By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1997


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July 5, 1873

SUSANNA WINTON w/o John A. Winton; d/o John Baker of near Abington, Va.; died Roane Co., Tenn. Feb. 27, 1873; md 1843.


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LEWIS AMIS born Granville Co., N.C. March 15, 1809; died June 19, 1873; moved to Maury Co., Tenn. when young; md Louisa T. Johnson July 15, 1830; joined MEC Aug. 29, 1830.

REBECCA HARRISON w/o W. C. Harrison; d/o Rev. Thomas Domgoole, died near Murfreesboro (no date given); born Brunswick Co., Va. September 18, 1800.

SANFORD T. SAYERS s/o William and J. J. Sayers died Covington, Ky. June 19, 1873 aged 22 years, 8 months old; joined MECS 1870.

CHARLIE T. BAIRD eldest s/o Dr. B. F. and Julia Baird born Fayette Co., Tenn. September 25, 1858 and died June 21, 1873.

SARAH MAYHEW, nee Will, born Ky. 1800; died April 1873; md Aaron Mayhew and moved to Lawrence Co., Tenn.; later to Miss; obit. written by a son, C. C. Mayhew.

MARGARET HORTON born S.C. Oct. 2, 1795; died Williamson Co., Tenn. May 18, 1873; md Claiborn Horton 1811; moved to Tenn. 1826.

Rev. N. W. CALHOUN, a Presbyterian minister, s/o Rev. W. Calhoun, died Bath Co., Va. June 1873; grandson of Dr. James Waddell a "famous Presbyterian clergyman."


July 12, 1873

ANN W. LANIER d/o Rev. Edmund Lanier born Amherst Co., Va. and came to Nashville, Tenn. 1819; she and sister, Lucy B. Lanier, taught school at the old Nashville Female Academy; died July 5, 1873; buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

MARTHA C. SEABURY, nee Murray, born Louisa Co., Va. 1792; died July 2, 1873; md Jesse Parrish and moved to Sumner Co., Tenn. 1821; the family moved into Nashville 1823; joined MEC 1824.

Rev. W. H. MORRISON died Christian Co., Ky. March 4, 1873 aged 50 years, 7 days old; 25 years a member of the Louisville Conference; born Fayette Co., Pa.; md a d/o James C. and Julia A. Smith of Union, Pa. and she died leaving him with three sons and one daughter; he md Mrs. E. Leavell d/o John Lander of Clinton Co., Ky. Dec. 13, 1865 and had two daughters.

MATILDA A. R. MACKEY w/o J. J. Mackey; d/o A. J. and Eliza J. Gill, born Feb. 7, 1852; md Nov. 9, 1869; died June 14, 1873; spinal meningitis.

ELIZABETH BILLIN born Richmond, Va.; died near Talladega, Ala. June 22, 1873 in her 76th year; eldest d/o Rev. Isaac Hall; md Samuel Billin 1811; mother of fourteen children; moved to Ala. 1846 and made home with sisters, Mrs. Mary Hardie and Sarah Welsh near Talladega.

Capt. JOHN ELLIS born Sandwich, Mass. July 19, 1803; died Milton, Florida June 5, 1873; went to sea at age 14; md Margaret Mims May 22, 1835.

SUSAN C. FEATHERSTON born June 29, 1838; died June 27, 1873; sister of Rev. A. T. Crawford of the Tennessee Conference; md David S. Featherston.

Dr. G. W. ARCHER born Macon Co., Ga. Dec. 31, 1835; died Sanford Co., Ala. May 19, 1873; also a tribute of respect for him by Bexar Lodge 230.

BENJAMIN (Bennie) F. BISHOP born Aug. 8, 1858; died Colbert Co., Ala. March 10, 1873; his parents died when he was younger and he and younger brother were raised by uncle and aunt, Samuel and Elizabeth R. Bishop.

ELIZABETH CLAYTON born about 1793; died Green Co., Ky. May 2, 1873.

JOHN ROBERTS born Sept. 1803, Smith Co., Va.; died in same county, March 27, 1873.

WALLACE R. WILSON born Dec. 4, 1862; died Chulafinnee, Ala. March 16, 1873.


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SUSANNA MOSS w/o John Moss; d/o Rev. William and Parmelia Murry, born 1802; died Fulton Co., Ky. June 10, 1873; two of her sons were Rev. John Moss, presiding elder of Somerville Dist., Memphis Conference and Rev. Jeremiah Moss, superannuated preacher in same conference.

MICAJAH J. NEWSOM born Sussex Co., Va. Oct. 20, 1826; died Hardeman Co., Tenn. June 19, 1873; moved when young with family to Williamson Co., Tenn.; md Mary Crosby October 29, 1846.

REBECCA STRONG died Calhoun Co., Ala. April 14, 1873 in her 92nd year.


July 19, 1873

JAMES M. LAWSON s/o T. J. and Katherine Lawson born Todd Co., Ky. Aug. 12, 1844; died May 30, 1873.

Mrs. PAULINA MAYHEW d/o Dr. G. A. and M. A. Conn, born Williamson Co., Tenn. Oct. 3, 1833; died Nashville, Tenn. June 18, 1873; md Nov. 13, 1848 to C. C. Mayhew.

MARY F. DAVIS d/o Hon. W. F. and Lucy A. McGregor born Lewisburg, Tenn. April 17, 1849; died at residence of her uncle, Major Z. W. Jones, Culleoka, Tenn. June 7, 1873; consumptive; md A. M. Davis Nov. 2, 1869; left widower and a small son, Jimmie.

GEORGE P. ROHEY born Bedford Co., Va. July 15, 1826; d/o Horace and Jane Rohey; died Nov. 13, 1872; md A. M. Newman Oct. 16, 1860.

SUSAN E. BRAME d/o Charles and Susan Brame born Nov. 13, 1843; died April 17, 1873; joined MECS 1864.

LOUISA C. HOLMES consort of William Holmes died Shelby Co., Ala. June 13, 1873 aged 43 years, 3 months, 9 days old; md October 5, 1843.

JOHN ROBERTS born Sept. 3, 1803; died Smith Co. Va. March 27, 1873.

WILLIAM ASPLEY born N.C. Oct. 7, 1790; died Simpson Co., Ky. June 8, 1873; moved with parents to Tenn. at age 10; moved to Simpson Co. 1849; md Jan. 7, 1816 (name of spouse not given).

THOMAS A. GILMAN born Davidson Co., Tenn. May 29, 1844; died July 2, 1873; cholera; joined MECS September 1869.

Mrs. PATSY METCALF died May 4, 1873 aged 66 years. Salem Circuit, Tenn. Conf.


July 26, 1873

Miss FANNIE W. SEHON d/o Rev. E. W. Sehon died July 6, 1873; her grandfather, JOHN SEHON, died July 11, 1871.

SARAH PORTER MOORE born Cumberland Co., Va. March 20, 1796; d/o William and Margaret Maxey; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1821; md Dr. F. Moore 1826 and joined MEC with him; moved to Texas 1829; back to Tenn. 1848; to Texas in 1856; back to Tenn. 1858; died at residence of son, W. F. Moore. Edqefield. Tenn. July 13, 1873.

Miss IDA GLASSCOCK died July 2, 1873 aged 20 years; a long panegyric delivered by her Sunday School teacher and class. Elm Street MECS. Nashville. July 14, 1873.

Tribute of Respect for Miss ELIZABETH G. GLENN who died in Gallatin, Tenn. June 23, 1873; by Sunday School, Elm Street Church, Nashville, July 12, 1873.

MARY FLORENCE WALLER had died; an expression of sympathy was extended to her parents by the Sunday School, Elm Street Church, Nashville, no date given.

GERTRUDE AUGUSTA TIMBERLAKE born Augusta, Ga. Oct. 29, 1843; died June 28, 1873; d/o John D. and Susannah Ramsey; md F. A. Timberlake Dec. 5, 1865.


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HENRY FINLAY ROBERTSON died Tilton, Fleming Co., Ky. June 6, 1873 in his 16th year; s/o Fleming P. and Martha A. Robertson.

JAMES W. VANN died June 29, 1872, "was connected with the M. E. Church South in the bounds of Elyton Circuit, No. Ala. Conference from boyhood to his death."

JUDITH DODSON born Cumberland Co., Va. May 10, 1799; died Williamson Co., Tenn. June 7, 1873; md Bird Dodson June 11, 1817; sister of the late Rev. John M. Holland of the Memphis Conference.

MAGGIE SWEETS d/o Joseph and Ellen Sweets died June 20, 1873.

THOMAS CHADWELL JOHNSON infant s/o A. W. Johnson, Jr. and Emma C. Johnson, died Edgefield, Tenn. July 12, 1873.

JOHN R. BENSON, father of W. A. and L. F. Benson, born Rowan Co., N.C. Aug. 11, 1796; died Edgefield, Tenn. July 14, 1873.

NANCY WOOD widow of Wylie M. Wood of Wilkinson co., Miss., died Edgefield, Tenn. at residence of son-in-law, Joseph Gibson, July 1, 1873; born Adams Co., Miss. July 9, 1802.


August 2, 1873

MELISSA McNEILL, nee Stewart, born S.C.; died Livermore, Ky. in her 74th year (no death date given); moved with parents to La.; md 1822; her husband and eldest child died in New Orleans of cholera; she had three children living.

W. L. DAVIS born Marshall Co., Tenn. Oct. 7, 1839; died Culleoka, Tenn. July 18, 1873; flux.

GUITA DAVIS infant d/o James B. and Laura G. Davis died Lamar Co., Texas July 4, 1873.

Dr. ROBERT HAWE PARRIS born Garrard Co., Ky. Jan. 19, 1793; died Russellvile, Ky. July 1, 1873; md Mary Ann Walker of Jessamine Co., Ky. Oct. 4, 1822.

Tribute of Respect for TARLTON L. CRANE who died June 23, 1873 from accidental gunshot wounds; by Quarterly Conference.

MARY ANN McCURRY w/o Rev. John A. McCurry; d/o Thomas and Icey Watson of Madison Co., Ala., died Rockwall Co., Texas, April 16, 1873.

LAURA BREEDLOVE w/o William Hensley Breedlove born July 3, 1851; died June 22, 1873; consumptive; her infant daughter, MARY, predeceased her.

ELIZABETH MURPHY died April 12, 1873; was 74 years old last February.

MARY E. WISE. born Jan. 3, 1858; died July 3, 1873; cholera.

HUMPHREY B. WILSON born Washington Co., Ky. 1798; died June 24, 1873.

CAL. A. P. HUGHES born Patrick Co., Va. Jan. 7, 1799; died Maury Co., Tenn. July 10, 1873; md Mary E. Webb December 2, 1824; joined MECS, Culleoka, Tenn. Sept. 1871.

Tribute of Respect for R. C. Bailey who died Wytheville, Va. May 27, 1873; by Quarterly Conference, Broad St. Church, Knoxville, July 21, 1873.


August 9, 1873

Rev. HENRY M. HUTTON born Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Aug. 24, 1793; died July 7, 1873; at age 10 his family moved to east Tenn., thence to Rutherford Co., Tenn.; he served in General Jackson's army in the War of 1812; md Nancy Williamson Jan. 16, 1817; both joined MEC 1817; he was licensed to preach, MEC, 1824; his wife died Sept. l, 1838 and he md Anna Drummond, sister of Rev. Z. Drummond, April 20, 1840; with first wife had 9 children, with last had 5 children; ordained deacon Nov. 1831; ordained elder Oct. 14, 1835.


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KATE GRIFFITH d/o Col. R. M. and Elizabeth Parris of Dade Co., Ga. born June 27, 1843; died July 2, 1873; md Dr. H. W. Griffith May 4, 1863; lived in Jasper, Tennessee but died at her father's residence in Georgia.

MARY JONES born March 7, 1790; died July 27, 1873; md William Jones at age 16; d/o Rev. James O'Kelley haw, early MEC preacher.

JOSEPH LECOMPTE born Oldham Co., Ky. Jan. 30, 1840; s/o John and Frances Lecompte; died Aug. 3, 1872. "his remains were sent back /from Crittenden Co., Ark. /to Kentucky and buried at Pleasant Grove Church."

HENRIETTA H. DRISKELL d/o Obadiah and Nancy Driskell born Williamson Co., Tenn. Aug. 27, 1815; died July 20, 1873; md Hawkins Patterson Aug. 21, 1835; md Cread Taylor Thompson 1839; md Charles O'Riley Jan. 31, 1849; moved back and forth to Ark., La. and Texas and briefly in Ark. where she died.

MATTHEW M. BAILEY born Elbert Co., Ga.; he died Lamar Co., Texas April 15, 1873; moved when young to Madison Co., Ala.; md Sarah Allen 1820; moved to Lamar Co., Texas 1852.

ALBERT CLINTON CHASTAIN s/o A. M. and Mary Chastain born Litchfield, Ky. Dec. 8, 1871; died July 18, 1873.

WILLIAM HOLT born Jan. 31, 1867; died July 10, 1873. JOSEPH HOLT born July 5, 1869; died July 8, 1873; NINA E. HOLT born Feb. 14, 1872; died July 10, 1873; all children of William and Lydia Holt of Pegram's Station, Tennessee.


August 16, 1873

Unnamed Wife of Rev. Charles E. MANN, nee Penn, born Buckingham Co., Va. June 29, 1892; died Muhlenburg Co., Ky. July 1, 1873; md Feb. 10, 1810; moved to Ky 1819.

ELIJAH DAVIS, Sr. died June 25, 1873 in his 86th year. Chaplin, Kentucky.

JAMES B. BOOTHMAN born Coln, Lancaster Co., England June 28, 1815; died Aug. 1, 1873; md Martha Farraday Sept. 24, 1838; came to U.S. 1856; settled in Hopkinsville, Ky.; a painter by trade.

JULIA E. GUY w/o I. P. Guy; d/o Rev. W. Q. and Sarah F. Sewel1 born Morgan Co., Ala. Nov. 14, 1845; died Woodruff Co., Ark. July 12, 1873; consumptive.

Tribute of Respect for Col. I. N. HULME born Williamson Co., Tenn. Sept. 10, 1826; died June 2, 1873; joined MECS 1855; by Sunday School group.

ELANDAR HALSEY born N.C.; died Robertson Co., Tenn. July 9, 1873 in 71st year; her husband predeceased her; they had no children.

MARTHA HARRIS w/o Nathan B. Harris; d/o Rev. James M. and Sarah Sizemore born April 11, 1847; died Dickson Co., Tenn. Oct. 16, 1872; joined MECS 1859; md Dec. 19, 1871; her brother, Rev. James Sizemore, was a Baptist preacher in Texas.

AARON MAYHEW born Allen Co., Ky. 1799; died July 12, 1873.

CHARITY FREEMAN, "Aunt Charity", born June 17, 1804; died July 28, 1873.

BENJAMIN ROSSER born N.C. Nov. 1785; died Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. July 20, 1873; in 1804 moved to Ga.; moved to Ala. 1821.

ANNIE BELLE COOK infant d/o Wil1. H. and Estelle Cook and granddaughter of James L. Rizer, died Warren Co., Ky. July 26, 1873 about 19 months old.

R. A. STEWART born 1794; died Somervil1e, Ala. July 16, 1873; joined MECS 1870.

LIZZIE HAY w/o N. M. Hay died Verona, Miss. June 11, 1873; his mother, ELIZABETH HAY, nee Scales, died Corinth, Miss. June 22, 1873, "upward of 80 years of age;" born N.C.


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RICHARD MENEES MURPHEY infant s/o Robert H. and Birdie Murphey born July 9, 1873; died July 25, 1873; little poem with obit. written by Green P. Jackson.

RICHARD P. SMITH born July 14, 1833; died Blount Co., Ala. Jan. 9, 1873; consumptive; joined MECS 1871.


August 23, 1873

SUSAN MIERS born Jan. 14, 1812; died Macon Co., Ala. July 27, 1873; d/o Henry and Priscilla Densler and sister of Rev. Thomas L. Densler and Dr. Henry L. Densler; md William Wild 1831; md Joseph J. Miers Nov. 22, 1839.

Capt. ROBERT L. DISMUKES eldest s/o John T. and Ann T. Dismukes died Dardanelle Ark. July 18, 1873 in his 47th year.

JAMES T. FISHER s/o George W. Fisher of Marshall Co., Tenn. born Feb. 16, 1840; died May 27, 1873; meningitis; md Paralee Wiggs Oct. l, 1857 and had one son, two daughters.

WILLIAM C. ANDREWS s/o J. E. Andrews of No. Ala. Conference died Aug. 8, 1873 aged about 12 years old.

MARION C. RATCLIFFE, nee Roberts, born Jan. 27, 1820; died Aug. 3, 1873; flux; md "Mr." Harding, Davidson Co., Tenn. who soon died; md F. G. Ratcliffe of Williamson Co., Tenn.; left widower and several stepchildren; buried in McGavock Cemetery near Franklin, Tenn.

ELEANOR JEAN ALFRIEND d/o William H. and Eleanor Robertson born Madison Co., Ala. Feb. 18, 1832; died Franklin, Ky. July 1, 1873; cholera.

SUSAN F. HARRIS, nee Jarrett, born Nov. l, 1808; died Lebanon, Tenn. Aug. 2, 1873.

JOSHUA GIST born Fayette Co., N.C. March 25, 1793; died July 31, 1873; md Susanna Grooms April 24, 1817; she died Feb. 26, 1863; moved to Colbert Co., Alabama.

SALLIE E. DICKEY w/o John C. Dickey, born Dec. 17, 1833; died Jan. 3, 1873.

ELLA BELL FORLINE buried June 25, 1873; d/o Dr. H. H. and M. J. Forline; aged 3 years.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM S. DONNELL; by an unnamed fraternal order.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. Dr. THOMAS H. DAWSON; by Eufaula Dist., July 30, 1873.


August 30, 1873

Rev. GEORGE GODBEY born Montgomery Co., Va. Feb. 28, 1791; died Cleveland, Tenn. Aug. 11, 1873; joined MEC July 9, 1810; licensed to preach, MEC, Sept. 1828; ordained deacon 1835; ordained elder 1840.

Rev. WILLIAM A. VESSELS s/o James and Martha Vessels, born Coosa Co., Ala. Sept. 28, 1843; died Culleoka, Tenn. Aug. 17, 1873; joined MECS when he was serving in the army during the Civil War; licensed to preach Oct. 1872.

BOBBIE DICKEY infant s/o George W. and Jennie Dickey died Franklin, Ky. July 18, 1873 within two days of his second birthday.

MARY VIRGINIA COWDEN born Nov. 18, 1859; died Culleoka, Tenn. June 29, 1873.

FANNIE JIMMIE ALICE COWDEN born Sept. 29, 1867; died Culleoka, Tenn. July 28, 1873.

OLIVIA J. SIMS widow of Rev. Louis A. Sims; d/o Revd. Stephen Ellis, died near Franklintown, La. June 30, 1873 aged 41 years.

CHRISTIANA FREDERIKA SCHNEIDER born Huffenhard, Baden /Germany/ May 7, 1822; died

Talladega, Ala. Aug. 9, 1873; md George Michael Kline Dec. 14, 1947 and came to U.S. 1850.


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LAVINIA EVELINE BERRY infant d/o Z. S. and E. E. Berry of Trinity, Ala. died August 11, 1873.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. MARK W. GRAY who died May 28, 1873; by Quarterly Conference, Middleton Circuit, at Concord, June 14, 1873.


September 6, 1873

SILAS STAMPER, citizen of Stewart Co., Tenn. had died and he had been the founder of Stamper's Chapel; left a widow and two children.

BENJAMIN WILSON born Feb. l, 1805; died Mortonsville, Ky. April 18, 1873.

DOLLIE J. HANES born Macon Co., Tenn. Dec. 3, 1841; died July 27, 1873 when thrown from a buggy she was riding; w/o T. C. Hanes who survived as well as two small sons.

HENRY CLAY HERMANS died July 26, 1873. Gallatin, Tenn.

BENJAMIN W. HAILEY s/o H. H. and Mary E. Hailey died Aug. 17, 1873 aged 3 years, 10 months, 18 days old.

MARTHA E. WICKWARE born Nov. 20, 1832; died Aug. l, 1873, both events at "Fountain Head"; md James W. Wickware Jan. 15, 1851; d/o Henry Sarver.

MILLY DIBRELL d/o William Carter, born Wythe Co., Va. Oct. 17, 1790; died Sparta, Tenn. Aug. 15, 1873; moved with parents to Wayne Co., Ky.; md Anthony Dibrell Apri1 25, 1811.

MARY A. HARRIS d/o Mayhew and Margaret Alexander born Oct. 22, 1816; died Allen Co., Ky. May 26, 1873; md Amos Harris Feb. 28, 1854; he predeceased her.

LAURA FRANKLIN EDMONDSON d/o Franklin and Catherine Hardeman, born Sept. 10, 1837; died Aug. 25, 1873; md Rev. I. A. Edmondson of Tenn. Conf. March 25, 1868.

EMMA BONE TOWNSEND d/o T. P. and E. A. Townsend born Aug. 15, 1863; died June 28, 1873.

MARTHA J. EDWARDS d/o Jesse and Susan Matson, Talladega Co., Ala., born Sept. 25, 1844; died Aug. 10, 1873.

FANNIE H. JARED d/o Benjamin F. and Mary Brinly; w/o B. B. Jared, born June 15, 1849; died April 19, 1873; joined MECS Aug. 18, 1872.

INOR W. WRIGHT d/o P. and C. C. Wright born June 30, 1873; died Aug. 9, 1873; whooping cough. Lawrence Co., Tenn.

MARGARET H. WILLIAMS died Aug. 24, 1873 aged about 73 years, at residence of her son-in-law in Hardin Co., Ky.

Rev. THOMAS SMYTH born Belfast, Ireland 1800; died Charleston, S.C. Aug. 10, 1873; came to U.S. 1831; Presbyterian minister in Charleston for many years.


September 13, 1873

JANE McCOY d/o John and Mary Layng; w/o Thomas J. McCoy of Louisville, Ky.; md July 19, 1847, Philadelphia and moved soon to Mobile, Ala.; died July 1873; buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio (and remains of her daughter, Anna to be brought there from Baltimore; remains of her sister, Mrs. Gibson to be brought from Indiana). Also, tribute of respect for her written by Rev. R. H. Rivers, Louisville, Ky., dated Nov. 5, 1873, appeared in the Nov. 22, 1873 issue of this church newspaper.

ELIZABETH W. HORN born 1790/91; md Etheldred P. Horn Sept. l0, 1822; he died 1835 leaving her with three sons and four daughters; died Aug. 21, 1873.

Dr. S. THOMAS s/o Francis W. and Sarah Thomas and grandson of General Henry Crist, born Bul1itt Co., Ky. Nov. 12, 1812; died July 23, 1873; md Margaret Holmes, Jefferson Co., Ky., March 18, 1838; located in Hawesvi11e, Kentucky.


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ANN SUSAN HALE consort of Gardner Hale died in Birmingham, Ala. July 10, 1873; cholera; one daughter was Mrs. John F. Tarrant.

SUDIE EXUM, nee Horne, born Montgomery Co., Tenn. Sept. 18, 1850; died near Carbondale Aug. 19, 1873; md William Exum Jan. 12, 1869; left widower and a son.

JOHN R. DAWSON born Dec. 24, 1846; died Hopefield, Ark. July 1873.

CLEMMIE DUNCAN born June 16, 1849; died Texas July 1873; md James Morrow Apri1 1872.

ELIZABETH D. SMITH d/o T. W. and E. Walker, born Smith Co., Tenn. Nov. 24, 1801; died Maury Co., Tenn. August, 1873.

WILLIAM J. GOVER born Oct. 28, 1822; died June 11, 1873; md Lucy M. Weaver, Sept. 5, 1849.

SARAH MAYS w/o Samuel Mays died Grayson Co., Ky. August 13, 1873.

MARY MAUDINE STRINGER, nee Duncan, born Daviess Co., Ky. Oct. 18, 1828; died

Aug. 22, 1873; md November 27, 1849.


September 20, 1873

NANCY GERMAN HULME BEALE born Williamson Co., Tenn. Jan. 27, 1834; died Hickman Co., Tenn. Aug. 8, 1873; relict of Capt. Charles W. Beale who died in service during the Civil War; surviving children were George, Ida and Wesley.

ELIZABETH JOYNER youngest d/o Rev. John and Martha McGee; niece of Rev. William McGee, early Presbyterian minister in Tenn.; born Smith Co., Tenn. August 5, 1805; died September 4, 1873; md Thomas Joyner September 12, 1826; had seven daughters, one son. Her only brother, Dr. William McGee of Franklin, died June 16, 1832; four years later her father died; on May 11, 1840 her mother died; her brother-in-law, Rev. T. L. Douglass died April 9, 1843; her brother-in-law, Col. Burchett Douglass died Aug. l, 1849; her oldest sister, Frances, relict of Rev. T. L. Douglass, died June 22, 1852; her sister Susan Walton died Dec. 12, 1856; her child, A. E. Koen, died May 23, 1870. When her second daughter, "Mary, died August 3, 1846 at the Institute at Jackson, Tenn. she told her husband she could not send her daughters off to school and they must move. They settled near the Marshall Institute, where, to aid in supporting and educating her family, she took charge of, boarded, loved and influenced many girls who in eternity will bless her." Surviving were her six children and her only surviving sister, Mrs. Douglass. The now- difficult tombstone of Mary Joyner, Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, reads:

MARY ELIZABETH, daughter of T. & E. JOYNER & pupil of the Institute, Died August 3rd 1846 aged 16 years. /She was a student at the Memphis Conference Female Institute./

PATSEY DARSEY w/o Dr. J. N. Darsey born Shelby Co., Ky. Sept. 25, 1820; died Corydon Aug. 16, 1873; md April 6, 1811; joined Presbyterian Church 1849.

ELIZABETH CONDITT w/o David Conditt born June 5, 1800; died McLean Co., Ky. Aug. 20, 1873.

MARY B. McLEAN d/o Col. C. B. and L. A. McLean born May 30, 1838; died near Waynesboro, Tenn. Aug. 30, 1873; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1853.

Dr. W. B. JOHNSTON died Decatur, Ala. Aug. 18, 1873 aged 27 years, 5 months, 6 days old; md Maggie King October 1870.

MARTHA C. ELLIS, nee Smith, born N.C. March 16, 1800; died Aug. 29, 1873; md Ira P. Ellis Oct. l, 1822; moved to Ky. with his father, Rev. Ira Ellis and brother, Nicholas El1is, Clinton Co., Ky. 1829.

*Thomas Joyner was one of the founding trustees of the Memphis Conference Fema1e Institute, Jackson. chartered by the State of Tennessee, December 2. 1843. (ACTS OF TENNESSEE. 1843-1844. pub1ished 1844. pages 19-20)


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ALICE R. HAMBRICK d/o C. and Lucy J. Hambrick died New Market, Ala. Aug. 8, 1873 at residence of her uncle, Alfred Hambrick, aged 18 years, 7 months, 24 days old.


September 27, 1873

LOU KENNEDY born Feb. 18, 1837; died Aug. 27, 1873; left widower and children.

SARAH A. WILLIAMSON, nee Hinton, born near Nashville 1811; died Nashville Sept. 2, 1873; md Mr. Talbott and George Williamson.

WILMOTH ALLEN widow, died 8 miles north of Nashville Aug. 28, 1873 aged about 86 years.

WALLACE PAYNE s/o Adams Payne died near Edgefield, Tenn. Sept. 11, 1873 aged 7 years.

JAMES S. WITT born Morgan Co., Ala. Dec. 17, 1848; died Aug. 21, 1873; licensed to preach, MECS, September 14, 1872.

WILLIAM R. SEARS born N.C. 1821; died Feb. 20, 1873; md. Caroline Woodward, July 22, 1847; joined MECS 1858; left widow, three sons, one daughter.

H. G. BARBEE born N.C. April 30, 1800; died July 19, 1873; md Ann N. Ogburn Aug. 1, 1822; moved to Byhalia, Miss. 1847.

LAURA SHAW w/o S. B. Shaw died Butler Co., Cal. June 25, 1873 aged 30 years, 10 days old; family moved to California from Ohio; husband was a native of Maury Co., Tenn.; had six children, the sixth having died shortly after its mother died.

ANN ELIZABETH CROW d/o Murdoch and Elizabeth McCaskill; w/o Robert F. Crow, born Merriweather /Meriwether/ Co., Ga. June 25, 1826; died Ark. Sept. 8, 1873; her mother died Nov. 1871; her father died when she was an infant.

T. F. ARMISTEAD born near Lynchburg, Va. July 15, 1801; died Jackson Co., Tenn. July 28, 1873; moved with his parents to Smith Co., Tenn. 1809; md Sallie Moreland Jan. 6, 1829; sister of late Sam Moreland of Tenn. Conference.

SALLY FRYE w/o William Frye died Hardy Co., West Va. Aug. 28, 1873 in her 29th year.

ALICE CARY BUTLER born Bedford Co., Tenn. April 25, 1855; died Aug. 16, 1873; md Thomas Butler of Rutherford Co., Tenn. Nov. 20, 1872.

JOHN WARREN born Jan. 28, 1845; died DeKalb Co., Ala. Aug. 28, 1873; left widow and three children.

GEORGE F. PIERCE SMITH s/o Jeremiah and Dealthia Smith died Oxford, Ala. Sept. 5, 1873 aged 1 year.

MARY JANE AARON d/o Henry and Bettie B. Aaron died July 25, 1873 aged 3 years, 4 months, 19 days old.

MARTHA W. BELL d/o Capt. J. D. and M. T. Wheeler, born Alexandria, Tenn. July 22, 1852; died Sept. 3, 1873; congestive chill; md Robert W. Bell May 20, 1873; died at residence of father-in-law, Major Robert Bell, Wilson Co., Tennessee.

W. F. BUTLER born July 4, 1800; died Sept. 8, 1873; md Jane Anderson 1824 and had two daughters; md Elizabeth Gaines 1835 and had two sons.

GERTRUDE CARDWELL youngest d/o Joseph L. and Mary C. Cardwell died Sept. 11, 1873.

ZECHARIAH F. MULLINS s/o late Rev. William Mullins of Tenn. Conf. and Harriet E. Mullins born Feb. 2, 1848; died July 17, 1873.

WILLIAM B. HALL s/o Rev. J. W. Hall, Grant Co., Ark. born March 1, 1858; died Sept. 1, 1873.


(Page 91)

DAVIDSON M. LEATHERMAN born Rowan Co., N.C. Dec. 1811; died near Memphis, Tenn. July 25, 1873; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. where he practiced law; his wife died 1852; burial in family vault in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis.

SARAH M. GLENN w/o James J. Glenn, born March 5, 1848; died Aug. 2, 1873; md Feb. l 1865.

THOMAS W. COLEMAN born Va. Dec. 13, 1830; died Gibson Co., Tenn. Aug. 26, 1873; md Mary E. Blackwell Oct. 15, 1867.

JOHN EDGAR SOYARS infant s/o Dr. J. T. and Medora Soyars born Sept. 3O, 1872; died August 29, 1873.


October 4, 1873

HANNAH ROBERTS born Savannah, Ga. 1806; died Mobile, Ala. Sept. 21, 1873; d/o Judge John Evert.

SALLIE J. BEAUCHAMP d/o Thomas H. Gilbert of Logan Co., Ky.; died July 23, 1873; md. Dr. Joshua R. Beauchamp April 1855 and moved to Texas and lived there until husband died after which she returned to her parents' home in Kentucky; left a son, two daughters.

JEREMIAH CLARK of Nicholas Co., Ky. died Aug. 21, 1873, aged 37; left widow and four children.

ODOS ALONZO McCLENDON buried Sept. 13, 1873; a brother, EPPERSON B. H. McCLENDON, buried Sept. 26, 1873; sons of James McClendon of McWhirtersville.

MARY A. HAMPTON born Laurens Dist., S.C. Jan. 20, 1776; died Navarro Co., Texas July 25, 1873; d/o Nimrod and Christiana Griffin Williams who moved from S.C. to Nashville, Tenn.; her father and uncle, Daniel Williams, were veterans of the Revolutionary War; md Anthony Hampton at age 20; moved to Texas 1835.

MAGGIE M. HEARN d/o Jeremiah and Nancy Bently born Sumner Co., Tenn. Oct. 22, 1849; died Aug. 3, 1873; md Dr. H. M. Hearn Dec. 2l, 1870; joined MECS Aug. 11, 1871.

SARAH ANN BAKER d/o Rev. James Breeding of Adair Co., Ky. and w/o Reuben A. Baker, born Sept. 8, 1841; died Aug. 18, 1873; md May 10, 1860; mother of five children.

ALLEN H. WASHINGTON died Nashville, Tenn. Sept. 28, 1873; merchant; left widow and eight children. Also, tribute of respect for him by wholesale merchants of Nashville, September 29, 1873.

JANE SPURRIER born N. Y. City 1808; died Sept. 12, 1873; md Daniel Spurrier and lived in Louisville, Kentucky.

ORIN DAVIS born N.C. 1792; died Ala. Aug. 22, 1873.

EDWARD W. ANDERSON died Sept. 6, 1873 in his 78th year; wife, Obedience, died June 18, 1873 in her 75th year; had been md 53 years. She was d/o Col. Thomas Branch of Chester Co., Va.

THOMAS A. BRUCE died Paris, Tenn. Sept. 14, 1873 in his 63rd year; born Sumner Co., Tenn. May 10, 1811; md Sarah M. Wilson 1836; officer in Seminole War; in 1842 left native county and moved to Henry Co., Tenn.; his wife died 1849 and he md Eliza C. Stubblefield; joined MECS 1866; two daughters, including Mrs. Looney, predeceased him.

Miss ANNIE MITCHUSSON of Owensboro, Ky. died Sept. 15, 1873.

NANCY HENRIETTA SHEARON born Robertson Co., Tenn. April 1, 1826; died Cheatham Co., Tenn. Aug. 18, 1873; md Dick Stack Jan. 5, 1843 and had twelve children, ten of whom survived her.

JOSEPH HORN born Aug. 16, 1810i; died Sept. 11, 1873; left widow, children.


(Page 92)

ETHEL FENDLEY only d/o W. F. and Celia A. Fendley born July 13, 1872; died 25, 1873.


October 11, 1873

MARY ALICE DALE d/o Nancy Nickols born March 23, 1854; died July 4, 1873; md Polk Dale Dec. 23, 1869; left widower and an infant child.

THOMAS SUMMERS SCALES infant s/o Joseph H. and Mary Scales born Aug. 30, 1873; died Sept. 22, 1873.

MARTHA L. AIKEN born April 26, 1804; died Charleston, Tenn. May 7, 1873; md Samuel J. Aiken April 26, 1826; he died April 24, 1838 leaving her with four children whom she managed to raise.

MARY C. HAWKINS w/o Jasmes H. Hawkins; d/o William and Tabitha Franks born Oct. 22, 1832; died Aug. 22, 1873; md John G. Calens 1849; James H. Hawkins July 10, 1870; left widower and children.

JAMES S. BEDFORD died near Lynchburg, Tenn. Aug. 5, 1873 aged about 59 years.

SAMUEL N. W. BACHMAN youngest s/o W. G. and Caroline Bachman of Bastrop, Texas born March 27, 1858; died September 22, 1873.

ELISHA L. VINSON died Giles Co., Tenn. Sept. 6, 1873; hydrophobia; had been bitten by a mad dog.

MICHAEL KINZER born Bedford Co., Va. Sept. 26, 1805; died Maury Co., Tenn. June 19, 1873; md Mollie Estes, Oct. 11, 1827.

NANCY EDMONDSON died Montgomery Co., Tenn. Aug. 25, 1873; born Brunswick Co., Va. July 5, 1796; md Samuel Edmondson Nov. 8, 1815; soon moved to Tennessee.

PENELOPE HILL BOYD born Williamson Co., Tenn. Nov. 1827; died a few weeks ago w/o William Boyd.

WILLIAM C. TIERCE born Lawrence /Laurens/ Dist., S.C. Oct. 11, 1821; died Sept. 21, 1873.

"Mrs." BRADSHAW born Nov. 28, 1821; no death date; buried near Pelham, Tenn.

MARGARET F. TURNER w/o W. T. Turner; d/o W. C. Kyle born Hardin Co., Tenn. March 2, 1855; died June 20, 1873.

MATTIE E. WHITE infant d/o Rev. E. W. and Caroline White died Hil1sboro, Sept. 11, 1873.

Tribute of Respect for J. N. HULME; by St. John's Lodge #423, Masonic order, Sept. 26, 1873.


October 18, 1873

MARY ANN DEMOVILLE born Hanover Co., Va. 18O2; died Nashville, Tenn. Oct. 9, 1873; md 1817; moved to Davidson Co. 1828; husband died of cholera 1831; buried city cemetery; a Baptist.

MISSOURI E. FOUST d/o Miel I. and Minnie C. Horton; w/o M. N. Foust died Shelby Co., Ala. Sept. 27, 1873 aged 28 years, 10 months, 21 days old.

DOLLY M. HOLLAND, nee Hundley, died Oct. 4, 1873 aged 23 years.

RACHEL C. BINFORD w/o Dr. Peter Binford died Morgan Co., Ala. Aug. 12, 1873 aged 25 years, 4 months, 27 days old; md December 11, 1866.

ALZARIA H. BROWN d/o Arch and Elizabeth Steele born Jan. 15, 1808; died July 31, 1873; md John M. Brown Feb. 2, 1823.

LUCINDA C. PARRISH born June 10, 1817; died June 17, 1873.

Rev. JOSEPH L. McGHEE born Smyth Co., Va. June 6, 1844; no death date given; served in Confederate army; licensed to preach, MEC, Feb. 16, 1839 and preached in the Holston Conference; md Mattie Cozart of Roane Co., Tenn. Oct. 4, 1871.


(Page 93)

SALLIE L. LINDSEY d/o James and Mary Lindsey born Sept. 5, 1846; died Newport, Ky. Sept. 11, 1873.

ROBERT ALLEN MASSEY born Oct. 15, 1842; died Jan. 8, 1873.

CATHARINE GILL widow of Daniel Gill, born Va. April 23, 1795; died Aug. l, 1873; moved to Ala. from west Tennessee 1848.

PERMELIA W. DAILEY d/o Joseph and Mary Bigelow born Mason Co., Ky. Feb. 26, 1815; died Aug. 26, 1873; md Charles Dailey Feb. 21, 1832.

NETTIE DOWLING died China Grove Campground, Ark., of croup, Oct. 4, 1873, aged 1 year, 10 months, 7 days old.

FRANCES MARSHALL died Chaplin, Ky. Aug. 26, 1873 aged 46; for years kept only hotel there was in this town.

MALINDA HINTON McGAUGH born Clarke Co., Ga. Aug. 26, 1841; died July 24, 1873; moved with parents to Marshall Co., Tenn. 1848; md T. J. McGaugh who survived her with two sons.

ANNA F. HARDIN born Fleming Co., Ky. Feb. 20, 1853; died Bath Co., Ky. March 28, 1873; youngest d/o late Walter Prather and Cynthia A. Prather; md W. T. Hardin April 10, 1872.

Miss PLEASANT ANNA WRAY born Davidson Co., Tenn. Feb. 17, 1854; died Edgefield, Tenn. Oct. 13, 1873.

MARY I. MINKEN, nee James, born July 17, 1838; died September 26, 1873.

Memorial services for Miss MARY A. AULT who died August 19, 1873 were held; by Church St. Sunday School in memory of their former teacher.


Oct. 25, 1873

Rev. WILLIAM H. MORRISON born Fayette Co., Pa. Feb. 25, 1823; died Christian Co., Ky. March 4, 1873; md Matilda Smith d/o James C. and Julia A. Smith, Fayette Co., Pa., Nov. 16, 1843; she died July 1862; he md Mary Eliza Leavell d/o John and Nancy A. Lander, Christian Co., Ky., Dec. 13, 1865; licensed to preach as MECS minister, Feb. 16, 1847 in Louisville Conference; so served 21 years; before moving to Ky. he had been a tailor and in later life was a farmer.

Rev. THOMAS H. DAWSON born Greene Co., Ga.; died June 18, 1873 in his 64th year; a panegyrical statement rather than biographical.

SALLIE HELEN CRAIG infant d/o John F. and Lou Craig born Jan. 5, 1873; died Sept. 8, 1873.

RUTH R. KNOWLES born Columbia Falls, Maine, Feb. 17, 1824; died Rowan Co., Ky. Oct. 2, 1873; typhoid fever; md June 16, 1848; had one child, a son, who died April 27, 1872 in his 23rd year; entire family joined MECS May 1868; about 5 years ago moved to Morgan Co., Ky. where the son died and the parents then moved to Rowan Co. where she died.

MARTHA AUSTIN w/o Archibald Austin; d/o John and Mary Qualls born 1828; died Sept. 17, 1873; md Aug. 1O, 1848.

THOMAS B. DALEY born Mecklenburg Co., Va. Dec. 22, 1810; died Giles Co., Tenn. Sept. 3, 1873; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. at age 8; left widow and 4 children.

Memorial services were held for SINAI G. MOORE, at the Tulip Street MECS Church Oct. 12, 1873; calling him "a prominent and useful member" of this congregation.

GRACE DALLAS HUTCHESON d/o J. W. and A. A. Hutcheson died Owingsville, Ky. Oct. 2, 1873 aged 1 year, l day old.

Mrs. LUCY HITE born Sept. 7, 1802; d/o Austin and Celia Sledge died Sept. 5, 1873.


(Page 94)

MACE BRINDLEY born July 25, 1846; died Oct. 7, 1873; buried "at my mother's in Blount Co., Ala., Oct. 9, with masonic honors /so said Asa B. Brindley/"; md Jo Gillespie December 20, 1869.

JOHN WILLIAM JONATHAN MARTIN s/o Abraham and Eliza R. Martin born Jan. 18, 1866; died Sept. 21, 1873. Oxford, Miss.

CARROL B. HALEY born Bedford Co., Tenn. April 13, 1815; died Clinton Co., Ky. Sept. 20, 1873; left widow and two children.

Dr. WILLIAM M. HAMPTON born Jackson Co., Ga. Sept. 2, 1818; died Aberdeen, Miss. Sept. 19, 1873; with parents moved to Calhoun Co., Miss. 1839; practiced medicine in Lowdnes Co., Miss. 1839-1844; traveled a year; moved to Aberdeen 1846; md "Miss" Prewett d/o Col. Abner Prewett January 1853; joined MECS 1866.


November 1, 1873

Mrs. AMY F. RODGERS born Oct. 3, 1804; died Oct. 6, 1873. Kentucky.

Miss MARGEE N. FONVILLE d/o F. F. and M. A. Fonville born Jan. 10, 1853; died Bedford Co., Tenn. July 7, 1873; joined MECS 1869.

MARY ANN HOUSTON d/o N. H. and Lucy Bridges; widow of Thompson Houston, died Oct. 13, 1873 aged 28 years, 5 months old.

ALEXANDER MELL FRAZER born Oct. 28, 1853; died Sept. 7, 1873; attending the Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College, Auburn, Alabama.

JOHN NICKELS born Laurens Dist., S.C. March 29, 1806; died Somerville, Tenn. September 10, 1873.

JOHN CHEATHAM born N.C. Jan. 16, 1798; died near Culleoka, Tenn. July 24, 1873; md Elizabeth Amis March 7, 1829; md Lydia Hoggins Oct. 24, 1848 who survived him.

J. T. SOUTH, D. D. died Bowling Green, Ky. Sept. 19, 1873 aged about 55 years; had been a minister about 34 years; first preached as a Methodist, but later joined and preached in the Baptist Church.

MARY E. PEYTON d/o Elizabeth Peyton died Lebanon, Tenn. Oct. 16, 1873 aged 22 years.

MARTHA OVERALL d/o Henry and Mary Kerbey of Rutherford Co., Tenn. born March 26, 1829; died Sept. 28, 1873; md B. D. Overall March 3, 1842; joined MEC 1836.

LAURA MAY CRABTREE d/o W. Y. and Lou Crabtree born Oct. 9, 1872; died Sept. 26, 1873.

SINAI GRAVES MOORE born N.C. July 15, 1804; died Edgefield, Tenn. Oct. 6, 1873; worked in Franklin, Ky. until 1864 when he moved to Edgefield, Tenn.; md Sarah A. L. Quinn 1837; d/o Matthew Quinn.

ANGELINE MATTHEWS w/o Berryman Matthews born Dec. 8, 1829; died March 31, 1873; joined MECS 1859.

Mrs. ANNA RAY d/o Dr. M. B. and Kittie Logan born Washington Co., Ky. May 29, 1846; died Sept. 11, 1873.


November 8, 1873

A poem, from Concord, Ky. dated Oct. 26, 1873 in memory of LAURA B. GRITTON who died May 5, 1873; by Lizzie G. Vaughan.

MARY ALEXANA GAINES born June 6, 1866; died Sept. 18, 1873.

MARY B. ELLIOTT d/o William and Letitia Buford born Washington, Ky. March 6, 1824; died Elizabethton, Ky. Aug. 29, 1873. "Sister E. was also a working woman. If there was money to be gotten she would do what she could."

NANNIE A. CROW w/o John N. Crow died Franklin, Ky. Sept. 23, 1873; born Allen Co., Ky. Feb. 17, 1836; her eldest daughter, MAGGIE, born Oct. 6, 1860 survived her only two weeks, dying of scarlet fever.


(Page 95)

JOHN VAN ZANDT born N. J. 1785; died at residence of son-in-law, Capt. Ed. Tarrant near Tuskaloosa, Ala. Oct. 24, 1873; direct descendant of Van Zandts who came from Holland with Peter Stuyvesant and settled Manhattan Island; moved to Rockbridge Co., Va. when about 15 years old; md "Miss" DeJarnette of a Huguenot family; moved to Ga., then to Elyton, Ala. where his wife died; md another member of the DeJarnette family who also died and he md Mrs. Sarah Caruthers near Franklin, Tenn.; she died 1862; his only sons had fallen in battle around Richmond, Va. and he made a home thereafter with his two daughters, Mrs. Haughey of Scooba, Miss. and Mrs. Tarrant of Alabama.

NATHANIEL H. SIMPSON born Wayne Co., Ky. April 20, 1817; died Sept. 21, 1873; moved to Andrew Co., Mo. about 1843; moved to Ill. during Civil War, then returned to Mo. where he died.

WILLIAM S. DONNEL born March 1806; died July 21, 1873; md Aug. 1827; joined MECS 1846.

Rev. THOMAS WALLACE died Cleburne Co., Ala. Sept. 11, 1873 aged 65 years, having been bitten by a rattlesnake. "Brother Wallace, I believe, was originally from Elbert Co., Ga."

ELIZABETH PARVIN born Hawkins Co., Tenn. Jan. 21, 1850; died near Rockport, Ark. Sept. 29, 1873; md Jackson Parvin Sept. 10, 1871; moved to Texas 1872 with her mother, Mrs. Baldwin's family; was returning to Tenn. when she died from asthenic dysentery.

JAMES A. DORRIS died Sept. 17, 1873 aged 5 years, 5 months old; his sister, MAMIE LEONA DORRIS, aged 3 years, 7 months old, died Sept. 21, 1873; children of Othello E. and Ann Tennessee Dorris, St. Francis Co., Ark.

SAMUEL C. BROWN born Ga. April l3, 1836; died Franklin, Ky. July 20, 1873; md twice; his first wife and four children predeceased him; second wife and their son survived him.

P. T. RICHARDS s/o a Baptist preacher, born Sept. 14, 1854; died Shelby Co., Ala. Oct. 17, 1873; joined MECS Oct. 10, 1873; left widowed mother and sisters.

NANCY G. JENNINGS w/o A. J. Jennings born Garrard Co., Ky. March 30, 1826; died Paris, Texas Oct. 1, 1873 in residence of niece, Mrs. Tompkins; left widower and eight children.

ALEXANDER STUART of Nicholas Co., Ky. died Oct. 15, 1873 aged 62 years of lung disease.

HARVEY DEXTER s/o S. M. and Sarah Dexter born Jan. 3, 1859; died Oct. 22, 1873.

ENOCH E. HAGEWOOD s/o N. P. and Mary J. Hagewood born Nov. 22, 1870; died Oct. 9, 1877. Cheatham Co., Tennessee.


November 15,1873

Bishop JOHN F. EARLY died Nov. 5, 1873; born Jan. l, 1786; became traveling MEC preacher in Va. Conf. 1807; one of founders of Randolph Macon College; bishop of MECS nearly 20 years. Account of his burial given in Nov. 22, 1873 issue.

Rev. ROBERT HENRY HARE born Liverpool, England; died Oct. 11, 1873 in his 57th year; superintendent of Dunstable Circuit, British Conference.

W. J. BOLAND died Oct. 24, 1873 aged 50 years; born Gwinnett Co., Ga.; moved to Texas at age 19 "and became wild" but for 12 years had been "reinstated."

ELIZABETH McCORMICK, nee Callem, born Knoxville, Tenn. Nov. 10, 1790; died Smithland, Ky. Sept. 26, 1873; md Mason Lillard Sept. l, 1808 who later died; md Thomas McCormick Nov. 7, 1819.

Capt. JAMES H. CLARK s/o William and Ann Beck Clark born Marshall Co., Tenn. April 2, 1839; died Humboldt, Tenn. Sept. 25, 1873; md Sophronia W. Matthews March 1866; joined MECS 1872.

SARILDA TAYLOR died Simpson Co., Ky. Aug. 28, 1873 aged 33 years.


(Page 96)

ELIZABETH PEEBLES born Petersburg, Va. Aug. 16, 1798; died Columbia, Ky. Oct. 21, 1873; md Rev. R. R. Peebles 1828 and moved to Columbia, Ky.

ELIZA G. JOHNS w/o Nicholas Johns born Davidson Co., Tenn.; died near Nashville Nov. 1873 aged 52 years; member of Trinity MECS Church.

EUGENIA THOMAS w/o Dr. Maro Thomas of Gallatin, Mo.; d/o Rev. Dr. A. Love of Cumberland Presbyterian Church, born Robertson Co., Tenn. Nov. 3, 1844; died Oct. 2O, 1873; typhoid fever; md Feb. l, 1866 and moved to Miss. in 1869; mother of three children. Her daughter, EDITH THOMAS, born June 5, 1872; died Oct. 26, 1873.

ANN J. ELLIS died Scottsboro, Ala. Oct. 27, 1873, having been 75 years old as of last September; md Rev. William Ellis who died in 1859.

MALINDA JAGGERS born Sept. l, 1827; died Feb. 27, 1873; md Jesse Jaggers 1846.

A poem "Our Angel Child" in memory of LYDIA HELEN COLEMAN d/o J. B. and Mollie E. M. Coleman, born Oct. 9, 1872; died Oct. 15, 1873; penned by Rev. S. H. Hodges.

JENNIE C. GIBSON d/o James and Mary Allen born Franklin Co., Ga. Aug. 27, 1835; died Pontotoc Co., Miss. Sept. 15, 1873; md Maj. W. G. Gibson December 18, 1865.

REBECCA GARRISON, nee Lyle, born Loudon Co., Va. Aug. 18, 1795; died near Moulton, Ala. Aug. 5, 1873; md Hezekiah A. Garrison, Allen Co., Ky., June 1O, 1813; moved to Morgan Co., Ala. 1832; her husband died about 1846.

FANNIE BELLE DUNCAN died near Brownsvil1e, Miss. Oct. 31, 1873 in her 6th year of burn injuries.

FRANCIS VANMETER infant s/o Rev. T. F. and Margaret Vanmeter died Nov. l, 1873 aged 3 years, 7 months, 16 days old.


November 22, 1873

GEORGE W. BUCK s/o Thomas M. and Martha Buck born Nashville, Tenn. Nov. 26, 1844; died Edgefield, Tenn. Nov. 11, 1873; partner in McClure, Buck & Co., Nashville since 1863; md Lizzie only d/o James and Maria Bostick, Jan. 25, 1866; joined MECS May 187O, being youngest trustee of Tulip Street congregation when he died (elected to that office June 7, 1873); also tribute of respect for him by Board of Trustees of this congregation.

MATTIE HINSON, nee Russell w/o Rev. Thomas H. Hinson of Tenn. Conference, born Nov. 28, 184O; died Nov. 5, 1873; md Jan. 31, 1871.

Rev. HIRAM WEAVER died Ashe Co., N.C. Nov. 6, 1873 in 6Oth year; licensed to preach, MECS, 1853; ordained deacon 1858; left large family.

SAMUEL FARRAR born Weight /Wake?/Co., N.C. Oct. 7, 18O7; died Ellis Co., Texas Sept. 3O, 1873; moved with parents to Hardin Co., Ky.; md Minerva Baty d/o Thomas Baty 1827; moved to Miss. 1835; then to Texas 1838; joined MECS Oct. 1863; one of his sons was named T. J. Farrar.

SHADRACH JARMON born Dec. 26, 18O6; died Oct. 16, 1873; md Margaret H. Hardy 1833; Sophia V. Alford, niece of late Rev. B. M. Drake.

ALICE NORWOOD w/o A. H. Norwood; d/o Jackson and Alice Ratlingourd, born March 28, 185O; died Cherokee Nation Oct. 23, 1873; joined MECS 1868.

MATILDA ANN FRANKS d/o David and Delilah Roach born Wayne Co., Tenn. Jan. 13, 1846; died Oct. 15, 1873; md Rev. F. M. Franks October 1, 1867.

CLINTON WEBB born Breckinridge Co., Ky. June 21, 1852; died Sept. 4, 1873; s/o W. H. and Sally Webb of Cloverport, Ky.; grandson of "Sister Skillman"; joined MECS Aug. 2, 1873.


(Page 97)

B. F. STRIPLING s/o Rev. B. O. Stripling died Cleburne Co., Ala. Sept. 15, 1873 aged 50 years, 6 months old.

SARAH A. LANDERS born Jan. 1830; died Cleburne Co., Ala. Aug. 14, 1873; md E. B. Landers Feb. 10, 1848.

EMILY JANE ROACH d/o C. M. and Mary Brown born Dec. 13, 1851; died Sept. 16, 1873; md W. B. Roach Dec. 14, 1870; left widower and infant child.

WILLIAM A. ANDERSON s/o J. L. and Susan T. Anderson born March 22, 1871 and died Nov. 3, 1873.

Tribute of Respect for J. J. ASHBROOK one of superintendents of Sunday School at Sharon; by Sunday School at Sharon, Palestine Circuit, Memphis Conference.


November 29, 1873

Rev. JOHN COX born Nov. 16, 1832; died Davidson Co., Tenn. Oct. 14, 1873; became traveling preacher, MECS, 1852; md Susannah P. Lovell Feb. 19, 1854. Also, tribute of respect for him by St. John's Lodge #423, Masonic order.

EMMA PARMINTA COPLEY w/o J. M. Copley born March 13, 1852; died Hickman Co., Tenn. Aug. 11, 1873 and her son, LOTIA COPLEY, born Feb. 2, 1873; died July 15, 1873.

MARY ANN HARMON born Dinwiddie Co., Va. April 26, 1801; died Oct. 30, 1873; md George N. Gibbon, Nov. 14, 1821 and moved to Ky. but he died Oct. 27, 1848; she moved to Limestone Co., Ala. and continued as member of household of brother-in-law, A. G. Westmoreland.

MARY ELIZA CRENSHAW w/o B. D. Crenshaw; d/o Rev. Joseph Gunn, born Feb. 8, 1821; died Oct. 17, 1873; md Nov. 21, 1844; joined MEC 1833.

GEORGE LEWIS EVANS s/o William H. and M. C. T. Evans died Nashville, Tenn. Nov. 18, 1873 aged 11 years, 5 months, 21 days old.

SALLIE BATEMAN d/o John and Elizabeth Nichol, born near Franklin, Tenn. Jan. 28, 1832; died in Choctaw Nation, Nov. l0, 1873; md W. J. Bateman.

M. B. COWLEY born Hopkinsville, Ky. Dec. 12, 1819; died Oct. l0, 1873; left widow and two children.

Miss FANNIE SCRUGGS born Feb. 18, 1840; died Sept. l0, 1873.

KATIE HARMON only d/o Rice and Bettie Harmon born April 2, 1871 and died August 21, 1873.


December 6 1873

PATSEY O. E. MILLER only child of Col. James McClellan and his first wife, Elizabeth Waller, born Bourbon Co., Ky. Nov. 17, 1797; died Maysville, Ky. Sept. 24, 1873; congestion of lungs; md Joseph Miller May 22, 1814 who predeceased her; buried in family graveyard, Millersburg, Ky.; on her mother's side she was a direct descendant of Sir Thomas Waller of Braywick Lodge, Berkshire, England; "... it is rare that a family, in this country, preserves a genealogy so sharply defined as is this record." Joined MECS 1847.

PHILIP HENRY MELVIN died Nov. 12, 1873 aged 20 years, 8 days old; joined MECS 1867.

LAURA PARMELIA PRICE infant d/o Thomas R. and Sarah E. Price born March 16, 1872; died September 22, 1873.

FANNY RUTH WRIGHT d/o R. C. and Georgia Wright died Nov. 17, 1873.

AMANDA ST. CLAIR d/o Jethro and Mary Weaver born Ga. Oct. 31, 1828; died Morgan Co., Ala. Oct. l, 1873; md James M. St. Clair 1846; mother of ten children, eight surviving.

JAMES L. ARMSTRONG born Williamson Co., Tenn. July 1, 1814; died Ft. Bend Co., Texas Oct. 26, 1873; jaundice; moved to Texas 1852; returned to Tenn. 1857, but later went back to Texas.


(Page 98)

SARAH HEYSER born Marion Co., Ky. Oct. 25, 1829; died Grayson Co., Ky. Feb. 16, 1873; d/o Thomas S. and Caroline Ray; md Thomas Heyser April 6, 1848; her father died when she was 18 months old and at age 3 her mother died; raised by grandparents, Benjamin and Elizabeth Phillips.

SARAH ELIZABETH ADAMS d/o Isaac and Rebecca Hill born June 6, 1820; died Sept. 3, 1873; md William Adams who died 1856; mother of eleven children, five of whom died in infancy.

ELIZA B. LOVE d/o John and Sarah Jefferson born Cumberland Co., Va. June 14, 1800; died Owensville, Texas Oct. 30, 1873; moved to Tenn. 1819; md James Love 1822 and they moved to Texas 1833; predeceasing were her husband and five grown children.

SUSANNAH FOWLER, nee Blair, born Nov. 22, 1809; died Nov. 8, 1873; widow for 15 years.


December 13, 1873

STEPHEN S. HOLLOWEL born Rutherford Co., Tenn. May 8, 1848; no death date given; md Sallie K. Edwards Sept. 6, 1865; served in Confederate army; wounded at Atlanta, Ga.; imprisoned for a time in Alton, Ill.; moved to west Tenn. Jan. 1868; joined Primitive Baptist Church Sept. 1872.

ISAAC GARVIN born 1813; died Sept. 4, 1873; lived Hart Co., Ky.

LAURA TURNER d/o Joseph and Ophelia Turner died Nov. 17, 1873 aged 4 years, 2 months old; flux.

JOHN KENNEDY born Ky. Feb. 22, 1801; died Nov. 8, 1873; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

NAOMI SAVANNAH TUCKER, nee Polk, born March 16, 1854; died Nov. 7, 1873; md J. B. Tucker and had two children.

SARAH HARKLEROAD born Sullivan Co., Tenn. Nov. 25, 1784; died Montgomery Co., Tenn. Sept. 15, 1873; md Jesse Bartee 1803; died at residence of son, G. W. Bartee; mother of thirteen children, most of whom were deceased; among those living was Rev. J. T. Bartee of No. Ala. Conference.

Tribute of Respect for THOMAS A. BALDWIN; by Young Men's Prayer-meeting group at Tulip Street Church, Edgefield, Tenn., December 5, 1873.


December 20, 1873

MARY N. WYNNS d/o John Smith, born March 22, 1801; md Thomas Johnson Jan. 15, 1820; md Rev. Joseph B. Wynns, Oct. 30, 1843 and her husband died Nov. 19, 1873 aged about 80 years; his first wife, Miss Barry, Sumner Co., Tenn, whom he married Nov. 1823; ordained deacon Oct. 20, 1822; ordained elder Dec. 7, 1828. Mary Wynns' death date not given.

SUSAN T. MOSELY born Halifax Co., Va. May 19, 1790; died Henderson Co., Ky. Nov. 23, 1873; md Blackman Mosely May 3, 1813; moved to Henderson Co., Ky. 1810.

SARAH C. H. YOUNGER died Cedar Co., Mo. Nov. 22, 1873; born N.C. Sept. 25, 1806; raised in Maury and Williamson counties, Tenn.; md Thomas Younger 1823.

MARY C. SCALES w/o David C. Scales of Williamson Co., Tenn.; d/o Dr. J. D. White; born April 2, 1844; died Nov. 21, 1873; md May 1873.

FANNIE GLENN born Lynchburg, Va.; died Oct. 31, 1873; md John M. Reynolds and moved to Leakville, N.C. where he died; md Dr. Robert Glenn and lived in Greensboro, Tennessee.

LAURA CAROLINE BRIGGS d/o William W. and Caroline Briggs born Hickman Co., Tenn. March 18, 1859; died November 14, 1873.

JANE DEWITT THOMPSON w/o J. P. Thompson of Rhea Co., Tenn. where she was born Jan. 13, 1823; died June 23, 1873; md April 15, 1852.


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WILEY LEDBETTER born Dickson Co., Tenn. Jan. 17, 1837; died Nov. 2, 1873; consumptive; member of MECS and Masonic order.

HULDAH SIMS d/o John and Jemima Sims, Lewis Co., Tenn. born Sept. 1845; died Nov. 5, 1873.

HARRIET (Hattie) BABER w/o John S. Baber born Sumner Co., Tenn. Nov. 27, 1841; died near Gallatin, Tenn. Oct. 27, 1873; granddaughter of Joseph T. Elliston, niece of Wm. R. Elliston; her father, Harris Odom.

JOHN SHAW PERRY died Maury Co., Tenn. Nov. 17, 1873; md Mary E. Jones 1846 and Sarah D. Nicholson 1864; left the latter and four sons, four daughters.

SARAH JANE GREEN d/o W. A. and Lydia C. Green, born March 14, 1855; died Rhea Co., Tenn., Nov. 14, 1873.

LUCY J. MERRITT w/o Sydney S. Merritt born Caswell Co., N.C. June 19, 1805; died Christian Co., Ky. Oct. 9, 1873; joined MEC 1835.

LUCY HOBSON TARVER infant d/o John B. and Lucy Tarver born March 8, 1873 and died Nov. 13, 1873.

SAMUEL JOHNSON born July 14, 1827; died Pulaski, Tenn. Oct. 20, 1873; joined MECS 1867; left widow and several children.


December 27, 1873

Rev. ANSELM MINOR born Boyle Co., Ky. July 27, 1815; died Sept. 22, 1873; joined the Tenn. Conf. 1849; ordained elder 1853; supernumerary role for some time; md Louisa Bilbo August 11, 1838 and she died Danville, Ky. July 4, 1868; md Annie Jones December 12, 1872.

MARY A. V. SPOTT w/o John Sprott died near Livingston, Ala. Nov. 18, 1873 in her 21st year; joined Presbyterian Church October 1873.

ELIZABETH A. TOMERLIN died Nov. 13, 1873 aged 36 years, 26 days old; d/o William A. and Sarah C. Maultsby; md James W. Tomerlin Feb. 18, 1857; left widower and four sons.

LAURA BARNES d/o George W. and Catharine Barnes died Nov. 27, 1873.

MARY EASTLAND w/o Thomas Eastland born Va. 1799; died White Co., Tenn. Dec. 3, 1873; came to Tennessee when young.

Mrs. NANCY G. ADAMS died near Macon, Miss. Nov. 10, 1873 in her 70th year; her husband died Aug. 1869; mother of 14 children, 8 surviving her.

MARY J. VARNELL born May 6, 1831; died near Charleston, Tenn. Nov. 18, 1873; md James Varnel1 Nov. 4, 1857; left widower and five children.

THOMPSON ANDERSON BALDWIN born Davidson Co., Tenn. Aug. 3, 1850; died Nov. 23, 1873 in residence of grandfather, C. W. Moorman.

MARY J. BELL w/o Rev. John A. Bell died Polk Co., Tenn. Nov. 4, 1873 in her 84th year.

JOSEPHINE W. JONES d/o Joseph and Mary A. Jones born Barren Co., Ky. April 24, 1855; died Temple Hill, Ky. November 15, 1873; consumptive.


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