By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
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January 6, 1859

Rev. ENOCH MOORE died Newbern, N.C., December 23, 1858; probationer of one year in the Conference and had labored in the Blue Ridge Mission; son of a widowed mother. "Tell mother I loved her to the end; tell her all is well."

ALFRED M. GOODYKOONTZ born Nov. 3, 1813, Montgomery (now Floyd) Co., Va.; embraced religion 1832; licensed to preach in Baltimore Conference, MEC, 1838; transferred to Holston Conference; ordained elder 1843; md Mary A. Kirkpatrick 1846; had filled several appointments.

EDWIN H. EWELL died at his residence, Pleasant Hill in Union Co., Ky., Dec. 12, 1858 in his 39th year; left mother, widow and a son.

MARY THOMPSON d/o Rev. J. C. Thompson of the Kentucky Conference, died Shelbyville, Ky., December 18, 1856; a student at Science Hill Academy.

Resolutions of Respect for SARAH ANN WORTHAM who died recently; by Grayson Division of Sons of Temperance #107, Temperance Hall, Leitchfield, Grayson Co., Ky., dated December 18, 1858.

JAMES BROWDER DEMAREL s/o D. G. B. and Abigail Demarel; born October 30, 1857; died Nov. 7, 1858. His sister, MARY ELIZABETH, born Oct. 30, 1857; died Nov. 7, 1858.

M. E. CRANDALL died recently; no date or place given.

BENJAMIN F. RUNDELL, native of Warren Co., Miss., died typhoid fever, Dec. 5, 1858, Clinton Co., Ill., aged 20 years, 5 months.


January 13, 1859

Major JACOB M. BONDURANT died in Jones' Bend, Dec. 25, 1858, "an old and well-known citizen of this county"; served in the War of 1812 under command of General Andrew Jackson.

ELIZABETH HARDY d/o George and Sophia Hardy, died Dec. 2, 1858 aged 26 years, 2 months, 4 days; member of Baptist Church for about 6 years.

GEORGE R. SCARBOROUGH of Dover, Tenn., born Stewart Co., Tenn., Dec. 13, 1837; died at his father's residence, Calloway Co., Ky., Dec. 26, 1858.

MARY SPARKS born Cincinnati, Ohio, 1825; md Rev. E. F. Lemon, 1839; died Dec. 23, 1858; left widower, children.


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Mrs. JANE M. ALFORD died nr. Waverly, Tenn., December 15, 1858.

Mrs. R. B. McDANIEL, formerly Miss R. B. Longacre, died of dropsy, Dec. 29, 1858; had relatives in east Tenn. and western Virginia.


January 20, 1859

HENRY B. MORRIS died Quincey, Florida, Dec. 25, 1858; an enterprising merchant; buried in the city cemetery, January 7.

WILLIAM HYDEN father of Revs. J. C. and Jesse A. Hyden of the Holston Conference; died McMinn Co., Tenn., Dec. 24, 1858 in his 96th year; born Stafford Co., Va. and for 3 years was a soldier in the Revolutionary War under General Washington's command; md twice and raised 19 children.

Mrs. HESTER FORD, aged 59 years, died Bradley Co., Tenn., Dec. 10, 1858.

Mrs. SARAH A. BRADY born Hardin Co., Ky., 1822; died Leitchfield, Grayson Co., Ky., Dec. 18, 1858.

WILLIAM A. ALVERSON s/o Thomas J. and Martha Alverson, died nr. Leitchfield, Ky., Sept. 30, 1858 aged 7 years, 15 days. His brother, JAMES H. ALVERSON, died Nov. 9, 1858 aged 6 months, 13 days; both of scarlet fever.

MARY A. McCLELLAN d/o the late David McClellan, born Christian Co., Ky. 1818; died Nov. 19, 1858. Methodist.

BENNET M. MURPHY died Dec. 21, 1858; "to gratify his family" he left Warren Co., Tenn. to visit in St. Clair Co., where he died.

SERENA M. BARKER d/o John and Elizabeth Lawson; w/o William Barker, born Washington Co., Ky., Oct. 19, 1819; joined MEC Oct. 13, 1840; died Macksville, Ky., Dec. 10, 1858.

ELIZA J. RICHARDSON d/o J. G. Richardson died Livingston Co., Ky., Dec. 26, 1858.

ANN ELIZA KIMBELL d/o James H. and H. J. Gamble, born Feb. 19, 1823; md H. W. Kimbell, Oct. 27, 1840; died Nov. 17, 1858.

GEORGE H. SHEPARD born New Jersey, Sept. 19, 1824; moved to Nashville, Tenn. 1846; died Houston, Texas, Nov. 6, 1858; his wife predeceased him.

MARY WEBB SMITH, widow of late Col. James W. Smith, died at her residence in Jackson Co., Tenn., January 15, 1859, aged about 75 years.

MARY ELIZABETH ALEXANDER d/o A. C. and A. H. Alexander, died of croup, Jan. 6, 1859 aged 5 years, 1 day.

NANCY M. THOMAS d/o John and Nancy Jones of Nottoway Co., Va., born Aug. 29, 1795; md William Thomas and moved to Robertson Co., Tenn. in 1828; died January 4, 1859.

WILLIAM BENJAMIN GOWER infant s/o John D. and Elizabeth S. Gower, died Jan. 12, 1859, aged 7 months, of typhoid pneumonia.

WILLIAM JAMES CARPENTER, "Little Buck", s/o W. C. and Mary J. Carpenter, died of scarlatina, Kentucky, Nov. 29, 1858 aged 3 years.


February 3, 1859

General JOHN CAMPBELL born "on the head of Holston river in Washington Co., Va., March 14, 1777; his father, Col. David Campbell, moved to Knox Co., Tenn. with his family and built Campbell's Station; before he was 16 years old he served as a volunteer soldier for 6 months duty as a second lieutenant in U.S. army; 2 years later he was promoted to first lieutenant; to a captain later; during War of 1812 he attained ranks of major and colonel; in 1830 he and family moved to vicinity of Fort Gibson and 4 years later located at Cane Hill, Washington Co., Ark. where he died, Nov. 27, 1858; joined MEC 1832.


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Mrs. SUSANNA C. BAKER d/o Thomas and Catharine Crutcher; w/o James Baker, born Franklin Co., Va., May 22, 1798; professed religion at Nowell's campground, Bedford Co., Va., August 14, 1814; md Dec. 8, 1816; died in Fannin Co., Texas, Oct. 2l, 1858.

BERSHEBA CHARLES w/o John Charles, Esq., born Buncombe Co., N.C. Nov. 10, 179l; moved to Tenn. in her youth; died Coffee Co., Tenn., Dec. 23, 1858.

MARY C. HICKS d/o George and Mary C. Newton; w/o William M. Hicks, born Sept. 1, 1835; died Weakley Co., Tenn., January 11, 1859.

SARAH A. WORTHAM died Leitchfield, Ky., December 18, 1858.

Resolutions of Respect for JOHN F. McCLELLAN who died Jan. 16, 1859; by Cornersville Lodge #126, Masons.

ELIZABETH SHOEMAKER d/o James and Margaret Russell, born S.C., 1793; md John Oxford in Tenn. 18l6 and after he died, md John Shoemaker of Miss., 1842; died Choctaw Co., Miss., Oct. 21, 1858. The 4 children of William G. and Matilda Oxford and grandchildren of Elizabeth Shoemaker, had died:

MARTHA O. OXFORD, born Nov. 28, 1842 & died Attala Co., Miss., Nov. 3, 1858;

JOSEPH M. OXFORD, born March 19, 1844; died Nov. 8, 1858;

DRUCILLAH E. OXFORD, born Sept. 23, 1847; died Nov. 15, 1858;

JAMES L. OXFORD, born Jan. 15, 1851; died Nov. 18, 1858.

ARCHIMEDES WILSON BODWELL eldest s/o Maj. B. H. and Elizabeth Bodwell, died Angelo, Ky., Dec. 24, 1858 aged 10 years, 14 days; scarlet fever.

SAMUEL B. NEWELL s/o Dr. H. Newell, died of consumption, Dec. 24, 1858 aged 18 years, 10 months, 16 days.

SARAH FRANCES and MARGARET JANE daughters of William C. and Mary J. CARPENTER of Allen Co., Ky., born Aug. 7, 1853; Margaret J. died Dec. 17, 1858 and Sarah died Dec. 20, 1858. Their brother, WILLIAM JAMES CARPENTER, born Jan. 28, 1856; died Dec. 3, 1858.

Mrs. MARGARET SANDERS born Dec. 16, 1821; joined MECS Sept. 10, 1856; died December 3, 1858.

JONATHAN R. GORE died Daviess Co., Ky., Nov. 2, 1858 aged 34 years; joined MECS May 1853.

WILLIAM D. HULL born Jefferson Co., Ky., May 5, 1815; died Dec. 22, 1858.

CATHARINE DAVIS born July 17, 1814; joined MECS 1848; died September 10, 1858.

EPPS J. HUTTON s/o Rev. H. M. and Ann Hutton, born Davidson Co., Tenn., April 2, 1843; died January 7, 1859.

WILLIAM MATHEW CHILDERS infant s/o Rev. William and Lucy Childers died nr. Princeton, Ky., Jan. 13, 1859 aged 4 months, 20 days.


February 17, 1859

DAVID BIRD died Henderson Co., Tenn., Jan. 27, 1859 in his 71st year; native of Orange Co., N.C.; moved to western district of Tenn. over 30 years ago; funeral held at New Hope on Decatuville Circuit. "A servant woman, whom Bro. Bird had raised from childhood and perhaps some forty years of age, took her seat near the head of her master, being feeble from affliction herself and lamented and bewailed her loss . . . that melted the hearts of those who saw and heard it, 'My master, my poor old master is gone. He never struck me a lick since I've been grown and never struck me a lick amiss in my raising. He was more like a father than a master to me.'"


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Mrs. SALLY FIELDS d/o G. H. and Mary Bransford born Feb. 25, 1835; died Jan. 22, 1859; left widower and infant child.

Mrs. MARY DAVIS born Culpeper Co., Va., Nov. 15, 1762; about age 14 moved with parents to Ky. and settled nr. Danville; moved about 50 years ago to Union Co., Ky. with her husband where she lived until a few months ago when she went to her son-in-law, Lazarus Powell's house in Henderson County where she died Jan. 2, 1859. "At the time of her death she was probably the oldest member of the Methodist Church in Kentucky."


February 24, 1859

ISHAM PHARIS born Sept. 22, 1806; died Oct. 10, 1858; became a member of the Baptist Church but later joined the Methodist Church.

DAVID G. MASON born Oct. 15, 1814; died Jan. 23, 1859 nr. Huntsville, Tenn.; bronchitis; resolutions of respect for him by the Marshall Division of Sons of Temperance #203, no date given.

MATILDA H. H. HITT, widow of Mr. Jacky S. Hitt, died Bourbon Co., Ky., Feb. 8, 1859 in house of son-in-law, James McMiller, in her 68th year; maiden name Jacobs; first md Daniel Ayres.

CAROLINE E. ELLIS w/o G. W. Ellis, born Aug. 4, 1828; no death date given; she was raised by an uncle and aunt as her mother died when she was a day old.

ANTHONY LONG born Caroline Co., Va., May 25, 1793; died Dec. 29, 1858; moved to Lexington, Ky., 1810; was a Ky. volunteer in War of 1812; md Frances d/o James Bentley of Mercer Co., Ky. where he lived until he died.

JACOB A. KARNS born Hawkins Co., Tenn., Nov. 1, 1808; died Charlotte, Tenn., Jan. 31, 1859.

ELIZABETH LONG d/o Benjamin Cox, born Mercer Co., Ky., Feb. 3, 1822; md B. F. Long, Dec. 20, 1848; died Oct. 15, 1858; left widower and "six little children."

ROBERT W. BUMPASS died Oct. 3, 1858, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; left widow, children.

Mrs. EMMA TRUMAN died Jan. 29, 1859 aged 29 years.

Little SALLIE GOLD died Charlotte, Tenn., Feb. 9, 1859 aged about 10 years; her father died in Stewart Co., Tenn. about nine years before she died; her mother, Mrs. A. J. Larkins and step-father, Prof. E. H. Larkins raised her.

GEORGE H. DUNCAN s/o Ambrose F. Duncan born Coffee Co., Tenn., April 23, 1844; died Nov. 25, 1858; joined MECS 1854.

ROLAND WARD s/o Wiley and Martha Ward of Dinwiddie Co., Va. born March 31, 1801; settled in Robertson Co., Tenn. where he died Dec. 15, 1858.

MARY JULIA BURNS d/o T. L. Burns, died Jan. 23, 1859 not quite ten years old; buried beside her mother who died 12 months previously.


March 3, 1859

MARGARET RUCKLE widow of Robert Ruckle, born nr. Dublin, Ireland; died Jan. 30, 1859 of paralysis; aged about 65 years; came to U.S. 40 years ago; lived in Baltimore, Pittsburg, Cincinnati and 12 years ago moved to Nashville, Tenn. where she died.

DAVID UMBARGER born June 28, 1815; died Wythe Co., Va., Nov. 16, 1858; md Sophronia Darter, Dec. 4, 1837. Resolutions of Respect for him by First Quarterly Conf. for Wytheville Circuit, not dated.

MARY ANN SKIDMORE d/o Daniel and Milly M. Skidmore born April 16, 1839; died recently.


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JAMES H. JOHNSON died Montgomery Co., Tenn., Jan. 17, 1859, pneumonia, aged 28 years, 7 months.

WILLIAM WALSON born March 27, 1830; died Feb. 16, 1859; joined MECS May 11, 1858.

MARCUS L. CASH died Caldwell Co., Ky., Dec. 12, 1858 aged 36 years.

NARCISA E. FRAZER of Tank, Tenn., born Jan. 17, 1838; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Bethel, Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 1849; died January 1, 1859.

RASA HOWS died Davidson Co., Tenn., Dec. 2, 1858; he "was a true man."

ROBERT FRANKLIN POTTS born August 8, 1812; died Franklin Co., Ala. Jan. 19, 1859.

BEATRICE GUFFY died Feb. 6, 1859 aged 10 months, 1 day.


March 10, 1859

ANN MACON WEAVER, aged about 50 years, died at house of her brother, Dr. John P. Ford, Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 24, 1858; born in Cumberland Co., Va.; after the death of her father when she was a child, she moved to Huntsville, Ala. and md John C. Weaver; they moved to Miss., near Memphis. "Her remains were deposited near those of her mother who died in 1850."

Resolutions of Respect for Dr. JOHN E. JACKSON who died Manchester, Tenn., Feb. 17, 1859; by Harmony Lodge #214, Masons, Manchester, dated Feb. 17, 1859.

HENRY CAMPBELL s/o R. H. and Juliet Campbell, died nr. Mortonville, Ky., Dec. 30, 1858 in his 16th year.

ALMYRA A. PORTER d/o John C. and C. H. Campbell and w/o E. G. Porter, born Madison Co., Ala., Sept. 1834; died Yalobusha Co., Miss., Jan. 27, 1859.

JAMES B. JONES died Madison Co., Ala., Dec. 20, 1858.

WILLIE S. PRIEST s/o Thomas H. Priest, died Feb. 18, 1859 aged nearly 2 1/2 years old.


March 17, 1859

Rev. MARTIN CLARK born Patrick Co., Va., Oct. 3, 1801; at about age of 8 moved with parents to Williamson Co., Tenn.; md Charity Battle, Oct. 3, 1822; joined MEC and from 1824 until 1841 preached; died Feb. 25, 1859.

Rev. ABSALOM DAVIS born Sevier Co., Tenn., June 3, 1797; s/o Robert and Avarilla Davis; "landed with parents" in Wayne Co., Ky., June 4, 1804; md A. F. Guffey d/o Ephraim and Sarah Guffey, Feb. 17, 1820; licensed to preach, MEC, Aug. 20, 1836 which license was renewed several times; ordained deacon Oct. 18, 1840; ordained elder Oct. 17, 1847; filled several appointments in the Ky. Conference; died Sept. 30, 1858; buried in the Davis' meetinghouse graveyard.

Rev. JOSEPH H. PHELAN, formerly of Ala. Conf., died Rockford, Ala., Feb. 17, 1859; born Richmond, Va., 1818; boyhood spent in and around Huntsville, Ala.; practiced law at Tuscaloosa and Marion, Ala.; joined Ala. Conf. January 1847.

JAMES BARRET born Northampton Co., N.C., 1766; died Franklin Co., Ala., at house of son-in-law, John F. Pride, Jan. 28, 1859; buried in burial ground of his old home in Limestone Co., Ala., January 30, 1859.

MARTHA C. HUGHES d/o Joseph Rogers; w/o Samuel Hughes, born May 1, 1840; joined MECS 1855; md Dec. 24, 1856; died Giles Co., Tenn., Dec. 10, 1858.


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SYTHA ANN REAGAN d/o Caleb Reagan, born Newberry Dist., S.C., June 25, 1829; moved to Tenn. when young; died Giles Co., Tenn., Jan. 25, 1859.

KATIE E. GOSS d/o R. S. and E. A. Goss, died Jessamine Co., Ky., Feb. 21, 1859 aged 16 years.

Mrs. WAINWRIGHT w/o Rev Wainwright, died Nashville, Tenn., March 1, 1859.

MARTHA A. HICKS w/o Dr. Hicks of Brandenburg, Ky., born 1808; died Concordia Ky., Dec. 24, 1858.

ENOCH FRANKLIN DONAKEY died Feb. 8, 1859 aged 16 years.


March 24, 1859

WILLIAM PINKNEY GUNN born March 19, 1838; died Jan. 19, 1859; youngest s/o Rev. E. Gunn of Logan Co., Ky.; died of consumption.

JOHN PEACH died in Williamson Co., Tenn., March 5, 1859 in his 78th year.

POLLY MURRAH born Clinton Co., Ky., Jan. 1, 1797; md Joseph Murrah 1816; joined MEC 1830; died Feb. 14, 1859.

Major WILLIAM HARBIN born Statesville, N.C., Jan. 9, 1823; died Greenville,

Ky., Dec. 23, 1859; "a high-toned gentleman."

JOHN BRANNON born Johnson Co., N.C., 1776; moved to Ga. 1814; died recently.


March 31, 1859

Rev. SILAS DRAKE, born Robinson /Robeson?/ Co., N.C., Nov. 4, 1791; moved to Ky. 1809; md Martha d/o Micajah Wells 1811; licensed to preach, MEC, 1817; ordained deacon Oct. 6, 1823; ordained elder Oct. 17, 1830; although a local preacher he was "in spirit an itinerant." Died Oct. 7, 1858 from effects of typhoid fever.

Rev. JAMES TARRANT born Va., 1781; died Jan. 30, 1859; when young moved with family to S.C.; licensed to preach, MEC, 1813; moved to Hickman Co., Tenn. 1818; spent 10 years as regular preacher; last 25 years he was a local preacher.

ELIZABETH CAROLINE LANEY w/o Rev. J. H. Laney, died nr. Holmesville, Pike Co., Miss., March 8, 1859 aged 35 years.

HENRIETTA A. WAINWRIGHT w/o Rev. F. W. Wainwright and d/o William and Rachel House, born Sumner Co., Tenn. 1833; md 1854; died Nashville, Tenn., March 1, 1859; joined MECS 1855.

Rev. JUSTINIAN WILLIAMS, SR. born Millwood, Va., May 17, 1789; joined MEC, 1806; licensed to preach April 9, 1814; ordained deacon Sept. 16, 1819; ordained elder Sept. 14, 1828; having been a preacher in the Mo. Conf. he joined the Tenn. Conf. in 1834; took supernumerary role 1848; md Mrs. Nancy Nix Feb. 17, 1859 and he died 9 days later, Feb. 25, 1859 in Franklin Co., Ala.

BENJAMIN A. RUCKER of Wilson Co., Tenn. died Feb. 9, 1859 in his 68th year.

ELIZABETH BARROW widow of Col. Samuel Barrow died Caldwell Co., Texas, Dec. 5, 1858 in her 54th year; after marriage moved from Lincoln Co., Tenn. to Gonzales, Texas in 1840.

MARGARET P. CATRON, nee Gilliland, died on south fork of Holston River, Washington Co., Va., Jan. 26, 1859 in her 63rd year; md Christian Catron 1812.

Mrs. DRUSILLA CHISM died Mead Co., Ky., Feb. 22, 1859 in her 27th year.

JAMES H. PRIMM born Jan. 18, 1837; died Feb. 22, 1859; joined MECS 1854.

ALEXANDER FRAZIER born Warren Co., Ky., Dec. 16, 1773; died Hopkins Co., Ky., Aug. 27, 1858.


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Apri1 7, 1859

Rev. WILLIAM HENRY JOHNSTON, JR. of Louisville, Ky., died March 8, 1859; a "young and talented minister of the gospel"; licensed to preach, MECS 1854. Resolutions of Respect for him by Methodist organization in Louisville, Ky. dated March 21, 1859.

SARAH H. RICHARDSON d/o William and Judith McHenry, born Dec. 7, 1807; died Jan. 9, 1859; md William Richardson and moved to Jacksborough, Tennessee.

NANCY KILLEN born Cumberland Co., N.C., Oct. 1779; moved "to the west" in 1816 and settled in Lauderdale Co., Ala.; left a widow, in 1826, at death of husband, James Killen, with 6 children; joined MEC 1828; died February 26, 1859.

M. H. BAILY d/o Henry and Jane Froshour, died Feb. 23, 1859; md Mr. Baily; joined MEC 1825.

MARY BAYLESS w/o Dr. W. W. Bayless; died Blount Co., Tenn., March 13, 1859 aged about 36 years.


April 17, 1859

JOHN COLTART died Haywood Co., Tenn., March 15, 1859 in his 63rd year; born Gate-House of Fleet, Scotland; educated "in part" at University of Edinburgh; moved to U.S. 1818; taught in Nashville, Tenn.; after death of his first wife he returned to Scotland and in a year moved back to Nashville where he married and taught school.


NANCY J. JACKSON d/o Henry Jackson, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 24, 1837; died Feb. 11, 1859.

NATHAN NALL died Olney, Ill., Jan. 26, 1859 aged 78 years; born Chatham Co., N.C., 1780; his father was an army officer in American army during the Revolutionary War and was shot and killed after 7 years service by Tories; he moved to I11. 1819 with wife and sons R. J. and J. W. and settled in White County.

Dr. DANIEL MASON born Yorkshire, England, Aug. 10, 1814; moved when a child with parents to U.S.; studied medicine; graduate of Ohio Medical College in his 20th year; died Carrollton, Ky., Nov. 18, 1858.

ELIZA N. MACHEN d/o Thomas and Napler Dobbins died Feb. 7, 1859 in her 30th year.

MARY DALE died March 10, 1859 in her 87th year; born Delaware; md Adam Dale 1790 and moved to Tenn. 1797. Presbyterian.

SARAH CAROLINE RAIFORD d/o H. G. and A. N. Barbee, died nr. Byhalia, Marshall Co., Miss., Feb. 21, 1859 aged 32 years; joined MEC 1839 at Wolf River campground in Shelby Co., Tenn.

MARSHALL R. D. RAMSEY s/o William W. and Rutha Ramsey died nr. Carolina, Miss., of croup, March 18, 1859 aged 5 months, 9 days.


Apri1 21, 1859

JANE E. ATKINS d/o Peyton E. and W. A. Atkins of Pine Bluff, Ark. died at the Clarksville Female Academy, March 12, 1859 aged 16 years and a few months; joined MECS June 16, 1855.

ISAAC CLIMER died Bradley Co., Tenn., March 19, 1859 aged 44 years; moved from N.C. to Tenn. in early life; joined MEC 1836; left widow and children.

ELIZABETH DAVIS w/o Peter Davis died of consumption, DeKalb Co., Tenn., March 28, 1859.


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JAMES CARTWRIGHT BAIRD s/o J. M. and Amanda Baird, born March 1856; died of scarlet fever, March 1859, being "to a day", 3 years old.

Resolutions of Respect for MILES W. ATKISSON who died Edgefield, Tenn., March 29, 1859; by Edgefield MECS Sunday School, dated April 3, 1859.

FANNIE LEE w/o Rev. N. H. Lee of Louisville Conference, died Henderson, Ky. March 23, 1859 aged 31 years; d/o Rev. Thomas and Jane Evans; md Jan. 22, 1846; left widower, children.

ARCHIBALD W. MOURNING s/o Samuel and Nancy Mourning, born Adair Co., Ky.; moved to Ill. 1855; died Hancock Co., Ill., March 21, 1859 aged 20 years.

REBECCA E. FINN d/o William and Celia Finn, born Dec. 23, 1835; died of consumption, March 26, 1859.

FANNIE SCOBEE w/o Rev. J. S. Scobee, of Louisville Conference, died Warren Co., Ky., at house of her brother, E. D. Covington, March 24, 1859.

SOLOMON PETRE died Gibson Co., Tenn., April 2, 1859; of Stokes Co., N.C.; aged "near" 73 years; had been visiting relatives in Tenn. and Miss.

HARPER BOOTH born Mecklenburg Co., Va., Sept. 13, 1775; joined MEC about 1804; died Pontotoc Co., Miss., March 16, 1859 at house of his son, Dr. J. F. Booth.

LYDIA V. BENNINGFIELD d/o William and Sarah Phillips; w/o Burr H. Benningfield, born May 17, 1835; died April 1, 1859.

WILLIAM McKENDREE HAMILTON s/o Newton and Lucinda C. Hamilton, born August 31, 1857; died March 21, 1859, Lincoln Co., Tenn.


Apri1 28, 1859

JANE B. STEWART died Chattanooga, Tenn., March 9, 1859 of consumption, in her 27th year; joined MECS April 1851.

Rev. ABSALOM DAVIS, deceased, resolutions of respect for him by James Circuit, April 1859.

NANCY GENTRY w/o Col. J. F. Gentry; d/o Joel and Nancy Mann, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Nov. 15, 1828; md Oct. 11, 1843; died Canton, Ky., Feb. 11, 1859.

MARTHA TAYLOR HOLMES youngest d/o Rev. James and Milly Holmes born Sept. 9, 1857; died March 13, 1859.

HENRY L. YEATMAN born Westmoreland Co., Va., Dec. 1, 1773; died Flemingsburg, Ky., March 17, 1859 leaving an aged widow.

THOMAS MOORE born Johnston Co., N.C., March 17, 1804; died of consumption, March 27, 1859; md Nancy C. Allen, March 23, 1832; moved when young to Bedford Co., Tenn.; moved to Tishomingo Co., Miss. 1847.

ISABELLA WILSON d/o David and Mary Davis; w/o Samuel Wilson, born Sept. 6, 1795; md Feb. 20, 1817; joined MEC 1826; died Ballard Co., Ky., March 13, 1859.

MARY EUNICE ELIZABETH WHEAT born Jan. 24, 1847; died Russell Co., Ky., March 23, 1859; d/o J. R. and Martha Wheat.

FOUNTAIN BEATTY born June 6, 1840; died Rutherford Co., Tenn., March 29, 1859.

WILLIAM RYE born S.C., 1785; settled in Pope Co., Ark. 1843; died there Feb. 17, 1859; md Hannah Thomas in Tenn. 1808; she was born in N.C. 1791 and died July 13, 1858.

GABERAL S. OSTEEN, "the last of a large family", died Amite Co., Miss. but no date given; born Jefferson Co., Miss., May 24, 1830.


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JOSEPHINE POPE d/o David F. and Harriet Pope died Allen Co., Ky. April 4, 1859 in her 2nd year.


May 5, 1859

MARY MARTIN born Middlesex Co., N. J., June 13, 1770; died Simpson Co., Ky. Jan. 27, 1859; at age 18, with father, John Dunn, moved to Barkly Co., Va.; at age 22 md Peter Martin; they moved to Allen Co., Ky. in 1810 and her husband died after being discharged from army in War of 1812; left with 7 children to raise; Presbyterian.

MARY ANN HUGGINS born Warrington, Fauquier Co., Va., Nov. 13, 1812; md William Huggins, Dec. 4, 1835; joined MEC 1838; moved to Louisville, Ky. 1841; died there April 11, 1859.

Resolutions of Respect for BEN D. STEWART who died recently; by his classmates at Jr. Class Collegiate Dept. of Cumberland University; not dated.

NANCY GRIFFITH w/o Samuel T. Griffith and oldest d/o late Thomas Price of Jackson Co., Tenn., died Grundy, Mo. March 23, 1859.

STEPHEN W. J. ENOCHS died March 30, 1859 in his 5th year.

JOHN WILLIAMS died DeKalb Co., Tenn., Feb. 5, 1859 in his 56th year.

BARBERY GARVIN died Hart Co., Ky. at house of her son, Valentine Garvin, Feb. 24, 1859 in her 87th year; she and husband, David Garvin moved from Rockingham Co., Va. about 1807 to Barren Co., Ky. where she died. Her husband died January 1, 1836.

NANCY PHILIPS born S.C.; moved to N.C.; died Calloway Co., Ky., Jan. 28, 1859 in her 84th year.


May 12, 1859

Resolutions of Respect for ROBERT TAYLOR who died March 30, 1859; by Beech Division #315, Sons of Temperance, dated April 1, 1859.

JEMIMA A. APPLEBY w/o Benjamin Appleby, Esq.; d/o John and Mary King of Maury Co., Tenn., died Dade Co., Mo. April 13, 1859 aged 42 years.

MARGARET C. MOORE d/o Benjamin D. and Mary Harris; w/o William H. Moore, died Huntsville, Ala., April 12, 1859; born Nelson Co., Va.; md Dec. 31, 1844.

MARY E. LOUIS w/o Rev. T. D. Louis of the Louisville Conference; d/o Pairam and Nancy E. Chambers, born Davis Co., Ky., March 6, 1838; died of consumption, April 19, 1859; md May 30, 1858; joined MECS Jan. 1855.

Resolutions of Respect for MARTHA J. SHARP w/o S. F. Sharp who died "two weeks since"; by Leland Lodge #2, Independent Order of Good Templars dated April 26, 1859.

SALLIE C. MAJORS d/o Townzin and Jane Fugett, died nr. Waco, Texas March 30, 1859, consumption; born Feb. 12, 1807; md B. H. Majors, Sept. 2, 1824; joined MEC 1842.

JOHN PERSON born Jan. 1814; died Scott Co. Ky., March 12, 1859.

Captain JOHN H. DRAKE, aged 22 years, on his way to race-ground, "called in at a camp meeting at Drake's Lick" and was "arrested by the Spirit of God" and joined MEC; died April 3, 1859.

JONATHAN J. WILLIAMS born Woodford Co., Ky., Aug. 17, 1811; died of consumption, Union Co., Ky., Jan. 28, 1859.

MARY C. STRAYHORN w/o Rev. Joseph H. Strayhorn died Lawrence Co., Tenn. April 12, 1859.


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MARTHA HARRINGTON w/o Hezekiah Harrington; d/o Spencer and Catharine Tinsley, born Maury Co., Tenn., July 1, 1814; died Van Buren Co., Ark., March 4, 1859.

Mrs. ELIZABETH E. SHEPARD born Halifax Co., N.C., Oct. 7, 1797; died Morgan Co., Ala., Feb. 15, 1859.

Mrs. CHRISTIANA BENELY, aged 21 years, died nr. Newport, Campbell Co., Ky., Apri1 22, 1859.


May 19, 1859

JEFFERSON McLEMORE BOND s/o T. B. and B. A. Bond, born Feb. 11, 1844; died May 3, 1859.

Rev. WILSON L. McALISTER s/o James and Jane McAlister, born six miles north of Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 27, 1803; received in Tenn. as a traveling preacher, MEC, 1825; filled several appointments; moved to Salem, Miss.; took charge of the Indian Mission Conf. 1845; died Blossom Prairie, Texas, March 30, 1859.

Mrs. ELIZABETH CRADDOCK died Caldwell Co., Ky., March 29, 1859 in her 41st year; joined MEC 1839.

Resolutions of Respect for ROBERT F. PRICE who died April 23, 1859; by Nashville Temple of Honor #53, not dated.

REBECCA G. COOPER w/o John C. Cooper born Boonville, Mo., April 28, 1825; d/o Justinian and Elizabeth Williams, died Lauderdale Co., Ala., April 27, 1859; md, first, W. H. Rogers of Florence, Ala.; after he died she md., second, John C. Cooper of Lauderdale County with whom she had four daughters. Cumberland Presbyterian.

MARY WESLEY SHAW w/o Rev. William Shaw; d/o Shadrach Hunt, born Granville Co., N.C.; died nr. Nashville, Tenn., April 7, 1859 in her 67th year.

MARTHA A. P. MOSLY w/o William H. Mosly, born Feb. 9, 1825; died May 1, 1859.

DERTA KINCANNON w/o Rev. W. C. Kincannon, born March 12, 1814; died Feb. 9, 1859.


May 26, 1859

The father of Dr. R. H. Rivers, unnamed, died May 15, 1859, Hardeman Co., Tenn. in his 76th year. A separate notice, EDMUND RIVERS, died Hardeman Co., Tenn., May 15, 1859 in his 76th year.

ELIZABETH C. MERIWETHER d/o Thomas D. and Sarah Tarver; widow of David J. Meriwether, born April 29, 1829; md Oct. 31, 1849; died nr. Denmark, Tenn., May 3, 1859.

SARAH RUSH CHEAIRS widow of Nathaniel Cheairs died Maury Co., Tenn. June 26, 1858 at house of Constantine Perkins.

SARAH A. WATSON w/o William Watson died March 16, 1859 in her 72nd year; native of Virginia.

JOHN P. HOWARD born Surrey Co., N.C., March 17, 1800; died Coffee co., Tenn., March 7, 1859; moved to Tenn. 1817 and settled in Lincoln Co. and from there moved to Coffee Co. where he died. His wife, unnamed, born July 12, 1812, east Tenn., died May 3, 1857.

ELIZA JANE LAVENDER d/o William and Prudence Lavender, born Sumner Co., Tenn.; died March 29, 1859 aged about 40 years.

LANCASTER GLOVER born Sussex Co., Va., May 19, 1777; died Shelby Co., Tenn., Dec. 28, 1858; md Elizabeth d/o Charles and Mary Locke, December 24, 1807.

MATTIE FULTON d/o F. P. and Martha Fulton born June 22, 1857; died Fayetteville, Tenn., May 1, 1859.


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June 2, 1859

ISAAC M. MYERS died Garrard Co., Ky, May 7, 1859 in his 72nd year; joined MEC 1841.

JAMES A. SPRATT s/o Blyth and Rachel Spratt born Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 22, 1821; died Feb. 23, 1859; md Susan A. Shaw, Feb. 12, 1843; suffered from cancer of the stomach; left a son, Samuel and two daughters.

J. W. ROWELL s/o David J. and Elizabeth Rowell born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Nov. 26, 1834; died April 2, 1859.

JAMES PAINE died Edgefield, Tenn., May 4, 1859; eldest of two children of late W. W. and S. B. Atkisson, aged 2 years, 4 months.

MARGARET FENNEL d/o James and Mary C. Fennel of LaGrange, Ala., died Huntsville, Ala., April 8, 1859 aged 15 years "lacking a few days."


June 9, 1859

Mrs. FANNIE L. SCOBEE d/o Maj. Isaac Covington of Williamson Co., Tenn., born Jan. 18, 1834; died March 24, 1859; attended Bardstown Female Institute; md J. S. Scobee, August 28, 1850.

ELIZABETH ANN CLARY w/o Dr. J. W. Clary of Unionville, La., died May 13, 1859.

GEORGE R. CHESNUTT s/o Samuel and Susan Chesnutt born Hawkins Co., Tenn., August 8, 1835; died March 26, 1859.

RUFUS WORLEY died Sullivan Co., Tenn., April 20, 1859 in his 35th year; his father and 4 infants died when he was a child, left the only son of a widowed mother; never married.

WILEY B. HERRING s/o Mrs. Susan B. Herring, died nr. Springfield, Tenn., May 15, 1859 aged 15 years, 7 months.

Mrs. N. T. WILLIAMS d/o James and Elizabeth Bailey; md Col. Alfred P. Buckner and after he died, md Alvis Williams, Dec. 18, 1856; she died nr. Mt. Pleasant, Tenn., March 24, 1859; she left an only daughter, Mrs. H. J. Coles, formerly Buckner.

ROBERT MOSELY BATTLE s/o Gen. Joel A. and Adeline Battle, born June 19, 1853; died April 10, 1859.


June 16, 1859

Major ROBERT H. WEBB died nr. Holly Springs, Miss., April 22, 1859; born Richmond Co., N.C., August 26, 1802.

T. C. SCALES born Williamson Co., Tenn., Dec. 3, 1820; died March 11, 1859; practiced law at Talladega, Ala.; moved to Rusk, Texas and from there to Mansfield, La. and died in New Orleans, La.

GEORGE NEWTON born N.C., Dec. 10, 1799; died Graves Co., Ky. April 8, 1859; moved to Smith Co., Tenn. in childhood; his mother died when he was 9 years old; md Mary C. d/o Rev. Richard and Elizabeth Jones, March 18, 1821; raised 14 children.

To the Memory of ANN ELIZA and MARY LUVICA GARDNER daughters of William and Ellen D. Gardner, one 4 years, the other 18 mos. old; buried beside their brother, FRANCIS M., who died a few months before they did; no death dates given.

JAMES GUINN GOSLIN born Dec. 18, 1834; died Helena, Ark., May 9, 1859; buried at Fitch's Chapel.

MARY ANN ROGERS w/o Rev. William H. Rogers of the Holston Conference, died nr. Louisville, east Tenn., May 14, 1859; born Blount Co., Tenn., Dec. 19, 1820; md August 15, 1850.

LIZZIE G. CALLIS w/o Warner M. Callis; d/o Elias and Mary Gardner, died Trimble Co., Ky., April 13, 1859; typhoid pneumonia.


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"Grandma Is Dead", no name, date or place given; age 87; a panegyric submitted by her grandson, Samuel H. Richardson.

NANCY TUCKER d/o John and Mary Webster, born N.C.; settled in Perry Co., Ala; md Richard Tucker, May 9, 1839; died April 2, 1859.

GEORGE T. TOWLES, aged 19 years, oldest s/o E. O. and M. J. Towles, died Feb. 17, 1859; joined MECS Nov. 1857.

SUSAN C. WILLIAMSON w/o Thomas D. Williamson of Independence Co., Ark., died April 9, 1859 aged 17 years; d/o George M. and Nancy M. Cannon of Maury Co., Tenn.; joined Missionary Baptist Church; md Dec. 22, 1857 and then joined the MECS.

EMMA WOFFORD w/o W. G. Wofford; d/o Henry and Rebecca Andrews, died Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 22, 1859 and almost the same month, 4 of her children died.

MALINDA TOWLES w/o E. O. Towles died Feb. 11, 1859 aged 39 years.

SUSAN VAUGHN d/o Burrel Vaughn died Prestonsburg, Ky., April 6, 1859.

BENJAMIN L. PACK died Cheatham Co., Tenn., March 2, 1859; born Aug. 18, 1819.

ELIZABETH M. KENT d/o Nathaniel and Nancy Shelton, born Cocke Co., Tenn., March 25, 1835; joined MECS 1851; md Jackson Kent, April 9, 1857; died March 26, 1859, leaving an infant child.

NANCY BYRN widow of L. Byrn died near Waverly, Tenn., Feb. 28, 1859 in her 69th year; d/o Neal Thompson and was born Cumberland Co., Va. and in 1799 moved to Davidson Co., Tenn.; she had lived a widow since June 1841; the mother of 10 children, 8 surviving.

MARY WOFFORD w/o Francis Wofford; d/o Henry and Rebecca Andrews, died January 7, 1859.

JAMES P. TEMPLETON, aged 19 years, died Lincoln Co., Tenn., Feb. 26, 1859; typhoid fever.

SUSANNAH P. SNEED d/o Constantine and Sarah Hardaman and w/o Constantine P. Sneed, born April 26, 1807; md Feb. 23, 1825; joined MEC 1842; died Williamson Co., Tenn., May 19, 1859.

BARBARA GARVIN w/o David Garvin born Rockingham Co., Ga., June 12, 1772; died Jan. 24, 1859.

MARY JANE WITTY d/o E. L. C. and Ann Eliza Witty, born August 5, 1846; died May 3, 1859, Williamson Co., Tenn. June 23, 1859.

WILLIAM R. TATE, native of Louisa Co., Va., died nr. Raleigh, Tenn., May 13, 1859; his daughter, ABIE w/o Rev. Samuel Suratt had died recently.

MARGARET KINCAID w/o Ritchie Kincaid died Clinton, Tenn., May 22, 1859; d/o Amos and Sarah Maupin; born 1814; md 1837.

MrS.C. D. ROBB w/o Dr. W. D. Robb of Allen Co., Ky., died April 28, 1859 in her 35th year.

PATSY C. LINDSEY d/o James and Easter Lindsey, born Scott Co., Ky., Feb. 20, 1810; died Nov. 28, 1858, Hawesville, Ky.; md Thomas H. Patterson 28 years ago.

PAUL, a servant of Col. Andrew Erwin, in a statement dictated by Paul's wife, stated that he died Shelbyville, Tenn., April 24, 1859 aged 33 years.

ELIZABETH A. SOBEY w/o James Sobey; d/o James and Mary Gribble, born Cornwall Co., England, Nov. 25, 1830; died Polk Co., Tenn., April 12, 1859.

JOSHUA DILLARD s/o Edmund and Rebecca Dillard, born Dinwiddie Co., Va. June 1, 1789; died Madison Co., Ala., May 10, 1859, whence he had moved in 1816.


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SAMUEL WILLIAMS born Md., 1777; moved when young to Ky.; died Marion Co., Ky., Apri1 24, 1859.

WILLIAM B. JAGERS born July 24, 1825 in Hancock Co., Ky.; died May 23, 1859; joined MECS 1849.

ROBERT W. GREEN born Feb. 1, 1834; died Robertson Co., Tenn., May 13, 1859.

MARY LEE w/o Stephen Lee, born Nov. 1, 1806; died May 24, 1859.

Mrs. NANCY COSBY, native of Virginia, died Maury Co., Tenn., June 2, 1859.

SALLY WILLIS infant d/o Rev. S. P. and Susannah Willis, full-blooded Cherokee, died in the Indian Nation, April 20, 1859, aged 6 months.


June 30, 1859

"Mother Ogburn", CHARLOTTE OGBURN, widow of Rev. Henry Ogburn, born Kent Co., Md., July 17, 1764; died May 13, 1859 nr. Carrollton, Ky. Among the earliest Methodist preachers -Rev. Ogburn -he was born in Mecklenburg Co., Va., Nov. 26, 1754; was preaching as MEC by May 1779; he filled several appointments; the Ogburns md Feb. 28, 1789 and they moved to Ky. in 1794, moving from Botetourt Co., Va. to Lexington, Ky., where he died in August 1831.

KATE E. BUSKETT d/o William and Jane Fallin, born Bracken co., Ky., July 4, 1830; md James L. Buskett, Oct. 13, 1857; died Augusta, Ky., May 27, 1859.

SARAH McNEW born April 21, 1800; md 1842; died June 1, 1859.

Tribute of Respect for JAMES s/o Richard C. and Rebecca JONES who was accidentally killed by a mule, June 3, 1859; by Salem Sabbath School, not dated.

JOHN W. CLAY born Halifax Co., Va. 1813; died nr. LaGrange, Tenn., June 9, 1859; joined MEC 1833.

MARY JOHNSON born Brunswick Co., Va., March 10, 1789; died Williamson Co., Tenn., May 8, 1859; md Joel Johnson 1806 and moved to Williamson Co. in 1812.

PHEBE R. SMITH of Lowe Co., Ky.; d/o Edmond Smith born August 27, 1837; died May 29, 1859; left a motherless child when she was one day old.

VIRGINIA BURGE d/o Isaac and Margaret Smith, born Warren Co., Ky. April 11, 1828; died April 21, 1859.

HENRY MOORE born Connecticut, Feb. 5, 1793; died Carrollton, Ky., April 27, 1859; md Louisa Winslow, Nov. 25, 1830; lived in N. Y. state and moved to Ky. in 1821.

ROBERT HALL died Christian Co., Ky. May 12, 1859 in his 78th year.

SARAH E. CRUNK w/o John Crunk, died of consumption, Christian Co., Ky., May 30, 1859.

Mrs. NANCY PILKINTON died Maury Co., Tenn., April 14, 1859 in her 77th year.

NANCIE E. COCHRAN born August 7, 1850; died October 10, 1858.


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