By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1997


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NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #1. January 7, 1871

Mrs. M. IVEY relict of late David A. Ivey b Robertson Co., Tenn. Jan. 26, 1803; d Logan Co., Ky., Nov. 7, 1870; md January 1824.

LULA SARDENIA ELOISE BELL d/o Rev. Largus P. and Victoria Bell b Tallapoosa Co., Ala. June 12, 1869; d Nov. 21, 1870.

GEORGE R. HART d Dec. 13, 1870 in his 23rd year. Bardstown, Ky.

Mrs. MARY A. DAVIS w/o J. B. Davis, d Edgefield, Tenn., Nov. 27, 1870 in her 63rd year.

Miss JESSIE SIMPSON d Humphreys Co., Tenn., Nov. 2, 1870 aged 16 years, 1 month.

JOEL IRVING SMITH d Jordan's Springs, Tenn., Dec. 12, 1870, aged 22 years.

Mrs. SARAH BIGGS, mother-in-1aw of John M. Hudson b Sevier, Co., Tenn. May 1807; d Dec. 16, 1870; member of Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. HENRIETTA PALYMYRA LAWRENCE w/o Rev. A. F. Lawrence of Tenn. Conference, d/o John and Elizabeth Pope, d nr. Franklin, Tenn., Dec. 4, 1870.

LOUISA MARIA FISK w/o James G. Fisk, d/o Hutchinson and Elva Manley, d. Oct. 19, 1870, aged 30 years, 6 months, 9 days.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #1. January 7, 1871

MARTHA R. BOLTON d/o William T. and T. M. Bolton, b Feb. 6, 1852; d Aug. 13, 1870, congestive chill.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #2. January 14, 1871

BETTIE GRAY w/o John Gray of Covington, Ky.; d/o George and Mary Tarvin, b Newport, Ky., June 27, 1840; d November 12, 1870; buried Linden Grove Cemetery.

HIRAM JENKINS b Rutherford Co., Tenn., March 16, 1816; buried Dec. 17, 1870; md Nancy Puckett, Sept. 7, 1837; his only daughter, ALICE JENKINS KERR, b Nov. 28, 1846; d Jan. 2, 1871; md Henry H. Kerr; her only child, HIRAM JENKINS KERR, d July 28, 1870 "a tender babe."

Mrs. SARAH B. APPLE d/o Rev. David Timberlake, b Nov. 30, 1824; d Nov. 28, 1870.

MARGARET M. ELY d/o Hiram R. and Keziah Ely b Lee Co., Va., Sept. 7, 1839, where she also d Nov. 12, 1870; joined MEC, 1859.

Mrs. ELIZABETH OLDHAM b Culpepper Co., Va., May 1786; d Portland, Ky., Nov. 19, 1870; moved in 1792 to Ky.

CARRIE ADAMS oldest d/o H. A. and M. D. SHOUSE of Hickman Co., Tenn., b June 30, 1862; d Sept. 7, 1870, rheumatism.

Dr. ROBERT L. WILKERSON b Albemarle Co., Va. May 18, 180l; d Princeton, Minnesota Dec. 9, 1870; md Elizabeth Bowman of Casey Co., Ky. and settled in Nelson Co Ky.; went a year ago to Minnesota to restore his health; buried in Ky.

NATHAN EVANS s/o Thomas and Lizzie THOMPSON b Aug. 23, 1868; d Dec. 23, 1870.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #3. January 21, 1871

Mrs. CHARLOTTE T. BROOKE, nee Hooe, d Maysville, Ky., Dec. 6, 1870, at home of son-in- law, James H. Hall, nearly 81 years old; born and raised in Va.; md John Brooke who died about 4 years ago.

DAVID WILLIAMSON, SR. b Halifax Co., N.C. May 5, 1777; d Feb. 25, 1870; moved to Ohio, 1832; moved in 1852 to McLean Co., Illinois, where his sons James and David died; also his only dau. who lived in Mo.; then went to live with surviving son, John J. Williamson in Maury Co., Tenn.

WILLIAM DUKE b Tenn., Feb. 10, 1811; d Ohio Co., Ky., Dec. 12, 1870; md Julia A Neely, 1835.

GEORGE SCOTT, oldest s/o Rev. James L. and Vannie Edrington of Louisville Conference, b Portland, Ky., Dec. 1, 1865; d Calhoun, Ky., Dec. 25, 1870.

SAMUEL THOMAS VANMETER HOLMES s/o Dr. A. G. and Mary J. Holmes, d Jacksonville, Sept. 26, 1870, aged 1 year, 18 days.

GEORGE CLANTON STONE s/o William and Mary Stone, d Oct. 7, 1870, aged 11 months.

MARY JOSEPHINE OGILVIE d/o Dr. W. T. Hughes b Bedford Co., Tenn., June 21, 1850; d Rutherford Co., Tenn., Oct. 16, 1870; md R. C. Ogi1vie, December 18, 1860.

MAT RED OGILVIE s/o R. C. and Mary Josephine Ogi1vie b Dec. 13, 1869; d Sept. 13, 1870.

JERUSHA MAY LATHAM d/o Rev. G. and Zipha Latham b March 5, 1870; d Nov. 13, 1870.

CARRIE LEWIS TAYLOR d/o Rev. W. B. and Hannah Isbell Taylor b Sept. 22, 1864; d. December 20, 1870.


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GEORGE PEAK b Marion Co., Ky., Oct. 10, 1797; d Nov. 5, 1870; md (1) Polly Ann Pirtle, Oct. 3, 1820; (2) Lucetta Coy, Oct. 3, 1860.

JOHN WILSON d nr. Webster, N.C., Jan. 4, 1871 in his 77th year.

ASBURY R. HOCKER b Dec. 24, 18l5; d Dec. 1, 1870.

Mrs. LUCINDA SIMS w/o Rev. James D. Sims d Dec. 18, 1870, aged 68 years; d/o John and Martha Smith of South Carolina.

ALBERT BRYAN MATTHEWS s/o Rev. A. C. Matthews of Tenn. Conference, b May 23, 1870; d Oct. 9, 187O.

MILUS SOUTHARD d White Co., Tenn., Dec. 29, 1870 from pistol shot wound; s/o Rev. D. M. Southard.

JOSEPH MORGAN b Jefferson Co., Va., Oct. 4, 1792; d Logan Co., Ky., Jan. 2, 1871; md Elizabeth Adams, 1817; fought in battle of New Orleans, War of 1812.

MARTHA A. TAYLOR w/o John R. Tay1or d Dec. 23, 1870 in her 32nd year, consumptive.

Tribute of Respect for HENRY A. OVERALL s/o Nace and Adeline Overall, b Rutherford Co., Tenn., Apri1 2, 1847; d in same, Nov. 19, 1870; by Christian Band, Overall's Chapel, Shady Grove Circuit, November 26, 1870.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #4. January 28, 1871

GEORGE H. WARFIELD d Dec. 9, 1870. Olmstead, Ky.

JULIA SEHOZ GROSS b nr. Morristown, Tenn., May 7, 1847; d July 22, 1870 nr. Sparta; md Jesse L. Gross, 1864.

Mrs. MARTHA ARNETT widow of L. W. Arnett, d January 1, 1871, Croyden, Ky. in her 65th year.

Colonel ANDREW MILAM d Davidson Co., Tenn., Dec. 22, 1870, aged abt. 65 years; native of Va.; a model farmer.

JAMES A. FOXWORTHY d Fleming Co., Ky. Jan. 11, 1871, aged 23 years.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #5. February 4, 1871

DAVID BROWDER b Logan Co., Ky., 1818; d Montgomery, Ala., June 6, 1871; belonged to large family of Browders who settled in Kentucky "at an early date"; left widow and children.

SALLIE ELIZABETH McKEE d/o Rev. James P. and Emily C. McKee b Rutherford Co Tenn., Nov. 6, 1866; d Milton, Oct. 30, 1870.

Mrs. MOLLIE F. HARRIS d Jackson Co., Ala., Sept. 29, 1870, aged 23 years.

Mrs. NANCY OPHELIA HARWELL d/o James and Ara McKnight b Giles Co., Tenn., Oct. 11, 1822; d January 8, 1871; md Rev. William M. Harwell of Limestone Co., Ala., Nov. 12, 1855.

ROSAN E. SMILEY d/o John and Permelia E. Hall b Bullitt Co., Ky., Dec. 25, 1850; d Jan. 10, 1871; md Alexander Smiley, Sept. 15, 1870.

Rev. RICHARD HENRY HERBERT b S.C., 1806; d Oct. 9, 1870; moved to Wilkinson Co., Miss. when a boy; converted abt. age 18; preached variously, served as presiding elder in Miss. District.

HORACE A. DOUGLASS d Saundersville, Tenn., May 4, 1870, aged 22 years; left her parents and siblings.


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Miss JANE WATSON d Davidson Co., Tenn., Jan. 19, 1871 in her 68th year.

MARY W. DENMAN d Dec. 24, 1870, Henderson Co., Ky., where she was b June 28, 1835; md Hampton Denman, Sept. 17, 1861.

Miss HELEN ANDREWS d nr. Sparta, Tenn., Dec. 20, 1870, aged 22 years.

WILLIAM BENTON "my dear father" (W. T. Benton) b Caswell Co., N.C., April 15, 1796; d Oct. 19, 1870.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. GIDEON McDANIEL who died recently; by Quarterly Conference of Oakland Circuit, Bowling-Green, Ky., Louisville Conference, Nov. 26, 1870, at Shiloh.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #6. February 11, 1871

BURCHIE BARRETT d/o William S. Barrett b Hartford, Ky., Sept. 11, 1845; d Jan. 1, 1871; her mother died when she was eight years old.

HANNAH KEMPER d/o John and Margaret Henry b Ireland, April 7, 1809; d. Dec. 31, 1870; md Moses Kemper abt the age of 22; brought up a Presbyterian but joined the MEC.

Aunt SALLIE COX "is dead" (no date), submitted by B. F. White, Cedar Bluff, Va.; mostly a pious statement.

Mrs. SARAH D. SMITH w/o Zachariah Smith b Louisa Co., Va. abt. 1803; d Fairview, Ky., Dec. 23, 1870; md June 11, 1827; moved to Todd Co., Ky. Oct. 1841; member several years of Bell's Chapel.

AUDLEY P. CALDWELL b Rhea Co., Tenn., Sept. 11, 1821; d December 2, 1870; md Catharine Peters, Washington, Tenn., Sept. 23, 1849; a daughter recently md Prof. J. D. Collins and moved to California.

ROBBY THOMPSON s/o R. S. and Phebe Thompson of Shelbyville, Ky., b May 8, 1851; d January 27, 1871.

CLABORN BOND s/o Rev. Preston and Be1inda F. Bond b Anderson Co., Ky., May 6, 1852; d December 24, 1870.

ELI A. LACKEY b Lincoln Co., Tenn. Aug. 3, 1825; d in same, January 20, 1871.

EDWIN WALKER CLARK s/o Captain and Mrs. Anna Clark b Dec. 18, 1868; d Auburn, Ky., Sept. 22, 1870.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. ADAM S. RIGGS; by M. Y. G., Petersburg, Va.; no dates


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #7. February 18, 1871

WILLIAM L. BATES only brother of Rev. Ulysses S. Bates of Tenn. Conference b April 8, 1848; d Nov. 26, 1870; tribute of respect for him by Woodbury Lodge, #255, Masons, December 5, 1870.

Mrs. ANN ELIZA TERRELL w/o Captain James W. Terrell d Jackson Co., N.C. Dec. 11, 1870 in her 37th year; d/o late Rev. Ulrich Keener of Holston Conference; md Aug. 1858 and had six children, two of whom predeceased her.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #8. February 25, 1871

Mrs. SARAH E. SAWRIE w/o R. A. Sawrie, d/o Rev. Thomas D. and Ann R. Harwell b Giles Co., Tenn., July 22, 1849; d TEX, Nov. 11, 1870; moved to Dyer Co., Tenn. with parents in 1859; later moved to TEX for her "shattered health."


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Tribute of Respect for RICHARD BARNES by Clinton Lodge, February 7, 1871.

HUGH L. PATTERSON s/o late Dr. Hugh and Ellen Patterson b Jan. 18, 1859; d Jan. 18, 1871 from injuries in a Nashville-Chattanooga RR accident. Birth month and day given as the same in obituary.

WILLIAM SMITH d Wilson Co., Tenn., Feb. 8, 1871 in his 48th year.

Mrs. FLORETTA J. CHARLTON d/o Thomas J. and Parthenia G. Cardwell b Smith Co. Tenn., Feb. 21, 1848; d Wilson Co., Tenn. Oct. 21, 1870; raised by her uncle, James W. Bradley; md George W. Charlton, October 6, 1859.

Rev. THOMAS WITTEN b Jan. 17, 1810; d Independence, Ark., Jan. 23, 1871; preached in Holston Conference but in 1848 moved to Ark. and settled in county where he died.

THOMAS McGREW b Westmoreland Co., Pa., March l782; d nr. Newport, Ky., Feb. 4, 1871; left an orphan when an infant; raised by his half-sister; he moved with her to Lexington, Ky. in 1786; the next year they moved to Dayton, Ohio; in 1808 he moved to Pa but the next year moved to Campbell Co., Ky.; md Lydia Gaddis, 1810, who had been dead 30 years; at his death, he was the oldest citizen of Campbell Co., Kentucky.

MARGARET VIRGINIA WATKINS, youngest d/o James M. and Tryphena S. Watkins of Anderson Co., Ky., b Nov. 15, 1852; d October 31, 1870.

E. J. SMITH's funeral was preached at Ebenezer, Yellow Creek Circuit, Jan. 1871; he was b Aug. 4, 1831 and d May 7, 1870; his infant child, JACKSON ANNA SMITH, b Feb. 14, 1870; d May 8, 1870.

Tribute of Respect for Rev. WILLIAM PRICHARD by Quarterly Conference, Dadeville Circuit, Feb. 6, 1871.



Rev. PHILIP EMBURY GILL b Stafford Co., Va., Dec. 21, 1805; d Clay Co., Mo., Dec. 21, 1870.

Major RICHARD L. MOORE b June 11, 1796, Fayette Co., Ky.; d Greensburg, Ky., Feb 12, 1871; veteran of War of 1812; merchant many yrs. in Greensburg.

Mrs. SUE M. PICKENS w/o Rev. R. W. Pickens d Buncombe Co., N.C., Feb. 1, 1871, aged abt. 32 years.

Gen. JONATHAN RICHMOND b Scott Co., Va. Aug. 14, 1805; d Lee Co., Va., Feb. 8, 1871; for years member of state senate and House of Representatives.

ROBERT TRIMBLE RICHEY b Blount Co., Tenn., May 24, 1798; d January 4, 1871; wife,

EVELINA RICHEY b Sumner Co., Tenn., Dec. 25, 1799; d Dec. 1, 1870; d/o Dr. Kennedy; md June 10, 1819; moved to Giles Co., Tenn. and in 1856 moved to Waco, Texas.

WILLIE NUCKELS s/o Rev. B. F. and Mary Nuckels of Holston Conference b March 16, 1868; d Feb. 6, 1871.

TRESSIE C. WILLIAMS d/o Rev. N. Gower of Lawrenceburg Circuit, Tenn., d Feb. 10, 1871; md Joseph Williams in her l6th year.

ADRIAN THOMPSON, accidentally shot himself, Bewleyville, Ky., Feb. 18, 1871; s/o James and Elizabeth Thompson.


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JESSE C. KEATTS, youngest s/o William J. and Sarah A. Keatts, b Oct. 11, 1862; d January 1, 1871.

Dr. W. A. HIGGASON b Greene Co., Ky. and d Feb. 14, 1871, aged 34 years; for several years practiced medicine in Occola, Kentucky.

LOU TOWLES d/o Capt. and Ann Towles d Greensburg, Ky. Dec. 30, 1870, aged 13 years.

WILLIAM B. ARMSTRONG b May 20, 1809; d Princeton, Ky., Jan. 23, 1871; md (1) Sarah M. Byard, three children; (2) Parilee C. Jenkins, no children.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #10. March 11, 1871

Rev. Bishop JAMES OSGOOD ANDREW d March 2, 1871; b Wilkes Co., Ga., May 3, 1794; joined MEC at age 13, Elbert Co., Ga.; at General Conference, Philadelphia, 1832 he was appointed a bishop; md thrice, first wife was mother of his children; second wife owned slaves and the northern delegates to the General Conference in 1844 tried to suspend him from his position for having kept these slaves, with the result that the southern churches withdrew and established the MEC, South in 1845; md third wife in Ala. in 1854.

SAMUEL CECIL b Tazewell Co., Va., Sept. 18, 1791; d there Feb. 21, 1870; md Rebecca Smith, Dec. 18, 1817; md Nancy Carroll, Sept. 30, 1841.

Mrs. HARRIET C. JOHNSON, nee Patterson, w/o Colonel Thomas B. Johnson b. Franklin Co., Va., May 3, 1804; d nr. Nashville, Tenn., March 1, 1871; sister of Drs. Hugh and B. M. Patterson; md Fayette Co., Ky., Feb. 18, 1827; moved to Miss. but moved back to Tenn. where she had lived some 25 years.

Mrs. BETSEY SANDERS b March 6, 1803; d Wythe Co., Va., Feb. 14, 1871; md Colonel John Sanders, Jan. 27, 1820; joined MEC, 1853; d at residence of her son, Major William Sanders.

Mrs. SUSANNAH H. STONE w/o John Stone d Nov. 24, 1870, aged 72 years, 9 months, 1 day; lived in Holston Conference.

STEPHEN TUCKER b Oct. 1, 182l; d Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 6, 1871.

NANCY JUDITH BENNETT d/o Samuel W. and Elizabeth Bennett b March 3, 1869; d Jan. 19, 1871.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #11. March 18, 1871

ELIZABETH YENAWINE w/o George V. Yenawine b Dec. 7, 1826; d Jefferson Co., Ky., Jan. 21, 1871; left father, husband and seven children; eldest son, Dr. Thomas Yenawine.

Mrs. B. B. TERRY d Crittenden Co., Ky. Dec. 2l, 1870 in her 54th year.

JOSEPH H. PEACH s/o Sterling B. and Jennetta Peach b March 25, 1854; d nr. Hillsboro, Tenn., Feb. 18, 1871.

SAMUEL JOHNSON d Christian Co., Ky. in home of his mother, Jan. 16, 1871, aged 10 1/2 years old. son of Rev. John M. Johnson.

CARRIE DULEY only child of Dr. H. H. Duley of Smithland, Ky. d Feb. 2, 1871, aged 3 years, 3 months, 4 days.

Mrs. MARY GUY WILLIAMSON d Frankfort, Ky., March 3, 1871 in her 85th year.


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Mrs. JOSEPHINE DAVIS w/o Dr. H. C. Davis, d/o Hon. Joseph LeClompte and Margaret LeCompte of Henry Co., Ky., d Mercer Co., Ky., Feb. 10, 1871; born Sept. 12, 1844; md July 7, 1863; had four sons.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #12. March 25, 1871

GOLDEN WEDDING. ARCHIBALD BAIN b Shelby Co., Ky., aged 72 years and wife, NANCY R. GATEWOOD BAIN, nearly 70 years old, married March 1, 1821; offered by B. F. Sedwick, Bedford, Ky., March 4, 1871.

ELIZABETH ASHFIELD GRAVES VALENTINE b Charles City Co., Va. March 12, 1787; d Knoxville, Tenn., Feb. 5, 1871; md Armstead Truslow, Nov. 29, 1810; they moved to Lynchburg, Va. where he died in 1836; she went to Knoxville in 1837.

B. W. JOHNSON d Leake Co., Miss., Dec. 24, 1870 in his 80th year.

MARY WILKERSON d/o Joseph P. and Emily G. Wilkerson b Grayson Co., Ky., June 6, 1852; d Dec. 5, 1870.

TABITHA MERCER d Breckinridge Co., Ky., Feb. 28, 1871, aged 74 years.

Mrs. SARAH MARIA FARRIS b Green Co., Tenn., Dec. 10, 1825; d Lockhart, TEX, Feb. 24, 1871; md Dr. William Harris, June 2, 1846 and had three chi1dren; moved from Va. to Ga., 1867; thence to Texas in 1870.

ADELLE DE YAMPERT infant d/o W. B. and Emma De YAMPERT d Jan. 25, 1871, aged 1 year, 1 month, 20 days. Bayou Bartholomew, Arkansas.



LEWIS REDFORD BENNETT s/o Joseph A. and M. A. Bennett, b Hartford, Ky. May 8, 1870; d March 10, 1871.

SARAH JANE JOHNSON, nee Vernon, b March 15, 1847; d Hickman Co., Tenn., Feb. 28, 1871; consumptive; md Robert Johnson, July 23, 1870.

O. C. WEAVER w/of J. B. Weaver, d/o late W. C. Garrison, b Dec. 30, 1833; d Jan. 28, 1871.

MINNIE BOSWELL d Se1ma, Ala., March 16, 1871 in her 19th year; joined MEC, Jackson, Tenn., April 24, 1869.

Mrs. MARGARET W. ELLIOTT, nee Pinner, widow of Rev. Allen Elliott, d Pa1myra Tenn., Jan. 10, 1871; b N.C., 1803; moved to Tenn., 1817; md 1818.

Mrs. JOSEPHINE BRADLEY w/o J. L. Bradley of Logan Co., Ky. b Jan. 1, 1840; d Feb. 19, 1871.

EDWARD HARRISON GUYER s/o John and Mary Guyer of Morgan Co., Ala. b Feb. 26, 186O; d Feb. 26, 1871.

JOSEPH H. WRIGHT b Mt. Washington, Bullitt Co., Ky., 1828; d nr. Louisville, Ky., Jan. 29, 1871.

THOMAS MADIN TAYLOR b June 27, 1844; d Lewis Co., Ky., Feb. 18, 1871; joined MEC, Taylor Chapel, Vanceburg Circuit, Ky. Conference, 1861.

NANCY NEELY, widow, d/o John and Nancy Dobbin d Maury Co., Tenn., March 17, 1871; md John Neely, 1842, who d within 2 years leaving her with one child.

NANCY WHITE b Wake Co., N.C., Sept. 14, 1787; moved to Smith Co., Tenn.; md Wiley Su11ivan, Oct. 28, 1806; lived in Smith Co. unti1 1831 when they moved to Overton Co., Tenn. where she died January 24, 1871.


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ISRAEL CANNON d January 7, 1871, between 75-80 years old; md Elizabeth Light, 1816; left three children. Kentucky.

WILLIAM S. SAMFORD eldest s/o Rev. L. M. and Mary Samford b Nov. 7, 1853; d March 7, 1871; joined MEC, 1870.

SUSAN FRANKIE VARNELL only d/o David N. Varnell of McMinn Co., Tenn. d March 13, 1871 in her 21st year.

CORNELIA J. GARRETT, second d/o Col. Lewis A. Garrett d nr. Bean's Station, Tenn., July 26, 1870 in her 26th year.

MARTHA L. TOOMEY, nee Dickey, b Sevier Co., Tenn., Jan. 14, 1817; d (no date given); left her widower.

P. FRANCIS WORD d/o Dorrel and Elizabeth B. Freeman, b Dec. 7, 1841; d March 13, 1871.

MARY ELLEN BOND d/o William C. and Mary A. Bond b April 23, 1856; d Jan. 10, 1871.

MARY J. DUNCAN b March l3, 1842; d March 8, 1871; left parents and siblings.

HENRY J. M. BOND s/o William C. and Mary A. Bond b Allen Co., Ky. Feb. 4, 1854; d Dec. 25, 1870, typhoid fever.

GEORGE P. FRENCH b Giles Co., Va., Aug. 1, 1804; d Russell Co., Va., Feb. 7, 1871; a Methodist for 32 years.

THOMAS ANDREW DAVIS youngest s/o W. T. and Lucretia Davis d March 22, 1871, aged 10 years, 4 months.

ANVILESA BRITTAIN d/o A. S. and Mary Ogilvie, w/o R. H. Brittain b April 11, 1842; d Feb. 4, 1871.

NORA LAWLER b Sumter Co., Ala., Feb. 14, 1850; d Dec. 9, 1870; d/o Lewis and Ellen Parrent; md William W. Lawler, May 27, 1867.

Tribute of Respect for JETHRO M. BURNS by Pinkneyville Circuit, Alabama Conference, March 4, 1871.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #15. April 15, 1871

Rev. JOHN B. POWERS of North Alabama Conference, d March 30, 1870 nr. Montevallo.

RICHARD BARNES b Washington City, Sept. 17, 1792; d Princeton, Ky., Feb. 6, 1871; moved to Bardstown, Ky., 1799; to Salem, Ky., 1812; joined MEC, 1819, two years after moving to Princeton, Ky.

SARAH M. WOLFE w/o Emanuel Wolfe b Green Co., Tenn., July 1, 1817; d Scott Co., Va., March 16, 1871; moved to Orange Co., Mo.

JOHN G. PICKENS b S.C., Aug. 22, 1780; d Lauderdale Co., Ala., Feb. 23, 1871; moved to Marion Co., Tenn. when young, where he spent most of his life.

Rev. WILLIAM NAIL b Lincoln Co., Ga., March 2, l786; d Bledsoe Co., Tenn., Aug. 3, 1870, where he had moved to, abt. 18l9; been a preacher 46 years.

Miss SUSAN AMANDA BUNNELL b Oct. 4, 1848; d Feb. 21, 1871.

Mrs. SALLIE MARIA DUNCAN b Feb. 11, 1838; d nr. Cherokee, Ala., March 14, 1871; left father, husband and five children.

Mrs. MARTHA W. SPRATT w/o Thomas H. Spratt, Esq., d/o John and Keziah Ganaway of Cripple Creek, Wythe Co., Va.; d Smyth Co., Va. Jan. 6, 1871, aged abt 31 years.


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Rev. HENRY R. SWISHER d Murray Co., Ga. Dec. 16, 1870 in his 64th year.

C. E. HARRIS s/o Dr. William Harris b Nov. 29, 1842; d Hillsboro, Tenn., Feb. 23, 1871; tribute of respect for him by Hillsboro Lodge, #382, Masons, no date.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 3l, #16. April 22, 1871

RICHARD DUNVILLE b S.C., Feb. 9, 1798; d Webster Co., Ky., Feb. 1, 1871; moved to Hopkins Co., Ky. when young; joined MEC at age 18; md 5 times; left 8 children by his last marriage and 1 child by a former marriage.

FOUNTAIN PITTS TURNER s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Turner b Sumner Co., Tenn., 1845; d Wilson Co., Tenn., March 12, 1871; grandson of William Carr; raised by his widowed mother and grandfather Carr; his father died when he was two years old; veteran of Civil War.

EMMA WHEELER, nee Ward, b Wythe Co., Va., June 19, 1837; d June 6, 1870; md, as her second husband, Vincent W. Wheeler, July 6, 1867.

RICHARD THORNTON MALLARD b July 28, 1832; d March 5, 1871.

MARY T. SMITH b Humphreys Co., Tenn., Dec. 2, 1851; drowned April 7, 1871; had been on horseback and drowned in Trace Creek nr. Johnsonville, Tenn.; left her mother, five brothers and two sisters.

Mrs. MARGARET BERRY d Morganfield, Ky., March 23, 1871 aged 71 years.

NEILL M. GILLIS s/o Rev. D. P. and Sarah A. Gillis b Oct. 11, 1844; d Feb. 14, 1871; moved to TEX, 1871; joined MEC, Sept. 1869; left widow and one child.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 31, #17. April 29, 1871

DAVID GOODYKOONTZ b Frederick Co., Va. Dec. 3, 1805; d March 15, 1871; moved to Floyd Co., Va. when young, where he later died.

MALINDA TATUM d Knoxville, Tenn., March 14, 1871; unmarried.

F. M. GALLOWAY b Sullivan Co., Tenn., Aug. 17, 1826; d April 6, 1871, consumptive; moved to Ky. in 1837; md Sarah Dishman, 1856.

CARRIE HARRINGTON d/o Dr. A. L. Harrington b Sept. 9, 1869; d April 7, 1871.

JEREMIAH ALDERSON b Va., Feb. 27, 1800; d April 8, 1871; moved to Tenn., 1813; md Sarah B. McJimpsy, Feb. 27, 1827; joined MEC, 1841.

ROBERT L. DOUTHATT b Jan. 8, 1813; d Gallatin, Tenn., March 29, 1871.

BENJAMIN WILLIAMS b Va., 1787; d Henderson Co., Ky., April 10, 1871; moved as a child to Jefferson Co., Ky. where he lived until 1852 when he moved to Henderson County; md thrice: Charlotte Fenny, 1818; Priscilla Zenan, 1833; Mrs. Lucinda Jones, 1865.

THOMAS STUART d Hickman Co., Tenn., Apri1 11, 1871 in his 69th year.

Dr. DAVID BRODIE b Granville Co., N.C., Sept. 7, 1792; d Fulton, Tenn. Jan. 1, 1871.

GEORGE P. NEBLETT b Montgomery Co., Tenn., Aug. 10, 1836; d Humphreys Co., Tenn., Apri1 6, 1871.

VIRGINIA WILLIAMSON JONES d/o Thomas and Tabitha Williamson b Robertson Co., Tenn., May 26, 18l0; d Nashville, Tenn., April 7, 1871; md Madison P. Jones, July 13, 1859.


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Long poem in memory of Bishop J. O. Andrew by Rev. T. B. Russell, Ft. Valley, Ga., Apri1 20, 1871.

NANNIE E. CASE, nee Crook, b March 18, 1844; d April 2, 1871; d/o John and Sarah Crook.

Mrs. MILDRED TURPIN "my aunt" (A. H. Redford) d/o Perrin and Susan Redford, b Henrico Co., Va., 179l; d Richmond Co., Va., April 26, 1871; md Richard Turpin, 1812 and he died in 1823; a Baptist.

Mrs. MARGARET H. SEAWELL d March 22, 1871, Sonoma Co., California; md Benjamin C. Seawell, Feb. 4, 1825; to Mo., 1845; to Sonoma Co., California, 1853; had seven children, five surviving her.

Mrs. ROSANNA BELL w/o Thomas Bell of Cheatham Co., Tenn., d Feb. 23, 1871, aged abt. 42 years.

JAMES A. ANDERSON b Jan. 14, 1841; d Feb. 20, 1871; md Bettie Griffith, Oct. 6, 1865.

TILMAN D. PATTERSON b Caldwell Co., Ky., 18ll; d April l6, 1871, having been dragged to death by pair of mules; long-time steamboat pilot on Tenn. and upper Miss. rivers; lived at Paducah, Ky. since 1844; buried in Paducah, Ky. cemetery.

WILLIAM H. HARRISON b April 7, 1801; d Covington, Ky., April 4, 1871.

MARY MORFORD, nee Loyd, d Carrolton, Ky., April 7, 1871 in her 69th year.

YOUNG E. HURT b Adair Co., Ky., May 26, 1818; d Feb. 17, 1871; md twice; last wife being a Miss Montgomery; joined MEC, June 1853; sheriff of Adair co. for six years.

GEORGE TAYLOR BIRD s/o George and Permelia Bird, b Adair Co., Ky. Nov. 8, 1845; d Feb. 11, 1871 at home of uncle and aunt, Rev. James and Elizabeth Breeding, the former his father's cousin, the latter his mother's sister; had clerked in Bowling-Green, Ky.

JOANNA T. POPE b Jones Co., Va., Jan. 3, 1824; d Garsden, Ala., March 27, 1871; md Judge B. T. Pope, January 8, 1838.

JAMES B. ANDERSON s/o W. R. and Perme1ia Anderson b Hardeman Co., Tenn., Dec. 1O, 1847; d Co1bert Co., Ala., Apri1 15, 1871.



Rev. S. A. BLAKEY of St. Louis Conference d March 29, 1871.

Rev. MANOAH RICHARDSON of Missouri Conference d April 16, 1871.

Mrs. NANNIE ASHWORTH SMITH w/o Colonel G. H. Smith, d nr. Lebanon, Tenn., April 21, 1871.

SIMEON J. HALL b Bullitt Co., Ky., July 2, 1842; d Feb. 4, 1871.

REBECCA RIVES consort of Robert Rives b Warren Co., N.C., Feb. 1, 1805; d Montgomery Co., Tenn., March 8, 1871.

JESSE SUMMERFIELD GILBERT s/o Dr. Edwin and Jane Gilbert b July 8, 1859; d by accident, thrown from a horse, March 2, 1871; he and two sisters were left orphans and were raised by a widowed grandmother.

SOPHIA DAVIS d Florida, March 19, 1871 "in a good old age"; left children.


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JAMES L. JONES of Springville, Ala. d April 25, 1871, "my brother" (A. M. Jones); burial by fellow Masons.

JAMES M. DARWIN, JR. s/o Rev. James M. Darwin of Decherd, Tenn., b Sept. 3, 1855; d Feb. 24, 1871.

MARY E. MANN d/o John C. and Mary A. Mann b Jan. 11, 1854; d Feb. 19, 1871.

VERLINDER MARTHA MARSHALL d/o Dr. J. M. and Elizabeth Marshall b Collin Co., TEX, (no date); d Jacksboro, Tenn., March 1, 1871.

ELIZABETH MITCHELL d/o Rev. Daniel Dalton, w/o Jacob N. Mitchell of Allen Co., Ky., d October 25, 1870, aged 31 years.

JOHN FRANKLIN ISOM s/o George and Ellen Isom d at home of uncle, Silvester B. Isom, Limestone Co., Ala., March 20, 1871, aged abt. 15 years; an orphan.



JENNIE M. YOUNG d/o Nathan and Mary Ann Wallace, b Dearborn Co., Indiana, Feb. 5, 1843; d Louisville, Ky., Jan. 13, 1871; md Rev. C. H. Young, Dec. 27, 1865.

MARY WATKINS w/o Jerome Watkins b July l4, 1806; d Jan. 15, 1871.

Mrs. SARAH A. BROWN, b Feb. 5, 1828; d April 30, 1871 nr. Columbia, Tenn.; d/o Wiley Roy who died August 1870.

MAGGIE PURVIS d/o F. M. and Mary Purvis b Aug. 23, 1856; d March 11, 1871; left an orphan at age 7 months and raised by an aunt, Mary Purvis.

Tribute of Respect for NANNIE B. BRADFORD b Nov. 25, 1851; d March 25, 1871; by fellow members of New Middleton Sabbath School, no date.

FRANCES M. FALLS consort of Rev. Ira Falls b Pennsylvania Co., Va. Jan. 28, 1803; d April 5, 1871; when she was young her father, William Henderson, moved from Va. to Jefferson Co.; md Charles Lewis, 1822 and he died leaving her with a son; she md Rev. Ira Falls, 1835 and he died in 1844 in Morristown and was buried in Reed's old meeting house lot.

Ann L. OBERBEY b Dinwiddie Co., Va. July 4, 1800; d Gadsden, Ala., Oct. 21, 1870; mother of C. E., w/o Gen. D. C. Turrentine of Gadsden and mother of Rev. William E. Lucy (her fist marriage was to J. Lucy), md (2) Thomas Oberbey.

CALEB E. BROWDER s/o D. and E. E. Browder b Calloway Co., Ky. April 22, 1854; d Maury Co., Tenn., April 25, 1871, dropsy, chronic diarrhea.

Tribute of Respect for WILEY WILLEFORD who died May 2, 1871; by Bradshaw Lodge, #256, Masons, no date.



ROZELLA ISON d/o Mrs. E1izabeth D. Ison d Garrard Co., Ky., Apri1 9, 1871 aged 20 years.

Mrs. LUCY M. MOSS consort of Rev. Henry C. Moss b Mecklenburg Co., Va. Oct. 6, 1806; d nr Athens, Tenn., May 1, 1871; md September 23, 1823.

Mrs. ELIZA PEARSON b Logan Co., Ky., 1832; d Gallatin, Tenn., May 2, 1871.

ANNIE K. FORD d/o Fayette and Catharine Ford b Ohio Co., Ky., May 14, 1868; d Feb. 14, 1871. Paradise, Ky.

ELLEN HARWELL d/o W. T. and E. C. Copeland b May 19, 1844; d April 29, 1871; md A. W. Harwell, May 3, 1864.


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HENRY FISK MARSHALL s/o John A. and Ann E. Marshall of Greene Co., Ky. d May 5, 1871 in his 18th year.

SAMUEL H. WOODRING b Bardstown, Ky., Oct. 16, 1825; d April 18, 1871.

THOMAS WHITLOCK d March 4, 1871 in his 38th year. Greensburg, Ky.



Poem "Mother is Dead" by Jo. L. Weir, nr. Cross Plains, Tenn., May 18, 1871.

MARIA J. H. PRICE consort of Col. M. A. Price b Gallatin, Tenn., July 19, 1810; d Lebanon, Tenn., May 18, 1871.

HATTIE FOSTER SHIPP d/o R. B. and Elizabeth Foster b Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 9, 1843; d Hickman Co., Tenn., March 11, 1871; md Mr. Shipp, July 7, 1868.

DAVID GARLAND SHEPHERD b Fluvanna Co., Va., Jan. 30, 1804; funeral service, May 7, 1871 at Corinth, a church in Jackson Co., Tenn.; died in Granville, Tenn., Nov. 16, 1870; one of 4 brothers who moved to Tenn. and settled in Jackson Co. in 1827, at Granville which for a time was called Shepherdville. John and David Shepherd buried at old Corinth, 2 miles from the Cumberland River; Augustin Shepherd buried in N.C.; James Shepherd buried in Texas. David was a Methodist and Mason.

WILLIE W. TURNLEY youngest d/o E. L. and M. J. WOODWARD, b Ala., May 23, 1850; d May 11, 1871; md George J. Turnley, Feb. l5, 1870.

W. B. WEATHERFORD d Taylor Co., Ky., May 3, 1871.



JAMES BRAKE b Edgecombe Co., N.C., Oct. 14, 1808; d April 2, 187; s/o John Brake; md Amanda Doyle of Robertson Co., Tenn., December 6, 1840.

MARY ANN WARREN w/o McDowell Warren, d/o Samuel and Delila Eddy b April 1836; d Monroe Co., West Va., April 24, 1871; md October 27, 1857.

MARY B. TRANSOU w/of Parmenio Transou, d/o David and Sarah Jeffreys, b Maury Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1823; d Madison Co., Tenn., May 15, 1871, consumptive; md August 1840.

GRIZELLER NICHOLS b July 6, 1801; d Feb. 15, 1871; md Jan. 29, 1828; husband's name not given but he survived her, living with son, William Nichols.

JAMES WRIGHT b nr. Edinburgh, Scotland, Feb. 26, 1789; d Bloomington, Illinois April 22, 1874; went to U. S. when about 6 years old; md Sarah Ratcliffe when abt. the age of 27 years.

JONATHAN M. CHURCH b eastern shore of Potomoc River in what is now D.C. Jan. 22, 1772; d nr. Graysville, Ga., March 19, 1871; md Arianna Conn, 1844 who was deceased.

NANCY E. ANSBURN d Lee Co., Va., Dec. 20, 1870, aged 19 years, 3 months, 5 days.

ELIZABETH R. SPURLING w/o William T. Spurling b Taylor Co., Ky., April 9, 1826; d Hart Co., Ky. Jan. 22, 1871.

MARY E. STRINGER b Louisville, Ky. Feb. 6, 1850; d April 2l, 1871, at home of her mother in Louisville, Kentucky.



Colonel ROBERT H. ALLEN b Va., Oct. 15, 1814; d Turnersville, Tenn., May 29, 1871; tribute of respect for him by a Masonic lodge, Cedar Hill, Tenn., June 3, 1871.


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FANNIE THOMAS RATCLIFF b Shelby Co., Ky., July 1, 1857; d May 29, 1871; d/o Samuel A. Ratcliff; was a Presbyterian; had a step-brother. Tribute of Respect for her by her Sabbath-School group, no date.

ANN H. PERRY w/o James S. Perry of Maury Co., Tenn., b May l5, 1833; d May 25, 1871; md January 6, 1859; d/o Dr. John Smoot, formerly of Maryland and a sister of Rev. George Smoot, Magnolia, Ark.; buried in Perry family graveyard near Bigbyville, Tenn., May 27, 1871; left widower and two daughters.

ABNER L. HANNER b Aug. 26, 1810; d May 27, 1871.

SAMUEL MARSHALL EDRINGTON b October 20, 1867; d March 29, 1871; his brother (unnamed) d December 25, 1869.

Dr. WILLIAM THOMPSON BRIGGS b Nelson Co., Ky., April 29, 1826; d Jan. 31, 1871; graduate of University of Louisville, 1846; moved to TEX in 1849; settled in Ellis Co., TEX in 1850 where md Mary C. Rogers, May 1, 1853 and where he died.

HADEN EDWARD STONE s/o F. B. and Catharine C. Stone, nephew of Dr. W. T. Briggs, b Sept. 20, 1844; d May 11, 1871.

GILLACO MARTIN b S.C., June 2, 1795; d May 11, 1871, Rusk Co., TEX; md (1) Joseph Deason, Aug. 1809 (he died in 1845), with whom she had nine children; (2) Mr. Martin, 1852.

Dr. JAMES H. FORESTER b Smith Co., Va.; d Wayne Co., Ky. March 26, 1871; s/o Rev. John Forester of MEC.

JAMES J. ADAMS b Greenville Dist., S.C., Sept. 16, 1801; d Gadsden, Ala., May 24, 1871.

MARY S. YOUNG w/o Robert K. Young, Esq. b Adair Co., Ky., Feb. 9, 1816; d Feb. 17, 1871, Cumber1and Co., Ky.; md January 26, 1837.

THOMAS ALEXANDER HARRIS s/o J. A. and G. A. Harris, d May 25, 1871, aged 2 years, 20 days. Sharon Grove, Kentucky.

WILLIAM ALEXANDER NORRIS s/o James A. and Sarah Norris, b nr. Se1ma, Ala., Feb. 11, 1849; d Autauga Co., Ala., Apri1 17, 1871.

MELLIE M. ALLISON d/o Logan and Elizabeth Allison b March 9, 1850; d April 1869.

SUSAN J. WHITSON d April 8, 1871; d/o Asa Thompson of Hickman Co., Tenn.; md Dr. William Whitson, Sept. 19, 1847; he was murdered in Wayne Co., Tenn. during the Civil War; she left seven children.

ELLEN OLIVER w/o N. W. Oliver, d/o John and Elizabeth Dixon b Allen Co., Ky. June 14, 1843; d in same, March 16, 1871.

FINIS TAYLOR ENGLISH s/o George R. and Lucy E. Eng1ish b June 27, 1866; d Dec 17, 1870.

LAURA VERLU ENGLISH d/o George R. and Lucy E. English b Dec. 12, 1867; d. Jan 14, 1871.


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Tribute of Respect for Miss JOSEPHINE SAYERS by Trinity Sunday School, Harpeth Station, Tenn., May 28, 1871.

NANCY DRAIN w/o Rev. James Drain d DeKalb Co., Ala., June 15, 1871, aged 65 years, 2 months; member of Free-will Baptist Church.

SARAH MURRY w/o Ennis Murry and niece of Bishop Early d April 18, 1871, aged 68 years.

M. L. JOHNSON b Ga., Aug. 1, 1850; d Calhoun Co., Ala., May 21, 1871.

LUCINDA MAYES' funeral was preached May 14, 1871, Coldwatter Church; joined MEC, 1823.

ELIZABETH McCLUSKY b July 3, 1794; d Lincoln Co., Tenn., May 13, 1871; md abt. 1812 or 1813.


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