson, born Gibson Co., Tenn., Jan. 17, 1853; orphaned when 2 months old; reared by her grandfather, Rev. David McCutcheon and wife (her step-grandmother) until age 14 when she went to live with an uncle, B. A. McCutcheon; married A. J. Collinsworth, Jan. 12, 1871; died Nov. 26, 1884; five sons.

D. J. HARPER born Trousdale Co., Tenn., 1832; married (1) Miss Hail; 1 son, 3 daus.; (2) O. G. Crenshaw, Nov. 1872; 2 daus., 1 son; died Feb. 20, 1885; besides his immediate family, surviving was his 84 year old father.

NANCY J. SPILLMAN born Nelson Co., Ky., Mar. 11, 1801; died Hardin Co., Ky., Feb. 6, 1885; married James Spillman, Dec. 24, 1832.

MARGARET VIRGINIA WOODALL, nee Wilson, born Miss., Mar. 16, 1847; died Bell Co., Tex., Oct. 31, 1884; surviving were her widower and 5 children.

ELIZABETH LUCAS wife of J. C. Lucas, born Green Co., Ga., Aug. 28, 1827; married Dec. 11, 1845; moved to Miss. in 1848; died there in Kossiusko, Jan. 27, 1885.

MARY LEA SMITH daughter of Rev. A. C. Smith, Memphis Methodist Conference, born Jackson, Tenn., June 1, 1861; died Fayette Co., Tenn., Feb. 28, 1885; afflicted with a debilitating hip disease since childhood.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. L. R. RANDLE; by Rock Mills Auxiliary, Woman's Missionary Society; undated.

WILLIAM D. MADDUX for Va., 1806; died Jan. 9, 1885; Robertson Co., Tenn.; surviving were widow and 6 children.

GARALD IRBY born Sept. 11, 1854; died Feb. 26, 1885.


(Page 26)

Tribute of Respect for Rev. J. R. PLUMMER by Woodbine Charge in memory of this man, their pastor; undated.

Rev. OLIVER SWAINE TAYLOR, father of Dr. Charles Taylor, Nashville, Tenn., died May 1885 in his 101st year of age; possibly oldest Presbyterian minister in the United States.

Rev. H. S. LEE died Denver, Col., April 25, 1885. [Tribute to his memory by Methodist Union Preachers' Association and gathered by presiding elder, W. J. Jackson, in May 16, 1885 issue, page 13.]


May 16, 1885

MELISSA ANN NEELY, nee Wilson, married W. M. Neely, Sept. 16, 1868; 2 sons, 1 dau.; born Oct. 31, 1847; orphaned early and reared by a grandmother; died Marshall Co., Tenn., Jan. 3, 1885; at death was president of Woman's Missionary Society at Chapel Hill.

A. M. EVANS son of C. L. and A. H. Evans, born N.C. Aug. 18, 1820; died Marshall Co. Miss., Nov. 21, 1884; his mother died in 1821 and his father moved to Ga. where he died in 1831; both parents were natives of England; he married Sophia Buffington, 1839; moved from Ga. to Marshall Co. Miss. in 1866 and in 1875 built a Methodist Church at more than $1000 expense.

Tribute of Respect for SARAH JANE HILL, wife of Dr. Samuel F. Hill, who married Dec. 1, 1836; died Carrollton, Ala., Feb. 4, 1885 aged 66 years; by Carrollton Methodist Sunday School; und.

MATTIE HARVEY HOPKINS died St. Louis, MO, Feb. 15, 1885; a wife and mother.

MARY F. BELL, widow of John W. Bell, born Feb. 10, 1825; married (1) William Reeves, Oct. 14, 1847; 3 children; died Todd Co. Ky., Feb. 4, 1885.

H. W. PRATOR born Jan. 30, 1824; died Hope, Ark. Aug. 14, 1884; married Caroline Perdue (died Sept. 13, 1883, Sevier Co., Ark.), Feb. 13, 1845; 12 children.

GREEN BROWN born October 22, 1865; died Warren Co., Tennessee, June 13, 1884.

MARY C. SIDNER died Montgomery Co., Tenn., Feb. 18, 1885 aged 80 years and 7 days; 3 surviving children, one living in Texas, the other two, John and Elizabeth, remained with her; burial beside her husband in old Palestine Cemetery.

WILLIAM F. CLINE born Ky., Nov. 24, 1831; died Mar. 2, 1885; thrice married, lastly to Susan Smith.

GERTRUDE PAGE died Feb. 23, 1885 in Sumner Co., Tenn. in residence of Dr. James Franklin.

W. C. OGDEN born May 8, 1846; died Slaughterville, Ky., Nov. 7, 1884.

HELEN YOUNG wife of J. F. Young, daughter of James M. Daugherty; born Wayne Co., Ky., Feb. 8, 1863; died there, January 29, 1885.

R. M. TURNER died May 15, 1884; surviving were his widow and 2 children.

Notice of Golden Wedding Anniversary, April 26, 1885, of A. J. BERRY and wife, Collinsville, Ala.; the wife's brother, Samuel Ward, Center, Ala., among the attending guests.


May 23, 1885

Notice that Rev. PHILIP A. HOYLE, South Carolina Methodist Conference, "left us in the year 1865 and we have lost sight of him"; friends in Catawba and Burke counties, N.C. wanted to locate him; as by T. G. Abernethy, Rutherford College, N.C. [In the July 18, 1885 issue, page 9, a reply had been sent stating that Rev. Hoyle was serving the church in the Center District, No. Miss. Conference and his address was Booneville, Miss.]

Rev. JOHN C. BLACKWELL, more than three score and ten years old, died recently (as notified by date Feb. 24, 1885).

HANNAH O'BRIEN MELVIN born Lawrence Co., Ky., Oct. 29, 1848; married W. L. Melvin, May 20, 1879; died Cedar Hill, Tenn., Feb. 9, 1885; surviving her was a three year old son.


(Page 27)

EMILY K. HALEY born Humphreys Co., Tenn., Aug. 10, 1806; died Decatur Co., Tenn., Jan. 7, 1885; married Coleman Haley (died 1857) in 1824; a wife and mother.

CHARLES A. ALSTON born Decatur Co., Tenn., Mar. 8, 1852; died Dec. 2, 1884; son of Rev. C. H. K. Alston; married Maggie A. Marion, March 5, 1876; 5 children; chairman of Decatur County Court when he died.

MELVINA F. BRASFIELD wife of Caleb I. A. Brasfield, daughter of John K. Jones, born Granville Co., N.C., Dec. 1836; moved with parents to Weakley Co., Tenn. and married in 1855; died Oct. 7, 1884.

HATTIE H. BRASFIELD daughter of C. I. A. and M. F. Brasfield, born Weakley Co., Tenn., Dec. 1859; died September 24, 1884.

SAMUEL DUNBARR died Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 7, 1884 aged 59 years; surviving were his widow and 3 daughters.

THOMAS A. COLLIER died Montgomery Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 1885 aged 70 years, 10 months; asthma sufferer; burial in Blooming Grove Cemetery, by the Masonic fraternity; surviving were his widow and 5 children.

JULIA F. LOFTON, nee Bass, wife of A. W. Lofton, born 1808; married 1829; died Marshall Co., Miss., Jan. 20, 1885; 9 children.

J. R. WHITNEL born Feb. 7, 1865; died Feb. 10, 1885.

ANGELINE SIMS born Franklin Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1837; married David Sims, April 30, 1855; died Bell Co., Tex., Jan. 14, 1885.

MARY C. JETER born Granville Co., N.C., in 1822; moved to Weakley Co., Tenn. in 1836; married (1) John O'Brian; (2) William Jeter; died August 1884.

Mrs. BELLE CLARE wife of A. L. Clare, daughter of Mrs. C. M. Walter and sister of Thomas C. Hall; died Longview, Texas, Mar. 16, 1885 in her 52nd year; burial in Cave Hill Cemetery.

Dr. JOHN PRESTON WOOD born Amelia Co., Va., April 4, 1816; graduate, University of Pennsylvania, April 1839; married (1) Elvira McGlasson (died 1863) and moved to Lamar Co., Texas in 1850; 3 children; (2) Mrs. S. C. Crenshaw (died 1873); he died November 12, 1884.

JOHN F. PICKETT born Adair Co., Ky., Sept. 15, 1831; married (1) Dorinda Rogers, Jan. 25, 1855; (2) Martha J. Traylor, Dec. 24, 1876; died March 2, 1885.

MARY SPEED born in Ky., 1797; died Nashville, Tenn., Mar. 24, 1885; numerous progeny. Native of Burkeville, Ky.

PERRY GOSSUM son of Sinnet and Florence Gossum, born June 10, 1881; died recently; grandson of Henry and Ann Mobley.


May 30, 1885

Rev. CHARLES H. PHILLIPS, for 35 years a member of the North Carolina Methodist Conference; died Randolph Co., N.C., May 19, 1885.

Mrs. MARY McNEELY died recently in Watauga Co., N.C.; born in 1774 "on land then owned by Daniel Boone. Her age is perfectly well authenticated "

VICTOR HUGO, French poet, died in Paris, France, May 22, 1885.

THOMAS J. STRATTON son of James Stratton, born Sumner Co., Tenn., Aug. 15, 1817; opened a mercantile store in Lebanon; served in 1836 as a private in Capt. Henly's company for service in Florida [Seminole] War; twice married; had 2 daus., 4 sons; acquired several banks; died January 19, 1885.

THOMAS BRIDGES born Bourbon Co., Ky., Feb. 16, 1797; died Nov. 23, 1884; his wife, MARY HOGAN BRIDGES, born near Richmond, Va., Aug. 11, 1807; died September 11, 1882.


(Page 28)

SARAH JANET RAYBURN widow of Major John K. Rayburn and mother of Mrs. Lizzie K. Fisher, San Francisco, Cal.; born Nashville, Tenn.; daughter of Hon. William Lytle and Janet (Hobson) Lytle; died New Orleans, La., Aug. 28, 1884; a wife and mother.

ANNIE ROSS HEAD wife of J. W. Head, daughter of Dr. Samuel C. (died 1855) and Agnes Ross; died Shelbyville, Ky., Mar. 8, 1885; educated in Science Hill Academy, that town; married Dec. 15, 1881; husband was a lawyer.

WILLIS A. WILSON son of John B. and Eleanora Wilson, born Nov. 6, 1879; died March 9, 1885.

JOE E. J. WARREN son of R. G. and S. E. Warren born Feb. 26, 1867; died Aug. 30, 1885.

MARION WALLACE born June 17, 1847; died Feb. 1885; twice married; surviving were his widow and 3 children and his own father.

JULIA A. McNEILL born Chatham Co., N.C., Aug. 30, 1812; moved to Miss. when young; died Tate Co., Miss., Feb. 14, 1885 in residence of son-in-law, A. H. Haltom; had four children.

SUSAN LEWIS born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Jan. 16, 1834; moved to west Tenn. in 1874; died Jan. 21, 1885; surviving were 3 daus., 1 son.

TENNIE C. JACKSON wife of John S. Jackson, daughter of Rev. W. M. and Patience Wyett, born June 19, 1853; married Jan. 1, 1871; died Sumner Co., Tenn., March 11, 1885. '

Tribute of Respect for Misses MAGGIE MITCHELL and AVA LOVE WEAVER, who died presumably recently; by "Society of Walnut Grove"; undated. [society generally meaning CHURCH]

MARY TERPIN born Decatur Co., Tenn., Jan. 3, 1858; died Jan. 28, 1885.

Tribute of Respect for MARGARET ALPHA, age 12, daughter of Prof. and Mrs. J. W. DODD; by West End Methodist Sunday school; dated March 29, 1885.

JAMES KINCHEN WEBB born Sept. 28, 1822; died recently.

Rev. JOHN FLETCHER COCK son Rev. Valentine Cock, died Bennet Co., Texas, Mar. 19, 1885; surviving were his widow and several children.

CLARA ROSA HEWITT daughter of R. G. and F. J. Hewitt, died Guntersville, Ala., Mar. 5, 1885 aged 3 months, 6 days old.

JESSE CLINTON TURNER son of J. C. and D. F. Turner, born Jan. 17, 1884; died Leon Co., Tenn. [no such county existed], Mar. 15, 1885. [Perhaps Leon Co., FLORIDA was intended.]


June 6, 1885

Rev. JOHN W. LEWIS, N.C. Methodist Conference, died Thomasville, N.C., May 23, 1885; active in itinerant Methodist ministry fifty-two and one half years.

AUGUSTIN JOSE MORALES, LLD, Professor of Spanish in College of New York for 37 years, died in New York, May 20, 1885 aged 73 years; grandson of a Fla. governor in Spanish times.

Wife of Rev. J. E. KING, McDaniel's Circuit, died April 19, 1885; 4 children.

MARY E. COATS born Roane Co., Tenn., April 24, 1829; died Decatur Co., Tenn., Mar. 5, 1885; a wife and mother.

Capt. JOHN FARRER born Oct. 7, 1801; died Feb. 15, 1885; married (1)Nancy Robertson, 1832; (2) Sarah Hammond, Jan. 18, 1846; father of 16 children, only 2 of whom survived him; he bore a commission as captain in the 23 Regiment of Tenn. Militia, signed by Governor Samuel Houston. Burial in Adairville, Ky. cemetery.

Miss SARAH F. CASSEY born Ga., Dec. 7, 1801; died east Nashville, Tenn., Mar. 11, 1885; moved with parents to MO but moved in August 1884 to Nashville to reside with her sister, Mrs. Shaw.

MARY ANN HENRY born Jan. 7, 1821; married A. G. Henry, Aug. 8, 1838; daughter of Samuel and Margaret Henry, Sevier Co., Tenn.; died Guntersville, Ala., January 3, 1885.


(Page 29)

MARTHA GABLE, nee Hanks, born S.C., 1816; married Henry Gable, 1835; moved to Tishomingo Co., Miss. in 1852 where she died March 23, 1885.

BETTIE SPARKMAN daughter of A. M. and Elizabeth Means, born Morgan Co., Ala., Oct. 20, 1853; married G. C. Sparkman, Sept. 13, 1872; died Dec. 30, 1884; pneumonia; member of Forest Chapel Methodist congregation.

IDA CAMP RANDOLPH born Houston Co., Tex., June 14, 1858; married J. F. Randolph, Sept. 11, 1879; died in Texas, Mar. 17, 1885; surviving were widower and children.

JAMES MARTIN GALLAWAY born Morgan Co., Tenn., Mar. 14, 1855; firstborn of Levi and Hannah Gallaway; married Mary Jane Forrester, Oct. 3, 1878; murdered by gunshot, Feb. 28, 1885; surviving were his widow and 3 children.

ANGIE PARRISH daughter of Hon. Michael Trotter, Humphreys Co., Tenn., wife of Hon. N.C. Parrish, born Montgomery Co., Tenn., 1835; moved to Humphreys Co. with parents; married in 1856 and moved to Ark. in May 1884; died March 15, 1885.

GEORGE WILSON SMITH born June 27, 1853; died Dickson Co., Tenn., Dec. 15, 1884.

MARY HENRIETTA WEBB daughter of G. and M. H. Wheeler, born Monroe Co., Ga., Nov. 16, 1850; moved with parents to Humphreys Co., Tenn. in 1870; married James Webb, Aug. 8, 1880; 3 children; died March 1, 1885.

ESTHER YOUNG daughter of R. W. and M. C. Young born Lamar Co., Ala., Sept. 18, 1867; died there, Feb. 5, 1885.

NANCY A. EDWARDS born April 30, 1840; married A. J. Davis, Oct. 14, 1858; died Mar. 8, 1885.

MARY V. YOUNG daughter of R. W. and M. C. Young born Lamar Co., Ala., Sept. 9, 1870; died Jan. 30, 1885.

MISSOURI BROWN wife of Perry Brown, died Chambers Co., Ala., May/June, 1885 aged 34 years; 4 children, the youngest 4 weeks old.

INFANT DAUGHTER of B. M. and Sarah BRATTON DIED April 2, 1885.


June 13, 1885

MARY TIMMONS only daughter of Andrew W. and Eliza Booth, Elbert Co., Ga., born Nov. 24, 1852; her father died in Confederate army in 1864 and her mother died five years later; made home with an uncle, Robert Booth; married Thomas H. Timmons, Oct. 27, 1870; died May 1, 1885; five children.

WILLIAM T. BOLTON died Waverly, Tenn., June 3, 1885.

BETTIE A. LOVE, nee Hunt, born Hardeman Co., Tenn., July 27, 1841; died DeSoto Co., Miss., Feb. 16, 1885; married William Love, Aug. 4, 1875; taught for a time in the Memphis Conference Female Institute in Jackson, Tenn. and in the Iuka Female Institute.

RHODA SUSANNAH REEVES wife of Rev. I. N. Reeves, daughter of Archibald and Rutha Dyer, born McMinn Co., Tenn., April 9, 1830; died near Eastland, Tex., April 2, 1885; married April 9, 1852; husband was a Confederate chaplain; moved from Miss. to Texas in 1874; surviving were her widower, a widowed daughter and a grandchild.

SARAH C. WOOD daughter of Augustus Wood, born Coweta Co., Ga., Aug. 8, 1824; moved with parents to Shelby Co., Tenn. in 1845, settling at Capleville; married N. T. Alsobrook, 1846; died Dec. 29, 1884.

MILEY HUGHES daughter of Baalim and Amey Fesmire, born Chatham Co., N.C.; moved with parents to Henderson Co., Tenn. in childhood; married J. A. Hughes, Oct. 8, 1846; 5 children, 3 surviving her; died October 3, 1884.

ALICE NELSON wife of W. H. Nelson, born near Humboldt, Tenn., 1842; died March 28, 1885.


(Page 30)

ANN OGBURN BARBEE born in Va., Nov. 30, 1804; married the late H. [Horace] G. [Green] Barbee in Tenn., August 3, 1822; moved to Byhalia, Miss. in 1847 where she died January 30, 1885.

MARY W. STITH born Bedford Co., Va., June 10, 1802; married W. B. Jones, Mar. 27, 1817; died Fayetteville, Ark., Dec. 11, 1884; burial in MO.

SIDNEY McSWAIN, nee Sykes, born Stewart Co., Tenn., May 5, 1853; died Henry Co., Tenn., Feb. 12, 1885; married John McSwain, 1874; wife and mother.

MARY M. BARWICK born Kershaw Dist., S.C., July 18, 1833 and moved with family to Miss. when she was three years old; married May 12, 1853 to Capt. H. K. Barwick; died Attala Co., Miss., March 20, 1885; 11 children.

CAROLINE M. LOOMIS born June 16, 1814; died Henry Co., Tenn., Jan. 25, 1885; joined Methodist Church in 1828.

Tribute of Respect for ROBERT EDMONSON who lived and died near Clarksville, Tenn.; by Fredonia Masonic Lodge #225; dated April 4, 1885.

Tribute of Respect for E. F. SWIFT, born Nov. 8, 1810; died April 1, 1885; by Fredonia Masonic Lodge #225; dated April 4, 1885.

JOSEPH BAXTER LUTON born May 20, 1841; died Dickson Co., Tenn., Dec. 13, 1884.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ALLISON born Sept. 14, 1839; son of Green B. and Mary (Whitaker) Allison; died Jan. 15, 1885; surviving were his widow and 8 children.


June 20, 1885

Rev. DANIEL WHEDON, DD, died Atlantic Highlands, N. J., June 8, 1885 in his 77th year of age; prominent figure in American Methodist literature.

SARAH ANN SHIVERS born Greensboro, Ala., Dec. 21, 1809; married Thomas J. Shivers (died 1876), Feb. 23, 1836 and lived until his death in Columbus, Ga.; then she went to live with her children in Dallas, Tex., where she died Feb. 15, 1885; her daughter, Mrs. Carnes, mentioned.

CHRISCHENA H. FERRISS, nee Clay, born Halifax Co., Va., Oct. 7, 1816; died Nashville, Tenn., Mar. 21, 1885; moved with parents to Rutherford Co., Tenn. in the fall of 1818; married John C. Ferriss, Feb. 25, 1834; 9 children.

SARAH A. CROSBY born Augusta Co., Va., June 10, 1829; died in same county, Dec. 29, 1884; married William Crosby, May 25, 1848; joined Methodist Church in 1852.

SAMUEL HOUSTON BRATTON fought as a Confederate and was seriously wounded towards the close of the Civil War; married Mollie Canner, Feb. 1866 on the day he reached his 29th birthday; died of pneumonia, Mar. 13, 185; was superintendent of the local Methodist Sunday School.

JOHN BURKE NEELY born Sumner Co., Tenn., May 16, 1812; died Marshall Co., Tenn., April 2, 1885; married Jane Cluck, 1830; a husband and father.

M. C. HOOKS daughter of G. P. and Sarah Charington, born Feb. 12, 1843; died Dec. 23, 1884.

ELIJAH DOWNING died Nov. 15, 1884; surviving were his widow and a widowed daughter; oldest member of Medium Methodist Church.

MOLLIE P. SHELTON daughter James and Louisa Cox, born Jackson Co., Ala., Aug. 18, 1858; died April 1, 1885; surviving was her widower.

I. S. EARLES born Ironton, MO, Jan. 12, 1850; married S. I. Kaylor, Charleston, Tenn., July 5, 1874. died January 1, 1885; 2 children.

CLEM WILLIAMSON wife of T. J. Williamson; died near Cornersville, Tenn., April 7, 1885; wife and mother.

SALLIE A. SHELBY wife of W. F. Shelby, dau. of W. H. Johnson; died near Nebo, Ky., Mar. 30, 1885.


(Page 31)

ANN PRIM, nee Johnson, born Va., Feb. 28, 1801; moved with parents to Tenn.; married W. W. Prim, Sept. 2, 1819; died Jan. 4, 1885; 2 daus., 1 son.

ELIZA ALICE McCLESKEY daughter of Thaddeus and Adaline McCleskey, born Red River Co., Tex., Jan. 22, 1872; died Dec. 3, 1884. Her sister, MARGARET MELVINA McCLESKEY, born near Arkadelphia, Ark., Jan. 14, 1870; died Feb. 11, 1885.

JONATHAN JACKSON "Jack" PEACH born S.C., Mar. 25, 1806; married Jane Little, Jan. 1, 1834; died near Franklin, Tenn., Dec. 25, 1884.

HATILDA KNIGHT died Feb. 27, 1885 aged 87 years.

JOHN B. NEELY died Cornersville, Tenn., April 2, 1885.

Miss LOU SHOOK, Tracy City, Tenn., was buried in Winchester, Tenn., May 29, 1885; an ardent worker in the W. C. T. U., "one brave little woman was canvassing against three saloon- keepers."


June 27, 1885

ISABEL F. COCKRILL wife of J. M. Cockrill, daughter of R. E. and M. E. Russell, born Allen Co., Ky., Sept. 21, 1866; died Mar. 26, 1885; her father died when she was 3 months old; her mother reared her and two brothers; married Dec. 30, 1883.

BENJAMIN F. NEIGHBORS son of J. A. and M. J. Neighbors born Tallapoosa Co., Ala., July 25, 1865; died there, Mar. 15, 1885; largely a panegyric by W. S. Neighbors that has the touch of sincerity to it.

Rev. W. P. ABERNATHY born N.C., Oct. 25, 1811; moved with parents to Tenn. when two years old; his father killed by a falling tree when he was ten years old; married Nancy Farrar, Nov. 24, 1831; licensed to preach in Methodist Church September 7, 1870. Tennessee Methodist Conference; a local Methodist preacher; died Plano, Texas, March 30, 1885.

DAVIS ELLISON youngest son of Dr. J. E. Ellison, Guerryton, Ala., died January 2, 1885.

J. S. LEE, nee Richardson, born Stewart Co., Tenn., May 1, 1839; died April 1, 1885; a wife and mother.

JESSE H. BENTLEY born Dec. 3, 1809; died Mar. 11, 1885 in Calhoun Co., Miss. where he had lived for decades; a husband and father.

JOHN LENDERMAN born Dec. 18, 1818; died Marshall Co., Miss., Feb. 19, 1885; married M. A. Watkins (died 1863), Mar. 16, 1841.

MARY JANE DAVIS wife of Rev. F. M. Davis, daughter of W. C. and M. A. Berry, born Carroll Co., Tenn., Mar. 23, 1846; married Aug. 18, 1864; died April 13, 1885.

LAURA A. JOHNSON wife of H. D. Johnson, born Coweta Co., Ga., Feb. 17, 1838; died Jan. 30, 1884; 7 ch.

CASSANDRA LANIER born March 24, 1814; married J. H. Lanier, Sr., 1836; died March 5, 1882, Madison Co., Tenn.

ALICE C. NELSON wife of W. H. Nelson; daughter of Lebanon and Margaret Mathis, died near Humboldt, Tenn., Mar. 28, 1885 aged 42 years.

PENNY EDGAR CHAMBERS son of J. W. and Araminta Chambers, died near Willow Springs, MO, April 2, 1885 with spinal meningitis.


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