By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1997



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July 4, 1861

LAURA NICHOLSON JONES d/o Col. Thomas and Minifred Nicholson; w/o Thomas N. Jones; born Halifax Co., N.C. March 23, 1836; died June 15, 1861; md October 1854; lived in Madison Co., Mississippi.

JESSE RECTOR born Culpepper Co., Va.; md Prudence Huff, Washington Co., Va. 1811; she died 1828; he md Sarah Stout of same county 1830; he died Rhea Co., Tenn. October 6, 1860.

ANNA BROWN born Onslow Co., N.C. Oct. 6, 1804; died May 6, 1861; md Satchel Jordan 1822 and he died 1826; md John Roberts 1828 and he died 1830; md John L. Brown 1846; joined MECS 1843.

OCTAVIA CRITTENDEN, nee Ingram, born Nov. 1823; died Lauderdale Co., Ala., May 2, 1861; md Dr. Thomas Crittenden May 2, 1861 (and died a year later).

WILLIAM WESLEY PHIFER, a private in Capt. Williamson's company, Colonel Newman's regiment, Tenn. Volunteers, s/o Jonas Phifer, died Camp Trousdale, Tenn. June 20, 186l; pneumonia; aged 20 years, 11 months, 24 days old.


July 11, 1861

JAMES H. REDFORD of Louisville, Kentucky, died near Norfolk, Va. June 9, 1861; died in Confederate service from accidental gunshot wound after a parade exercise.

ELLEN LYONS d/o John A. and Matilda Lyons died near Carthage, Tenn. May 19, 1861.

SAMUEL WILSON born S.C. May 15, 1785; died June 3, 1861; moved to Lexington, Ky. 1802; later moved to Ballard Co., Ky. where he died.


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LOUISA JANE STAYTON born Jan. 13, 1856; died June 3, 1861; diphtheria. Her sister, MARGARET FRANCES STAYTON, born Oct. 26, 1858; died June 12, 1861; diphtheria; daughters of J. S. and Mary M. Stayton.

LOUISA TONCRAY died Abingdon June 25, 1861 in her 50th year.

JOHN BRANCH born Halifax Co., N.C., where he lived until age 19 when he moved to Ga.; fought in Creek Indian war; settled in Williamson Co., Tenn.; died March 15, 1861; md Elizabeth Pierce; moved in 1830 to Dyer Co., Tenn., then in a decade moved to Missouri.

WILLIAM HARVEY WILSON s/o W. V. R. and Martha A. Wilson born Nov. 1855; died May 25, 1861; diphtheria.

JENNIE ANN STONE d/o Thomas and Sarah R. Snipes; born May 3, 1846; died June 24, 1861; md J. M. Stone December 24, 1860.


July 18, 1861

ELIZABETH SAFFELL, widow, of Louisville, Tenn., born March 14, 1783; died May 24, 1861; md Samuel Saffell December 9, 1802.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES A. HAIRE who died in Texas May 23, 1861 in the residence of son-in-law, J. R. Smith; by Tel1ico Lodge #80, Masonic order; not dated.

FLEMING K. RICH died Wytheville, June 25, 1861 aged 55 years.

MARGARET M. SAMPLE died Carrollton, Miss. May 14, 1861 aged 11 year, 2 months, 26 days old; adopted child of great uncle and aunt Sanders.

THOMAS W. SIMPSON born March 23, 1806; died Conecah Co., Ala. June 1, 1861; his only daughter, MARGARET L. SIMPSON, born June 18, 1845, died June 11, 1861.

Tribute of Respect for THOMAS M. JOBE who died June 16, 1861; by Clifton Lodge #173, Masonic order, not dated.

ELIZABETH GRIZZARD d/of Drury and Elizabeth Mitchel1; born Feb. 20, 1827; died Morgan Co., Ala. March 31, 1861; md H. Cal1away Sept. 28, 1846 and he died; md. H. Grizzard July 4, 1847.

JOHN W. WARE died May 10, 1861; wife, Mary, had died a year previously.

SARAH ELIZABETH HAGEY d/o John and Sarah Hagey born Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 5, 1841; died in same city, June 12, 1861.

THOMAS COOKE KINSLOW died Edgefield, Tenn. June 27, 1861 in his 23rd year; member of Nashville Zouaves in Confederate service.


July 25, 1861

SOPHIE ROUBETI, a Sac Indian girl, died Highland, Kansas Jan. 25, 1861 aged about 18 years; her parents died in 1851 and she was raised in Iowa and Sac Mission.

LEARNER B. KNOTT, JR., born April 17, 1848; died July 1, 1861; joined MECS April 1861; also a tribute of respect for him by the Sabbath School, Shelbyville, Tenn. June 7, 1861.

THOMAS JOBE born May 16, 1832; died June 16, 1861.

Family of John R. Moss had loss of children: HARVEY LEWIS MOSS, born Oct. l, 1856; died June 15, 1861; LOUISA F. MOSS, born April 14, 1848; died June 18, 1861; JAMES EDWIN MOSS, born Dec. 9, 1850; died June 23, 1861; all died from diphtheria. Henry Co., Kentucky.

ARTEMISIA F. RICE d/o William and Sarah Hazard; w/o Joseph R. Rice, died Taylor Co., Ky., June 23, 1861; md Dec. 6, 1849.


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SALLIE WOODSON only d/o Samuel S. and Sarah J. House; died Franklin, Tenn. July 6, 1861 aged 13 years, 5 months, 9 days old; a pupil at the Tenn. Female Col1ege. Other persons who had died in the past collegiate year: Willie M. Harding and Alice A. North.

Tribute of Respect for MARGARET BANKS w/o Col. L. S. Banks; by Decatur Lodge #29, Knights of Jericho, Decatur, Ala. April 30, 1861.

Mrs. SUSAN BALL d/o John and Sarah Tate, Louisa Co., Va., died Jackson Parish, La. June 6, 1861; left widower and four children.

NANNIE R. COX d/o Rev. Angenor and Antoinette Cox, died Cornersville, Tenn. June 22, 1861 aged about 3 years and 9 months old.

SARAH CATHARINE T. J. HARRISON d/o Daniel T. and Sarah A. Harrison, Pulaski, Tenn., born October 22, 1859; died May 22, 1861.

HENRY C. GILBERT s/o Cary and Elizabeth Gilbert, born July 5, 1843; died June 26, 1861 at Camp Cheatham of measles.


August 1, 1861

LUCIAN OSCAR JORDAN s/o John and Lucretia A. Jordan, accidentally drowned in Bayou Pierre River, June 23, 1861, aged 8 years, 6 months, 11 days old.

LAVINIA ALICE HOWELL d/o Shelby and Virginia Howell, died Jefferson Co., Ky. July 14, 1861 aaged 8 months, 4 days old.

DORSEY LINDSEY d/o Alexander and Rachel Lindsey of Mt. Sterling, Ky., born July 8, 1840; died July 11, 1861; consumptive; joined MECS June 1857. Her nephew, CHARLEY GLOVER, grandson of Alexander and Rachel Lindsey, died July 7, 1861 aged 2 years, 6 months old.

BETTY MORTON BRAGG, born June 17, 1858; died July 29, 1859; another child of this same name, born June 12, 1860; died July 3, 1861; daughters of H. J. and D. E. Bragg, Columbia, Tennessee.

ELIZABETH TIBBS w/o William Tibbs, born Buckingham Co., Va. Nov. 15, 1792; died Bradley Co., Tenn. June 12, 1861; her oldest son died September 1859.

LETTIE D. MULLINS d/o Rev. William Mul1ins of Tennessee Conference, MECS, died Marshall Co., Tenn. March 13, 1861 in her 18th year.

Mrs. SARAH C. SOUTHALL of Columbus, Miss., died July 13, 1861 in her 43rd year.

JOHN SCRUGGS born Knox Co., Tenn. May 31, 1797; died Macedonia, Clinton Circuit, May 5, 1861.

SAMUEL SCOTT s/o Rev. M. Scott of Smythe Co., Va. drowned at Abingdon among volunteer soldiers who "betook themselves to a mill-pond in the vicinity for the purpose of having a refreshing and pleasant bath" but he got into deep water and drowned June 30, 1861.

ARTELIA TUTT w/o J. V. Tutt and d/o Philip F. and Mary R. Beazley died Sumter Co., Ala. May 13, 1861 aged 32 years, 14 days old.

JOSHUA R. COLEMAN s/o John and Sarah Coleman of Bedford Co., Tenn. died August 9, 1860 in his 17th year.

GEORGIA ANN COLEMAN d/o John and Jane Coleman drowned Bedford Co., Tenn. Apri1 29, 1861.

WILLIAM Q. SEWELL s/o Rev. W. and Margaret Sewell of Decatur, Ala., born Jan. 12, 1861; died July 4, 1861; "nipped in the bud."


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MARTHA E. FREY d/o Henry S. and Nancy D. Frey, died June 24, 1861, aged 19 years; rheumatism.

A. L. P. GREEN died Rhea Co., Tenn. June 26, 1861 aged 22 years, 9 months, 4 days old; s/o Joshua S. and Anna Green.


August 8, 1861

Killed in Captain MacFarland's company, 4th Ala. Regiment, CSA, July 21, 1861 (at Manassas battleground): JOHN SIMPSON, R. T. BOROUGHS, WILLIAM ANDREWS, THOMAS STONE, L. LORANCE, ZEBULON P. IVES, W. T. N. SMITH, J. P. BOURLAND, JESSE ZILLS and PULASKI CALICUT.

JOHN W. HOLT only child of A. M. and Rachel E. Holt died Knoxville, Tenn., July 26, 1861 aged 10 months, l day old.

Rev. WHITMAN C. HILL born 1790; died Houston Co., Ga. Feb. 5, 1861; joined MEC in his 16th year; became traveling preacher from 18th year and so labored until 1829 when he took the supernumerary role; md d/o Rev. Isaac Smith.

Tribute of Respect for L. W. COOPER who fell in battle of Manassas, July 21, 1861; by Mt. Ephraim Div. #159, Sons of Temperance, Wythe Co., Va. July 29, 1861.

SAMFORD WILLIAM BLUE fourth s/o Matthew P. and Jane E. L. Blue of Montgomery, Ala., born Oct. 2, 1857; died July 13, 1861.

EDOM K. ROBINSON s/o William and Mary Robinson died Cocke Co., Tenn. July 18, 1861.

Miss POLLY BUSKETT died Nicholasville, Ky. July 3, 1861.

JAMES CAMP TURNER of Huntsville, Ala.; s/o Daniel grandson of Major Robert Searcy, killed at battle of Manassas, July 21, 1861; returned last year from European trip for "travel and study."

SARAH HOLLOMAN born Stokes Co., N.C. 1771; died Granville, June 3, 1861; moved to Tennessee when young.

LUCRETIA BATES d/o Benjamin and Jane Hart of Montgomery Co., Ky., born May 1, 1837; died July 16, 1861; md J. W. Bates of Texas; both joined MECS.

ALLEN S. WALLACE of the firm, Wallace & Lithgow of Nashville, born in Ireland Aug. 15, 181O; died July 4, 1861; came to U.S. with parents and settled in Pittsburg, Pa.; in 1831 moved to Louisville, Ky. and md. Mary E. Thomas March 23, 1838; joined MECS November 1847.

JOSEPH BELT EMMONS born Fleming Co., Ky. May 30, 1815; died there May 7, 1861.

JOHN W. ALLEN s/o J. W. Allen, died Athens, Ala., June 1861; consumptive; had instructed his executor to give $500 to the MECS Publishing House.

LUCY G. OWENS w/o Harrison Owens, born Culpepper Co., Va., died (no date given) in her 76th year; moved to Madison Co., Ala. 1825; left a son, 2 daughters.

ALSARENN T. SMITH w/o Hugh S. Smith; d/o W. H. and Eleanor Robertson, born Ala. May 10, 1824; died May 28, 1861; md April 22, 1847; moved in 1852 to Limestone Co., Ala. where her husband died May 9, that year; left 3 children.

HATTIE PURDIE d/o Thomas J. and Jane C. Purdie, born 1840; died July 2, 1861.

JULIA A. SAWRIE w/o Rev. James Sawrie, died Winchester, Tenn., July 12, 1861.

WILLIAM FARIS died July 22, 1861 in Winchester, Tennessee Conference.


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August 15, 1861

FLORA GREESON d/o Rev. James S. and Mary Harrison; w/o Hartwell Greeson, born Wayne Co., Tenn. April 19, 1825; died Van Buren Co., Ark. July 16, 1861; md January 20, 1842.

HANNAH JENNINGS HOGAN born Garrard Co. Ky. July 9, 1778; died July 9, 1861.

WILLIAM H. S. ANDREWS s/o Rev. R. L. Andrews, born Franklin Co., Ala. Aug. 4, 1841; enlisted in Co. K, Ala. Regiment, CSA; killed at battle of Manassas, July 21, 1861.

JOHN M. HORSLEY, member Capt. Nuson's company, Colonel Battle's regiment, died Smith Co., Tenn. July 8, 1861.

W. W. HILL born Williamson Co., Tenn.; died Camp Trousdale, Tenn., July 14, 1861; Confederate soldier.

COLUMBUS BAUGHMAN born Perry Co., Tenn.; died Camp Trousdale, Tenn., July 12, 1861; enlisted in Confederate service June 1, 1861; burial at Fountain Head campground, Sumner Co.; had a sister, Mrs. Hedgepath.


August 22, 1861

KITTIE DEVAULT died Elizabethton, Tenn. July 30, 1861; born Sept. 24, 1858.

FIELDING L. BENNETT, born Sept. 9, 1840; died Ohio Co., Ky. May 8, 1861; he was "passionately fond of music."

ANDREW FRANKLIN BARNS born Jan. 6, 1824; died Ohio Co., Ky. Feb. 8, 1861.

MARTHA F. FLANIGAN d/o Samuel and Ann Flanigan of Lauderdale Co., Ala., born July 26, 1842; died June 1, 1861; consumptive.

MARY BETTIE COX died July 14, 1861; diphtheria; aged 5 years, 4 months old.

MARY PARHAM died Cornersville, July 11, 1861; a widow.

B. J. TALLEY born March 1835; died August 10, 1861.

ISABELLA M. HILL w/o Dr. Jesse Hill; d/o John and Mary Finger, born Warren Co., Tenn. Feb. 26, 1839; died July 13, 1861; md July 4, 1860.

MARY CLARK born June 16, 1809; died near Hartsville, Tenn., June 26, 1861; md David Clark Jan. 9, 1834; buried in Willow Grove churchyard.


August 29, 1861

ANNA WHITE d/o Dr. J. H. and E. H. Lightfoot of Austin, Texas, died Winchester, Tenn. Aug. 15, 1861.

SAMUEL ARNOLD born Mecklenburg Co., Va. May 9, 1787; died Logan Co., Ky. June 12, 1861; moved to Logan Co., Ky. 1815; joined MEC 1822.

WILLIAM L. JOHNSON born Lewis Co., Va. July 31, 1797; moved to Logan Co., Ky. 1819; md Nancy Johnson.

TABITHA TUCKER d/o Roswell and Jennie Dyson, born Montgomery Co., Md. Feb. 24, 1779; died at age 82 (no death date given), Cheatharn Co., Tenn.; md Edward Tucker April 3, 1800; moved to Bourbon Co., Ky. 1707 /1807/; moved to Lebanon, Tenn. 1818.

SUSAN M. SALLE widow of Dr. Marcus A. Salle born Buckingham Co., Va.; died Marshall Co., Miss. July 17, 1861 in her 48th year.

PASY /Patsy?/ DAWSON w/o Jeremiah Dawson born Hart Co., Ky. Jan. 21, 1830; died July 7, 1861.


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Children of Rev. Alexander and Mary Stallcup, Goodlettsville, Tenn. had died:
SARAH KATHARINE STALLCUP, born Jan. 31, 1856; died June 7, 1851;
MARCUS LAFAYETTE STALLCUP, born Sept. 9, 1854; died Nov. 24, 1855;
LAURA JANE STALLCUP, born July 2, 1859; died July 14, 1861.

Rev. GREEN MALONE born Va. Dec. 12, 1779; died near Eufaula, Ala. July 3, 1861; when he was a boy his father, Winn Malone, moved his family to Ky; joined MEC; joined Kentucky Conference; located in 1829; rejoined traveling connection 1833; md Louise Torrence 1840; she died 1848; he md Julia T. Watson 1853 who survived him with four children.


September 5, 1861

GEORGE WILLOUGHBY CRAIG infant s/o Wilkie and Rebecca Ann Craig, born Oct. 6, 1859; died July 28, 1861.

LUCY A. GOODWYN w/o Rev. Alexander E. Goodwyn of La. Conference; d/o William B. Harper; died Franklin, La., July 14, 1861; md September 6, 1856.

ROBERT T. OWEN oldest s/o Hon. A. F. and E. L. Owen of Talbotton, Ga., born Charleston, S.C. 1840; died Ft. Morgan, Ala., aged 20 (no death date given).

JONATHAN BILLS born Jan. 21, 1780; died Warren Co., Tenn. July 1, 1861; md September 29, 1807; md again Aug. 3, 1829 (wives' names not given).

Rev. CLEMY SULLIVAN died Warren Co., Tenn. July 6, 1861; local elder in MECS for many years. His wife, ELIZABETH SULLIVAN, died July 11, 1861 "after years of suffering from dropsy".

JOHN A. GOODMAN born Hickman Co., Tenn. April 21, 1842; died Tallahatchie Co., Miss. June 10, 1861.

ELIZABETH REDFORD, mother of Rev. A. H. Redford, born Albemarle Co., Va. June 1, 1795; died Union Co., Ky. July 9, 1861; joined MEC June 1834.

SARAH JANE SINGLETON born Nov. 7, 1846; died August 19, 1861.

MARY L. LANFORD died July 31, 1861 in her 77th year.

MARY BROYLES died August 12, 1861 in her 81st year.

MARTHA A. JOHNSON d/of Bartlett and Mary Yeargan; w/o Joseph Johnson; born Williamson Co., Tenn. Sept. 23, 1835; died July 7, 1861; md January 12, 1853.

HENRY J. BROWN, JR. died at Manassas August 8, 1861; born July 14, 1839; joined MECS 1851; member of Magnolia Guards, 17th Miss. Regiment.

WILLIAM J. BRUCE, private in 7th Reg. Tenn. Volunteers, died Big Springs, Va. August 17, 1861 a wound /gunshot?/, abt. 21 years old; native of Smith Co., Tenn.


September 12, 1861

ROBERT F. DISHAUBIN s/o George and Mary Dishaubin died Lawrence Co., Tenn. August 26, 1861, aged 23 years, 6 months, 9 days old; croup.

ELIZA HERBERT d/o R. N. and E. L. Herbert born Williamson Co., Tenn. Aug. 30, 1839; died Aug. 28, 1861; md John H. Mayfield Aug. 7, 1857; educated at Tenn. Conference Female College, Columbia.

VIRLINDER WOOLFOLK w/o James B. Woolfolk, died Issaquena Co., Miss. July 25, 1861 in her 32nd year.

C. L. RAGLAND w/o E. L. Ragland died July 18, 1861 aged 39 years.


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Dr. WILLIAM READ RUCKER s/o Rev. James and Ann Rucker born near Lynchburg, Va. May 20, 1792; died Aug. 8, 1861; surgeon at battle of New Orleans; md Susan Childress Nov. 11, 1819; she survived along with three children.

WILLIAM T. MERRITT s/o W. T. Merritt, died Knoxville, Tenn. Aug. 18, 186l; typhoid fever; about 18 years old; member of Webb Guards, 20th Tenn. reg. (from Williamson Co., Tenn.)

MARY ANNE CARTER w/o Dr. J. D. Carter; d/o William and Nancy Reid; died Knox Co., Tenn. Aug. 21, 1861 aged 25 years.

MARGARET E. BROWN d/o J. d. and Nelly Brown, born Lincoln Co., Tenn. June 11, 1841; died Aug. 13, 1861; joined MECS march 25, 1861.

LAURA LOUISA COWARD d/o Cornelius and Mary Coward of Overton Co., Tenn., died June 24, 1861 aged 3 years, lacking eight days.

LOUISA ANN HARGROVE born Marshall Co., Miss. Nov. 5, 1837; died May 27, 1861.

MARY A. WILLIAMS w/o Judge P. M. Williams born Charleston, S.C. Dec. 11, 1812; died Lowndesboro, Ala. July 27, 1861.


September 19, 1861

HERBERT PIERCE ROACHMAN s/o Robert S. and Susan M. Roadman born Feb. 15, 1861; died September 1, 1861.

WARNER M. YATES, born Culpepper Co., Va. April 27, 1798; died Hernando, Miss., Aug. 24, 1861; md Mildred J. Menifee, December 13, 1819.

ELIZABETH SMITH d/of Leanah Smith of Madison Co., Ala., died August 17, 1861 aged 22 years.

EMMA SHELBY KNOTT d/o L. B. and M. B. Knott of Shelbyville, Tenn., born July 28, 1855; died Aug. 29, 1861; diphtheria.

LEWIS RILEY Sr., born Davis Co., Ky. 1799; died Ohio Co., Ky. Aug. 17, 1861; typhoid fever. A Cumberland Presbyterian.

JAMES V. O. EWING died Highland Co., Va. August 16, 1861 in his 23rd year; member of Colonel Fulkerson's regiment; body returned for burial in family graveyard where his father, two brothers and a sister "sleep."

JOHN PRIMM s/o Green H. and Ann Primm born Williamson Co., Tenn. July 15, 1815; died Aug. 15, 1861; moved to Humphreys Co., Tenn. 1850 where he lived at the time of his death.

WILLIAM WARD STEWART s/o Rev. George and Jane Stewart died Wytheville, Aug. 28, 1861 in his 9th year.

JOHN W. HUNT died Hardeman Co., Tenn. July 19, 1861 aged about 45 years; he "was strangely eccentric, yet his eccentricities were all pleasant."

JOHN PETTY STEVENS s/o Dr. J. W. and Julia A. Stevens, died Rienzi, Miss. Aug. 31, 1861 aged 13 months old.

JEMIMA GRISSOM died Rienzi, Miss. Aug. 28, 1861 aged 81 or 82 years old; Cumberland Presbyterian.

MARY ANN NEAL w/o D. C. Neal; d/o T. C. and Alice Reavis, born April 11, 1837; died Jackson, Tenn. July 13, 1861.


September 26, 1861

MARY C. THOMPSON d/o Rev. F. A. and S. Thompson died near Spring Hill, Tenn. (no date given) in her 13th year.


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POLLY MONTGOMERY w/o Jefferson T. Montgomery of Sumner Co., Tenn.; d/o Thomas and Hannah Jouett; born Dec. 10, 1804; died Sumner Co., July 16, 1861.

MARTHA DAVIDSON d/of William Davidson, died Franklin Co., Tenn. July 24, 1861 aged 15 years.

Dr. JEFFERSON PARKS born April 12, 1809; died Cannon Co., Tenn. April 10, 1861.

POLLY A. RAMSEY born Lewis Co., Ky. 1816; d/o Baxter and Polly Davis; died Gibson Co., Tenn. Sept. 6, 1861; md N. P. Ramsey 1833.

THIRZA A. STOUT w/o John Stout, born March 11, 1818; died Bledsoe Co., Tenn. June 10, 1861. Her daughter, MARY A. HASKEW w/o Joseph Haskew, died Bledsoe Co., Tenn. July 9, 1861 in her 22nd year.

JOHN F. BOYD s/o John and Elizabeth Boyd, born Campbell Co., Tenn. July 31, 1831; died Camp Barton, Pocahontas Co., Va. Sept. l, 1861; volunteer in Col. Rust's regiment, Confederate army.

VANCE DAVID FOREMAN died Shelbyville, Tenn. August 18, 1861 in his 7th year; diphtheria.

LEVISA H. BORNBEAK d/o Pleasant M. and Elizabeth Harbert, born Centreville, Aug. 8, 1845; died Sept. 2, 1861.

REBECCA CLAGETT, eldest d/o Horatio and Elizabeth J. Clagett, born Centreville Dec. 19, 1847; died Aug. 11, 1861.

Deaths of Volunteers:
CALVIN JONES, died Camp Snead Hospital, Sept. 10, 1861, aged 43; private in Coffee Co. Guards;
Sgt. J. W. HAZLEWOOD, died Sept. 11, 1861 in same place as Calvin Jones; in same military unit.

FRANCIS RICHARDS, died Sept. 11, 1861, aged 21; measles.

JAMES P. BANKS died Sept. 14, 1861; pneumonia; measles.


October 3, 1861

Rev. E. Y. REESE of Baltimore, Md. had committed suicide by "cutting his throat with a razor from ear to ear" latter part of September 1861; his wife had died a few months earlier; aged about 45 years. "He had a fine poetic fancy and in his early manhood produced verses of great elegance and beauty... As a preacher and lecturer he was always popular; much sought after..."

WILLIAM BAILEY, born Feb. 27, 1790; died near Empire Iron-works, Ky. Sept. 3, 1861.

MICHAEL LEATH of Wilson Co., Tenn., born March 4, 1835; died Alachua Co., Florida Sept. 3, 1861; went to Florida in summer of 1860 "in search of health."

MARION M. SIMMONS died Camp Cheatham, Tenn., June 28, 1861; member of Capt. Gordon's military company of Giles County.

TABITHA H. HOUSTON d/o Willie and Sarah Ellis born April 4, 1849; died Aug. 28, 1861; md Robert W. Houston, July 14, 1859.

Prof. NORBORNE H. BRIGGS, southern soldier, died from minie-ball wound (no date given); had been professor of natural science, Wesleyan University, Florence, Ala.; wounded at Manassas in July 1861; lingered ill several weeks.

MARY ELLA ALEXANDER BURNETT d/o Col. J. M. and Nancy Alexander, born Asheville, N.C. Oct. 4, 1821; died Sept. 11, 1861; md Rev. J. S. Burnett 1847; left widower and five children.


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SARAH RASCOE w/o Thomas H. Rascoe, died Sumner Co., Tenn. Sept. 16, 1861 aged 54 years, lacking three days.

Major LEROY B. SETTLE born in Va.; died July 9, 1861; moved to Tenn.; md Margery W. Greer; had six children.

JAMES D. MOSS s/o Rev. John T. Moss, born Nov. 3, 1833; died Sept. 3, 1861; first lieutenant, Captain Wade's company, 3 Reg. Tenn. Volunteers.

W. J. ISBELL born Aug. 15, 1813; died Sept. 12, 1861; member of MECS and Masonic order.

LAVINIA SUE EANS w/o Dr. Joseph Eans; d/o Thomas J. and Mildred M. Rodes, born Dec. 7, 1836; died July 15, 1861.

WILLIE H. MILLER youngest s/o B. R. and Nancy Miller, born Oct. 2, 1852; died Aug. 26, 1861; diphtheria.

HENRIETTA JANE TILLER, born Dec. 12, 1850; died July 30, 1861; her sister,

ADELIA TILLER, died just over a week afterwards, aged about 5 1/2 years old.

SARAH JANE FOSTER d/o Rev. W. K. and Margaret C. Foster of Holston Conference, died (no date given); her father had died a few months previously.

HARRIET BRYANT born Nov. 22, 1813; died Aug. 29, 1861; d/o Thomas and Ava Mitchell, Wilson Co., Tenn.; md Samuel Bryant and moved to Ark. a few years later; she and children returned to Nashville to live after his death in Arkansas.

ELMIRA HALL d/o James and Mary Dycus; died Jackson Co., Tenn. Sept. 4, 1861; md Aurelius Hall 1840.

SARAH A. REDFORD died Lawrence Co., Ala. Sept. 9, 1861 aged 43 years, 10 months, 20 days; her husband died June 21, 1845.


October 10, 1861

MAGGIE JANE MASSEY d/o Rev. G. M. and A. M. Massey, born Yancy Co., N.C. July 19 1859; died Sullivan Co., Tenn. Sept. 12, 1861; croup.

Only child (name not given) of G. W. and M. C. TAYLOR died Aug. 14, 1861 aged 2 years, 11 months, 3 days old.

KITTIE DEVOULT d/o Henry and Emily Devoult, born Sept. 24, 1858; died Carter Co., Tenn. July 30, 1861; scarlet fever.

FRANK ATKINS WHITTHORNE died Sept. 13, 1861, aged 4 years; diphtheria: JENNIE WHITTHORNE died Sept. 18, 1861, aged 2 year; ANNIE COLEMAN WHITTHORNE died Sept. 26, 1861, aged 10 years; BETTIE POLK WHITTHORNE died Sept. 28, 1861 aged 9 years; al1 children of W. C. and Jane Whitthorne.

Dr. ALEXANDER SLEDGE, father-in-law of Rev. E. Wadsworth, died near Greensboro, Ala. August 12, 1861 in his 75th year.

Rev. JOSEPH A. McPHERSON born West Feliciana Parish, La. Dec. 19, 1835; died June 18, 1861; typhoid fever; s/o James and Narcissa McPherson; graduate, Centenary Col1ege, La. 1853; taught school for several years; md Mollie Finn Nov. 10, 1859; traveling preacher, MECS, for a few years; died at residence of father-in-law Rev. William Finn, Buffalo Circuit.

WILLIAM ELDRIDGE McGREW s/o John McGrew, Pulaski, Tenn., born March 31, 1851; died Sept. 24, 1861; diphtheria.

ELIZABETH BLYTHE, widow of Rev. John Blythe, born N.C. Sept. 28, 1785; died Sept. 18, 1861; moved with her father and family to Williamson Co., Tenn.


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MARY GOSSETT w/o Elisha Gossett born Amelia Co., Va. Dec. 5, 1771; died Johnson Co., Ark., August 25, 1861.

Rev. M. V. WELLS of the Memphis Conference died near Warrington, Florida Sept. 25, 1861 aged 28 years; chaplain of 9th Reg. Miss. Volunteers.


October 17, 1861

LUCY MALONE BAKER d/o William E. and Mary E. Baker, Morgan Co., Ala., born Dec. 25, 1856; died July 27, 1861.

THOMAS W. R. LEDBETTER born March 15, 1854; died Sep. 23, 1861; GEORGE WILEY LEDBETTER, born Oct. 9, 1855; died Sep. 8, 1861; sons of Rev. Henry and America Ledbetter.

JAMES KENDRICK GREEN s/o James B. and Elizabeth C. Green, died near Camden, Ark., Sept. 12, 1861 aged 2 years, 4 months old.

MARTHA MAXWELL w/o John Maxwell of Morgan Co., Ala., born Randolph Co., N.C., March 8, 1787; died July 29, 1861 in residence of son-in-law, Samuel Sharp; moved to Grainger Co., Tenn. at age 6; md Dec. 23, 1806; moved to Warren Co., Tenn. 1810; to Morgan co. Ala. 1817; joined MEC 1819.

ELLEN VERNON died Hickman Co., Tenn. July 17, 1861 in her 22nd year.

ROBERT P. ANDREWS s/o Rev. R. L. Andrews, Florence, Ala., died Charlottesville, Va., September 12, 1861 aged 22 years; volunteered with two of his brothers in the Lauderdale Guards, 4th Ala. Reg. Volunteers; survived battle of Manassas, where a brother had been killed, to die later; graduate, Wesleyan University.

NICHOLAS LAMB born Dinwiddie Co., Va. Feb. 3, 1778; died Choctaw Co., Miss. at residence of son, Green B. Lamb, May 19, 1861; moved to Ga. where he md Temperance Jones and moved to Miss. in 1817; his wife was born, md and died in Choctaw County (died 1854 in her 73rd year). "They now sleep side by side."

SALLIE ELIZABETH PIERCE died Sumner Co., Tenn. Sept. 23, 1861 aged 16 years, 2 months, 8 days; "away from her Rutherford County home."

Tribute of Respect for THOMAS A. BENNETT, RANDAL WARREN, ALEXANDER JOHNSON who had died; by Captain Shannon's military company, 24th Tenn. Reg. at Bowling Green, Ky. October 5, 1861.


October 24, 1861

Capt. W. G. GRAYSON died at residence of Henry Sarrer, Sumner Co., Tenn. (no date given); member of 18th Tenn. Reg. Volunteers; typhoid fever.

THOMAS EDWARD MOORE second s/o Thomas and Callie Moore, died in LaGrange, Ark. Sept. 9, 1861 aged 6 years, 10 months, 6 days old.

Lt. BERRY W. EVANS s/o William and Cynthia Evans, was killed by accidental gunshot, Camp Trousdale, Tenn., Sept. 16, 1861 in his 23rd year.

LUCIUS BELTON PEEBLES s/o O. R. and M. A. Peebles died Sept. 11, 1861; sore throat; aged 5 years, l month, 29 days old.

Tribute of Respect for M. A. LEWIS who died Sept. 3, 1861; by Quarterly Conference, Limestone Circuit, Tennessee Conference (no date given).


October 31, 1861

THOMAS RUFFIN BISHOP s/o Caldwell and Frances D. Bishop, born Ouachita Parish, La. Nov. 24, 1856; died Natchitoches Parish, La. October 6, 1861.


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WILLIE D. CROOK s/o Dr. R. M. and Mary C. Crook died Williamson Co., Tenn., October 21, 1861 in his 17th year; had been a clerk in the Methodist Publishing House, Nashville.

SARAH BLEDSOE widow of Anthony Bledsoe, d/o Jesse Hayes, born Johnson Co. N.C. Jan. 23, 1782; died Bedford Co., Tenn. at residence of son, H. Bledsoe, August 20, 1861.

RICHARD MONTGOMERY died Oct. 12, 1861 aged 16 months; ALEXANDER PINCKNEY MONTGOMERY died Oct. 14, 1861 aged 7 years, 3 1/2 months; died of diphtheria; sons of W. P. and Evaline C. Montgomery.

TEXANA CHARITY CAMPBELL d/o Dr. A. s. and E. C. Campbel1, Yalabusha Co., Miss. born June 7, 1854; died Sept. 29, 1861; congestion of lungs.

Tribute of Respect for L. P. WADE of Rutherford Co., Tenn.; by "Southern Aids", 18th Reg., near Bowling Green, Ky. October 12, 1861.

Lt. JAMES D. MOSS died Maury Co., Tenn. Sept. 3, 1861; typhoid fever; 1st Lt., 3 Reg. Tenn. Volunteers.

Miss SARAH E. UMBARGER died Wythe Co., Va. Sept. 8, 1861 in her 20th year.

Rev. RAPHIEL DUNN born Adams Co., Miss.; died Franklin Parish, La. Jan. 27, 1861; licensed to preach Baptist Church, Sept. 13, 1845; ordained elder Aug. 20, 1847; moved to La. 1852; joined MECS July 1857.

WILLIAM M. PEMBERTON born Wilson Co., Tenn. March 11, 1834; died near Camp Trousdale, Tenn., Sept. 25, 1861; private, Col. Palmer's 18th Tenn. Reg. Vols. A resolution of respect by J. H. Richey, chaplain, Bowling Green, Ky. Oct. 5, 1861.


November 7, 1861

JOHN WASHINGTON HOGUE s/o M. J. and J. A. Hogue born March 10, 1861; died Aug. 26, 1861.

JAMES LEVI J. PRICE infant s/o F. A. and J. L. CLOMER died Monticello, Ark. Sept. 20, 1861 aged 10 months, 5 days old.

ROBERT H. CROSSWELL, late of Summerfield, Ala., died Meridian, Miss. Oct. 18, 1861 in his 64th year.

GEORGE WATSON born July 12, 1795; died Monroe Co., Ala., Sept. 13, 1861.

SUSAN JANE TAYLOR d/o William and Elizabeth Taylor, born Williamson Co., Tenn. Nov. 28, 1842; died Oct. 19, 1861; joined MECS 1856.

THOMAS MILLER s/o J. H. and C. A. Mil1er, Clayton, Ala., died Charlottesville, Va., Sept. 6, 1861; typhoid fever; in his 19th year.

ELIZABETH K. BLACKSHER w/o U. T. Blacksher; d/o Joseph Patton, Sumpter Co., Ala., died Oct. 4, 1861 aged 35 years; left widower and five children.

ELIZABETH PRUDENCE SMITH w/o Rev. A. W. Smith of La. Conference; died Oct. 1861; consumptive; md 1853.


November 14, 1861

MAGGIE W. McMAHON d/o A. C. and Sarah J. McMahon died Oct. 7, 1861 aged 19 months old.

MELISSA A. SPROTT d/o James A. and Susan Sprott died Maury Co., Tenn. Oct. 29, 1861 in her 15th year.

BETTIE DITTS BEECH d/o Wood and Rhoda Beech died recently; about a year old.


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HARVEY WARFIELD BROWDER only child of Thomas E. and Susan V. Browder, died Logan Co., Ky. at residence of Richard Browder, Oct. 10, 1861 aged 15 months, 17 days.

JULIA ANN ERWIN born Maury Co., Tenn. March 3, 1831; died Jan. 9, 1861; md William B. Erwin August 21, 1850.

CHARLEY C. SALE died Madison Co., Ala. Sept. 8, 1861 about 36 years old; md Sallie P. Conley; volunteered to serve in 4th Ala. Reg.; 2nd lieutenant; fought at Manassas; elected captain; died from typhoid fever.

SILAS E. HATCHETT died Van Buren Co., Ark. Oct. 9, 1861 in his 23rd year; typhoid fever.

THOMAS B. GWIN, born Feb. l, 1842; died Memphis, Tenn. Sept. 14, 1861; member of 10th Ark. Reg.

SARAH JANE POLLOCK d/o Z. W. and M. E. Siscarr, born Madison Co., Ala.; md D. C. Pollock Dec. 1857, Obion Co., Tenn.; died April 17, 1861.

MARIETTA BELL MARKS d/o T. B. and Tennessee F. Marks, born August 6, 1855; died October 28, 1861; diphtheria.

JANE M. RICHARDSON w/o Rev. Lloyd Richardson, formerly of Tenn. Conference; d/o William and Eleanor Henderson; born Giles Co., Tenn. Sept. 4, 1818; died Sept. 9, 1861; consumptive; md August 3, 1848; moved to Gibson Co., Tenn. Nov. 1857 where she died.

SALLIE E. PIERCE d/o Alfred and Henrietta Pierce died Sept. 21, 1861 aged 16 years.

J. WESLEY CHOATE died Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 18, 1861 aged 22 years; member of Wayne County Rangers.

LEVI FRANKLIN OWEN born March 15, 1821; died Sept. 15, 1861, Stewart Co., Tenn.

JOHN W. PRIMM of Rutherford Co., Tenn., died Sept. 29, 1861, near Dumfries, Va.; typhoid fever; in his 20th year; member, Co. A, Walker's Legion.


November 21, 1861

PATIENCE TAYLOR consort of Ivy Taylor died Coffee Co., Tenn. Oct. 4, 1861 in her 31st year; d/o Zebidee Taylor. Missionary Baptist.

Rev. JESSE G. BREWNER, born Ga., Dec. 3, 1817; died Carroll Co., Miss. Oct. 27, 1861; md Margaret Roland 1837; entered ministry as local preacher, MECS, 1846.

GEORGE W. BROWN born Feb. 17, 1834; died Tul1ahoma, Tenn. Sept. 7, 1861; measles; member of Turney's regiment.

WILLIAM ANDERSON GANNAWAY s/o Rev. R. P. and Mary A. Gannaway born July 27, 1859; died October 16, 1861.

JOANNA B. WILLIAMS d/o Peter and Elizabeth Woodson; w/o Robert F. Williams; born Va. March 13, 1801; died Dyer Co., Tenn. Nov. 4, 1861; md November 7, 1818.

POLLARD RHODES died Roanoke, Ala. Oct. 3, 1861 aged 62 years; born Burke Co., N.C.; moved to Tenn. in early life; md Charlotte McKenzie, Bedford Co., Tenn.; moved to Ala. 1836 and settled at Talladega.

EMILY HOLLY born Sept. 22, 1849; died June 5, 1861. FRANCIS HOLLY born April 6, 1852; died June 5, 1861; died from diphtheria; children of "Brother and Sister Kendrick."


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November 28, 1861

MARTHA P. RATCLIFFE w/o F. G. Ratcliffe, born Williamson Co., Tenn. Nov. 3, 1818; died in same county, Nov. 9, 1861; joined MEC 1837.

EMILY PRYOR MALONE d/o Dr. Thomas Stith and Harriet Pryor Malone, died Nov. 17, 1861 aged 4 years, 3 days old.

Dr. R. M. PHILLIPS born Livingston Co., Ky. Aug. 29, 1829; died Navarro Co., Texas Oct. 11, 1861; graduate, Louisville Medical College; joined MECS March 28, 1851; moved to Navarro Co. 1852; left widow and children.

Judge EUBANKS born Va.; died Hill Co., Texas Aug. 25, 1861 aged 52 years, 6 months old; moved to Tenn., then to Texas in 1835-1836.

ALABAMA V. B. NEVILLE w/o James A. Neville; d/o Robert and Elizabeth High, died Morgan Co., Ala., Sept. 28, 1861 aged 26 years; joined MECS Aug. 1859.

NEWTON CANNON MORRIS s/o Hon. W. P. Morris, Camden, Tenn., died Farmville, Henderson Co., Tenn., Nov. 7, 1861 in his 23rd year; left a widow and other relatives.

SARAH ANN DUSENBERRY born Feb. 1, 1837; died Lincoln Co., Tenn. Oct. 18, 1861.

ASA FREEMAN born Oct. 26, 1787; died Sept. 25, 1861; moved from Ga. to Williamson Co., Tenn.

AURELIUS T. GIBSON s/o Henry P. Gibson, Davis Co., Va., born Jan. 1O, 1841; died Va. September 13, 1861; measles.

WILLIAM ALEXANDER SMITH s/o James T. Smith, born Oct. 26, 1855; died Johnson Co., Tenn. August 1, 1861; croup.


December 5, 1861

BENJAMIN LOGAN s/o Mrs. V. A. Logan, died Nov. 20, 1861 aged 10 months, 13 days.

JOHN WESLEY THOMSON ROBERTS died Knox Co., Tenn. Oct. 23, 1861 aged 12 years; s/o Rev. S. Roberts of Clinton, Tenn.

Rev. FRANKLIN R. GOOCH s/o James and Sarah Gooch, born Robertson Co., Tenn. October 1817; died Oct. 13, 1861; md Jan. 1844; became a MECS preacher; ordained deacon Oct. 29, 1848; served in Tennessee Conference.

Tribute of Respect for GEORGE G. SOMERVELL of Sharon, Tenn. who had died; by Philanthropic Society, University of North Carolina, November 16, 1861.

MARY JANE FISHER d/o Andrew and Sarah Fisher, born May 3, 1839; died Cripple Creek, Wythe Co., Va. October 10, 1861.

Capt. FRANK S. BEAUMONT born Clarksville, Tenn., April 11, 1842; died Warm Springs, Va. October 6, 1861; a captain, 14th Reg. Tenn. Volunteers.

Mrs. ELIZABETH McCOMBS died Shelbyville, Tenn. Nov. 17, 1861; born S.C. Dec. l, 1776; joined Baptist Church 1799 and 13 years ago joined Missionary Baptist Church group.

SARAH TALOR w/o T. A. Talor, died Calhoun Co., Miss. Oct. 16, 1861 aged 57 years.

JANE DUREN COPELAND d/o James W. and Elizabeth Copeland born June 20, 1859; died Pontotoc Co., Miss. Oct. 20, 1861; flux.

T. JEFF YARBROUGH s/o I. C. and M. Yarbrough, died Camden, in 2nd year. BLANCH Yarbrough d/o Isaac C. and Mary Yarbrough died Camden, Benton Co., Tenn., October 4, 1861 aged 6 years, 5 months old.

JENNY WINN d/o Rev. G. and Margaret J. Winn, born Ala. June 26, 1840; died Oct. 11, 1861.

N. T. DURHAM born Orange Co., N.C. Jan. l, 1829; died Carroll Co., Miss., Oct. 7, 1861; s/o Thomas and Delilah Durham; moved to Lauderdale Co., Tenn. when a child.


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ELIZA JANE CILLIMAN w/o Dr. C. W. Cilliman, died Lauderdale Co., Miss., Oct. 16, 1861; born Feb. l, 1838; d/o Dr. T. R. and Nancy Hughes; joined MECS 1848; md April 21, 1849. /One wonders if the ADVOCATE editor misread this surname and spelled it accordingly./

EDWARD FLETCHER PETERSON s/o E. M. and Ellen B. Peterson died Lexington, Va. Nov. 17, 1861 aged 8 months, 15 days old.


December 12, 1861

LUCY E. WHITE d/o Dr. G. W. and M. White, died Maury Co., Tenn. Nov. 19, 1861 aged 9 years; diphtheria.

MARY F. JACKSON w/o F. W. Jackson; died Warren Co., Ky. Nov. 16, 1861 in her 44th year.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES H. PLUMMER; by Newburgh Lodge #286, Masonic order, November 11, 1861.

WILLIE E. McDONALD s/o Elihue and Mary McDonald, born Giles Co., Tenn. July 4, 1843; died Nashville, Tenn. November 16, 1861.

MARTHA W. WARREN w/o Rev. Egbert M. Warren, died Humphreys Co., Tenn. Oct. 26, 1861; consumptive; d/o Rev. James M. Plarker; md September 7, 1843.

ROBERT E. CARR s/o John Carr, Cypress, Ala., born April 12, 1833; died Oct. 27, 1861; private, 8th Ala. Reg.; having survived battle of Manassas, July 1861 to become ill in October 1861 and die.

PINKNEY BLACKBURN, member of 16th Ala. Reg., died November 18, 1861.

Sgt. JOSHUA TIPPS, private, Col. Newman's Reg., died Nov. 18, 1861 at Tazewell, Tennessee.

PARTHENIA WALL w/o James Wall, born Dec. 20, 1807; died Newbern, Va. Oct. 3, 1861; md January 7, 1832; professed religion, campground, Thorn Spring, Pulaski Co., Va. fall of 1837; appended with poem written in her memory by her daughter, Mrs. Mary E. S. Douthat.

JOHN W. CLARK s/o Robert L. and Martha C. Clark, born Madison Co., Ala. Dec. 12, 1841; died Jackson, Tenn., Nov. 20, 1861; typhoid fever; moved to Attala Co., Miss. 1854; joined MECS 1853; enlisted in "Long Rifles", Confederate army, June 1861. His parents were notified of his illness and they had started from home in Miss. but met friends carrying his corpse home a few miles from Knoxville, Tennessee.

SALLIE HUSBANDS born Oct. 2, 1854; died October 7, 1861.


December 19, 1861

JOEL M. SMITH, old citizen, died Nashville, Tenn. December 11, 1861.

ROBERT PATTERSON oldest s/o Hon. William Patterson died East Feliciana Parish, La. Nov. 28, 1861, about 18 years old.

Miss LAURA GEE born Nashville, Tenn.; died near this city, Nov. 2, 1861.

Mrs. FRANCIS ANN HARRIS, nee Barter, w/o William O. Harris, died Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 26, 1861 in her 44th year; md July 1838; orphaned she was raised by Col. A. H. Wynne; had four sons, two daughters; two sons in Confederate army.

HARRIET MALISSA WARREN w/o Amzi Warren; d/o Isham Lemo, born Jan. 6, 1837; died Ark. Aug. 22, 1861; md Feb. 25, 1855; moved to Ark. Jan. l, 1860; left widower and three sons.

Miss MARY S. CARTER died Nashville, Tenn. November 24, 1861 aged 54 years.

JANE PIPES, mother of Rev. John Pipes of La. Conference, died Union Parish, La. October 17, 1861, aged about 72 years.


(Page 29)

Rev. SHELDON E. ROSE, young chaplain, 16th Miss. Reg., died Nov. 1861; typhoid fever; probably in his 20th year.

DANIEL T. HUTCHINSON died Craig Co., Va. November 11, 1861; typhoid fever in his 40th year.

DELILAH WILLIAMS widow of Stephen Williams, born Randolph Co., N.C. Jan. 2, 1780; died Nov. 9, 1861; survived her husband by 31 years, 5 months and 9 days; had seven sons, four daughters, a11 except the eldest son surviving her; joined MEC 1825 in Richmond Co., N.C.


December 26, 1861

SUSAN H. HOLMAN died Macon Co., Tenn. (no date given), aged 5 years, 10 months, 6 days; diphtheria.

JOSEPHINE A. HOLMAN died Macon Co., Tenn., Nov. 17, 1861; diphtheria; aged 8 years 1 month, 27 days.

PAUL CHILES, JR., born March 27, 1811; died Oct. 23, 1861; he and wife joined MECS Sept. 26, 1855; contracted disease while waiting on son, THOMAS H. CHILES, volunteer in Capt. Walker's company, and stayed with him until he died; brought son home for burial and he also soon died of camp fever. His son, WILLIS CHILES, of Capt. Worley's company, came home sick with camp fever and died December 6, 1861, leaving a widow and child.

Tribute of Respect for Dr. S. M. VAN WYCK who died "in defense of his country" in Kentucky, November 30, 1861; by Sabbath School, Huntsville Station (no date). Another tribute of respect for him by Official Board, Huntsville MECS, noting that he had been a surgeon in Col. Forrest's regiment.

BENJAMIN GREENE CHERRY s/o W. H. and E. J. McFARLIN, born Sept. 24, 1858; died August 30, 1861; diphtheria. His sister, NANCY JANE CHERRY, born Aug. 20, 1860; died Sept. 30, 1861; diphtheria.

HATTIE WHITFIELD born March 23, 1861; died Aug. 21, 1861; EUGENIA WHITFIELD, died Nov. 7, 1861 aged 2 years, 3 months, 16 days old; daughters of Lewis and Anna Whitfield; buried in new cemetery in Russellville, Kentucky.

The names of other MECS preachers who died in 1860 were, in the May 2, 1861 issue:
JOHN FOUST, ROBERT R. DICKINSON, JOSEPH W. HIGHTOWER of the Alabama Conference; THOMAS W. COOPER, WILLIAM EDWARDS of the Florida Conference; A. A. SMITHWICK of the Rio Grande Conference; JOHN HAYNIE, HENRY D. HUBERT of the Texas Conference; H. B. HAMILTON, M. C. ROBERSON of the East Texas Conference; JOSEPH D. ANDREWS of the Arkansas Conference; BENJAMIN KELLOGG, JACOB WHITESIDES of the Ouachita Conference; D. W. EPPS, N. B. PETERSON, J. T. COX of the Pacific Conference.

A good-natured spoof on the excessive types of panegyrical obituaries which were submitted for publication appeared in the October 17, 1861 issue. It read, "A Western Obituary -Mitter Edgtur:Jem bangs we are sorry tu stait, has dezeized, departed this life last mundy. Jem was generally considered a gud feller. He dide at the age of 23 years old. He went 4th without ary as peper-grass, migty smart. tu morrer we are cut down like a cowcumber of the ground. Jem kept a nice stoar, which his wife now waits on. His vischews was numerus to behold. Men ny is the things we bot at his grocery and we are happy to stait to the admirin world that he never cheated. We neve knew him to put sand in his sugar, tho' he had a big sand bar in front of his house; nur water in his lickers, tho' the Ohio River runs past his dore. He leaves a wife. 6 children. cow. 4 horses. qrocery stoar and other quodrepeds to mourn his loss, but in the splendid langridge of the past, his loss is there internal gane.


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