By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 1997


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NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #1. January 8, 1870

JOHN C. SPILLERS, b 1799; d Gallatin, Tenn., Dec. 16, 1869.

ELIZABETH A. PERRY w/o James M. Perry b Bowling-Green, Ky., April 3, 1821; d Russellville, Ky., Nov. 28, 1869; d/o Matthias and Katherine Rizer "good people, full of faith and of the Holy Ghost"; md James M. Perry, March 23, 1837; mother of eight children, three having predeceased her.

Mrs. AMANDA CALLIE HARRINGTON w/o Dr. A. L. Harrington b March 12, 1841; d Sept. 12, 1869; md June 6, 1856.

Mrs. AMANDA CRAWFORD d/o Henry and Elizabeth Lones, b Dec. 1, 1819; d Sept. 18, 1869, nr Knoxville; md Barnes Crawford, Dec. 5, 1837; her husband died in 1858.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #2. January 15, 1870

Rev. W. H. WHEELER, North Carolina Conference, d December 25, 1869.

LULIE GERTRINY HAWKINS b July 7, 1867; d December 9, 1869.

JAMES MARVIN PETREE s/o Dr. J. S. and Lucie Petree b March 5, 1866; d Ballard Co., Ky., December 16, 1869.

Mrs. E. E. HUTCHINGS d Oct. 31, 1869 in her 57th year; widow of Major John Hutchings and d/o Abram and Catharine Fletcher; all of Montgomery Co., Tenn.

JOHN WRIGHT b Hart Co., Ky., Oct. 24, 1811; d November 16, 1869; moved to Macoupin Co., Illinois in 1855.

Mrs. PAULINE M. OSBURN w/o William A. Osborn of Paris, Ky., d Dec. 23, 1869; native of Bourbon Co., Ky. but joined MEC nr. Columbus, Ga. about 16 years ago when she and her husband were living with his father there.

JAMES THOMAS RUSSELL s/o Dr. Shelton and Armilda Russell b Montgomery Co., Ky., Sept. 20, 1854; d November 11, 1869.

WILLIAM C. McCLELLAN b April 21, 1837; d Dec. 9, 1869, at his father, Thomas J. McClellan's; his wife and two sisters were Methodists; his mother a Cumberland Presbyterian.

SUSAN WEBB of Granville Co., N.C. was on a journey from Tenn. to visit with her only brother, Lewis Webb, Richmond, Va., and was spending a few weeks with her nephew, John E. Webb, Jefferson Co., Ky. and she died there Dec. 23, 1869 in her 75th year.

Mrs. CHRISTINA PEARCE of Jefferson Co., Ky. d Dec. 4, 1869, aged abt. 75 years; a widow for about 32 years.

Mrs. ANN D. RUMBOUGH b April 10, 1798; d Greenville, Tenn., Dec. 4, 1869; joined MEC, at Lynchburg, Va.

RACHEL J. EWING d/o Samuel H. and Mollie E. Ewing d Rose Hill, Lee Co., Va., Dec. 4, 1869, aged 19 months and 20 days.

SAMUEL HENRY KING only s/o Rev. W. L. King of Louisville Conference, d Eddyville, Ky., Dec. 26, 1869, aged 14 months.

Mrs. JANE L. HEARNE w/o Matthew Hearne, d/o Thomas and Martha Andrews, d nr. Holly Springs, Miss., Dec. 13, 1869 in her 53rd year.

MARY ELIZABETH FROST w/o Rev. W. H. Frost of Memphis Conference d Dec. 20, 1869, aged 36 years, 10 months, 5 days; d/o Thomas and Fanny Page and granddau. of Rev. John Page, deceased, formerly of the Tenn. Conference and granddau. also of Rev. Charles Ledbetter; professed religion at Good Hope Campground, Smith Co., Tenn. in her 14th year; md November 15, 1854.

MARY NORWOOD d December 28, 1869, nearly 50 years old.

Rev. W. H. WHEELER, North Carolina Conference, d December 25, 1869.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #3. January 22, 1870

Rev. JOHN B. CRAIG b Buncombe Co., N.C., Aug. 17, 1796; d Hopkins Co., TEX, Sept. 23, 1869; parents were Old School Presbyterians; began practice of law in Raleigh, N.C., 1820; moved to Huntsville, Ala.; became a Methodist and was licensed to preach in 1823; migrated in 1837 to Red River Co., TEX; md Nancy Young, Sept. 10, 1838; moved to Sulphur Springs, TEX where he died; was participant in battle of New Orleans, War of 1812; ordained elder in Pulaski, Tenn. Nov. 10, 1833.

Miss HENRIETTA D. HARDCASTLE d Houston, TEX, Jan. 3, 1870; b in Delaware; sister of Philip F. Hardcastle of Nashville.

JAMES HALL DRANE s/o James and Bernetine Drane of Hardin Co., Ky. d Dec. 4, 1869, aged 23 years.


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ABNER GATES JACKSON b Amelia Co., Va. Oct. 11, 1807; d nr. Knoxville, Tenn., Dec. 14, 1869.

MARIA J. GAAR d/o Harry and Maria Shively b Aug. 28, 1833; d Dec. 28, 1869; md Simeon Gaar, April 5, 1863.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #4. January 29, 1870

WILLIAM E. PRICE b Woodford Co., Ky., Sept. 14, 1806; d Hopkinsville, Ky., Dec. 29, 1869; md twice (1) Miss Gibson who died (2) Margaret Coleman, April 16, 1833.

JOHN ALEXANDER WINBOURNE d nr. city Road Chapel, January 13, 1870, aged 36 years 1 month; born and educated in this community; moved 15 years ago to Talladega Co., Ala.; buried Spring Hill Cemetery, 5 miles north of Nashville.

JESSE JEFFERSON b Mason Co., Ky., June 18, 1821; d Dec. 23, 1869.

MATTIE J. ROBERTS w/o Rev. S. Roberts d Dec. 28, 1869; d/o John Overton, Anderson Co., Tenn.

Miss SUSAN WEBB died Hobb's Station, Ky., Dec. 23, 1869 at home of her nephew, John E. Webb in her 75th year; had been a Methodist from her youth.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #5. February 5, 1870

JOHN M. HILL, merchant, died in Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 27, 1870; of Pa. German extraction; member of the Presbyterian Church.

SALLIE MOORMAN d/o C. W. Moorman d near Nashville, Tenn., January 30, 1870.

EUSEBIUS SMITH, deacon, Congregational Church of Poultry Chapel, London, England d January 3, 1870 in his 71st year.

ALEXANDER McDANIEL d Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 27, 1870 in his 81st year.

Rev. JOSEPH SPRIGGS, Baltimore Conference, d January 17, 1870.

Rev. ROBERT WILLIAMS, formerly of Tenn. Conference d January 19, 1870.

BISHOP CHASE, New Hampshire, d January 18, 1870, aged 76 years.

JANE L. (Aunt Jane) SHIVELY b Spencer Co., Ky., March 12, 1804; d Jan. 4, 1869; md John B. Shively, Oct. 16, 1823; lived in Jefferson Co. near Bethany where she was buried.

WILLIAM WATERS b England, April 25, 1815; d Dec. 27, 1869; md Mrs. Hannah Didlock, Sept. 5, 1852; came to U. S. in 1858 and lived in Jefferson Co., Ky.

RICHARD S. ALLEN s/o John F. Allen, formerly of north Alabama, now in TEX, b Morgan Co., Ala., Jan. 8, 1843; d January 19, 1870, nr Trinity, Ala.

ELLEN JANE BARRON w/o Robert S. Barron b March 18, 1835; d Pulaski Co., Ky., Jan. 14, 1870; md Dec. 26, 1854.

Dr. WILEY T. PERRY s/o Rev. Francis S. and Rhoda Perry, d Maury Co., Tenn., Dec. 6, 1869; attended medical lectures in Louisville, Ky.

WILLIAM NICHOLAS CONN second s/o Dr. J. V. and Mary E. Conn d Carrollton, Ky., Jan. 18, 1870, aged 17 years.

Sister M. G. A. WILLIAMS b Sept. 2, 1828; d Aug. 28, 1869; md M. F. Williams, Jan. 27, 1848.

JUDITH ANN BRATTON d January 25, 1870, aged 53 years.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #6. February 12, 1870

Rev. ASBURY BROOKS d Panola Co., TEX, Dec. 14, 1869 in his 67th year; s/o Rev. Stephen Brooks of Greene Co., Tenn.; joined MEC at age 17; licensed to preach Oct. 11, 1828; active in Holston Conference; moved to Dalton, Ga.; left widow and four children.


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SALLIE MOORMAN d/o C. W. Moorman d Nashville, Jan. 30, 1870.

Mrs. MARY CONNELL, mother of E. P. Connell, d/o Isaac Walton b Sept. 20, 1796; d. nr. Goodlettsville, Tenn., Jan. 4, 1870.

JACOB MILTON HATCHER s/o J. W. and Mary W. Hatcher, brother of Rev. E. H. Hatcher, b Sept. 7, 1835; d Nov. 10, 1869; professed religion Nov. 2, 1869.

MARTHA ELIZABETH GREEN d/o Hiram and Elizabeth Steel, w/o George W. Shaw, b Oct. 25, 1839; d Christian Co., Ky., Nov. 18, 1869.

Mrs. SARAH HENSLEY ROGERS b Dec. 11, 1830; d Glasgow, Ky., Jan. 15, 1870; relict of late Dr. George Rogers, whom she md in 1818; d/o John Gerin; whole life spent in Glasgow, Ky.

Colonel ALEXANDER SALE JONES b Jan. 13, 1815; d Jan. 21, 1870; nephew of Rev. Alexander Sale.

ALEXANDER B. McELWAIN b Todd Co., Ky., Jan. 3, 1825; d Simpson Co., Ky., Nov. 11, 1869.

Miss NANNIE VIRGINIA ROBERTSON d/o William A. Robertson b Feb. 8, 1846; d. Nov. 2, 1869; joined MEC, Nov. 11, 1860.

Rev. JAMES MacLENNAN, Miss. Conference, d January 4, 1870, aged 59 years.

ALFRED HENNEN, ruling elder in Presbyterian Church, d January 19, 1870 in his 84th year.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #7. February 19, 1870

Captain WILLIAM S. JONES d Russell Valley, Ala., Jan. 30, 1870 in his 74th year; wife had died 6 years before; his son-in-law, R. H. Rivers wrote an apparently sincere and interesting memoir of this man's character.

ELIZABETH HINDS w/o Byron Hinds b Knox Co., Tenn., 1798; d January 14, 1870; joined MEC, 1841.

Rev. ROBERT WILLIAMS preached in Alabama; moved in 1844 to Tishomingo Co., Miss. and died in Iuka, January 19, 1870 from an injury from a horse-kick.

Colonel THOMAS MARTIN b Albemarle Co., Va. Dec. 16, 1799; d Pulaski, Tenn., Jan. 13, 1870.

Tribute of Respect for JOEL G. VICK who d January 17, 1870; by Pulaski Lodge #12, Masons, Cornersville, Tenn., Feb. l, 1870.

HENRY L. DAVIS d at asylum nr. Lexington, Ky., Jan. 27, 1870; buried beside his first wife, Maysville Cemetery, Feb. l; aged nearly 75 years; born and raised in Pa.; went to Maysville, 1829 and remained there until 1859; his first wife, Hannah McAlister and he had three sons and two daughters; one son, Dr. Henry Davis, died in Illinois recently; first wife d in 1852 and he md Mrs. Dora, 1859 and they moved to Brooksville where he lived until placed in asylum last September; his mind had become "feeble."

SUSAN RAGSDALE d at home of her sister, Mrs. Mary Stewart, Winchester, Tenn., November 24, 1869.

A. J. COLE d six miles from Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 6, 1870 in his 46th year; moved to Nashville area 1843 and taught school at Washington Academy; md dau. of late Thomas King; born in Ohio; partner in firm of Johnson, Weaver and Company.

Mrs. CAROLINE M. ANDERSON, late of Va., relict of Hon. James Anderson, d Sumner Co., Tenn., Feb. 9, 1870, aged 65 years; lived many years in Christianburg, Va.

JAMES CALVIN MARTIN s/o B. N. and C. A. Martin b Aug. 8, 1853; d Jan. 15, 1870.


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NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #8. February 26, 1870

PAYTON WHEELER s/o Rev. S. R. and E. Whee1er, Ho1ston Conference, b Nov. 14, 1845; died B1ountville, Tenn., Feb. 10, 1870; went into Confederate army at age of 18; had consumption.

WILLIAM B. CHRISP d nr. Jonesboro, Tenn., Dec. 16, 1869; twice md (1) Miss Howard of Lebanon, (2) dau. of Hon. W. H. Maxwe11.

MARY JANE BEVIER, nee Burgess, b Russe11ville, Ky., Aug. 26, 1827; d January 13, 1870 thrice md; last time Aug. 1, 1867 to Co1. R. S. Bevier.

ISABELLA C. BRATTON b June 28, 1852; d Feb. 11, 1870

Mrs. M. M. COWDEN d May 16, 1869, Blount Co., Ala. in her 35th year; d/o E. T. and Casander Major.



EUCLID HICKMAN d Shelbyville, Ky., Jan. 15, 1870; born Frederick Co., Va., Jan. 8, 1804; went to Ky. with his father, James Hickman, in 1812; lived near Shelbyville where he died in 1843 (this was James Hickman). Euclid Hickman moved in 1845 to Shelbyville where he later died.

Mrs. ELIZABETH A. BEDFORD d/o Thomas and Tabitha Allin b June 24, 1821; d Jan. 5, 1870.

Mrs. JENNIE HORNOR d/o Rev. B. F. Sedwick of Ky. Conference, d Clarksburg, W. Va., Jan. 5, 1870 in her 29th year; born Fairmount, W. Va.; md F. M. Hornor.

BENJAMIN F. HEDDEN b April 14, 1869; d Hopkins Co., Ky., Nov. 25, 1869; joined MEC, Oct. 1855; tribute of respect for him from conference, no date.

CHARLES F. THOMAS b Feb. 14, 1831; d nr. Jordan's Spring, Tenn., Feb. 17, 1870.

ANN HARDY b Sept. 29, 1837; d Feb. 7, 1870; md Rev. E. C. Hardy, June 23, 1858.

CHARLES BAIN d Trimble Co., Ky., Feb. 14, 1870 in his 75th year.

Miss SARAH CHARLOTTE OGDEN d Feb. 17, 1870 nr. Carolton, Ky., aged 34 years; of one of the oldest Methodist families in Ky; joined MEC at age 16.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #10. March 12, 1870

WILLIAM HENRY s/o Thomas and Agatha Henry and grandson of Gen. Thomas Sterratt, Warren Co., Ky.; d Feb. 25, 1870 in 29th year; his father died when he was 8 years old; farmer; sometime sheriff; joined MEC at age 15.

JOHN CAIN d Meade Co., Ky., Dec. 3, 1869, from injuries in fall from a wagon; born Oct. 2, 1797; joined Baptist Church, 1830.

JOSEPH P. SHORT b Va., Oct. 16, 1807; d Dec. 19, 1869, Mecklenburg, Ky.

Mrs. SUSAN JOHNSON d Williamson Co., Tenn. Jan. 3, 1870 in her 77th year; md Benjamin Johnson, Sr. who predeceased her.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #11. March 19, 1870

Rev. JOHN McCLINTOCK, D. D., d March 4, 1870 aged 55 years; born Philadelphia, 1814 of Irish parentage; graduate University of Pa., 1835; at death, president of Drew University.

JAMES SKILLERN b Lee Co., Va., June 27, 1799; d Bledsoe Co., Tenn. March 2, 1870; his parents moved to Sequatchie Co., Tenn., 1806.

HENRY B. WOOD b Fayette Co., Ky. Feb. 15, 1806; d March 2, 1870, Logan, Ky.

JOHN WESLEY BEVERLY s/o Stephen and Mary A. Beverly, b Grant Co., Ky., Oct. 2, 1852; d Dec. 21, 1869; joined MEC, Dec. 25, 1865.

ROBERT FLETCHER BROWN d March 1, 1870; devout member of Browder's Chapel MEC, Hopkins Co., Ky.


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SUSAN M. GOODMAN d/o Rev. S. S. and M. E. Goodman d Fleming Co., Ky., Feb. 28, 1870, aged 8 months.

PENEL GILREATH b Oct. 1803; d Henderson Co., N.C., Feb. 6, 1870; joined MEC, 1858.

Mrs. SALLIE J. McEWEN consort of John McEwen, d/o late Rev. Joseph King of Ashe Co., N.C., b Dec. 1851; d Johnson Co., Tenn., Jan. 25, 1870.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #12. March 26, 1870

Mrs. JUDITH PLEASANTS WIMBERLY b Montgomery Co., Tenn., Aug. 17, 1818; d nr. Clarksville, Tenn., Jan. 26, 1870; after first husband died she md G. S. Wimberly in 1847.

EDWIN STROTHER b June 12, 1857; d Feb. 17, 1870; joined MEC at Mt. Nebo, July 1868.

Mrs. PARMELIA A. ADAMS relict of late Dr. C. C. Adams b Dec. 10, 1828, Logan Co., Ky.; d Gallatin, Tenn., Feb. 28, 1870.

NATHANIEL MILES OWEN b Williamson Co., Tenn., July 5, 1834; d October 3, 1869.

Rev. S. B. ELLIS s/o Miles and Jane Ellis b Jackson Co., Ga. May 14, 1831; d Jan. 27, 1870; md Emey Lee Barna of Cassville, Jan. 18, 1855; in 1867 moved to Little Rock, Ark.

JEREMIAH TROUT b Shenandoah Co., Va. March 19, 1787; d Feb. 25, 1870; migrated to Ky., 1809; left 11 children, 54 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren.



Rev. JOHN PICKETT of South Carolina Conference d Chester Dist., S.C. March 15, 1870.

LAURA JANE MILLER died Feb. 19, 1870 in her 16th year.

Mrs. SOPHIA CHILDRESS HEAD w/o Charles B. Head b Davidson Co., Tenn. May 29, 1849; d nr. Gallatin, Tenn., March 13, 1870.

ROBERT FOARD b Person Co., N.C., June 5, 1802; d Christian Co., Ky. March 6, 1870;

moved to Va. when about 20 years old; in 1836 to Trigg Co., Ky., then to Christian Co., Ky.

SUSAN A. BOND d/o Stanfield and Martha Frith b May 5, 1844; d Oct. 28, 1869, Trigg Co., Ky.; md Thomas Bond, Feb. 19, 1865; left two children; raised by her sister and bro-in-law, Nancy and James Hamilton.

MILDRED NORMAN POLLARD b Chesterfield Co., Va. Sept. 5, 1804; d Jan. 30, 1870; in 1858 went with husband to Clinton Co., Ky.

JOHNNIE LEE ANTHONY s/o W. T. and Sue E. Anthony, b Coffee Co., Tenn., June 20, 1869; d Feb. 6, 1870. "He took the cup of life to sip, for better 'twas to drain; he put it meekly from his lips and went to sleep again."

WILLIAM P. CABBELL d Adair Co., Ky., March 11, 1870, pneumonia.

DORSEY H. WHITE d. 2 miles east of Waverly, Tenn., Feb. 27, 1870; born Humphreys Co., Tenn., Oct. 18, 1825; businessman.

ANN T. QUINN b Bedford Co., Va. March 4, 1779; d March 5, 1870; d/o James Read; md George W. Turner, Feb. 20, 1799 who died, leaving her with a son, James H. Turner later of Columbus, Miss.; she remd in 1823 to Rev. Matthew H. Quinn who died in April 1866.

JAMES W. RUTLEDGE b Clark Co., Ky., Nov. 22, 1832; d Gallatin, Tenn., March 1, 1870.

Mrs. NANCY WEBSTER d Taylor Co., Ky., Jan. 26, 1870 in her 71st year.

WILLIAM JOHN NICHOLSON d Cherokee Nation, Feb. 9, 1870; born Pickens Dist., S.C., 1832; s/o William R. and Jane Nicholson and left a widow and several children.


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SARAH R. HOLCOMB d/o Samuel H. and Ann R. Jones b Mecklenburg Co., Va., March 18, 1840; d Dallas Co., Ark., Jan. 25, 1870; left a widower and three children.

SAMUEL SPURGIN b Feb. 17, 1793; d Collin Co., Jan. 5, 1870.

MARY JANE BAYS d/o James J. and Mary Bays, b July 7, 1846; d Russell Co., Va., Feb. 17, 1870; joined MEC, March 16, 1861; consumptive.

SACK H. JONES s/o Samuel H. and Ann R. Jones b Mecklenburg Co., Va., Oct. 16, 1838; d Dallas Co., Ark., March 4, 1870; consumptive.



Miss MARGARET (Aunt Peggy) W. HUNT b Sumner Co., Tenn., Sept. 1807; d Ga11atin, Tenn., Feb. 18, 1870; never married.

GRACY PORTER BALCH b Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co., Tenn. June 1, 1845; d March 28, 1870, Nashville, Tenn.; s/o James C. and Mary W. Balch; tribute of respect for him by Nashville Typographical Union #20, March 29, 1870.

EDMUND WATSON s/o William and Sarah Watson b Accomack Co., Va. April 3, 1815; d. Jan. 25, 1870; family moved to Tenn. when he was young.

NANNIE and MARY WALES, daus. of S. P. GRAHAM "are dead"; the eldest, Nannie, w/o Robert Smoot, d Jan. 29, 1870; Mary, the younger, d Washington Co., Ky. at her grandmother Pirtle's where she is buried.

EDWARD NEWTON REDFORD d Ballard Co., Ky., Feb. 26, 1870 in his 22nd year; s/o William R. and Martha Ann Redford.

JOSEPH WHITLY s/o John and Sallie Whitly, d Spencer, Tenn., March 25, 1870, aged 1 year and 8 months old.

GEORGE HAYES WIGGINS only s/o Rev. Joseph A. and M. J. Wiggins b Nov. 19, 1869; d Waynesville, N.C., March 16, 1870.

VIRGINIA BATES w/o John Thomas Bates of Robertson Co., Tenn. d March 1, 1870 in his 20th year.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #15. April 16, 1870

SUSAN BROADDUS MALONE d/o George and Fannie Isbell, b Caroline Co., Va. Feb. 22, 1815; d Lauderdale Co., Ala., March 15, 1870; moved as a child to Ala; left a widower and seven children.

REBECCA J. HUDSON w/o Rev. Benjamin F. Hudson d Lincoln Co., Tenn. Feb. 8, 1870 in her 49th year.

Mrs. ELIZA J. CROW consort of Edward D. Crow, d/o R. S. and Elizabeth Williamson b Sept. 13, 1840; d February 25, 1870.

ELIZA MANORPHA EASTERLY d/o N. W. and Julia Easterly b Dec. 20, 1850; d Jan. 15, 1869.

COLUMBIA A. R. CASEY w/o Samuel L. Casey, d/o Dr. W. E. Arnold of Owensboro, Ky. d there March 28, 1870 in her 21st year; left a widower and two children.

Mrs. CAROLINE WEST, second d/o John and Nancy Oglesby of Sumner Co., Tenn. d Sept. 12, 1869; md Thomas A. West, March 17, 1858; had one child, a son.

KATE PETER REDDING b Washington Co., Ky., Nov. 16, 1844; d March 25, 1870; md J. A. Redding, Dec. 7, 1865.

MILES C. SLEDGE b Va., Jan. 3, 1874; d Feb. 20, 1870; md Sarah Jordan, 1812; moved to Warren Co., Ky. in 1818 where he later died.

NANCY ASBURY WRIGHT consort of Rev. Josiah Wright, d/o Elisha and Judith Reynolds, b Wilkes Co., N.C., April 25, 1799; d Monroe Co., Tenn., Feb. 26, 1870

MATILDA WALTHAL consort of Silas Walthal, d/o John W. Haney d Newbern, Va. March 10, 1870 in her 27th year.


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GEORGE W. HENDRICKS only s/o D. P. and Nancy Hendricks b McLean Co., Ky. Nov. 23, 1856; killed by lightning, March 12, 1870.

MARY C. BENNETT d/o Alexander Bennett d March 21, 1870, Ohio Co., Ky. in her 13th year.

EDWARD SMITH EASTERLY s/o N. W. and Roxana M. Easterly b May 16, 1866; d Jan. 13, 1870.

Tribute of Respect for AMANDA w/o John A. MEADOWS who died March 31, 1870; by McKendree Sunday School, Nashville, April 3, 1870.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #16. April 23, 1870

MARGARET A. BRUCE d/o Daniel Hoge, deceased, b July 17, 1825; d Feb. 5, 1870; md Joshua H. Bruce, Sept. 19, 1844; had seven children.

JAMES O. SHARBER b Rutherford Co., Tenn., Oct. 26, 1840; d March 18, 1870.


NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, V. 30, #17. April 30, 1870

JOHN J. POPE d Harlan Co., Ky. in home of his father, Rev. Solomon Pope, March 20, 1870, aged 32 years, 4 months and 9 days; left a widow and four children; consumptive.

SALLY T. WILLIAMS d/o John and Elizabeth Williams b Mecklenburg Co., Va. March 3, 1794; d Dec. 13, 1869; md John McGowan s/o Rev. Ebenezer McGowan, 1834; he died Nov. 5, 1852 and she remained a widow.

SAMUEL R. SHANNON b Feb. 6, 1801; d March 27, 1870; lived in Williamson Co., Tenn.

ELIZABETH HUDSON b Va., Oct. 16, 1795; d nr. Russellville, Ala. Jan. 20, 1870.

LIDDIE J. ELDER w/o J. W. Elder, Rutherford Co., Tenn., d April 16, 1870; born Brunswick Co., Va., Feb. 14, 1798; in 1814 moved with parents to Tenn. where she md January 14, 1824.

Tribute of Respect for WILLIAM LAMBUTH, SR. by Morrison Lodge #76, Masons, April 11, 1870; no vital statistics given.

JOHN BRANSFORD ROGERS b Jackson Co., Tenn. March 26, 1838; d Collin Co., TEX, Feb. 4, 1870.



Dr. THOMAS B. JOHNSON s/o Rev. John Johnson, b Caldwell Co., Ky. Aug. 20, 1815; d Fredonia, Ky., April 19, 1870; md Mary B. Smith, 1847; had four children.

JOHN FINNEY only s/o Alexander and Matilda Finney b Todd Co., Ky., Feb. 13, 1824; d March 13, 1870; md Ann Eliza Spain, Dec. 13, 1861.

JAMES B. SMITH b Henry Co., Ky., Nov. 20, 1808; d March 14, 1870; s/o John and Mary Smith.



Miss HARRIET J. CAIN d Florence, Ala., April 21, 1870, aged 30.

BLACKSTONE TAYLOR b Dec. 28, 1806; d April 21, 1870.



NANCY H. T. MARTIN w/o late Thomas Martin, b May 5, 1805; d Pulaski, Tenn., Feb. 25, 1870.

H. W. GRANADE s/o John Adam and Mary Granade b Wilson Co., Tenn., May 1, 1808; d Greene Co., Ark., March 10, 1870; md (1) Nancy C. Swan, Dec. 15, 1830, who died Sept. 27, 1852 leaving nine children (2) Mrs. Susan G. Barnett, Dec. 26, 1859, with whom he had two children.


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No obituaries appear



No obituaries appear



Rev. WILLIAM MULLINS b Va., Feb. 29, 1804; d Marshall Co., Tenn., March 18, 1870; s/o Matthew and Comfort Mullins; moved to Bedford Co., Tenn., 1808; at age 18 became a Methodist; served as preacher in west Tenn., later in middle Tennessee.

SARAH E. DENTON w/o S. J. Denton, d/o Rev. James and Polly Holmes of Kentucky Conference, b Roane Co., Tenn., May 1, 1847; d March 11, 1870.

WALTER T. BRALY b March 30, 1819; d Hot Springs Co., Ark., Feb. 5, 1870; md E. A. Sanfred, Sept. 28, 1838; had nine children.

Miss MARY SUE SMITH d January 13, 1870, Madison Co., Miss., aged 23 years.

WILLIAM LAMBUTH's funeral preached Elizabethton, Ky., April 10, 1870; he was 67 years old; s/o Rev. William Lambuth.

EDWIN TUCKER s/o Isaac and Elizabeth Tucker b Amherst Co., Va., May 18, 1817; d Taylor Co., Ky., April 11, 1870; md Diana d/o Starkey and Nancy Hayes, April 21, 1849 in Marion Co., Ky.; joined MEC in 18th year.

Mrs. MARY A. WHALEY b Rhea Co., Tenn. April 9, 1826; d nr. Gainesville, Cook Co., TEX, April 9, 1870; d/o John Nowell who d April 8, 1865 and Elizabeth Nowell of Rhea Co., Tenn.; she md Thomas Whaley, April 6, 1849.

Rev. ALLEN E. BROWN d Montgomery Co., Tenn., May 21, 1870, in his 66th year.

MOLLIE E. TOMS b Dec. 22, 1844; d Buncombe Co., N.C., April 9, 1870.

SARAH M. HALL w/o Stephen Hall b Feb. 13, 1847; d Madisonville, March 29, 1870.

FANNIE MATHISON JEMISON w/o S. M. Jemison, d/o J. E. and Sarah Groce, b Lincoln Co., Ga., April 7, 1834; d at "Sunny Side," Talladega Co., Ala., April 19, 1870; md S. M. Jemison, March 6, 1856.

Mrs. LOU COCKE w/o Dr. A. Cocke b Montgomery Co., Tenn., Dec. 16, 1847; d Humphreys Co., Tenn., April 11, 1870; left a year-old son.

CATHERINE McCOLLUM b 1798; d Jan. 10, 1870, Trigg Co., Ky.

MALACHI McCOLLUM consort of Catherine McCollum b 1795; d January 16, 1870.

SARAH L. TAYLOR b Boyle Co., Ky., Aug. 3, 1807; d Warren Co., Ky., April 14, 1870.

WILLIE RAND s/o Rev. J. Rand of Ky. Conference, d Maysville, Ky., May 2, 1870 in his 15th year.

IDA LESLIE GRUBBS third d/o Rev. L. Hensley and Mary J. Grubbs, b Giles Coo, Tenn., Feb. 14, 1865; d April 5, 1870.

NANCY GODWIN w/o Seth Godwin b Dec. 1801; d Maury Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 1870; md 1820.

GEORGE K. ROBERTSON b N.C., 1808; d May 6, 1870, Rutherford Co., Tenn.

WILLIAM FOX d Mt. Washington, Ky., May 15, 1870, aged 61 years, 7 months, 9 days.

EMMA DELLA LANSDEN d/o T. and S. E. Lansden d April 29, 1870, aged 5 years, 5 months, 10 days.

SALLIE GRIDER d/o John and Anna Grider Chapeze b Feb. 17, 1866; d May 22, 1870, Hartford, Kentucky.

Tribute of Respect for THOMAS B. JOHNSON who d April 19, 1870; by Fredonia Lodge, #247, Masons, Apri1 20, 1870.


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ELLEN BICKLEY d/o C. W. Bickley d Scott Co., Va., May 24, 1870.

MARY E. DEVAULT consort of I. Devault b Aug. 3, 1827; d Sullivan Co., Tenn., March 26, 1870; joined MEC, April 1857.

PAULINA WOODFORD CROSS w/o John L. Cross, d Hodgenville, Ky., April 26, 1870; b Washington Co., Ky., July 23, 1815; left widower and two daughters.

Z. VIRGINIA BLACK d/o Joseph A. and Nancy King, Ashe Co., N.C.; d April 21, 1870, aged 21 years, 1 month, 19 days; md David Black of Alleghany Co., N.C., Dec. 21, 1867.

CHARLES A. GOODRUM b Bedford Co., Tenn., April 13, 1835; d May 23, 1870; md Delpha Ann Vannatta, Oct. 20, 1856; served three years in 41st Tenn. Inf. Reg.; wounded at Jackson, Miss., losing his left eye; moved in 1867 to Christian Co., Ky. Tribute of Respect for him by Dickbarn's Lodge #398, Masons, May 24, 1870.

JAMES J. TURNER s/o Col. and Mrs. James J. Turner, b Aug. 17, 1869; d June 3, 1870

HUGH TARKETT b July 10, 1818; d Sullivan Co., Tenn., March 16, 1870; joined MEC April 1858.

GERALD FINN ASPLY infant s/o Porter and Sarah Asply, d April 28, 1870.

Tribute of Respect for JOHN L. McADOO by a committee from Ebenezer, May 29, 1870.



Rev. JAMES KING SPRINGFIELD b Nashville, Tenn., March 27, 1839; d nr. Asheville, N.C., June 2, 1870; professor of Latin and natural sciences in Asheville Female College; s/o Rev. Thomas Springfield of Holston Conference.

WILLIE ELIZABETH (Bessie) McGAVOCK only d/o David H. and Willie H. McGavock, d nr. Nashville, Tenn., June 10, 1870 in her 6th year of age.

MARTHA E. J. PARKER w/o Rev. J. A. Parker of Montgomery Conference, b July 30, 1840; d Milton, Florida, May 31, 1870; md 1856.

LIZZIE COLEMAN GRUBBS w/o Dr. William Bruce Grubbs, d/o Robert and Eliza L. Coleman, b July 8, 1831; d Taylorsport, Ky., May 23, 1870.

NANNIE E. PEAY d/o T. T. and Margaret L. Peay b Rutherford Co., Tenn., Oct. 5, 1842; d Warren Co., Tenn., April 12, 1870.

NETTIE WEST d/o Rev. J. B. and Mary R. West, b Jan. 24, 1856; d at the Female Academy, Clarksville, Tenn., June 6, 1870.

MARY B. BRANDON w/of Wash. M. Brandon, d/o Matthias and Rosanna Munn, b Huntsville, Ala., Aug. l, 1822; d Florence, Ala., Aug. 25, 1870; md September 26, 1848.

WILLIE T. HATHAWAY eldest s/o Howard and Phebe G. Hathaway, d Daviess Co., Ky., May 29, 1870, aged 9 years, 3 months, l day; was on a visit with his grandparents.

ROBERT BLUNKALL d nr. Nashville, Tenn., June 18, 1870 in his 87th year.

HENRY L. BENNETT b Rutherford Co., Tenn., Dec. 13, 1836; d nr. No1ensville, Tenn., March 14, 1870.


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