By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2000


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July 4, 1874

Mrs. CATHARINE J. MEANS wf W. C. Means, died Cabarras Co., N.C. June 4, 1874 in her 50th year; dau Gen. Paul Barringer, "the worthy son of a noble hearted and honest German who migrated to America previous to the Revolutionary War during which struggle he was a faithful and devoted friend to American liberty"; md 33 years ago.

HARRISON WILSON born S.C. Oct. 1816; died Talladega Co., Ala. Apr. 26, 1874; md Caroline Harrison, Nov. 28, 1838; joined Methodist Church at Shady Grove in 1834; surviving were widow and several children.


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SARAH J. HOLLIMON dau Brenston and Louisa Webb; wf Thomas H. Hollimon, born DeKalb Co., Ala. May 2, 1819; died May 23, 1874; surviving were husband, 3 children, one brother.

WILLIE ALFRED TUCKER son James L. and Nannie Tucker died at the Boyle House, Perryville, Ky. June 14, 1874 in his 9th year; "none save those who have experienced such a bereavement can tell the agony of his dear father and mother."

JACOB HENRY SITTON born Jan. 10, 1852, Dade Co., Ga.; killed by lightning, June 15, 1874.

Elegy on death of Rev. THOMAS MADDIN, formerly chaplain at the hospital for the insane; by Rebecca J. Goff dated June 21, 1874. A panegyric by R. H. Rivers appears on page 6, July 11th issue. Another tribute to him appears on page 12 in which his death date is given as June 20, 1874. "Recollections" about him by William Moores appears on page 3, August 22, 1874 issue.


July 11, 1874

Rev. BARTON B. BROWN born S.C. June 26, 1798; moved when young to Tenn.; became traveling preacher in Tenn. Conf. 1822; served also in northern Alabama; md Elizabeth M. dau King Parker, Sumner Co., Tenn. 1830; wife died years ago; had 5 sons, 3 daughters of whom a small son died in early life; two sons, Rev. Hardy Brown, preacher in No. Ala. Conf. and Rev. Robert K. Brown, preacher in Tenn. Conf.; died June 24, 1874.

Rev. LEROY H. CAGE born Feb. 13, 1798; died Smith Co., Tenn. May 30, 1874; licensed as local Methodist preacher Sept. 23, 1826; ordained deacon 1830; ordained elder 1834. "He left an old, feeble companion who will soon join him to sing the praises of God forever."

JOHNNY CLARKE son Ed. G. and Mary Clarke, died Dec. 19, 1873 aged 12 years; written by his teacher "S. M. H." who penned, "and my heart aches when I remember that I shall see his bright face and hear his cheerful voice no more. . . . He was never listless nor idle. His heart was on his lessons. . . . He was my best scholar."

SARAH ANN SELBY dau John J. and Matilda L. Selby, born Putnam Co., Tenn., March 8, 1852; died May 18, 1874; her nickname, Sister Kate. Her father and two brothers, Lloyd and Stephen, predeceased her.


July 18, 1874

Dr. H. H. HOPPEL "was drowned on Thursday, July 2, while crossing Big Prairie Creek" near Greensboro, Ala.; md the dau of Rev. J. J. Hutchison of Ala. Conf. "He completed his medical course, graduated with great distinction and was just entering upon an extensive practice."

Captain ROBERT PINCKNEY HUNTER died near Nashville, July 10, 1874; born Nov. 15, 1831; moved to Nashville 1854; served in Zollicoffer brigade during the Civil War; md Anna Green who survived him with 3 children. Tribute to his memory by merchants of Nashville dated July 13, 1874. Another tribute to him, written by his brother-in-law, Capt. F. W. Green, published on page 12 of August 22, 1874 issue.

EDWARD MICHARSON STEVENS born Caldwell Co., Ky. July 21, 1829; 6th child of Edward M. and Sophie Stevens; his mother died July 1863; he spent ten years in California; died August 31, 1872.

Mrs. MARY MHOON wf James Mhoon; dau R. A. and Mary Goodloe born Colbert Co., Ala. Aug. 29, 1843; died in same house where she was born, July 1, 1874.

Mrs. SARAH M. ROUBLE born Jackson Co., Ga. March 1, 1797; died Jefferson Co., Ala. May 8, 1874.


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ELIZABETH E. LAMB died June 29, 1874 aged 17 years, 1 month and 14 days old of "lung disease"; surviving were her parents and a brother.

MARY BAUGH wf Moses Baugh, born April 16, 1817; died June 4, 1874; member of Bowden's Chapel Methodist Church.

Mrs. JANE BOX born Va. 1799; died Blount Co., Ala. June 7, 1874.

WILLIAM NANCE born Bedford Co., Tenn., Oct. 22, 1829; md Martha E. Sutton, 1861; died Mar. 26, 1874.

JOHN L. CLARKE, Shelby Co., Ky., died June 9, 1874; "his seat was always filled in the house of God, when able to go" at Olive Branch Methodist Church.

S. E. DENISON w J. W. Dennison, born near Livingston, Ala. Mar. 22, 1838; dau W. L. and Isabella Chiles; died May 22, 1874; md June 2, 1866; member of Methodist Church at Batesville, Ark.; died at home of parents in Ala.; surviving were husband, 3 children, parents.

SARAH M. POWELL youngest child of W. T. and Sarah Powell born June 9, 1867; died June 24, 1874; "afflicted for years."

JAMES D. HOUSE youngest child of L. J. and Ann L. House, born Feb. 11, 1869; died June 26, 1874.

MATTIE L. NEWBORN wf Joshua W. Newborn died April 28, 1874; dau Rev. William M. and Louisa J. McFerrin, born Oct. 25, 1849; md Nov. 7, 1867.

MARY M. CLARK wf Thomas Clark, Nicholas Co., Ky. born Feb. 9, 1799; md Apr. 29, 1813; died May 31, 1874; mother of 12 children, 5 of whom predeceased her.

MARY E. ELDRIDGE wf William M. Eldridge; dau Martin S. and A1mira Carson, born Madison Co., Ala. June 5, 1827; md Dec. 19, 1841; died Leake Co., Miss. April 24, 1874.

Mrs. MARGARET L. ANTHONY dau Williamson and Elizabeth Zaber, born Og1ethorpe Co., Ga. Feb. 6, 1831; md Rev. G. L. W. Anthony son of Rev. Whitehead Anthony, June 16, 1852; moved to Jefferson Co., Ala. Jan. 1874 where she died June 29, 1874; surviving were husband and 5 children.

MARY REECE w William H. Reece; dau. John J. and Sallie Whitaker, born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Apr. 17, 1820; died June 19, 1874; mother of 9 children.

Tribute to JAMES RICHARDSON who died June 18, 1874; by Sunday School, Livingston, Tenn. dated June 28, 1874.


July 25, 1874

Hon. JOHN B. JONES died in June 1874, Galveston, TX; lawyer and judge; his oldest son, Gustavus A. Jones, died recently; native of S.C.; practiced law in Miss. a number of years and served as mayor of Woodville, Miss. but moved to Galveston in 1838; friend of General Sam Houston; had 3 children and adopted 11 others.

Rev. EDWARD FARRELL LYONS born Knoxville, Tenn. June 6, 1836; served in 19th Tenn. Inf. during Civil War, Confederate Army; preachers for years in the Tennessee Conference.

Mrs. RACHEL L. HUGHS, nee Given, wf James R. Hughs; died Morganfie1d, Ky. May 1, 1874 in her 72nd year of age; native of Union Co., Ky.

JANE C. KIRBY died June 30, 1874 aged about 50 years; mother of a large family; md E. M. Kirby 1846. Scottsboro, Alabama.


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EDWIN C. SHEPHERD born Culpepper Co., Va. Jan. 13, 1812; moved when 7-8 years of age to about 6 miles south of Hopkinsville, Ky.; man of considerable wealth; md Martha N. dau Rev. Henry Hopson, Apr. 23, 1834; father of 4 children, 3 predeceasing him; last 7 yrs. lived near Linton, Kentucky.

ELEANOR TARRANT wf Capt. Samuel Tarrant, Jonesboro, Ala.; born Lincoln Co., N.C. Dec. 8, 1812; died Jefferson Co., Ala. May 25, 1874; "lived to see her eight children all grown."

ISRAEL C. SMITH born Anderson Co., S.C. Jan. 14, 1805; died Vanzandt Co. TX May 4, 1874; with family (son of William Smith) moved to McMinn Co., Tenn. where he lived nearly 40 years; first wife, Dorcas Pickens "lived 23 years"; second wife, Martha Cavin "lived" about 5 years; third wife, Elizabeth A. Pesterfield survived him; moved to Cherokee Co. TX 1856; to Vanzandt Co. in 1869; surviving him were widow and 3 children by a previous wife, one a son, Rev. William A. Smith. James T. Smith of the Holston Conf. was his nephew.

BETTIE S. GOSLEE wf Dr. Levin E. Goslee, died June 1, 1874 in her 38th year of age; surviving were husband, 5 children, one only a few weeks old.

J. J. JONES born S.C. June 1, 179l; md Jackson Co. Ga. 1826; joined Methodist Church in DeKalb Co., Ga. 1836; moved to TX 1866; had 11 children; died April 3, 1874; survived by widow and 4 children.

ELMER ELWOOD NEAL infant son Rev. A. A. P. and Alice C. Neal, born Mar. 12, 1874; died July 5, 1874.


August 1, 1874

Miss MATTIE BENTON died at residence of her brother-in-law, G. W. Tanner, Athens, Ala. July 3, 1874; dau Dr. Joseph W. Benton "now" of TX; her mother was a dau of Rev. John Rains of Nashville, Tenn. area; her brother, W. H. Benton, went to TX where he died in 1872; she attended the Athens Female Institute where she sickened before dying.

MARY A. E. FOSTER born Oct. 1, 1815; joined Methodist Church at Mt. Pleasant, Prince Edward Co., Va. 1831; md Dr. J. C. Mann, Nov. 28, 1833 and soon moved to Tenn.; she died July 11, 1874; brought up 12 children, of whom William, James and Mary predeceased her.

Mrs. M. M. ORGAIN, nee Harrison, born near Petersburg, Va. Feb. 25, 1805; died Montgomery Co., Tenn. July 17, 1874; md Thomas Orgain, Sept. 25, 1822.

MARY T. DONIPHAN eldest dau Rev. Alexander Doniphan died Lynchburg, Va. July 21, 1874 aged 25 years; for 2 years a teacher in Martha Washington Female College, Abingdon, Va.; moved to Lynchburg and taught there.

NANCY E. ENGLISH wf S. English; dau P. K. and Mary A. Burim, died July 4, 1874, from injuries received when a bridge collapsed; born Philadelphia, Tenn. Mar. 21, 1854.

Dr. JOHN BEASLEY born Jan. 2, 1829; died April 12, 1871 /1874?/; licensed to preach in Methodist Church July 28, 1849; ordained deacon 1854 and ordained elder 1859. "The last seven years of his life he was on his couch with spinal disease."

MARY COLEMAN BARBEE infant dau Rev. J. A. Barbee, born April 13, 1874; died July 4, 1874.

Little FIELD H. SAMUEL, aged 2 years, died July 8, 1874; son Joel A. and Elizabeth Samuel.

Rev. ORSON KELLOGG born St. Albans, Vt. July 30, 1814; died Hernando, Miss. June 20, 1874; moved to Canada when young and in 1840 moved to Pa.; his first wife died and he md Sarah C. Curry, 1843; licensed to preach 1848.


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LUCINDA DAVIDSON w Rev. A. B. Davidson born Pickens Dist., S.C. and raised in White Co., Ga.; died Blount Co., Ala. May 28, 1874; md Feb. 2, 1836 and moved to Blount County in 1868; mother of seven sons and one daughter.

NOAH PIERCY born Cumberland Co., Ky. 1810; died July 4, 1874.

MARY L. BUSSELL wf Joseph A. Bussell, born March 12, 1848; md May 6, 1873; died Stewart Co., Tenn., May 22, 1874.

EMORY PARAGIN born Washington Co., Va. Feb. 23, 1837; died Feb. 2, 1874; surviving were widow and 3 small children.

JANE W. GAFFY born Oct. ll, 1849; md Nancy J. Allen, Jan. 12, 1866; died Russell Co., Ky June 23, 1874.

Colonel JOHN LAWS born Orange Co., N.C. Feb. 13, 1802; son George and Sarah Laws; moved to middle Tenn. 1827; died Marshall Co., Tenn. May 23, 1874; md three times, lastly to Fanny Dazy dau George H. Allen; came to Tenn. in his 24th year; served as sheriff of Marshall Co. 4 years and served twice in the General Assembly of Tennessee.

Note :BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF TENNESSEE, 1796-1861, volume 1, edited by Robert M. McBride (Nashville, 1975), pages 442- 443:sketch about JOHN LAWS, with same date of birth as given in obituary but death date is given here as May 13, 1874. A Democrat, he served in the Senate of Tennessee, 1849-1851 and as member of Confederate Party in House of Representatives, Tenn., 1861-1863; son George and Sarah (Mangrum) Laws; attended University of North Carolina; children of the first marriage: Sarah, John and Robert; second marriage to Mary N (Cathey) Bishop, Feb. 3, 1838 and had children Guilford, Martha, Maggie, Hiram Laws; married May 1, 1856 to Frances Dazey dau of George Allen; he taught school for a time at Chapel Hill, Marshall Co., Tenn.; was that county's sometime sheriff and a Justice of the Peace.

EMMA ADELIA BENSON dau C. L. Howerton, born Apr. 23., 1853; md Dr. George G. Benson, Sept. 16, 1873; died Edgefield, Tenn. July 9, 1874; member of Tulip Street Methodist Church.

Mrs. MARY E. MOSBY born Jan. 18, 1837; died Mar. 19, 1874; surviving were husband and 6 children.

Tribute to W. L. CHRISTIAN of Muhlenburg Co., Ky. who died recently; by Mt. Carmel Grange 866, Patrons of Husbandry dated July 17, 1874.

CORDELIA A. MERRILL wf Rev. Dr. Merrill, born N.Y. Dec. 13, 1829; died July 25, 1874, Gallatin, Tenn.


August 8, 1874

Lines, verses, to Capt. R. P. HENSON from "The Old Homestead" July 26, 1874.

Mrs. KATE E. POYNTER wf Rev. W. T. Poynter of Ky. Conf., died Fleming Co., Ky. July 17, 1874; joined Methodist Church May 1856; a long panegyric penned by T. J. Dodd.

JESSIE ANN BENTON dau Dr. T. H. and Mary E. Benton, born Dyersburg, Tenn. Nov. 21, 1856; died Dyer Co., Tenn. July 5, 1874; graduate, State Female College, Memphis, 1873.

JOHN TOFF born April 3, 1788; died Jan. 12, 1873. Decatur, Tenn.

JANE R. TOFF born Jan. 15, 1803; died June 9, 1874. Decatur, Tenn.; large family.

MARY M. KEY born N.C. May 10, 1792 and moved to Jackson Co., Tenn. 1803-04; md Ruffin Key, Aug. 16, 1815; died June 23, 1874.


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Mrs. LYDIA ELIZABETH MAYNARD wf J. B. Maynard, one of the editors of the LOUISVILLE DAILY LEDGER; died in Louisville, Ky. June 2, 1874; dau William W. Archer; surviving were husband and sons and daughters.

NANCY J. COX wf W. W. Cox; dau John and Sarah Moore, born Russell Co., Va. Sept. 25, 1836; died Birmingham, Ala. June 27, 1874; joined Methodist Church in fall 1857.

MARY EDWARD ETTA LEE UNDERWOOD dau Eldredge and Sue Underwood, born Feb. 20, 1870 and died May 6, 1874 at Center Hill, Arkansas.

Colonel THOMAS BARBEE JOHNSON born Fayette Co., Ky. Aug. 4, 1807; md Harriet C. Patterson 1826; dau James and Margaret Patterson who moved from Halifax Co. Va. to Fayette CO., Ky. Sister of Dr. Hugh J. Patterson and Dr. Everard Mead Patterson. They moved from Ky to Tenn. in 1832; his wife died Mar. 10, 1871 and he remd (name not given); died Davidson Co., Tenn. July 26, 1874.

WILLIAM T. RICE died Iuka, Miss. June 20, 1874 aged 30 years of age; spent large portion of his life in Florence, Alabama.

WILLIAM L. CHRISTIAN son Rev. M. H. and Mary Christian, born Muhlenburg Co., Ky. July 22, 1853 and died in same county, July 15, 1874; he wanted inscribed on his tombstone, "William Christian died trusting in the Lord."

JAMES MONROE THOMAS son John M. and Margaret Thomas died June 8, 1874 aged 1 year, 9 months and 8 days.


August 15, 1874

CORDELIA A. MERRILL wf Rev. S. M. Merrill, pastor of Methodist Church, Gallatin, Tenn., born in N.Y. state, Dec. 13, 1829; md June 11, 1850; died July 25, 1874. Tribute to her by Sunday School at Gallatin dated July 26, 1874.

HATTIE L. WEATHERBEE born July 20, 1845; died May 29, 1874; youngest dau Abel and Susanna Brown; md Dr. Luther P. Wetherbee, Mar. 3, 1863; Middletown, Kentucky.

WILLIAM R. JENKINS oldest son of Hiram and Nancy Jenkins, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Sept. 10, 1838; md Texana Wade, Dec. 10, 1868; died near Murfreesboro, Tenn. June 18, 1874.

BETHIAH C. WELLS born Sept. 19, 1835; dau James and Lilly A. Gilliland; md Elihu Wells Sept. 22, 1853; died Overton Co., Tenn. July 25, 1874; burial in family graveyard; surviving were husband and 7 children.

Miss LIZZIE C. MILLER oldest dau Francis M. and Mary J. Miller of Shady Grove, Centerville Circuit, Tenn., born Oct. 18, 1850; died July 2, 1874.

JONATHAN LANE "my father" (C. J. Lane), born Wake Co., N.C. Sept. 20, 1794; moved to Morgan Co., Ala. 1818; md Maria S. Gillaspie 1821; moved to area where he died 1853; died Fayette Co. TX July 26, 1874.

LAURA H. BRASHEAR born July 25, 1853; died July 21, 1874; md Hon. W. L. Brashear of Brandenburg, Mar. 26, 1874.

JONATHAN COURTNEY born Aug. 20, 1827; died (July?) 25, 1874; surviving were widow and several children.

ALETHIA S. HAAS born July 1852, Navarro Co., TX; md William H. Haas, Feb. 10, 1870; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn. March 1871 where she died July 2, 1874.

MATTIE EUGENIA CRAIG dau Rev. E. V. Levert, Marion, Ala., born Dec. 8, 1839 near Marion, Ala.; died June 13, 1874; md Robert A. Craig, Dec. 5, 1867. Tribute to her by Methodist Sabbath School, Marion, Ala. dated June 14, 1874.


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WILLIAM GREEN BROOKS born Franklin Co., Tenn. Nov. 15, 1815; died Winchester, Tenn. July 8, 1874; surviving were widow and 3 children; a dau., Laura, died a few months before her mother died.


August 22, 1874

ELIZABETH ELEANOR BROWDER, nee Irvine, died Russellville, Ky. July 28, 1874 in her 52nd year of age; native of Robertson Co., Tenn.; md to the late David Browder, Nov. 8, 1842; had 10 children, five having predeceased her.

WILLIAM ROBERTSON born Ga. Sept. 19, 1794; died July 30, 1874; moved as a lad to Ky.; moved later to Madison Co., Ala., then later still to Limestone Co., Ala. where he died; md first to his McWilliams and then to Mrs. (Owens) Leslie.

JANE ELIZABETH SUMMERS w Rev. T. P. Summers, Morristown, Tenn., died July 8, 1874; dau John and Lucinda P. Lyle of Washington Co., Tenn.; born Feb. 14, 1835; md June 25, 1863; had been a Presbyterian but upon marriage joined the Methodist Church; surviving were husband and 5 children, the eldest about 9 years old and the youngest about 8 months old; names of children: Johnnie, Joe, Mamie, Carrie and Jimmie.

TENNESSEE KING only dau Robert T. and Lucy A. Chennault, born Jan. 19, 1853; md William A. King, Dec. 15, 1870; died at residence of her mother in Maury Co., Tenn. July 27, 1874 from consumption.

MARY S. SLAGLE born Washington Co., Tenn. Nov. 25, 1836; md Henry Slagle, Dec. 4, 1853 and with husband joined Methodist Church 1857; lived in Laurel Co., Kentucky.

THOMAS SHELTON born Halifax Co., Va. July 25, 1802; died July 28, 1874, Wilson Co., Tenn.; moved from Va. to middle Tenn. in 1806 and settled in Smith Co., then later moved to Williamson County; md Susan A. Thompson dau James and Margaret Thompson, Mar. 10, 1824 and she died in 1837; md secondly, Caroline Thomas dau Phin. Thomas of Somerville, Tenn. in 1841 and moved to Memphis, Tenn.; she died and he returned to middle Tenn. in 1844; in 1848 he md Rachel A. Drennon dau James Drannon, Wilson Co., Tenn. He was a stone mason, being one of masons who worked on the new state capitol in Nashville; father of 11 children, two dying in infancy; also a son was killed while working on erecting tombstone at Mt. Olivet Cem., Nashville and a dau. Mrs. Hamblin was murdered at Madison Station; surviving were widow and 4 children.

MARY AUGUSTA SLOAN DORTCH wf Jesse S. Dortch, McWhortersville, Tenn.; died of bronchitis, July 20, 1874.


August 29, 1874

Rev. WILLIAM S. BAIRD, principal editor of BALTIMORE EPISCOPAL METHODIST died August 13, 1874.

MARY J. HOCKER w Samuel Hocker; dau F. B. and Mary West of Simpson Co., Ky., born Sept. 22, 1825; md Sept. 21, 1852; died Aug. 7, 1874; mother of 7 children.

Miss MARY DOBSON born Nashville, Tenn. Sept. 2, 1795; moved to Shelyville, Tenn. 1810 where she died July 28, 1874.

WILLIAM H. BLANTON born S.C. Aug. 25, 1801; died Maury Co., Tenn. July 27, 1874.

THOMAS R. BRUCE died Aug. 5, 1874 in his 35th year of age, Morganfield, Ky.; born Union Co., Ky where he always lived.

P. FANNY YORK dau Lorenzo and Permelia Watkins, born Sumner Co., Tenn. Jan. 24, 1844; died Dyersburg, Tenn., Aug. 7, 1874; md Dr. G. W. York, Apr. 19, 1874; he died Aug. 2, 1873.


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Rev. Z. C. ALEXANDER son Matthew and Phebe Alexander born Allen Co., Ky. March 17, 1823; died Feb. 4, 1874; surviving were aged mother, widow and 7 children.

Mrs. ELIZABETH GRAHAM born N.C. July 22, 1794; died at residence of son-in-law, John Whitwell, Sept. 30, 1873.

SARAH A. FOX GARDNER, born July 5, 1854; md Robert G. Gardner, June 6, 1872; death date not given.

RACHEL DAY, nee Newman, born Grange /Grainger/ Co., Tenn. Oct. 15, 1817; died Rhea Co., Tenn. June 1, 1874; md Major John Day, Jan. 17, 1843 who died about 8 years ago.

Miss M. E. MOORE born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Apr. 3, 1853; dau. G. A. and Elizabeth J. Moore; died Big Bottom, Tenn., August 4, 1874.

Mrs. LEATHY FUDGE, aged 53 years and 7 months, died Aug. 8, 1874.

M. CATHARINE HUNT dau Henry and Elizabeth Powell, born Sept. 22, 1835; died Aug. 10, 1874; md E. F. Hunt, March 12, 1857.

JOHN A. S. YOUNG son John Young born Lincoln Co., Tenn. Feb. 17, 1824; moved to Indiana 1867, then in 1872 to Pulaski Co., Ark. where he died July 20, 1874.

CHARLEY FRANKLIN VAUGHN born Apr. 26, 1874 and died August 12, 1874.

HUGH TORRANCE born Iredell Co., N.C. May 16, 1786; moved to Giles Co., Tenn.; settled in Fayette Co., Tenn.; died May 13, 1874. His wife, NANCY TORRANCE, died February 16, 1874.

FRANCES E. PRITCHETT born Brunswick Co., Va. Mar. 2, 1800; md Jeremiah Pritchett 1820 and moved to Murfreesboro, Tenn. where she died May 22, 1874.

ANN BECK CLARK died Crockett Co., Tenn. July 28, 1874; dau Joseph and Jemima Scales; born N.C. Dec. 4, 1807; moved to Tenn. 1811; md William Clark, May 8, 1827.

Mrs. JAMES DIXON, Nashville, Tenn., died Aug. 18, 1874; surviving were a brother, John Harrow, Edgefield and a sister, Mrs. Bettie Knox.

JESSE EVERETT ALVERSON infant son Charles A. and Susan A. Alverson, born Green Co., Ky. Feb. 22, 1871; died Linn Co., Mo. August 10, 1874.


September 5, 1874

ELIZABETH ELEANOR BROWDER, nee Ervin, born Robertson Co., Tenn. May 18, 1823; md. David Browder, Nov. 8, 1842; left a widow in 1871; died Russellville, Ky. July 28, 1874; had a brother, Rev. Green Ervin, Tennessee Conference. /This is a corrected obituary for the one published in the Aug. 22, 1874 issue./

Mrs. SOPHIA OVERALL born N.C. Sept. 18, 1790; moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn. where she died July 14, 1874; md Isaac H. Overall, 1818 who predeceased her.

JOHN A. MARKS died Aug. 6, 1874 aged 21 years, 3 months and 17 days; hemorrhage of lungs; son John and Ursula Marks, Giles Co., Tennessee.

MARTHA ESCUM TAVIS died Perryville, Ky. June 7, 1874 in her 70th year of age; wife of Silas Tavis; dau James and Mary Escum of Tenn.; md in 1844 and moved to Kentucky.

MORRIS GENTRY PERRY son J. S. and Hortense Perry died Aug. 18, 1874 aged 7 years and 7 months old. Marshall Co., Tennessee.

Judge SANDERS EAVES born Aug. 18, 1807; died McLean Co., Ky. July 2, 1872; first judge of McLean County; md Miss Short and had several children, two sons predeceasing him.

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SUSAN STEELE born Franklin Co., Ky. Jan. 8, 1830; md William Steele about 7 years ago; died Nashville, Tenn. June 29, 1873; dau Tabitha P. Hutchings "now the oldest member of our church in Franklin, Ky." Had moved to Nashville in the spring of 1873.

Miss ZARILDA E. HORTON died Sept. 19, 1874 at residence of her mother in Shelby Co., Ala., aged 27 years and 6 months old; dau Miel and Nannie C. Horton.

JOHN WESLEY WILSON, SR. born Prince William Co., Va. Feb. 11, 1792; died 3 miles from Nashville, July 5, 1874; veteran of War of 1812; surviving were children and grandchildren; he was buried beside his wife.

BARTHENIA POWELL born near Richmond, Va. 1789; died at residence of dau Mrs. Lucy J. Hall, Alexandria, Tenn., May 17, 1874; md Leroy Camden and moved to Tenn.; he died and she md James Powell and later still to Linzy Powell; surviving were one daughter and several grandchildren.

LOUISA JANE BUCHANAN of Aspen Hill Church, Trinity Circuit, died Aug. 5, 1874; widowed dau Joseph and Rebecca Williamson; surviving were 4 children, the youngest "must soon follow the sainted mother."


September 12, 1874

JILSON P. HARRISON, New Orleans, died Aug. 25, 1874 in his 69th year; native of Kentucky; moved to N. O. 1842; commission merchant in Payne and Hamilton store for years; active Methodist layman.

MARY LOWRY wf George Lowry died April 4, 1874 in her 84th year of age, Henry Co., Indiana; at same place, GEORGE LOWRY died Aug. 28, 1874 in his 87th year of age. She was dau Henry and Mary Echols and born Rowan Co., N.C. Sept. 3, 1789. He was son of John and Mary Lowry, was born in Rowan Co., N.C. Nov. 2, 1787; md in 1808; parents of 13 children.

MARY H. THOMSON born Sept. 20, 18O6; died June 16, 1874; md Hugh Thomson, June 23, 1825.

Mrs. L. E. HILARD born near Charlotte, Tenn. Feb. 6, 1842; died Aug. 6, 1874; she md M. M. Hilard, 1867.

COLIE M. HICKS born Feb. 2, 1867; died Slaughterville, Ky. July 28, 1874; she was "a gentle, loving child."

MARY ELIZABETH FALLIN infant dau Rev. T. G. and Mattie Fallin, Louisville Conf., born Aug. 8, 1873; died Aug. 25, 1874.

ELIZABETH D. HOWLETT born Nov. 30, 1818; dau James and Lydia Clemons, Davidson Co., Tenn:; md A. B. Howell, Nov. 30, 1836; died in near Edgefield, Tenn. Feb. 19, 1874. /Addison B. Howlett md Elizabeth Clemmons, Nov. 30, 1836./

EMMA P. JACKSON dau William Hatchett, born Harris Co., Ga.; md in Terrell Co. to W. R. Jackson of Rutherford Co., Tenn. Nov. 13, 1870; died in the latter county, Aug. 29, 1874.

Mrs. JOANNA BARBER born Culpepper Co., Va. May 16, 1807; died Shelbyville, Tenn. Aug. 11, 1874.

THOMAS K. MARSHALL born March 20, 1874 /actually an older man/; died Aug. 25, 1874; his wife died a year ago "with the exception of one day"; surviving were an only son and an adopted daughter.

Tribute to WILLIAM T. PRICE who died recently by a fraternal group, unnamed and undated.

Tribute to Rev. JOHN B. PERRY who died recently; by Bingham Lodge 256, A. Y. M., Marion, Crittenden Co., Ky. July 1874.


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September 19, 1874

Rev. THOMAS A. MORRIS died Springfield, Ohio, Sept. 2, 1874 aged 80 years and 4 months old; senior bishop in Methodist Episcopal Church who retired from active episcopacy in 1868; born Kanawha Co. western Va. April 28, 1794; in 1834 appointed first editor of the WESTERN CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE which began in Cincinnati on May 2, that year; received honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity from McKendree College 1841. A son was F. A. Morris.

Note :CYCLOPAEDIA OF METHODISM, by Matthew Simpson (Philadelphia, Pa., Everts, 1880), pages 630-631, noted that Thomas A. Morris was licensed to preach April 2, 1814; served charges in the Ohio and Ky. Conferences; elected a bishop in 1836 and traveled extensively among the conferences. A picture accompanies this article/sketch about him.

ROBERT H. YOUNG "descended from an old Methodist family", born July 6, 1814; died Logan Co., Ky. Sept. 6, 1874.

JESSE TATUM born Feb. 16, 1796; died Aug. 2, 1874.

THEODORE BELL SMITH son James G. and Mariamna Smith, born Hickman Co., Tenn. Sept. 27, 1833; md Delilah Foster, April 9, 1856; veteran of Civil War; died August 11, 1874.


September 26, 1874

M. GUIZOT, famed French writer and statesman, born Oct. 4, 1787; died near Paris, France, Sept. 14, 1874; educated in Geneva, Switzerland.

JOHN ENGLISH BROWN born Va. Dec. 13, 1796; died Louisville, Ky. Aug. 4, 1874; moved in 12th year of age to Kentucky, near Bardstown; md Lucretia Read 1817.

MARTHA M. CAMERON wf James H. Cameron; dau Russell and Mary Childs, born July 25, 1856; Lawrence Co., Ala.; md Aug. 3O, 1871; died July 24, 1874.

LOUISA J. JETT dau George John and Sally Daviess, born Daviess Co., Ky. March 9, 1811; died Lewisport, Ky. July 31, 1874; md B. B. Blines, Sept. 15, 1831; md Sept. 30, 1857 to Dr. J. P. M. Jett; died from congestion of the brain.

MARY OLDHAM CARTWRIGHT dau Robert A. and Bettie A. Cartwright died near Goodlettsville, Tenn. Sept. 3, 1874 aged 2 years and 6 months old.

JOHN PORTERFIELD HILL born Davidson Co., Tenn. June 25, 1848; "was killed by falling from a building," June 29, 1874; md Alice Lucky, Oct. 28, 1868.

MARY ELIZABETH SORREY, nee Farmer, born July 31, 1839; md George B. Sorrey, Dec. 1, 1856; died near Adams Station, Tenn. July 31, 1874.

MARTHA ANN HAMILTON dau James H. and Nancy Hamilton, born July 31, 1851; died September 7, 1874.


October 3, 1874

LOUISA KENNON RICHARDSON wf Prof. W. G. Richardson of Central University, died in Richmond, Ky. Sept. 13, 1874; youngest dau Rev. Dr. Robert L. Kennon, a Methodist preacher; native of Mobile, Alabama.

Judge WILLIAM McKENDREE BYRD born Perry Co., Miss. Dec. 1, 1819; killed by the falling of Waxahatchie bridge on Selma, Rome and Dalton RR, Sept. 24, 1874; graduate, LaGrange College, Ala. 1838; lawyer; moved to Selma, Ala. 1853; chancellor and judge of the Supreme Court of Alabama. "He was liberal with his means." (Death noticed again on page 11, Nov. 7, 1874 issue).

Mrs. RACHEL D. LITCHFIELD died Abingdon, Va. September 10, 1874.

JAMES HENRY born N.C. 1787; moved to Tenn. at age 28; md Rebecca Mitchell and settled in Marshall Co., Tenn.; she died in her 71st year, a year before her husband's death; death date not given for him but he was in his 87th year.


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REBECCA J. MARTIN wf B. E. Martin; dau J. W. and Nancy Travis, born Trigg Co., Ky. June 9, 1849; died Logan Co., Ky. July 14, 1874; joined Methodist Church in July 1861.

Colonel HENRY RIEFF born Wilson Co., Tenn. 1823; died near Fayetteville, Ark. Aug. 29, 1874; md Sallie O. Wilson and had 5 children surviving. "He kept up family worship to the day of his death."

NANCY E. MILLER, nee McMury, wf B. R. Miller, born Dickson Co., Tenn. Nov. 1, 1825; md Dec. 12, 1849; died Woodford, Tenn. August 17, 1874.

ELIZA B. TRAVIS youngest dau J. W. and Nancy Travis, Caldwell Co., Ky., born Feb. 28, 1865; died Lyon Co., Ky. July 19, 1874 of consumption.

WILLIAM RICHARD BRATCHER son J. W. and P. Bratcher died of croup, Aug. 20, 1874 aged 11 months and 18 days old. "He was a healthy and fine-looking child."

MOLLIE MASON BECKWITH dau A. W. and Mollie Beckwith, born June 15, 1872; died Sept. 4, 1874, Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Tribute to JOHN D. CLAIBORNE who died recently; by Masonic Hall of Wooten Lodge 145, White Co., Ark., dated September 19, 1874.


October 10, 1874

Rev. JOHN WILLIAM MILLS "was brought up in Fayette Co., Ga."; md, first, to dau of Rev. Josiah Chambers who died at birth of their child a year later; md Elvira Ferguson of Albany, Ga.; served Methodist Church in Ga., Florida and Texas.

Miss CHLOE BABB born N.C. July 27, 1792; moved with family to Tenn. 1798; md. John Guthrie Jan. 1816 and settled in Wilson Co., Tenn.; died Sept. 1874. (Stated to have been a Miss Babb despite mention of marriage to Guthrie; perhaps she was listed with her maiden name).

NANCY LILES born April 22, 1818; died Maury Co., Tenn. Sept. 20, 1874; surviving were 2 daughters.

MARTHA E. LOWE "my only sister" (by her brother, French), dau Robert S. and Mary Rayburn, born Aug. 15, 1834; md Wesley Lowe; died Mar. 29, 1874. Beech Grove, Tennessee.

EMMA L. KELLY dau William and Catharine Kelly born Feb. 4, 1846; died July 6, 1874.

MARTHA CROSS, nee Wilson, born Oct. 29, 1795; moved with family to Giles Co., Tenn. 1816 where in 1817 she md Benjamin Cross and moved to Lauderdale Co., Ala. in 1819; joined Methodist Church Aug. 1843; died Sept. 12, 1874 from injuries received when she fell from a buggy.

MARY J. SMITH dau J. D. L. and L. J. Nunneller, born Hickman Co., Tenn. Oct. 26, 1846; md E. Truitt, Jan. 17, 1867 and later to D. M. Smith, May 1, 1873; died Hardin Co., Tenn. Sept. 22, 1874; joined Methodist Church Sept. 8, 1874.

MIRANDA CAROLINE RANDLE wf Rev. James R. Randle, dau Elijah and Mary Dawson, born Stewart Co., Tenn. July 28, 1838; md in Feb. 1861 and died in TX Sept. 5, 1874; professed religion at Old Standing Rock Church, 10 miles from Dover, Tenn. when 18 years old.

ABNER SAYERS born Draper's Valley, Pulaski Co., Va. May 24, 1819; md Nancy J. Scales, Aug. 15, 1844; dau Rev. N. D. Scales, Tenn. Conf.; moved to Williamson Co. Tenn. 1845; died September 1, 1874; surviving were widow and 8 children.

SARAH F. MARKS dau Green and Elizabeth Clark, wf John W. Marks, born May 8, 1846, Giles Co., Tenn.; died Aug. 20, 1874; had a son aged 2-3 years old.


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ROMELLA MANN dau Rev. James and Elizabeth Mann died Carlisle, Ky. Sept. 17, 1874 aged 23 years, 2 months and 26 days old.

NANCY BRECKINRIDGE wf David Breckinridge, born Feb. 25, 1808; died Maury Co., Tenn. July 12, 1874.


October 17, 1874

MARY L. KENNEDY born May 24, 1837; md Dr. F. M. Kennedy, Nov. 21, 1860; died Sept. 29, 1874; her remains were taken to "Rockingham, N.C. where they will sleep by the side of those of parents and other relatives."

BEULAH POLK HAGEY only child of Mrs. Celia R. Hagey died Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 4, 1874, "a short life."

KITTIE THWEATTE MATHERLY, nee Harrison, born Aug. 6, 1817; md S. Lawson Matherly, July 24, 1839; died Lebanon, Tenn. Aug. 28, 1874; joined Methodist Church, Lebanon, May 4, 1856.

DELIE BLAKE dau Charles M. and Melcenie Blake, born Oct. 3, 1870; died Sept. 24, 1874.

EMMA KELLY born Feb. 4, 1846; died at residence of her mother in Madison Co., Ala. July 6, 1874.

WILLIAM McMURTREY born Antrim Co., Ireland July 1, 1849; md Jane McCartney, Aug. 14, 1849; migrated to N.Y. 1854 and settled afterwards in Shelby Co., Ala. where he died Aug. 28, 1874; surviving were widow and 6 children.

ORAMANTA WALL wf T. A. Wall; dau William and Elizabeth Thoma, died of diphtheria, Sept. 7, 1874; born Tallapoosa Co., Ala. and moved in childhood to Elmore Co., Ala.; md T. A. Wall 1867.

LUELLEN HOLSCLAW died Shepherdsville, Ky. Oct. 1, 1874; a widow for 20 years; surviving were two daughters.

W. H. CRAFTON born Dec. 21, 1825; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1870; death date not given; surviving were widow and 7-8 children.

ROBERT B. BAIRD born Jan. 24, 1819 and raised in Winnsboro, S.C.; died of swamp fever, Sept. 28, 1874; md Mary C. Allen of Winnsboro, Nov. 24, 1840 and moved to Pickens Co., Ala.; moved to Wilcox Co., Ala. 1856 and then to Monroe Co., Ala. and then to Richland Parish, La. in January 1873; descended from Scotch-Irish Presbyterians.

SALLIE T. COBBS dau Capt. C. L. Taylor, Smythe Co., Va., born April 23, 1844; died Sept. 18, 1874; md Capt. T. N. Cobbs, Oct. 16, 1871; orphaned early she was raised by relatives.

LUDA WATKINS TAYLOR dau John M. and Susan Taylor died Wallonia, Ky. Oct. 4, 1874 aged 7 months and 9 days old.


October 24, 1874

No obituaries published in this issue.


October 31, 1874

Rev. S. B. HARWELL, Holston Conf., died Aug. 16, 1874.

Colonel CAREY W. BUTT born Norfolk, Va. Jan. 17, 1826; died Mobile, Ala. Sept. 30, 1874; his father, a local Methodist preacher, moved to Mobile in 1836; served in the Civil War and was wounded at battle of Shiloh; a long panegyric. Tribute to him by Franklin St. Sunday School, Mobile, dated October 4, 1874.

ROBERT WADE GAMBLE son R. C. and M. Gamble, died Mooreville, Ala. Oct. 8, 1874 aged 3 years and 6 months old.


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ZODA STITH dau Rev. Milton Stith died a residence of her father, Hardin Co., Ky. Sept. 17, 1874 aged 42 years. (An article written about her by J. W. Lewis appeared on page 3 of the December 5, 1874 issue in which she is called an "albino."

EMMA F. BASKETTE born Maury Co., Tenn. Jan. 23, 1849; md F. H. Cheatham, Mar. 13, 1873 and died May 14, 1874. (Name should be rendered BURKETT, corrected with re-run of obituary, November 7, 1874 issue)

Mrs. LUCINDA THOMPSON, nee McKinney, wf Judge James Thompson, Shelbyville, Choctaw Nation, died July 21, 1874; surviving were husband and one child.

WALTER MAY son Christopher and Ludy May born Jan. 21, 1867; died Aug. 13, 1874; mentions his "Grandpa Hipsley."

AMANDA R. MARRS wf A. P. Marrs; dau Altamount and Sarah Thompson, born nr. Florence, Ala. Nov. 23, 1835; died nr. Cherokee, Ala. September 29, 1874.

MARY HESSEY wf Rev. John H. Hessey died Franklin Co., Tenn. Oct. 9, 1874; formerly of Wilson County, Tennessee.

LUCY ANN LEDBETTER, nee Osborne, born Williamson Co., Tenn. Nov. 7, 1840; died Crawfordville, Miss. Oct. 11, 1874; md L. A. Ledbetter, June 21, 1855; joined Methodist Church 1869; husband died in 1870 leaving her with 2 sons.

VIRGIL STEELE son C. C. and M. M. Steele, died 5 miles west of Hamburg, Ala. Sept. 19, 1874 aged 3 years, 10 months and 27 days old, of diphtheria; brothers named, Willie and Walter Steele.


November 7, 1874

Rev. JOHN SANDUSKY died Oct. 15, 1874 at residence of dau. Catherine Logan; born Marion Co., Ky. Jan. 11, 1798; descendant of family that settled in Pleasant Run; family of Polish origin and surname originally spelled Sodowsky; md Esther Thompson, Feb. 17, 1820 and had, a son and 2 daus.; md L. A. Barbour, Aug. 8, 1858; a Methodist preacher in Kentucky. His first wf died July 23, 1857.

JOHN WHITEHURST born Tarberry Dist. /Newberry Dist. ?/, S.C. Mar. 10, 1793; died Lawrenceville, Ala. Sept. 25, 1874; md twice; with first wife had 13 children, 6 having died; on March 8, 1835 he md Mrs. Jane Camp and had one more child.

Rev. JAMES TARRANT born S.C. July 5, 1809; died Jefferson Co., Ala. Oct. 11, 1874 where he settled in 1823; surviving were widow, 2 sons, 2 daus.

HENRY J. PAINE born Christian Co., Ky.; died Adair Co., Ky. Sept. 11, 1874; md Julia E. Howard.

MARTHA ANN CHEAIRS dau Page and Jane Bond, born April 8, 1820; md M. T. Cheairs, Sept. 12, 1837; died Aug. 16, 1874. "Her house was the home of the preachers."

MARTIN COPPEY son Cleveland and Betsy Coppey born Albemarle Co., Va. Sept. 15, 1762; died Russell Co., Ky. Nov. 27, 1867 aged 105 years; twice married (inferential); father of 28 children. (This is a delayed obit., more in nature of a memoriam.)


November 14, 1874

Rev. H. T. DOWNARD, M. D., born Cynthiana, Ky. Dec. 24, 1819; served in Kentucky and Louisville Conferences, Methodist Church, for years; moved to TX in 1858; died Bryan, TX July 28, 1874.

Rev. MILES H. CHRISTIAN born May 4, 1809; md Mary Duncan, Dec. 16, 1830; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1830; ordained deacon 1846; died Muchlenburg Co., Ky., August 10, 1874; raised 3 sons, 5 daughters.


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REBECCA F. KUMPE wf Dr. George E. Kumpe, born Oct. 1, 1819; died Aug. 30, 1874; dau James Kennedy; recites pious notes that she had written in 1871-73.

MARY GOODLOE dau Isaac and Polly Lane, born Wake Co., N.C. Aug. 16, 1817; md Robert A. Goodloe, Morgan Co., Ala. Dec. 21, 1835; died Oct. 23, 1874. (A panegyric, written about her by her brother-in-law, A. T. Goodloe, appeared in the Dec. 5, 1874 issue, from Clarksville, Tenn. and dated Nov. 16, 1874.

MARGARET Y. MARTIN born Nelson Co., Ky. May 1824; died Greenville, Ky. July 7, 1874; dau late Elijah Davis; md Henry Offutt 1849 who later died; md William McMakin who also died; md E. W. Martin.

MELVINEY E. WOODALL wf Dr. Woodall; dau Austin Powell, Marshall Co., Tenn., born Sept. 22, 1852; md Dec. 19, 1872; died April 3, 1874; joined Methodist Church in September 1867.

MARY E. B. HAMPTON wf James Hampton, born Dec. 21, 1848; died Williamson Co., Tenn. Oct. 30, 1874; surviving were husband and 2 children.

DAVID W. DICKENSON died Sumner Co., Tenn. Oct. 30, 1874 in his 68th year of age; born Albemarle Co. Va.; moved to Tenn. at age 6 years; surviving were widow and 6 children.

LOUIS WILLIE BRYAN son John W. and Cornelia T. Bryan, born Aug. 1, 1873; died Sumner Co., Tenn. Oct. 5, 1874.

Tribute to Rev. JOSIAH WRIGHT born Stokes Co., N.C. May 2, 1798; md Nancy A. Reynolds, Wilkes Co., N.C., Sept. 28, 1820 (she died 1870); became a Mason about 1821; Methodist preacher; ordained deacon Oct. 15, 1848; ordained elder Oct. 15, 1851; death date not given; by a Masonic group dated July 1874.

Tribute to Dr. JOHN H. ROBINSON who died Sept. 4, 1874; by Masonic Chapel Hill Lodge 160, Chapel Hill, Tenn. dated October 22, 1874.


November 21, 1874

HARRY CLAY BALL died Sept. 22, 1874 aged 8 years, 1 month and 2 days old near Corydon, Ky.; a panegyric written by T. C. Peters.

Rev. CHARLES M. BALDWIN born Mt. Pleasant, Maury Co., Tenn. Jan. 25, 1849; eldest son Rev. Samuel D. and Caroline E. Baldwin; admitted on trial as Methodist preacher in 1873; death date not given.

Mrs. ELIZABETH DICKINSON, Louisville, Ky., died in Oakland, Calif., Oct. 19, 1874 in her 82nd year of age.

SARAH McCORMACK died Oct. 15, 1874; born Shelby Co., Ky. Oct. 2, 1795; mother of 13 children, 7 predeceasing her.

CHARLIE C. ANSLEY oldest son F. J. and H. J. Ansley; died Anworth, Ga. Oct. 6, 1874 aged 5 years and 6 months old.

CALISTA MONTGOMERY "our oldest child" (W. A. Montgomery), born Autauga Co., Ga. Oct. 15, 1856 and died Oct. 29, 1874, typhoid fever.

ANNIE KARSNER oldest dau Colonel George W. and Eliza J. Karsner, Florence, Ala. died October 18, 1874 aged 20 years of age.

ALICE H. ADAMS born Cherokee Co., Ala. Sept. 1, 1855; died Gadsden, Ala. Oct. 9, 1874.

GEORGE ALLISON KITTRELL infant son George W. and Mary J. Kittrell, born Aug. 30, 1874; died Perry Co., Tenn. October 6, 1874.

ROBERT R. COWAN son W. N. and C. R. Cowan died Oct. 29, 1874 aged 11 years, 2 months and 29 days old.

RACHEL CLARK LEWIS born Philadelphia, Pa. Jan. 9, 1809; joined Methodist Church 1825; md Dr. J. N. Lewis, November 1829; died September 15, 1874.

ALEXANDER COLEMAN born Edgecombe Co., N.C. Oct. 30, 1804; son John E. and Rebecca Coleman; family moved to Ky. when he was very young, Livingston Co.; died Oct. 10., 1874; md. Elizabeth B. Clement, Nov. 25, 1830, who survived him.


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November 21, 1874

JENNIE PARKER dau Baptist parents; a notice written by J. C. Hunkapiller who presided at her funeral; no dates given.

MARGARET H. M. ALLEN born N.C. Aug. 1815; died Nov. 7, 1874, Edgefield, Tenn.; md John M. Kirby who died, then md Edward H. Allen; mother of 11 children, 6 surviving her.

MARY RICHARDSON MATHES born Houston Co., Tenn. Aug. 18, 1851; died Sept. 26, 1874.

SARAH E. HICKS dau Hiram S. and Martha C. Cotten, born June 30, 1849; died Oct. 11, 1874; md Henry Hicks, Oct. 22, 1868.

BLANCHE ROURK dau James L. and Jennie E. Rourk died Greenville, Ky. May 20, 1874 aged 1 year, 7 months and 18 days. "She was a precious child, the darling of her parents."

Tribute to JOHN EMMET VINSON who died Colbert Co., Ala. July 7, 1874 aged 36 years of age; by Third Quarterly Conf., Leighton Circuit, Decatur Dist., North Ala. Conf. dated Oct. 24, 1874; had been active in Sunday School.


November 28, 1874

Rev. T. M. EDDY died in New York City, Oct. 6, 1874; a panegyric penned by J. B. McFerrin.

Rev. JOHN BEATY PERRY born Belfast, Ireland, May 23, 1813; his father, Robert Perry, came to U.S. about 1816 with family and settled in Philadelphia, Pa.; licensed to preach in Methodist Church in his 19th year of age; moved to Ky. 1836; served until superannuated in 1853; md Mary G. Maddox, Trimble Co., Ky. May 10, 1840; died July 1, 1874.

Dr. JOHN HUGHES ROBINSON born Amherst Co., Va. June 1800; moved with family to Green Co., Ky. 1815; educated as a doctor; moved to Marshall Co., Tenn. 1825; md Myra W. Boyd, Nov. 1, 1835; about 5'10" tall; joined Methodist Church in 1851; died Sept. 4, 1874.

TABITHA RICE WILLIAMSON wf Thomas Williamson; dau James and Elizabeth Mitchell, born Boyle Co., Ky. May 30, 1800; died Nashville, Tenn. Oct. 21, 1874; mother of 3 children, 2 predeceasing her but she "trained and educated" 29 orphan children.

MARY SUSAN SMITH wf P. D. Smith, born Oct. 1807; professed religion in Nottoway Co., Va. 1825; died Christian Co., Ky. November 1, 1874.

E. S. HESTER born Franklin Co., N.C. Oct. 31, 1803; md James R. Hester, Sept. 27, 1820; died Lincoln Co., Tenn. August 2, 1874.

MARGARET MURRAY born near Bowling-Green, Ky. May 24, 1825; dau Frederick and Mary Cox; md Thomas P. Murray Oct. 1850; Logan Co., Ky.

ROBERT B. BAIRD, JR. died of swamp fever, Richland Parish, La. Oct. 23, 1874 and born Pickens Co., Ala. Dec. 6, 1855; moved from Monroe Co., Ala. to Richland Parish in January 1873.

Dr. ROBERT D. McCANLEY born Montgomery Co., Tenn. Aug. 26, 1826; died Clarksville, Tenn. June 29, 1874.

WILLIAM DUKE born Ohio Co., Ky. Oct. 14, 1795; died May 3, 1874; first wife, mother of his children, died years ago.

ANN HAMER born Williamson Co., Tenn. Nov. 20, 1803; md Rev. John H. Hamer, Nov. 1, 1827; died Madison Co., Ala. Nov. 2, 1874; husband died in 1865; their property had been burned during the Civil War; mother of Rev. John M. Hamer, North Alabama Conference.

CATHARINE P. CREAMER born Jefferson Co., Ala. Jan. l0, 1855; md James R. Creamer, Sept. 3, 1873; died October 27, 1874.


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December 5, 1974

Mrs. PHOEBE PALMER died Nov. 2, 1874 in New York, wf Dr. W. C. Palmer.

Note :CYCLOPAEDIA OF METHODISM by Matthew Simpson (Philadelphia, Pa., Everts, 1880, pages 691-692.) Phebe Palmer, born December 19, 1807; md W. C. Palmer, Sept. 29, 1827; active in benevolent societies.

IRA IRWIN ELLIS born Brunswick Co., Va. Oct. 30, 1798; died Stewart Co., Tenn. at residence of Thomas B. Ellis, Oct. 31, 1874; md Martha C. Smith, Rockingham Co., N.C. Oct. 1, 1922 and moved with his father's family, Rev. Ira Ellis to Christian Co., Ky. 1829; quotation from his diary dated Oct. 30, 1960.

Rev. SAMUEL B. HARWELL son Rolly and Sarah Harwell, born Lincoln Co., N.C. July 21, l796; moved with family to Giles Co., Tenn.; md Sophia Ayers of East Tennessee; preached in Tenn. and Holston Conferences, Methodist Church. (Most of this information is repeated on page 12, Dec. 12, 1874 issue.)

TABITHA C. HALEY born Dec. 18, 1815; dau James and Nancy Garrett; md John Haley 1832; died near College Grove, Tenn. May 16, 1874.

WILLIAM "Will" CUNNINGHAM son John and Mary Cunningham born Warren Co., Tenn.; died Monroe Co., Ala. Oct. 20, 1874 in his 26th year of age.

Miss MATTIE ROY born Florence, Ala. Mar. 1840; orphaned; raised by her grand aunt, Martha Brandon; death date not given.

JOHN JAMES RIGG born March 27, 1852; died Nov. 20, 1871, typhoid fever.

MARY F. RHODES born Gwinnett Co., Ga. July 3, 1829; died Robertson Co., TX Nov. 12, 1874; dau David and Mary C. Roland; md C. Culpepper when 16 yrs. old with whom she lived 22 years and after his death she md W. Pearson Rhodes.

MARY GRAVES NELSON born Jan. 15, 1815; died Oct. 29, 1874; md Jan. l6, 1839; buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

RACHEL A. BRATTON born Robertson Co., Ky. Feb. 20, 1835; md John W. Bratton, May 8, 1861; died October 10, 1874.

LUCRETIA McCLANAHAN born Mason Co., Ky. June 22, 1809; died of heart disease September 19, 1874.

WILLIE SAM CHISM son N. B. and M. E. Chism died Cumberland Co., Ky. November 19, 1874 aged 2 years and 9 months old.

ELEANOR DOUGLASS infant dau Thomas and Fannie Douglass died Madison Co., Ala. Oct. 7, 1874; her father and 2 aunts had recently died.

MARTHA ELIZABETH CHISM dau N. B. and M. E. Chism died Cumberland Co., Ky. Nov. 16, 1874 aged 1 year and 21 days old.

KIZZY BROWN born March 12, 1806; md Wiley Brown 1829; died Nov. 2, 1874.

SARAH B. WARD wf Rowland Ward; dau John and Nancy Jones, born Nottoway Co., Va. April 1802; moved to Robertson Co., Tenn. 1832; died near Cedar Hill, Tenn. August 5, 1874.

JOHN B. D. WYATT born July 21, 1841; died Jan. 24, 1874; md Laura Andrews, Dec. 30, 1869; surviving were widow, a child and aged parents.

JULIAN ORANGE HUTTON son Dr. William C. and Julia A. Hutton, born Pegram Station, Tenn. March 8, 1872 and died October 1, 1874.

Tribute to Rev. C. M. BALDWIN; by Quarterly Conf. of Dover Ct., Tenn. Conf. dated November 7, 1874.


December 12, 1874

MARY HESSEY wf Rev. J. H. Hessey born Feb. 12, 1818; died Franklin Co., Tenn. October 9, 1874.


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THOMAS J. HUTCHISON, Mercer Co., Ky. died Oct. 11, 1874 in his 48th year of age; born and raised in Crab Orchard, Ky.; md in January 1857.

ZEDEKIAH WILLETT born January 11, 1814; died near Florence, Ala. Oct. 24, 1874; md Mary E. Rice, Jan. 11, 1844 (she died in 1852); he md Rosa B. Munn, Jan. 18, 1859 (she died July 1867); two children with first wife and three children with second wife; had Masonic burial in Florence, Alabama.

NANCY KENDALL born Berkeley Co., Va. 1784; moved to Ky. at age 14; died in Louisville, Ky. Nov. 17, 1874; oldest son named Valentine Cook Kendall.

MOLLIE S. OILER dau William and Susan Oiler, born July 22, 1859; died July 5, 1874; she had been engaged to marry John Wisdom.

H. B. WATKINS born Nov. 1, 1806; died Trigg Co., Ky. November 14, 1874.

Rev. SAMUEL DILLEY died Sept. 31, 1874 aged 72 years of age; had lived in vicinity of Satartia, Miss. since 1829.

WILLIE BELLE HARLAN, Noxubee Co., Miss. died Tuscaloosa, Ala. Nov. 21, 1874 aged 15 years, 9 months old; a pupil in the college in Tuscaloosa.

NELLIE P. METTS wf Louis E. Metts, died Jackson Co., Ala. Nov. 24, 1874; born Dec. 11, 1836; dau George and Jane Kennedy.

Miss LOURENA BROWN, Fleming Co., Ky. died Nov. 24, 1874 in her 82nd year of age.

MARY ANN RUSSELL born Trigg Co., Ky. Feb. 9, 1826; dau William and Dicey Jones; md Starling Russell, Sept. 16, 1846; died Nov. 14, 1874; surviving were husband, 6 sons, 4 daughters.

ELIZABETH McGEE born Washington Co., Md. Dec. 16, 1790; died Nov. 5, 1874; only two of her children survived her.

CHARLIE COPLEY born No. Edgefield, Tenn. Nov. 2, 1868 and died Nov. 30, 1874 near Nashville; an orphan.

REUBEN JORDAN MAXWELL oldest son Travis M. and Alabama R. Maxwell, died October 22, 1874 aged 19 years of age.

AMMANY WHITAKER born Stafford Co., Va. Mar. 12, 1804; dau Rolla and Agnes Colvin and with them moved to Mason Co., Ky. 1808 in 1818 to Harrison Co., Ky.; md Simeon Whitaker whom she survived by 4 years; she suffered from cancer; died Sept. 6, 1874 at residence of her brother, John Colvin, Mason Co., Ky.

THOMAS CLYD born Taylor Co., Tenn. May 11, 1802; died Larue Co., Ky. Oct. 17, 1874.

THOMAS J. R. HODGES son B. H. and Susan Hodges born Metcalf Co., Ky. April 27, 1872; died August 3, 1874.


December 19, 1874

Dr. WILLIAM HARVIE MOORE born Oglethorpe Co., Ga. Dec. 19, 1813; died Coosa Co., Ala. Oct. 1, 1874; medical graduate, University of Pa., 1838 and practiced medicine in Talladega, Ala.; surviving were widow and 5 children.

ELIZABETH AMES wf O. Ames born Lebanon, Marion Co., Ky. July 16, 1821; died Boyle Co., Ky. Nov. 30, 1874; surviving were husband and 3 children.

ADDIE SUE WALKER born Cherokee Co., Ala. July 1, 1872; died Guntersville, Ala. Nov. 15, 1874, membrous croup; dau Rev. J. G. Walker, No. Ala. Conference.

ESTHER A. OLIVER born Charleston, S.C. July 26, 1795; md Joseph 01iver, Newbern, N.C. May 27, 1812; died Fulton, Miss. Dec. 1, 1874 at residence of dau Mrs. J. F. Chilton; her mother was Ann Moss Ellis.

THOMAS HANFIELD STITH son William and Nancy Stith, born Campbell Co., Va., Oct. 14, 1799; came with family to Ky. 1805; died November 16, 1874.


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December 26, 1874

JEFFERSON HAMILTON, D.D. died December 1874; renowned Methodist preacher in Alabama. (A tribute to him, written by Henry W. Hillard, Dec. 24, 1874 appeared on page 1 of the January 16, 1875 issue, as well as another tribute by J. H. McNeilly; an "incident" in his life as described by J. Bancroft appeared on page 7, May 8, 1875 issue. A fuller obituary appeared for him in the February 7, 1875 issue, indicating he was born in Worcester, Mass., Aug. 23, 1805; died Opelika, Miss. Dec. 17, 1874; raised on a New England farm; his early Methodist ministry was in New England; moved to Alabama for health reasons 1836 and became active in that state's conference. A Reminiscence of the late Jefferson Hamilton, penned by R. W. Allen, appeared on page 6, September 30, 1876 issue.)

MARY A. GUY wf George W. Guy, died nr. Newport, Ky. Nov. 25, 1874 in her 55th year of age.

Mrs. JAMES W. POWELL died Gadsden, Ala. Nov. 6, 1874; born Cherokee Co., Ala. March 18, 1850.

SUSAN SMITH wf George W. Smith, Nashville, Tenn., died at residence on Vine Street, Dec. 11, 1874 aged about 65 years of age. "She was a woman of large frame and features and larger heart cheerful, genial; a manager of the Protestant Orphan Asylum."

FRANCES M. RICHARDS wf H. B. Richards, dau S. F. and N. Barns, born Mar. 22, 1840; md Nov. 29, 1860; died Simpson Co., Ky. February 24, 1874.

Mrs. THOMAS, nee Espy, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Dec. 25, 1799; died Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 2, 1874; md John P. Thomas 1816; moved to west Tenn. 1821 and to Coffeeville, Miss. 1850. "She dearly loved her Bible." /In 1850 Census, Yallobusha Co., Miss., page 378, her name is given as Catharine./

AMELIA ARABELLA OVERALL dau Albert Overall born Dec. 4, 1870 and died Nov. 7, 1874.

Rev. JOSEPH GUNN son Rev. James Gunn born Mar. 17, 1795; died Robertson Co., Tenn., Nov. 27, 1874; was in Seminole War 1817; md Nancy Lawlace, Nov. 3, 1818; afterwards md Elizabeth Brown, Apr. 21, 1856; licensed to preach in Methodist Church 1830; he was "a plain, pious, humble man."

CEMANTHA RAND LAMPKIN born Jan. 31, 1812; md Robert A. Lampkin, July 30, 1835; died Starkville, Miss. November 29, 1874.

Major WILLIAM P. SHELBY died St. Clair Co., Ala. Oct. 10, 1874 in his 73rd year of age; moved from Tenn. to Alabama about 1836-1837.

Tribute to Miss WILLIE BROWN, a student at Bethel College, who died Nov. 24, 1874 aged 19 years, 5 months and 21 days old; by teachers and students of Bethel College, undated.


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