By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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July 1, 1876

WILLIAM WESLEY SEAY son Daniel Seay and older brother of Rev. Rufus Seay, Tenn. Conf., born Dec. 3, 1837; died from tetanus, death date not given.

BELLE SHIRLEY dau John W. and Martha J. Shirley, born Adair Co., Ky. Oct. 5, 1855 and died Metcalf Co., Ky. May 28, 1876.

MARY JANE BERRYMAN wf B. P. Berryman; dau Rev. J. R. Dempsey; born Greensburg,

Ky. Nov. 22, 1853; md Sept. 30, 1873; died Hartford, Ky. June 7, 1876.

JOHN T. VESTAL born Sept. 9, 1796 and died May 16, 1876.

LULA REYNOLDS CHENAULT born Oct. 29, 1847; died nr. Nicholsville, Ky. June 9, 1876.

NANCY LOUISA NEELEY born Sept. 22, 1837; md Rev. James A. Neeley, No. Ala. Conf. 1859; died April 22, 1876.

JOSEPH F. THOMPSON son Thomas W. and Elizabeth M. Thompson, born Mar. 4, 1852; died Mar. 10, 1876 at residence of his uncle, T. W. Thompson, Colbert Co., Alabama.

LOUISA C. MILLER wf Joseph H. Miller; dau N. B. and L. M. Hocker, born Ohio Co., Ky. Sept. 26, 1848; md July 4, 1872; died June 4, 1876.

MARY E. GRISSIM born Adair Co., Ky. Feb. 6, 1824; md Thomas J. Grissim, April 16, 1840; died April 6, 1870.

ELIZABETH S. JOHNSTON wf Charles W. Johnston, born Brandenburg, Ky. Aug. 30, 1841; died May 24, 1876.

PRISCILLA T. HARLAN born Warren Co., N.C. July 4, 1822; died May 6, 1876.

NEWTON ORTON died May 26, 1876 in his 22nd year of age.

Rev. WILLIAM R. CARROLL died Williamson Co., Tenn. Apr. 27, 1876.

Rev. JOHN C. ROBINSON born Cumberland Co., England, Feb. 26, 1801; at age 12 went to sea; settled in U.S. at age 15 years; md Cornelia Baldwin 1828 and had 9 children; md Mary Madison of Ky., Jan. 1, 1850; md Ellen J. Downs, Paris, TX, July 2, 1871; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1825; taught at Madison College; preached in Ohio and Ky; died Paris, TX May 29, 1876.


July 8, 1876

Dr. T. S. MALONE died Athens, Ala. June 30, 1876.

GABRIEL MASTON BARTLETT, born Robertson Co., Tenn., Nov. 27, 1821; died there, at residence of his sister, Mrs. Fizer, June 18, 1876; md Elizabeth Glasgow, Shelby Co., Tenn., Dec. 3 of his 25th year of age, who died leaving one son; md Rebecca E. Cross, Fayette Co., Tenn., Jan. 4, 1854; professed religion at Pisgah Methodist Church nr. Bartlett, Tenn. in 1846; a member of the state legislature 1855; a Methodist and Mason. "The inhabitants of the village of Bartlett named in honor to him" One of charter members of Masonic Woodlawn Lodge 211, at its organization at Mt. Zion Church in October 1851.

Mrs. GEORGE B. WEBSTER died May 2, 1876 in her 57th year of age.

HARRIET REID, nee Markham, born Bedford Co., Va. April 19, 1818; died Logan Co., Ky. April 2, 1876; md James Reid, Feb. 25, 1841.

Miss HARRIET E. VESTAL born Nov. 19, 1847; died March 8, 1876.

FRANCES A. HICKS wf Jesse Hicks; dau Roger and Margaret Simpson, born Mar. 19, 1815 and died near Prospect, Tenn. January 21, 1876.

TALITHA ELIZABETH ASHWORTH dau. John and Delia T. Ashworth, born June 26, 1870 and died April 20, 1876.

EMILY BLANCHE MOONEY dau Rev. Wellborn and Sue F. Mooney, born Franklin, Tenn. July 2, 1857; died June 14, 1876; burial in Pulaski, Tennessee.


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July 15, 1876

LUELLA HAYES dau T. and C. D. Chamberlin, born Giles Co., Tenn. Jan. 24, 1856; md Dr. W. R. Hayes, Dec. 9, 1874; died June 23, 1876. Dyersburg, Tenn.

JANE COLLIER dau. John and Eleanor Bowman, born Sumner Co., Tenn. Dec. 23, 1806; md Isaac Collier 1826; died Wilson Co., Tenn. June 5, 1876.

Capt. HENRY DIXON died June 28, 1876 nr. Corydon, Kentucky.

JOSIAH ALLEN BIZWELL son Daniel and Adelphia Bizwell born Halifax Co., Va. May 11, 1815; moved with family to Williamson Co., Tenn. 1833; md Parthenia M. Sladen, Sept. 3, 1840; moved to Hickman Co., Tenn. 1842; died June 16, 1876.

LAVINIA LACKEY widow of Enos Lackey, born S.C. Dec. 3, 1795; moved to Tenn. 1809; md Mar. 10, 1819; died April 7, 1876.

MARTHA ANN WALKER wf Calvin Walker, born Dickson Co., Tenn. April 27, 1840; died in same county, May 25, 1876.

ADDIE C. CASSADY dau Rev. John W. Norton, born Barbour Co., Ala. 1848; md Capt. A. A. Cassady, Dec. 29, 1874; died June 24, 1876; surviving were husband and infant son, J. J. Cassady. (Tribute to her appears on page 12, July 29, 1876 issue, by church group at Cornersville dated July 9, 1876)

N. W. DOSIER "Uncle Nimrod" born Davidson Co., Tenn. May 30, 1811; died June 26, 1876.

MARGARET A. E. DEMONBREUN born Nov. 20, 1835; md Timothy Demonbreun, Aug. 30, 1849; death date not given.

ALBERT SIDNEY HAMILL, 6th child of Rev. E. J. and A. J. Hamill, born Tuskegee, Ala. Jan. 15, 1856; died Blountville, Ala. April 13, 1876.

LAVINIA C. EZELL, nee Harwell, died May 4, 1876 in her 65th year of age.

ROBERT H. BOYD died June 26, 1876; son of Nicholas Boyd.

MARY SUANNAH WALKER dau Rev. William Mullins, dec.; wf B. F. Walker, Giles Co., Tenn.; born Mar. 23, 1834; md July 11, 1867; died April 2, 1876; mother of 3 children, one having predeceased her.

MARY COOKE born Ky., 1811; died May 27, 1876; md Jesse Humble 1831 and had 4 children; md B. F. Cooke and had 5 more children.


July 22, 1876

Rev. THOMAS STITH MALONE born Sussex Co., Va. June 7, 1812; md Eliza J. Davis; md Harriet B. Pryor; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1860; ordained deacon 1866 and as elder 1870; died Athens, Ala. (date of death not given).

Rev. JOSEPH TOY born Annapolis, Maryland, May 6, 1785; md Sarah Owings, Feb. 26, 1811; died Henderson Co., Ky. May 13, 1876; had 3 sons, 2 daus.; moved to Breckinridge Co., Ky. 1817; to Butler Co., Ky. 1819; to Louisville 1830-1831; to Henderson Co. 1848; licensed to preach in Methodist Church June 12, 1821; ordained deacon Sept. 25, 1825 and as elder Oct. 17, 1830; served in War of 1812.

JOHN CARMON SCALES born Williamson Co., Tenn.; md Addie Berlington 1873; moved to California; death date not given.

Rev. W. R. LAY son Elias and Rebecca Lay, born Gordon Co., Ga. Oct. 3, 1843; md Mary J. Foster 1866; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1868; moved to TX 1871; murdered in Dallas Co., TX June 13, 1876.

Mrs. L. W. ROSE wf George W. Rose, died Sabine Pass, TX June 4, 1876; born, Morgan Co., Ala. Mar. 18, 1831; md Jan. 8, 1851.

WILLIAM O. AUSTIN died nr. Calhoun, Ky. January 4, 1876 in his 82nd year of age.

MALVINA SAMUELLA PAGE wf Milton Harvey Page; dau. Samuel and Martha Wilson, born Williamson Co., Tenn. Mar. 1, 1815; md June 27, 1833; died June 19, 1876.

ANDREW S. ALLEN born Williamson Co., Tenn. Sept. 20, 1818; md Elizabeth Ann Allen, non-relative, Jan. 1, 1845; died May 23, 1876.

MOLLIE E. DONNELL dau Dr. P. E. and Mary A. Drane, born Sumner Co., Tenn. July 21, 1847; md Feb. 1865; death date not given.


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MARY MOODY dau Rev. Samuel T. and Letitia Moody born Mar. 19, 1855; died June 24, 1876.

MARY A. GIVINS born Maury Co., Tenn. June 26, 1849; md J. J. Givens, 1872; died Hickman Co., Tenn. March 12, 1876.

WILLIAM A. HUMMEL son J. W. and Lou Hummel, born Nov. 28, 1874 and died June 24, 1876.

HADASSA HUNT dau S. B. and S. F. Hunt, born Nov. 2, 1875; died Farmville, Va. June 24, 1876.

Tribute to Dr. E. W. SEHON by preachers at Methodist Church, Louisville, Ky. dated June 19, 1876. Another tribute, by Quarterly Conf., Bowling-Green, Ky. Circuit, undated. Another tribute, page 12, August 12, 1876 issue, by Quarterly Conf., Brownsville Mission, giving his death date as June 7, 1876.

Tribute to Rev. J. W. DICKEY by Quarterly Conf., Abingdon Circuit dated June 24, 1876.

Tribute to A. W. ASTON who died June 8, 1876 in his 61st year of age; by Quarterly Conf. at Abingdon Circuit, undated.


July 29, 1876

Rev. D. P. GILLIS born Bladen Co., N.C. Apr. 16, 1794; died Hardin Co., Tenn. April 1, 1876.

MARTHA ANN DAVENPORT dau Ellis Walter, born Sept. 7, 1832, Hancock Co., Ga.; died June 28, 1876, Mumford, Ala.; md S. A. Davenport, May 30, 1857; husband was a Confederate veteran; she died June 28, 1876.

Mrs. MARY PATE born Md., Feb. 10, 1783; died Simpson Co., Ky. July 2, 1876; mother of 11 children.

MATTIE J. SMITH, nee Monroe, died Glasgow Junction, June 30, 1876 aged 26 years; wf George F. Smith; her mother given as Mrs. Judge West.

MARTHA LEMIRA FOSTER dau Sharad and Elizabeth Gay, born Oct. 26, 1834; md Marlon L. Foster, Feb. 5, 1851; died Mar. 28, 1876.

MILBA T. JORDON died Triune, Tenn. June 7, 1876 aged 46 years, 1 month and 1 day old.

MARY A. HAY dau A. R. and Victoria Hay, born Cumberland Co., Tenn., Nov. 4, 1875 and died May 12, 1876.

ROBERT EMMET WATLEY son W. E. and Georgia Watley, died Atlanta, Ga. July 2, 1876 aged 16 months old.

CLARA BERNIE SMITH dau. H. A. and Annie E. Smith, died Atlanta, Ga. July 2, 1876 aged 9 months old.

ARGYLE H. BEARDEN born Oct. 2, 1842; md Mary dau Nimrod Burrow, Jan. 9, 1868; died Bedford Co., Tenn. June 23, 1876; had 2 children, Edgar and Walter (who died last fall).

JASPER LADD youngest son William P. and Mary E. Ladd born Feb. 25, 1874 and died Jan. 25, 1876. TISHIE LADD born May 18, 1872 and died Mar. 16, 1876;

MARY E. LADD, mother of the latter two children, born Nov. 30, 1833 and died May 13, 1876.

W. R. MARKHAM born Wayne Co., Ky. Apr. 1848; moved to Ill. 1869; md M. C. Brooks, Jan. 13, 1871; died in Ky. Jan. 11, 1876.

BETTIE L. POOL dau W. C. and Elizabeth Pool born Aug. 1, 1846; died Hart Co., Ky. July 6, 1876.

LEOTA RAPIER dau Dr. P. A. and M. C. Williams; born Robertson Co., Tenn. Dec. 23, 1858; md John P. Rapier, Feb. 14, 1874; died Princeton, Ky. July 8, 1876.


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SARAH L. GANAWAY wf Rev. R. P. Ganaway died Tullahoma, Tenn., June 9, 1876 in her 56th year of age; dau John M. and Hannah Jones of Maury Co., Tenn.

THOMAS DICKIE CHAPPELL son John W. and Sarah Chappell, born Oct. 6, 1850; died July 10, 1876.

DRURY WARREN died June 21, 1876 aged nearly 55 years.

MARY E. WEST born Jackson Co., Tenn. June 10, 1850; died Mar. 24, 1876.

Tribute to HUGH COX MORROW by Sunday School, Tulip St. Methodist Church, /Edgefield, Tenn./ dated July 16, 1876.


August 5, 1876

Mrs. ANN FENDALL YOUNG born Warren Co., Ga., Oct. 9, 1810; died June 5, 1876, Eufaula, Ala.; dau General Robert A. Beall; a long panegyric.

LETITIA W. SMOCK, a panegyric penned by A. H. Redford.

MARTHA TAYLOR dau Berry and Elizabeth Hamlette, born White Co., Tenn. Jan. 14, 1812; md Pleasant Taylor, Feb. 12, 1837; died April 25, 1876.

JOHN B. "Johnny" ALEXANDER son of Dr. S. P. and S. F. Alexander, born Shelby Co., Ky. July 2, 1870 and died West Point, Ky. July 5, 1876.

WILLIAM L. WRIGHT born Va., June 12, 1809; died Cumberland Co., Ky. May 4, 1876.

SUSAN EMILY MURPHY wf Prof. A. G. Murphy of Ky. Wesleyan College, born June 20, 1828; died Millersburg, Ky. July 5, 1876.

Tribute to E. T. KELLY who died July 9, 1876; by Methodist Sunday School, Childerburg, Ala., undated.

Tribute to MARY ERWIN MOODY who died June 24, 1876; by Quarterly Conf., Shelbyville, Tenn. dated July 2, 1876.


August 12, 1876

JANE TOWNSEND, a panegyric only, by "M. B. S."

MARTHA SHARPTON, nee Flemmons, born Abbeville Dist., S.C., 1801; md Jordan Sharpton in her 16th year of age; moved to Gwinnett Co., Ga. in 1856 and to St. Clair Co., Ala. 1872; mother of 16 children, 9 living.

RACHEL E. THOMPSON died Florence, Ala. Sept. 1, 1876; wife of Rev. John A. Thompson, No. Ala. Conf.; dau Rev. W. G. Hensley, Tenn. Conference.

MARY WHITE, nee Hubbs, born N. J., Sept. 15, 1805; md John White, Jan. 9, 1830; died July 16, 1876.

Rev. WILLIAM KERR, M. D., native of S.C., graduate, Jefferson Medical College, Pa., 1858; practiced medicine at Cooksville, Miss.; served in Confederate Army; moved to Milam Co., TX 1868; in 1871 moved to Waxahatchie, TX; probably died in February 1876.

Rev. WILLIAM WOODSON born Dec. 25, 1830; died July 13, 1876, Hopkins Co., Ky.

ANNIE PUSEY born Federick Co., Md. May 1, 1796; died Gainesville, Ky.

KEDAR MILLER born Aug. 3, 1806; died Prentiss Co. Miss. June 30, 1876.

Miss NANCY A. WOODWARD died June 7, 1876 aged 27 years, 4 months and 16 days.

C. W. MASHBURN son M. M. and S. W. Mashburn born July 6, 1874 and drowned in Calhoun Co., Ala. April 3, 1876.

ALEXANDER DAVIS born N.C., Oct. 14, 1803; md Rosa A. Price, Oct. 8, 1829; died Livingston Co., Ky. March 9, 1876.

LEILA BELL MOSS dau of Colonel A. A. and Louisa C. Moss, born Davidson Co., N.C. Dec. 6, 1857 and died June 17, 1876.

MARY MAHALA McCUTCHENS born April 8, 1831; died June 17, 1876.

Tribute to J. Q. G. HARBOUR who died June 18, 1876; by Sunday School group, undated.


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August 19, 1876

POWHATAN WOOLDRIDGE MAXEY born May 7, 1810; his parents were Virginians, had 7 sons, 7 daughters; he md Julia A. Hobbs, Oct. 18, 1832; tinner; sometime Nashville alderman and twice its mayor /1843-1844/; a Justice of the Peace for years; member of McKendree Methodist Church for years, later of Hobson Chapel Methodist Church; died August 8, 1876; two sons predeceased him; surviving were his widow and daughter, Mrs. J. W. Hill. A tribute to him by Hobson Chapel Methodist Official members dated August 9, 1876.

Note:See page 84 for full copy of a biographical sketch of this old-time worthy.

Rev. NORVAL WILSON died August 9, 1876, Jefferson Co., West Va. in his 73rd year of age.

Hon. JAMES WILLIAM McHENRY born Sept. l0, 1832, Jamestown, Ky.; licensed to practice law Jan. 31, 1852; graduate, Cumberland University, Feb. 17, 1853; moved to Overton Co., Tenn.; appointed adj-general Jan. 12, 1860; "did gallant service for the Confederate cause"; after Civil War practiced law in Smith Co., Tenn. and about 5 years ago moved to Nashville; md Louisa Huddlestone, April 1858; surviving were widow and 5 children.

SAMSON ANDERSON born Allen Co., Ky. May 9, 1804; died there June 22, 1876; md. Elizabeth Hinton, July 24, 1827; joined Methodist Church Oct. 6, 1838. "He was steward, class-leader and trustee" in his congregation.

SALLIE ARMSTRONG COOKE dau Robert and Martha Cooke died in Dallas, TX July 5, 1876 aged 15 years.

MARY DURHAM born Nicholas Co., Ky. Oct. 22, 1816; with family moved to Montgomery Co., Indiana; md J. W. Durham, Sept. 13, 1838 and moved to Perryville, Ky.; he was son of Benjamin Durham, a notable Methodist; died July 17, 1876; surviving were husband and 3 daughters.

Capt. JOHN McNEILL born Pearson /Person/ Co., N.C., Feb. 26, 1793; with family moved to Sumner Co., Tenn. in vicinity of Bethphage; md Henrietta B. Jones, Dec. 1, 1831; died June 3, 1876; father of 3 children.

LILLIAN OPHELIA PARCHMENT born McCracken Co., Ky. Jan. 9, 1856; md Rev. J. M. Parchment, Dec. 13, 1874; died July 17, 1876.

Mrs. M. S. ALLEN died Calhoun Co., Ala. May 15, 1876 aged 28 years, 2 months and 22 days old; surviving were 3 children.


August 26, 1876

Rev. JOHN B. SOMERS born N.C. 1801; orphaned he went to Huntsville, Ala.; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1824 (Tenn. Conf.); moved to west Tenn. and thence to Ark. in 1845; died Lonoke Co., Ark., April 4, 1876.

Rev. JOHN PHIPPS son William and Henrietta Phipps, born Maryland, June 28, 1792; entered Methodist ministry in early life; died Hartford, Ky. July 20, 1876.

MARY WILSON dau William B. and Mary Hughes, born Logan Co., Ky. Mar. 7, 1848; died in same county, June 28, 1876; md Prof. J. H. Wilson, January 7, 1874.

MARGARET SEAT, nee Blair, born Davidson Co., Tenn. 1800; died in same county, July 9, 1876.

SAMUEL HOCKER born Lincoln Co., Ky. April 8, 1814; did Bradfordsville, Ky. May 31, 1876; md Amanda Scanland, Nov. 21, 1838 and had 6 children; md Mary West and had 7 more children; md Mrs. Jane Gay, Dec. 3, 1874.

SUSANNAH TRAVIS wf Rev. Thomas R. Travis, born N.C., 1794; with family moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn.; died Marshall Co., Tenn., Mar. 30, 1876; mother of ten children, 2 of whom predeceased her.

Mrs. WILLEY ELLIS died nr. Shelbyville, Tenn. July 22, 1876 aged 71 years.

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Appearing on page 325, DAVIDSON COUNTY CENTENARY HISTORY by W. W. Clayton (Philadelphia, Lewis Publishing Co., 1880), biographical sketch about POWHATAN W. MAXEY:

The nativity of the subject of this biographical sketch was in the county whose history we write, and the whole of his useful and honorable life was spent there. The prominent part he bore in shaping its history during an active career of manhood for more than forty years properly deserves to be incorporated in this record. Powhatan Wooldrige Maxey was one of fourteen children-seven sons and seven daughters-of William and Margaret Maxey, who moved from Virginia in 1804 and settled in Davidson County. Of this large family but one was his junior. His parents were in comfortable pecuniary condition, and enabled to rear their children becomingly and with a fair share of education procurable at the time, and to dispense in addition a generous hospitality, for which they were noted. Members of the Methodist Church, they kept open doors for the preachers of that faith in the early day, and these patriarchs of the Church, Bishop Asbury and McKendree, as did all others, found a place of welcome sojourn beneath their roof-tree.

He was born within a stone's throw of the spot at which he died, --a few miles east of Nashville,--May 7, 1810. At the age of sixteen years he was entered an apprentice to the trade of tinsmithing with William H. Moore, a venerable citizen of this county, still surviving beyond his fourscore years. This pursuit he followed, engaging in it on his own account in 1835 or 1836, until his retirement from active business in 1864. His establishment was for many years one of the leading houses in that line, in the city of Nashville. His character as an artisan and merchant was irreproachable for fair dealing and integrity and marked by industry and energy, which enabled him to acquire quite a fair estate. He resided in the city until the year 1850, when he purchased a farm three and a half miles on the pike leading to Gallatin, adjoining the homestead of his father, on which he built a new residence.

In 1835 he was made an alderman of the city, and served in that capacity for six terms. Active and public-spirited as he was, he took a leading part in municipal affairs, and the history of the city government, not less than that of the county, shows the impress of his labors. In 1843, after a spirited contest with an old and prominent citizen, he was elected mayor of the city, and re-elected in the following year by an increased majority. Not long after his withdrawal from municipal service he was elected a justice of the peace, and continued a member of the County Court for nearly thirty years. In that comparatively humble yet highly important and honorable sphere of public duty, he was conspicuous for the best qualities composing the character of an official in any station,--rigid integrity, superior intelligence, and unquailing firmness.

His vigilance in protection of the public interests was proverbial. No job or semblance of one evaded his penetration or escaped his opposition. In speech he was frank to bluntness, and sometimes warm and vehement, provoking criticism; but believing himself to be right he cared not, and all knew him to be sincere as he was incorruptible. He was liberal in his views of the public service, but had no toleration for anything attempted indirectly or illegally. It was a misnomer to call his tenacity of purpose obstinacy, for he stood upon his rendered reasons, though like a rock. The minutes of Davidson County Court constitute a worthy portion of the history of his life, and that body never had an abler or truer man in its councils.

Esquire Maxey held no other public position, with the exception of the United States pension agency at the city of Nashville, to which he was appointed by President Johnson in 1865, and whose duties he performed during the remainder of that executive administration. Sanguine and earnest in temperament, his convictions were decided, and not less in politics than other matters. He was a devoted Whig, and took a strong and leading interest in the success of that party, and for a number of years was an influential member of its State executive committee. An ardent and unselfish patriot, the event of the civil war gave him deep concern and anguish. His sympathies flowed freely and warmly in one direction, while his conservatism could not consent to a severance of the government, and during the storm he quietly but firmly adhered to the cause of its unity. Regard for the sincerity of his character commanded the respect even of those who widely and wholly differed in views. He was a member of the Masonic brotherhood, and had served as Worshipful Master of one of the Nashville lodges, and also of the lodge in Edgefield. He had passed through many of the higher degrees, and was a Knight Templar.

Early in life he connected himself with the Methodist Church, and his way of life was consistent with his profession. He worthily filled the offices of steward and trustee in the congregations with which he was affiliated, and was a zealous and liberal supporter of all the institutions of the Church. In the work of the Sunday-school he was an earnest and devoted participant. Leading an active career, and having diversified callings and duties, which often divert attention from religious thought and obligations, his course to the contrary in that regard was one to be commended and imitated. He was in all respects a faithful layman and his walk and conversation exemplified his faith and exerted a wholesome influence.

He was married to Miss Julia Hobbs, Oct. 18, 1832, and to them were born two sons and a daughter; both of the former attained manhood, and died during the period of the late civil war. He died Aug. 8, 1876, and his estimable wife survived him but a few years, and the only living member of his family is the wife of Rev. J. W. Hill, of the Tennessee Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and at present pastor of West End Church, Nashville. His sister, Miss Ann Maxey, is the sole survivor of the numerous family of sons and daughters of which he was a member.

No man in the community of Davidson County was more generally known than Esquire Maxey, and for the substantial elements of good citizenship, in the broadest sense of that term, none was more highly esteemed. He was conspicuous for his physical appearance, being a person of large and bulky frame, but equally so for strong and forcible qualities of character.

He was independent, candid, and positive, but conscientious, and under a manner sometimes brusque always regardful of the rights and feelings of others. He had confidence in the correctness of his convictions, and was not easily moved in his opinions, but was open to reason always, and yielded his views, when convinced, as heartily as he held them. These characteristics gave him influence in society, and it was wielded for the public good. He was liberal and hospitable both in public and private circles. One with traits so marked, and engaging so actively in the affairs of life, could not pass without collisions; but he cherished no animosities and " to true friends who sought him was sweet as summer."

Beneath his rugged strength there beat a big and tender heart, and none knew this so well as his neighbors and those who had close relations with him. In the history of the past century of the community in which he lived his service as a leading citizen justly claims a place of honorable mention. We close with the following lines, written, on the occasion of his death, by Mr. Irby Morgan, and which strike the points of his character better than a biography:

Rough, grand old man!
Match him who can?
Torn from the cliffs where men are made!
Daring and bold, gentle and good.
Where can you match him, if you would?
An "ashler from the mountain side,"
Upright and pure he lived and died.


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August 26, 1876 (continued from p. 83)

CATHERINE ELIZA DUVAL "my mother" (Virginia Duval); dau Major Claiborne Duval, born May 24, 1800; died July 24, 1876; mother of 13 children. Another obituary appeared for her, page 12, Sept. 26, 1876 issue, noting that she was the wife of Dr. S. S. Duval and died in Nechesville, TX.

HELEN L. TEMPLETON wf J. A. Templeton, born White Co., Tenn. June 23, 1830; died June 25, 1876.

JOSIE E. BUNGAR dau S. N. and Mary E. Bungar born May 23, 1857; died June 25, 1876. Meade Co., Ky.

Tribute to WILLIAM W. SEAY by Good Hope Methodist Church dated June 18, 1876.

Mrs. CATHARINE JANES wf Bishop Janes, died in New York, Aug. 13, 1876.

Note :CYCLOPAEDIA OF METHODISM by Matthew Simpson, Philadelphia, Everts, 188O, page 493, notes that Mrs. Janes was named CHARLOTTE Janes, nee Thibou.


September 2, 1876

EMMA A. DRAPER born Franklin Co., Tenn. Apr. 29, 1832; died Oxford, Ala. June 28, 1876; md Joshua Draper, Sr., Sept. 28, 1852.

RUTH MARTIN, nee White, born N.C., June 9, 1792; md Joseph Martin, Nov. 15, 1809; died July 20, 1876; he died July 28, 1830.

MOLLIE REDFORD wf Samuel W. Redford, born Liberty, Ky. June 10, 1837; died Danville, Ky. July 31, 1876; md January 1855.

MARTHA CAROLINE LANIER wf William Lanier, born Lunenburgh Co., Va. Aug. 13, 1809; moved with family to Tenn.; md Dec. 16, 1830; died July 3, 1876.

ELIZABETH PAGE STRONG born Albemarle Co., Va. Mar. 25, 1796; md Robert Strong, Mar. 17, 1839; died with paralysis July 12, 1876.

ANN M. AYERS, nee Smith, born Middletown, N. J., Sept. 21, 1799; moved with family to Brooklyn, N.Y.; md David Ayers 1815; surviving were husband and 6 children.

MrS.C. M. F. GRIGSBY, born Bedford Co., Va. Aug. 21, 1829; moved with family to Maury Co., Tenn. 1838; md William Grigsby, June 14, 1849; moved to TX 1873; husband and three children died in January 1875; moved to Pulaski and died there July 29, 1876. Sister of E. H. Hatcher, formerly of Tenn. Conf.

HENRIE JOHNSON CHEATHAM died Springfield, Tenn. Aug. 7, 1876 aged 30 years, 10 months and 21 days old; husband, Boyd M. Cheatham predeceased her by 3 weeks.

MAHLON BUREL SALMONS son John H. and Martha Salmons died Cherokee Co., Ala. Aug. 13, 1876 aged 1 year, 10 months and 29 days old.

RANDAL H. KENNEDY son Wesley W. and C. W. Kennedy, born Oct. 17, 1856; died nr. Center Star, Ala. July 22, 1876; a steward of Poplar Spring Meth. Church, No. Ala. Conf.; secretary of Poplar Spring Grange 659.

A. J. DICKINSON, St. Clair Co., Ala., died July 23, 1876 in his 50th year; tribute to him by Meth. Church and Sunday School at Rhoads Chapel, undated.

ELI JACKSON CLARK born Jan. 26, 1839 and died Aug. 15, 1876. Nashville, Tenn.

SARAH WRIGHT eldest sister of Frank T. Martin of Huntsville, Ala., who died in his 86th year; she died at Findley, Ohio, July 22, 1876 in her 93rd year; buried at Urbana. Born Port Tobacco on Eastern Shore, Md., Mar. 17, 1784; md Reed Wright 1805; mother of ten children.

TERESA W. RIDDLE wf Rev. R. P. Riddle, formerly of Tenn. Conf., born Nov. 28, 1809; died August 3, 1876; joined Methodist Church 1844.

Notice that remains of MICHAEL C. KERR of Indiana, Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives were returned to New Albany for burial Aug. 22, 1876.


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September 9, 1876

Rev. LAWRENCE BAKER born Covington, Ga. Apr. 6, 1843; md Miss M. W. J. Smith, at Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 21, 1870; died Midway, A1a. July 19, 1876.

LYDIA A. ALDEN wf John H. Alden; dau Robert and Sarah Spilman born Jan. 12, 1829; died Aug. 5, 1876. Greensburg, Ky.

ROBERT LEE McELWRATH son F. P. and M. E. McElwrath, born Bedford Co., Tenn. June 6, 1802; died Grenada Co., Miss. July 26, 1876. (A repeat obituary for him appeared on page 12, September 23, 1876 issue)

LAURA SHIVERS infant dau W. O. and Callie Shivers, Goodlettsville, Tenn. died August 26, 1876.

Dr. A. O. AYERS died McLean Co., Ky. in his 72nd year (no death date given); native of Rowan /Roane/ Co., Tennessee.

SUSAN BOSWORTH wf W. C. Bosworth; dau D. W. and Eliza Dobbin, born Maury Co., Tenn. Jan. 18, 1846; md May 31, 1872; died May 31, 1876.

SALLIE KEENER widow of John T. Keener born Spartanburg Dist., S.C. Aug. 21, 1810; md 1843; died Greenwood, Ala. December 3, 1875.

BENNIE SIMPSON infant son J. H. and Sallie Ingram, died Aug. 22, 1876 aged 11 months, 14 days old.

ELIZABETH SUMMERS, nee Stevens, born Swanage, Dorset, England, July 15, 1810; died there July 24, 1876; md John Summers who died July 17, 1871 and had 9 children.

SALLIE A. BENNETT born Davidson Co., Tenn. Nov. 20, 1840; dau B. F. and T. A. Moss; died Macon Co., Tenn. Aug. 22, 1876; md Nov. 20, 1866. Children: Frank, Jimmie and "sweet little Kate."

PLEASANT "Pleasy" BACON BLACKBORN born Sept. 9, 1866; died Feb. 24, 1876; reported dying words, "Pa, if I die I don't care for I am always sick and suffering here."

ELIZABETH GRAVES wf D. S. Graves, born Neely's Bend about ten miles from Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 13, 1829; only dau Capt. J. M. Goodrich; md May 1, 1849; joined Methodist Church 1853; died August 8, 1876.

JOHN S. W. HILL born Caroline Co., Va. May 9, 1810; died Franklin Co., Ala. Aug. 3, 1876; moved to Ala. in 1831, then to Louisiana.


September 16, 1876

JAMES FELIX EUBANK born Davidson Co., Tenn. Oct. 25, 1831; md Euphemia Clark 1853; died July 23, 1876.

HENRY T. MEDOW only son of his mother and orphan of his father; died at residence of step-father, Samuel C. Chambers, Smith Co., Tenn., Nov. 19, 1875 aged 19 years and 9 days old.

GEORGIA ANN FRY dau Sidney and Julia Ann Fry, born Calhoun Co., Ala. June 9, 1853 and died August 13, 1876.

JOSEPH PIERCE FOSTER son William M. and Mattie R. Foster, died Chickasaw Co. Miss. July 8, 1876 aged 5 months and 22 days old.

JOHN WESLEY SMITH son J. W. M. and N. A. Smith born Sumner Co., Tenn., Feb. 9, 1852; died Johnson Co., TX, July 23, 1876; with mother and step-father, Feeman Senter, moved to Ballard Co. TX.

ELIZABETH A. P. ALBROOKS, nee Green, born Nov. 2, 1814; md D. S. Albrooks, May 10, 1840; died Robertson Co., Tenn. August 27, 1876.

JOHN W. HAYNES died Aug. 19, 1876 aged 20 years, 9 months and 2 days old; oldest son J. L. and Adeline Haynes of Nashville, Tenn.

WILLIAM H. COOTS born Grayson Co., Ky. Apr. 2, 1845; md Cassia E. Burnett, Dec. 28, 1865; died Dec. 3, 1875; served in 17th Ky. Inf., Union Army, Civi1 War.


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Miss MOLLIE JOHNSON died Lincoln Co., Ky. "a few days ago."

DELIA YONTS dau Edward and M. S. Kingsley, born Muhlenburg Co., Ky. Aug. 30, 1848; md Joseph Yonts, Greenville, Ky., Nov. 14, 1871; died there June 27, 1876.

PAULINE HANCOCK, nee Ladd, born Franklin Co., Ala., Feb. 11, 1836; died Florence, Ala. Aug. 6, 1876; a long panegyric.

SARINTHA HARRIET DOBBINS wf Rev. William A. Dobbins, Maury Co., Tenn., born March 29, 1821 and died Aug. 17, 1876; her mother died when she was 3 years old and she was raised solely by her father, John Crawford, dec.; md July 23, 1857; had a daughter about 15 years old; burial at Blanton's Chapel.

MAJOR PASSONS born Va., Feb. 17, 1796; died Van Buren Co., Tenn. at residence of his son-in-law, B. Grissom, July 24, 1876; md Anne Anderson, White Co., Tenn.; served in Creek War; his wife died in 1866.

WILLIE CHILTON youngest son B. F. and E. C. BROYLES died July 31, 1876 aged 16 months, 14 days old.


September 23, 1876

Bishop JANES, senior bishop of the Methodist Church, died Sept. 18, 1876. An obituary appeared for him on page 12, October 7, 1876 issue.

Note: CYCLOPAEDIA OF METHODISM by Matthew Simpson, Philadelphia, Everts, 1880, pages 493-494. EDMUND STORER JANES, born Berkshire Co., Mass. April 27, 1807; taught school 1824-1830; began Methodist ministry in 1830; on June 7, 1844 elected a bishop of the church. "He possessed a mind of a high order, capable of the broadest discernment and of the most subtle analysis." He died September 18, 1876.

Colonel WILLIAM GARRETT born May 6, 1809; md April 19, 1843, "I think" the day of the month only being a matter of doubt. "Son of William Garrett; moved to Ala. in 1833; sometime clerk in the House of Representatives of that state; secretary of state for Ala. ten years and served in other official capacities. Refers to his biographical sketch in the book, REMINISCENCES OF PUBLIC MEN IN ALABAMA. /pages 145-155. Colonel Garrett died in Coosa Co., Alabama, August 22, 1876./

ABNER W. MOORE born Chattanooga, Tenn., Mar. 6, 1849 and died in Rhea Co., Tenn. Aug. 28, 1876. "His father had a good library."

JOHN WILLIAM CHILDERS born Goochland Co., Va. 1800; moved to Hart Co., Ky.; died August 6, 1876.

IDA C. PRICE dau Thomas R. and Sarah Price, born Feb. 18, 1874; died July 3, 1876.

MARY W. HATCHER dau Jacob and Hannah White, born Bedford Co., Va. Mar. 13, 1801; md Julius W. Hatcher, a veteran of the War of 1812, Jan. 30, 1817; died nr. Bethesda, Tenn. Aug. 9, 1876. Among children were Rev. E. H. Hatcher, dec.; Major John E. Hatcher and Mrs. W. P. Murray (in whose residence she died).

MrS.C. F. M. GRIGSBY dau Julius W. and Mary W. Hatcher, had died and had in one year "buried" her husband and three children; no dates given.

ERMINE C. RUSSELL born Dec. 6, 1816, Columbia, Ky.; died Shelbyville, Tenn. Aug. 23, 1876; md B. F. Russell, Mar. 24, 1836.

RICHARD WYATT RAMSEY born Mar. 15, 1805; died Collierville, Tenn. Aug. 1, 1876; md Eliza S. Miles, May 29, 1828.

MARTHA E. JACOBS dau M. V. A. and E. J. Jacobs, born S.C. Sept. 30, 1854 and died Aug. 1, 1876; moved with family to Coosa Co., Ala.

Mrs. JANE LOWERY born Aug. 26, 1806; died nr. Gallatin, Tenn., June 15, 1876.

Tribute to Mrs. LUCRETIA BROWN who died July 25, 1876 in her 56th year; by Church Conf. at Mt. Pleasant Church, Pettusville Ct., undated.


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Tribute to JOHN W. RANSON who died Nashville, Sept. 16, 1876; by friends of the deceased dated September 18, 1876.


September 30, 1876

Rev. JOHN HENRY ANDERSON son James K. and Mary A. Anderson, born Giles Co., Tenn. August 8, 1850; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Sept. 9, 1865; md Bernie M. Moran, Feb. 28, 1872; ordained deacon Sept. 19, 1869 and as elder Nov. 19, 1871. Preached in Tenn. and then No. Ala. Conferences. (A tribute to him by Talladega Ala. Sunday School, undated, also appeared in this issue. Another tribute to him by the Courtland, Ala. Y. M. C. A., dated Sept. 24, 1876 appeared in the October 14, 1876 issue.)

Rev. EDWARD EARLY SLATER son Rev. Edward C. and Mary C. Slater, born Madison Co., Tenn., at residence of his grandfather, Dr. Reuben Cole, Aug. 23, 1855 and died in Whiteville, Tenn., where he had been teaching, Sept. 4, 1876; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Nov. 1873; burial in Jackson, Tenn. /Riverside Cemetery/

MARY ELIZABETH DEWITT dau Albert T. and Eliza Dowdy, born Todd Co., Ky. June 10, 1848; md Rev. J. F. DeWitt, M. D., Sept. 27, 1868; died Aug. 17, 1876.

PERRY B. WILLIAMSON born Sept. 14, 1814; died July 29, 1876, of mouth cancer; surviving were 3 daughters.

NATHANIEL PHILLIPS born Taylor Co., Ky. May 6, 1816 and died in same, July 7, 1876; md Ruth Eads, 1835; surviving were widow and 8 children, one being Rev. J. M. Phillips of the Louisville Conference.

MARTHA THOMPSON HARE dau Daniel and Elizabeth Seay, born June 19, 1835; md Samuel E. Hare, Apr. 5, 1860; died Aug. 30, 1876.

MARY J. SWINEY wf John Swiney, born May 5, 1837; died Williamson Co., Tenn., August 24, 1876.

MATILDA ISABELLE HALLUM wf Dr. Hallum; died New Middleton, Tenn. Aug. 2, 1876.

NANNIE DURBIN "one of the sweetest children I ever knew" (Mrs. M. A. Shelton) died Hardin Co., Ky. September 8, 1876.

JENNIE FOULKS wf James Foulks; dau James and Virginia Scott, born Muhlenburg Co., Ky. Oct. 25, 1843 and died August 21, 1876.

Tribute to WESLEY J. HICKS who died April 1, 1876; by Board of Stewards, Methodist Church, Knoxville, Tenn., dated August 7, 1876.


0ctober 7, 1876

ELIZABETH PHARES born Tenn., Feb. 18, 1805; died Sumter Co., Ala. Sept. 8, 1876.

NAOMI DAVIS born Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Mar. 1791; died Marshall Co., Tenn. May 5, 1876; buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery.

CYRUS H. BARTLETT born Wilson Co., Tenn. Aug. 5, 1806; died Lewisburg, Tenn. (no death date given.)

JAMES ALEXANDER BECKETT born Marshall Co., Tenn. Sept. 5, 1833 and died May 23, 1876.

THOMAS HOLT died Breckinridge Co., Ky. Sept. 11, 1876 in his 64th year of age.

SARAH A. GRAY dau Jackson D. and Mary E. Stewart of Talladega Co., Ala., born May 30, 1842; md J. B. Gray, Oct. 15, 1873; died Logan Co., Ark., Sept. 1, 1876.

ELIZABETH W. NELSON wf John L. Nelson and mother of Mrs. John A. Tillman of Athens, Ala., born Va., Nov. 11, 1801; died Jan. 9, 1876; md Feb. 1, 1825; moved to Limestone Co., Ala. in January 1852.

ELIZABETH JONES, nee Dickinson, born Habersham Co., Ga. Dec. 26, 1821; md James S. Jones, Oct. 12, 1853; died St. Clair Co., Ala. September 7, 1876.


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RHODA TUTTLE dau Robert and Polly Preston, born Grayson Co., Ky. Jan. 1, 1809; died Daviess Co., Ky. August 27, 1876.

Miss ELVINA BANE died Trimble Co., Ky. August 25, 1876.

ARY McKNIGHT born Va.; dau Raleigh and Nancy Brown; md James McKnight; moved with family to Giles Co., Tenn.; died July 12, 1876 aged 80 years.


October 14, 1876

Hon. SAMUEL S. HOUSE born May 22, 1822; died nr. Franklin, Tenn. July 30, 1876. "Never can I forget his genial face, his ringing laugh, the warm-hearted grasp of his hand and the kindly words of his mouth."

Dr. JOHN EARLY FALLIN born Henderson Co., Ky. Oct. 27, 1843 and died New Haven, Ill., Sept. 25, 1876; md Emeline B. Towler, Dec. 16, 1864 who died Nov. 11, 1868.

LARISSA W. CHILTON born Feb. 21, 1847 and died Aug. 15, 1876; granddau of Mrs. Ruth Martin who died recently.

CHARLIE RICHARD WATTS son Jesse A. and Maria L. Watts, born Mar. 1, 1874 and died August 10, 1876. Cuba, Alabama.

ELLEN ANN STEVENSON wf John B. Stevenson, Jr. and dau of Don C. and Susan Shriver of Bedford Co., Tenn.; moved to TX 1872; died at her parents' house in Bedford Co. April 8, 1876.

Mrs. R. L. HOBBS born Oct. 17, 1809; died Clay Co., Ala. Aug. 8, 1876; mother of 12 children.

MARY ELLEN TIMMONS wf Iley Timmons and dau Dr. S. W. and Margaret Crandell, born Sept. 16, 1853 and died August 11, 1876.

SAMUEL D. WILLIAMS born DeKalb Co., Tenn. May 27, 1849; died Sept. 7, 1876.

MARY E. KITCHENS wf Jesse Kitchens; dau. Thomas and Mary Ashcraft, born Macon Co., Ala. Sept. 29, 1845; died Walker Co., Ala. September 4, 1876.

MARTHA A. HOWEL wf Sanford Howel died Sept. 4, 1876 aged 31 years. Cross Plains, Alabama.

DRURY MARSHALL MEADFORD died aged 2 years, 7 months (no date given); he died 22 days before his grandfather /Drury/ Parham died.

Mrs. MARY N. BAKER died June 13, 1876 aged 83 years.

JOHN WIGHTMAN HOPPELL infant son Dr. T. J. Hoppell, died Trenton, Tenn. Sept. 29, 1876 aged 1 year and 8 months old.

REBECCA A. RIVERCOMB died July 28, 1876 aged 51 years, 2 months and 28 days. Augusta Co., Virginia.

DRURY PARHAM born S.C., Jan. 7, 1812; died Colbert Co., Ala. Sept. 29, 1872 /should read 1876/

Tribute to JOHNNIE HAYNES son J. L. and Elizabeth Haynes, born Dec. 17, 1855; died from injuries in a train collision, Aug. 17, 1876; penned by "Frank."


October 21, 1876

ROBERT T. CLARK born Sparta, Ga. June 17, 1811; moved with family to Madison Co., Ala. about 1819; md Martha C. Malone, Feb. 2, 1832; died Murfreesboro, Tenn. August 1, 1876.

JOHN L. COOK born Aug. 12, 1826; died Wayne Co., Tenn. Sept. 6, 1876.

Dr. ALLEN MORRIS died August 14, 1876 aged 42 years, 1 month and 27 days old; md Nancy Malone Bartlett, Dec. 5, 1858; member of Cedar Hill Meth. Ch.

ELI BYNUM "my father"(B. T. Bynum), born S.C., July 13, 1813; moved to Blount Co. Ala.; active Methodist layman.

TELLA PEARCE died Talladega Co., Ala. August 1876 in 21st year of age.

NANNIE PHILLIPS died at residence of her mother, Mrs. F. G. Phillips, nr. Bradfordsville, Ky. September 17, 1876.


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ELIZABETH C. HADLY born Jan. 23, 1800; md Jan. 23, 1821; died Sept. 19, 1876.

JULIA BAIRD, nee Mitchell, born N.C., July 27, 1840; md Dr. B. F. Baird, Nov. 27, 1857; died Sept. 25, 1876.

LULA WELLS only child of Dr. H. J. Wells, died Hendersonville, Tenn. Sept. 28, 1876 aged 4 years and 8 months old.

MATTHEW ALBERT MISTER son James F. and Myra G. Mister, born Nov. 2, 1875 and died September 22, 1876.


October 28, 1876

Mrs. SAMMIE GAINES DOUGLAS wf B. Douglas, Jr. died Nashville, Oct. 7, 1876 in her 26th year of age.

ALEXANDER H. GILLIAM born Marion Co., Tenn., Mar. 13, 1854; died Oct. 4, 1876.

Miss FANNIE J. NEWLY born Nov. 21, 1837 and died Sept. 25, 1876.

PETER ASHBY HOWARD son James and Mary Howard born Wayne Co., Ill. and died Breckinridge Co., Ky. Sept. 23, 1876.

BULMA STEVENSON dau J. W. and P. P. Stevenson died Dallas, TX Sept. 29, 1876; born August 21, 1866.

FRANK GODBEY son Dr. Milton Godbey, Salem, Mo. died Sept. 23, 1876 aged 11 months old of diphtheria.

Tribute to Dr. E. H. MYERS by Nelson, Ky. Conf. of Methodist Church dated Oct. 13, 1876.

Biographical sketch of ALEXANDER L. P. GREEN born Sevier Co., Tenn. June 24, 1806; moved with family to Jackson Co., Ala.; long active as a Methodist preacher; death date not apparent.


November 4, 1876

Dr. JOHN P. DURBIN died in N.Y., October 19, 1876.

Rev. JAMES HOLMES born N.C., Mar. 27, 1820; moved to middle Tenn. about 1850; md Millie Lee; ordained deacon Oct. 7, 1860 and as elder Sept. 24, 1865; "his labors were greatly blessed as a local preacher."

ENOS T. VANN born May 29, 1828 and died Oct. 10, 1876. Jefferson Co., Ala.

AMANDA J. BENNETT born Nov. 7, 1849; died Oct. 15, 1876.

MARY P. APLIN born Va., Apr. 22, 1797; died Logan Co., Ky. Sept. 27, 1876; surviving were her 6 children.

OZNI ALEXANDER son Daniel and Rachel Alexander born Sumner Co., Tenn. Sept. 12, 1806; moved to Maury Co., Tenn. 1821; md Mary Hanna, Sept. 18, 1823; died nr. Mt. Pleasant, September 17, 1876.

BANISTER ALLGOOD born Spartanburg Dist., S.C. Oct. 29, 1803; moved to Habersham Co., Ga.; md Cuzza Roach; moved to Union Co., Ga.; died Blount Co., Ala., June 24, 1876.

ELIZABETH TIMBERLAKE wf John Timberlake, born July 4, 1809; died Smith Co., Tenn. Sept. 13, 1876.

MARY A. LONNERGAN born Oct. 10, 1845 and died in St. Clair Co., Ala. July 18, 1876.

Mrs. T. E. MORRIS wf Dr. D. E. Morris; dau Capt J. D. Bennett, died Tenn. July 9, 1876; had lived in TX.

BENJAMIN HEWITT born Bedford Co., Va. Jan. 17, 1800; md Eliza R. Burnett, 1825 and moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. where he died August 20, 1876.

JESSE B. HOBBS born Jan. 25, 1833; died Dickson Co., Tenn., Oct. 10, 1876; buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

SARAH "Aunt Sally" CRAUCRAFT born Mason Co., Ky. Sept. 21, 1793; died Greenup Co., Ky. Oct. 11, 1876; dau Richard and Ursula Stevenson; md Charles Cracroft Dec. 21, 1809; joined Methodist Church July 31, 1816.


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DORENDA T. PICKETT wf John F. Pickett, died Adair Co., Ky. August 10, 1876 aged 42 years; md Jan. 24, 1855; mother of 5 sons and 4 daughters.


November 11, 1876

SOLOMON PRETTYMAN, D. D., born nr. Lewes, De1aware, Sept. 8, 1797; 13 years president of Wesleyan Female College, Wilmington, Del.; moved to Newport, Ky. about 1852, then established the Louisville (Ky.) Female College of which he was president at his death; ordained deacon 1846 and as elder 1856; died Oct. 23, 1876. (Tribute to him by Board of Trustees, Louisville Female College dated Nov. 10, 1876, appeared on page 12, Nov. 25, 1876 issue.)

ELIZABETH CONNELL born Nelson Co., Ky. Nov. 16, 1786; md Jesse Connell, Feb. 11, 1802; died Trimble Co., Ky. Sept. 23, 1876; husband died Oct. 1854. She was member of Corn Creek Baptist Church for more than 65 years.

ZARAH MORRISS born Christian Co., Ky. Oct. 11, 1815; he died Sept. 28, 1876.

JOHN P. CHASE son Gen. J. P. and M. E. Chase, born Charleston, S.C., Nov. 21, 1846; died Darlington Co., S.C. July 21, 1876 at residence of father-in-law, P. A. Brunson; md Maria B. Brunson, Mar. 27, 1867; employee of Atlantic and Gulf Railroad.

ALLEY DAVIS widow of Absalom Davis, died May 10, 1876; dau Ephraim and Sarah Giffey; born Wayne Co., Ky. Jan. 3, 1802; md Feb. 17, 1820.

SARAH MANILA DOBBS dau J. M. and Elizabeth Dobbs born Feb. 13, 1874 and died October 5, 1876.

CHARLEY C. RAULS son T. P. and L. A. Rauls, born Sept. 9, 1872 and died August 19, 1876.

SALLIE TURNER PAINE wf Robert Paine, Jr. died Aberdeen, Miss., Oct. 20, 1876 in her 26th year of age; dau James J. and Sallie (Lundy) Sykes; her father had been in business with his father, Colonel James T. Sykes; surviving were husband and daughter about 4 years old.

BETTIE J. HURLY dau Dr. W. R. and Martha J. Murrow, born Hardeman Co., Tenn.,

May 20, 1856; died Robertson Co., TX, July 30, 1876; md W. W. Hurly, Mar. 18, 1875.

MATTHEW J. COPELAND son Dr. J. B. and Lou B. Copeland died in Nashville, Aug. 27, 1876 in his 21st year of age.

SIPPI WRIGHT dau of E. M. and Cynthia Wright, born Calhoun Co., Ala. Dec. 25, 1875 and died Oct. 20, 1876.

LENA E. FROHLICH dau Rev. John and Lizzie Frohlich, Corydon, Ky., born Feb. 1, 1876 and died age of 8 months and 4 days.

Miss MOLLIE BETTIE SPILLMAN dau C. G. and M. A. Spillman, born Lincoln Co., Tenn. July 27, 1857; died Oct. 13, 1876. Tribute to her by Oliver Lodge 280, I. O. of G. T. dated October 20, 1876.

VIDA DAISY WRIGHT only child of Wesley B. and Emma Wright, born Calhoun Co., Ala. July 24, 1873; died Oct. 3, 1876.

Resolutions of Respect for Z. MORRIS by Masonic Consolidation Lodge 121 undated.


November 18, 1876

Rev. EDWARD B. McCLELLAN born Franklin Co., Tenn. Dec. 9, 1831; licensed to preach in Methodist Church Oct. 15, 1854; ordained deacon Dec. 1857 and as elder Dec. 1861; served in several charges before he became superannuated /retired/ and he died St. Clair Co., Ala. July 15, 1876.

ISAAC PAUL, Esq. born Montgomery Co., Ky. Mar. 10, 1805; died Nashville, Oct. 21, 1876; orphaned he moved to Nashville, 1824; "enterprising mechanic."

Note: A biographical sketch and picture about and of Isaac Paul appears on page 456 of W. W. Clayton's DAVIDSON COUNTY CENTENARY HISTORY(Philadelphia, Lewis Pub. Co, 1880).


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GEORGE B. McGEHEE eldest son James F. and Elizabeth McGehee, died Oct. 23, 1875, "just one year ago", in his 36th year of age, Louisville, Ky.

MARTHA M. ROBERTSON wf W. D. Robertson; dau M. H. and P. F. Brelsford /one suspects this is misspelled/, born Trigg Co., Ky. Nov. 10, 1837; died Christian Co. Ky. June 5, 1876; md Nov. 11, 1869; surviving were husband, 3 children and 2 step-children.

CHARLES KNOTT ROBERTSON son W. D. and Eva Robertson born Trigg Co., Ky. June 4, 1862 and died Christian Co., Ky. May 14, 1876 of cancer.

HUSTON WADE ROBERTSON son W. D. and Mattie M. Robertson, born Christian Co., Ky. Sept. 21, 1875 and died in same county, Oct. 23, 1875 of consumption.

BENJAMIN J. GROOMES died Nashville, Tenn. Oct. 21, 1876 in his 62nd year.

WILLIAM WHITLOCK born Cedar Co., K. May 16, 1810; died Ralston, Tenn. Oct. 5, 1876.

NANCY B. MEEK widow James W. Meek of Dalton, Ga., formerly of Madisonville, Tenn., died Monroe Co., Tenn. Sept. 1, 1876; born Jan. 16, 1807; md 1828; mother of 12 children, 5 still living.


November 25, 1876

JAMES H. McFERRIN and wife, REBECCA McFERRIN, who lived near Wittsburg, Ark. died November 9 and November 6, 1876, respectively.

Dr. HALLERY BOWYER MALONE born Sumner Co., Tenn., Dec. 27, 1829; died Gallatin, Tenn. Oct. 29, 1876; graduate, Louisville Medical College, 1852; md Mrs. Jane Edwards who soon died; md Maggie Botley and had several children.

Miss FANNIE SHUMATE of Franklin, Tenn., born April 6, 1849 and died Oct. 14, 1876.

VIOLETTA TENNESSEE HINTON dau C. C. and Mary Jane Hinton, born Davidson Co., Tenn. Jan. 19, 1855 and died September 1, 1876.

Mrs. ALICE JANE McCAUL born Aug. 9, 1826; died Franklin, Tenn., Sept. 12, 1876; dau Rev. Mark L. Andrews.

JAMES D. WOOTEN born Union Dist., S.C., Sept. 19, 1790; moved to Tenn. 1808; served in War of 1812; died July 25, 1876; surviving were widow and children.

LITTLEBERRY JOHNSON born Mar. 25, 1805; died nr. Nolensville, Tenn. Oct. 26, 1876; md Anna Nolen, Sept. 18, 1827.

MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON oldest dau Hillery J. and Elizabeth Harvey of Williamson Co., Tenn., born Oct. 1, 1848; md Jesse H. Johnson, Jan. 10, 1866; died Oct. 27, 1876; her infant child of 12 days was taken by her sister, Mrs. McBride of Maury Co., Tenn.

MATILDA FITE widow Jacob Fite, died Wilson Co., Tenn. Oct. 18, 1876 in her 83rd year of age.

FANNY FEATHERSTONE BARNES born June 15, 1849 and died Sept. 17, 1876; md W. J. Barnes, Nov. 25, 1875.

LURANA FRANCES WHEELER wf Dr. W. C. Wheeler; dau B. J. and E. S. Smith, born Sept. 22, 1848; died Cherokee Co., Ala. Oct. 24, 1876; md Nov. 22, 1866.

MAUD ARMSTRONG dau Robert and Mary Armstrong died Fairview, Ky. Nov. 15, 1876 aged 2 year, 1 month and 22 days old.

JOHN CLAUDE DILLING son Frank M. and Jennie M. Dilling, born Feb. 3, 1870 and died Oct. 25, 1876.

JENNIE HILL BROWN md Sept. 26, 1870; died November 8, 1876.


December 2, 1876

Mrs. JOHN HARRELL died Nov. 15, 1876; mother of 9 children, 2 living; notice of her death from her husband at the Asbury Manual labor School, Indian Mission dated November 20, 1876.


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Colonel M. G. L. CLAIBORNE born nr. Nashville, Tenn. May 12, 1808 and died in Murfreesboro, Tenn., Nov. 22, 1876; entered U.S. Navy at age 17 years and rose to rank of Lieutenant; md Lavinia T. Cannon 1848.

MILTON MARVIN HAWKINS infant son Rev. V. O. and M. J. Hawkins, No. Ala. Conf., born April 23, 1876 and died November 5, 1876.

ELLA McKENNIE STRATTON wf Matt. Stratton, Jr. died Nov. 17, 1876; md June 1875.

SUSIE M. GILLELAND wf A. B. Gilleland; dau Rev. A. O. Fisher, born Oct. 9, 1815; died Oct. 17, 1876.

ADA FUGETT youngest dau A. D. Fugett of Bellbuckle, Tenn. died Oct. 31, 1876.

Miss MARY HANNAH STEVENS born Sept. 19, 1854 and died Oct. 16, 1876.

WILLIAM F. "Todie" HARVEY son Aaron and Mattie Harvey, born Sept. 10, 1871; died Sept. 20, 1876.

FRANCES C. BROUGHMAR born April 8, 1849; died Oct. 6, 1876; surviving were husband and 3 children.

JOHN ALEXANDER ROWAN son John Rowan, born McLean Co., Ky., Apr. 4, 1844; md Arabella Howard, Oct. 17, 1872 and died Oct. 31, 1876.

B. T. JOLLY born Greene Co., Pa. Sept. 20, 1824; moved to Marion Co., West Va. 1852; md Milly Cunningham 1852 and moved in 1864 to Chase Co., Kansas where he died Oct. 22, 1876; father of 3 daughters and 1 son.

JOSEPH PATTON born N.C., Dec. 20, 1797 and died Oct. 20, 1876; moved with family to Tenn. about 1808 and to Washington Co., Ala. in 1811; moved in 1831 to Sumter Co., Ala. where he died.

EDITH A. C. BUMPASS wf Samuel J. Bumpass; dau Dr. W. and Harriet Brandon, born Sept. 6, 1853; died Stewart Co., Tenn. Sept. 15, 1876; among survivors were husband and daughter, Daisy, aged 2 1/2 years old.

CHARLES J. HEMANS "son of the poet" died recently in Rome, Italy.


December 9, 1876

MARTHA KENNON widow of Dr. R. L. Kennon died Nov. 2, 1876 probably in her 80th year of age.

LOU BELLE CURTISS wf Rev. J. T. Curtiss; dau Capt. William Phillips of Augusta, Ga., born Sept. 30, 1836 and died Sept. 6, 1876.

JULIUS BELL CURTISS infant son Rev. Julius T. Curtiss died Oct. 29, 1876 aged 1 month, 23 days old.

EDNA W. PRICE dau Thomas R. and Sarah E. Price, born Feb. 18, 1874 and died Nov. 12, 1876.

ALMA O. MOSS dau Dr. Virgil and Amanda Moss of Rockport, Ky., born Sept. 14, 1874 and died Nov. 3, 1876.

BETTIE F. WHITESIDES dau William F. and Maggie H. Whitesides, born Nov. 30, 1853; died Nov. 6, 1876. Cedar Bluff College, Ky.

MARY T. BEDFORD dau John H. and Elizabeth A. Bedford, died Sept. 14, 1876 in her 33rd year of age.

ELIZABETH ALLGOOD, nee Edmonson, born Pickens Dist., S.C. Feb. 7, 1783; md Barnett H. Allgood, 1811; in 1873 moved to Blount Co., Ala. where she died August 5, 1876.

Miss AMERICA THOMPSON born Jan. 27, 1845; died Marcella Falls, July 27, 1876.

Mrs. L. L. COWHERD born Hart Co., Ky., July 15, 1840; md R. T. Cowherd, June 9, 1863; died Green Co., Ky. September 2, 1876.

HENRY S. COBB born Tenn.; died Colorado Co., TX Nov. 9, 1876 in his 59th year of age.

JAMES MAYES born Elbert Co., Ga. May 19, 1783; died Calhoun Co., Ala. August 13, 1876.


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MALVINA POTTER born May 3, 1837; died Tullahoma, Tenn. Nov. 3, 1876.

CARRIE WADE dau. James B. and Nancy M. Wade, born Metcalf Co., Ky. Jan. 16, 1874 and died in Cumberland Co., Ky., Oct. 16, 1876. "Carrie was an amiable child; her favorite song was 'Happy People over Yonder.'"

KITTIE WADE youngest child of James B. and Nancy M. Wade, born Oct. 3O, 1875 and died November 16, 1876.

PRESTON F. COOPER oldest son Rev. Preston Cooper, founder of Cooper's Well; died Leake Co., Miss. Sept. 24, 1876 aged 25 years, 6 months and 11 days old.

HENRY C. HULME born N.C. Sept. 25, 1798; moved with family to Williamson Co., Tenn. when about 2 years old; md Lucy A. Wright, Sept. 11, 1823, who survived him along with 6 children (4 others have died); died Cheatham Co., Tenn., October 11, 1876.

EVE HOOVER widow of Peter Hoover born Estill Co., Ky. Apr. 22, 1790; md at age 17 years; he died three years before she did, which was on Oct. 4, 1876.

ROBERT CORNELIUS FOSTER son William B. and Hettie Foster, born Oct. 13, 1873; died near Madison Station, Tenn., November 16, 1876.


December 16, 1876

ELIZABETH P. JACKSON, nee Woods, wf Mark W. Jackson, born Bedford Co., Tenn., Jan. 18, 1816; md Mar. 26, 1838; moved to Maury Co., Tenn.; died Oct. 4, 1876.

GENNETTA R. RUSSELL dau Daniel and Clarissa O. Smith, born Hardin Co., Tenn., Oct. 28, 1825; md Rev. J. A. Russell, Memphis Conf., Oct. 24, 1848; died Hardin Co., Tenn., Oct. 30, 1876 at residence of her brother, Dr. P. A. Smith.

CYRUS STACKHOUSE son Rev. George and Elizabeth Stackhouse died July 12, 1876 in his 23rd year of age.

EMIT ELLSWORTH PENICK son William T. and Mary M. Penick born Oct. 27, 1875; died Aug. l0, 1876.

KAVANAUGH WILLIAMS infant son Dr. T. D. and Anna Williams, died Nov. l0, 1876.

HARRIET W. McGRAW dau John W. and Ann P. Kidd; wf James V. McGraw, born Elbert Co., Ga. Oct. 29, 1809 and died Shelby Co., Ala. Nov. 16, 1876.

JOHN A. PARRIS born Feb. 7, 1810; died May 21, 1876; md Parmelia Howard, Oct. 22, 1848.

MARY ELIZABETH JOHNSON wf Jesse Johnson, died nr. Franklin, Tenn., Oct. 27, 1876.

JAMES L. FULLERTON born Aug. 30, 1857; died October 13, 1876.

WILLIE SHEPHERD KING son Marcus and Jennie King died Nov. 2, 1876 in his 4th year of age.

ELIZABETH FRANCES AVERY w William H. Avery; dau John W. and Ann Brook of Lawrence Co., A1a.; born June 2, 1833; md Sept. 7, 1854; died April 23, 1876.

MARY A. DRAPER wf George Draper; dau Robert and N. Owen, born Limestone Co., Ala. Dec. 30, 1838 and died Jefferson Co., Ala. Nov. 16, 1876.

MAJOR L. LOGGIN son John and Sarah Loggin, born Blount Co., A1a. Mar. 1859; died at age 17 years (no death date given).


December 23, 1876

JOHN H. LINN, D. D., born Lewisburg, Va. Feb. 22, 1812; died Dec. 7, 1876; began his Methodist ministry in 1836.

LOU DEERY born Nov. 5, 1832 and died Shelbyvi11e, Tenn. Mar. 17, 1876.

JAMES H. HAMILTON born Meigs Co., Tenn., Dec. 8, 1847; died Cocke Co., TX December 3, 1876.


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ANN SHEPPARD, nee Jennings, born Maury Co., Tenn.; died Florence, Ala., Dec. 2, 1876; md Major Leftwich, then to Mr. Sheppard of Pulaski, Tennessee.

JULIUS WOOLDRIDGE HATCHER born Bedford Co., Va. Jan. 31, 1795; died Williamson Co., Tenn. Nov. 19, 1876; veteran of War of 1812; buried beside wife in Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia, Tennessee.

LUCINDA A. PARKS, nee Kirby, born Jackson Co., Ala. Apr. 18, 1812; md William D. Parks, Dec. 5, 1832; died Oct. 8, 1876.

ELIZABETH CLAY widow Archie Clay, died Wilson Co., Tenn., Sept. 9, 1876; born in N.C., 1785.

KATIE, MATTIE J. and SUSIE LEE GRIFFITH, little children of J. O. Griffith and wife died recently from diphtheria.

Tribute to Z. MORRIS by Quarterly Conf., Crofton Circuit, Louisville Conference dated November 11, 1876.


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