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Death Notices from the Christian Advocate,
Nashville, Tennessee 1880-1882 #2

Compiled by Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith

Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2005

transcribed by Laurel Baty


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January 10, 1880

TONG-SING, a “Chinaman,” died Nashville, TN, Dec. 21, 1879; came to the U. S. “some years ago”; member of McKendree Methodist Church.

ROSA ROBERTS BECK daughter of John and Mary A. Roberts, born Montgomery Co., TN, June 12, 1852; married Rev. J. E. Beck, Methodist, Feb. 25, 1877; died Union Co., Ky., Aug. 16, 1879; alumna, Clarksville Female Academy.

MELISSA J., daughter of John R. and Didama A. CLAY, Sullivan Co., TN, born Nov. 27, 1861; died Sept. 12, 1879; joined Methodist Church, Feb. 1879.

WILLIE C. ANDERSON born Aug. 13, 1855; joined Methodist Church, Feb. 1874; died Union Co., Ky., Nov. 25, 1879.

ZULIE daughter of J. R. and M. E. REESE born Aug. 7, 1874; died Nov. 27, 1879.

Resolutions of respect for Rev. P. H. LIGHTFOOT, pastor of Summerfield, Ala. Methodist Church, who died Nov. 26, 1879; by quarterly conference at that place, dated Dec. 4, 1879.

January 17, 1880

ELIZABETH AMELIA only daughter of Bryan and Susan Watkins, born Monroe Co., Miss, Sept, 10, 1843; married Mason M. CUMMINGS, June 26, 1862; died Aberdeen, Miss., Nov. 11, 1879; wife and mother.

JOHN OCTAVIUS HATCHER born Maury Co., TN, April 12, 1832; died in his father, B. M. Hatcher's residence, Fayetteville, TN, Nov. 27, 1879.

ELIZABETH COSSEY, nee Scott, born Lauderdale Co., Ala., Nov. 6, 1858; died in residence of her father, John W. Scott, near Waterloo, Ala., Sept. 5, 1879; two daughters.

GEORGE ANDERSON son of Thomas and Martha CASS born Mar. 28, 1878; died Oct. 17, 1879.

THOMAS J. son of P. H. and S. P. DILLON died near Palmyra, TN, Nov. 9, 1879 in the 19th year of his age.

SALLIE LUCILE (Lucy) daughter of P. A. JOULLIAN and wife, born Feb. 1877; died Orrville, Ala., Oct. 31, 1879.

January 24, 1880

Mrs. CHARLES P. SHIELDS oldest daughter of Ben. Tully, Logan Co., Ky., born Fayette Co., Ky., Mar. 26, 1838; married June 28, 1857; died Salina, KS, Nov. 29, 1879; two daughters.

SARAH ANN HASETINE COX daughter of A. W. and E. J. Cox, born Wilson Co., TN, Jan. 1860; died near Statesville, TN, August 9, 1879.

BETTIE daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth BINKLEY, Davidson Co., TN, died Dec. 6, 1879 aged 17 years; died in residence of her aunt, Mrs. William Hunt, Humphreys Co., TN.

THOMAS GILLESPIE born Mar. 31, 1841; died Nov. 26, 1879; in 1861 enlisted in Confederate Army and so served until captured in 1864; married (l) Annie E. Moor, May 16, 1866; (2) Mrs. Fannie McCall, July 31, 1878; joined Methodist Church, Nov. 20, 1865.

SARAH FRANCES daughter of William and Sarah FREEMAN born Madison Co., Ala., Mar. 4, 1855; married Charley THOMPSON, TN, moved from TN to Ala., where she died Nov. 26, 1879.

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January 24, 1880 (cont.)

JENNIE daughter of J. G. and S. ALLEN; wife of P. B. SHANKLES; born Greenwood, Miss., Jan. 7, 1845; married Nov. 4, 1869; died Nov. 24, 1879.

KITTIE EMMA daughter of John S. and Mary E. CAROTHERS died Lee Co., Miss., Dec. l5, 1879; born Nov. 19, 1877.

January 31, 1880

T. H. SELBY, active Methodist layman, died Raleigh, N. C., June 17, 1880.

JAMES H. BARTLETT born Clark Co., Va., Aug. 18, 1837; married Maria S. Weston, Scranton, Pa., 1860; died Nov. 23/24, 1879; husband and father. Resolutions of respect in his memory by quarterly conference, Linden, dated Nov. 24, 1879.

ELIZA FINNEY HASKINS born Powhatan Co., VA, Aug. 18, 1837; married Russell JONES, Shelby Depot, TN, Nov. 21, 1878; died the mother of three children, one of her own an infant and two step-children.

FANNIE GORDEN died Coffee Co., TN, Sept. 19, 1879 in 22nd year of her age.

JOSEPH W. HERRING died Logan Co., Ky., Oct. 31, 1879 in 26th year of his age.

JOSEPH FRANKLIN SAUNDERSON born Sept. 30, 1860; died Nov. 6, 1879.

WILLIAM M. son of Abraham BOWEN born Apr. 16, 1832; died Nov. 22, 1879.

ORO ESTHER daughter of J. E. and Emily J. McCRACKEN born July 5, 1878; died Oct. 11, 1879.

February 7, 1880

DORA daughter of B. C. and Susan POWERS born Dec. 30, 1855; joined Methodist Church, Oct. 3, 1867; died Dec. 18, 1879. Montgomery Co., TN.

ANNIE L. CAYCE born Fulton, Miss., 1861; died Iuka, Miss., Oct. 7, 1879.

JOHN E. CULPEPPER born April 22, 1854; died Lower Peach Tree, Ala., Dec. 23, 1879; alumnus, Eastman's College, N. Y.

PARMELIA daughter of Isaiah and Britannie HUDSON born White Co., TN, Mar. 4, 1850; moved with parents to Ballard Co., Ky., 1860; married J. W. PERRY, Aug. 1, 1871 (5 children); died Dec. 24, 1879.

Dr. T. SPEED SLAUGHTER born Nelson Co., Ky., Oct. 17, 1840; graduate, University of Louisville, 1871; physician; died Nov. 12, 1879. A deceased brother, Dr. ADAM SLAUGHTER, mentioned.

LEAH BELL daughter of F. C. and Mary J. TAYLOR; granddaughter of James and Leah Caseldine, born Henry Co., Ky., Dec. 12, 1852; died Carroll Co. [state not given], Oct. 29, 1879.

Miss BETSEY FOSTER born Williamson Co., TN, May 15, 1857; died Nashville, Tn, July 5, 1879.

ELLA McQUEEN daughter of Joseph N. and Rebecca J. FINNEY born Oct. 6, 1877; died in/near Scottsboro, Ala., Dec. 8, 1879.

February 14, 1880

Doctor of Philosophy degree conferred on JOSEPH H. YOUNG, Kentucky Military Institute, 1880.

VIRGINIA A. daughter of Dr. R. J. and Elizabeth DODD; wife of Milton SPILMAN; born Jan. 8, 1847; died Jan. 3, 1880; mother of five children.

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February 14, 1880 (cont.)

SUSIE E. FIELDS granddaughter of Edwin and Mary FIELDS born Nashville, TN, Nov. 3, 1861; died Cedar Bluff College, Jan. 1, 1880.

MARY N. ARMSTRONG born Oct. 15, 1867; died December 28, 1879.

ANNA BELL SHAW, nee SHANKLIN, born Todd Co., Ky., April 4, 1858; married George W. Shaw, Oct. 5, 187 [sic LTB]; died Christian Co., Ky., Oct. 30, 1879; wife and mother.

JAMES K. P. WOODARD, member of Oak Wood [Meth.] Church, Clinton Circuit, born Mar. 24, 1845; married Catherine Spicer (1 dau.); died pneumonia, Dec. 3, 1879.

Sons of John and Elizabeth CORBIN: JAMES FLATT CORBIN born Jan. 10, 1875; died Jan. 5, 1880; MARION WALTER CORBIN died July 6, 1871.

FANNIE ARMA D. J. daughter of John C. and Martha WALLACE born Oct. 7, 1875; died Dec, 20, 1879.

Tribute to memory of “little school-mate,” LENA E. JOHNSON, recently deceased; by several students at the Memphis Conference Female Institute, Jackson, TN. Undated.

LARKIN W. OSBORN born May 13, 1851; married Happie Moss, Dec. 25, 1877; died Nov. 12, 1879. His sister-in-law, SARA ADAMS MOSS died Nov. 19, 1879.

HALLIE daughter of Sarah FUNK died Jeffersontown, Ky., Oct. 4, 1879 aged 22 yrs. February 21, 1880

Dr. DANIEL W. CARMACK born Williamson Co., TN, June 24, 1831; died near Brentwood, TN, Dec. 23, 1879, near his. birthplace; married Sallie daughter of Dr. S. S. Mayfield, June 14, 1859. Physician. Methodist.

NANNIE J. WILSON born N. C., Aug. 2, 1858; married George T. SMITH, Pulaski Co., Ala., Jan. 23, 1879; died Dec. 28, 1879.

JOHN MITCHELL son of Mitchell MALONE, Jr. and wife, Eliza J. MALONE, born Dec. 28, 1868; died Dec. 8, 1879.

EUGENE R. son of Dr. J. W. COLLINS, Jackson, Tenn., died there, Dec. 22, 1879 in the 23rd year of his age.

ANGELINE G. daughter of Gabriel and Viney LOW; wife of Thomas G. PATE; born Aug. 21, 1843; married Oct. 24, 1865 (six children, one deceased); died Sept. 30, 1879.

BERKLEY FERRILL RANKIN born Feb. 2, 1859: died Clark Co., Ky., Feb. 15, 1879.

NANCY JULIA EDLIN married (1) John BOND (1 child); (2) William Edlin (2 daughters); died Jan. 7, 1880 aged 37 years.

Tribute in memory of SUSIE daughter of Rev. D. S. and Nannie CAMPBELL, Sonora, Ky., who died from scalding, Jan. 5, 1880; by Sunday School Class, Sonora Methodist Church, dated January 8, 1880.

ARABELLA daughter of William and Martha WILLIAMS born Stewart Co., TN, Jan. 14, 1848; married W. P. CAMPBELL, Dec. 3, 1873 died Dec. 16, 1879; one daughter.

ANNIE HOOD wife of Wallace DEHAVEN and daughter of W. H. Hood, in whose residence she died, Montgomery Co., Ky., Nov. 25, 1879 in 23rd year of her age; niece of General John B. Hood and granddaughter of Mrs. Annie Howell.

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February 28, 1880

ALVANE CULLOM (girl) died of croup, Feb. 3, 1880 an infant. Obituary repeated in March 6, 1880 issue.

JAMES V. SEWELL born Elbert Co., Ga., July 5, 1832; died Jan. 2, 1880; married Edna Ham about 1856; moved to Alabama.

MARY A. daughter of Samuel ELLIOTT; granddaughter of Robert K. Young; born Cumberland Co., Ky., June 29, 1859; died there, January 17, 1880.

ANNIE C. daughter of B. and Eliza Biggs VAN ARSDALE born Lincoln Co., Ky., Oct. 8, 1845; died Jan. 17, 1880; married John R. CRAIG; wife and mother.

MARY NAPOLEON daughter of James M. and Mary M. ARMSTRONG died Nashville, TN, Dec. 28, 1879 aged 12 years.

Tribute to memory of ROBERT WEATHERFORD who died Feb. 13, 1880 in 35th year of his age; by Hampton Masonic Lodge, dated Feb. 15, 1880.

March 6, 1880

MARY LOUISA daughter of William and Louisa MULLINS; born Lawrence Co., Ala., Nov. 19, 1849; married John W. BURTON, Aug. 29, 1860; died Madison, Ala., Dec. 25, 1879.; wife and mother.

GEORGIA A. daughter of Marion J. and Adaline DAVIS born Pontotoc Co., Miss., July 3, 1850; married W. M. BURDINE, Oct. 20, 1869 (5 children); died Verona, Miss., January 5, 1880.

MARTHA ANN wife of W. H. COOK born Jan. 27, 1831; married in 1849; died near Artesia, Miss., Jan. 8, 1880; wife and mother.

EDWARD (Eddie) CALLAWAY son of Dr. J. Mell and Lizzie G. SMITH born Yalobusha Co., Miss., Jan, 29, 1878; died near Coffeeville, Miss., Nov. 21, 1879.

DAVID E. SYDNOR born Logan Co, Ky., Nov. 2, 1832; died near Allensville, Ky., Jan. 29, 1880; active Methodist layman. Tribute to his memory by Methodist Sunday School, Allensville, Ky., dated Feb. 1, 1880. [Another tribute to his memory by the Methodist quarterly conference, Louisville Conf., appeared in the April 3, 1880 issue.]

Tribute of respect in memory of SAMUEL MILNER who died Nov. 23, 1879; by No. Alabama Conference, Shoal Circuit, Florence Dist., dated Jan. 31, 1880.

March 13, 1880

SARAH BRYANT, nee KITTRELL, wife of Rev. Anson WEST, born Miss., Apr. 9, 1839; married Jan. 4, 1866; died of cancer, Talladega, Ala., Jan. 29, 1880; wife and mother

BISHOP MARVIN son of Rev. W. B. BAYLESS died Cherokee, Ala., Aug. 4, 1879 aged 14 months.

GIDEON LAY son of James T. and Martha H. ROWELL born Nov. 3, 1879; died Jan. 5, '80,

MARY T. wife of Rev. M. M. HUNTER, Louisville Annual Conference, daughter of Thomas and Agatha Sterritt, died Dec. 21, 1879; alumna, Russellville Female Academy.

ELLA daughter of S. and P. C. MORTON, wife of James L. RUSS, born Dec. 19, 1851; died Shelbyville. TN, Jan. 29, 1880; wife and mother.

MARY MATILDA NEWBERRY born Cherokee Co., Ala., Apr, 22, 1849; married James F. Newberry, Nov. 5, 1865 (5 children); died Gainesville, Ala., Dec. 12, 1879.

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March 13, 1880 (cont.)

W. C. SMITH born Nashville, TN, Jan. 4, 1839; died Jan. 22, 1880 of liver disease; orphaned, he had been reared by his uncle and aunt, William and Susan Ewing; graduate, Nashville University, 1856; married (l) Mary E. Evans, Dec. 18, 1860; (2) Florence Johns, Oct. 31, 1878 (one dau.).

ADELIA A. wife of W. H. FLEMING, McMinnville, TN; born May 12, 1849; died Jan. 19, 1880; four sons.

KATIE daughter of Porter and Amelia BIBB born Jan. 26, 1867; died Jan. 30, 1880.

ROSE M. SMALLHOUSE died Jan. 23, 1880; wife and mother (3 children).

ROBERT WILLIAMSON WEATHERFORD born Pittsylvania Co., Va., June 12, 1845; died Port Royal, TN, Feb. 13, 1880, moved with parents to near the “Hermitage” in TN, 1845; to Port Royal in 1854. Confederate soldier.

DANIEL M. ALLISON born Warren Co., TN, Sept. 28, 1833; died Crawford Co., Ark., Feb. 17, 1880; husband and father (4 children).

J. C. son of Josiah and Elizabeth PAULK born Lauderdale Co., Ala., July 11, 1846; died near Florence, Ala., Dec. 18, 1879; husband and father (5 children).

SUE H. daughter of D. W. and Mary (Lamkin) DORRIS, niece of Rev. W. G. Dorris, Tennessee Conference, born Fayetteville, Ark., Jan. 4, 1844; married C. T. SIMS, Nov. 25, 1875 (2 children); died Lincoln Co., TN, Feb. 13, 1880.

KATIE SOYARS died Oct. 1, 1879; Slaughterville, Ky.

FRANKLIN VAN HORNE son of Joseph and Mary WEEMS born Mar. 15, 1861; died Jan. 24, 1880; mention of his sister, Mollie.

MILDRED NORFLEET died Sept. 29, 1879; wife and mother (7 children).

March 20, 1880

MATTIE B. daughter of E. P. and H. E. BELL born Wilson Co., TN, Feb. 6, 1858; died near Wesley Chapel, TN, Nov. 13, 1879; survived by father, 3 bros., 2 sisters; her mother died when she was 8 to 10 months old.

JAMES A. son of Thomas J. and Susan J. CRADDOCK born April 7, 1862; died Feb. 2, 1880. Gadsden, TN.

MARY LEDBETTER daughter of James W. and Mattie W. BUNCH born Maury Co., TN, Mar. 26, 1879; died of croup, Dec. 14, 1879.

JOHN F. son of E. P. and H. E. BELL born Wilson Co., TN, Sept. 12, 1878; died Jan. 15, 1880.

March 27, 1880

FINIS H. son of Judge Douglass LITTLE (dec.), Calhoun, Ky.; born Daviess Co., Ky., Aug. 12, 1842; married Hennie Coleman (Georgian); settled in Tuskegee, Ala.; moved to Aberdeen, Miss.; died Jan. 24, 1880.

ELLA daughter of A. D. and L. T. SCARBOROUGH born Stewart Co., TN, Apr. 6, 1851; married Dr. W. S. SCOTT, May 20, 1875 died Dover, TN, Jan. 24, 1880.

GEORGE TEMPLETON son of John T. and Sarah Parrish TURNER, born Dickson (now Houston) Co., TN, Oct. 20, 1841; served 4 years in 11th Tenn. Inf. Reg., CSA; died 8 miles south of Hopkinsville, Ky., Feb. 20, 1880.

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March 27, 1880 (cont.)

CHARLIE N. oldest son of Dr. W. L. and Maggie A. LOVE died Franklin, N. C., Dec. 10, 1879 aged 12 years and 4 months old.

ELIZABETH M. daughter of David and Maria Bridgeforth, born Feb. 15, 1837; married (1) L. A. HARNEY, 1858; (2) Dr. J. A. BOWERS, 1865 (one son, Lee); died Giles Co., TN, Jan. 2, 1880.

JAMES L. HIGGINBOTTOM died Feb. 12, 1860; son of Robert and Martha Higginbottom. His siblings: Joseph L., William L., Crofford L., Robert L., Thomas L. B. and E. L. Higginbottom. Albany, Ky.

MARY ALICE daughter of H. and Mary BARWICK, wife of B. W. O'CAIN, born Aug. 3, 1855; died Attala Co., Miss., Feb. 14, 1880.

SAMUEL H. son of Robert C. and Mary M. STEVENSON, Russell Co., Ky., born Mar. 24, 1839; married Mary J. Conover, Nov, 24, 1864; (2) Sarah E. Murrell, June 20, 1871 (3 children); died Jan. 25, 1880.

GEORGE A. son of L. S. SMITH born May 26, 1869; died Jan. 29, 1880

ISAAC W. CROSS born Shelby Co., Ala., Feb. 14, 1846; died Oct. 5, 1879.

WILLIAM ROBINSON son of George W. and Fannie ARNOLD died pneumonia, Jan. 31, 1880 aged 17 months and 11 days old.

FRANCIS SUMMERS son of Virgil E. and Mary PARKER died Aug. 20, 1879 aged 7 mos. Their daughter, LAURA IDA, born Aug. 2, 1877; died Sept. 14, 1879.

April 3, 1880

ISABEL WOLFORD daughter of Anderson and Lavinia Murrell, born Adair Co., Ky., Mar. 28, 1857; died from burn injuries, Russell Co., Ky., Feb. 8, 1880; married Dr. James R. WOLFORD, May 17, 1877 (2 children).

SALLIE P. HILL died Feb. 25, 1880; a tribute by her classmates. Frankfort, Ala.

MAGGIE C. wife of Ichabod FARMER, daughter of James and Sarah Gillespie, died in the Camden, TN Methodist circuit, Feb. 17, 1880.

MARTHA FRANCES wife of J. S. KILPATRICK born Jan. 3, 1836; married Dec. 10, 1850; died Verona, Miss., Feb. 3, 1880.

HOMER V. oldest son of Mrs. S. E. HOWARD born Feb. 14, 1858; killed when thrown from a buggy, Feb. 23, 1880.

M. A. C. daughter of Hugh THOMPSON; born Union Co., Ky, May 9, 1835; died Kenton, TN, Feb. 27, 1880; married ——— DILLIARD(died Aug. 10, 1861), Apr. 20, 1858; two daughters; spent most of her life in Marshall Co., TN., then moved to Gibson Co., TN, where she died.

EDDIE (died several years ago), JOHNNIE died sometime ago), ADDIE MATTIE (died Mar. 3, 1880), children of Isaac and Margaret SKINNER; buried in family graveyard.

Tribute to memory of Mrs. R. H. PLUMMER who died Mar. 1, 1880; by Clarksville, TN Woman's Missionary Society, dated March 4, 1880.

FLORENCE daughter of J. W. and GILPIN died Vernon, Ala., Feb. 26, 1880.

Tribute to memory of Dr. A. R. WILSON who died recently; member Methodist Church at Cottage Grove, TN; by Marshall Masonic Lodge 107, dated Feb. 24, 1880. He had been a member, “brother” in this lodge.

DIONITIA L. daughter of John L. NELSON, wife of Andrew J. SMITH, Limestone Co., Ala born Giles Co., TN, Oct. 7, 1838; died Dec. 31, 1879; one son.

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April 3, 1880 (cont.)

ELIJAH GUNN, recently from TN, died in residence of J. T. Dumas, Arlington, Ala., Feb. 7, 1880; member of Clifton Masonic Lodge.

AARON F. son of William L. HARVEY, Morgan Co., Ala., died Feb. 3, 1880 of typhoid fever; his wife, MATTIE daughter of Rev. William E. CAMERON died Feb. 10, 1880 leaving four children.

NANNIE IRVING daughter of J. L. and M. P. ARMSTRONG born Oct. 26, 1865; died August 25, 1880. Columbus, Miss.

April 10, 1880

MARY ARMSTRONG, aged 12 years, died recently. Date of notice, Jan. 1880.

FRANCES ANTOINETTE oldest daughter of Jacob K. and F. A. SWOOPE, born near Courtland, Ala., Mar. 4, 1837; died Columbus, Miss., Feb. 1, 1880; married Richard E. MOORE, Aug. 6, 1857 (six children).

SALLIE daughter of David M. and Sallie Smith, born Tipton Co., TN, May 16, 1840; married B. F. LOCKE, Mar. 1, 1860 (7 children); died Covington, Tn, Feb. 21, 1880.

MARY EMMA daughter of James and Mary TUNE born Russell Co., Ala., Jan. 21, 1853; died Villula, Ala., Feb. 20, 1880.

CARRIE daughter of L. D. and Sarah LESTER born Russell Co., Ala., Feb. 20, 1849; died Villula, Ala., Mar. 4, 1880.

CYRENCE FRANCES daughter of Rev. George W. CRUTCHER born Feb. 28, 1877; died Feb. 23, 1880.

ALFRED CLINTON son of Frank P. and Martha FULTON born Fayetteville, TN, Feb. 15, 1874; died Mar. 6, 1880.

WILLIAM SAMUEL HODGES born Ky., Mar. 20, 1853; died Los Angeles Co., California, recently.

ARMEAD PRICE born LaFayette Co., Miss., Sept. 20, 1840; died Jan. 20, 1880; orphaned, he later attended Randolph-Macon College; served in Confederate army; married Sallie G. daughter of Peter Slate; farmer, husband and father.

ANNA VIRGILIA daughter of Rev. Moses BILL born Sept. 17, 1867; died Clarksville, Ark., Mar. 4, 1880.

Miss SALLIE M. LAURIN born May 23, 1847; died Brandon, Miss., Jan. 10, 1880.

HETTIE C. daughter of Jeremiah W. and Maria SNEED born Yalobusha Co., Miss., June 27, 1834; moved with parents to Marshall Co., Miss., where she ever afterwards lived; married (1) J. Q. A. Field (died Aug. 8, 1870), Dec. 21, 1858 (2 children); (2) W. D. GILLESPIE, Dec. 15, 1872. She died Feb. 8, 1880.

JOSHUA CALEB son of J. D. and Fannie OWEN born DeSoto Co., Miss., Mar. 29, 1853; married Sallie J. daughter of Harrison and Fannie Owen, Nov. 13, 1873 (2 daughters); died Jan. 7, 1880.

ALICE L., daughter of J. W. and M. S. GARDNER born Jan. 5, 1846; married J. M. C. FOX, Dec. 20, 1860; died Williamson Co., TN, Feb. 17, 1880; wife and mother.

SAMMY HAIGIS, child, died Breathitt Co., Ky., January 29, 1880.

April 17, 1880

MARTHA OWENS born Mar. 7, 1845; married Robert Owens, Dec. 8, 1864 (2 children); died Maury Co., TN, Jan. 26, 1880.

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April 17, 1880 (cont.)

GEORGE W. DIDLAKE (sic) died from consumption, Memphis, Tenn., Mar. 29, 1880 aged 29 years.

Mrs. MATTIE J. VAUGHN born Dec. 31, 1850; died Feb. 19, 1880.

JOHN RUFUS son of John and Eliza BLACKWELL born Jan. 22, 1872; died Lamar Co., Ala., Feb. 2, 1880.

Mrs. MARGARET STORY daughter of Mrs. Alefair GILL died Lincoln Co., TN, Mar. 26, 1880 aged 30 years.

Mrs. MARY D. SWEANY born Attala Co., Miss., Apr. 11, 1844; died in that place, Jan. 10, 1880; three children.

Miss KITTY R. WEBSTER born Dec. 14, 1865; died Feb. 20, 1880.

MARY E. daughter of John and Hattie E. KNOTT (now wife of Rev. D. Sturdy), born Bedford Co., June 6, 1843; moved with parents to Benton Co., Ala., 1860; married Samuel J. JONES, July 21, 1861 (8 children); died Jan. 2, 1880.

ERNEST CARL son of T. L. and J. B. EGGLESTON born Jan. 9, 1874; died Columbus, Miss., Nov. 23, 1879.

JESSE LEE son of James L. and Mary T. BELL born Feb. 13, 1876; died Mar. 9, 1880.

MATTIE daughter of John and Mattie CASEY died Mar. 19, 1880 aged nearly 3 years. Azasa, California.

April 24, 1880

LUCY M. daughter of R. T. and F. J. CHANDLER born June 10, 1862; died Mar. 16, 1880; buried at Mt. Pleasant.

WILLIAM B. NEAL died Mar. 26, 1880 aged 31 years. Rocky Fork.

J. WESLEY MOLLARD born Cobb Co., Ga., Apr. 24, 1849; moved with parents to TN, 1867; married M. J. Bennett, Apr. 2, 1874: died recently.

Rev. Dr. JAMES F. LIGON born May 4, 1846; married Maggie E. Tucker, 1868 (3 children); licensed Methodist preacher and physician; died Trousdale Co., TN, Feb. 20, 1880.

MARY F. wife of Thomas BALL born Aug. 31, 1842; died Mar. 15, 1880; 8 children.

STERLING C. son of Ephraim and Mary E. BEASLEY born Nov. 11, 1861; died Mar. l, 1880.

LOULIE daughter of Colonel Robert LOWRY, Baldwyn, Miss., born Jan. 21, 1851; married Rev. J. C. HOOKS, Nov. 1874 (1 son); died April 1, 1880.

L. M. daughter of H. H. and M. J. HUBBARD, Mossy Creek, east TN; wife of W. P. BRADLEY; died April 4, 1880 aged 19 years; no children.

JOSEPH EUGENE son of Dr. J. A. and Eliza M. ARDREY born Mar. 24, 1877; died Mar. 30, 1880.

May 1, 1880

Mrs. JULIA A. TEVIS, founder of Science Hill Academy, Shelbyville, Ky.; died April 21, 1880. (At one time, a famed girls' finishing school.)

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May 1, 1880 (cont.)

NATHAN COOK, aged 102 years, Terrell Co., Ga., had ten children, the youngest being forty years old. “He has lived in the same yard that now incloses his house ever since the Indian war.”

NANNIE WEBB LACKEY born Livingston Co., Ky., Apr. 1, 1860; died of dysentery, Mar. 13, 1880.

OPHELIA CLARA daughter of G. T. and E. M. D. SMITH born Tallapoosa Co., Ala., Oct. 31, 1863; moved to Texas, 1872; died Dallas, Texas, March 31, 1880.

Mrs. MARILA E. SILVERTOOTH born May 29, 1837; died Mar. 3, 1880; wife and mother.

WILLIAM F. son of F. J. P. and Salina GRACY born Giles Co., TN, Oct. 9, 1850; moved to Miss but returned to TN and died there, Mar. 27, 1880 in residence of his brother-in-law, T. S. Pittard.

LOU wife of Mark W. SPENCE died at Little Lot, February 12, 1880.

May 8, 1880

MARY THOMAS daughter of Thomas and Agatha Sterrett, a great-grand niece of Patrick Henry and “a lineal descendant of President Madison (a collateral descendant of President Madison she may have been but not a lineal - he had no children); born Warren Co., Ky., Sept. 12, 1849; married Rev. M. M. HUNTER, Sept. 29, 1868 (2 daus. 1 son); died Dec. 21, 1879; burial in Fairview Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ky.

ELLA MARVIN daughter of J. W. SEAY and wife, born Nov. 20, 1877; died Jimtown, Ky., Feb. 23, 1880.

ADELIA C. wife of B. F. LARGENT born Feb. 14, 1858; married Dec. 28, 1873 (3 children); died Stewart Co., TN, Jan. 21, 1880.

MARY ANN wife of Joseph L. ELLEDGE born Feb. 28, 1836; died Limestone Co., Ala., Mar. 3, 1880; wife and mother.

JAMES A. TAFT born Madison Co., Ala., Dec. 3, 1841; moved as a child to Franklin Co., TN; married Nancy E. Robinson, Lawrenceburg, TN, 1869 and moved to Chilton Co., Ala., 1872; died March 1880.

CLARA TENNESSEE HARALSON born Dec. 31, 1879; died Jan. 22, 1880.

LLOYD COLLINS son of W. A. GILL, Jr. and wife, born June 14, 1879; died Apr. 7, 1880.

LOULIE HOOKS daughter of Col. Robert LOWRY, Baldwyn, Miss., born Jan. 23, 1851; married Rev. J. C. Hooks, Nov. 11, 1874; died April 1, 1880. Memphis, Tenn.

MARY ADDA L. daughter of H. Washington and Elizabeth SHEFFIELD born July 8, 1860; died Sept. 12, 1879; “a dutiful child.”

Children of Mitchell B. and Nancy J. WRIGHT: WILLIAM MINUS WRIGHT born Dec. 1873; died Giles Co., TN, Nov. 18, 1879. DORA JONES WRIGHT born Mar. 5, 1877; died Nov. 14, 1879.

KATIE ORMONDE only child of J. M. SMOOT and wife died Haywood Co., Tenn., Dec. 24, 1879 aged 17 months.

May 15, 1880

MOLLY E. ROBERTSON, nee KNOTT. born May 28, 1861; married J. W. Robert son, May 15, 1879 (1 deceased child); died (April?) 1880.

CLEMENS son of Dr. W. H. and Paralee ALLEN born Dec. 25, 1860; died Jackson Co., Ala. March 9, 1880.

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May 15, 1880 (cont.)

MINERVA daughter of William and Ann BOOR born now-Marion Co., W. Va., May 25, 1832; married Charles Case, 1870; died Marshall Co., W. Va., Apr. 20, 1880; one adopted daughter, Nora.

EPHRAIM MARVIN son of E. T. and L. A. UMBARGER born Mar. 9, 1878; died Oct. 27, 1879 (Glade Spring, Va. ?)

May 22, 1880

ROBERT C. ANDERSON born Nov. 25, 1838; died near Rome, TN, Mar. 16, 1880.

NANCY E. wife of General A. H. ROSS, born Abbeville Dist., S. C., Feb. 25, 1832; died Oxford, Ala., Sept. 24, 1879.

SALLIE A. daughter of William and Sarah P. YOUNG born Sumner Co., TN, Nov. 27, 1851; died Apr. 19, 1880.

LILY MAY daughter of Simon and Caroline SINCLAIR born McLennan Co., Texas, Aug. 28, 1877; died Leavenworth. Ks., Mar. 11, 1880.

EMILY C. wife of Dr. E. B. POYNER born Oct. 21, 1832; married Dec. 29, 1850; died Mar. 28, 1880; wife and mother.

W. T. PATTERSON married Anna Crockett, Dec. 1879; active Methodist layman; died Apr. 17, 1880; son-in-law of J. D. Crockett.

EARLY son of Judge Armistead and Lou. V. MOOR born Sept. 24, 1857; died Mar. 7, 1880.

JOHN F. son of Stephen F. and Narcissa DYKES born Sept. 18, 1871; died of typhoid fever, Jan. 19, 1880.

FANNIE A. daughter of Rev. Philip E. FOUST, dec., born June 9, 1852; died Apr. 6, 1880

MARTHA ANN EDWARDS born Madison Co., TN, Nov. 10, 1849; married Rev. L. M. EDWARDS, June 12, 1870 (2 children); died pneumonia, Feb. 23, 1880.

THOMAS G. son of George W. and Nancy E. ROGERS born Sept. 4, 1877; died July 24, 1878. His sister, SARAH ELIZABETH, born Dec. 6, 1879; died Mar. 11, 1880.

May 29, 1880

TIMOX P. wife of Rev. W. L. DUCKWORTH, Memphis Conference, born Dec. 20, 1845; died April 25, 1882; five children.

SARAH F. daughter of John and Eliza MOORE, wife of Rev. E. R. HARRISON, Louisville Conference, born Greensburg, Ky.; married Sept. 16, 1868; died Adairsville. Ky., Mar. 19, 1880.

DAISY daughter of B. F. and Margaret BEARD died of typhoid fever, Apr. 25, 1880 aged 6 years. (Hardinsburg, Ky. ?)

BESSIE E. daughter of T. J. and Josephine SIMMONS born Henning, TN, Feb. 15, 1880; died Mar. 10, 1880.

Children of Thomas and Louisa PAYNE: JUDA CATHARINE died Jan. 18, 1880 aged 19 years. MARTHA JANE died Feb. 22, 1880 aged 21 years. JAMES TRUSDEN died Mar. 4, 1880 aged 31 years; all died from typhoid fever.

JAMES (Jimmie) FLEMING born Maury Co., TN, Mar, 28, 1854; drowned in Duck River, Mar. 6, 1880 (in Hickman Co., TN); married Mary A. C, Blackburn, Dec. 23, 1874; his brother, John, mentioned, His body had not been found; had son. Johnnie

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May 29, 1880 (cont.)

DOCEY daughter of Gid. WOODARD died Mar. 22, 1880 aged about 25 years.

MARY wife of William H. BEATY born Lee Co., Va., Nov. 14, 1850; married Dec. 6, 1870 (3 sons); moved to Butler Co., Ky., Feb. 1878; died Feb. 12, 1880.

Tribute to memory of JOHNNY CHENOWETH, aged 6 years, who died recently; by Holly Springs, Miss. Methodist Sunday School.

EDWARD LEE son of James and Ann E. MARLIN born Apr. 17, 1879; died Dec. 20, 1879.

WILLIAM G. A. son of James R. and Sarah F. OSTEEN born July 31, 1879; died Feb. 19, 1880.

ALBERT DAVID son of Rev. D. J. and Zoula Burch WEEMS born Sept. 2, 1879; died Osworth, Ga., March 27, 1880.

June 5, 1880

JAMES MONROE son of Rev. H. S. and Elizabeth WINN, grandson of Coleman Winn and Jesse Culberhouse, born Bedford Co., TN, 1851; died Erath Co., Texas, December 6, 1879,

LAURA L. daughter of John C. and Martha M. BROWN born Forsyth Co., Ga., Nov. 11, 1849; died Madison Co., Ala., Jan. 22, 1880.

MARGARET F. A. WOOTON daughter of Jane and step-daughter of Larkin R. Jones, born Shelby Co., Ala., Oct. 23, 1861; died Dec. 17, 1879.

AUSTIN REBECCA ROBERTS died recently of diphtheria, aged 4 yrs, 9 mos. (Columbia, TN?)

Daughters of Daniel and Elizabeth BAUGH: Mrs. REBECCA DODSON died Apr. 22, 1880. MARY BAUGH died April 14, 1880. (Franklin, TN?)

IRENE WEST youngest daughter of Rev. F. K. HEWLET, North Alabama Conference, born June 29, 1878; died April 30, 1880.

June 12, 1880

MOLLIE E. BASSETT born near Middletown, Ky., Apr. 15, 1838; married (l) Vincent Smith, Dec. 25, 1855; (2) Thomas BABB, Feb. 15, 1865. Died (    ).

IDA daughter of Mrs. Susan A. HILL died Mar. 31, 1880 aged about 9 years.

ADDIE daughter of C. C. and Susan STRICKLIN born DeSoto Co., Miss., Aug. 8, 1858; married Dr. K. P. Perkins, Panola Co., Miss., May 7, 1878; died Panola Co., Miss., Sept. 10, 1879. Her son, DOUGLASS PERKINS born May 30, 1879; died July 22, 1879.

CLARA daughter of B. F. and Margaret BEARD died Hardinsburg, Ky., Apr. 8, 1880 in 18th year of her age,

ELIZABETH V. daughter of T. C. and Amanda SUMMERS born Dec. 13, 1860; died Feb. 12, 1880. Kentucky.

June 19, 1880

JOHN E. McGEE born June 21, 1864; died Lowndes Co., Miss., Sept. 24, 1879.

CATHARINE J. WEBB born Nov. 12, 1856; died Mar. 8, 1880; wife and mother.

JANIE ALBRITTON born Wilcox Co., Ala., Oct. 10, 1850; married E. H. WILLIAMS, Warren Co., TN, Jan. 15, 1874; died near Viola, TN, March 13, 1880.

EMMA IRENE RODES, nee MILLER, born Washington Co., TN, Oct. 21, 1839; married T. Rodes, October 16, 1860; died March 24, 1880,

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June 19, 1880 (cont.)

HATTIE daughter of Joseph and Sallie BROOKS born July 1870; died near Pisgah, Feb. 24, 1880.

GEORGIANA WRIGHT, nee RUTH, born Shelbyville, TN, Feb. 27, 1844; married Robert Wright, Oct. 31, 1872 (5 children); died Mar. 5, 1880, eight miles south of Shelbyville.

MAGGIE BERRY MUSE born April 4, 1872; died Mar. 12, 1880. (Bellbuckle, TN?)

Miss JESSIE C. DODSON born Maury Co., TN, Jan. 2, 1863; died April 2, 1880.

JAMES W. A. McALISTER born 1846; died April 6, 1880; a tribute of respect to his memory by White Plains Methodist Church, dated April 11, 1880.

LEORA BEATRICE HANNA born Nov, 28, 1858; died March 11, 1880.

In memory of ATTIE d/o F. D. MASON; by Columbiana Lodge, dated Apr. 25, 1880.

ISABELLA wife of William P. CHARLES, died Coffee Co., TN, Apr. 17, 1880; first married to a Mr. BRAKEFIELD who was killed in the Civil War.

O. H. STUCKEY born Jan. 8, 1839; died Union Springs, Ala., Mar. 6, 1880; CSA veteran.

SALLIE P, daughter of Mrs. Mary HILL, Franklin Co., Ala., died recently, aged 16 years.

SARAH wife of R. W. ACREE; daughter of Rev. Charles KNOTT, dec., died Feb. 22, 1880 aged 27 years; two children.

EMMA daughter of Dr. C. and Martha McEWEN, Maury Co., Tenn., born July 9, 1854; married J. G. HERBERT, Oct. 3, 1872; died Mar. 6, 1880, “leaving four children.”

INFANT CHILD of J. B. and Mary A. SHORLEY, Ooltewah, TN, died Feb. 23, 1880.

MARY ANN daughter- of Nathan and Mary FULTS, born Aug. 15, 1836; married Elisha Rogers, Sept. 3, 1857 (11 children); died April 20, 1880.

FRANKLIN J. WOOD born January 18, 1880; died April 5, 1880.

June 26, 1880

CAROLINE daughter of Rev. Matthew D. THOMASON; wife of James Moore GIDDENS; wife and mother (5 children); died Maury Co., TN, May 6, 1880.

MARY F. wife of Thomas N. COCKRELL born May 3, 1837; married Feb. 5, 1863; died Feb. 29, 1880. Daughter of Rev. Samuel FANT, a Baptist preacher,

THOMAS C. son of L. S. and Deborah J. SHELLEY born Clinton Co., Ky., May 3, 1858; died Christian Co., Ky., April 16, 1880; married Sarah E. daughter of John McFarlin, Oct. 10, 1878. Brother of Scuyler G. Shelley.

VIRGINIA P. daughter of J. B. and M. H. HILL born Crittenden Co., Ky., Oct. 23, 1852; died Caldwell Co., Ky., Jan. 27, 1880.

MINNIE daughter of John M. C. and Mary E. KENNEDY born Aug. 8, 1877; died April 21, 1880. Alabama.

Rev. J. K. SAMS born Morgan Co., Ala., Mar. 16, 1844; Methodist preacher since 1870; married Mrs. Susan McCrocie, 1872; died May 16, 1880, “just at sunset.”

SUSAN ANNIE daughter of Pleasant W. and Martha BROWN born Sept. 8, 1857; died April 5, 1880.

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June 26, 1880 (cont.)

MARTHA A. daughter of Rev. W. K. and Eliza J. GANNAWAY born Rhea Co., TN, Oct. 29, 1852; died White Co., TN, Feb. 13, 1880.

JENNIE B. ARTERBURN died Union Co., Ky., May 3, 1880.

Sons of Rev. R. W. and Bettie J. COANS: NEWTON P., born June 14, 1876; died April 17, 1877. CLARENCE E., born Feb. 7, 1879; died Coosa Co., Ala., May 9, 1880.

WILLIAM son of Matthias and M. W. ANDERSON born Sept. 16, 1843; died consumption, White Co., TN, Apr. 13, 1880; married Sophronia Arnold, Jan. 2, 1867. Buried in Mt. Gilead Cemetery.

HARRIET A. daughter of P. E. and Catharine CLARDY born Bedford Co., TN, June 14, 1843; married S. D. GREEN, July 28, 1863 (4 children); died Feb. 1, 1880.

ETTA wife of David C. GRANT died Montgomery Co., TN, May 25, 1880 aged 26 years; one child.

Miss KATE MASON died near Lake, Miss., recently, in the 20th year of her age; orphaned when her father, a Confederate soldier, died, leaving her widowed mother with two children.

ADDIE second daughter of William and Mary OWEN born Apr. 12, 1853; died Apr. 9, 1880.

JAMES MELVILLE son of William T. and Delia THORNTON born Jan. 10, 1879; died April 18, 1880. Talladega Co., Ala,

July 3, 1880

SARAH ELIZABETH daughter of E. A. and Harry A. PERRY born DeSoto Co., Miss., Mar. 9, 1866; died Feb. 18, 1880; granddaughter of M. A. and Sally W. TULLY. “She died in her mother's arms.”

JOHN son of J. and Mary J. REYNOLDS born Sept. 7, 1871; died Brown Co., Texas, Dec. 26, 1879; joined Methodist Church, Sept. 23, 1871 (evidently infant baptism).

MARY MALINDA daughter of William and Agnes CORNELISON born June 4, 1844; died near Pelham, TN, May 12, 1880; single.

JOHN C. MILLER born Mecklenburg Co., N. C., June 19, 1852; died Tate Co., Miss., April 7, 1880.

A. V. daughter of H. F. and Elizabeth FRANICK born Lauderdale Co., Miss., Nov. 7, 1853; married C. M. MATTHEWS, 1876; died Mexia, TX, May 30, 1880; two children.

EMMA A. daughter of N. C. and Elizabeth PITCHFORD born Mar. 12, 1859; married R. O. RICHARDS, Dec. 27, 1878; died April 4, 1880.

AMBIE LEE daughter of Q. B. and Mary Lou WHITAKER born Feb. 7, 1879; died May 7, 1880.

MARY SOPHRONIA daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca ISAM born Jan. 10, 1849; married Ben T. ROOK, Feb. 13, 1867 (3 children); died April 29, 1880.

LEONA daughter of Rev. J. H. and H. M. ROBESON born July 20, 1862; died May 20, 1880.

JAMES RICHARD OGLESBY born Shelby Co., Ala., Dec. 11, 1861; his father died when James was a child; died Jan. 4, 1880. Mississippi.

MATILDA J. HENLEY, nee CLARDY, born Bedford Co., TN, Mar. 11, 1839; married James H. HENLEY, Dec. 20, 1860 (7 children); died of cancer, July 24, 1879.