By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1997


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July 6, 1872

Mrs. MILLICENT BRADLEY BATTLE w/o Alford Battle, died Tuscaloosa, Ala. June 23, 1872; born Md., Jan. 29, 1804; d/o Benjamin Bradley Beall (her mother was Mary Marshall Beall); family moved to Ga. and in 1822 moved to Tuscaloosa where she md March 4, 1824.

MARGARET A. BRADSHAW, nee White, w/o James M. Bradshaw, died Bedford Co., Tenn., June 8, 1872 aged 25 years, 3 month, 1 day old; d/o F. A. and Arie White.


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JOHN W. HASSELL born Sept. 20, 1849; died at his father, Amos T. Hassell's residence, Waynesboro, Tenn. Feb. 13, 1872; graduate, law school, Lebanon, Tenn.

Miss MAGGIE SMITH died Mobile, Ala. June 12, 1872 aged 22 years.

Mrs. LUCY J. MOORMAN w/o Richard M. Moorman died June 10, 1872; born Jan. 3, 1832.

JOHN SUMMERFIELD MILLS born Davidson Co., Tenn. Aug. 9, 1856; died Humphreys Co., Tenn. May 19, 1872.

THEODORIC W. ERWIN s/o Alexander S. and Priscilla Erwin, born S.C. Nov. 24, 1800; died near Shady Grove, April 11, 1872; moved with family to Sumner Co., Tenn. when young; his parents moved with him to Maury Co., Tenn. Where he md Lucy Parish Jan. 26, 1820; she died June 24, 1836 (she had three sons and five daughters); md Charlotte Hoover, Feb. 28, 1837 (she died May 14, 1865); md Maria C. Leek, November 25, 1866.

SARAH H. KYLE born Oct. 30, 1811; died Hawkins Co., Tenn. April 26, 1872; md Jefferson Kyle who died about 17 years before she died; mother of nine children, two of whom had predeceased her.

WILLIAM SMITH died March 28, 1872 in his 61st year; left a widow and eight children. Also, tribute of respect for him by 3rd Quarterly Conference, Clifton Circuit, Savanah Dist., Tennessee Conference.

THOMAS J. LAWSON born West Va. Dec. 6, 1814; died Todd Co., Ky. June 21, 1872 where he had lived since childhood.

MARY D. LESTER d/o Garner and Mary E. McConico, born Williamson Co., Tenn. Sept. 20, 1803; died May 17, 1872; md James Lester, Dec. 20, 1820; joined MEC 1842; mother of ten children, two of whom predeceased her.

Tribute of Respect for Mrs. LAURA CUMMINGS, w/o Dr. W. B. Cummings, who died Sparta, Tenn. May 29, 1872 aged 28 years, 1 month, 25 days old; by Sunday School group in which she had been a "most efficient member."


July 13, 1872

Mrs. NANCY BENSON born Aug. 8, 1803; died Edgefield, Tenn. June 22, 1872; md J. R. Benson 1821, who survived her.

SARAH HANCOCK born Sept. 10, 1798; died Webster Co., Ky. May 5, 1872; md Lewis Hancock, Feb. 23, 1819; he survived her.

THOMAS PRATHER born Jan. 7, 1816; died Hopkins Co., Ky. Jan. 28, 1872; a class leader and steward at old Mt. Carmel for years.

ELIZABETH WHEELER consort of Rev. S. R. Wheeler, presiding elder of Jonesboro Dist., Holston Conference, died Johnson City, Tenn. June 15, 1872. Born March 19, 1811; md Dec. 22, 1842; buried in Blountville, Tenn. beside her son, Peyton.

ELIZABETH SHORT w/o John T. Short, born Brunswick Co., Va. Feb. 1803; died March 11, 1872; md May 26, 1819.

MATTIE L. HOYL, eldest d/o Samuel and Diana Y. Gill, born Grainger Co., Tenn. March 9, 1838; died Cleveland, Tenn. June 4, 1872; md Judge John B. Hoyl, Oct. 15, 1857.

REBECCA DONAHOO born Va.; died Talladega Co., Ala. April 9, 1872 in her 87th year.

JEREMIAH TALLEY born Buckingham Co., Va. Nov. 8, 1782; died near Sandersville, Tenn. June 14, 1872; "while a mechanic he built the old house that stood on capitol hill in Nashville"; left children and grandchildren.

Dr. JEREMIAH MONTGOMERY died at residence of his father, in Ind., June 14, 1872 aged 21 years, 3 months, 6 days old; joined MECS while attending medical college, Louisville, Ky., from which he graduated on his 21st birthday.


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THOM C. COBB, LUCY A. BLACKBURN, ELLEN CROSSWY, FRANCES FUQUA, wife of John Fuqua, had all died in the Tennessee Conference as reported by G. M. Sanders.


July 20, 1872

KATE HOBSON, nee Adair w/o Gen. E. H. Hobson, died Greensburg, Ky. June 19, 1872 aged 42 years, 1 month old; she had six children; one, a son, Atwood, died at age 14.

LUCINDA C. POLLITT, nee Barker, born Fauqueir Co., Va. 1806; moved to Ky. when young; md William H. Pollitt 1835; died Maysville, Ky. April 30, 1872.

GRACE CLOYD LITTLEPAGE, d/o Ezekiel Cloyd, born Oct. 31, 1846; died June 22, 1872; graduate, Greenville Female Institute.

PEARL LITTLEPAGE d/o J. R. and Grace Cloyd Littlepage, born Jan. 17, 1870; died July 24, 1871; their son, WALTER LITTLEPAGE, born March 5, 1872; died July 3, 1872.

WILLIAM LAWRENCE born Jan. 28, 1823; died Rutherford Co., Tenn. April 13, 1872; md Agnes Dement, Jan. 20, 1842.

MARY W. FREEMAN d/o Asa and Nancy Freeman, born Nov. 18, 1813; died May 13, 1872 at residence of nephew, R. W. Glenn; a cousin, Wiley Brown.

ROBERT (Bob) ESPEY born Sumner Co., Tenn. 1807; died June 4, 1872.

JOHN SAMUEL CRAPSTER s/o William and Mary Crapster, born Shelby Co., Ky. May 1, 1848; died Meridian, Miss. May 30, 1872; buried in Shelbyville, Ky.

ANN B. DAVIS w/o R. Davis, born Oct. 27, 1792; died Campbell Co., Ky. April 20, 1872.

MARY G. DANIEL late of Kenton Co., Ky.; d/o Joseph and Nancy Duncan; born Orange Co., Va. May 27, 1784; at age of 9 moved with family to Clark Co., Ky.; md Vivian Daniel, March 19, 1805; he died Aug. 3, 1839; had six daughters and five sons "all of whom lived to be grown." Death date not given.

Lt. WILLIAM I. REESE died Nashville, Tenn. June 20, 1872 in his 27th year, at residence of brother-in-law, F. C. Herrick; served in the Civil War and later graduated from West Point Military Academy and was appointed as second lieutenant in 6th U.S. Cavalry and ordered to Texas; ill with liver disease he left army Sept. 1871 and returned to Nashville; buried in Bowling Green, Ky.

ALICE B. DAVIS, nee Reynolds, d/o O. I. and C. C. Reynolds of Cumberland Co., Va.; w/o R. T. Davis, Wilson Co., Tenn. had died (no death date given).

Rev. George W. Coleman and wife had six children, all of whom died:
JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN, born April 20, 1857; died April 27, 1867, typhoid fever;
SUSAN JANE COLEMAN, born Jan. 8, 1859; died April 10, 1864, bronchitis;
WILLIAM ALLEN COLEMAN, born July 12, 1863; died Oct. 2, 1871, diphtheria;
THOMAS COLEMAN, born March 19, 1865; died Sept. 9, 1871, diphtheria;
GEORGE FAGAN COLEMAN, born March 16, 1867; died Oct. 2, 1871, diphtheria;
MARY ELIZABETH COLEMAN, born Oct. 5, 1871; died Feb. 24, 1872, croup.


July 27, 1872

Col. WILLIAM B. KING born Williamson Co., Tenn. Aug. 28, 1819; died May 21, 1872; md Miss Lytle; left widow and three daughters; a sister, Mrs. John Cowles.

JAMES A. LAWSON died Meade Co., Ky. April 6, 1872 aged 67 years.

Mrs. B. H. POWELL died Union Springs, Ala. June 18, 1872.

WYLIE M. SIMPSON born July 12, 1840; died Hillsboro, Ala. July 13, 1872; left widow and two children.


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DOROTHY ANN POWELL born Washington Co., Ky. Jan. 12, 1804; died Henderson Co., Ky., June 28, 1872; md Dr. Jack Delany 1820; he died; she md Capt. Lazarus Powell, Jan. 8, 1835; she died at home of her son, Elias D. Powell; buried beside Capt. Powell in Bellview churchyard.

W. P. HAYWOOD born Feb. 3, 1818; died Lewisport, Ky. May 10, 1872; consumptive; md Miss Ann Haywood who soon died; md Mary Duncan; three children predeceased him, two survived.

HILARY M. ROBERTS died Hancock Co., Ky. Oct. 29, 1871 nearly 38 years old; left widow and three children.

LAURA E. COX died Lewisport, Ky. April 24, 1872 aged 24 years, 7 months, 19 days.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. T. K. MUNSEY who had died recently; by Sabbath School, Charleston Station, MECS (no date given).


August 3, 1872

ALEXANDER CANNON s/of Newton and Elizabeth Cannon, born Harrison Co., Ky. Nov. 2, 1798; died July 14, 1872; md Lydia Sullivan Nov. 11, 1824; joined MEC 1818.

SARAH PARALEE HEIGDON born Rutherford Co., Tenn.; died Marshall Co., Miss. June 9, 1872.

ELLEN T. HILEN born Mason Co., Ky. Sept. 13, 1820; died May 21, 1872; md Abraham Shockey, Nov. 28, 1845; md Alexander Hilen, Feb. 18, 1849.

WILLIAM MARRS born Green Co., Ky. Oct. 30, 1813; died Taylor Co., Ky. Feb. l, 1872; his granddaughter (unnamed) died 8 days after he died, aged 8 years, 7 months, 4 days old.

ISABEL PITMAN born Sept. 15, 1827; died June 7, 1872; md M. P. Pitman, March 2, 1848 who died May 11, 1864, leaving her with six children.

THOMAS K. HINES born July 15, 1823; died Bowling Green, Ky. May 23, 1872; joined MEC 1843.

SARAH EVANS d/o Thomas and Phoebe Ripley, born Greene Co., Tenn. 1807; died April 7, 1872; md James Evans 1839.

Rev. JAMES A. WALKUP of Tennessee Conference, born Rutherford Co., Tenn. Jan. 10, 1810; licensed to preach, MECS, Nov. 2, 1829; joined Tennessee Conference 1834 and traveled as preacher 31 years; superannuated 1855; left widow and several children; no death date given.

MARTHA B. PERKINSON MONROE born Charlotte Co., Va. Jan. 8, 1797; died May 20, 1872; moved to Ky. 1817; md William Monroe, June 17, 1826.

NANCY TODD consort of W. C. Todd, died June 12, 1872 aged about 23 years old.


August 10, 1872

Rev. T. K. MUNSEY of Holston Conference, born Giles Co., Va. Sept. 7, 1816; died

Charleston, Tenn. July 4, 1872; joined MEC on 18th birthday; joined Holston Conference as traveling preacher 1839 and so continued until he died. /Another long obituary for him appeared in the August 17 issue./

SARAH RANDLE born Jan. 21, 1790; died May 28, 1872; mother of large family. Lowndes Co., Miss.

ELIZABETH ANN WRIGHT w/o Joseph Wright, born Shelby Co., Ky. June 14, 1818; died Daviess Co., Ky. June 27, 1872; md June 22, 1837; left widower and eight children.

MARY E. BLACKFORD born Dec. 2, 1851; baptized by her uncle, the late Stephen I. Davies of La. Conference; joined MECS 1866; md April 25, 1871; died June 9, 1872; left widower and a baby. /Spouse's name not given/


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NEELIE BURT born May 25, 1851, Octibbeha, Miss.; died near Talladega, Ala. June 29, 1872; one of survivors, an uncle, Irby Morgan.

ADELLA FRANKLIN WILLIAMS born March 16, 1842; died July 4, 1872; left parents and siblings.

HENRY TERRY died four miles south of Courtland, Ala. June 26, 1872 in his 26th year; was one of six brothers; left widow and two children.

M. REBECCA McELWEE d/o Frank and Amanda Brown; w/o W. E. MGELWEE died June 22, 1872 in her 25th year; left widower and three children.

SARAH S. GILL died July 3, 1872 aged 86 years; md Presley Gill in Stafford Co., Va., her native county, Feb. 21, 1805; in 1826 they moved to Logan Co., Ky.

ELIZABETH GIBBS w/o Jesse Gibbs, died Simpson Co., Ky. July 13, 1872 aged about 30 years; she was her husband's second wife; left three daughters and three step-daughters.

MARY BREEDLOVE died April 24, 1872; md William Breedlove.

MARTHA A. T. FRIDAY, nee Skipper, w/o Reuben Friday, born Williamsburg Dist. S.C. Oct. 10, 1825; died May 12, 1872; moved to Perry Co., Ala. and at age 14 joined MEC.


August 17, 1872

MARGARET E. LOYD d/o Mrs. Sarah Loyd of Christian Co., Ky. and niece of Revs. William and R. C. Alexander of Louisville Conference, born Feb. 28, 1850; died May 22, 1872; first joined Baptist Church, then became a MECS member.

JAMES B. STANDIFORD born Md., Feb. 4, 1780; died Nov. 20, 1871; moved to Ky. about 1810; md Sept. 8, 1811; joined MEC at Mt. Tabor, Ky. about 1840.

JOEL ARRINGTON WALLIS born Iredell Co., N.C. June 8, 1819; died /Dec. 1871/; at about age 12 moved to Bedford Co., Tenn.; joined MEC 1845; md Lucy A. Cason, Sept. 22, 1859.

LUCY A. WALLIS, widow of Joel A. Wallis, born Christian Co., Ky. Nov. 29, 1840; died Jan. 14, 1872; husband died a month before she died; left several children.

ELIZA G. ASPLEY born Jan. 7, 1796; died July 21, 1872; md Winn Aspley, Jan. 7, 1816; raised in and md in Sumner Co., Tenn.; moved to Simpson Co., Ky. 1849; mother of ten children.

HENRY KELLY was raised in Washington Co., Ky.; veteran of Civil War; died June 24, 1872 aged about 33 years.

Rev. SAMUEL W. MORELAND born Jackson Co., Tenn. Dec. 10, 1810; died Dec. 19, 1871, leaving a widow and eight children; one daughter, aged two years, had predeceased him; admitted to preach in Tenn. Conference 1840; ordained deacon Dec. 1842; located 1843 and returned soon to traveling role; ordained elder Nov. 8, 1846; md Mary P. Hughes, Smith Co., Tenn., Nov. 1845; located again in 1857 and moved to Texas.

NICEY RUSE born Fayetteville, N.C. Oct. 7, 1791; died Shelbyville, Tenn. July 9, 1872; md James Russ June 20, 1813; joined MEC Aug. 8, 1817; left children.

N. A. ATWOOD w/o G. V. Atwood; d/o Samuel and Esther McClelland born March 20, 1832; died June 30, 1872; left widower and four children.

JOHN McCURDY infant S/o Jesse P. and M. F. McCurdy, died Marshall Co., Tenn. June 17, 1872.


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HANNAH ALLEN died Lee Co., Va. Ju1y 3, 1872 in her 84th year.

AGNES A. WISE d/o Thomas Jones, died June 29, 1872.

NANCY GHENT born S.C. March 4, 1796; died Burleson Co., Texas Feb. 19, 1872; moved to Texas 1866 and lived among her children, Dr. H. C. Ghent and Rev. W. S. Lackey (in whose residence she died).

Dr. A. M. PRIMM born Dec. 17, 1825; died April 9, 1872; md Margaret K. Hardin, Oct. 8, 1867.

JAMES I. WALTERS born Oct. 2, 1844; died June 23, 1872.

Tribute of Respect for LEANDER S. GASH, esq.; by Mayor of Hendersonville, N.C. at Methodist Church, July 23, 1872.


August 24, 1872

SALLIE PICKETT DARWIN born Dec. 21, 1840; d/o Judge R. O. Pickett, Florence, Ala.; died April 28, 1872. Huntsville, Ala.

HAMILTON RROMBAUGH, native of Barbour Co., Va., born Sept. 5, 1848; died April 27, 1872; joined MECS April 1871.

WILLIAM DAVISON, esq. born Grayson Co., Ky. Feb. 14, 1804; died near Falls of Rough, Ky., August 1, 1872.

Mrs. SARAH M. KEVIL born Aug. 18, 1803; died Caldwell Co., Ky. April 13, 1872; husband had predeceased her.

MARY L. CHAMPION w/o Dr. A. H. Champion, Eddyville, Ky., born Nov. 11, 1827; died March 14, 1872; left widower and four children.

FANNIE MACHEN born Aug. 22, 1850; died April 30, 1872; measles; md Henry L. Machen, s/o Hon. W. B. Machen, March 11, 1872.

ANNIE M. SMITH w/o Dr. W. F. Smith, Eddyville, Ky., born Sept. 16, 1851; died May 11, 1872.

MATTIE P. F. O'HARA born Aug. 12, 1851; died July 17, 1872; md William F. O'Hara, Oct. 23, 1870; left widower and an infant child.

FANNY HACKNEY born Smith Co., Va.; died Aug. 7, 1872; md Hanibal L. Hackney in 1865; moved to Menifee Co., Ky. 1866; joined MECS June 30, 1872; left widower and three children and her mother.

ELIZA I. SCOTT, nee Moore, born Greensburg, Ky. Nov. 9, 1816; died Aug. 4, 1872; md Dr. B. B. Scott, Sept. 3, 1867; buried at "the family residence."

GEORGE W. RAMSEY, SR., born Jackson Co., Ga. Jan. 15, 1810; moved with parents to Ray /Rhea/ Co., Tenn. at age 3; at age 18 went to Morgan Co., Ala.; moved in 1871 to Shelby Co., Texas where he died, April 23, 1872; md Ann Taylor Jan. 27, 1835.

MARY McCANLESS d/o Stephen and Anna Samuel, born Oct. 3, 1795; died July 18, 1872; md Thomas F. McCanless, Dec. 24, 1815.

WESLEY J. SHOCKLEY born Aug. 5, 1825; s/o James B. and Rosanna Shockley; died Fleming Co., Ky. March 6, 1872; md Martha J. McIntyre October 17, 1850.

HESTER ANN NEWBERRY KEGLEY born April 6, 1836; died June 30, 1872; d/o A. T. Newberry and granddaughter of Rev. Samuel Newberry, a pioneer MEC preacher, Blount Co., Va.; her mother died when she was small; md. Gorden Kegley Feb. 11, 1861.

LEANDER S. GASH born Buncombe Co., N.C. July 26, 1813; died July 3, 1872.

VIRGINIA M. CAMDEN, d/o William and Ann B. Clark, Humboldt, Tenn., died Aug. 2, 1872; born Williamson Co., Tenn. June 11, 1829; md M. J. Camden, Aug. 3, 1848 who at that time was a resident of Georgia.


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August 24, 1872

SARAH ALLEN w/o Nathaniel Allen, died July 24, 1872; born Monroe Co., Va. June 11, 1808; had nine children, three having predeceased her.

BENJAMIN PRITCHARD born Buckingham Co., Va. April 16, 1792; died Wilson Co., Tenn. August 3, 1872; moved to Tennessee in childhood.

CHARITY LOUELLA GUTHRIE d/o D. J. and Charity Guthrie, died Aug. 10, 1872 aged 2 years, 6 months old. Alabama.

Tribute of Respect for MARTHA ELLA d/o Rev. W. J. and Sarah M. LEE, born May 9, 1865; died June 20, 1872; by Sabbath School, MECS, Mineral Springs, Hempstead Co., Ark. (no date given).

Tribute of Respect for W. E. RANDLE, born Dec. 21, 1807, Jackson Co., Ga.; died July 6, 1872; by class meeting at Rock Mills, Fredonia Circuit, No. Ala. Conference (no date given).

Tribute of Respect for W. A. POPE, recently died; by 3rd Quarterly Conference Durant Circuit, No. Miss. Conference, July 27, 1872.


August 31, 1872

Rev. JOHN MORGAN died June 14, 1872 in his 81st year.

MICHAEL M. LYLE of Morgan Co., Ala. died August 11, 1872; born Madison Co., Ala. June 21, 1832; md R. W. Pritchard, November 1857.

ANN N. DICKSON born Oct. 14, 1816; died Collin Co., Texas, June 21, 1872; md Rev. A. R. Dickson, May 3, 1855.

WILLIAM JAMES born Franklin Co., N.C. Jan. 21, 1795; died Charlotte, Tenn., July 30, 1872; his father, Philip Henry James, came from Culpepper Co., Va. and served in the Continental Army; his mother, Frances James, nee Webb, was closely related to Daniel Boone. The James children, in order of birth: WILLIAM, THOMAS, BURTON, ALLEN, MARY; all moved to Logan Co., Ky. 1803. PHILIP HENRY JAMES was born Nov. 11, 1764 and died Nov. l0, 1811; William James served in conflict against southern Indians; moved to Dickson Co., Tenn. July 1819; taught school; md Sarah E. Williams 1843; joined MECS 1855; thereafter a merchant.

FRANK TALIOFERRO s/o Samuel W. Talioferro, died Todd Co., Ky. May 25, 1872 in his 39th year.

NANCY BATTS consort of Jeremiah Batts, born Montgomery Co., Tenn. Dec. 25, 1820; died Robertson Co., Tenn. Aug. 2, 1872; md Hon. Judson Horn; he died 1862 and she md Batts 1868.

Dr. SAMUEL D. McLEARY born middle Tenn., Feb. 8, 1816; died Colorado Co., Texas Jan. 31, 1872; pneumonia; graduate, Transylvania University, 1841; md Sarah A. Weller 1845; moved to Texas 1856.

G. M. GODWIN born Williamson Co., Tenn. Aug. 21, 1838; died Perry Co., Tenn. April 26, 1872; joined MECS June 6, 1868.

Rev. Dr. WILLIAM R. KING born Ashe Co., N.C. Dec. 5, 1815; died March 4, 1871 /1872/, Washington Co., Tenn.; joined MEC 1835.

Col. S. J. LEGGETT born N.C. Dec. 30, 1818; d. Leighton, Ala. Aug. 4, 1872.

Dr. SAMUEL B. FIELD born March 21, 1804; died Aug. 14, 1872; for years a member of American Medical Association of Louisville; tribute of respect for him by Columbia Lodge #96, Masonic order, August 16, 1872.


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September 7, 1872

Rev. JAMES A. WALKUP born Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Jan. 14, 1802; died Cannon Co., Tenn. June 6, 1872; s/o William Walkup who moved to Rutherford Co., Tenn. 1804; joined MEC; licensed to preach 1829, becoming traveling preacher in Tennessee Conference 1838; md Miss Tennison who survived him with several children.

Rev. ROBERT E. CARY s/o Dr. W. A. and M. Cary, born Franklin Co., Ala. Feb. 5, 1846; died Montgomery, April 14, 1872; served in 44th Ala. Reg. Volunteers in Civil War; severely wounded at Chickamauga Sept. 19, 1863; joined MECs July 1864; became a minister; served in No. Ala and Ala. Conferences.

Mrs. MARY A. E. GREEN born Fayette Co., Tenn. Sept. 4, 1842; died Columbus, Ky., July 3, 1872; md Rev. A. L. Green, July 28, 1858, Drew Co., Ark.; had three daughters.

N. A. LANKFORD born N.C. May 20, 1819; died Lee Co., Miss. Aug. 6, 1872.

MARY SPAIN d/o Rev. John Rains; w/o John A. Spain; born 1825; died Aug. 15, 1872.

MELISSA A. PEAK born Henry Co., Va. 1848; died Metcalf Co., Ky. June 1882 /1872/; d/o James and Elizabeth Salmon; md John W. Peak at age 23 but she died the next year; left widower and aged parents.

LAVINIA L. SHUTE d/o Isaac H. and Lavinia Hilliard, born Murfreesboro, Tenn., April 15, 1837; died Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 30, 1872; joined MECS June 1855; md W. D. Shute.

JOSHUA C. MILLER born Morgan Co., Ga. Sept. 15, 1813; died Lawrence Co., Ala.

June 6, 1872; moved at age 25 to Pike Co., Ga. where he md Cornelia R. Kindrick; in 1856 moved to Russel Co., Ala.; moved in 1869 to Decatur, Ala.; joined MEC at age 15.

FRANCIS WRIGHT born Shelby Co., Ky. Feb. 20, 1807; died same county, July 27, 1872.

ELIZABETH WARDEN born Pulaski Co., March 22, 1815; died July 17, 1872; left eight children.

S. OLIVIA HALFACRE born Williamson Co., Tenn.; died in same county, July 8, 1872 aged about 30 years; left an orphan; her only son was killed in the Confederate army.

A. R. CRUTCHER born Jan. 18, 1834; died Aug. 17, 1872; left widow and a child.

D. A. COLE died Nashville, Tenn. Aug. 22, 1872 in his 53rd year.

JOHN W. HARTSELL s/o Jonas and Sarah E. Hartsell born Sept. 2, 1857; died Feb. 5, 1872.

MARY MINERVA EASON d/o F. C. and Etta Stephenson; died Cross Plains, Ala. July 20, 1872 aged 1 year, 3 months, 3 days old.

ZOE COLEMAN d/o Crawford and Mary Jane Coleman, died Aug. 10, 1872 aged 3 years, 3 months, 1 day old.

THOMAS C. LAUGHLIN born March 23, 1840; died July 24, 1872; buried in Gosport, Ky. cemetery; tribute of respect for him by Owen Lodge #146, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, July 30, 1872.

Memorial tribute to Dr. THOMAS E. BOND who died recently, one of the editors of the ST. LOUIS CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE; by preachers at Wesley Grove Campground.


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Comment on the "Grave of Mrs. MARGARET A. CHRISMAN" w/o General Henry Chrisman, Jessamine Co., Kentucky; located on a rise back from Hickman Creek about five miles east of Nicholasville, Kentucky. "It is an ancient family burying-ground of Gen. Chrisman's Virginia ancestors." She was born Rockingham Co., Va. July 20, 1807 and died May 22, 1852; she had eight children.


September 14, 1872

LYDIA DILLS w/o David Dills, nee Broadwell, died Aug. 23, 1872; born Harrison Co., Ky. Dec. 11, 1800; md March 19, 1818. "She was born and reared in the home where Asbury and McKendree lodged when they held the conference at Mt. Gerizim."

ANNA E. MOORMAN died July 25, 1872 in her 33rd year; d/o W. B. and M. C. EWING; md Madison B. Moorman.

ENOCH F. RANDOLPH born Buck Co., N. J. July 26, 1807; died Henderson Co., Ky. Aug. 23, 1872; moved to Ky. when about six years old; had six children.

Rev. B. F. VAUGHAN died Danville, Ala., July 21, 1872 aged 24 years, 10 months old; joined No. Ala. Conference of the MECS the year it was organized; md Helen Baker.

RICHARD JAMAR born Albemarle Co., Va. Sept. 12, 1785; died nr. Madison, Ala. June 22, 1872; md. Elizabeth Adams and moved to Madison Co., Ala. 1819 and joined MEC 1824; wife died April 28, 1832; md twice more, the third wife dying in 1865; left three children.

Dr. A. C. McBEATH born Sevier Co., Tenn. May 21, 1806; died Grayson Co., Ky. Sept. 4, 1872; md Margaret Simpson, Wayne Co., Ky., June 27, 1833 and had nine children, only three of whom survived him.

ROBERT MILLS born Fairfax Co., Va. Jan. 4, 1803; died May 1872; md Mary E. Richards, eldest d/o Henry Richards, May 12, 1826; moved in 1833 from Va. to Overton Co., Tennessee.

Dr. CHARLES SUTTON oldest member in Salem Church, McMinnville District, died Bedford Co., Tenn. July 31, 1872; left a son and daughter.

BARBARA MEDARIS born Jan. l, 1781; died Adair Co., Ky. Aug. 27, 1872; d/o John and Isabella Grider and w/o Charles Medaris who died March 31, 1846.

Mrs. ARTELIA HUNTER d/o Levi Gant of Sumner Co., Tenn., born June 19, 1820 and died in Sumner Co., Tenn. (no death date given).

ANNIE JANE WEST d/o J. J. and Sarah Phillips; w/o J. J. West, died Aug. 11, 1872 aged 34 years, 5 months, 24 days. Her infant daughter, ANNIE JANE WEST, born July 16, 1872; died August 25, 1872.

Rev. JOHN LANDRUM -just a notice of his death, no biographical details; sent from Rover, Tennessee, September 11, 1872.

EDWIN A. THEOBALD died Grant Co., Ky. (no death date given) aged 19 years, 1 month, 10 days old; youngest of six children and the first of them to die.

ELLA P. GILL d/o Henry Harrison and Sabina Gill born Shelby Co., Ky. Nov. 20, 1853; died Union Co., Ky. June 19, 1872.

JOHNNY DORSEY s/o Thomas and Margaret Dorsey of Carlisle, Ky., died from injuries received when kicked by a horse.

REBECCA ATKINSON died June 30, 1872 aged about 71 years.

DAVID C. MOUNTAIN born Nov. 8, 1840; died New Garden, Va. July 15, 1872; joined MECS at age 18.


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Miss NANCY LOVE born Nov. 24, 1822; died near Spencer, Tenn. Aug. 22, 1872; joined MEC August 19, 1839.

ISAAC SHIFFER died Henderson Co., Ky. Aug. 1, 1872 aged about 65 years.

SOPHIE HEFLIN d/o Dr. W. L. and L. C. Heflin died Randolph Co., Ala., August 15, 1872 aged 1 year, 5 months, 12 days old.

LULIE LEE SMITH d/o Albert B. and Anna T. Smith, died Aug. 11, 1872 aged 1 year, 8 months, 22 days old.

MARY EMMA GILL infant d/o William S. and Sallie F. Gill, died August 2, 1872 aged 1 year, 26 days old.

Tribute of Respect for E. H. McCORMICK by a society, unnamed, Shepherdsville, Ky., August 18, 1872.

Mrs. FANNIE SYDNOR w/o David Sydnor; d/o Henry F. Cornelius; died Aug. 26, 1872; md Nov. 26, 1863; buried in Red Oak Grove Churchyard beside her mother; tribute of respect for her by Allensville Sunday School, Sept. 1, 1872.


September 21, 1872

DANIEL MORTON s/o M. B. Morton of Russellville, Ky.; son-in-law of Rev. Thomas Bottomley of the Louisville Conference; died Aug. 31, 1872 in his 43rd year; buried in family graveyard; long panegyrical details.

A. F. CONLEY died Aug. 29, 1872; typhoid fever; in Daviess Co., Ky. in her 23rd year. Her sister, Miss A. H. ROBINSON died Aug. 31, 1872 in her 15th year; typhoid fever; both daughters of William E. Robinson.

ANNA E. MOORMAN w/o M. B. Moorman; d/o William B. and Martha C. Ewing, Davidson Co., Tenn., died Aug. 28, 1872; consumptive; md about 6 years and had two children and two stepchildren.

ELIZABETH FAUGHT of Obion Co., Tenn., died July 14, 1872; born Ga. July 30, 1799; d/o Captain Matthew Word, veteran of Revolutionary War; they moved from Ga. to north Alabama where she md Wiley B. Faught who was born in 1799; moved to middle Tenn.; had eleven children; he died in 1841; moved with family to Greene Co., Mo. 1852; 1859 moved to Giles Co., Tenn. And after six months returned to her home in Mo.; in 1866 made long visit among her children in Obion Co., Tenn. where she died.

HANNAH WYATT w/o S. T. Wyatt; d/o William and Sallie Wilson, born Nov. 29, 1838; died April 21, 1872; pneumonia.

JAMES G. DUNCAN, native of Logan Co., Ky., died Drew Co., Ark. Aug. 6, 1872; moved to Arkansas years ago.

Miss MINNIE E. BAYLOR born Dec. 2, 1856; died Glade Spring, Va. Aug. 21, 1872; d/o E. R. Baylor.

McCLELLAND KINGSLEY and WILMOT children of Alvan E. and Mattie McClelland READ, died April 4, aged 4 years; April 14, aged 1 year, respectively.

ANN ELIZA ENGLEHARDT w/o John H. Englehardt, born Williamson Co., Nov. 27, 1819; died Sept. 2, 1872; had been stricken a few days before with a stroke while at the breakfast table; moved to Montgomery, Ala. 1827; joined MEC 1831.

LEACY DEMARIUS DAVIS d/o Wilson and Permilia David, died Aug. 31, 1872 aged 8 years, 1 month, 1 day old.

T. S. CRAWFORD died near Spring Hill, Tenn. June 8, 1872.

SIMEON M. PALMER born Sept. 23, 1821; died Hardin Co., Tenn. April 14, 1872.

ADDIE ELMIRA THOMAS d/o W. J. and M. J. Thomas, born Aug. 9, 1871; died June 21, 1872.


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LYDIA ANN MAY died Aug. 21, 1872 in her 49th year at residence of her brother, O. P. Hobbs; left a widower and two children.


September 28, 1872

JAMES AUGUSTUS WALL born Greenville Co., Va. Dec. 14, 1786; died Elmore Co., Ala. July 26, 1872; md Rebecca Jeffries 1808; moved to Ala. 1814; joined MEC 1816; wife died 1852 and in 1860 he md Mrs. Mary Haynie who died in 1866.

RACHEL E. SNODDY w/o I. B. Snoddy, born Barren Co., Ky. April 15, 1838; died Sept. 7, 1872; joined MEC 1858.

MARY B. ABERNATHY relict of William D. Abernathy, born Dinwiddie Co., Va. June 14, 1808; died Aug. 13, 1872; md Dec. 24, 1823; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. in the spring of 1829.

ELIZA M. POLLOCK w/o Josiah Pollock of Florence, Ala., born Charlestown, Va. May 12, 1811; died June 22, 1872; md 1831; joined MEC 1840.

ELIZABETH BENNINGFIELD died March 8, 1872 aged 48 years.

ANNIE HARP TUCKER d/o Rev. M. R. Tucker, died Ashland, Tenn. Aug. 29, 1872 aged 2 years, 2 days old.

MARGARET QUESENBERRY died July 25, 1872 aged about 93 years.

JOHNNIE S. POLK infant s/o R. D. and Emily R. Polk, born Jan. 3, 1870; died Aug. 22, 1872.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. Dr. THOMAS E. BOND; by the Roanoke District Conference, MECS, Amsterdam, Va., September 3, 1872.

There is in this edition the "Mortuary List of the British Conference," a long list of preachers in Great Britain who had died and some panegyrical excesses with no real biographical content; there is nothing satisfactory to abstract, hence these names do not appear in this publication.


October 5, 1872

ANN W. SEAY born Jan. 8, 1805; died Sept. 20, 1872; md Major William W. Seay, July 13, 1825; among her children, one was Eliza.

MARY B. AMYX d/o Caleb and Sarah Maxey, born Dec. 22, 1803; died May 8, 1872; md L. H. Amyx, Feb. 2, 1842; joined MEC at age 16.

SUSAN F. PIRTLE w/o George W. Pirtle, died Logan Co., Ky. Sept. 21, 1872; left widower and one daughter; family was on the eve of moving to Mo. She was born White Co., Tenn. 1839.

MARY ANN MORTON died Lee Co., Va. Aug. 21, 1872 aged 46 years; d/o Rev. Mr. Strong of MECS; had several children.

J. T. MURPHY born York Dist., S.C. Oct. l0, 1846; died Aug. 23, 1872; moved to Bradley Co., Ark. with parents 1856; joined MECS 1857.

HILBIE A. MARTIN infant d/o William H. and Mollie Martin born Feb. 14, 1870; died September 13, 1872; typhoid fever.

CLINTON HACKNEY infant s/o H. J. Hackney died Sept. 15, 1872 aged 9 months.

Rev. JOHN M. RICHARDSON born Rutherford Co., N.C. Aug. 30, 1809; died near Da1ton, Ga. Sept. 21, 1872; licensed to preach in MEC about 1840.

JULIA A. RICHARDSON born Md. May 23, 1828; died Sept. 9, 1872; moved to Montgomery Co., Tenn. 1840; joined MEC 1842; md Rev. Lewis Lowe 1856. /It is not stated whether she had been "born" a Richardson or whether she had another marriage./


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WILLIAM T. KERFOOT s/o John and Nancy Kerfoot, born Dec. 23, 1850; died Hardin Co., Ky. September 15, 1872.

JOHNNIE M. COPELAND s/o J. K. Polk and Sabra Copeland, died Sept. 5, 1872 aged 5 years, 3 months, 18 days old. His brother, CHARLIE A. COPELAND, died Dec. 24, 1870 aged 3 months, 21 days old.


October 12, 1872

Dr. KING SUMNER CAMPBELL born Trigg Co., Ky. April l5, 1847; died Sept. 13, 1872; graduate, Medical University of Nashville and located at Jordan's Springs in Montgomery, Tenn. 1869; md Fannie Grafton, Nov. 22, 1870; left widow and child Summie.

JOHNNIE s/o John and Helen LYTLE of Rutherford Co., Tenn., born Nov. 9, 1862; died Sept. 23, 1872.

Tribute of Regard for MARY MINERVA STEPHENSON who died July 19, 1872, aged 15 months; d/o F. C. and Etter Stephenson; buried Talladega, Ala.

Tribute of Respect for SAMUEL KIRKPATRICK; by Beech Hill Academy, Oct. l, 1872; he was a pupil in this school.

FLORENCE ISABEL BROWN w/o R. Weakley Brown; d/o Dr. John R. Hudson of Nashville, Tenn., born Nov. 12, 1850; died Sept. 25, 1872; md July 13, 1869; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church, March 17, 1867.

Rev. WILLIAM DINWIDDIE born Allen Co., Ky. Oct. 15, 1810; died Montgomery Co., Tenn. June 3, 1872; md Mary Alexander 1832; joined MEC 1828.


October 19, 1872

HENRY SARVER s/o Henry and Theresa Sarver, born Orange Co., N.C. Dec. 22, 1796; died Wilson Co., Tenn. Sept. 29, 1872; md Mary D. Rice, April 21, 1825; she died Aug. 23, 1859, aged 63; he md Mrs. Susan Ross; had with first wife three sons, three daughters. Also, tribute of respect for him by Quarterly Conference, Fountain Head Circuit, McKendree Dist., Tenn. Conf., Aug. 30, 1872.

NORAH ELIZABETH OWENSBY infant d/o Cahal P. and Orpah J. Owensby, born June 15, 1871; died Aug. 12, 1872.

FLORENCE ISABEL BROWN infant d/o R. Weakley Brown, died Oct. 9, 1872 aged 3 months, 1 day old.

MARGARET J. WILCOX w/o Robert C. Wilcox, born Feb. 23, 1834; died Aug. 11, 1872; joined MECS at age 16; md October 1861; a long deathbed dialogue in obit.

NICHOLAS CHRISTIAN died March 15, 1872; born Montgomery Co., N.C. Sept. 16, 1796; moved to Ky. 1816; md Sarah Shemwell Dec. 1821; joined MEC 1824.

ROBERT EDWIN BRUCE s/o James and M. J. Bruce, born Fleming Co., Ky. July 6, 1850; died Abbeville Co., S.C. Sept. 2, 1872; recent graduate, University of Georgia.

Tribute of Respect for PETER LEE ROGERS who died Oct. 4, 1872 by Board of Stewards and Official members of Church Street Charge, Knoxville, Tenn., October 5, 1872.


October 26, 1872

EMILY T. HARRIS died Louisville, Ky. Sept. 25, 1872; d/o Capt. William and Sophy W. Day, formerly of Va. and more recently of Barren Co., Ky.; md A. W. R. Harris June 1861.

SUE E. SIMPSON w/o James H. Simpson, born April 16, 1842; died Oct. 3, 1872; member of MECS at Tuscumbia, Ala.


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ALPHEUS SHERRILL s/o William and Mollie Sherrill of Georgetown, Ky. died Sept. 14, 1872 aged 3 years.

Miss JULIA CLEMENT d/o John W. Clement of Hale Co., Ala. died Aug. 6, 1872 in her 18th year.

JOSEPH HICKS born April 19, 1828; died Sept. 5, 1872; flux.

LETTIE GRACE eldest d/o Dr. J. C. and Maggie A. Grace, granddaughter of Rev. S. D. Gaines, formerly of Holston Conference; died Farmington, Ark. Sept. 11, 1872 aged 5 years, 10 months old.

LUCINDA LEEPER consort of L. F. Leeper died Hamblen Co., Tenn. Sept. 30, 1872 in her 62nd year.

MARTHA A. F. ALEXANDER born Dec. 24, 1809; died Lauderdale Co., Ala. Sept. 25, 1872; md Jesse Alexander, Oct. 25, 1859; left a "little boy."

HENRY FORD born Fauquier Co., Va. April 21, 1798; died Kosciusko Co., Ind. Sept. 10, 1872; left relatives.

HARRIET O. JAMES w/o Rev. C. M. James born Feb. 12, 1852; died Aug. 9, 1872; consumptive.

SARAH A. EASTIN, nee Willis, died Louisville, Ky. Oct. 5, 1872, aged 81 years, at residence of son-in-law Bishop Kavanaugh; widow of Judge Eastin of La.; her first husband was Capt. Robert Richardson of U.S. Army and their surviving children were Judge R. W. Richardson of Monroe, La.; Mrs. Kavanaugh of Louisville, Ky.; both husband and wife were natives of Va. but md in Ohio.

ABIE LONG w/of Rev. Orson Long of Kentucky Conference died Mt. Pleasant, Sept. 4, 1872 aged about 40 years.

FANNIE FLORENCE ESTES d/o J. T. and Bettie Estes died Simpson Co., Ky. June 11, 1872 aged 1 year, 5 days old.


November 2, 1872

AMANDA TARRANT d/o Thomas and Nancy Fraser born May 8, 1842; died White Co., Tenn. at home of her father, Sept. 16, 1872; consumptive; md Rev. Fletcher Tarrant of the Tennessee Conference Oct. 16, 1862.

THOMAS W. LOVING born Oct. 2, 1850; died Sept. 17, 1872; consumptive; his sister had died a week from his own death.

HENRIETTA BRAZIER born Dec. l, 1840; died Sept. 10, 1872; d/o Stephen Loving,

Sumner Co., Tenn. where she died; she was a widow; left two children.

Resolutions of Respect from Tennessee Conference, MECS:

1. Rev. ISAAC MILNER born Stoningly, Yorkshire, England, April 2, 1818; came to U.S. 1842; md Joanna R. Kennedy April 14, 1846; died near Columbia, June 16, 1872; parents were "old English Wesleyan stock;" served church as preacher for 30 years.

2. Rev. JAMES A. WALKUP born Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Jan. 14, 1802; s/o William Walkup; licensed to preach 1829; admitted as preacher to Tenn. Conf. 1838; served in numerous circuits; supernumerary for several years.

3. Rev. JOHN A. JONES, born June 1805; died Jan. 11, 1872; admitted to Tenn. Conf. 1834; ordained elder 1839; ordained deacon 1836.

4. Rev. SAMUEL L. ORMAN born Williamson Co., Tenn. March 22, 1838; died Springfield, Tenn., Dec. 25, 1871; joined MECS 1859; licensed to preach 1860; joined Tenn. Conf. 1866. (Nov. 16 issue carried correction; that he died near not in Springfield; also licensed to preach March 3, 1860; so wrote his brother, James Orman, from Culleoka, Tenn., November 7, 1872)


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November 9, 1872

LEONARD FITE born N.C.; died Nashville, Tenn. at residence of son, Thomas D. Fite, Oct. 11, 1872 in his 85th year.

ELIZA BELL DEMOSS BOYERS born Oct. 26, 1848; died near Bellmont, Ky. Oct. 26, 1872 at home of her parents; md Almeida Boyers Dec. 22, 1870.

MARY and MAGGIE MORRIS infant ds/o J. M. and Barbara E. Morris, born Oct. 6, 1871; Mary died Aug. 29, 1872 and Maggie died Oct. 15, 1872.

SARAH A. ROSS d/o Allen Bond, born June 18, 1818; died Shelby Co., Tenn. June 16, 1872; md Samuel H. Ross April 24, 1837, who died Dec. 28, 1852, leaving her with five children, two of whom predeceased her.

MARTHA J. EASON d/o Hon. J. R. and A. E. Eason, born Hickman Co., Tenn. July 18, 1857; died Sept. 14, 1872; consumptive.

EMMALISSA ELLIS w/o Rev. Jeremiah Ellis, local preacher, MECG, and d/o John and Rachel Buckner, born Sevier Co., Tenn. 1818; died near Fayette Court House, Ala. May 29, 1872; joined MEC at age 15.

FANNIE A. HUNT d/o William C. and Rebecca Winston, born Rutherford Co., Tenn. Sept. 28, 1850; died July 13, 1872; moved to Huntsville, Ala. 1860; joined MECS 1866.

FRANCIS ELLEN COLEMAN born Aug. 12, 1855; died Oct. 8, 1872.

THOMAS J. SEAY eldest s/o J. W. and Mary E. Seay, born Allen Co., Ky. Dec. 28, 1855; died Aug. 28, 1872.

JULIET T. DODSON youngest d/o Rev. Elisha J. Dodson, born Madison Co., Ala. Aug. 24, 1832; died Sumter Co., Ala. October 9, 1872.

JACAMINE J. GLASGOW died Nashville, Tenn. Oct. 16, 1872 in her 70th year.


November 16, 1872

WARREN B. BARNES born Edgecombe Co., N.C. Dec. 5, 1808; died Sept. 10, 1872; md Margaret Thomas May 16, 1831; moved from N.C. to Ala. 1834; to Grenada Co., Miss. 1843.

BESSIE BEAUCHAMP CAMERON infant d/o Rev. J. D. and Liffie Cameron born Nov. 25, 1871; died Macon, Miss. September 21, 1872.

Dr. J. T. DICKINSON born Davidson Co., Tenn. Oct. 13, 1819; died Franklin Co., Ky. October 30, 1872; s/o Jacob Dickinson and wife, Patsy Bond (of Baltimore, Md); moved in 1829 to Harford Co., Md. and in 1836 to Chatauque Co., N. Y.

ELIZABETH WELLINGTON FALLIN w/of Rev. R. W. Fallin; d/o Richard and Susan GARATT, born Nottoway Co., Va.; died Henderson Co., Ky. Oct. 29, 1872; joined MEC 1825; md Jan. 20, 1831 and moved to Henderson Co., Ky. 1832, where she died; left widower and children.

SARAH FRANCES DYE youngest d/o James and Elizabeth Dye born Newport, Ky., Jan. 11, 1845; died Oct. 17, 1872; consumptive.

JOHN A. LAWRENCE died Pickens Co., Ala. Sept. l, 1872 in his 45th year; joined MECS 1850.

PHANTRAY NUNN born Henderson Co., Ky. June 17, 1843; died Sept. 12, 1872; md Oct. 22, 1868; joined MECS 1868; left widow, two children and his mother.


November 23, 1872

NANCY WILKERSON EASON died Sullivan Co., Tenn. Nov. 7, 1872, aged 73 years, 8 months, 20 days old; pneumonia; niece of Rev. Francis Acuff; submitted by son-in-law, William Robeson.


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JOHN BARNS, SR. born Sullivan Co., Tenn. Dec. 6, 1793; died June 13, 1872.

ELIZA A. GANNING born Sullivan Co., Tenn. Sept. 27, 1852; died June 27, 1871.

SUSANNAH BRATTON d/o Rev. Thomas and Martha Williamson, born Va. July 3, 1796; md James Garey of Williamson Co., Tenn. 1817; he died in 1848; she md Robert Bratton June 1852 who died June 24, 1857; died at residence of son-in-law, F. B. Fussell, Hickman Co., Tenn., Oct. 6, 1872; joined MEC 1825, Franklin, Tenn.

SARAH HENSON born Richmond, Va.; died Robertson Co., Ky. Oct. 31, 1872 in her 71st year; moved to Ky. as a child; joined MEC at age 24; widow; had nine children, four of whom were deceased.

S. A. LAURA WYATT w/o J. T. Richardson, died October 24, 1872.

BETTIE RAIKES d/o John H. Raikes of Statesville, Tennessee, died Nov. 10, 1872 in her 15th year; diphtheria.

Mrs. BURCHET KING born Wake Co., N.C. Feb. 10, 1785; died Oct. 22, 1872; md Hartwel King April 24, 1805; moved to Lawrence Co. Ala. 1826 where she lived and later died.

GREEN B. STROTHER born Franklin Co., N.C. April 13, 1804; no death date given; moved to Meridianville, Ala. June 26, 1830 where he later died.

NANNIE E. KELLY d/o William J. and Catharine Kelly born July 9, 1852; died Sept. 19, 1872; joined MECS 1866; left widowed mother and siblings.

LINGURN BURKHEAD died Randolph Co., N.C. Oct. 5, 1872 in his 87th year; a husband and father.

ROSANNAH SHAVER born Oct. 16, 1794; died Sept. 4, 1872; her husband had died Feb. 4, 1872.


November 30, 1872

CALEB NORRIS BELL born Beaufort, N.C. June 5, 1788; s/o Caleb and Susannah Bell; father of Scotch, mother of English, descent; died Sept. 21, 1872; joined MECS 1866; joined Va. Conference as preacher 1807; located 1815; md Judith H. Moore of Nottoway Co., Va., May 3, 1815 and settled in Dinwiddie Co., Va.; md Jane Browder; d/o David Browder of Dinwiddie Co, Va., Sept. 6, 1820; moved in fall of 1821 to Green Co., Ky., reaching there Jan. 3, 1822 after extended trek; moved to Todd Co., Ky. 1822; second wife died Oct. 6, 1836, leaving him three children; md Mrs. Mary Greenfield who later died; ordained deacon 1811; ordained elder in Newbern, N.C. 1813. "His last act was to give the Genealogical Bible to his son Caleb."

JUDITH HUTCHINGS, nee Hughlett, born Northumberland Co., Va. Dec. 5, 1798; died Daviess Co., Ky. Nov. 11, 1872; md George Hutchings, May 11, 1819.

Mrs. L. H. BRANDON only d/o John and Abigail Haynie, born Pendleton Dist., S.C. April 28, 1801; died Sept. 26, 1872; md F. L. Brandon, Dec. 24, 1822; moved to Cass Co., Ga. 1835; in 1846 to Chattooga Co.; in 1852 to Cherokee Co., Ala. where she died.

LAURA TENNESSEE MURRELL d/o Samuel P. and Mary Arnent; born near Nashville, Tenn. Sept. 5, 1841; died Nov. 12, 1872; md James M. Murrell, Oct. 3, 1860; moved to Arkansas.

NANCY FOSTER consort of William S. Foster died near Goodlettsville, Tenn. Aug. 5, 1872 aged 73 years.

SALLIE C. ABERNATHY w/o William J. Abernathy; d/o Wesley Harwell, born April 18, 184l; died Giles Co., Tenn. Aug. 19, 1872; md Dec. 19, 1867; had son and dau.


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Tribute of Respect for EMMA THOMPSON; by her fellow pupils in the Union Sabbath School, Elkton, November 17, 1872.


December 7, 1872

Dr. THOMAS P. HODGES born Hart Co., Ky. Dec. 9, 1828; died Greene Co., Ky. Aug. 12, 1872; joined MECS 1851; long panegyrical article.

MATT. TAYLOR STRATTON died Edgefield, Tenn. November 23, 1872.

W. W. STEPHENS born March 2, 1837; died October 22, 1872.

CLARENCE READY BUTT s/o Rev. M. E. Butt of Ala. Conference, born Summerfield, Jan. 18, 1871; died Lowndesville, November 1872; mother's maiden name was Ready, a d/o Ann Ready and granddaughter of Mrs. Sarah Sims of Tuscaloosa, Ala.

NANCY JANE HARRIS d/o Brinton Harris of Bullitt Co., Ky. died Nov. 21, 1872 in her 16th year; "Nannie."

JESSIE ETHEL SMITH d/o Capt. R. M. and Alice Smith, born Sept. 17, 1868 and died Crawfordsville, Miss. Nov. 17, 1872; baptized April 1872.

REBECCA J. A. COOK born Jan. l, 1841; died Cincinnati, Ohio July 31, 1872; joined Presbyterian Church when young; joined MECS Dec. 1860; md Isaac Cook, December 12, 1860.

MARGARET HUGHES, nee Ashby, of Coosa Co., Ala. born Sept. 19, 1817; died Nov. 2, 1872; md S. T. Hughes 1835, Montgomery Co., Ala.; died of congestive chill.

EMELINE BOARD STITH w/of Dr. R. B. Stith, died Breckinridge Co., Ky. Nov. 24, 1872; pneumonia; aged 41 years, 3 months, 11 days old.

RICHARD WOMMACK born Wilson Co., Tenn. Nov. 15, 1819; died near Ft. Smith, Ark. Nov. 12, 1872; moved to Benton Co., Ark. 1855.

SUSAN McBEATH born Wayne Co., Ky. April 23, 1804; died July 2, 1872; md Andrew McBeath Oct. 1830 and joined MEC same year.

MATTIE EUGENIA BEAUCHAMP WEST infant d/o Richard W. and Mary J. West, born Nov. 24, 1872 and "we buried her the 25th. "

JOHN J. SHELBY born Bledsoe Co., Tenn. Feb. 20, 1820; died Sept. 16, 1872; moved to Putnam Co. when 20 years old.

NANNIE A. BOND born Davidson Co., Tenn. March 8, 1849; died Logan Co., Ky. Nov. 25, 1872; d/o Robert and Rebecca Boyd.

W. M. MOYERS born Jefferson Co., Tenn. Oct. 25, 1809; died Madison Co., Ala. Oct. 19, 1872; md Sallie Jones, Rhea Co., Aug. 16, 1832; joined MEC 1839.

PERMELIA CORLEY d/o Rev. John Corley, born Edgefield Dist., S.C. Aug. 3, 1845; died Shelby Co., Ala. Oct. 26, 1872; consumptive; joined MECS 1860.

WILLIAM HERSCHEL COOPER s/o Rev. W. H. Cooper of Holston Conference, died McDowell Co., N.C. Nov. 7, 1872 aged 4 years, 8 days old.

EWING BERRYMAN MOORMAN died at residence of his grandfather, William B. Ewing, Davidson Co., Tenn., Nov. 29, 1872 aged 9 months, 2 weeks, 14 days old.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES A. COX; by Belles Lettres Society, Southern University, Nov. 18, 1872, Greensboro, Ala.; "an excellent student."


December 14, 1872

Rev. ALLISON AKIN s/o Robert H. and Rosannah Akin, born Maury Co., Tenn. Sept. 9, 1814; died Caldwell Co., Ky. Oct. 17, 1872; joined Tenn. Conference as preacher 1845; transf. to Louisville Conf. 1855; left widow, 4 children.


(Page 62)

VIRGINIA C. TERRY w/o John C. Terry born April 5, 1845; died near Talladega, Ala. June 13, 1872; joined MECS 1858.

JOHN SATTERFIELD born Caldwell Co., Ky. June 20, 1814; died "near the place of his birth," Oct. 6, 1872; joined MEC 1843; left widow and five children.

HUGH NIBLACK s/o William and Pamela Niblack died Madisonville, Ky. Sept. 13, 1872 aged 12 years.

EMMA L. THOMPSON d/o James M. and Mary Thompson born Feb. 7, 1852; died Nov. 11, 1872; joined MECS November 1870.

WILLIAM G. and LAFAYETTE WILLIAMS, sons of Rev. Elijah and Elizabeth WILLIAMS, born in West Va. in 1849 and 1851; moved to Pa. 1863; to Edgefield, Tenn. 1871. W. G. Williams died Oct. 17, 1872 and LaFayette Williams died Nov. 23, 1872; buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

MINNIE TRUETT d/o Mrs. Mary Truett, died Hickman Co., Tenn. March 23, 1869; aged 3 years, 5 months, 26 days old; at residence of his grandfather, I. D. L. Nunnellee.

A. J. BENSON born Greene Co., Tenn. Jan. 12, 1840; died Rome, Ga. Oct. 19, 1872; joined MECS 1869.

REDMAN GLASSCOCK evidently died Nov. 27, 1872 after his having been baptized "by pouring" by Rev. S. Spurrier.

E. H. HOPSON died Christian Co., Ky., Nov. 15, 1872 aged 54 years; pneumonia; s/o Rev. Henry Hopson who came from N.C. to Ky. where he died at age of 86. EHH was "born, lived, died and was buried here." (Christian Co., Ky.)

Mrs. MARY POTTS, familiarly known as Grandma Potts, died Colbert Co., Ala. Nov. 20, 1872 aged 82 years, 9 months, 6 days old; born, raised and md in Cabarrus Co., N.C.; as a widow she moved to Alabama 1835.

ERASMUS O. PRINCE born Caldwell Co., Ky. March 19, 1839; died Oct. 6, 1872; congestive chill; left widow and one child.

ELIZA CULL, nee Sled, born 1808; died Aug. 29, 1872; md 1826.

Tribute of Respect for Dr. THOMAS P. HODGES who died Green Co., Ky. Aug. 12, 1872 in his 42nd year; by Quarterly Conference, Morton's Chapel, September 7, 1872.

Mrs. MARY SOMERVILLE died recently; born in 1780; d/o Sir William Fairfax; md 1804 to Samuel Gregg, a captain in the Russian navy; he died in 1806 and she md Dr. William Somerville of Edinburgh 1842; she published several books on scientific subjects.


December 21, 1872

NANCY CALHOUN born Mecklenburg Co., Va. April 9, 180l; died Callaway Co., Ky. Nov. 18, 1872; md William S. Oslin who died leaving her with two children; md James A. Calhoun 1834 and had four more children; he died 1865.

AMY THOMAS, nee Carter, died Hart Co., Ky. Dec. 8, 1872; she was survivor of eleven children; member of church at Gilead.

MARY R. PIRTLE w/o Isaac M. Pirtle; d/o Harman and Martha Moore, born May 8, 1814; died May 4, 1872; left widower and a son, two children having already died.

NOV. M. CASSIDY w/o Sam H. Cassidy, born Nov. 27, 1845; died Dycusburg, Ky. Nov. 4, 1872; left widower and three children, one infant being three months old.


(Page 63)

MARY MELVILLE KING w/o Dr. J. A. King of Princeton, Ky. born Nov. 24, 1837; died Oct. 11, 1872.

SARELDA M. SMITH d/o William R. and Mary H. Hicks, born Jan. 14, 1833; died Nov. 23, 1872; md Thomas P. Smith, December 15, 1858.


December 28, 1872

ADAM STEELE WINLOCK born Shelby Co., Ky. March 4, 1805; died Russellville, Ky., Nov. 24, 1872; moved to Logan Co., Ky. 1837; long panegyrical account. Tribute of respect for him by Sunday School at MECS, Russellville, Ky.

MARCUS LINDSEY WILSON only s/o Fletcher and Sarah Wilson, died Dec. 12, 1872 in his 20th year.

SUSANNAH ESTES d/o Lewis H. and Mary J. Frasier, died at her father's residence in Metcalf Co., Ky. Dec. 15, 1872 aged 19 years, 5 months, 23 days old; md William Estes January 1870.

RUFUS B. JETTON born Rutherford Co., Tenn. April 1808; died Nov. 8, 1872; he was standing in front of a store on public square, Murfreesboro, Tenn. when he dropped dead.

JAMES CRICHLOW born near Murfreesboro, N.C. Sept. 3, 1793; died Murfreesboro, Apri1 8, 1872.

SARAH LASAPHINE HAMILTON d/o James H. Hamilton, born Stewart Co., Tenn. Nov. 12, 1849; died Dec. 7, 1872; joined MECS 1866.


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