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Death Notices from the Christian Advocate,
Nashville, Tennessee 1880-1882 #2

Compiled by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith

Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2005

transcribed by Laurel Baty


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July 3, 1880 (cont.)

JOSEPH HENRY son of J. H. and Bettie DAVIS born Jan. 28, 1879; died June 2, 1880.

ALETHA wife of A. C. OXFORD, Birmingham, Ala., died Marengo Co., Ala., Apr. 13, 1880 in the 38th year of her age; wife and mother.

EDGAR son of Elias and Mollie SMITH died Jan. 5, 1880 aged about 2 years. Ky.

JOHN THOMAS son of R. H. and M. R. BOYERS born May 13, 1875; died Mar. 17, 1880; grandson of Rev. Dr. T. C. Carter.

July 10, 1880

DORTHULA EMMA daughter of Lewis D. and Mary M. VARNON born May 13, 1857; married C. PARKER, 1875; died May 18, 1880; wife and mother, Alabama.

THOMAS son of Lewis D. and Mary M. VARNON born May 16, 1862; died Jan. 11, 1880.

ANNIE daughter of J. P. and Adelia BENSON born Sept. 20, 1877; died Aberdeen, Miss. June 14, 1880.

JAMES H. THURMAN born Feb. 20, 1864; died June 11, 1880; tribute to his memory by Fern Vale, TN, Methodist Sunday School, dated June 19, 1880.

Mrs. LOUVERA SIMS died in residence of her father, George V. ATWOOD, Lawrence Co., Ala., Mar. 26, 1880; born Feb. 1, 1852; one son.

NANCY ANN daughter of Rev. John F. and Louisa ENGLAND; wife of G. W. SMITH; born Robertson Co., TN, Mar. 16, 1849; died Guadalupe Co., TX, May 15, 1880; three children.

JAMES L. W. BOX born Oct. 2, 1860; died Mar. 31, 1880. Alabama.

Tribute to memory of AGNES B. HEATH who died May 26, 1880; by Methodist Sunday School, Como, Miss., dated May 30, 1880.

W. R. PICKENS born Hardin Co., TN, Aug. 3, 1845; died Mar. 20, 1880; survived by widow and one child.

NANCY ELIZA daughter of Rev. S. B. and M. G. SEARS born June 20, 1854; died June 7, 1880; tribute to her memory by Fern Vale, TN Methodist Sunday School, dated June 19, 1880.

July 17, 1880

JULIA PORTER, nee MORRIS, born Calhoun Co., Ala., Feb. 17, 1846; died Talladega Co., Ala., June 12, 1880; married Thomas Porter, 1866 (7 children).

MARY ETHEL daughter of Rev. George W. BROWN born Aug. 6, 1873; died May 21, 1880.

JOHN DENT son of J. W. and Lebina R. TURNER born Jan. 29, 1880; died July 2, 1880. Yorkville. TN.

CELIA A. daughter of George and Hariet COWDEN born Blount Co., Ala., April 24, 1852; died Mar. 1, 1880.

EUGENE SHERRILL only child of J. C. and M. B. ABERNETHY died May 5, 1880.

JESSIE MAUD daughter of J. W. and Jackie WALKER born Jan. 10, 1879; died May 30, 1880.

EUDORA wife of W. H. EVANS born Apr. 16, 1852; died May 8, 1880. (Clifton, TN?)

MARY daughter of S. J. and Jo STOCKARD born Mar. 7, 1879; died Mar. 20, 1880.

CORDIE only child of John G. and Jimmie RUSS born Jan. 7, 1879; died June 20, 1880.

KATIE EVIN daughter of J. M. and Ann TOWNS born Sept. 13, 1873; died Jan. 17, 1880. Carroll Co., Tennessee.

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July 17, 1880 (cont.)

ARCHIE YELL son of Y. Y. WEST born Apr. 16, 1869; died June 20, 1880. Tribute to his memory by Mt. Moriah Methodist Sunday School, undated, in the July 24, 1880 issue.

WILLIAM ALEXANDER son of John A. and Matilda VAUGHAN born near Gallatin. TN, Apr. 27, 1849; married Sallie P. Searcy, 1872; died near Nashville, TN, Apr. 12, 1880

WILLIAM D. son of Rev. D. R. and Eliza HOOKER born Bedford Co., TN, Jan. 3, 1852; died Gibson Co., Tenn., June 8, 1880.

MARTHA V. C. wife of T. L. COLLINS died Hardin Co., TN, June 13, 1880; two children,

WILLIAM LAYTON son of Rev. W. A, and Mattie LEACH born May 23, 1880; died May 27, 1880

July 21, 1880

Mrs. CHARLES A. BLACKWOOD, nee GREGORY, born Shelby Co., Tenn., Sept. 2, 1858; married Rev. A. S. Blackwood, Mar. 27, 1879; died May 31, 1880. Her son, JAMES PREWITT BLACKWOOD born May 24, 1880 and died May 26, 1880.

ALVIN ADOLPHUS son of B. F. and Sopronie WOODALL born Oct. 26, 1863; died Sept 29, 1879. Carroll Co., TN.

JOHN M. LIPSCOMB born Dec. 8, 1859; died June 4, 1880. Tenn.

ALMA son of H. L. SIMS died Pittsburg, TX, July 2, 1880.

JOHN A. GRAHAM born Williamson Co., TN, June 27, 1835; died June 21, 1880.

MARGARET IVA daughter of George B. and Bessie LIGON born Mar. 13, 1879; died June 30, 1880.

JOHN M. LIPSCOMB died in Trousdale Co., TN, June 4, 1880 in 21st year of age. July 31, 1880


MR. EDITOR: -- I feel that it is due the Memphis Conference that there should be some statement in the ADVOCATE respecting the prosperity of McKenzie College. Its extraordinary success during the past year has been very gratifying to its friends, and has inspired confidence in all. The recent closing exercises showed that the principals had done honest, thorough work. The examinations were rigid, and were conducted in such a way that no student could pass who did not thoroughly understand what he had gone over. The local members of the Board have taken pains to examine the methods of teaching and governing, and express their unqualified satisfaction and approval. The teachers go upon the principle that there is not so much in the amount a student parses over as in the way he studies it The rules of discipline laid down in the catalogue are strictly enforced, and all students are kept under wholesome moral influences. There were about one hundred pupils in regular attendance during the last term of the past session. They were unusually diligent in their studies, and orderly in their deportment; and most of them will show their appreciation of the school by returning this fall. There are a number of young men in the College who are preparing for the Vanderbilt University, and we hope, erelong, to send up representatives who will do us credit in that noble institution.

Rev. H. M. Sears, who conducted the Young Ladies Boarding department so successfully last year, will continue with us. It is needless for me to give assurance to parents that their daughters will be tenderly cared for while under his charge.

The Board are gratified to be able to say to the patrons and friends of the College, that the Rev. E. B. Chappell, who is a member of our Conference, has given entire satisfaction, and has so worked himself into the esteem and confidence of the pupils and friends of the institution, that the Board regard him as almost indispensable. He has identified himself with the destinies of the College, and will remain with us.

Professor Granville Goodloe, son of Rev. A. T. Goodloe, of the Tennessee Conference, has been recently elected by the Board of Trust a joint-principal, and will hereafter be Professor Chappell's co-laborer. We feel that this makes our assurance of success doubly sure. Prof. Goodloe was for three years a pupil of the Messrs. Webb, of Culleoka and, to use their own words, “He was faithful and diligent in his studies, and preeminent in scholarship.” He afterward graduated with honor at Vanderbilt University, as Master of Arts, and is highly recommended by Bishop McTyeire, Dr. Young, and the members of the Faculty. The Messrs. Webb, whom he assisted in their school for one term, say: “He exhibited, as a teacher, that gentle firmness that always succeeds, and his classes made unusually fine progress.”

Mrs. Sophia A. Travig, one of the most successful and popular teachers in West Tennessee, will have charge of the Preparatory department.

Mrs. E. B. Chappell, who has been thoroughly trained in the Beethoven Conservatory, St. Louis, and has taught during the last three years in the leading Methodist College in the St. Louis Conference, will conduct the Music department.

The building will be thoroughly repaired and refurnished during the summer, so that every thing may be neat and comfortable. These advantages, together with the healthfulness of the locality, warrant us in predicting for the College abundant success.

The next session opens Sept. 1, and we look for a liberal patronage from our brethren. Respectfully, N. J. CALDWELL,

President of Board.

McKenzie, Tenn., July 21, 1880.

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July 31, 1880 (cont.)

REBECCA J. ABERNATHY born 1833; moved with parents to Giles Co., TN, about 1836; married D. V. BURROW at age 15 years; moved to Lauderdale Co., Ala., 1851; died April 15, 1880.

ELLEN B. MOORE, nee OWEN, born Limestone Co., Ala., Oct. 3, 1857; married John H. MOORE, 1877; died April 28, 1880.

NANNIE T. daughter of John and Nancy MOORE born Nov. 20, 1843; married L. HICKERSON, June 17, 1860 (8 children); died Feb. 19, 1880.

ALICE J. TALIAFERRO, nee MILLER, born Clay Co., MO, Oct. 23, 1850; died Todd Co., Ky., July 11, 1880; married Sam W. Taliferro, Dec. 1, 1870 (3 children).

DALLAS son of Rev. G. D. and Mary BRYNE died near Grant, Tenn., July 4, 1880.

Miss A. A. SEAGRAVES born Giles Co., TN, May 28, 1858; died Mar. 25, 1880.

CLARENCE PILLOW son of C. S. and L. J. MILLER born Nov. 11, 1879; died Williamson Co,. TN. June 26, 1880.

ROBERT MARVIN son of Thomas R. and Julia A. PRIEST born Williamson Co., Tenn., Apr. 30, 1878; died June 14, 1880.

August 7, 1880

Rev. STERLING BROWN born Giles Co., TN, July 9, 1828; admitted as Methodist preacher into the Tenn. Annual Conference, 1856 but his health failed about 1859. He died April 3, 1880; husband and father. He was "genial and brotherly…. His personal appearance was always agreeable and pleasant.” (Tribute to his memory by Bethesda Methodist Sunday School, dated May 2, 1880 appeared in the August 14, 1880 issue)

BELLE RICHARDSON FORD born Aug. 4, 1851; died June 11, 1880; married Jesse Ford, July 13, 1870; wife and mother.

MARGARET J. wife of B. F. BEARD born July 21, 1842; died July 12, 1880; mother of eight children.

MARY wife of W. T. CASHMAN born Breckinridge Co., Ky., 1853; married Oct. 21, 1873; died June 19, 1880.

ELIZA J. DUNKIN, nee WRIGHT, born Ga., March 1835; moved with her parents to Pickens Co., Ala., settling at Yorkville where her mother died; she was the oldest of five children; married A. P. Dunkin, Sept. 1, 1857 and she was stepmother of his three children; died Oct. 3, 1879.

August 14, 1880

LETITIA T. daughter of Clement and Susan CANNON; widow of Rev. Samuel S. MOODY (died May 1863); born Bedford Co., TN, Jan. 30, 1817; died Shelbyville, TN, July 26, 1880; married in 1840 (her only daughter, Mary, died in 1876; several sons survived her).

MARY E. daughter of B. G. and Sarah T. RICHMOND born Jan. 9, 1845; married W. H. EASON, Feb. 7, 1866 (1 son, 2 daus); died Marshall Co., Miss., May 6, 1880.

FRANCES ANN daughter of Richard and Elizabeth DULIN, born Aug. 14, 1831; died July 3, 1880; married J. W. MILLER, Feb. 1, 1848; about 1855 they moved to Hancock Co., Ky.; to another place in Ky., 1867.

HENRY son of John W. and Susan FULLENWILER born Shelby Co., Ky., Mar. 9, 1878; died June 24, 1880.

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August 14, 1880 (cont.)

JOHNNIE son of Elisha and Ellen COLLINS born Shelby Co., Ky., Jan. 1, 1862; died Tunnel Hill, Ky., May 5, 1880.

August 21, 1880

NANNIE HUNTER daughter of Loick (Lovick?) and Martha D. JONES born Fayette Co., TN, Dec. 8, 1849; died pneumonia, Jan. 6, 1880.

ANNIE daughter of Maj. Alexander and M. E. BUTLER, Tulip, Ark., wife of Olin G. MOORES, died at Tulip, July 24, 1880.

MARY J. SPENCER born Nov. 12, 1851; married R. W. WEST, Dec. 28, 1871; died April 16, 1880 (two deceased children). Henryville, TN.

MINERVA C. SHELTON, nee JACKSON, born Feb. 5, 1852; married J. N. Shelton, Dec. 1872; died Colbert Co., Ala., July 27, 1880.

DAISIE E. daughter of William and Kansas V. MARSHALL died July 16, 1880 aged 16 months. Chapel Hill, TN.

Miss SARAH WEAVER born Sept. 1862; died July 15, 1880; a tribute by Columbiana Methodist Sunday School, Ala., dated July 24, 1880.

B. F. WEST born July 30, 1837; died March 16, 1880.

August 28, 1880

Little LAVINIA KELLEY died diphtheria, Wilson Co., TN, Aug. 13, 1880; buried beside her grandmother for whom she was named.

ANNA J. daughter of G. Y. McCONICO, born near Franklin, TN, Apr. 21, 1851; married James F. HARWELL (Giles Co., TN), Dec. 18, 1872 (2 sons); died July 29, 1880.

WILLIAM FINAS son of J. A. and Bettie LEWIS born Aug. 3, 1872; died July 12, 1880 Miss.

ANNA C. BELL born Louisville, Ky., Feb. 3, 1876; died July 25, 1880.

Miss CORA ELLEN DEFFENBACH born Clarke Co., Ind., Sept. 12, 1857; died July 21, 1880.

JOHN RUCKER son of J. M. and S. R. HATCHER born near Bethesda, TN, Nov. 3, 1879; died July 2, 1880.

WILLIAM THOMAS son of George W. and Lou. T. MARTIN, grandson of Rev. George W. Martin, Tenn. Annual Conference; born May 17, 1879; died July 21, 1880.

Hon. JAMES ALEXANDER SELDON died Goochland Co., Va., Aug. 19, 1880, aged 65 years; served in U. S. Congress; Secretary of War, etc. Descendant of William Alexander, first Earl of Stirling, Scotland.

Former governor, HERSCHEL V. JOHNSON, died Jefferson Co., Ga., Aug. 17, 1880 aged 68 years.

September 4, 1880

OTIS KELLY son of Lindsey J. and Emily BROWN born Coosa Co., Ala., Aug. 7, 1879; died August 2, 1880; siblings, Flora and Edward, mentioned.

AMERICA LILE daughter of Francis M. and Antoinette JONES born June 5, 1852; married in Lawrence Co., Ala., Capt. James ABERNATHY, 1878; died July 15, 1880.

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September A, 1880 (cont.)

MARY WALKER daughter of W. R. PEEBLES died of scarlet fever, Brentwood, TN, Aug. 23, 1880; tribute to her memory by R. K. Hargrove given on page four.

ANN ELIZA, nee OTT, wife of G. W. TARPLEY, born Rutherford Co., TN, Nov. 23, 1845; married Nov. 22, 1866 (4 children, the youngest 7 years old); died Marshall Co., TN, May 19, 1880.

MARTHA P. daughter of Rev. W. A. and Catharine RUSHING born Stewart Co., TN, Nov. 14, 1840; died Nevada Co., Ark., June 20, 1880; married —— BEAN; 4 children.

MARY V. HAFLEY born Limestone Co., Ala., July 21, 1865; died Aug. 8, 1880; at her mother's death she was reared by her aunt and uncle, R. H, Hafley and wife.

OVERA daughter of B. L. and Nancy MARCUM born Feb. 2, 1879; died June 21, 1880. Ky.

LOUISA A.; nee TUCKER, born Nov. 3, 1843; married W. C. WEAKS, Nov. 10, 1859; died Dover, TN, May 21, 1880.

THOMAS MATTHEWS son of John H. and T. J. McFERRIN died Collierville, TN, Aug. 3, 1880 aged 19 months.

LEWIS COBBS son of Dr. B. F. and Julie M. BAIRD born Dec. 27, 1879; died Hardeman Co., Tenn., July 18, 1880.

September 11, 1880

Rev. THOMAS (Tommie) U. LEWIS died Stewart Co., TN, May 18, 1880; born Nov. 12, 1858; Methodist preacher.

ELIZABETH wife of Z. F. GREEN born Sept. 29, 1842; died July 9, 1880; wife and mother (3 children).

MARGARET J. daughter of Caleb and Caroline DAWSON born Dec. 26, 1843; died July 24, 1880; wife of —— READ; dau-in-law of C. W. Read (aged 82 years).

September 18, 1880

Rev. SMITH W. MOORE, DD, died Brownsville, TN, Sept. 2, 1880; graduate, Randolph-Macon College; had a son, Warner Moore (Methodist preacher).

Mrs. NELLIE ERWIN died Batesville, Ark., Aug. 5, 1880 in "prime of her life."

WARREN OVERSTREET son of S. C. and C. A. LANCASTER born Albemarle Co., Va., Dec. 24, 1879; died in Ky., Aug. 6, 1880.

MARY CLEOPATRA daughter of William N. and Mary HAILY, wife of William F. WEBB; born July 22, 1852; died Aug. 15, 1880.

ELIZABETH CATHERINE, nee PRICE, born Humphreys Co., TN, Oct. 29, 1848; married Rev. J. W. BAKER, a local Methodist preacher, Aug. 7, 1864; died July 22, 1880.

Tribute in memory of JANE AMELIA BROOKS "an exemplary scholar" who died July 7, 1880; by North High St., Nashville, TN, Methodist Church, dated July 18, 1880.

FLETCHER S. son of W. B. and LUNA M. McGARDIN born Nov. 20, 1872; died Aug. 1, 1880. College Grove, TN.

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September 25, 1880

ANNIE AYRES daughter of Rev. JUNIUS E. and Mary A. NEWMAN born Sumter Co., Ala., Dec. 25, 1836; migrated with family to Province of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1867; a teacher there; married Rev. J. J. RANSOM, Dec. 25, 1879; died July 18, 1880.

JOSIE M. daughter of John M. and E. F. BOTT born Washington Co., Miss., Dec. 15, 1842; died Cincinnati, Ohio, June 26, 1880; married George P. WORTHINGTON, Jan. 29, 1861.

JAMES F. RICKMAN born Aug. 15, 1841; married (l) Harriet Jennie Sheffield (d. April 18, 1873), Feb. 18, 1864 (5 children); (2) Cleopatra A. Robinson, Jan. 3, 1875 (3 children); died June 29, 1880.

MARY JANE daughter of Henry and A. C. KIRBY; born now-Clay Co., MO, Mar. 4, 1851; married John T. BARTON, Oct. 28, 1866 (3 sons, l dau); died July 30, 1880.

Dr. E. L. son of Dr. Hugh I. PATTERSON, physician; married Emma Howell, niece of Hon. Casey Young, May 17, 1877; died, July 15, 1880 aged 25 years.

CHARLES DANIEL son of John W. and Ellen LOGAN born Cleburne Co., Ala., Oct. 14, 1879; died June 7, 1880.

MARCUS AUGUSTINE son of B. F. and M. E. LOGAN born Feb. 20, 1880; died Cleburne Co., Ala., June 18, 1880.

M. ALICE daughter of Robert C. and Cornelia E. BEARD born Aug. 28, 1850; married Dr. T. H. GORDON, Jan. 26, 1876; died Tilatoby, Miss., July 30, 1880.

MARY BETTIE daughter of R. C. and Martha PARKES born Sept. 29, 1842; married Rev Z. F. GREEN, Feb. 17, 1859; died July 7, 1880; wife and mother.

REBECCA WILLIS born Marshall Co., Miss., May 9, 1854; died Bethlehem, Miss., June 4, 1880; surviving were her "aged" father and her three children.

October 2, 1880

LAURA GREEN daughter of Frank W. Green, died of scarlet fever, at Greenland, Sept. 5, 1880 aged 5 years and nearly 3 months old.

JOHN FLEMING CRAWFORD born Feb. 3, 1860; died Oct. 7, 1880.

SUSIE W. daughter of William M. and Martha A. CLEMONSES (sic) born April 8, 1879; died Nashville, TN, June 6, 1880; had just moved there from Robertson Co., TN.

JOSEPH oldest son of Dr. J. H. and Bettie LESTER born Jan. 1860; died May 9, 1880.

ROBERT HARPER CALHOUN, Tallahatchie Co., Miss., born Dec. 13, 1869; died July 25, 1880.

RACHEL ANN BUCKNER born Union Co., Ky., May 12, 1860; died Aug, 8, 1880.

ALICE A. daughter of John and Matilda A. BROWDER died of diphtheria, Obion Co., TN, Aug. 20, 1880 in the 7th year of her age.

ELIZA daughter of W. O. McREYNOLDS, Clarksville, TN, died Christian Co., Ky., June 30, 1880 aged 35 years; married S. J. LOWRY, Jan. 1871 (two daus).

Tribute to memory of Rev. L. C. MATHENY, Methodist preacher, by the "Union Association of Christians" dated August 13, 1880.

JAMES HENRY son of Henry D. and Mary C. STONES born Aug. 25, 1873; died Aug. 25, 1880,

HORACE son of Henry B. and M. J. WILLIAMS died Aug. 26, 1880 aged 9 mos. 1 day. DeKalb Co., Alabama.

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October 2, 1880 (cont.)

ORA daughter of B. F. and Alice SHERRIL born Oct. 1873; died Aug. 20, 1880.

WILLIE ELI son of Marshall M. and Rebecca A. NICHOLSON born May 30, 1880; died Aug. 11, 1880. Alabama.

October 9, 1880

DELIA P. PROCTOR born May 10, 1837; died Mar. 6, 1880; married James Proctor (1 child, Mattie).

AMBROSE E. son of James H. and Elizabeth A. SWIFT born Feb. 12, 1879; died Aug. 7, 1880. Nashville, TN.

Dr. JAMES A. HURT died Huntsville, Ala., Aug. 20, 1880 aged about 23 years; graduate, Medical College, Atlanta, Ga.; a tribute to his memory by the Methodist Sunday School, Huntsville, dated August 29, 1880.

Tribute to memory of Miss LIZZIE WOODS and FLETCHER McGOWAN, recently deceased; by Methodist Sunday School, College Grove, TN, dated Aug. 22, 1880.

Tribute, to memory of ELIZA WALLS, born Nov. 1867; died Aug. 19, 1880; by Sunday School, Carroll St. Methodist Church, dated Aug. 29, 1880.

MATTIE only daughter of R. P. and S. J. PARRISH died pneumonia, Dec. 30, 1879 aged 13 years.

Mrs. MARGARET C. KIRKSEY born Sept. 15, 1832; died Eastaboga, Ala., Dec. 31, 1879. Her daughter, ELLA, born Talladega Co., Ala., Oct. 2, 1850; died Aug. 31, 1880, wife of James RICHEY.

MARY LENORY WALLACE died Colbert Co., Ala., Jan. 8, 1880 aged about 7 years.

October 16, 1880

MARY J. daughter of Henry and A. C. KIRBY born now-Clay Co., Miss., Mar. 4, 1851; married John T. BARTON, Oct. 10, 1868; died July 30, 1880.

WILLIAM ROGERS son of D. J. L. and I. N. GILL born Dec. 12, 1869; died July 1880. Alabama.

CREED T. BRADLEY died Meade Co., Ky., May 1, 1880 in 47th year of his age.

NANCY C. daughter of T. D. and E. A. HOOPER born Nov. 6, 1879; died St. Clair Co., Ala., May 28, 1880.

MARGARET ANN wife of Jerome REAVES born June 2, 1836; died May 20, 1880.

LIDA daughter of W. P. and Elizabeth WELSH born Aug. 19, 1854; married T. B. CRAIG, Oct. 11, 1871; died July 22, 1880. Her father was 85 years old.

JOHNNIE son of L. N. and Amanda TIMBERLAKE born Nov. 9, 1878; died Henderson Co., TN, July 29, 1880.

EMMA J. daughter of Robert and Mary JONES died diphtheria, Fayette Co., Ala., Aug. 27, 1880 aged nearly 13 years.

Mrs. E. E. EEDS daughter of Mrs. M. M. RUSSELL born Pickens Co., Ala.; died Clay Co., Miss., June 30, 1880 aged 39 years.

WILLIE W. VAUGHN, a young man, died recently. Alabama.

SARAH dau of Daniel and Cynthia WALBERT born Cumberland Co., Ky.; died Metcalfe Co., Ky., August 14, 1880.

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October 23, 1880

Hon. L. W. CANNON, judge of probate, died Jacksonville, Ala., Oct. 14, 1880.

ORLENA ANN, nee BENTLEY, born Lawrence Co., Ala., July 25, 1836; married B. M. SIMPSON, May 3, 1853; died Hillsboro, Ala., July 7, 1880.

ELIZA F. wife of C. N. OWEN, daughter of Abner and Mary LITTLE, granddaughter of Major Russell (for whom the county of that name in Alabama was named) and Rev. Jonah Barker; married (l) H. P. Green (died Jan. 1874), 1864; (2) C. N. OWEN, June 16, 1875; died near Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 3, 1880. Children: Charlie, aged 15 years; Mary, aged 13 years and Lelia, aged 4 years.

MAY CYNTHIA oldest child of George H. and Sallie M. PATTERSON born Franklin, Ky., Feb. 7, 1866; died Aug. 19, 1880; joined Methodist Church, Dec. 15, 1878.

ANNIE C. daughter of J. W. SHULTZ, Mobile, Ala.; married W. R. SMITH, Dec. 21, 1879; died Jackson, TN, Sept. 12, 1880 aged 19 years. Buried in Magnolia Cem., Mobile.

LUCINDA C. daughter of Thomas and Mary JACKSON born Cobb Co., Ga., 1845; joined Presbyterian Church, Oct. 3, 1859; died Tallapoosa Co., Ala., Sept. 2, 1880; wife of E. W. RAY; wife and mother.

Tribute to memory of F. F. WILLIAMS "a faithful church member"; by Oak Grove Sunday School; undated.

LINNIE ETTA daughter of C. and Mary Louella BROUGHTON, granddaughter of Lewis D. and Mary M. Varnon; died June 28, 1880, abt. 2 mos. old. Her mother died July 21, 1880 aged about 25 years,

SAMUEL REED youngest son of Lewis and Mary M, VARNON born Oct. 15, 1866; died June 25, 1880.

JEANNETTE daughter of Rev. B. E. L. and Lucy TIMMONS died July 19, 1880 aged 4 years.

October 30, 1880

HENRY HAMPTON SPECK son of Rev. Henry Speck, No. Carolina Conference, born N. C.; reared in Dallas Co., Ala.; moved to Birmingham, Ala., 1872 and 3 years later to Oak Grove, Jefferson Co., Ala.; died Sept. 8, 1880; married (to whom not given), Sept. 17, 1876.

Mrs. G. W. JOHNSTON died August 20, 1880.

ROSA LEE daughter of Ira and Rebecca MOSS born Warren Co., N. C., Sept. 16, 1868; died Montgomery Co., TN, Sept. 18, 1880.

JOHN WESLEY GREER born May 3, 1850; died Hardin Co., TN, Sept. 10, 1880.

November 6, 1880

Rev. IRA T. WYCHE, Methodist preacher, N. C. Conference, died Oct. 24, 1880.

LONNIE son of Joseph and Ellen PALMER born Clay Co., Miss., Mar. 17, 1873; died Sept. 20, 1880, (Big Springs, Mississippi ?)

MARY LEAVENS youngest daughter of Robert T. (dec.) and S. A. HAWTHORN, died in residence of Col. A. A. Hawthorn, "Forest Home", Franklin Parish, LA, Sept. 17, 1880 aged 6 years.

FREDDIE son of Robert A. and Eliza J. ELLIOTT born Nov. 21, 1879; died Sept. 14, 1880.

MOLLIE LEE daughter of John and N. E. SIMS born Dec. 21, 1878; died Sept. 26, 1880

ROBERT MILTON son of Thomas and Mary E. BRATTON born June 8, 1875; died near Princeton, W. Va., Sept. 8, 1880.

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November 6, 1880 (cont.)

MARY BELLE wife of Jesse CANNON of Scott Co., Ky., born Shelby Co., Ky., Mar. 14, 1856; married Nov. 13, 1879; died (Sept.) 1880; mother of a ten month old son, Arthur.

SALIE M. HARGROVES, aged 10 years, died Sept. 12, 1880. EDNA E. HARGROVES, aged 4 years, died Sept. 13, 1880. Miss.

HENRY son of John W. and Hannah TATUM born Dec. 24, 1858; died July 15, 1880. Hickman Co., Ky.

Died of diphtheria. in Fayette Co., Ala., LIZZIE THOMPSON, Sept. 11, 1880 aged 3 years; GALENA THOMPSON, Sept. 17, 1880 aged 1 year; MATTIE JULIAN, Sept. 20, 1880 aged 4 years; CARRIE JULIAN, aged 6 years on Sept. 23.

Mrs. GUSSIE H. YATES born Feb. 1, 1853; died Bullock Co., Ala., Sept. 9, 1880.

WILLIE DELIA VAUGHAN died in residence of her grandfather, John A. Vaughan, Sept. 17, 1880 aged 16 months; her father died five months earlier.

November 13, 1880

NELLIE daughter of Dr. G. R. and Sallie SULLIVAN died recently in Madison Co., Ala., aged 8 years and 8 months old.

"RAS" BLACKMON born and reared in Green Co., Ky., died July 1, 1880 aged about 30 years; husband and father. "Among the last things he said was, 'I want to go home. I reckon I'll soon be there. '"

MARY C. daughter of J. P. and M. J. ANDERSON born York Dist., S. C., Sept. 29, 1861; died Limestone Co., Ala., Aug. 15, 1880.

SALLIE daughter of Col. William A. and Mary DENTON, born Holmes Co., Miss., Dec. 20, 1842; died West Station, Miss., Sept. 7, 1880; married R. P. HEFFNER, Jan. 19, 1861 (2 sons, 3 daus).

NETTIE MAY daughter of C. D. and Levy A. WHITLOCK born Aug. 16, 1879; died June 8, 1880.

KATIE LOUISE SMITH only child of James H. and Alice D. THORNTON born Sept. 12, 1829; died Sept. 24, 1880.

MARY ALICE daughter of J. T. and M. S. WADE, born Marengo Co., Ala., Nov. 23, 1857; moved to Hill Co., TX, Dec. 1874; married Thomas C. ODOM. June 24, 1877; died Johnson Co., Ala., Sept. 12, 1880.

ALVIN son of W. B. and Paralee McCOLPIN born Aug. 22, 1878; died Aug. 22, 1880.

November 20, 1880

ELLA KENTON daughter of John and Lucinda RAINS born Nashville, TN, Nov. 1, 1840; died Mar. 7, 1880; married C. W. WHITE, Nov. 13, 1872.

JAMES H. son of W. D. M. and Martha DURRETT born June 27, 1860; died Opelika, Ala., Aug. 27, 1880.

JOHNNIE J. son of Dr. J. W. and Jimmie HULME born Jan. 28, 1878; died Maury Co., TN, Sept. 29, 1880.

BIRDIE LEE infant daughter of Robert and Mollie SUMNER died Sept. 24, 1880.

LAURA BELL daughter of J. W. DICKERSON born Aug. 3, 1859; died Sept. 29, 1880.

MARY E. daughter of H. B. THURMAN born Cumberland Co., Ky., Feb. 22, 1853; married James T. JESSE, May 7, 1872; died Sept. 26, 1880.

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November 20, 1880 (cont.)

SARAH J. wife of Capt. William BELL, died near Fernendina, Florida, Sept. 30, 1880 in 36th year of her age; married May 29, 1879.

ANDA ELLA BROUN born Feb. 8, 1850; married R. Van Broun, Dec. 18, 1879; died Sept. 24, 1880; a tribute to her by Methodist Sunday School, Bethel, Giles Co., TN, undated.

MATTIE H. daughter of J. W. and G. T. CRYER born Gallatin, TN, May 28, 1859; married Littleton THOMPSON, Sept. 25, 1877; died Aug. 3, 1880; no children.

WALTER HILLIARD son of A. T. and M. A. BLOUNT born Haralson Co., Ga., May 16, 1871; died near Richland, Ark., Sept. 29, 1880.

MATTIE RAY daughter of B. P. and Mary E. COLLIER born Feb. 6, 1872; died Sept. 26, 1880.

HUTTON son of W. S. and Evaline BASS born Aug. 27, 1875; died July 21, 1880.

November 27, 1880

JAMES W. son of Dr. J. B. McFERRIN born Nashville, TN, July 14, 1846; became a freemason, Oct. 1867; master mason, Jan. 27, 1868; died in train wreck near Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 16, 1880; several tributes to his memory; married Dora Cook (died April 25, 1871), Dec. 1, 1868 (had a child, Annie, aged 11 years). Lived in Edgefield, TN.

Miss EMMA SHELBY died near Horsehead, Sept. 2, 1880.

FANNIE daughter of Rev. T. B. and Sallie R. FISHER born Feb. 5, 1880; died Oct. 14, 1880.

W. L. HICKS born Lincoln Co., TN, Nov. 28, 1854; died Aug. 19, 1880.

ANN HINTON daughter of Rev. Banks M. and Eliza A. BURROW born Gibson Co., TN, May 24, 1843; died in the house where she had been born, Oct. 23, 1878.

ALLEN S. WELLS born about Sept. 1854, Russell Co., Ky.; died there, July 31, 1880. "He was a very good school-teacher."

December 4, 1880

W. P. son of Rev. William ABERNATHY died DeSoto Co., Miss., Nov. 1, 1880.

Miss MARY WILKERSON born Giles Co., TN, June 20, 1860; died Oct. 30, 1880.

MATTIE daughter of Thomas P. and Agnes BURNS born Williamson Co., TN, Sept. 19, 1878; died of diphtheria, Sept. 28, 1880.

Mrs. ALICE EATON LONG died Gainsville, Ala., Oct. 24, 1880.

AMELIA daughter of William and Julia GARRETT born Danville, Oct. 27, 1871; died Oct. 16, 1880.

MARY J. daughter of Jacob and Nancy ADAIR, born TN, 1845; died Aberdeen, Miss., Nov. 4, 1880; wife of William PARKER.

WINFORD son of P. J. and Bettie WILLIAMS died July 27, 1880 aged 7 months. Cross Plains, TN,

Tribute to memory of JOHN B. ALEXANDER; by Methodist Sunday School, Dickson, Tenn., dated Oct. 31, 1880.

WILL ALLEN son of Rev. W. A. TURNER born Aug. 27, 1879; died diphtheria, Oct. 23, 1880.

JUDITH A. wife of Peter BELLIS died Jeffersonville, Miss., Oct. 12, 1880 aged 46 years.

JAMES M. son of Dr. George L. LANDIS born June 4, 1880; died Sept. 1880.

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December 4, 1880 (cont.).

JAMES M. DRUMMOND, Bradley Co., Ala., died Nov. 13, 1880; survived by his widow and six children.

December 11, 1880

SYLVANIA T., nee GIBSON, born April 24, 1856; married J. M. FERGUSON, Aug. 7, 1878; died August 31, 1880.

RICHARD O. son of Noah and Elizabeth DUNCAN born Sept. 28, 1860; died Sept. 13, 1880.

SALLIE wife of Rev. Dr. Thomas P. CRITTENDEN died Davidson Co., TN, Oct. 4, 1880 aged 47 years.

SARAH E. daughter of Vincent and Mary A. KING, granddaughter of H. H. Cosper; born Randolph Co., Ala., May 10, 1868; died March 29, 1880.

Siblings: FRANCES ELIZABETH TOMERSON died July 17, 1880 aged 7 years. TINA BELL Tomerson died July 17, 1880 aged 11 months.

Tribute to memory of JOSHUA WILLIAMS who died Oct. 9, 1880; by Methodist Sunday School, Hickory Hill, TN, undated.

A tribute to memory of NORA SMITH who died Logan Co., Ky., Oct. 18, 1880 in the 16th year of her age; by Oakland Methodist Sunday School, dated Nov. 7, 1880.

FRANCES J. daughter of Henry and H. M. MITCHELL born Todd Co., Ky., Feb. 14, 1853; died Oct. 1880.

CARRIE daughter of James and Elizabeth REAVES died of pneumonia, Oct. 8, 1880 aged about 2 years.

December 18, 1880

J. T. LOCKHART born Holmes Co., Miss., Oct. 3, 1844; became chancery clerk, 1879; died Lexington, Miss, Nov. 3, 1880.

KATE HUGHES born Limestone Co., Ala., Dec. 29, 1834; married E. J. Hughes, Jan. 8, 1857; died Madison Co., Ala., Oct. 26, 1880.

MARY ELIZABETH (Bettie) daughter of Thomas and Minerva ORR, Marshall Co., TN, born November 1855; died August 1, 1880.

MATTIE daughter of Rev. B. H. and M. E. WEBSTER born Feb. 16, 1878; died Collin Co., TX, Oct, 27, 1880,

MINNIE JANE daughter of William N. and Lucy J. THOMERSON born Oct. 21, 1871; died August 1, 1880.

December 25, 1880

ADDIE daughter of W. Y. and Elizabeth HOPPER born Nov. 2, 1833; married James E. BRADLY, Feb. 7, 1861; died Nov. 7, 1880.

RUBERTA MUSIDORA OWEN born Apr. 24, 1846; died Nov. 15, 1880.

W. F. son of L. and J. EDWARD died Henderson Co., Ky., Nov. 1, 1880 in 23rd year of his age.

HENRY HALL son of C. P. and M. E. ANDREWS born Mar. 30, 1875; died Oct. 13, 1880.

JOSEPHINE R., nee PRICE, born Denmark, TN, April 10, 1857; married W. A. MYERS, Dec. 17, 1879; died Jackson, TN, Nov. l9, 1880; her sister, Maud, mentioned.

T. A. BENTLEY born N. C., Aug. 26, 1838; died Nov. 6, 1880; moved to DeKalb Co., Ala., 1857; married Mary A. Crisler, Cherokee Co., Ala., Jan. 1, 1871. Buried in cemetery, Cedar Hill Methodist Church, Cherokee County, Ala.

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December 25, 1880 (cont.)

BETTIE daughter of George and Emma GROVER born Ky., Aug. 21, 1878; died near Sardis, Ky., Nov. 1, 1880.

ROBERT son of R. and J. ARLEBURN died Nov. 3, 1880.

JOHN W. son of John E. and Sallie SULLIVAN died Nov. 19, 1880 aged 1 yr., 4 ds.

January 8, 1881

KATE BELLE GARDNER, nee SCOTT, born Madisonville, Ky., Oct. 7, 1858; reared in Clarksville, TN; married Dr. T. W. Gardner, Madisonville, Feb. 17, 1880; died in the same place, Nov. 23, 1880.

GEORGE H. son of Ransom and Mary HAMPTON born April 4, 1839; died Eureka Spgs., Ark., Oct. 3, 1880; married (l) Sallie Roberts (1 son); (2) Annie Enochs, Dec. 24, 1876.

IDA R. CUNNINGHAM born Coffee Co., TN, Dec. 21, 1854; married Samuel GARDNER, Layne Sprgs., TN, Aug. 26, 1880 and died Oct. 14, 1880. Died in residence of Isaac C. Garretson, inferentially her sister, Martha Garretson's husband.

DAVID McCOY son of William and Martha VANN born June 27, 1875; died Oct. 29, 1880.

ALICE daughter of Rev. Dr. S. H. and Mollie McKNIGHT born June 9, 1877; died. Maury Co., TN, Nov. 25, 1880.

J. N. CORBITT born Benton Co., TN, Sept. 28, 1842; moved with parents to Humphreys Co., TN, 1860; to Weakley Co., Tenn., 1874; died Gardner’s Station, TN, Nov. 5, 1880; husband and father (2 children).

B. L. son of John and Mary A. ROBERTS born July 1857; died near Union City, TN, July 11, 1880; alumnus, Bethel College, McKenzie, TN.

MARTHA JANE wife of W. T. MOODY died Auburn, Ky., Nov. 21, 1880 in 41st year of her age; wife and mother.

Mrs. PARLIA HAY died Clinton Co, Ky., July 8, 1880; wife and mother.

MOLLY daughter of G. W. and Matilda BELAWFANT born Apr. 8, 1876; died croup, Nov. 27, 1880.

JIMMIE son of Samuel and Cynthia MAYES died Nov. 14, 1880. (Arkansas ?)

January 15, 1881

Mrs. ELIZA C. widow of Rev. H. Y. GARRISON, nee BEAL. died Sept. 5, 1880; one son, William; her sister, Mrs. Rachel ELLETT died 2 years ago.

MAY daughter of Rev. R. F. and M. A. MOUNTAIN born Dec. 8, 1878; died Roanoke, Ala., Sept. 24, 1880.

JIMMIE son of James H. and Lizzie McKINSTRY died Pickens Co., Ala., Oct. 13, 1880 aged 9 years.

RUSSELL son of Dates and Jennie PATTERSON died Oct. 23, 1880.

ELLEN MARIE wife of James P. CAMPBELL, nee HOXIE, born Ill., Apr. 8, 1843; moved to California, August 1850; married Nov. 29, 1860; died Logan Co., Ky., Sept. 3, 1880.

MATTIE O, daughter of G. O. and Jane E. ROBERTS born Mar. 24, 1865; died Oct. 16, 1880.

SON (unnamed) of W. R. SMITH born Mar. 28, 1879; died July 5, 1880.