Genealogica1 Abstracts from Reported Deaths
The Nashvi11e Christian Advocate 1850-1851

By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2003


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July 3, 1851

Captain SHARPE D. BALDWIN known to travellers on the Cumberland Mississippi rivers, a steamboat captain/master for thirty years; died June 27, 1851.

Rev. ALBERT G. KELLEY son of Cary T. and Nancy Kelley; born Giles Co., Tenn., Feb. 21, 1823; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, Dec. 31, 1842; died June 6, 1851.

DAVID S. WALKER son of John and Catharine Walker; born Jan. 8, 1828; died May 18, 1851.

Rev. JOSHUA WILSON born Rockcastle Co., Ky., June 22, 1799; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church, 1839; labored in the Kentucky Conference. Died in Cal., April 16, 1851.

M. W. CLAYTOR born Carolina Co., Va., Mar. 13, 1813; joined Methodist Church, Jan. 1846; married Elizabeth Canterbury, Greenup Co., Ky., May 13, 1846; died Mar. 3, 1851; had a little daughter.

J. P. JOINER son of A. B. and Catharine Joiner; died Johnson Co., Ark., April 25, 1851 aged 15 years.

JANE A. HURT wife of Moses S. Hurt; born Oct. 3, 1825; married Nov. 31, 1847; died Giles Co., Tenn., May 17, 1851.

GREENVILLE REED son of P. Q. Reed; died Hardin Co., Ky., March 4, 1851 in the 32nd year of his age; four children.

Tribute of Respect for ALBERT G. KELLY, dec. [June 6, 1851]; by his Masonic brethren, Lewisburg, Tenn., dated June 17, 1851.

ELIZABETH SHUGART wife of John Shugart, Clinton Co., Ky.; born in Virginia, Mar. 24, 1770 from which place she moved with her parents, William and Keziah Cook, to Surry Co., N.C.; married April 3, 1803. Died April 17, 1851. Clinton Co., Ky.


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JOHN BASCOM BURK son of W. C. and Rebecca M. Burk; died Carroll Co., Miss., June 13, 1851 aged 14 years, 8 months and 2 days old [October 1, 1837].


July 10, 1851

FRANCIS ASBURY LANE, DeSoto Co., Miss.; son of Rev. Sampson Lane; native of Georgia; had been in the west Indies "in search of health" when on his way home he died near Nashville, Tenn., July 5, 1851 leaving a widow. Spent most of his youth in Limestone Co., Alabama.

REBECCA E. PHILLIPS daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Williamson; born N.C.; orphaned she was reared by an aunt, Frances Bass, Southampton, Va.; married William D. Phillips, January 1831 and moved about six years ago to Shelby Co., Tenn.; died May 16, 1851.

MARTHA ANN POSTON wife of Richard C. Poston; died May 18, 1851 in the 39th year of her age [St. Francis Co., MO?]

ELIZABETH WATTS daughter of Rev. H. S. and Elizabeth Watts died [May?] 20, 1851.

BETHENA CAROLINE McGEHEE daughter of Kenner and Elizabeth Rector; born Jackson Co., Ala., Sept. 17, 1825; moved to Texas in 1845; married Charles L. McGehee, August 9, 1850; died Bastrop Co., Texas, May 3, 1851.

MARY BROWN daughter of Jacob and Jane Hubbell; wife of Daniel Brown; born Clarke Co., Ohio, Nov. 29, 1803; married in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 23, 1823; moved to Sabine Co., Texas, 1836; died May 5, 1851.

PERRY McMAHON born, Clermont Co., Ohio; died Hickman Co., Ky., June 1, 1851 in the 36th year of his age; husband and father (one son).

SALLY ALEXANDER, nee Bouldin, born Charlotte Co., Va., April 15, 1788; married Joseph Alexander, Dec. 10, 1818; moved to Cumberland Co., Ky., by 1834, where she was a member of Sugar Grove Methodist Church; died May 4, 1851.

EMILY EGERTON CHAMBERLAIN dau. of Jacob Chamberlain; died Hudson, Ohio, May 27, 1851 aged 18 years; Presbyterian.

CLAIBORNE CATO son of William Cato; born Kershaw Dist., S.C., March 20, 1802; moved to Ala., 1817; to Leake Co., Miss., 1845 where he died in Jackson, Miss., May 13, 1851; husband and father.

Mrs. REBECCA E. COBB died Madison Co., Miss., May 30, 1851 in the 17th year of her age.

NANCY PULLIAM daughter of William and Nancy Lane; married Joseph Pulliam and moved to East Baton Rouge Parish, La.; ten children; died May 27, 1851 in the 74th year of her age.

Colonel WILLIAM RICHARD LEE son of Anthony and Mary Lee; born Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 20, 1811; died Canton, Ky., June 18, 1851; a single man.

WM. HENRY HARRISON son of Richard C. and Martha Ann POSTON, St. Francis Co., MO; died Feb. 24, 1851 aged 1 year.


July 17, 1851

Mrs. FRANCES BASHAW born in Virginia, Feb. 4, 1769; died Davidson Co., Tenn., June 16, 1851.

JAMES DOUGLASS, SR. born North Carolina, Mar. 15, 1762; died Sumner Co., Tenn., Mar. 27, 1851; moved to that county about 1781. His wife, CATHARINE DOUGLASS, born in North Carolina, Mar. 29, 1771 and died a few weeks after her husband's death.

ISAAC C. DOUGLASS, SR. born July 20, 1797; died Jan. 18, 1851. His wife, ELIZABETH DOUGLASS, born April 24, 1799; died Nov. 17, 1850 about a month after the death of her son, JAMES B. DOUGLASS. Her daughter, MARY C. SANDERSON, wife of John F. Sanderson; born Aug. 12, 1826; died Feb. 22, 1851 (three children). A son, ISAAC C. DOUGLASS, JR., born July 12, 1831; died November 8, 1850.

IRA EDWIN WOODSON son of Peter H. and Wilmoth Woodson; died Robertson Co., Tenn., [July?] 2, 1851 aged 9 months and 18 days.


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ELVIRA D. MILLER wife of William C. Miller; daughter of Jesse and Leah Seawel; born in Ga., Mar. 23, 1826; died June 18, 1851.

MARGARET JANE RICHARDSON daughter of John and Mary Richardson; born June 16, 1826; died Athens, Ala., June 3, 1851.

MARY JANE COLLINS widow of Rev. Robert S. Collins, Memphis Conference; died of typhoid fever, Coffeeville, Miss., June 23, 1851. Born Henry Co., Tenn.; four children.


July 24, 1851

JOSEPH H. OGDEN son of Dr. S. F. Ogden; died Owensboro, Ky., June 28, 1851 in the 21st year of his age.

JESSE R. HAYNIE oldest son of Lewis Haynes, Tipton Co., Tenn., formerly of Sumner Co., Tenn.; died April 27, 1851 in the 21st year of his age.

MARY E. RUTLAND daughter of J. W. and Margaret Rutland; died Franklin Co., Ala., June 18, 1851.

ELIZA M. PARISH only child of William and Clara Brown; born Wake Co., N.C.; married Charles Parish, Mar. 17, 1836 and moved to Dyersburg, Tenn., where she died June 21, 1851.

Rev. JOHN ORANGE died Lagrange, MO, May 14, 1851 in the 61st year of his age.

Dr. HENRY DELARNATE, SR. died in Audrain Co., MO, May 2, 1851 in the 60th year of his age; native of Pittsylvania Co., Va.

MARY McMAHAN widow of David McMahan, Oktibbeha Co., Miss., died May 28, 1851; born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Feb. 12, 1817; daughter of Daniel and Elinor Liles.

STEPHEN BOOTHE died Covington Co., Miss., May 22, 1851 in the 55/56th year of his age; native of Georgia; married Susan Graves.

ANDREW WINCHESTER born in N.C., August 8, 1809; married Thursey Presley; moved to Tennessee, 1830; died Smith Co., Tenn., July 8, 1851.


July 31, 1851

Rev. Z. N. ROBERTS, MO Conference, died July 14, 1851; cholera.

Rev. Dr. ESSEX P. SPURRIER born Louisville, Ky., Jan. 9, 1822; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church, Oct. 9, 1848; resident of Muhlenburg Co., Ky.; died Louisville, April 30, 1851.

LUCY CORWINE STEVENSON dau. of Daniel Stevenson; died Versailles, Ky., July 1, 1851.

MARY A. THORNTON died of flux, June 21, 1851 aged 33 years, 3 months and 1 day old [March 3, 1818]; wife of Thomas Thornton (died 1849); five children. Versailles, Kentucky. Her son, THOM, ASTHORNTON, died June 28, 1851 aged 3 years, 4 months and 9 days [Feb. 19, 1848].

JOHN R. BUTT born Norfolk, Va., Feb. 3, 1818; died May 23, 1851; married Ann McCulloh.

MARY F. BEAUMONT wife of Egbert Beaumont; daughter of Rev. Dr. Stevenson; died in the residence of her father-in-law, Rev. H. F. Beaumont, June 15, 1851.

ENOCH HAWKINS died Marengo Co., Ala.; died June 15, 1851 aged 25 years; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, fall of 1849.

Tribute of Respect for Colonel WILLIAM R. LEE, Canton, Miss., dec.; by Cadiz Masonic Lodge #121, dated July 5, 1851.


August 7, 1851

ALBERT HENRY REDFORD son of Rev. Albert H. and Mildred H. Redford; died Louisville, Ky., July 18, 1851 aged 1 year, 9 months and 4 days old [October 14, 1849].

ROBERT H. EASTHAM son of James and Elizabeth Eastham, born Halifax Co., Va., May 4, 1798; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. about 1823; died Hinds Co., Miss., June 26, 1851.


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Tribute of Respect for ALBERT G. WILSON, dec.; by Polk Masonic Lodge #183, Centerville, Tenn., dated July 7, 1851.

JULIA T. FOX died in the residence of her mother, Mrs. E. M. Thompson, Yalobusha Co., Miss., June 5, 1851 in the 24th year of her age.

MARTHA ANN BITTICK wife of Darius Bittick; daughter of John and Rebecca Still; born Oct. 4, 1830; died June 14, 1851.

SARAH BRUCE, nee Ford, born and reared in Virginia; orphaned, she went to live with a brother, Richard Ford, Iredell Co., N.C.; married Joel Bruce and moved to Tennessee; died Lincoln Co., Tenn., May 13, 1851 in the 65th year of her age.

ELIZABETH ELDRIDGE wife of William Hy. Eldridge; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., June 17, 1851 in the 48th year of her age; moved from Brunswick Co., Va. to Tennessee, December 1844.

Captain JAMES C. CARR born Sumner Co., Tenn.; moved to Memphis, Tenn., 1844 and died there "the 7th instant" [month not provided] in the 51st year of his age.

DRUSENIA MARTIN daughter of John and Lucy Putnam, born Rutherford Co., N.C., Sept. 15, 1811; married James R. Martin, Feb. 14, 1831; died June 2, 1851. Her twin daughters, MARGARET ANN MARTIN, born March 17, 1851 (died June 14, 1851) and MARTHA MARTIN, born March 17, 1851 (died June 17, 1851). Waverly Circuit, Tennessee Conference.


August 14, 1851

WALTER R. DAWSON son of William R. and Ann Eliza Dawson; died July 19, 1851 aged 14 years, 6 months and 5 days old [Jan. 14, 1837]. Cape Girardeau, MO.

NANCY COOPER wife of Levin Cooper; died Jefferson Co., Ky., May 7, 1851 in the 55th year of her age.

Miss C. S. QUINTON DAVIS died Louisville, Ky., June 1851.

HENRY FRANCIS GRIGSBY only son of Thomas B. and Emeline Grigsby, died Madison Co., MO, July 18, 1851 aged 16 years and 24 days old [February 24, 1850].

JUDITH F. N. ALLEN, nee Binford, born Buckingham Co., Va.; married G. H. Allen, 1820; died Fayette Co., Tenn., July 22, 1851 in the 48th year of her age.

MARGARET ELIZABETH DOWNING, born Harrison Co., Ky., Oct. 25, 1832; married Dr. A. T. Downing, Jan. 7, 184; moved to DeKalb Co., MO, 1841; died May 28, 1851

ELIZABETH OLD born Dinwiddie Co., Va., Oct. 25, 1771; married Mar. 19, 1789; moved to Williamson Co., Tenn., 1801; to Marshall Co., Miss., 1840 where she lived with her son, Charles, and died July 3, 1851.

WILLIAM MARTIN, Daviess Co., MO, brother of Rev. Patrick and Thomas Martin, Robertson Co., Tenn.; former resident of Bedford Co., Tenn.; died recently.

TILFORD M. NAIVES died Robertson Co., Tenn., July 27, 1851 in the 23rd year of his age.

FRED ALLEN COPLAND died Athens, Ala., July 14, 1851 aged 19 years, 10 months and 11 days old [September 3, 1831]; native of Limestone Co., Alabama.


August 21, 1851

MARY E. BECKHAM, Owensboro, Ky., born Nelson Co., Ky.; married Nov. 20, 1850; died July 18, 1851 aged 19 years and about 6 months old.

SARAH McCLEES died Greenup Co., Ky., July 18, 1851.

PENELOPE JANE HILL daughter of Major Hezekiah and Ann Hill, died Williamson Co., Tenn., June 21, 1851 in the 24th year of her age.


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MARY GOBER died Jefferson Co., Ky., July 27, 1851.

AMBROSE SIMS born in Kentucky; died Audrain Co., MO, May 31, 1851 aged 26 years.


August 28, 1851

ELIZABETH H. CLEMENT wife of B. W. Clement; born Rowan Co., N.C., July 11, 1827; daughter of George and Francis E. H. Locke and moved with them to Gibson Co., Tenn. about 1830; married June 22, 1843; died in the residence of her father-in-law, William Clement, Gibson County, May 30, 1851.

DAVID CAMPBELL died Greenville, Ky., July 21, 1851 aged about 23 years.

REBECCA C. JOHNSON daughter of Colonel Thomas Finch; wife of Rev. A. H. Johnson; died Franklin Co., Tenn., July 16, 1851 in the 26th year of her age; three children.

ELIZABETH W. CHASTAIN wife of Colonel Samuel Chastain; born Logan Co., Ky., Dec. 8, 1799; reared in Washington Co., Va.; moved to Kentucky where she died July 8, 1851.

BLANCHE GRETSINGER infant daughter of Captain John and Adde Gretsinger, died August 8, 1851.

Rev. PLEASANT ALVERSON born Oct. 21, 1783; died April 14, 1851; Methodist preacher for forty years.

HENRY WILLIAMS born in Virginia, July 1769; moved with parents to Greenville, N.C. where he married in 1799; moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. about 1811 where he died August 14, 1851; nine children.

MARIETTA BINGHAM wife of T. M. Bingham; married Feb. 19, 1850; died near Grenada, Miss., July 28, 1851 in the 19th year of her age.

SARAH GLASSCOCK wife of Jones Glasscock, Gibson Co., Tenn. born Oct. 30, 1818; died July 17, 1851.

RUSELLA ROBERTS wife of Rev. J. H. Roberts; born Washington Co., MO, March 25, 1818; died June 28, 1851; three sons.

MARTHA EMBRY widow of Henry Embry, born Mercer Co., Ky., June 18, 1806; died July 10, 1851. Green Co., Ky.


September 4, 1851

EMILY M. DRANE wife of Dr. J. F. Drane, Trigg Co., Ky.; born Sept. 26, 1816; died August 7, 1851.

JOHN T. JONES son of Dr. Federick Jones, Huntsville, Alabama; graduate of Centenary College, June 30, 1851; died in Memphis, recently.

ABSALOM CORNELIUS born in Kentucky, May 25, 1805; died Covington, Ky., July 5, 1851.

Tribute of Respect for A. H. COPPEDGE, dec.; by Caldwell Division #102, Sons of Temperance, dated August 12, 1851.

MARTHA JONES wife of Edward T. Jones; daughter of Archabald and Mary Wright; had a twin sister, Mary; born March 4, 1827; married August 6, 1850; died Limestone Co., Ala., May 31, 1851.

CATHARINE NEAL wife of Rev. William Neal; born Davidson Co., Tenn., June 18, 1799; married in 1818; died Phillips Co., Ark., May 11, 1851.

JANE A. HURT daughter of John Henderson; wife of Moses S. Hurt; born Oct. 3, 1825; married Nov. 1, 1847; died recently.

MARY ANN ETHERAGE daughter of William and Susanna Typpenhorvier; wife of John W. Etherage; born Lancaster Co., Pa., July 15, 1823; died August 2, 1851; four children.


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VIRGINIA WARFIELD REID wife of Dr. M. Reid, died Jefferson Co., __, August 10, 1851 in the 19th year of her age.


September 11, 1851

SARAH ELIZABETH MOSBY daughter of Thomas L. and Lucy Gaines; married William T. Mosby, April 1835; died Nashville,. Tenn., Aug. 22, 1851 in the 40th year of her age.

Dr. JAMES F. BROADFOOT son of Charles and Pewify Broadfoot, Amelia Co., Va.; died July 5, 1851 in the 45th year of his age.

ALMIRA P. RIDLEY wife of Dr. James A. Ridley; daughter of General John S. and Sally Russwurm; died Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 21, 1851.

JANE ROBERTS dau. of Rev. William (dec.) and Mary Trousdale; married Baker Roberts; born Feb. 13, 1814; died Smith Co., Tenn., June 11, 1851.

LAVINIA PURNELL born Oct. 22, 1836; died June 30, 1851. MARY M. PURNELL born June 15, 1838; died July 7, 1851; daughter of Henry M. and Eliza Purnell. Carroll Co., Miss.

HARRIET N. CARR wife of Rev. John H. Carr, Indian Mission Conference; daughter of Joel H. and Sina Nail; born in Miss., Mar. 19, 1816; moved with her parents to the Choctaw Nation, 1832; married May 6, 1836; died July 15, 1851.

ELENOR FELTS wife of William H. Felts, Calloway Co., Ky.; born Robertson Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1815; daughter of Stephen and L. S. Ellis; six children; died June 4, 1851.

HENRY MOUNGER born Louisville, Georgia, 1805; son of Edwin Mounger and his wife who was a daughter of Gen. Elijah Clark; long a circuit judge; married Celia Millsaps; nine children; died June 10, 1851.


September 18, 1851

MARTHA KINCANNON daughter of James and Miriam Kincannon; born Feb. 2, 1826; died June 20, 1851. Her mother, MIRIAM KINCANNON, born Grayson Co., Va., July 29, 1795, married James Kincannon, 1815; died August 1, 1851.

THOMAS WILLIAM SHORT son of William A. and Elizabeth L. Short, died Columbus, Miss., July 30, 1851 aged 8 months, lacking one day [August 29, 1850].

SALLY HINE, nee Wilburn, widow of Calvin Hine; native of Sussex Co., Va., born Nov. 28, 1811; died Limestone Co., Ala., July 25, 1851.

SAMUEL T. CRENSHAW died Athens, Ala., July 17, 1851 in the 46th year of his age. "Endowed by nature with a mechanical genius."

SARAH BAIN widow of Lewis Bain, born in Virginia, July 22, 1775; died July 3, 1851; married in 1794. Franklin Co., Ky.

MARY STROTHER, Trimble Co., Ky. widow of Rev. George Strother; born Culpeper Co., Va., Feb. 27, 1776; married Feb. 10, 1796; moved to Kentucky; died July 3, 1851; nine children.

LUCINDA TERRELL wife of William H. Terrell; daughter of Luke and Pinxton Wilcox; born Kanawhat Co., Va.; died Sept. 3, 1851.

SUSANNA LAMBETH wife of John S. Lambeth; daughter of John and Penninah Crump; born Chatham Co., N.C., July 17, 1805; died August 20, 1851; married Sept. 16, 1824.

WILLIAM MANNING born Norfolk Co., Va., Dec. 31, 1768; died Lawrence Co., Alabama, July 18, 1851; nine children.

SIMON PECK born in N.C.; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn., 1815; there he died August 31, 1851 aged 71 years.


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September 25, 1851

Tribute of Respect for JOHN C. COLBURN son of Rev. R. T. Colburn, who died August 12, 1851; by the Dialectal Society, LaGrange College, Ala., dated September 16, 1851.

MARY W. LANKFORD wife of Rev. T. N. Lankford, born in Tennessee, 1829; died August 25, 1851; married August 27, 1850.

SARAH DANNELL, nee Russell; born Cabell Co., Va., Sept. 22, 1814; married E. R. Dannall, 1836; moved to Audrain Co., MO, 1839.

JOHN W. COPE, SR. born Blount Co., Tenn., July 25, 1795; moved to Winchester, Tenn.; married Jane D. Sargent, June 28, 1821 and moved to MO; died Montgomery Co., MO, August 14, 1851; children, Thompson and William Newton Cope.

ELIZABETH FISHER wife of Federick. Fisher; daughter of Moses and Nancy McWhorter; died Fayette Co., Tenn., August 12, 1851 aged about 26 years.

"Sister" BLANTON wife of Rev. KINNION BLANTON, died August 1851. Her father died Sept. 2, 1851. She was aged about 26 years old and mother of three children.

SARAH ANN SCRUGGS wife of Rev. Dr. Anthony T. Scruggs; died Marshall Co., Miss., August 26, 1851 in the 32nd year of her age.

HENRY MASON born April 4, 1851; died September 5, 1851.

ABRAHAM ODLE died recently, "an old man, full of years."

SEVERN BUCEY native of Maryland; moved to Virginia; married Mary Ferguson, 1804; later moved to Fayette Co., Tennessee where he died July 5, 1851 in the 76th year of his age.

GORDON RIDOUT, Talladega Co., Ala., died August 8, 1851 in the 81st year of his age; native of Brunswick County, Virginia.

CHARITY L. P. CRUTCHER born. Nov. 23, 1818; married William H. Crutcher, Mar. 12, 1839; died aged 32 years, 8 months and 25 days.

AVA SPILLMAN, Marshall Co., Tenn., died June 23, 1851 aged 18 years.


October 2, 1851

LAVINA STOKES died Louisville, Ky., Sept. 6, 1851 in the 78th year of her age.

SARAH DRAKE died Greenup Co., Ky., August 21, 1851 in the 23rd year of her age.

ELIZABETH ROBERSON daughter of Captain Daniel Dashields; died Aug. 15, 1851 aged 19 years.

ELIZABETH M. NEWMAN wife of James E. Newman; daughter of William Lambeth; born Sept. 6, 1833; died July 18, 1851; moved to Muhlenburg Co., Ky. with parents in 1848.

HANNA G. DRAKE wife of James W. Drake; daughter of Dr. Philip J. and Sally B. Root; born Scott Co., Ky., July 17, 1810; moved with family to northern Alabama, 1820; married March 27, 1827; died September 15, 1851.

ROBERT H. EASTHAM son of James and Elizabeth Eastham, born Halifax Co., Va., June 4, 1798; moved with parents to Giles Co., Tenn. about 1823; died June 26, 1851.

THOMAS APPLEGATE, native of Jefferson Co., Ky., died Grand Gulf, Miss., June 30, 1851 aged 43 years, 7 months and 11 days old [November 19, 1817]; married Maria O'Bannon, Nov. 27, 1821; ten children.

OWEN D. THOMAS died Marion Co., Ky., July 27, 1851 in the 65th year of his age.

MARIA WILLIAMS wife of James Williams; daughter of Abram and Martha Kernachan; died Sept. 1, 1851 in the 30th year of her age.

MALISSA PLUMMER daughter of William and Eleanor Dickson; born Maury Co., Tenn., May 16, 1816; married Rev. E. B. Plummer, Mar. 26, 1839; joined Methodist Church, 1843; died Sept. 11, 1851.

MARY S. BARNS wife of James Barns died August 4, 1851; nine children.

ANDREW J. HUNT son of John Hunt, Robertson Co., Tenn.; died June 16, 1851 aged 25 years.


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ELIZABETH A. DUKE wife of Edmond F. Duke; born Augusta Co., Va., Dec. 23, 1834; died McNairy Co., Tenn., July 10, 1851.

PARRALY BILES born Granville Co., N.C., June 21, 1799; moved to Warren Co., Tenn. about 1802; died of flux, June 26, 1851.

MATHEW WATSON DIBRELL born Buckingham Co., Va., Oct. 22, 1813; son of Anthony and Wilmuth Dibrell; practiced medicine in Athens, Miss. and later in Lowndes Co., Miss. where he died recently.

Colonel NATHAN RICHARDSON born Washington Co., Va., August 4, 1797; moved to east Tenn., then to southwest Missouri; with his oldest son, William, he left for "the gold regions of the far west." Died near Jackson, California, March 26, 1851.


October 9, 1851

INFORMATION WANTED. JAMES and ELIZABETH HOLLOWAY, "then small," left Logan Co., Ky. about 1791 with their widowed mother in company with William Langston headed for Alabama. Anyone knowing their present whereabouts let their brother-in-law, William Langston, Clarksville, Tenn. know same.

SALLY HAMILTON daughter of Mortimer and Emmeline Holt; died Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1851 in the 4th year of her age.

JAMES ELLER YOUNG daughter of Rev. James and Rebecca Young, Nashville, Tenn., died Sept. 29, 1851 aged 2 years and 2 months old [July 1849].

WILLIAM LEONARD BAKER son of L. D. and Lamira Baker died Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 25, 1851.

ELIZABETH C. GWIN, nee Lowry, wife of Alex. M. Gwin; born June 25, 1826; died Issaquena Co., Miss. in the 25th year of her age. Their daughter, IDA GWIN, died June 27, 1851 in the 7th year of her age.

FRANKLIN POLLOCK CANTERBURY son of Milton and Sarah Canterbury; born Greenup Co., Ky., Oct. 13, 1849; died Louisa, Ky., August 10, 1851.

FRANCES H. KENNEDY daughter of Asa and Nancy Walrond; wife of Dr. Thomas H. Kennedy; born Pittsylvania Co., Va., Oct. 5, 1821; died Maury Co., Tenn. Sept. 16, 1851; married Nov. 10, 1850.

JULIA FOSTER wife of Rev. A. J. B. Foster, Tennessee Conference; daughter of Thomas and Jane Sims; born Franklin Co., Tenn., July 27, 1829; married Aug. 15, 1848; died recently.

SARAH ANN TURNER daughter of Jacob and Sarah Ebey; born Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 19, 1824; married Rev. Henry M. Turner, Oct. 1, 18_0; died July 6, 1851.

JULIUS A. WATTINGTON born Halifax Co., Va., April 27, 1830; moved to Yalobusha Co. Miss., 1837; to Yazoo Co., Miss., 1849 where he died August 20, 1851.

WILLIAM JOSEPH PENN died Gibson Co., Tenn.; born July 27, 1842; died Sept. 10, 1851.


October 16, 1851

Rev. J. B. MERWIN, aged 77 years, oldest minister in the Troy Methodist Conference; died Danbury, Conn., Oct. 6, 1851; fifty-one years an itinerant preacher.

PERLINA VIRGINIA OLIVER dau. of Major Americus Oliver, Pulaski, Tenn.; died there, August 9, 1851 in the 20th year of her age.

TABITHA A. G. BOYLE wife of Cornelius Boyle; daughter of William L. and Nancy Barry; died St. Louis, MO, September 29, 1851.

SARAH GAMMONS born Washington Co., Tenn.; died Bates Co., MO, July 17, 1851 in the 20th year of her age.


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JOHN WESLEY INMON fourth son of Ezekiel and Martha Inmon; born Burke Co., N.C., Oct. 3, 183l; died August 22, 1851.

ELIZABETH H. BRANSFORD wife of Abram Bransford, Madison Co., Ala.; died Sept. 23, 1851 in the 66th year of her age.

JOHN E. WOODS born N.C.; died in Mississippi, April 1851 in the 54th year of his age.

CHARLOTTE BLAKEMORE wife of I. C. Blakemore, formerly of Wilson Co., Tenn., but for years a resident of Washington Co., Ark., died September 4, 1851.

CATHARINE WENTWORTH daughter of Peter and Janet Alexander; wife of General J. H. Wentworth; born in Virginia, June 8, 1803; moved to Woodford Co., Ky.; married Robinson Ruddell (died 1843) and moved near to Warsaw, MO; died Cedar Co., MO, September 13, 1851.

"Sister" GOODJOIN wife of Rev. Robert C. Goodjoin; daughter of Rev. William Roche, Davidson Co., Tenn.; born April l5, 1802; died Caddo Parish, La., June 18, 1851; several children.

CLARA ANN WILSON daughter of Thomas B. and Pollie A. Wilson; died Trigg Co., Ky., recently, aged 12 years and 7 days old.

STITH T. MALONE son of Thomas H. and Elizabeth T. Malone; died near Athens, Ala., Sept. 26, 1851 in the 22nd year of his age.

SUSAN WATKINS wife of Washington Watkins; daughter of William and Elizabeth Young; born Christian Co., Ky.; died Caldwell Co., Ky., Aug. 20, 1851 in the 36th year of her age.

SARAH ELIZA DEFOE daughter of Josiah and Mary E. Payne; born Albemarle Co., Va., August 15, 1823; moved with parents to MO, 1842; married James O. Defoe, Sept. 14, 1849; died Aug. 8, 1851.

WYCHE H. PACE born Robertson Co., Tenn., May 11, 1817; moved with parents to Haywood Co., Tenn.; married Matilda W. Kirk, Hardeman Co., Tenn., Oct. 2l, 1830; died July l6, 1851; five children.

MARIAH ANGELINE PEAREY infant daughter of John H. and Verdisinia Pearey; died Mt. Carmel, Memphis Conference, September 18, 1851.

ADONIJAH MAXAM, veteran of the Revolutionary War, died on the Sharon Circuit, Nov. 2, 1851 aged 97 years. [In Maxam's widow, Catharine Hosford Maxam's pension application W 5345, for her husband's military service, she stated that he was born in Litchfield, Conn., 1754 and that he died Nov. 22, 1850; she was his second wife.]

LUCY DELLA CATO daughter of T. W. and Catharine Cato; died Leake Co., Miss., August 11, 1851 aged 1 year, 3 months and 8 days old [May 3, 1850].

SUSAN BOHANNON daughter of Richard and Nancy Bohannon, Madison Co., Ala., died June 30, 1851 in the 24th year of her age.


October 23, 1851

NANCY SEMESTER wife of Rev. John Semester; born Spartanburg Dist., S.C., Aug. 13, 1780; moved with parents to Robertson Co., Tenn., 1811; married June 6, 1822; died May 4, 1851.

SOPHIA M. TOWNSEND wife of Rev. Horatio Townsend; daughter of William and Ann Striklin; born Richmond Co., N.C.; died in Byhalia, Miss. on the "27th instant" [August 27th? as the notice of her death was dated September 24, 1851]

SARAH ELIZABETH ERCANBRACK wife of Rev. L. Ercanbrack died Sept. 13, 1851 aged 19 months and 2 days; the only daughter of six children.

SUSAN VIRGINIA MYERS wife of Zephaniah Myers; died Hopkinsville, Ky., Sept. 19, 1851; born March 29, 1826.

LAVISA SANDERS died Sept. 5, 1851 in the 70th year of her age; one of four widowed sisters. Middle Tennessee.


(Page 41)

JAMES PERKINS IRVINE son of Rev. James T. P. Irvine, East Texas Conference; died Sept. 17, 1851 aged 11 months and 23 days [September 24, 1850].

WILLIAM HENRY BRUCE son of Rev. Thomas V. Bruce, Henry Co., Ky.; born Feb. 20, 1826; married March 25, 1851 to Georgeanna daughter of Colonel Aaron Bruce; died Sept. 8, 1851.

ELIZABETH A. VANDERPOOL wife of Corneliua Vanderpoo1; died Raymond, Miss., Sept. 20, 1851 in the 35th year of her age.

NANCY C. CLOYED wife of John Cloyed; born Buckingham Co., Va., Nov. 24, 1802; moved with parents to Cumberland Co., Ky.; died Fayette Co., Tenn., July 8, 1851.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. WILEY BATEMAN, dec.; by Quarterly Conference, Clarksville Circuit, [Tennessee Conference]; dated September 10, 1851.

AMANDA ELIZABETH ANN SMITH wife of James S. Smith; daughter of Howell and Mary P. Taylor; born Va., 1828; married January 1850; died Haywood Co., Tenn., August 22, 1851.


October 30, 1851

JULIA F. BURGE wife of T. C. Burge; died August 10, 1851 aged 21 years, 5 months and 5 days old [March 3, 1830].

AMANDA ELLEN WALKER wife of Henry R. Walker; died Cooper Co., MO, July 3, 1851 in the 18th

year of her age.

ALBERT CARTWRIGHT inft. son of John and Martha Cartwright; died Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 19, 1851 aged 1 year and 10 months old [January 1850].

SARAH ELLEN CONNER daughter of Paris and Eliza Jane Conner; born Montgomery Co., Indiana, August 10, 1839; died Garrard Co., Ky., Sept. 10, 1851.

JAMES THOMAS CONNER a son of Paris and Barthenia Conner; died Garrard Co., Ky., Sept. 11, 1851 aged 3 years, 11 months and 26 days old [September 17, 1847].

ANN W. SMITH wife of Major Zenor Smith; married Oct. 12, 1825; died Wayne Co., MO, June 7, 1851 aged 55 years, 9 months and 17 days old [July 20, 1795].

SALLY BROOKSHIER daughter of Richard and Hannah Graves; born Randolph Co., N.C., Oct. 9, 1781; married James Brookshier, 1805 and moved to Ky., then to Rutherford Co., Tenn.; died August 25, 1851. Her daughter, PERMELIA CAROLINE BROOKSHIER, died Aug. 27, 1851.

MARY ANN FELTON wife of Dr. W. H. Felton; daughter of J. R. Carlton; died Cass Co., Ga., August 31, 1851 aged 23 years.

TABITHA CAROLINE BROOKS wife of William C. Brooks; daughter of William and Sarah Dunn; born Henry Co., Tenn., Dec. 25, 1822; died August 24, 1851.

THOMAS J. PIERCE born Marion Co., Ky., June 28, 1809; died Daviess Co., Ky., Aug. 24, 1851; married in 1835; moved to Daviess Co. in October 1850.

GERTRUDE CAROLINE ROTHROCK wife of David S. Rothrock; died Port Gibson, Miss., Sept. 20, 1851 in the 33rd year of her age. Native of Green Co., N. Y. and moved to Port Gibson in 1840.

MARY D. WHEAT wife of Dr. D. B. Wheat; born Adair Co., Miss., March 3, 1825; married July 4, 1848; died August 22, 1851.

ANN H. PARKER born in Va.; died Grenada, Miss., Sept. 27, 1851 in the 62nd year of her age.

MARY ELLEN CRANDEL daughter of Lemuel Crandel; died Hardin Co., Ky., recently, aged 22 years.


November 6, 1851

Rev. JOHN COTTON died Raymond, Mississippi, September 1851.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES N. RICKMAN, dec.; by Union Masonic Lodge #113, dated Oct. 11, 1851.


(Page 42)

ELIZABETH G. BARTLETT born Oxford, North Carolina, July 4, 1829; moved to Hardeman Co., Tenn. about 1831; married G. M. [Gabriel Maston] Bartlett, Dec. 3, 1846; died August 26, 1851; two children.

ELIZA J. BURROWS daughter of David and Sarah Vance, born Hawkins Co., Tenn., 1826; moved to Marion Co., Tenn., 1840, where she was orphaned; moved with brothers, John and Walter J. Vance to Ark.; married William W. Burrows, 1844; died September 22, 1851; 2 sons.

SARAH ANN EUNICE STURDEVANT died Oct. 3, 1851; wife of Benjamin Sturdevant, oldest daughter of Henry M. and Eliza A. Purnell, Carroll Co., Tennessee.

SUSAN WATKINS wife of Washington Watkins; daughter of William and E. Young; born Christian Co., Ky.; died Caldwell Co., Ky., August 20, 1851 in the 36th year of her age.

MALICIA ANN T. RICE daughter of John and Jane Rice, Hopkins Co., Ky., died Oct. 15, 1851, Muhlenburg Co., Ky. in the residence of an uncle, Andrew Martin.

CORNELIA McGRAW daughter of W. B. and Sarah A. McGraw; died Lafayette Co., Miss., Aug. 29, 1851 aged 2 years and 1 month old [August 29, 1849].

REBECCA SMITH, born Charlotte Co., Va., Jan. 22, 1782; died White Co., Tenn., Sept. 24, 1851; married John Smith, 1798; joined Methodist Church, 1822.

MAGDELINE CYRENA STRAIN daughter of James N. and Kezia L. Strain; died Shelby Co., Ky., Sept. 13, 1851 aged 5 years, 7 months and 27 days old [January 16, 1846].

WILLIAM T. BROWN youngest son of Wiley and Keziah Brown, died Oct. 15, 1851 in the 15th year of his age in Rutherford Co., Tenn.

WILLIAM L. WINSTIN born Rockingham Co., N.C., Feb. 28, 1809; married Mary Brown, Sumner Co., Tenn., Dec. 22, 18_; died September 4, 1851.

Captain THOMAS PAYNE, steamboat captain on the Tennessee and Mississippi rivers, died Stewart Co., Tenn. and was "buried on his farm, on the Tennessee River", October 11, 1851.

ELIZA SHEPARD daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth Evans; wife of Rev. William Shepard; born Madison Co., Ala., Oct. 29, 1807; died July 30, 1851.

SARAH NORTHCOTT born in 1798; married in 1818; died August 30, 1851. Her daughter, MARTHA NORTHCOTT, born Feb. 7, 1823; died Oct. 10, 1851. Middle Tennessee.

MARY SPENCER oldest daughter of James S. and Sarah Calender; born Claibourne Co., Miss., Mar. 31, 1846; died Jefferson Co., Miss., Sept. 10, 1851; another daughter, MALISSA EUGENE CAROLINE, born Jefferson Co., Miss., Nov. 13, 1849; died there, August 24, 1851.


November 13, 1851

NANCY BROWN widow of Raleigh Brown, nee Abernathy; born Brunswick Co., Va., about 1770; married in 1790; moved to Giles Co., Tenn., 1814; died in residence of son-in-law, James Adkins, Sept. 10, 1851.

ALBERT G. MERIWETHER born Louisa Co., Va. and moved with parents to Jefferson Co., Ky., 1810 and to Hickman Co., Ky., 1839 where he died July 22, 1851 in the 50th year of his age.

ELIZABETH A. McGINNESS daughter of Willim and Lucy McGinness; born Smith Co., Tenn., Nov. 3, 1826; died there, October 9, 1851.

PUERSAUL DOUTHET, native Kentuckian, died Hopkins Co., Ky., Oct. 14, 1851 aged nearly 52 years.

NANCY WILSON born, in Va., Dec. 1, 1781; died Sept. 1, 1851. Johnson County, Arkansas.

ELIZABETH LEWIS wife of James Lewis died Johnson Co., Ark., recently, aged 27 years.

HIRAM ABIFF LEWIS son of A. and Malinda Lewis; died Johnson Co., Ark., recently, aged 1 year, 7 months and 16 days old.


(Page 43)

LUCY T. KIMBROUGH wife of Thomas Kimbrough; daughter of John and Patsey Andrews; born Dec. 2l, 1814; died Todd Co., Ky., Sept. 21, 1851.

SARAH LUCETTA ISAACS daughter of Silas and Sarah Isaacs; born Pickens Co., Ala., Nov. 25, 1836; died Sept. 19, 1851.

MARY WILBURN wife of C. H. Wilburn; born Oct. 5, 1814; died August 23, 1851; eleven children.

JOHN HOBSON PETWAY son of William and Martha J. Petway, died Nov. 1, 1851 in the 11th year of his age.

HETTY HARRIET WARNER died Washington Parish, La., Oct. 8, 1851 aged about 42 years.

CORNELIA F. TILMAN wife of Samuel Tilman; daughter of James and Mary W. Noel; married Nov. 7, 1850; died Florence, Ala., Aug. 29, 1851 in the 18th year of her age.

JANE PALLETT born Sullivan Co., Tenn., Mar. 3l, 1773; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn., 1805; to Lafayette Co. MO, May 1851, where in a few days, she died.

ANSON SPRINGFIELD died Marengo Co., Ala., Oct. 13, 1851 aged about 62 years.

MARY DELOZIER widow of Asa Delozier, formerly of Henry Co., Va.; died Tishomingo Co., Miss., Sept. 1, 1851; born Stokes Co., N.C., June 3, 1805; daughter of John and Lois Evans.

SARAH CUNNINGHAM born in Miss., Aug. 27, 1815; died September 20, 1851; six children, one of whom, James, buried with her.

THOMAS F. SHELTON offered his plantation, 675 acres in Tipton Co., Tenn., on major roads, including a cotton gin, orchard, outhouses, residence, for sale.


November 20, 1851

JOHN ANGLE died of cholera, Livingston Co., Ky., Sept. 20, 1851 in the 67th year of his age.

The SON of F. A. and Martha MYRICK died Sept. 23, 1851 aged 2 years and 4 months old.

MARTHA MYRICK wife of F. A. Myrick daughter of Rueben Angle; born Nov. 12, 1824; died Sept. 24, 1851. Her sister, LUCINDA ANGLE died Sept. 26, 1851. The wife of Reuben ANGLE died September 30, 1851.

JAMES N. RICKMAN died Sumner Co., Tenn., Oct. 11, 1851 aged 29 years.

JAMES HARGAN born Hardin Co., Ky., Dec. 10, 1820; died Oct. 4, 1851.

ELIZABETH CARTWRIGHT daughter of John Maholland born N.C., Dec. 10, 1786; died Oct. 23, 1851, Wilson Co., Tenn. where she had married in 1808.

Tribute of Respect for EDWARD H. KING, dec.; by Lafayette Society, LaGrange College, Ala., dated November 5, 1851.

MARY FRANCES STRAIN oldest child of Elbert F. and Margaret S. Strain, born Ark., Dec. 18, 1844; died Oct. 26, 1851.

HENRY C. COOLEY born Humphreys Co., Tenn., Feb. 14, 1820; married Jane Wyet [sic], 1840; died Sept. 3, 1851.

Rev. JOHN COTTON born in N.C.; moved to Miss. about 30 years ago; died Sept. 15, 1851 aged about 50 years.

MARY ELLEN CRANDALL daughter of Lemuel and Mary Crandall, died Hardin Co., Ky., August 11, 1851.

WILLIAM C. HUGHES born Nov. 26, 1831; died September 27, 1851.

NANCY E. HUGHES daughter of Mark and Ellenor Hughes; died Sept. 30, 1851. [Washington Co., MO?]


(Page 44)

ELIZABETH BEARD, nee Young, widow of Robert Beard; died of tongue cancer, Giles Co., Tenn., August 20, 1851 aged about 72 years old.

ARDALITHA WILMOT born Caswell Co., N.C., Oct. 12, 1800; died Rockcastle Co., Ky., Oct. 19, 1851; married M. G. Wilmot, Sept. 12, 1820.

SARAH JANE HALL wife of G. L. Hall; daughter of William R. and Nancy Shores; born Putnam Co., Ga., March 29, 1830; married August 15, 1850; died Aug. 23, 1851. Her daughter, LIVINIA DELAWARE HALL, born August 6, 1851; died August 29, 1851.


November 27, 1851

JAMES S. OWEN son of Philip Owen, Williamson Co., Tenn.; died Nov. 6, 1851 in the 30th year of his age.

ELIZABETH HAYS died recently; the TENNESSEE BAPTIST carried her obituary. [The August 10, 1851 issue of this paper indicates that ELIZABETH ANN HAYS died June 16, 1851.]

CYNTHIA GREEN wife of J. N. Green, Tuscumbia; Ala.; born Wilson Co., Tenn., July 31, 1812; daughter of William and Marinda Porterfield; moved with parents to Limestone Co., Ala., 1818; married April 8, 1829; died August 18, 1851.

JAMES STRATTON died Sumner Co., Tenn., Sept. 17, 1851 in the 73rd year of his age.

DANIEL TURNEY, native of Smith Co., Tenn., moved to Morgan Co., Ala., 1816; died August 21, 1851.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM GILLIAM who died Nov. 11, 1851; by Washington Division 411, Sons of Temperance, dated November 13, 1851.

MARTHA O. WHITAKER wife of Daniel Whitaker, near Vicksburg, Miss.; died Oct. 16, 1851 aged 47 years.

HELEN MARY WENDEL born Hopkinsville, Ky., Jan. 5, 1826; died Oct. 27, 1851 in the residence of her mother, Mrs. Juliet Hiter.

EDWARD HARTWELL KING born Dec. 10, 1830; died Lawrence Co., Ala., Oct. 28, 1851; graduate, LaGrange College, Ala., June 1851. His mother, MARTHA REBECCA KING, died Oct. 31, 1851; she was born in Northampton Co., N.C., June 26, 1811; moved to Madison Co., Ala., 1814 with her parents, Captain E. B. W. and Margaret Delony [Delaney?]; married Oswald King, 1830; two daughters and five sons.

CHESLEY P. BARBEE died near Princeton, Ark., Dallas Co., Ark., Oct. 9, 1851 aged about 30 years; active Methodist layman. [Chesley Page Patterson Barbee, son of Christopher and Sarah Patterson Barbee; born near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, January 24, 1821; graduated from University of North Carolina, June 1, 1843; moved to Dallas County, Arkansas, where he practiced law and sold real estate; died of pneumonia, October 10, 1851, according to his tombstone in Tulip, Ark. and the Barbee family Bible. He and his wife, Elizabeth Keziah Smith Barbee had two daughters, Cala Barbee and Sallie Page Barbee.]


December 4, 1851

An INFANT GIBSON died Lebanon, Alabama, October 4, 1851; nine months old.

CHARLES M. HILL son of L. L. and Nancy Hill, Graves Co., Ky., died Oct. 27, 1851 in the 26th year of his age.

THOMAS S. TUCKER born Lycoming Co., Pa., Feb. 21, 1800; his ancestors were Quakers. He was a St. Louis, MO merchant tailor; moved to. Louisville, Ky., 1839, then to Lagrange, Ky., where he died Nov. 12, 1851; husband and father.

JOHN MATTHEWS born Brunswick Co., Va., Mar. 9, 1777; died Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 25, 1851; moved to Tennessee, 1806.


(Page 45)

Dr. RICHARD W. GARDNER born Robertson Ca., Tenn., May 24, 1807; died Nov. 2, 1851; moved with parents to Weakley Co., Tenn.; married Eliza H. Thomas, Jan. 8, 1829; served as surgeon in the 4th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Mexican War. His wife died Sept. 5, 1847. After the war he returned to. Dresden, Tenn. but moved to Commerce, Miss., where he died; joined Methodist Church, 1840; one daughter, three sons.

NANCY HOLDING dau. of Rev. Richard Holding; died Mt. Sterling, Ky., Oct. 19, 1851 aged 5 years, 2 months and 10 days old [August 9, 1846].


December 11, 1851

No obituaries appeared in this issue.


December 18, 1851

JOHN R. FINGER son of John J. and Malinda Finger; died Warren Co., Tenn., Sept. 13, 1851 in the 8th year of his age.

Mrs. Rev. PETER JAMES born in La., Feb. 19, 1797; died Oct. 18, 1851.

REBECCA J. SYKES wife of Dr. William A. Sykes; born Northampton Co., N.C., Dec. 17, 1801; married Dec. 1, 1819; moved to northern Alabama, 1830; to Mississippi, 1844; died Aberdeen, Miss., October 31, 1851.

EMILY McDANIEL born in Kentucky, July l4, 1816; moved to. Alabama with her parents, Nimrod and Elizabeth Kirk; married Elisha McDaniel, Feb. 2, 1851; died Oct. 2, 1851.

JOHN C. GUINN son of Rev. William C. Guinn, Grundy Co., Tenn.; died Somerville, Tenn., Nov. 7, 1851 aged 24 years, 3 months and 16 days old [July 21, 1826].

BENJAMIN F. SIMPSON born Caswell Ca., N.C., Nov. 10, 1796; married Eliza O. Tarver, Aug. 3, 1826; lived in Gallatin, Tenn. until he moved to Independence, MO, 1841, where he died October 4, 1851.

NANCY JANE SCRUGGS daughter of John and Elizabeth Scruggs; died Tuscumbia, Alabama, Nov. 24, 1851 aged 15 years, 11 months and 2 days [November 22, 1836]; a tribute by fellow students at Tuscumbia Female Seminary, dated November 24, 1851.

MARGARET MADALINE E. A. PETTIS, nee Harding, wife of William Pettis; died the night of October 4/5, 1851; two children, one two years old and six months old, the other one week old.


December 25, 1851

NANCY HARRIS died in Kentucky, Dec. 3, 1851 aged 61 years and 7 months [May 1790]; daughter of Rev. Nathaniel Harris.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES S. OWEN who died Nov. 6, 1851; by Nolensville Division #28, Sons of Temperance, dated Nov. 29, 1851.

Tribute of Respect for G. P. WARREN who died in November 1851; by Centerville Division #50, Sons of Temperance, dated November 29, 1851.

ISABELLA PELHAM widow of Major Charles Pelham; daughter of Colonel John Atkinson, Revolutionary War veteran; born in Virginia, April 19, 1766; moved as an infant with parents to N.C.; married September 22, 1784; moved to Woodford Co., Ky., 1787; then to Mason Co. Ky. where she died December 4, 1851.

ELIZABETH C. WHITTEN wife of Rev. Joel Whitten, Tennessee Conference; daughter of Henry L. (dec.) and Rebecca McDaniel; born Jackson Co., Tenn., May 30, 1830; married Oct. 1, 1845; died December 6, 1851; one daughter; two sons (Walter Wesley who died in 1849 and Henry Harrison who died at 3 months of age.)


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