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July 5, 1884

NETTIE daughter of Rev. James G. Walker born Washington Co., Ark., Aug. 1, 1858; moved with parents to Texas, 1868; married A. B. DOCKERY, May 7, 1879 (one son); died near Sequin, Texas, April 4, 1884.

Dr. JOHN ALEXANDER son of Colonel Micajah C. and Esther Alexander MOORMAN born Campbell Co., Va., Sept. 24, 1845; moved to north Alabama, then to Fayette Co., Tenn. where he was reared; with his first wife, a Miss McDonald, he had a daughter, Ann Eliza who married Colonel William Beck and had a daughter, Willie; a daughter of his second marriage, Lizzie C., married Rev. J. J. Brooks, North Miss. Annual (Meth.) Conference. He died Benton Co., Miss., March 29, 1884.

JULIA A. daughter of E. and K. Frazier born Chester Co., Tenn., Dec. 13, 1858; died Center Point, Tenn., Feb. 29, 1884; married S. N. BUNCH.

HATTIE E. daughter of Hartwell and Harriet Wells born Fayette Co., Tenn., May 24, 1842; died May 2, 1884; married J. W. TEMPLE.

SAMUEL B. STOLTZ born Sept. 25, 1826; died Feb. 23, 1884; married Oct. 17, 1845.

ELLA wife of John E. ROBERSON born Mar. 9, 1852; died Apr. 5, 1884.

M. B. DRIVER, nee Allison, born Jackson Co., Ala., Apr. 21, 1839; married W. A. Driver, May 23, 1865 (six children); moved to Lamar Co., Ala. where she died recently.

MAGGIE GLENN youngest child of Rev. J. G. RICE and wife born Aug. 17, 1876; died Cedar Hill, Tenn., Apr. 8, 1884.

R. E. wife of J. M. PEARSON born Montgomery Co., Miss., Dec. 18, 1859; died there, Feb. 7, 1884; two children.

BESSIE daughter of Fannie BRANTLEY died recently, aged 13 months.

CHARLES WESLEY son of W. F. and Addie BOYD born Mar. 29, 1881; died Montague, TX, May 14, 1884.

KATE CLARK wife of David W. BOLIVAR, Honey Grove, TX, died in home of her father, E. G. Clark, near Auburn, Ky., May 9, 1884 aged 34 years.

ROBERT H. CUNNINGHAM born Coffee Co., Tenn., Apr. 5, 1856; died Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 3, 1884.

MARY E. wife of John H. CROCKETT born Williamson Co., Tenn., 1846; married Apr. 30, 1867 (two children); moved to Lauderdale Co., Tenn.; died Apr. 17, 1884.

PAULINA wife of William H. DODSON born Marion Co., Ky., July 11, 1849; married June 26, 1869 (seven children); died Apr. 18, 1884.

LEVI son of D. H. and M. A. GOOD born Bradley Co., Tenn., Feb. 15, 1856; married Levona Foust, Blount Co., Ala., Dec. 19, 1878 (two sons); drowned in Ouachita River, Clark Co., Ark., March 8, 1884.

MARY ELIZABETH SPILLMAN born Green Co., Ky., Aug. 8, 1824; married J. B. Spillman, Jan. 23, 1844; died near Clinton, Ky., May 4, 1884.

July 12, 1884

HENRY EVERETT WILKINS born Christian Co., Ky., Jan. 20, 1861; died Fairview, Ky., May 3, 1884.

LULA daughter of I. and Lucy White born Smithville, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1861; married Rev. David G. RAY, June 14, 1882; died Shelbyville, Tenn., April 29, 1884.

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July 12, 1884 continued

PAULINE J. daughter of Rev. John RAMSEY born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Apr. 15, 1825; married (l) Rev. Albert G. Kelley (died Athens, Ala., June 6, 1851; two sons); (2) Absalom Smith (died 1875), in 1857; (3) Rev. George Johnston, July 31, 1879; died Ripley, Tenn., Apr. 22, 1884.

RICHARD W. son of W. B. and Susan A. KAVANAUGH born Nicholas Co., Ky., Sept. 1848; married Lilla Richardson, La., 1872 (two children); died Shelbyville, Ky., Feb. 19, 1884.

NANCY CATHARINE daughter of Cornelius C. and Mary C. Gilchrist born McNairy Co., Tenn., July 11, 1842; married Rev. W. A. COOK, Jan. 3, 1861 (a son, Willie H.); died Pinson, Tenn., May 4, 1884.

CAMILLA PEDIGO, nee Lane, born Campbell Co., Va., June 8, 1824; moved with parents to DeKalb Co., Tenn., 1839; married J. J. Pedigo, Aug. 12, 1880; died Apr. 27, 1884; reference to her “wicked husband.”

Rev. B. T. TAYLOR born Jan. 1, 1829; died June 24, 1884; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, Dec. 5, 1867; ordained deacon, Oct. 10, 1875; husband/father.

Sons of Dr. Alfonso and Lucy JONES, Adamsville, Tenn.: LOUIS JONES born June 17, 1880; died Nov. 2, 1883. DORSIE JONES born Aug. 22, 1883; died May 6, 1884.

SARAH F. MOORE, nee Robinson, born Franklin Co., Ala., Sept. 14, 1841; died Birmingham, Ala., Apr. 13, 1884; wife and mother (one daughter).

ANNIE daughter of J. T. and Mary F. Reynolds, wife of Ed. S. JONES died Newburg, Ala., Dec. 23, 1883 in 37th year of her age.

SALLIE C. daughter of J. H. C. and Minerva SCALES, Bedford Co., Tenn., born Jan. 22, 1863; died April 26, 1884.

BAILIE PEYTON MASSY born Feb. 8, 1862; died April 28, 1884.

J. E. STEM born Nov. 4, 1838; died Mar. 1, 1884; husband and father.

July 19, 1884

Rev. Dr. WILLIAM S. MALONE born Limestone Co., Ala., Sept. 5, 1849; died Memphis, Tenn., June 24, 1884; moved with parents to Capleville, Tenn., 1859; graduate, Louisville School of Medicine, 1871; married Lilly Booth, Canton, Miss., Nov. 6, 1873 (three children); licensed as a local Methodist preacher, 1875 and entered itinerant ministry in 1878.

MARTHA A. E. JOHNSON, nee Sheffield, born Marshall Co., Tenn., Feb. 8, 1849; married Rev. B. H. Johnson, Methodist preacher, Dec. 22, 1863; died Dickson Co., Tenn., May 16, 1884.

MARY CAROLINE daughter of J. W. and E. C. Crockett born Ellis Co., TX, Apr. 26, 1863; married O. B. SIMS, July 3, 1877 (three children); died Ellis Co., TX, Apr. 16, 1884; a surviving son was born April 8, 1884.

MARTHA A. wife of J. P. BEARDEN born Weakley Co., Tenn., Sept. 15, 1850; married June 4, 1874 (seven children); moved to Hickman Co., Ky., 1879 and died there, Apr. 19, 1884. Shortly before she died she asked that her brother-in-law “stand by her bedside and sing a sweet song while her breath was leaving her.”

MARY SUSAN wife of R. C. APPLING born Monroe Co., W. Virginia, Nov. 24, 1854; married April 25, 1872 (six children); died Monroe Co., May 9, 1884.

JOHN A. FARABEE. born Mar. 28, 1846; died Clemmonsville, N. Carolina, Feb. 8, 1884.

SARAH J. LOCKMAN died April 23, 1884; wife and mother.

LEWIS POWELL son of Rev. LaFayette and Mary MEEK born Feb. 2, 1884; died Nashville, Tenn., May 25, 1884.

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July 19, 1884 continued

BILLY LOVEL died Simpson Co., Ky., Mar. 30, 1884 aged 27 years.

SAMUEL (Sammy) FARIS died in home of his widowed mother, a sister of Rev. W. G. E. Cunningham, Sweetwater, Tenn., Mar. 26, 1884 in 26th year of his age.

WILLIAM P. CONWAY married Mary P. Brelsford, Lyon Co., Ky., Dec. 18, 1879; died Caldwell Co., Ky., Mar. 11, 1884 in the 32nd year of his age; husband/father.

MARTHA EMELINE daughter of Joseph and Mary E. Holliday born Dec. 30, 1859; died Mar. 7, 1884; married Burton CARR, Jan. 27, 1878 (one daughter).

REBECCA J. wife of David C. WILSON born in 1827; died Houston Co., Tenn., April 29, 1884, the only one of her parents' children, three daughters and six sons, the oldest 59 years, the youngest 42 years, that had died; wife and mother (nine children).

Dr. E. H. ALEXANDER born Allen Co., Ky., May 5, 1836; served in Civil War; married E. A. Hanes, Aug. 2, 1866 (six children); moved to Butler Co., Kansas, Mar. 1876; died April 23, 1884.

McCLAY PARRIS born in Maryland, Oct. 18, 1833; died Panola Co., Miss., Apr. 19, 1884; husband and father (two daughters).

IDA LEONA daughter of General J. J. and L. W. BROOKS born Madison Co., Tenn., 1854; married I. O. Brooks (died 1880), 1873 (one son); died Mar. 14, 1884.

JOHN GARRETT born Co. Down, Ireland, Nov. 29, 1828; came to U. S., 1849; married Nancy Kirk, Nov. 16, 1864; joined Presbyterian Church, Sept. 15, 1867; died Caldwell Co., Ky., Mar. 29, 1884. “His illness, of short duration, was very severe, causing delirium.”

THOMAS HALL ANDERSON born Sumner Co., Tenn., June 9, 1826; moved with family to Illinois, 1834; to Springfield, MO, 1841; to Lebanon, Tenn., 1848; went to California “gold rush” in 1850; returned home, married Mary E. Langston, Sept. 13, 1855; moved to California but returned to Tenn., 1866; his wife died in Lebanon, Tenn., Oct. 29, 1877 and he then moved to Nashville, Tenn. where he died April 17, 1884.

FANNIE ESTELLE daughter of S. H. and Mattie E. BOEHMS born Sept. 2, 1883; died May 1, 1884.

HENRY CLAY son of Abner and Amelia Bane SMALLEY born Tensas Parish, La., June 16, 1838; died Memphis, Tenn., April 17, 1884; joined Methodist Church, Aug. 1873; married Sarah Shephard, Jan. 6, 1884 (one child) [There is an apparent error in the year of his marriage as given as several children had predeceased him - nothing is written of a former marriage.]

Mrs. SUSAN E. GLADEN, Atkins Ct., died March 12, 1884.

July 26, 1884

“On the Big Sandy Circuit, Memphis Conference, lives Brother H. PAFFORD, who is the leader of three classes, has attended one hundred and thirteen Quarterly Conferences in succession, missing not one, and during a period of twenty-nine years has never failed to meet any of his classes at the appointed time. He is as ruddy as a peach and sound as a gold dollar.” [HENRY PAFFORD, Mar. 2, 1831-Aug. 11, 1897, was converted to Christian faith at age 15 years at the old Beaverdam Campground in Benton Co., Tenn., near his home church at Flatwoods. He was for many years a leading layman in Methodism in his native area. CAMDEN CHRONICLE, September 10, 1897]

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July 26, 1884

ADA daughter of J. W. and Susan STRIBLING born Sept. 5, 1865; died Mar. 24, 1884.

MARTHA J. daughter of L. & E. MEADOWS born Coffee Co., Tenn., Sept. 4, 1851; married T. J. CASS, Dec. 23, 1870; moved to TX, 1881; died Mar. 2, 1884; wife and mother.

LILLY WILMER daughter of Rev. L. Hensley and Mary J. GRUBBS born near Larkinsville. Ala., Mar. 13, 1863; died Decatur, Ala., May 23, 1884.

Tribute to memory of Revs. W. H. ANTHONY and JOHN H. SMITH by the Shelbyville [Tenn.?] Dist. Conference, dated May 24, 1884.

CLAYBURN son of A. B. and Emma ROZZELL. Jr. born June 25, 1870; died Jan. 20, 1884.

MARGARET ANN wife of William P. WILSON born Giles Co., Tenn., Jan. 20, 1849; married Dec. 17, 1874; died Ellis Co., TX, March 6, 1884.

ALVEY son of J. W. and Monia MORGAN died Graves Co., Ky., May 22, 1884; a baby.

Dr. A. S. EAST died May 30, 1884; husband.

MINNIE P. wife of James I. JONES born Madison Co., Ala., Feb. 26, 1851; died Dalton Co., TX, April 5, 1884; married May 25, 170 [sic- LTB] she was a Miss Strother before marriage; six children.

JOHN D. H. son of E. G. and E. S. RAGSDALE born Laurens Dist., S. C., Aug. 6, 1860; moved with parents to Bell Co., TX, Feb. 1868; died May 15, 1884. Buried at Pleasant Hill Church.

WILLIAM F. HARVEY born Oct. 15, 1838; died Colbert Co., Ala., Dec. 21, 1883; husband and father (one daughter, one son).

EVALINE HARRIS, nee Tooke, born Stewart Co., Tenn., Jan. 17, 1826; married James Harris, Nov. 26, 1840; died Lyon Co., Ky., April 15, 1884.

SIDNEY HARRISON son of N. R. and Mary TAYLOR born Aug. 1883; died May 9, 1884.

MARGARET MAXWELL youngest daughter of Rev. William and Margaret MARTIN born June l, 1846; died June 1, 1884.

August 2, 1884

M. K. wife of Colonel J. GRIFFITH died Nashville, Tenn., July 21, 1884.

MARY E. wife of Henry L. PENICK, born Feb. 10, 1853; married Oct. 19, 1871; died Apr. 19, 1884; her son, Alvah, born Jan. 21, 1875; died Mar. 10, 1884.

W. D. STRICKLAND born June 22, 1852; died Blount Co., Ala., Apr. 28, 1884; husband and father.

Tribute to memory of JOHN H. SMITH by fellow members of the Methodist Church, Medium, Tenn. dated June 8, 1884.

SARAH JANE daughter of John J. and Alice PILES born Fentress Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1850; died Mar. 27, 1884.

MARTHA P. BONE, born Mar. 20, 1835; died May 10, 1884; married (1) [   ] Jones (sons, Robert, William and James); (2) John BONE (step-mother to his children).

MARY A. daughter of Thomas A. and Mary CHANEY born Oct. 22, 1863; died May 5, 1884.

KITTY daughter of James and Mary GAINES born Jan. 31, 1861; died May 23, 1884.

Tribute in memory of MATTIE COLDWELL by Methodist Sunday School. Medium, Tenn., dated June 8, 1884.

ROBERT THOMAS son of Gabe and Mary RUSSELL born Feb. 10, 1873; died Stewart Co., Tenn., May 10, 1884.

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August 9, 1884

ELLEN second daughter of Dr. J. C. and M. R. TAYLOR born Columbia, S. C., Jan. 6, 1837; graduate, Female Seminary, Marion, Ala., 1854; married Rev. D. C. B. CONNERLY, Sept. 1855; died Austin, TX, June l, 1884; seven children.

JULIA OAKLEY born July 23, 1859; married Wedey WOODWARD, Dec. 20, 1877; died May 1, 1884.

JOHN A. RICKMAN born Todd Co., Ky., Oct. 15, 1861; died April 5, 1884.

MARTHA ANN DUNCAN, nee Rowland, born June 7, 1846; married Henry H. Duncan, Nov. 12, 1867; died near Manchester, Tenn., April 3, 1884; wife and mother.

HENRY son of J. M. and Maggie ALEXANDER born Saltillo, Tenn., June 19, 1880; died April 17, 1884.

HENRY BELL born Wartrace, Tenn., Dec. 6, 1854; died June 14, 1884; congestion.

EDNA EARLS daughter of James A. and M. P. HALLIBURTON, granddaughter of Thurn Moore, dec., born Aug. 28, 1883; died April 27, 1884.

ALEXANDER GARFIELD son of W. A. and Vicy ETHRIGE born Mar. 30, 1881; died Apr. 21, 1884.

FANNIE E. wife of James ORGAIN born May 20, 1828; married Nov. 1, 1853; died of cancer. Dallas, TX, Feb. 22, 1884.

MATTIE HILL born Dec. 3, 1862; died Nashville, Tenn., May 25, 1884.

VIOLA WHITE daughter of W. F. and S. B. CURRY born Obion Co., Tenn., Feb. 12, 1882; died Washington Co., Ark., June 1, 1884.

LILLIAN GRAY daughter of Eugene and Amanda ALLEN born Davidson Co., Tenn., June 18, 1882; died June 12, 1884.

JOHN S. son of W. L. and Susannah HALL died Mar. 9, 1884 aged 15 years.

LINA wife of Dr. T. WILSON born Lawrence Co., Tenn., Nov. 2, 1841; married Nov. 27, 1860; died typhoid fever, Corinth, Miss. April 12, 1884.

LIZZIE E. WARREN born April 18, 1867; died May 4, 1883.

August 16, 1884

JOHN H. BASKETTE born Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 15, 1829; graduate, Union University, Murfreesboro, Tenn., 1849; lawyer; moved to Nashville, Tenn., 1867; married M. K. Duval, Miss., Nov. 14, 1854; administered a school for convicts; death date not given.

SERENA daughter of William J. and Margaret E. Henderson born Madison Co., Tenn., Mar. 11, 1855; married David TURNER, May 31, 1873; died May 7, 1884. Cumberland Presbyterian.

MARY JANE daughter of George W. and Martha M. Meriwether, Clark Co., Ga., born there, June 15, 1828; married Dr. B. W. HUMPHREYS, Sequin, TX, Nov. 19, 1858; died June 12, 1884.

AMANDA M. wife of John W. BARNER died Tuscumbia, Ala., May 25, 1884 aged 57 years; wife and mother. Buried Rose Hill Cemetery.

MARY K. daughter of Rev. J. A. and R. M. Thomas, Jackson Co., Tenn., born Sept. l, 1851; married I. D. HOLLMON, Jan. 5, 1877; moved to Clay Co., TX, where she died May 7, 1884; wife and mother.

CHARLEY son of John W. and Amanda STANFORD born May 31, 1863; died Limestone Alabama, Mar. 9, 1884.

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August 16, 1884 continued

Tribute to memory of TIMOTHY REED, who died May 18, 1884; by a quarterly conference, Atkins Circuit, Dandanelle Dist., Arkansas Annual (Meth.) Conf., undated.

ANN ELIZA wife of Isaac WEBB born July l, 1850; died Williamson Co., Tenn., May 19, 1884.

WILLIAM STRATTON FISHER born Dec. 7, 1842; died near Franklin, Tenn., May 17, 1884.

Tribute to memory of Rev. BENJAMIN F. HUDSON by the Swan Circuit, Shelbyville Dist., Tennessee Annual (Meth.) Conference, undated.

S. A. T. wife of H. B. BEASLEY born Nov. 2, 1857; married in 1876; died in home of her brother, G. W. Harbison, near Bon Aqua Spring, Tenn., 1884.

MARY C. wife of J. T. HARBISON born Aug. 2, 1834; married Oct. 10, 1853; died in home of her son, Robert Harbison, near Bon Aqua Spring, Tenn., Mar. 10, 1884.

Rev. JOHN M. ALCORN born Wayne Co., Ky., Nov. 17, 1842; married (l) Mary A. Branscumb, March 27, 1862 (she died Aug. 21, 1873; two children); (2) Ada A. Marshall, July 4, 1875 (three children); Methodist preacher; ordained deacon, Oct. 6, 1875; ordained elder, July 11, 1883; died April 20, 1884.

August 23, 1884

W. J. WATSON born Chapel Hill, N. Carolina, Nov. 13, 1847; died Jonesboro, Ark., Apr. 30, 1884; joined Methodist Church, Fayette Co., Tenn., Sept. 1881; captain, Co. H, 10th N. Carolina Regiment, CSA; married Maggie Isbell, Nov. 26, 1870.

Tribute to memory of R. J. SOUTHALL by Methodist Sunday School, Bethel Church, of which he had superintendent, undated.

HANNAH ISBELL wife of Rev. William B. TAYLOR born Prince Edward Co., Va., Aug. 9, 1827; married Mar. 16, 1853; died Florence, Ala., June 22, 1884; her children had predeceased her.

Mrs. RUTHY FREEMAN born W. Virginia, 1850; died Fulton Co., Ark., Jan. 29, 1884.

HATTIE MAY daughter of T. J. and Mamie L. HODNETT born Fannin Co., TX, June 10, 1884 and died the same day.

BELINDA J. daughter of Rev. William Shaw, Tenn. Annual (Meth.) Conference, born May 19, 1828; wife of W. L. SMITH; died May 9, 1884; two sons.

HANNAH ANDERSON ISBELL daughter of Louis M. and Eliza Branch Isbell; wife of William B. TAYLOR born Prince Edward Co., Va., Aug. 9, 1827; died Florence, Ala., June 22, 1844; wife and mother.

MARY E. wife of James H. HOOD, died Williamson Co., Tenn., May 1884 aged 45 years; wife and mother.

MATILDA D. McCAIN born Nov. 27, 1859; died May 19, 1883. Her son, WILLIAM WASHINGTON McCAIN born June 10, 1882; died Jan. 11, 1883. Her sister, HULDAH H. HAM born Feb. 6, 1858; died Nov. 26, 1883.

FANNIE daughter of Willard and Sallie JEFFERSON born Jan. 1883; died four miles south of Franklin, Tenn., July 4, 1884.

OLIN son of Duncan McEACHERN died recently, aged 18 months.

CALVIN FARRAR died Coffee Co., Tenn., June 17, 1884 in the 23rd year of his age.

SAMUEL W. son of Dr. C. A. and Virginia (Robertson) BLACK, grandson of Samuel Black, died Morehead, Ky., June 11, 1884. Buried Mt. Olivet Cem., Nashville, Tenn.

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August 30, 1884

Rev. Dr. G. W. HORN born Logan Co., Ky., July 24, 1839; licensed to preach in the Methodist Church, Sept. 5, 1857; his ministry was spent in Missouri; died Booneville, MO, Aug. l7, 1884.

Mrs. MATTIE J. ABBOTT born Henderson Co., Ky., Oct. 26, 1853; died Feb. 3, 1884; married Robert Abbott, January 1871.

EMILY REBECCA wife of Dr. S. M. EDMONDS born Northampton Co., N. Carolina, June 9, 1831; died Princeton, Ky., June 9, 1884. [These birth months and days are as given in the obituary.] She moved with her father, Dr. Robert P. Parker and family to Henry Co., Tenn. about 1847; married in 1848; wife and mother.

SALLIE daughter of Joel and Amelia Bruce born Oct. 7, 1853; married Captain J. R. FEENY, Nov. l5, 1881; died June 20, 1884.

MARTHA E. daughter of H. W. Hendrix and wife born Limestone Co., Ala., Mar. 13, 1836; married W. T. WILLIAMSON, 1861; died in Limestone Co., Mar. 24, 1884; wife and mother.

J. W. BYARS born Feb. 8, 1825; died Pickens Co., Ala., June 22, 1884.

STRATTON infant son of L. M. and Bertha Jones ALLEN died Florence, Ala., July 5, 1884.

ELIZA JANE daughter of William McMahon born July 28, 1825; married Frederick COGBILL, April 15, 1845; died Winona, Miss., June 4, 1884.

Tribute to memory of WILSON L WEATHERSLY by a quarterly Conference (Meth.), undated.

WILLIE KAVANAUGH son of Rev J. H. and Lillie B. ROBERTS born May 3, 1883; died McKenzie, Tenn. June 23, 1884.

ANDREW J. son of Thomas and Amy REED born Giles Co., Tenn., Oct. 5, 1832; married (l) Virgie E. Nelson (one son, Dr. Reed); (2) Mary E. Scott, Sept. 7, 1865 (five children); wounded in Jackson, Miss. during Civil War; died near Athens, Ala., Nov. 27, 1883.

Miss LAURA DONNELL, orphan, born May l, 1861; died May 12, 1884.

HENRY W. son of William and E. S. SMITH born Fayette Co., Tenn., Sept. 5, 1864; died July 5, 1884.

ISAAC N. HEARTSILL born Blount Co., Tenn., Sept. 1, 1842; died Spring Place, Ga., May 4, 1884.

POMPETT H. HASKELL born Sept. 21, 1871; died August 7, 1884.

Tribute in memory of Rev. E. THURMAN by the Curdsville Quarterly Conference, Owensboro, Ky. Dist., Louisville Annual (Meth.) Conference, undated.

CLEMENSA daughter of Martin Hancock, Beech Grove, Tenn. married Rev. W. H. GILBERT, died July 1884 in the 24th year of her age.

September 6, 1884


The dedication of the new church at Knight’s Camp-ground on the Rich Valley Circuit, brought together a great multitude. They came in from the county and all the, neighboring towns —Shelbyville, Cornersville, Petersburg, Lynchburg, and others. It is the handsomest country church I have seen. Paid for, like all the churches that are built under the administration of Rev. S. M. Parks. A “deck-clearing” collection was taken, which pays their assessment for Foreign Missions, and more.

A few yards from the new church stands the old one where the Rev. Adam S. Riggs preached his first sermon. In an adjoining neighborhood he preached his last. An old disciple still living heard both discourses. Every member of the Riggs’ family belongs to the Church. Near the camp-ground is an ancient homestead where all the Hughes's were born and reared — John F. and William H., and the others. I am much indebted to Adam S. Riggs, Jr., for many attentions.--  R. A. YOUNG.

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September 6, 1884 continued

JOSEPH W. son of John and Rebecca CALDWELL born Columbia, S. Carolina, April 1840; died Tullahoma, Tenn., July 7, 1884; businessman in Memphis, Tenn.; husband and father.

BAXTER SIMPKINS died Montgomery Co., Va., July 16, 1884 aged 60 years.

Mrs. PATTIE STEINBECK born Brunswick Co., Va., Jan. 6, 1859; moved to Henry Co., Tenn., 1883; died there, June 3, 1884.

JENNIE daughter of Rev. Joseph and Lucretia BURKS born Mar. 4, 1848; married William R. McDONALD, April 16, 1879; step-mother; death date not given.

LUCY MINERVA daughter of Dr. J. W. PRITCHETT born Jan. 18, 1863; married George W. MELTON, Nov. 1880; died Henry Co., Tenn. [Aug. ?] 3, 1884; two children.

IDELLA J. MAXEY. nee Medlin. wife of J. J. Maxey, born in 1844; reared by Rev. R. A. Reagan; died May 10, 1884; nine children.

Mrs. HARRIET MINERVA JONES daughter of Rev. W. M. and Mahala Shaw, born Sept. 9, 1842; wife and mother; died June 25, 1884.

THOMAS W. YOUNGER born Feb. 3, 1842; married Hariet M. Haynes, Feb. 12, 1865; died Milan, Tenn., June 3, 1884; moved to Ark., 1880; died while on a visit to Gibson Co., Tenn.; husband and father (six children).

Tribute to memory of TANDY S. SMITHSON, young man, by Methodist Sunday School, Peytonville, Sumner Co., Tenn. undated.

Tribute in memory of Rev. JAMES G. PIRTLE who died Oct. 11, 1883, by Pirtle Masonic Lodge 525; he was pastor of Walnut Grove Ct., Union City Dist., Memphis Annual (Meth.) Conference, undated.

PARASADE daughter of T. J. and M. E. THOMAS born June 24, 1879; died July 4, 1884.

MARY E. PARISH born May 21, 1863; married R. H. LEWIS, Nov. 15, 1882; died June 24, 1884.

JAMES MULDROW son of James W. ELLIS died Hempstead Co., Ark., July 4, 1884 aged 3 days.

September 13, 1884

SARAH M. ASTON, nee Gregory, born Marshall Co., Ky., Aug. 19, 1847; died April 7, 1884; married H. L. Aston, Jan. 3, 1878; wife and mother.

ADDIE E. oldest child of G. R. and S. A. CALDWELL born Dec. 9, 1881; died July 9, 1884.

MARTHA ELEANOR daughter of Albert and M. N. Miller born Laurens Dist., S. C., Jan. 28, 1832; married John YEARGIN, 1858 and moved that year to Ala.; to Miss., 1859; to Ala., 1862; to Fresno, California, 1870 where she died June 30, 1884; wife and mother (four children).

MARY MINERVA daughter of Dr. W. H. and Elizabeth Rutland Johnson born near Tuscumbia, Ala., Feb. 10, 1843; moved with her mother and sister to Robertson Co., Tenn. about 1850; joined Methodist Church, Dec. 8, 1867; married Charles J. DAVIS Jan. 13, 1870; no children; reared a niece; died July 24, 1884. Buried in Springfield, Tenn.

RUTHA L. daughter of Thomas and Tempy Bobersam, born Aug. 24, 1856; married James H. BELL, Jan. 26, 1876; several children; death date not given.

BERKLEY DEKALB FERRELL born Monroe Co., Ga., Jan. 21, 1824; moved to Miss., 1838; died Pontotoc Co., Miss., July 15, 1884; husband and father.

WILLIAM H. SAUNDERS died Davidson Co., Tenn., recently; husband.

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September 13, 1884 continued

LOUISA CATHARINE WHITWORTH born Franklin Co., Tenn., May 24, 1829; died Scottsboro, Ala., July 21, 1884; married W. M. Whitworth, Winchester, Tenn., Feb. 15, 1853; one daughter and one son.

LULA CURRY daughter of J. D. MAY and wife, born Talladega, Ala., Sept. 30, 1883; died June 26, 1884.

LUCINDA A. wife of James S. FOWLER died Cannon Co., Tenn., July 2, 1884.

NANNIE BENNETT daughter of W. D. and Rebecca SHELTON born Oct. 4, 1883; died July 7, 1884.

September 20, 1884

DORA daughter of John W. and Arabella Jett, born White Co., Tenn., Dec. 31, 1857; married James son of Hon. G. H. DIBRELL, Sparta, Tenn., April 10, 1876; died July 23, 1884; buried in Mt. Gilead Cemetery; wife and mother (one daughter).

T. H. DUNCAN born Sept. 2, 1825; died June 13, 1883.

MARTHA J. DUNCAN, nee Kennedy, born Sept. 12, 1830; died Mar. 2, 1881; wife and mother (four children).

MARGARET W. HUGHES born Mar. 30, 1826; died Union City, Tenn., Apr. 14, 1884; married Daniel Hughes, Feb. 20, 1845 (four children).

MARY JANE daughter of Latham and Jane Cooper, born Mobile, Ala., Mar. 6, 1832; married Colonel W. L. BUTLER; died Ashley Co., Ark., July 8, 1884; wife and mother.

LOU daughter of Solomon and Zelicha Fiser; wife of James MOULTON; died Springfield, Tenn., May l, 1884; wife and mother (three children).

SOPHIA HELEN COBB, nee McClure, born Meigs Co., Tenn., Sept. 14, 1833; married Dr. J. B. Cobb (died Sept. 3, 179 [sic LTB]), 1852; “intensely devoted to her grandchildren;” died Mar. 29, 1883.

Rev. T. J. NEELY died near Tobaccoport, Tenn., Feb. 17, 1884 aged 63 years; married Agnes E. Fletcher (one daughter, one son aged 11 years); an itinerant Methodist preacher for about twenty years.

Dr. J. B. COBB born in 1823; died Sept. 3, 1879; educated at West Point but due to ill health gave up plan for military career and entered medicine; married Sophia Helen McClure, 1852 (two children).

ELLA S. daughter of Isham and Elizabeth Matthews, Triune, Tenn.; married M. M. REID, Trenton, Tenn., Jan. 1884; died Milan, Tenn., Feb. 16, 1884.

S. V. MILLER, nee Robey born Simpson Co., Ky., Apr. 4, 1845; married John A. Miller, Dec. 26, 1878; died Logan Co., Ky., Aug. 3, 1884; active member of Methodist Church.

REBECCA J. daughter of William and Margaret Campbell born Davidson Co., Tenn., Nov. 10, 1824; married Robert BOYD, Dec. 15, 1842; died near Olmstead, Ky., Aug. 5, 1884.

Miss FLORA CUILE died Montgomery Co., Tenn., July 28, 1884.

LAVINIA L. daughter of Eaton J. and Sarah T. Mosely born Brunswick Co., Va., May 17, 1841; married B. M. PIERCY, Sept. 7, 1841; died Dec. 19, 1883; wife and mother.

MINNIE L. daughter of S. W. and J. E. COOPER born Mar. 23, 1883; died July 23, 1884.

September 27, 1884

"PETER DOAB's picture among the pioneers brings up vividly the image of that old polemical giant as he stood in 'the stand' at camp-meeting in old Rockingham [N. Carolina] away back in the thirties [1830s]. The good he did was not measured by the noise he made in the world.”

(Page 73)

September 27, 1884 continued

EMMA M. HOWARD youngest sister of D. C. Crook, died Marianna, Ark., Apr. 24, 1884; wife and mother [son, Ernest, five years old]; her parents, in their mid-70s had “eight living children, forty-five grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.”

ANN daughter of James and Sarah Hicks born Northampton Co., N. Carolina, 1834; married (l) Turner Holmes (died 1862), three daughters, one son; (2) Darlin B. CHERRY (died 1878), 1865; died about July 1, 1884.

MARY POPE daughter of A. A. Clark and wife born Abbeville Dist., S. Carolina, Feb. 14, 1884; died Jewell's, Ga., July 5, 1884; married (1) W. H. Ethredge, 1854; (2) George BRADLEY, Apr. 2, 1868; mother of six children. [Possibly born in 1834]

MARY FRANCES daughter of William and M. F. Morton, Stanley Co., N. C., born Jan. 1832; married B. F. BARNWELL, Anson Co., N. Carolina and about 12 years ago moved to Fayette Co., Tenn.; died April 1884; wife and mother (three daughters, four sons).

MAGGIE E. daughter of William Hy. Smith; wife of E. M. DAVIS born Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 18, 1845; died Murfreesboro, Tenn., May 14, 1884.

LUCY ANN daughter of James and Jane SEALE born Haywood Co., Tenn., Oct. 28, 1835; married William A. RIVES, Nov. 26, 1851; died Fayette Co., Tenn., July 21, 1884; wife and mother (six children).

ELIZABETH A. BAKER born May 11, 1837; married J. J. FLY, Sept. 30, 1866; died Tullahoma, Tenn., June 19, 1884.

Dr. WILLIAM THOMPSON son of John A. and Dorcas PERRY, Wheeling, Ala., born Giles Co., Tenn., Oct. 24, 1845; married Mrs. Sarah Chiles, Dec. 1870; studied and practiced medicine; died June 14, 1884.

MALINDA wife of J. A. ELLIOTT born in 1828; died Oktibbeha Co., Miss., July 17, 1884; wife and mother (four children).

MARY E. wife of James N. YARBROUGH born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Sept. 2, 1842; married April 1866 (five children); died Jan. 11, 1884.

WILLIE ANN daughter of A. J. and S. M. FITZGERALD born Fluvanna Co., Va., Apr. 25, 1850; married John S. COWAN, Aug. 17, 1867; died July 17, 1884.

JOHN WESLEY WINTON born Cedar Co., MO, 1848; moved to Texas, 1863; married Tabitha Turner, July 4, 1877; died Gainesville, TX, July 8, 1884; husband and father (two daughters).

WILEY ROBEY born Williamson Co., Tenn., June 13, 1829; moved to Hickman Co., Ky., 1852; married Lou J. Felps, May 15, 1859 (nine children); freemason; death date not given.

MARTHA F. daughter of Hilliard J. and Lucy P. Smith born Stansville, Ga., Apr. 26, 1846; died Ft. Smith, Ark., July 3, 1884; married W. C. LEAK, Dec. 1866 and moved to Sebastian Co., Ark.; moved to Ft. Smith, Ark., 1873; wife and mother (5 children).

SARAH IDELLA daughter of William and Martha Jane SWIFT born July 15, 1864; died July 9, 1884.

LAURA E. daughter of Thomas E. and Mary DUNCAN born July 20, 1868; died Nov. 9, 1883.

DAMARIS wife of Samuel T. SCOTT; married in 1877; died Saline Co., Ark., July 22, 1884.

JOHNNIE son of E. M. and Fannie J. FORD died Taylor Co., TX, Aug. 5, 1884 aged 9 mos.

(Page 74)

October 4, 1884

Professor HENRY TUTWILER died Green Springs, Ala., Sept. 24, 1884; educator. “He looked the brainy, cultured, good man that he was.”

HIRAM V. son of John J. and Mildred R. Watlington HOOPER born Wilson Co., Tenn., 1834; married Sallie (died May 29, 1877) daughter of Nimrod Long, Russellville, Ky.; a Nashville merchant; died of kidney disease, Sept. 22, 1884; burial beside wife in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Ky.

ELIZABETH LETCHER STUART widow of Archibald Stuart, mother of Gen. J. E. B. Stuart died Wytheville, Va., “a few days ago,” aged 83 years.

WILLIAM T. BRACK born Aug. 13, 1845; married, secondly, Mollie Donan. Hardin Co., Ky., Jan. 15, 1880; died of typhoid fever, June 6, 1884; husband and father (two children).

MATTIE daughter of T. W. and Ada HALL, DeSoto Co., Miss., died Aug. 11, 1884.

JENNIE daughter of John and Martha Luckey born Alexandria, Tenn., Nov. 12, 1852; married Lemuel R. LUCAS, Dec. 28, 1871 (one daughter, one son); died Lebanon, TN, April 21, 1884.

WILLIAM M. BASHAM born Oct. 27, 1823; married Dec. 9, 1841; died Breckinridge Co., Ky., July 10, 1884; husband and father.

LORA only daughter of George N. and Mary Lou McKENNON born Mar. 23, 1866; died Aug. 3, 1884; alumna, Martin College.

ALMIRA daughter of G. W. and Mollie WEBSTER, Robertson Co., Tenn., born Oct. 7, 1880; died July 21, 1884.

Sons of D. A. and Josephine McGUIRE: JAMES FRANKLIN, born Feb. 25, 1882; died Feb. 2, 1883; WALTER CURTIS, born Jan. 24, 1880; died July 22, 1884.

LENA LORENA daughter of W. H. and L. A. RAY born Apr. 9, 1884; died Aug. 3, 1884.

FRANCES VIANNIA daughter of Mike Pitman born Graves Co., Ky., Sept. 14, 1852; married J. S. son of Gus SMITH, May 1872 (four children); died Aug. 6, 1884.

JOHN E. son of William T. and Emmare MARLOW born Scotland Co., MO, July 29, 1857; died Breckinridge Co., Ky., June 18, 1884.

SALLIE A. wife of John STILL, Breckinridge Co., Ky., had died; wife and mother (nine children).

ELIZABETH P. SHARPE born Davie Co., N. Carolina, Oct. 29, 1832; died July 29, 1884; sister of D. F. Sharpe.

IDA BIGELOW daughter of Rev. Dr. A. W. and A. C. JONES born Jackson, Tenn., Jan. 28, 1858; died Chautauqua, New York, Aug. 16, 1884; alumna, Memphis Conference Female Institute, Jackson, Tenn.

J. H. F. HENDERSON born Jan. 29, 1828; died near Culleoka, Tenn., June 11, 1884; husband and father.

LILIAN MISSOURI daughter of G. H. and M. T. ROGERS born Mar. 11, 1880; died Aug. 6, 1884.

JANE M. daughter of James and Rebecca Jones born Madison Co., Tenn., May 12, 1839 married Thomas ROLLINS, Feb. 5, 1855 (six children); died Jackson, TN, July 31, 1884.

COLUMBUS M. VAUGHN born Nottaway Co., VA., Sept. 9, 1837; married Nancy E. Foulks, Dec. 15, 1858 (nine children); served in the Kentucky legislature; died in home of brother-in-law, John F. Watkins, Clinton, Ky., August 1, 1884.

(Page 75)

October 4, 1884 continued

Tribute in memory of DAVID BRASHIER; born Jan. 7, 1846; died July 26, 1884; son of Hiram BRASHIER, born 1801, died July 15, 1884. By Methodist Sunday School, Brashier's Chapel, Gadsden Dist., Tenn., undated.

WILLIE BURWELL O'NEAL, nee Abernathy, born Giles Co., Tenn., Aug. 25, 1859; married William O'Neal, Jan. 28, 1879; died August 1, 1884.

BEATRICE ALMETIA daughter of Rev. T. R. and C. T. Young born Cass Co., TX, Oct. 4, 1857; married L. S. WOODWARD, Jan. 23, 1883. Round Rock, TX.; died July 20, 1884.

SARAH A. wife of D. T. HARRISON born Maury Co., Tenn., Jan. 22, 1830; married in 1856 (six children); joined Methodist Church, 1861; died Nashville, TN, July 24, 1884.

J. N. TIMBERLAKE born May 27, 1842; died when struck by lightning, July 30, 1884.

NINA infant daughter of W. T. and T. E. GREER had died, aged ten months.

October 11, 1884

Elder JEREMIAH STEPHENS “patriarch of the Primitive Baptist Church in Tennessee” died Marshall Co., TN, Sept. 30, 1884.

J. N. STEELE born Orange Co., N. Carolina, Jan. 29., 1829; moved with parents to Grayson Co., TX, 1846; joined Methodist Church, 1853; died Feb. 29, 1884; husband and father.

Tribute in memory of J. N. TIMBERLAKE; by third quarterly conference, Lexington Ct., Jackson Dist., Memphis Annual (Meth.) Conference, undated.

HENRY THRONE son of George W. and Carrie E. COLEMAN born Feb. 10, 1880; died August 7, 1884.

PERRY WASHINGTON son of Edmond and Nancy VAUGHAN born Feb. 10, 1869; died Aug. 7, 1884; his father died in 1880 leaving six children, of whom Perry and his twin, Tom, were the oldest, Hickman Co., Ky.

GEORGE H. son of F. E. and M. E. ELLIS born Allen Co., Ky., Jan. 1, 1860; died July 27, 1884.

CATHARINE daughter of Richard and Hariet A. Suttle born Giles Co., Tenn., Feb. 5, 1837; married William B. SUTTON, Pulaski, Tenn., 1860; died Bedford Co., TN, Aug. 17, 1884.

PATTIE YARBROUGH died Madison Co., Tenn., Aug. 6, 1884 aged 20 years.

A. S. EMBREY born Jan. 8, 1833; died Winchester, Tenn., July 7, 1884.

ARAMINTA SPRAWLS born Yazoo Co., Miss., Mar. 1824; married Samuel I. POUNS, 1839 and moved that year to Shelby Co., TX; mother of six children; death date not given.

THOMAS A. son of John W. and Louisa E. ROSS born Hardeman Co., Tenn., July 5, 1861; died July 29, 1884. His brother, WALTER M., born in same county, Sept. 20, 1876; died Lauderdale Co., Tenn., Sept. 28, 1883.

ELLA MAY daughter of Dr. Jack and Minnie PATTON, College Grove, Tenn., born Mar. 31, 1876; died August 24, 1884.

Tribute in memory of Mrs. JAMES H. FOWLKES who died Aug. 16, 1884; by a Methodist Sunday School group, undated.

MARTHA daughter of Charles W., dec. and Sallie K. MOORMAN born Dec. 8, 1831; married Col. J. O. GRIFFITH, Nashville, Oct. 2, 1855 (one son, one dau. surviving, three children died in 1876); died July 21, 1884.

(Page 76)

October 11, 1884 continued

R. O. son of W. J. and A. C. CAMPBELL born Aug. 8, 1866; died in the Memphis Annual (Meth.) Conference area, June 25, 1884.

THOMAS SHELTON son of Rev. John A. and Mary VINCENT born Tipton Co., Tenn., Aug. 22, 1846; married Lilly E. Gamewell, Dec. 1, 1869 (two children) and lived and died in Jackson, Tenn., August 22, 1884.

MARY SUSAN GREER died April 27, 1884.

Mrs. MARY D. STAFFORD daughter of Harris Bailey born Lafayette [Fayette] Co., Tenn., 1852; died Aug. 2, 1884; her little daughter, 11 years old, died two weeks later.

JAMES L., JR. son of J. L. and Anna JACKSON, great-grandson of Dr. Thomas Maddin, formerly of Tennessee Annual (Meth.) Conference, died Marshall Co., Ala., May 21, 1884.

GEORGE MORROW son of Oris and Lucila HARRIS born Sept. 5, 1883; died Aug. 16, 1884.

October 18, 1884

JERRY McAULEY, former prize-fighter, converted to Christianity in the Sing Sing Prison, became an active missionary in New York City (Water Street Mission), died recently, aged 45 years.

WALKER son of James SHOUPE born DeKalb Co., Ga., Dec. 9, 1869; died Ozark. Ark., Aug. 12, 1884.

WILLIE GREEN NOWELL died Yazoo Co., Miss., Aug. 27, 1884.

RACHEL E. daughter of Melton and Harriet Bailey, Tallapoosa Co., Ala., born in 1845; married T. A. WELL, Elmore Co., Ala., Oct. 1875 (one daughter); died July 25, 1884.

JAMES M. MASON born Aug. 31, 1861; died Aug. 8, 1884.

MARY BET daughter of J. A. and Rachel COTTON born Apr. 18, 1869; died July 27, 1884.

MARGARET ANN HUNT born Apr. 4, 1837; died Aug. 21, 1884; wife and mother (3 sons).

LEVENA A. daughter of J. H. and M. E. CAMPBELL born Feb. 20, 1877; died near Saulsbury, Tenn., July 2, 1880.

MARY AGNES daughter of Col. R. N. and Bella PAYNE born Oct. 21, 1882; died Aug. 8, 1884.

WILEY EDWARD son of William H. and Caledonia GREEN born Sept. 17, 1882; died Aug. 19, 1884.

LUCY daughter of S. W. and E. C. BENSON born Oct. 15, 1881; died June 29, 1884.

JANE E. daughter of Rev. J. W., dec., and Rebecca D. McDonald, born Apr. 2, 1833; married A. W. BROOKS, Sept. 11, 1851; died Bells, Tenn., August 8, 1884.

MARY IDA COCHRAN, nee Johnson, born Louisville, Miss., Sept. 9, 1859; died Spring Hill, Miss., Aug. 15, 1884; married R. F. Cochran, Jan. 3, 1877; buried at Bethel Church.

JAMES E. MUNSEY born Lee Co., Va., July 16, 1836; married Amanda L. Dougherty, Oct. 30, 1864; died Wayne Co., Ky., Aug. 11, 1884; husband and father.

LOUIS son of H. M. and M. L. DICKSON born Hempstead Co., Ark., Dec. 28, 1876; died Miller Co., Ark., Aug. 20, 1884.

WILLIAM DAVID DYER born July 20, 1852; died Madison Co., Tenn., Aug. 15, 1884.

(Page 77)

October 25. 1884

HOPE daughter of Rev. F. M. GRACE died Mansfield, La., Sept. 20, 1884.

RICHARD J. son of A. H. and Mary P. SOUTHALL born Franklin (now Colbert) Co., Ala., Nov. 11, 1840; died near Memphis, Tenn., May 29, 1884; Confederate veteran; married Helen M. Roseborough, June 28, 1866; active Methodist layman.

LOUISA A. daughter of Robert and Purlina Landrum born Kingston, Tenn., Apr. 27, 1830; married Simon BETTIS, Jan. 29, 1856; he died on way home from POW camp, June 5, 1865; she was left, then, with two sons, aged 4 and 6 years. Died July 30, 1879.

EMILY I. daughter of Robert and Purlina Landrum born Jefferson Co., Tenn., Aug. 15, 1847; married William H. CARTER, Dec. 24, 1868; died May 15, 1884. Buried at Ebenezer. Her husband died April 9, 1870.

R. L. PORTER born Fauquier Co., Va., July 25, 18[not given]; died Maury Co., Tenn., Aug. 30, 1884. [The 1870, August, U. S. Census, Maury Co., Tenn., page 609, records that R. L. Porter, native of Virginia, was then aged 49 years.]

WILLIAM C. PEGUESE born Marlborough Dist., S. Carolina, June 15, 1827; moved to Marshall Co., Miss., where he died in home of his brother. Marlborough C. Peguese in Holly Springs, August 4, 1884.

MARY A. JONES reared by her grandparents, Reuben and Jennie White; married Henry M. Jones, Dec. 12, 1869 (seven children, two buried in Concord graveyard in Decatur Co., Tenn.); moved to Ellis Co., TX, Oct. 1883; she died Sept. 11, 1884 and her daughter, Cora, died Sept. 13, 1884.

STELLA daughter of John M. and Ellen RICHARDS, Robertson Co., Tenn., born June 5, 1883; died July 2, 1884.

MARVIN KAVANAUGH CAMPBELL born Jan. 1, 1882; died Oct. 8, 1882.

ROSS son of Rev. J. P. and S. C. WARDLAW born Jan. 25, 1884; died July 27, 1884.

MARGARET ELLEN MARTIN born Feb. 16, 1876; died August 29, 1884.

Rev. DAVID J. son of Jacob and Emma HARE born Fayette Co., Tenn., Jan. 11, 1849; Methodist preacher; married Mattie daughter of William Shuford, Feb. 2, 1875; died of malarial fever, Aug. 16, 1884.

J. L. son of Louis and Melvina McCOWN died March 7, 1884.

ANNIE E. daughter of Robert Browder born Logan Co., Ky., June 23, 1853; married Dr. Daniel BAILEY, June l, 1881; died Sept. 21, 1884; wife and mother.

November 1, 1884

BETTIE daughter of L. C. and Elizabeth Thompson born Rutherford Co., Tenn., Feb. 22, 1838; married F. P. McELRATH, Nov. 25, 1856; “a tall brunette, with intellectual face and queenly bearing;” died near Grenada, Miss., July 24, 1884; wife and mother.

MARY (Mollie) RANSON wife of C. N. RIVES born Trigg Co., Ky., Oct. 20, 1859; married Nov. 2, 1881; died May 30, 1884; no children.

MARY GREY daughter of Dr. John W. COLLINS, Pueblo, Col., born Sumter, Ala., Jan. 27, 1861; ill, she spent her last days in the home of an aunt, Mrs. B. F. Marshall where she died Mt. Sterling, Ala., June 22, 1884.

FANNIE “Sweet Dumpy” daughter of George R. and Mollie GREEN born Apr. 29, 1882; died Sept. 10, 1884.

(Page 78)

November 1, 1884 continued

ALMONZINE daughter of E. W. and Elizabeth Brown born Wake Co., N. Carolina, Apr. 12, 1844; moved with parents to Fayette Co., Ala.; married H. C. JONES, Ga., Sept. 14, 1864 (eight children) and moved to Washington Co., Ark. where she died August 21, 1884.

EDWIN R. LANCASTER born Richmond, Va., 1831; moved to Madison Co., Tenn.; married Susan R. Connally, 1850; returned to Va., 1867; frequently visited in Pinson, Tenn. “for which he had a strong attachment;” died Aug. 23, 1884. Children: Dr. C. C. Lancaster, Richmond, Va.; Dr. R. A. Lancaster, Florida; E. R. Lancaster, New York.

LOUISIANA wife of Dr. J. A. REED died August 29, 1884.

JESSE FULTON son of Rev. J. Y. and Mary J. BRYCE born Navarro Co., TX, Feb. 22, 1865; died Kiowa, Indian Territory, August 8, 1884.

BRANDON ELMORE son of Dr. J. C. and Lizinka CASON born Childersburg, Ala., Sept. 5, 1882; died Broken Arrow, Ala., Sept. 17, 1884.

SARAH CATHARINE daughter of James and Sarah EMISON born Apr. 26, 1863; died Sept 10, 1884.

Mrs. G. J. BYRD, nee Torian, born Halifax Co., Va., June 22, 1838; married Boiling Byrd, May 5, 1855; died Courtland, Ala., July 23, 1884.

WILLIAM H. LENTZ born Limestone Co., Ala., Dec. 1, 1829; died in home of his son, T. E. Lentz, July 8, 1884; husband and father.

WILLIAM B. MORRIS born Mar. 1, 1829; died Aug. 24, 1884; husband and father.

GREEN FREEMAN son of Rev. A. M. and N. A. Freeman BRUCE (now Mrs. Butterfield) born White Co., Ala., Jan. 19, 1852; moved with parents to Fannin Co., TEX, 1852; to Haywood Co., Tenn., at age 16 years; to White Co., Ark., 1871 and in 1874 to Coryell Co., TX and married Caziah White, Aug. 5, 1880 (two children); died in latter county, Sept. 15, 1884.

GAINES son of J. A. and M. E. WORLEY born Aug. 3, 1875; died Sept. 8, 1884.

VERDO son of R. F. and Charlotte WRIGHT born Monroe Co., Miss., Aug. 28, 1879; died Sept. 5, 1884.

November 8, 1884

MATILDA L. wife of John A. VAUGHAN born McMinnville, Tenn., Apr. 16, 1825; married Sept. 9, 1845; died Aug. 27, 1884 [Gallatin, Tenn. ?].

LOU A. daughter of E. W. and Margaret J. Pitchford born Apr. 30, 1862; married T. J. TREDAWAY, Jan. 18, 1883; died Sept. 24, 1884 (a daughter, Jesse Lou).

JOHN W. GARY died Maury Co., Tenn., Sept. 9, 1884 aged 59 years.

SUSAN A. wife of David T. BOMAR born Henry Co., Tenn., June 2, 1832; married Dec. 23, 1857 (seven children); died Sept. 27, 1884.

FOUNTAIN E. P. ROSS born Shelby Co., Tenn., Feb. 18, 1842; married Mrs. Lou Eliott, May 19, 1881 (two children); died Shelby Co., Tenn., Apr. 12, 1884.

NANNIE only daughter of Rev. J. C. Petree, Louisville Annual (Meth.) Conference, born Livingston Co., Ky., Dec. 14, 1859; married E. H. STAPP (Henderson, Ky.), May 17, 1881; died Sept. 20, 1884.

W. BARNETT CARSON born Butler Co., Ky., Mar. 5, 1851; died Salem, Va., Sept. 27, 1884; buried Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Ky.; sisters: Mrs. John A. Carter, Mrs. Madison Miller.

CASSIE THOMAS born S. Carolina, Jan. 30, 1843; died Sept. 12, 1884; buried in the Robertson Cemetery, Rutherford Co., Tenn.

(Page 79)

November 8, 1884 continued

NANCY BLAIR born Va., 1827; moved with parents to Mississippi; died Cheatham Co., Tenn. March 12, 1884; wife.

“My Mother” [so wrote J. W. WATERS] born Rockingham Co., N. Carolina, Sept. 27, 1827; married (1) R. G. Waters (died 1863), 1844; (2) J. S. Meador; died Galloway Co., Ky., March 4, 1884; eight children.

LENORAH daughter of James and Thurzie FAULKNER born Feb. 14, 1867; died Aug. 5, 1884; engaged to have been married August 12, 1884.

ELIZABETH A. wife of John RIDDLE born Apr. 21, 1838; married Oct. 7, 1858; died Cook Co., TX, Feb. 26, 1884.

MARY F., nee Haselip, wife of J. SWINNEY born Dec. 14, 1828; married Jan. 1851; died August 14, 1884; wife and mother.

ROBERT W. McBROWN born Aug. 1, 1865; died near Corinth, Miss., Oct. 17, 1884.

Tribute to memory of Rev. JOHN HILLSMITH, preacher in charge of Lynchburg, Tenn. Methodist Circuit; by a quarterly conference, undated.

Rev. JAMES L. BRYANT born Mar. 25, 1841; died Hart Co., Ky., Aug. 26, 1884; left a widow but no children.

WEBB STANTON son of G. W. and Virginia BOOTHE, Alpine, Ala., born Feb. 1, 1880; died Sept. 6, 1884.

SARAH CATHARINE daughter of James and Emeline BROWN born June 3, 1854; died Sept. 2, 1884.

ELLA M., nee Markham, wife of Willie G. BRADSHAW died West Point, Ky., Mar. 4, 1884 aged 22 years.

B. A. ALLEN born Limestone Co., Ala., Mar. 10, 1855; died in Ark., August 26, 1884.

November 15, 1884

ARIETTA daughter of Michael and Elizabeth Stewart born Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 5, 1859; married Rev. G. W. BURNETT, May 6, 1880 and moved to Colorado; returned home, to Davidson Co., Tenn., to die, Oct. 27, 1884.

Miss MARY CLUFF died in Magheraglass, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, Aug. 23, 1884; for many years a resident of Louisville, Ky.; returned to her mother's home in Ireland two years ago.

Dr. JOHN C. oldest son of Rev. Thomas L. GARLAND born Madison Co., Tenn., Mar. 15, 1832; graduate. Nashville Medical College, 1856/57; moved to Ark., 1859; captain, Co. A, 36th Ark. Inf. Reg., CSA; wounded at Helena, Ark., July 4, 1863; POW; located in Tipton Co., Tenn. and married Mary E. daughter of Col. D. C. Slaughter, Apr. 21, 1868 (two sons); moved to Woodruff Co., Ark. where he died Sept. 5, 1884.

W. B. WILEMON born Mar. 15, 1842; married S. C. Koon, June 21, 1865; died Oct. 6, 1883.

SUSAN EMMETT RUSSELL wife of Rev. A. P. TAYLOR, Northwest Texas Annual Conf., born Perry Co., Ala., Jan. 10, 1855; married in Milam Co., TX, July 16, 1874 (one son); died July 31, 1884.

HARRIET BROWN born Spencer Co., Ind., Aug. 3, 18_7; died Daviess Co., Ky., Mar. 26, 1884; wife and mother (one daughter, one son).

MARTHA JANE wife of Judge N. McC. MERCER had died.

SHELBY COOK daughter of Wesley and Flora BROWN born Dec. 12, 1884; died Sept. 11, 1884.

(Page 80)

November 22, 1884

Rev. JAMES BOMAN son of Dr. C. J. and M. E. CURRIE born Woodruff Co., Ark., Aug. 13, 1852; married Alice W. Currie, Feb. 6, 1882; died June 25, 1884. Methodist preacher.

MAY ALICE daughter of Mary G. COCHRAN born Noxubee Co., Miss., Sept. 22, 1860; died Winona, Miss., Sept. 22, 1884.

NANNIE GLENN born Sept. 1877; died Aug. 6, 1884.

FLORENCE YANCY only child of Isaac and Rebecca BARR born June 13, 1861; died Florence, Ala., August 18, 1884.

GOLDEN daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth WALTERS born Maury Co., Tenn., June 27, 1863; married M. J. McKNIGHT, Jan. 18, 1884; died July 26, 1884.

W. T. F. (Dock) CHURCH born Maury Co., Tenn., Dec. 27, 1858; married Emma Senel; died native county, Sept. 4, 1884.

BIRTA daughter of Wesley and Rebecca HOGLIN born Apr. 16, 1875; died Sept. 21, 1884.

W. R. PRESTON, native of Virginia, died in Ark., July 1884; married Mary daughter of Rev. J. G. Myers.

MINNIE ANDERSON JENKINS born Aug. 17, 1875; died Aug. 17, 1884; her brother, JOHNNIE, died six weeks afterwards, both from diphtheria.

MATTIE daughter of W. J. and M. C. TAYLOR born Feb. 2, 1869; died Sept. 6, 1884.

ZENO ELLWOOD only son of M. F. and M. E. GUTHRIE born Sept. 12, 1882; died Aug. 6, 1884.

DAISY GERTRUDE daughter of C. L. and M. MOORE born Johnson Co., Ark., Apr. 30, 1882; died Dec. 7, 1882.

HENRY BASCOM son of Rev. Henry O. and Mary P. MOORE born Oct. 13, 1884; died Oct. 3, 1884.

Rev. GEORGE A. SHAEFFER son of Rev. George Shaeffer, Alabama Annual Conference, born Dec. 4, 1842; died White Co., Ark., Apr. 22, 1884; Methodist preacher; ordained deacon, Dec. 9, 1855; ordained elder, Dec. 6, 1857; married (1) [    ] Harrell, Feb. 27, 1862 (one daughter); (2) Margaret J. Heard, Aug. 13, 1867 (four children).

FANNIE B. ROSSER born Campbell Co., Va., July 31, 1846; married Dr. M. TABLER [Va.], Dec. 26, 1869; died Harrodsburg. Ky., Sept. 7, 1884.

MARTHA wife of W. N. GADDIS born in 1850; married Nov. 27, 1877 (one daughter); died Davidson Co., Tenn., July 19, 1884.

EMMA MOSS born Jan. 14, 1867; died August 20, 1884.

CYNTHIA EMELINE daughter of Richard W. and Mollie WILLIAMS born Johnson Co., Ala., Oct. 31, 1881; died June 30, 1884.

MARY A. daughter of Peyton and Mary Lyle born Morgan Co., Ala., Oct. 25, 1827; married C. C. EWING (died 1852), 1849 (two children); died Sept. 13, 1884.

VIRGINIA ADAMS wife of B. F. CRADDOCK born Blairsville, Pa., Mar. 22, 1862; died Hart Co., Ky., Oct. 10, 1884; married Dec. 14, 1880.

Sons of R. A. and Mattie SEWELL: A. P., born Nov. 16, 1881; died Aug. 6, 1884. THEODORE, born June 5, 1883; died Sept. 22, 1884.

LAURA daughter of W. S. and Satyrah MOORE born Feb. 18, 1875; died Sept. 20, 1883.

MINNIE BELLE daughter of W. B. and M. A. BRINT born Dec. 25, 1875; died Sept. 22, 1884.

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November 29, 1884

WILLIAM CHAPPEL son of Henry and Emma HURT born Putnam Co., Ga., Aug. 21, 1828; died Auburn, Ala., Aug. 11, 1884; moved with his father to Russell Co., Ala.; married (l) E. H. (died April 1869) daughter of Bishop H. N. McTyeire (four children); (2) Mrs. M. A. Williams, June 1870 (two children).

ELIZABETH A. BAKER born May 11, 1837; died June 19, 1884; married J. W. FLY, Sept. 30, 1866; niece of John Baker, first class leader in Methodist Church, Tullahoma, Tenn.

ANN ELIZABETH, nee Frack, born in Tenn., Sept. 10, 1840; married P. S. SIMMONS, Jan. 4, 1871 (five children); moved to Ark., Feb. 1883 and died there, June 29, 1884.

ROBERT F. son of Robert and Susan BROWN born Jackson, Tenn., July 3, 1834; died Sept. 9, 1884; husband and father (five children).

CYNTHIA wife of Alien D. TRAPP born Hardeman Co., Tenn., Nov. 1, 1836; died Lamar Co., Ala., Sept. 28, 1884; married May 1, 1862 (three children).

ELIZABETH H., nee Ross born Wilson Co., Tenn., Apr. 30, 1829; married Thomas PATTON, 1853 (one son); died near Hempstead, TX, Mar. 12, 1884.

ANNA MINERVA daughter of Thomas and Parky Matilda PENNY died near Clarksdale, Miss., Oct. 1, 1884.

MARY ANN E. wife of Andrew J. CAMPBELL born Stokes Co., N. Carolina, Sept. 20, 1836; at age 12 years moved with parents to Cherokee Co., TX; married May 31, 1855; moved to Scott Co., Ark., 1870, where she died Oct. 1, 1884; wife and mother.

E. E. daughter of Charley and Caroline FINLEY born McDowell Co., N. Carolina, Oct. 18, 1856; died McMinn Co., Tenn., Sept. 21, 1884.

December 6, 1884

ANNIE HORTON wife of S. O. NELSON died Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 18, 1884 aged 26 years; three daughters; she was step-daughter of the Rev. Guilford Jones.

Who was “Bonnie ANNIE LAURIE?” Nearly everybody has sung, or heard sung, the beautiful ballad of “ANNIE LAURIE.” ANNIE LAURIE was no myth. Nearly two hundred years ago, Sir ROBERT LAURIE, of Maxwellton, of Dumfriesshire, Scotland, quaintly wrote in his family register these words: “At the pleasure of the Almighty God, my daughter, ANNIE LAURIE was born on the 16th day of December, 1682, about six o'clock in the morning, and was baptized by Mr. GEORGE HUNTER, of Glencairne.” ANNIE’S mother was named JEAN RIDDLE, to whom Sir ROBERT was married “upon the 27th day of July, 1674, at the Tron Kirk, of Edinburgh, by Mr. ANNANE,” as was also recorded by her father himself. Posterity owes to Mr. WM DOUGLAS, of Fingland, in Kirkcudbrightshire (who wooed but did not win the capricious ANNIE), the song of “Bonnie ANNIE LAURIE,” wherein he celebrated the beauty and transcendent perfection of the maid of Maxwellton.

BIRDIE daughter of Samuel J. and Lizzie KEITH born New Orleans La., Nov. 4 1871; died recently.

ELIZABETH C. wife of T. H. HINSON, Tennessee Annual (Meth.) Conference, born Fayetteville, Tenn.; married June 24, 1878; died Oct. 4, 1884; buried Willow Mount Cemetery, Shelbyville, Tennessee.

December 13, 1884

MATTIE C. daughter of Joel P. and Sarah C. BRUCE born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Feb. 16, 1855, died Eastland, TX, October 13, 1884

December 20, 1884

Rev. WILLIE E. GIBSON born Mercer Co., Ky., Oct. 3, 1853; died Estill Co., Ky., Oct. 23, 1884; alumnus, Vanderbilt University; married Ella Wilson.

E. W. CUNNINGHAM born April 2, 1834; died Henderson Co., Tenn., Sept. 14, 1884; married H. E. Teague, May 30, 1860; freemason; husband and father (seven children).

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December 20, 1884 continued

LIZZIE EZELL born Apr. 30, 1870; died Sept. 30, 1884.

Tribute to memory of THOMAS A. DICKEY, A. M., graduate, Wofford College; by a Methodist Sunday School; undated.

CLAUDE A. LIGON born Clarksville, Tenn., Oct. 10, 1857; died Graves Co., Ky., Aug. 29, 1884; married Nora Humphreys, Jan. 10, 1884.

MARY ELLA daughter of James B. and Sallie M. MURRELL born Apr. 19, 1863; died Sept. 21, 1884.

JENNIE B. daughter of R. S. and M. M. BARRETT born Apr. 1, 1856; married Joseph B. WEBB, Dec. 5, 1872 (five children); died Aug. 10, 1884.

CHRISSIE C. only son of F. P. and Mary J. COBB born Canton, Ky., Oct. 23, 1879; died in Canton, Sept. 13, 1884.

LULA E. daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Ann PURSLEY born in Ringgold, Ga.; died Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 27, 1884; a young woman.

JESSE T. ELMORE born Cumberland Co., N. Carolina, Aug. 26, 1860; died Jan. 29, 1884.

WILLIAM MUNROE WHITSON born Jan. 17, 1870; died Oct. 25, 1884.

THOMAS RAMSEY COLLIER, near Dukedom, Ky., born May 16, 1882; died Sept. 5, 1884.

December 27, 1884

GEORGE J. FERGUSON, well-known young printer, Nashville, Tenn., died Dec. 19, 1884.

JABEZ son of Silas BINGHAM born Athens Co., Ohio, Feb. 27, 1827; moved to Trigg Co., Ky., 1843; married (l) Sarah V. Daniel, Caldwell Co., Ky., Dec. 24, 1856 (two sons); (2) Mrs. Susan Hopson; served in 7th Ky. Regiment; served in Ky. legislature, 1883. Died October 13, 1884.

Mrs. SARAH WALTER daughter of Dr. James W. Smith, Dover, Tenn., born Mar. 13, 1858; died Sept. 15, 1884.

EVA P. wife of H. L. FOOTE born Benton, Miss., Aug. 28, 1862; married Jan. 28, 1862; died Yazoo City, Miss., Oct. 12, 1884.

J. J. PAINE born Mason, Tenn., Sept. 26, 1842; died Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 30, 1884; moved to DeSoto Co., Miss.; served in the 13th Tenn. Inf. Reg., CSA; moved to Memphis; buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis.

E. L. KING born in Ala., 1860; moved to Wood Co., TX, 1882; died of flux, Sept. 5, 1884.

Miss LONA GERTRUDE TAGGART born June 11, 1846; died West Point, Miss., Sept. 13, 1884.

WILLIAM HANNAH son of Wiley JONES born Feb. 21, 1865; died October 22, 1884.