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July 7, 1883 continued

Tombstone inscription of ELLA TAYLOR at Taylor's Chapel, Fayette Co., Tenn. reads: ELOISE daughter of Rev. R. V. and S. L. TAYLOR, July 8, 1857-June 18, 1882.


Taylor's Methodist Chapel

EDMUND TAYLOR (1785-1871), son of Reverend Howell Taylor, settled with his family in Fayette County, just south of the boundary line of Haywood County, building a large frame residence on the apex of a long sloping incline opening to the public road of the time. In 1847, he essentially built a small brick Methodist Church on his homeplace, a building still standing, used now only for "reunion" occasions. To reach this historic old church when travelling on Highway 76 south of Dancyville, Tennessee, at a point about a mile and a half turn onto the Old Brownsville Road; travel it south just short of two miles to Boothe Road; turn onto this road and less than .1 mile turn north onto a lane leading shortly to the church, visible; beyond the church about .2 mile northeast off a grassy lane is the old Taylor graveyard in which Edmund Taylor and numerous ones of his descendants are buried. This old plantation was called "Sylvan Ridge."

Mrs. MARTHA ASKEW HAYGOOD died Atlanta, Georgia, June 17, 1883; six children, those surviving were Atticus C. Haygood, Miss Louisa A. Haygood, Mrs. Charles E. Boynton, William A. Haygood.

SARAH B. wife of Dr. B. H. BROWN died Mifflin, Tenn., Mar. 23, 1883 in the 50th year of her age; wife and mother.

CHARLES CALVIN son of J. C. and Martha A. LEGRAND born Calhoun Co., Ala., Sept. 14, 1859; died May 2, 1883, consumption.

J. P. MABEN, "an old man,"died Ft. Worth, TX, April 26, 1883.

LOU daughter of John and Susan R. BLACK born April 28, 1853; died Giles Co., Tenn., April 30, 1883.

CORNEIL oldest child of W. D. and Willie GOLD born Apr. 27, 1877; died Mar. 6, 1883

DILLA ANN daughter of Clincey and Martha A. Browning born Mar. 15, 1863; married Wiley WALKER, June 23, 1882; died Apr. 10, 1883; no children.

WILLIE JACKSON "just reaching manhood" died, probably in April 1883. Leeville, Tennessee.

JAMES S. son of John W. RUTLAND born Franklin (now Colbert) Co., Ala., Feb. 9, 1849; married Ossie Stubbs, Limestone Co., Ala., Dec. 13, 1876; died Colbert Co., Ala., May 6, 1883; surviving was a "little" daughter.

JOSEPHUS son of Ephraim LORANCE born Rutherford Co., Tenn., May 20, 1836; married Nancy A. Elrod, Feb. 1865; died Cannon Co., Tenn., April 13, 1883.

ELIZBETH F. MOODY born Jackson Co., Ala., June 5, 1842; married F. J. Moody, Mar, 16, 1865; died in native county, Apr. 24, 1883; wife and mother.

VIRGINIA daughter of F. S. and Linnie E. Dunn; wife of S. W. Keller, died near Ft. Worth, TX, April 17, 1883 aged 22 years.

WILLIAM SIMEON JACKSON, aged 21 years, died Wilson Co., Tenn., Apr. 1883; foster son and nephew of S. W. Jackson, near Leeville. Tennessee.

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July 7, 1883 continued

MARY J. wife of John F. JOHNSON, nee Wiggins, born Bedford Co., Tenn., June 4, 1850; married Jan. 11, 1872; died in native county, April 4, 1883; a surviving daughter, Ida. A brother, Benjamin Wiggins, mentioned.

MOLLIE J. daughter of Samuel A. and Sarah H. Thompson born Lauderdale Co., Tenn., Sept. 4, 1849; married Ben JARRATT, Feb. 21, 1872; died Feb. 23, 1883; no children.

MARY EMELINE daughter of Jones and Sarah Rogers born Carroll Co., Tenn., Nov. 1, 1833; moved at age 5 years to Johnson Co., Ark.; moved to Franklin Co., Ark., 1850; married J. W. YANCY, July 8, 1851; died Mar. 18, 1883; wife/mother.

LUCINDA O. daughter of Michael and Celia Maddox born April 7, 1823; married French STROTHER, July 28, 1842 (seven children); died Mar. 18, 1883.

ELIZA ANN wife of John M. BRITT born Nov. 8, 1829; died Montgomery Co., Tenn., Mar. 25, 1883; wife and mother.

MARGARET GRAHAM wife of J. W. ROBERTSON, born Nashville, Tenn., June 23, 1823; married May 20, 1841; died Dover, Tenn., Jan. 1, 1883, where she was also buried.

LILLIAN H. HUGHES died near Hendersonville, Tenn., April 1, 1883.

CAROLINE daughter of Thomas Dunbar born July 13, 1839; married J. T. PARCHMAN (eight children, one being Helen M. Parchman); died Stewart Co., Tenn., May 30, 1880.

WILLIE daughter of William C. and Annie HAILEY died Nashville, Tenn., March 27, 1883 aged 2 years; buried in Willow Mount Cemetery, Shelbyville, Tenn.

July 14, 1883

Z. F. son of Rev. Z. F. and Bettie GREEN died Mar. 24, 1883 aged 4 years.

Dr. ROBERT B. GARDNER born Warren Co., Ga., July 8, 1829; graduate, Emory College, Ga., 1851; graduate, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa., 1852; married S. B. Gorham, July 27, 1854; joined Methodist Church, 1856; surgeon in Confederate army; moved to Giles Co., Tenn., 1865; a licensed local Methodist preacher; died Oct. 9, 1882; husband and father.

JULIA A. daughter of Christopher J. and L. P. Dudley born Bedford Co., Tenn., Aug. 19, 1850; married J. D. JARRATT; died April 5, 1883; her two children predeceased her.

SAMUEL second son of Houston DICKEY born Polk Co., Tenn., Jan. 13, 1827; died Ft. Worth, TX, Mar. 27, 1883; alumnus, Hiwassee College; married Sarah daughter of Rev. Josiah Wright, 1851 (three sons).

JOSIAH FRANKLIN born Adair Co., Ky., Oct. 17, 1830; married Malinda Young, Aug. 6, 1856; died Aug. 4, 1882; husband and father.

L. J. daughter of George and Ann Gaines born Feb. 12, 1854; married Dr. J. W. LINN; died Walker Co., Ala., Jan. 14, 1883.

PENELOPE daughter of Dr. Amon and Amanda Yarbro born Decaturville, Tenn., Oct. 15, 1849; married Reuben Smith (five children); died May 3, 1883.

EVALINA WESTON wife of A. J. HAYS born Lamar Co., Ala., May 12, 1829; died there, Mar. 30, 1883; mother of six sons, three daughters.

B. F. son of W. W. and S. W. TIPPIN born Bartow Co., Ga., Mar. 25, 185; died Yell Co., Ark., May 11, 1883, pneumonia; unmarried.

AMELIA daughter of Charles King born near Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 17, 1851; married Joe Williams; died Lonoke Co., Ark., Feb. 28, 1883.

NANCY wife of G. W. BLACK born May 17, 1833; died Marshall Co., Tenn., May 7, 1883.

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July 14, 1883 continued

CARRIE E. wife of Rev. JOSEPH RUSSELL born Baltimore, Md., Mar. 20, 1835; died Lowndes Co., Miss., May 8, 1883; one son.

July 21, 1883

Rev. EDMUND PURDY BUCKNER born Hardin Co., Ky., Jan. 11, 1822; married Elizabeth P. Brown, Sept. 29, 1842; Methodist preacher; ordained deacon, 1845; ordained elder, Sept. 6, 1847; most of his ministerial career spent in Kentucky where he died in Shelbyville, May 4, 1883.

JOHN BRAME born July 15, 1840; died near Bennettstown, Ky., May 22, 1883; a single man.

SUSAN daughter of John and Mary Williams born Haywood Co., Tenn., July 8, 1829; married (l) William A. Lundie, Mar. 2, 1847; (2) Lovell COFFMAN. July 22, 1862; her parents moved from Virginia to near Brownsville, Tenn.; died in native county, May 17, 1883.

Miss ADA RAGSDALE born Aug. 23, 1861; died Apr. 21, 1883, typhoid fever.

Miss LILLIE MAY MARTIN born Nashville, Tenn., May 29, 1860; died Calahan Co., TX, May 5, 1883.

THOMAS N. RICKMAN born Marshall Co., Tenn., Feb. 12, 1856; died Apr. 14, 1883.

BEATRICE A. RICKMAN born Bedford Co., Tenn., Apr. 10, 1863; moved to Texas, 1877; married James GILMORE, 1883 and died April 29, 1883.

JEWEL C. daughter of Rev. E. N. WATSON died May 12, 1883 aged 12 years.

EUGENE son of E. G. and Jeffie DAVIS, Bedford Co., Tenn., born July 4, 1871; died April 13, 1883.

Tribute to memory of "Sister" P. E. SMITH; by Methodist Sunday School, Decaturville, Tenn.; undated.

Major JAMES B. MOORE born Rutherford Co., Tenn., July 7, 1831; died near Smyrna, Tenn., May 13, 1883; married Andromeda Grisham, Dec. 17, 1856; joined Methodist Church, 1856.

THADDEUS ROGERS son of Charles and Eliza OSWALT died May 17, 1883 aged 17 months and 13 days. Bell Co., TX.

ROBERT EUGENE son of Professor James L. and Ann E. CARY born Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 11, 1864; died May 21, 1883; reporter for the DAILY WORLD.

JENNIE daughter of Rev. GIDEON H. Bransford, dec., born Smith Co., Tenn., Feb. 2, 1839; married Rev. Francis A. WILKERSON (six children); died Graves Co., Ky., April 24, 1883.

MARTHA V. daughter of Rev. J. C. and Mary Jane Poyner born Oct. 28, 1854; married G. W. WIGGINS (two children); died Mar. 12, 1883.

MARY daughter of James M. PEERSON born Dec. 12, 1855; died Laderdale Co., Ala., May 1, 1883.

Miss CARRIE HILL died middle Tenn., May 6, 1883, pneumonia.

JANE G. wife of William DILLON, died Nashville, Tenn., Mar. 30, 1883; native of Virginia; moved to Smith Co., Tenn.; wife and mother (one child being Mrs. Frank Lovell).

JAMES EBER son of John Wesley and Eliza Jane BLACKWELL born Jefferson Co., Ark., June 27, 1854; died Lamar Co., Ala., Mar. 23, 1883.

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July 28, 1883

R. M. BROWN married MAGGIE M. LANIER, both of Henderson Co., Tenn., May 29, 1883, in the home of the bride's father, James M. Lanier.

Rev. J. C. PICKLE, native of Alabama, Methodist preacher, Los Angeles Annual Conference, died in Los Angeles, June 20, 1883.

Rev. MOSES WALTON died June 15, 1883 in the 58th year of his age; Methodist preacher; former member of the Virginia House of Delegates and member of that state's 1867 constitutional convention.

Rev. DENNIS O'DRISCOL "an old servant of Christ,"retired Methodist preacher, died Lee Co., Ga., July 12, 1883.

PARMELA S. daughter of Benedict and Elizabeth PASH born Nelson Co., Ky., Dec. 24, 1847; died there. May 14, 1883.

BENJAMIN MORTIMER LAY only child of James and Ella Lay born Winona, Miss., Oct. 10, 1862; died Farmdale, Ky. April 7, 1883; pupil at Ky. Military Institute.

S. M. daughter of Charles C. and Judith Marshall born 1826; died Charleston, Miss., Dec. 31, 1882; married A. B. BETTS, July 20, 1847.

MARY M. daughter of William and Margaret McCracken born Limestone Co., Ala., April 12, 1825; died Athens, Ala., May 28, 1883; married Milton V. IRVIN, June 28, 1846 (three daughters).

GEORGE W. WILLSON born Washington Co., Ky., Nov. 12, 1823; death date not given; husband and father.

MAMIE daughter of A. T. DAVIS, Murfreesboro, Tenn., born Feb. 28, 1863; graduate, Murfreesboro Institute, June 7, 1881; died June 7, 1883.

MARGARET E. daughter of Kenion and Rebecca Couch born Talladega Co., Ala., Nov. 22, 1860; moved to Ark., 1872; married A. A. DENTON, July 26, 1881; died Van Buren Co., Ark., Nov. 1, 1882; wife and mother.

Tribute to memory of E. ROTH who was buried Jan. 25, 1883; by his Sunday School friends; undated.

HENRIETTA BENDALL, nee Allensworth, died June 9, 1883.

LOUELLA ADLEY daughter of B. C. and Cary H. PRIMROSE born Bedford Co., Tenn., May 17, 1868; died Tarrant Co., TX, March 1883.

Miss NETTIE TERRY died Saulsbury, Tenn., June 3, 1883.

MOLLIE J. daughter of William W. and Mary M. Duckworth born Sept. 29, 1830; married H. F. RUSSELL, Oct. 13, 1870 (five children); died Haywood Co., Tenn., May 23, 1883.

NANNIE A. daughter of William P. and Mary J. White, granddaughter of James R. and Elizabeth Crenshaw born Sumter Co., Ala., Sept. 10, 1858; married George W. DENTON, May 24, 1874 (two children); died Dallas Co., TX, Dec. 14, 1882.

ELLA B. daughter of M. A. and Bell J. LOWE, Tiptonville, Tenn., granddaughter of Rev. Lewis Lowe, born Oct. 3, 1881; died May 24, 1883.

ELLA LAURA daughter of Mrs. Mary LEWIS, Stewart Co., Tenn., died May 13, 1883 aged 25 years.

WILLIAM T. son of V. T. and Martha WRIGHT born Feb. 18, 1851; died Tipton Co., Tenn., Jan. 28, 1883; he had an "only brother. "

CLARA T. daughter of Andrew C. and Maggie SMITH born Williamson Co., Tenn., July 9, 1880; died Nashville, Tenn., May 22, 1883.

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August 4, 1883

JAMES H. second son of Rev. Benjamin GANT, Methodist preacher, Tennessee Annual (Meth.) Conference, born Aug. 16, 1845; joined Methodist Church at Spring Hill, Tenn. in his 13th year of age; Confederate soldier; settled in Phillips Co., Ark.; married Mary Davidson, Jan. 11, 1881 (a son, Benjamin); shot and killed by convict labor on his plantation near Helena, Ark., Feb. 24, 1883; his mother, Angeline Gant, near Nolensville, Tenn. also survived him.

ELIZABETH ROBERSON born in Ala., May 31, 1830; taken with her father, Mr. Braden and family to Lauderdale Co., Tenn., 1830; married J. D. Roberson, Jan. 4, 1848; died near Ripley, Tenn., April 24, 1883 and buried in Asbury Cemetery.

JANE daughter of John and Alice ADAMS, Enniskillen, Ireland, Oct. 19, 1839; died Russellville, Ky., May 14, 1883; came of Protestant Irish ancestry; left Ireland in 1841 and settled in Logan Co., Ky., then to Clarksville, Tenn., where her father was a merchant but he went west in the "gold rush," died and his "wife and children saw him no more." Three of the Adams sons entered the law profession, medicine and ministry; the daughters, Hennie and JANE, were teachers.

SUSAN F. wife of John A. COLLIER born Williamson Co., Tenn., Feb. 16, 1828; orphaned early she was reared by older siblings near Woodbury, Tenn.; joined Methodist Church, 1855; died Murfreesboro, Tenn., May 19, 1883.

MARTHA F. daughter of Thomas Poe, granddaughter of Andrew Poe who was with his brother, Adam Poe, in his "contest with Big Foot, the celebrated Wyandotte chief." Born Beaver Co., Pa., July 16, 1825; married Hiram MURRAY, May 15, 1854 (five children), who died Jan. 14, 1881. She died Bullitt Co., KY., June 4, 1883.

WILLIAM J. son of Joshua and T. C. HUGHS born Chatham Co., N. Carolina, May 1, 1826; married (l) Margaret A. Cowan, Oct. 15, 1848; (2) Mrs. Parmelia J. Campbell, Sept. 21, 1872; father of seven children; died Dyer Co., Tenn., June 1, 1883.

LILLIE MAY daughter of A. J. and E. V. MARTIN born Nashville, Tenn., May 29, 1860; died Eagle Cove, Tenn., May 5, 1883.

Mrs. SALINA AGNES DISMUKES, nee Harrison, born Savannah, Ga., Jan. 9, 1838; died Macon, Miss., April 12, 1883; mother of ten living children.

Children of Jonathan and Mary CLAXTON, born in Bedford Co., Tenn.: MAHALA ANN CLAXTON born Jan. 24, 1861; married Henry HURST, Dec. 2, 1879 and died Nov. 14, 1882. MATTIE CLAXTON born May 25, 1864, married R. K. VAWTER, Sept. 7, 1882 and died Mar. 15, 1883. EMMA DEAN CLAXTON born July 29, 1867, died Nov. 29, 1880. All had moved with their parents to Milam Co, TX five years before.

ELIZA ANN BRITT born Nov. 8, 1829; died Mar. 25, 1883; wife and mother.

Mrs. ELLEN LANDERS born May 1829; died near Blytheville, Ark., May 14, 1883.

SARAH E. wife of Thomas A. STRAIN born Williamson Co., Tenn., Jan. 7, 1852; married Dec. 24, 1874; next year moved to Morgan Co., Ala. where she died May 16, 1883.

MINNIE daughter of C. L. and Annie Thompson, married John W. WANT, Dec. 25, 1881; died near Smithland, Ky., May 17, 1883 aged 24 years; native of Clermont Co., Ohio; moved with parents to Livingston Co., Ky.

Tribute to memory of JOSEPH W. STEWARD by 3rd Quarterly Conference, Henderson Station, Jackson District, Memphis Annual (Meth.)Conference dated July 16, 1883.

EMRY J. daughter of Louis and Mary Davenport born Sumner Co., Tenn., Jan. 21, 1840; married T. C. COOKSEY, Crittenden Co., Ky., May 3, 1860 (six children); died near Charleston, MO, May 17, 1883.

JOHNNIE R. youngest son of John W. and Sarah C. JONES born June 10, 1874; died June 9, 1883.

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August 4, 1883 continued

BERTHA daughter of John T. RANDLE, Dover, Tenn., died May 28, 1883.

EMMA CORDELIA daughter of William M. and Salina Dunn born Choctaw Co., Ala., Nov. 15, 1858; graduate, East Miss. Female College, Meridian, Miss., June 1875; married P. H. LITTLEPAGE, Dec. 21, 1875 (two children); moved to Choctaw Nation, 1877 and died there, near Kiowa, May 13, 1883.

JOHN B. son of Samuel KIMBELL, Shephardsville, Ky., drowned in Salt River, June 17, 1883 aged 13 years.

LILLIAN only child of W. S. and S. C. SCARBOROUGH born June 26, 1881; died July 27, 1882.

ROBERT S. son of R. C. and E. B. SLAGLE born Macon Co., N. Carolina, Jan. 16, 1861; moved to Texas, Dec. 1870; joined Methodist Church, June 1882; died Upshur Co., Texas, Apr. 25, 1883.

SAMUEL E. son of Samuel M. and Elizabeth A. WRIGHT born Nov. 17, 1855; died June 7, 1883. His siblings, Peyton and Jennie, had predeceased him.

CARRIE daughter of Capt. W. and Fannie WHITE born Chattooga Co., Ga., Feb. 11, 1863; died Dallas, TX, May 8, 1883.

August 11, 1883

Rev. E. R. HARRISON, Methodist preacher since 1860, Arkansas Annual (Meth.) Conference died Yell Co., Ark., July 31, 1883 aged 45 years; surviving were his widow and four children.

MARY A. daughter of Henry Rhodes born Bedford Co., Va., Aug. 15, 1826 and moved to Christian Co., Ky. about 1839; married John CARROLL, Aug. 25, 1847 (seven sons, six daughters); joined Methodist Church, 1842; died April 5, 1883.

HONORA daughter of John B. Hundley born July 1855; died St. Joseph, MO, April 14, 1883; wife of J. W. DIMMITT; wife and mother.

LETTIE L. MARTIN, nee Atkins, born Sept. 10, 1837; died Pine Bluff, Ark., June 16, 1883; wife of Hon. E. W. Martin; wife and mother.

Tribute to memory of GEORGE F. WILSON born Nov. 17, 1834; died Dec. 8, 1882; a freemason; by Landrum Masonic Lodge 448, Wingo, Ky., dated April 7, 1883.

MARGARET COWARD daughter of Rev. Martin and Rosanna Phillips; born Hawkins Co., Tenn., Jan. 22, 1831; married C. J. Coward, June 17, 1847 (six living children); died Smith Co., Tenn., recently.

SUSAN A. wife of Judge O. H. P. RICHARDSON born Choctaw Co., Miss., Feb. 8, 1843; died Calhoun Co., Ark., June 25, 1883; one daughter, one son.

SARAH CASSANDRA BARNES, Bullitt Co., Ky., born Aug. 12, 1827; died May 29, 1883.

RALEIGH son of William T. and Carrie BROOKS born May 26, 1875; died June 28, 1883. "His mother says he learned every word of Smith's Catechism."

JOSEPH BROOKS son of Rev. T. G. FREEMAN. Water Valley, Miss., born Nov. 9, 1861; died June 15, 1883.

NANCY D. JANHOOK, an older lady, died recently; native of Williamson Co., Tenn.

MARGARET ANN daughter of R. and M. A. LAWHON born June 13, 1857; died Grenada, Miss., March 4, 1883.

MARTHA S. LANE, nee Aust. born Feb. 6, 1842; married Fountain Lane, Aug. 18, 1864; died May 29, 1883; wife and mother. Baptist.

PAUL third son and fourth child of J. R. and Eunice BELL born July 12, 1881; died June 19, 1883.

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August 11, 1883 continued

KATIE daughter of Rev. L. W. HARRISON. Methodist preacher, Ark. Annual Conf., born Valley Springs, Ark., May 5, 1882; died Eureka Springs, Ark., June 15, 1883.

WILLIE son of T. J. and Nancy BROWN born Sept. 3, 1881; died Grundy Co., Tenn., May 20, 1883.

Tribute to memory of JAMES T. PATTERSON by the Woodbine, Tenn. Methodist Sunday School dated June 30, 1883.

JOHN R. son of Rev. R. L. and Harriet E. COLMAN born Carroll Co., Tenn., Jan. 28, 1858; died Clay Co., Ark., May 7, 1883.

MALINDA wife of E. A. HENDERSON born Feb. 9, 1839; died Dyer Co., Tenn., June 19, 1883; no children.

AMANDA E. daughter of Jesse C. and Elizabeth Hall, west Tenn.; born Dyer Co., Tenn., Nov. 5, 1849; married (1) D. C. Lively, Jan. 1867; (2) D. D. THROGMORTON, Feb. 15, 1874; died Clay Co., Ark., of pneumonia, May 24, 1883.

Tribute to memory of JAMES H. WITHERSPOON by the 3rd Quarterly Conference, Waterloo Circuit, Methodist Church, undated.

SUE V. wife of A. H. ROSE, Hardeman Co., Tenn., died May 10, 1883; one son.

BETHEL daughter of Samuel Lake; wife of R. P. DAVIS, born July 12, 1844; died July 2, 1883.

August 18, 1883

FOUNTAIN E. P. SHANNON, formerly of Davidson Co., Tenn., died Ocean Springs, Miss., Aug. 3, 1883; his wife, daughter of Rev. Alexander Matthews, Tennessee Annual (Meth.) Conference, died August 2, 1883.

Rev. CYRUS DOGGETT died Fincastle, Va., Aug. 2, 1883 in the 83rd year of his age; Methodist preacher for 65 years, chiefly in the MO Annual Conference.

JAMES H. (Jimmie) HOBBS born Hardin Co., Ky., May l, 1859; died Hart Co., Ky., May 29, 1883; only son of his parents; an affectionate brother.

JOHN W. son of J. W. and Nancy CARPENTER born Feb. 29, 1864; died near Unity Grove, Ala., April 14, 1883.

REBECCA C. daughter of John Cato, wife of James M. SIMPKINS; died on Sulphur Creek, April 20, 1883; five children.

BASCOM E. BYARS born Dec. 22, 1877; died Pickens Co., Ala., Sept. 1, 1882.

JOSEPH SIDNEY infant son of H. C. and Sadie JOLLY died Eureka Springs, Ark., June 28, 1883.

SARAH A. wife of Joseph GILLESPIE, nee Moore, born N. Carolina, Mar. 21, 1827; died Sumter Co., Ala., May 25, 1883; had moved to Marengo Co., Ala. but moved after marriage to Sumter County; three daughters.

Mrs. E. B. SEELYE sister of Capt. J. D. Brandon born Huntsville, Ala., Aug. 21, 1832; died April 19, 1883; a long eulogy.

SETTIE daughter of Green D. and Elizabeth Atkins born Sept. 10, 1837; graduate, Nashville [Female] Academy, 1855; married Colonel E. W. MARTIN, Pine Bluff, Ark., Nov. 19, 1857; died there, June 16, 1883; several sons.

Rev. EDWARD SCHULKEN, former student at Vanderbilt University, died Wilmington, N. Carolina, July 8, 1883.

Mrs. JENNIE RIVES FUQUA born Aug. 12, 1860; married W. W. Fuqua, Jan. 2, 1879 (one child); died July 6, 1883. Kentucky.

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August 18, 1883 continued

LAVINIA C. wife of Capt. W. P. BLOCHER, nee Sale, born April 4, 1838; died Harrison Co., TX, July 4, 1883; no children. A grandniece of Rev. Alexander Sale.

CLARENCE son of E. B. and Fannie STEGALL born July 16, 1877; died Fayetteville, Tenn., of measles, July 2, 1883.

FANNIE CARSON, only child of Dr. Daniel and Annie Browder BAILEY, born Sept. 3, 1882; died June 29, 1883; niece of George R. Browder.

ATTIE P. child of James L. DINWIDDIE and wife died July 15, 1883; a young child.

Tribute to memory of WILLIAM LAWSEN BRUCE, grandnephew of Philip Bruce, early Methodist preacher; died Lincoln Co., Tenn., May 17, 1883; by Bee Spring Meth. Sunday School, Giles Co., Tenn., dated July 10, 1883.

MARIETTA R. PEACOCK, nee Anderson, born Forsyth Co., N. Carolina, Dec. 1, 1830; died June 2, 1883; married the Rev. James Peacock, Arkansas.

AMELIA B. GAFFORD born Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., April 22, 1824; died Lafayette Co., Miss., June 21, 1883.

OSCAR son of Dr. George SULLIVAN died four miles from Madison, July 5, 1883 when he was struck and killed by lightning while plowing.

MARY A. MARCOM, nee Brown (her mother was a Sevier) born Logan Co., Ky., Aug. 8, 1828; died Barton Co., MO, April 26, 1883; six children.

MARY JANE wife of John J. TIGERT died July 14, 1883 in the 60th year of her age; two sons, Rev. John J. Tigert, Vanderbilt University and Walter C. Tigert. A person of "warm, genial nature,"consistently involved with women's local Methodist activities.

August 25, 1883

JUAN CAPISTRANO was the oldest man in California, aged 121 years, as shown in a baptism record of the Mission San Antonio; he lived near Monte Santa Lucia "and whistles to show visitors how happy he is."[One wonders if this old fellow actually did more wheezing than whistling.]

Mrs. ANDERSON HOWELL born Aug. 13, 1843; died July 14, 1883; wife and mother.

LUCIEN only child of William and Lousetta ALEXANDER born Nov. 28, 1881; died Feb. 21, 1883.

CORA E. daughter of R. A. and Callie STIGALL born Mar. 9, 1882; died Apr. 28, 1883.

SARAH E. SULLIVAN, nee Potter, born June 14, 1849; died Nevada Co., Ark., June 25, 1883.

JULIA daughter of David and Martha Walker born Allen Co., Ky., Aug. 17, 1856; married J. F. GARRETT, Feb. 22, 1877 (three children); died Franklin, Ky., June 14, 1883.

FRANCES B. daughter of Edward and Nancy C. EUBANKS born Jones Co., Ga., June 9, 1829; moved with her mother to Barbour Co., Ala.; married John M. EDGAR, May 25, 1854; died Mar. 22, 1883; no children.

GRAY son of M. G. and T. S. McSWEEN born Mar. 8, 1883; died Burnet Co., TX, June 26, 1882.

JESSIE daughter of J. S. MALONE and wife born Madisonville, Ky., Nov. 24, 1859; died July 2, 1883.

LIZZIE F. daughter of Rev. John L. Smith, a Cumberland Presbyterian preacher, born May 2, 1832; married J. W. GRIZZARD, Nov. 28, 1854; died Nashville, Tenn., June  22, 1883.  At her death member of the Dyersburg, Tenn. C. P. Church.

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August 25, 1883 continued

M. L. FRANS died Mar. 15, 1883 in the 34th year of her age; surviving were her widower and several children.

Children of William A. SEITZ and wife: EDGAR A. SEITZ born July 1, 1879 and died Jan. 19, 1882. ROYAL ERNEST SEITZ born Aug. 17, 1876 and died July 5, 1883. Henderson Co., Ky.

JAMES W. son of Edward and R. A. HALL born Marshall Co., Miss., Mar. 8, 1846; orphaned, he was reared by an uncle, Dr. J. A. Peace; alumnus, St. Mary's College, Union Co., Ky.; married Mrs. Carrie V. Alford, Feb. 8, 1879; died Bolivar Co., Miss., April 4, 1883; a step-father.

DAVID A. BROWN born Henderson Co., Ky., Mar. 11, 1841; married Amelia J. Staples, Dec. 11, 1865; died May 3, 1883.

ORPAH daughter of Bradley and Mary BABCOCK died Appomattox Co., VA., Aug. 6, 1883 in the 15th year of her age from burn injuries.

JOSEPH (Joe) PINKNEY 7th son of Banister and Maria FITZGERALD born Caswell Co., N. Carolina, May 14, 1848; died there, June 5, 1883; surviving were his widow and five children.

ELIJAH PORTER son of S. M. and E. L. McLAUGHLIN born Tippah Co., Miss., June 13, 1865; drowned in Leona River, three miles south of Uvalde, Texas, June 13, 1883; moved to that place from Corinth, Miss., April 1883.

Miss ELIZA COLE. Robertson Co., Tenn., died June 23, 1883 aged 28 years.

LOUISA M. TROTTER, nee Harris, born Nov. 27, 1823; died of cancer, July 7, 1883; married James M. Trotter, Aug. 12, 1863.

ELIZABETH C. WEBB. nee Alford. born June 4, 1827; married William H. Webb July 9, 1843; died June 21, 1883; wife and mother.

FANNIE MOODY, nee Young, born Louisiana, Sept. 27, 1860; about age one year moved with family to Miss. where her mother died when she was five years old; moved with her father to Fayette Co., Tenn. where he married his first wife's sister. She married James A. Moody, Sept. 27, 1882; died in home of her father-in-law, D. S. Moody, Crockett Co., Tenn., July 13, 1883.

ADDIE daughter of LaFayette and Martha FELTS died July 31, 1883 aged 13 years; her mother died Mar. 4, 1883. Carrollton, Miss.

Tribute to memory of Miss SARAH B. MALONE who died May 17, 1883; by Methodist Church, Athens, Ala., dated July 11, 1883.

Tribute to memory of Mrs. MARY M. IRVIN who died May 29, 1883; by Methodist Church, Athens, Ala., dated July 11, 1883.

MARY A. daughter of Michael Keller, Logan Co., Ky.; born there, Aug. 16, 1824; married Rev. W. W. MANN, Methodist preacher, Louisville Annual Conference, Apr. 2, 1846; died July 2, 1883.

MARTHA L. wife of Rev. C. S. D. LASSETER. Methodist preacher, North Alabama Annual Conference, born Morgan Co., Ala., Jan. 22, 1823; died Broken Arrow, Ala., July 12, 1883.

JIMMIE LLOYD son of L. W. and Jennie BATES born June 25, 1881; died Chattanooga, Tenn., June 21, 1883.

September 1, 1883

EMMA EDMONDSON wife of Samuel DALY born July l, 1856; died July 17, 1883; married February 1882.

(Page 30)

September 1, 1883 continued


I am on a large district. I see a great many people, and hear many strange things. Last week I was in Grayson county, away down on Rough Creek, holding a quarterly meeting. Saturday evening I went home with Brother Lucky, who lives with his mother-in-law, an old lady on crutches—Mother Litsey. The CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE was lying on the table by her side. And this was the story she told me about Old Colly.

In 1877 Mr. Litsey (then 75 years old) started to mill on horseback. He had been gone but a short time when the horse he was riding came rushing back to the house, saddle and bridle on, but no rider. Just as soon as Old Colly saw the horse without his master (to whom he was greatly attached), he ran as fast as his legs could carry him on the back-track of the horse. Mrs. Litsey was greatly alarmed, but could not walk a step then; so she called aloud for some of the family who came and went in great haste, till they, found Mr. Litsey bruised, and bleeding, and unconscious, and Old Colly standing by whining and barking in a most piteous manner.

The horse had taken fright and dashed through the timber, striking Mr. Litsey’s head and legs against a tree, smashing in his skull, and breaking his thigh. He was carried home and died soon after.

While Brother W. R. Godbey, who was then preacher in charge, was preaching the funeral sermon, there was much weeping and lamentation, but a sad wail, louder and more dolorous than all others, was the cry of Old Colly, who could not be induced to leave the corpse of his dear old master.

Mr. Litsey was buried in the family grave yard near by.  Old Colly stood near the grave while the friends covered up his master.  When the crowd dispersed, the dog would not leave.  He laid down by the grave, and day after day, and week after week, he kept his place, only occasionally leaving the grave for food.  He grew lean and weak, but nothing could tempt him to quit the spot.

During the time there fell a snow, but Old Colly scratched away the snow from his bed by the grave.  Having failed to come for his food for several days, a search was made and Old Colly was found stiff and cold in death, lying close to the grave of his master.


1870 (August 22) U. S. Census, Haynes Precinct, Grayson Co., Ky. page 300:

HENRY LITSEY, age 68, born N. C.; farmer

CATHERINE LITSEY age 66, born Virginia

LAURA ESTELL daughter of Charlton A. and Mary J. Newbern, born Fayette Co., Tenn., July 24, 1860; married William FREER, Nov. 21, 1882; death date not given but she was buried when "snowflakes" were falling.

ANN MAGDALENE JONES, nee Cooper, born Sept. 5, 1824; died Bailey's Springs, Ala.. June 29, 1883; married N. W. Jones, Apr. 27, 1840; five children.

MARY C. daughter of Lawrence Fly born Williamson Co., Tenn., July 28, 1836; married Joseph M. BENNETT; died April 13, 1883; step-mother of B. W. Bennett.

FANNIE daughter of P. A. Owen born Aug. 18, 1861; married Dr. Allen JOHNSON, Jan. 30, 1883; died July 19, 1883.

(Page 31)

September 1, 1883 continued

Tribute to memory of Mrs. SUE V. ROSE; by 3rd Quarterly Conference, Hickory Valley Charge, Memphis Dist., Memphis Annual (Meth.) Conference, dated Aug. 11, 1883.

ELLA VIRGINIA daughter of William and Mary REED born Lincoln Co., Ga., Nov. 15, 1862; died Lauderdale Co., Tenn., August 2, 1883.

PHRONIE HOPE little daughter of W. A. and M. L. CARLISLE died July 6, 1883, near Brierfield, Alabama.

JO. W. son of Martin and Mary STEWART born McNairy Co., Tenn., July 9, 1858; joined Methodist Church, Sept. 1864; died near Henderson, Tenn., in his father's residence, July 6, 1883.

JOHNNIE ANN DUNN born Sumner Co., Tenn., Mar. 18, 1862; died Aug. 8, 1883; her mother had remarried to a Mr. Sloan.

EDITH MATILDA ROSS, nee Roork born Tenn., 1844; moved with parents to Ark.; married John C. Ross in the 19th year of her age; died June 12, 1883; member of Walnut Grove Methodist Church.

FLORENCE daughter of Dr. A. F. CLARK and wife, Lincoln Co., Ark., died recently, perhaps August 1883, aged 11 years.

CLIFFORD son of S. A. and Elizabeth LAMBETH born Sept. 17, 1862; died from head injuries, July 21, 1883.

VIRGIL P. youngest child of Henry and Mary ADDINGTON born Ohio Co., Ky., Feb. 1, 1833; died Aug. 14, 1883. Cumberland Presbyterian; husband and father (a son-in-law, Jesse Fogle, mentioned).

MARY F. daughter of J. H. and Sophronia ROBERTS born White Co., Tenn., Mar. 14, 1847; died Mar. 31, 1883.

BETTIE wife of William BIDDLE died August 9, 1883; two children.

ELLEN L. daughter of Hosea and Altana C. George born Aug. 25, 1849; married Dr. H. M. NORWOOD, Mar. 12, 1871; died Hamburg, Ark., May 1882.

MARTHA ANN daughter of Rufus and Martha DERRICK born Hickory Co., MO, June 16, 1859; died Feb. 2, 1882; her sister, Mary mentioned.

WESLEY son of J. W. and Mattie HARRIS born Nov. 21, 1877; died Gallatin, Tenn., Aug. 16, 1883.

JOHN WILLIE son of F. W. and Elizabeth SHERROD born Aug. 5, 1882; died May 26, 1883

WALTER EUGENE son of John S. and Lucy A. BROOKS born July 6, 1880; died July 21, 1883.

LENA JOSIE infant daughter of F. C. and Fannie N. ALDRIDGE died near Lavacca, Ark.. August 4, 1883.

September 8, 1883

C. H. E. HARDIN, a "talented Californian,"recent graduate of the Vanderbilt University law school and winner of the Founders Metal for Oratory in 1881 married Ursula Mason in San Francisco, California, August 14, 1883.

SALLIE KEYES, nee Rivers, born Oct. 29, 1837; married (l) Albert Menifee. July 1855; he was killed, a captain, in Stonewall Jackson's command, CSA; (2) George P. Keyes, 1879; died Greenville, Ala., August 1883.

SALLIE TAYLOR daughter of Richard and Sarah McDOUGAL born July 10, 1847; married O. P. DESKINS; died April 7, 1883.

Tribute to memory of WILLIAM H. CHALMERS, Pickensville, Ala.; died Salem, Va., Mar. 14, 1883 aged 38 years; by a Methodist quarterly conference, undated.

(Page 32)

September 8, 1883 continued


Appeal from Isaac Lane to the white people, East, West, North and South, in behalf of the High School at Jackson, Tenn.

Mr. Editor: — Will you please publish this Appeal for, and in behalf of, the above named school?

Dear friends, we have struggled along through the last winter with one room, but the increase of scholars demands another room.  Will my white brethren assist me in making this preparation for the scholars?  My dear friends, this is a sure thing, it is on a sure foundation.   We have our lot properly deeded, and we have the building partly furnished.  We need your sympathy and help.  Will some willing friend to the education of the colored people give us a lift?  I hope to hear from some of my white brothers and friends to this cause.  The truth is, we cannot get on without great difficulty unless you aid us.  Now, dear friends, if your circumstances will not allow you to give thousands and hundreds, give whatever you are able, and the least you do for us will help us on with this enterprise.  I have recently held a meeting with the officials of the Methodist Church, South, in Jackson; the presiding elder was present, and made a clear and fair statement of the school, and fully endorses the movement and all the officials.  If any friends feel doubtful of the character of this enterprise I refer them to Dr. McFerrin, who has been in the building, and saw the deed, and the lots; he has given us $25 and a box of books for our library.  O that we had more such men as Rev. J. B. McFerrin!  My dear brethren, I hope you will give this subject a thought, and give me a favorable response, for now is the time we must rise and stand up, if not it will be a shame on our Connection.  I will wait and pray and hope to hear a response from my friends.  I am yours in the gospel of Christ, Isaac Lane.

Out of this high school for blacks in Jackson, Tennessee emerged the respected institution of learning known as LANE COLLEGE. It was the brainchild of the Reverend ISAAC LANE (1834-1937), a benevolent leader of African and white ancestry, of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church established soon after the Civil War. One of his white brethren, R. Alley, Yazoo City, Miss., recalled Lane's stance when the blacks were establishing their own Methodist denomination, telling the white delegates present, "Brethren, we think we can do better by ourselves; please let us go, with your blessing and assistance.  You did the going for your own advantage and did it well. We did the helping; and now we co-ordinate and fraternal branches of the great Christian brotherhood." (NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, October 13, 1883, page 11)

Bishop Lane realized that only with education could the recently freed black folk hope to achieve lives of accomplishment.

Influential members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South met in Jackson, Tennessee, July 30, 1883 and listened to an appeal by Isaac Lane to offer financial support for the high school that had an enrollment of sixty students the last session, attending classes in a building on four acres deeded for the school and that it was expected that one hundred students would be enrolled for the session beginning September 5, 1883. These leaders endorsed Lane as "a worthy and good minister of the gospel" and would lend their support for private financial backing of the school. (NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, Sept. 22, 1883, page 13)

The trustees of the CME High School paid Wyatt Taylor $240 for four acres of land, for a campus, then to the northeast of Jackson, bordering a railroad. January 14, 1880. (Madison County Deed Book 38, page 115; deed registered August 20, 1880) It took about two years to raise money to build a

(Page 33)

September 8, 1883 continued

small frame building to house the school, opening late in 1882. Through Bishop Lane's fund-raising efforts money was raised to build a three-story brick building for the school that was erected in 1895. The high school/institute was sufficiently permanent to be chartered June 10, 1884. (Madison County Charter Book 1, pages 135-139)  Early in 1893 the high school was renamed the LANE INSTITUTE by the trustees for one of their number, Bishop Lane. (THE CHRISTIAN INDEX, volume 24, page 4)

With growth of its student body the Institute broadened its scope to develop a regular collegiate curriculum in 1896 but it was only on March 9, 1909 that the school's name was OFFICIALLY changed to LANE COLLEGE. (Madison County Charter Book 4, pages 59-61)

September 15, 1883

SIMON PETER son of Thad P. and Nancy A. HEWLETT born Dec. 15, 1882; died June 30, 1883.

WALTER NEWTON only son of Malinda HOOD died Aug. 25, 1883 aged about 13 years.

MINNIE BELL daughter of W. C. and S. C. HOWARD born Feb. 17, 1878; died Aug. 17, 1883.

GERTRUDE M. TOLLENSON born Oct. 7, 1876; died August 9, 1883.

Mrs. H. FANNIE BURGE born January 8, 1839; died Aug. 18, 1883. Cumberland Presbyterian.

LOU ETTA daughter of Dr. W. B. and Mary ALLGOOD born Apr. 1, 1883; died Chapultepec, Alabama, August 17, 1883.

CHARLIE KEMP son of Rev. George C. and Ella STOVALL born Sept. 24, 1882; died July 9, 1883.

NANNIE SHELTON daughter of Dr. James S. (dec.) and Nancy E. Davis born Spring Hill, Miss., Dec. 8, 1860; reared in Iuka, Miss.; married P. H. DAVIS, June 25, 1882; died June 15, 1883.

J. TEAGUE died Bell's Depot, Tenn., Aug. 28, 1883; husband and father.

SAMANTA D. wife of Rev. J. J. JORDAN died Smith Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1883 [surely 1882 was meant; this appeared in the September 15, 1883 issue of the ADVOCATE]

EMMA BELLE only child of Barclay and Rosa STINNETT born Mar. 31, 1882; died August 18, 1883.

September 22, 1883

SUSAN A. daughter of Alexander and Nancy Moore born Williamson Co., Tenn., Oct. 18, 1830; married D. P. HADLEY, Dec. 7, 1853; died June 22, 1883.

CHARLES B. CUMMINGS born Dec. 12, 1852; died Lancaster, Texas, Aug. 3, 1883. Baptist.

MARGARET C. daughter of John M. and Elizabeth ROBERTSON born Mar. 23, 1868; died St. Clair Co., Ala., August 12, 1883.

ALICE GATLIN born Dec. 10, 1863; died Bethel, Ky., Sept. 8, 1883.

MAMIE SUSAN second daughter of W. J. and S. M. MOLLOY born Jan. 12, 1879; died Aug. 10, 1883.

SALLIE D. daughter of John and Martha CATO died recently lacking six days being eighteen months old.

Miss NANNIE A. NOLEN born July 17, 1826; died July 30, 1883. Methodist.

BESSIE W. daughter of William CAIN born Aug. 25, 1844; died Sept. 3, 1883. Her sister, MARIE W. CAIN born Oct. 8, 1860; died Louisville, Ky., August 6, 1883.

(Page 34)

September 22, 1883 continued

SAMUEL DAILY son of Samuel and Mary S. EUBANK born Fayette Co., Tenn., Mar. 14, 1849; married Dora Herndon, Apr. 5, 1882; died Taylor's Chapel, Tenn., July 11, 1883.

WILLIAM H. BRIDGES born Aug. 25, 1845; died Jan. 17, 1883. Greenville, Ky.

Tribute to memory of Miss DIBRELLA J. SMITH who died Aug. 14, 1883; by the Medium Methodist Sunday School and Auxiliary, dated Sept. 4, 1883.

CORRILA daughter of Wesley and Missaniah Hickland born Nov. 16, 1858; died July 11, 1883; married Mr. JAGOE (two children).

MARY FRANCES wife of Richard SAYE, nee Crabb, born Leake Co., Miss., Mar. 19, 1854; married Feb. 19, 1880; died Fannin Co., TX, Sept. 4, 1883 and buried in the Virginia Pount Cemetery.

Tribute to memory of O. C. HEROD who died Aug. 4, 1883 in the 27th year of his age; by Methodist Sunday School, Goodlettsville, Tenn., dated August 12, 1883.

CHARLES W. son of Moses MARSHALL born Dec. 12, 1869; drowned in the Duck River, July 9, 1883.

LUCY J. wife of James S. FARIS born Jan. 10, 1828; died Franklin Co., Tenn., June 23, 1883.

MARY A. SIMPSON, nee Gray, born Feb. 18, 1828; married Moses Simpson, 1850; died of cancer, Jan. 1, 1883 leaving three children, her husband a daughter having predeceased her. Cedar Plains, Alabama.

RUSSIE SUSAN ELLEN daughter of W. J. and Elizabeth McCRARY born Aug. 11, 1882; died June 23, 1883. "Brother McCrary lives on the Shiloh battlefield."

Mrs. SUSANS A. LAER born Bond Co., Ill., Nov. 25, 1850; died July 17, 1883.

SARAH RAGLAND, nee Partridge, born Chatham Co., N. Carolina, April 28, 1825; married James H. Ragland, 1847 (eight children); moved to Drew Co., Ark., 1858; died there, July 29, 1883.

SUSAN daughter of William and Caroline TOLER born Aug. 28, 1858; married Wilson BROWN, Dec. 18, 1879 (one son, aged 2 years); died near Wood Lawn, Aug. 12, 1883.

JOSEPH BELL oldest son of Rev. R. F. and M. A. MOUNTAIN died Hernando Co., Fla., May 24, 1883 in the 13th year of his age.

Dr. FRANKLIN W. LANDERS son of Dr. James Landers born Bullitt Co., Ky., Feb. 8, 1859; died in residence of step-father, Dr. H. F. Crenshaw, Bullitt Co., Ky., August 9, 1883; married twice, to sisters, daughters of Mrs. Rosella Weller.

September 29, 1883

Dr. JAMES MARION BAILEY, LLB, MD, son of Daniel Bailey, born Logan Co., Ky., Sept. 20, 1830; married Margaret Daniel; surgeon in U. S. Army, Civil War; U. S. counsel, Scotland, 1864-1866; died July 24, 1883.

MARY THORNTON wife of Charles A. McGILL born Versailles, Ky., Nov. 29, 1843; married Sept. 19, 1872; died Hardin Co., Ky., August 21, 1883.

SUSAN ANN wife of George I. MATTHEWS born Sept. 12, 1851; died near Franklin, Tenn., Aug. 20, 1883; wife and mother. Cumberland Presbyterian.

MAGNOLIA EMILY daughter of N. H. and E. J. Self born Apr. 26, 1861; married John T. CRAWFORD, Oct. 31, 1878 (two children); died Shelby Co., Ala., Aug. 24, 1883.

CARL son of James E. and Tabitha STOVALL died July 24, 1883 aged 16 months.

GERTRUDE WAID born Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 29, 1881; died March 20, 1883.

MARGARET A. daughter of N. M. and Alice ROWE died near Triune, Ala., Aug. 15, 1883 aged about four years.

(Page 35)

September 29, 1883 continued

LUCILE daughter of L. B. and Alice HARWELL born Mar. 28, 1882; died Aug. 26, 1883.

W. S. GARRETT born Danville, Ky., Feb. 17, 1828; died Kanawha Co., W. Virginia, Aug. 22, 1883; fought in Mexican and Civil wars (Confederate); father of three children, all of whom predeceased him.

RUTH D. wife of Judge S. W. COCHRAN born Mar. 31, 1830; died Sept. 13, 1883; three children.

NANNIE L. GARRETT born Feb. 1868; died Springfield, Tenn., Sept. 8, 1883; 3 children.

NANCY C. wife of James W. WICKWARE born Jan. 20, 1835; died Simpson Co., Ky., Sept. l, 1883; five children.

CLAUDE son of John and Rebecca DIAMOND born Oct. 27, 178 (sic—LTB); died Aug. 31, 1883.

NANNIE J. daughter of Thomas C. and Martha Stevenson, Giles Co., Tenn.; born July 11, 1855; married Willis J. STEVENSON, Jan. 29, 1874 (one son); died August 17, 1883.

Miss MATTIE V. ROBERTS died Sept. 4, 1883; "a lovely girl."

MATTHEW L. HARLETTE born N. Carolina, Nov. 10, 1825; died July 16, 1883; orphaned, he was reared by an aunt.

JOSEPH S. son of Rev. J. G. PIRTLE died of flux, Graves Co., Ky., Sept. 17, 1883 aged 20 years.

BESSIE BELL daughter of D. B. and Mary C. WILLIAMS born Mar. 16, 1881; died Sept. 12, 1883.

SALLY A. daughter of Rev. Richard Henderson Rivers, DD, Greenville, Ala.; wife of G. P. KEYES, Montgomery, Ala.; born Franklin Co., Ala., Oct. 29, 1837; married (1) Albert Menifee, July 17, 1855 who died in Confederate service; (2) Keyes, April 13, 1879; no children.

Tribute to memory of Mrs. MARY MATLOCK who died Sept. 8, 1883; by superintendent, Powhattan Sunday School, where she had taught, undated.

October 6, 1883

SUSANNA F. wife of Bernard M. HATCHER, Sr., nee Wood, Fayetteville, Tenn., born Williamson Co., Tenn., May 17, 1830; married May 23, 1850; joined Methodist Church, 1852; died Sept. 11, 1883; wife and mother.

ROBERT SAMUEL only son of J. N. and S. C. BLACK born Fayette Courthouse, Ala., Nov. 11, 1867; died there, June 17, 1883.

MARY LUCINDA daughter of John H. and Clarissa HUSK born Aug. 26, 1878; died Trigg Co., Ky., Sept. 12, 1883.

JOHN ALLISON LISLE born Morgan Co., Ala., July 25, 1825; died there, Aug. 2, 1883; a freemason.

JESSE son of Hon. J. M. and Amanda J. TAYLOR born Lexington, Tenn., July 25, 1873; died Sept. 4, 1883.

MARY PINKNEY wife of Capt. Hartwell SHIPP died Fayetteville, Tenn., Aug. 22, 1883, aged 42 years; seven children.

ELEANOR A. BUNN, nee White, born Aug. 2, 1839; married John A. Bunn, June 9, 1859; died Fayetteville, Tenn., Sept. 16, 1883; wife and mother.

Hon. F. C. GAINS, Scott Co., Ark., son of James F. and Parmelia Gains who moved from VA to Scott Co. forty years ago, where he was born; served in Ark. legislature.

(Page 36)

October 6, 1883 continued

HARRIET CROMWELL born Logan Co., Ky., Oct. 11, 1824; married A. L. LOVE, Apr. 12, 1848; died White Co., Ill., May 17, 1883; had lived with her daughter, Emma C. Cromwell. After her father's demise she and her mother lived with an uncle, Jackson Cromwell.

SARAH EUGENIE ISABELLA daughter of J. N. and S. C. Black, born Dec. 24, 1864; married E. M. OSBORNE; died Fayette Courthouse, Ala., Aug. 10, 1883; no children.

WILLIE daughter of S. H. and M. W. McFarland, born Montgomery Co., Ark., April 12, 1864; died July 17, 1883; married Mr. CHAPPELL; her infant son, S. ARCHY CHAPPELL died Sept. 12, 1883.

GEORGE W. son of James Polk and Mary JACKSON died near Ripley, Tenn., Sept. 22, 1883 in the 9th year of his age.

Tribute to memory of Miss MATTIE ROBERTS who died Sept. 4, 1883 aged 16 years; by Oakland Sunday School, undated.

GEORGIA daughter of G. and S. A. LEGG born June 6, 1882; died Aug. 13, 1883.

WILLIAM L. son of Robert and Nancy J. WAID born Apr. 7, 1866; died Trigg Co., Ky., Sept. 1, 1883.

JULIAN EAKIN only son of Major D. H. C. and Sallie Eakin SPENCE born Tuscaloosa, Ala., July l, 1862; died near Nashville, Tenn., August 9, 1883.

October 13, 1883

Rev. S. H. ANDREWS, Methodist preacher, died Sept. 30, 1883. [Dickson, Tennessee?]

B. FRANK son of Dr. B. F. BAIRD, Hardeman Co., Tenn., born Dec. 8, 1861; died Sept. 6, 1883; medical student Vanderbilt University.

HAYWOOD son of F. C. and Elizabeth HORNER born Mar. 30, 1876; died after falling into a cistern, June 8, 1883.

R. A. H. CALDWELL, nee Reed, born Sept. 15, 1833; married (l) Dr. O. C. McReynolds, 1849; (2) Dr. T. W. Compton, 1858 (one son); (3) David Caldwell, 1869 (two daughters, one son); died Butler Co., Ky., June 9, 1883.

ELIZABETH A. daughter of William B. and Mary C. Jeter born Weakley Co., Tenn., Oct. l7, 1844; married Leonard R. BRASFIELD, Sept. 2, 1863; died Sept. 10, 1883; seven children.

GRANVLLE H. MAINE born Sept. 1, 1859; died Aug. 17, 1883.

October 20, 1883

BESSIE only daughter of F. C. and Fannie BRANTLEY died Wingo, Ky., Aug. 9, 1883.

ROBERT W. son of Samuel C. and Martha ESTES born June 3, 1850; died July 21, 1883.

WALTER ROSS born Sept. 20, 1876; died near Glimp, Tenn., Sept. 27, 1883.

ETHEL A. daughter of Lee and Benil LOW born June 22, 1881; died Aug. 25, 1883.

MARY THOMAS wife of Capt. C. J. HYATT born Summerville, Ala., Oct. 22, 1842; married Aug. 25, 1863 (seven children); moved to Iuka, Miss. where she died Sept. 21, 1883.

WILLIAM W. son of Rev. Joseph M. WELLS, Booneville, Miss., born Feb. 12, 1834; died March 22, 1882.

Daughter [unnamed] of B. F. WALLACE died Sept. 26, 1883 in 21st year of her age.

JAMES P. WHITTEN born Wayne Co., Tenn., May 4, 1846; married Lou. J. Young, Jan. 1872; joined Methodist Church, July 1873; moved to Panola Co., Miss., Dec. 1876 where he died Sept. 5, 1883.

SUSAN M. wife of John B. ENGLAND born Oct. 4, 129 (sic—LTB); died near Murray, Ky., Sept. 9, 1882; two children, aged 7 and 9 years; two step children and an aged father survived her.

(Page 37)

October 20, 1883 continued

JOSEPH MARVIN son of W. W. and M. C. WELLS born Sept. 1, 1877; died Union Co., Miss., Sept. 21, 1883.

JUDA ROSANNA daughter of John M. and Mary L. HALLABAUGH, granddaughter of Rev. Jesse Griffin, dec., born June 23, 1865; died Aug. 20, 1883.

DOSIA LOVEL born Mar. 17, 1870; died Sept. 17, 1883.

October 27, 1883

JOHN F. OWEN born July 7, 1831; died Robertson Co., Tenn., July 22, 1883; surviving him were his widow and five children.

WILLIAM FRANKLIN SANDERS born Shelby Co., Tenn., Feb. 28, 1833; moved to Lauderdale Co., Tenn. and married Mary E. Brown (one daughter); about 12 years ago he moved to Tipton Co., Tenn. where he died September 17, 1883.

HENRIE B. wife of S. C. TYREE born Nov. 10, 1826; married April 2, 1882; died Smithville, Tenn., Sept. 2, 1883.

MARY daughter of Rev. Thomas Hay born Jan. 24, 1833; married John McMILLAN; died Decaturville, Tenn., Oct., 6, 1883; wife and mother.

Tribute to memory of JOHN F. OWEN who died July 22, 1883; by 4th Quarterly Conference, Pleasant Grove Circuit, Murfreesboro Dist., Tennessee Annual (Meth.)Conference in which he had been a stewart at Owen Chapel; dated October 10, 1883.

MARY S. daughter of W. I. and Martha C. WATTS, born August l, 1867; died Aug. 27, 1883.

The Infant Child of J. C. and Mollie MOORE died Oct. 14, 1883, the third of their children to die.

LAYNKA C. BRIDGES born Giles Co., Tenn., 1853; died June 20, 1883.

JOSIAH M. son of J. M. and C. H. WRIGHT born Feb. 14, 1871; died Sept. 1, 1883.

EUGENE son of H. C. and F. J. ANDERSON born Perry Co., Tenn., Jan. 10, 1868; died Gibson Co., Tenn., July 6, 1883.

JAMES son of Dr. J. J. and Nimmie RUCHER [Rucker], born Sept. 5, 1879; died diphtheria Oct. 1, 1883.

MILLER MARVIN son of Dr. James W. COOPER born Jan. 14, 1880; died Smith's Mills, Ky., Sept. 21, 1883.

BETTIE daughter of Capt. Mose and Sallie BEST born Aug. 2, 1882; died Aug. 22, 1883.

SILAS BRUCE born Dickson Co., Tenn., Apr. 11, 1832; died Sept. 13, 1883; married Keziah Leathers, Sept. 22, 1857 (one son, three daughters, one of whom was Mary P. Bruce).

TOMMIE SIPE born Nov. 26, 1876; died Booneville, Ark., August 12, 1883.

CHARLIE only son of John O. and Laura A. MYERS born June 7, 1873; died Sept. l, 1883.

November 3, 1883

Dr. C. C. GRAHAM, resident of Louisville, Ky., observed his 99th birthday, Oct. 10, 1883.

Rev. J. G. BURKS, Memphis Annual Conference, married WILLIE A. KENT, Henderson Co., Tenn., Oct. 16, 1883.

JOSEPH W. son of Joe W. and S. E. BERNARD (now Mrs. White) born Pope Co., Ark., Feb. 14, 1864; died Culleoka, Tenn., Sept. 28, 1883, where he was in school.

(Page 38)

November 3, 1883 continued

N. B. daughter of Dr. Wash Bond born Shelby Co., Tenn., May 15, 1844; died there, Sept. 21, 1883; married John N. MOORE, Dec. 20, 1866; five children.

JESSIE E. daughter of N. L. and Emma TURNER born Aug. 9, 1862; educated at Franklin Female College and Clarksville Academy; died Clarksville, Tenn., Sept. 30, 1881. Her sister, ALZADA B. TURNER born May 10, 1872; died Keysburg, Ky., August 26, 1883.

WILLIAM MARSHALL son of J. W. COFFMAN died Lawrence Co., Ala., Sept. 13, 1883 aged 13 years. Buried in Cross-roads graveyard.

HENRY A. son of George W. and Emma MILLER born Jackson Co., Ark., Jan. 14, 1862; died Jan. 19, 1883; "had just completed his education."

WILLIAM HENDERSON DE ARMON born Rhea (now Meigs) Co., Tenn., July 1, 1824; married Susan Rice, July 1, 1847 (five sons, three daughters); died Scott Co., Ark., Sept. 28, 1883; moved from Tenn. to Ark. thirteen years ago.

MYRTLE daughter of Levi S. and Mollie S. WOODS born Lexington, Tenn., Oct. 5, 1879; died October 3, 1883.

WILLIE SIGMOND FREER born Sept. 1878; died Chicot Co., Ark., July 14, 1883.

Tribute to memory of WILSON HENDERSON; by Calliiopean Society of the S. W. B. U., undated.

JOHN W. SMITH born Franklin Co., Va., Oct. 16, 1827; died July 26, 1883; moved from Va., at age 16 years, to Carroll Co., Ga., then to Jackson Co., Ala., 1865; surviving were his widow and five children.

MARTHA ADELLA daughter of A. J. and Parmelia LOWERY born Monroe Co., Miss., Jan. 8, 1867; died Lamar Co., Ala., Oct. 4, 1883.

JOSEPH BABB son of George W. and N. A. LOVELACE born Lee Co., Ala., Sept. 23, 1881; died Pope Co., Ark., Oct. 10, 1883.

GEORGE W. MILLER born N. Carolina, Feb. 22, 1827; died Jackson Co., Ala., June 19, 1883; husband and father.


This venerable man has fallen asleep. He was born in Carter county, Tenn., April 8, 1795, and died Aug. 22, 1883, in Henry county, Tenn. He was converted in his native county in early life, and at the age of eighteen was licensed to preach, and was admitted on trial in the Tennessee Conference October, 1816. His first appointment was Little River Circuit, French Broad District. The second year he was removed to Henderson, Ky., on the Ohio river. The Tennessee Conference at that time embraced a large portion of the State of Kentucky. His third appointment was Hartford Circuit, Green River District, Kentucky. His fourth year was Dickson Circuit, in Tennessee. In 1820 the Kentucky Conference was set off; but embraced a portion of the State of Tennessee, and Brother Peeples fell on the Kentucky side, and was appointed to the Dover Circuit, on the Cumberland river. The year following he traveled Fountain Head, and at its close he located. While on the Dickson or Dover Circuit he was called to take charge of a new field in West Tennessee—a country but a short time before purchased from Indians, and was called "Jackson's Purchase." Here, it is believed, he formed the first circuit ever organized in what is now called the Memphis Conference. While on this work he made the acquaintance of Miss Martha Davidson Randle, to whom he was married in 1822. Though very young, Miss Randle became one of the best of wives and most consecrated Christian women. Though an orphan girl, she had charge of her little brothers, and after her marriage took them to her own home, where they were trained and converted; all three —John, Richmond, and T. W. Randle—became Itinerant Methodist preachers. She brought up of her own children eleven, who lived to be grown, five of whom became Methodist traveling preachers. Thus out of her own household came eight Methodist preachers, four of whom still remain on the walls of Zion. She died in 1868, full of faith and of the Holy Ghost. After marriage Brother Peeples settled in Henry county, where he resided on the same farm over sixty years. He studied, practiced medicine, and conducted his farm. For many yean he was Judge of the County Court of Henry county, and was an active and public-spirited citizen.

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November 3, 1883 continued

In the after-years of his life be was re-admitted into the traveling Connection, and died a respected member of the Memphis Conference. As we have seen, he was a Methodist preacher about sixty-seven years, divided between the pastoral work and the local ranks. Though useful, and devoting much time to preaching, even when local, he regretted in his old age that he had ever left the itinerant work to engage in secular pursuits.

Dr. Peeples filled an important position in life, and his many years were fruitful of good works. He was a strong-minded man, and his convictions were decided. He was bold to express his opinions, and feared no responsibility where duty called. He was honest in his dealings, and loved the truth. He was a thorough Methodist, and contended earnestly for the faith. A man of strong impulses, but full of the milk of human kindness. A devoted husband, a loving father, a kind friend, and a firm Christian, he filled up the measure of his days with honor to himself and usefulness to his Church and his country.

In his last protracted sickness he was full of faith and ready for his change. He spoke and sung of heaven, and serenely fell asleep in Jesus, surrounded by his family-all his children except one being present.

His funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. W. T. Harris, D. D., to a large congregation, who showed their appreciation of his character and work. He leaves four sons in the ministry, and many relatives and friends, who hold him in fond recollection.

The fathers, where are they? Thanks be to God, who giveth us the victory!

J. B. McFerrin

November 10, 1883

J. J. GARDNER married MARTHA CUNNINGHAM in Henderson Co., Tenn., Oct. 25, 1883 in her father's home.

Also, J. H. MOFFAT [Moffitt] married Eliza Pearson in Claybook, Tenn., Oct. 25, 1883 in her father's home. Moffitt was a resident of Henderson Co., Tenn.

AMBROSE P. FIELDS born Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 23, 1823; died near Fulton, Ky., March 8, 1883; moved with parents to Fulton Co., Ky., 1834, where he ever afterwards lived; faithful Methodist layman; his second wife's name, Catharine Whetsell; raised "a very large family of children."

EMMA FUTRELL born McCracken Co., Ky., Oct. 27, 1854; married J. M. REID, Nov. 30, 1873; death date not given.

ANNA E. daughter of W. A. and E. B. Fowlkes born Charlotte Co., Va., Oct. 14, 1838; married P. B. JOHNSON, Dec. 21, 1870 (three children); died Pope Co., Ark., Sept. 12, 1883; moved to Prairie Co., Ark. with her mother, a brother and sisters, 1856 and to Yell Co., Ark., 1858 where she married; joined Methodist Church in 1872.

EDNA A. daughter of M. H. and Martha Fisher born Ballard Co., Ky., June 8, 1864; died Oct. 7, 1883; married V. D. HUMPHREY, Feb. 1, 1882; buried in Milburn Cemetery.

RACY L. wife of Samuel DEMAREE born July 24, 1846; married Oct. 27, 1868 (four children); died Sept. 11, 1883. Her mother was still living in the 80th year of her age.

CLARENCE FULTON son of J. Britt and Sallie EZELL born in Ga., Mar. 23, 1864; died Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 25, 1883; buried in old family graveyard.

Tribute to memory of FLOUNTAIN E. P. SHANNON who died Aug. 3, 1883; by 4th Quarterly Conference, Ocean Springs Ct., Sea-Shore Dist., Miss. Annual Conf., undated.

JAMES SPENCE son of Thomas and Bettie S. CROSS born May 4, 1883; died Oct. 6, 1883

WILSON PAGE, formerly a J. P. of Logan Co., Ky., died near Olmstead, Ky., Oct. 22, 1883. Primitive Baptist.

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November 10, 1883 continued


A native of Mecklenburg county, Va., born May 18, 1825, Samuel A. Taylor, son of Edmund and Elizabeth P. Taylor, of precious memory, and brother of the Rev. Robert V. Taylor, of the Memphis Conference, died at his residence in Fayette county, Tenn., Oct. 8, 1883.

In his childhood the family removed from Virginia to Tennessee, and established the dear homestead, from which he has now followed his parents to the better land. In 1861 he married Miss Kate S. Bullock, a loving, true wife, who survives, with two sons and three daughters, to mourn his absence, and to train their children, by God's grace, for the family reunion in heaven. For several years he had suffered from disease, which, however, did not give much uneasiness, because he was full of life and hope and energy, and ever ready for any labor, any privation, any sacrifice, at the call of duty. But disease continued its ravages, slowly yet surely approaching the citadel of life, and at last attacking the brain. Stricken down, all unconscious, and lingering; thus a few days, the dear object of wifely and filial love and care, and of the kindness of friends, and of the skill of physicians, and of many prayers and tears, he passed away from earth and time without a struggle or a groan. So, one of the best of men, his life having long witnessed for Jesus, entered upon the great reward.

A large company of friends and neighbors, and many relatives, attended the funeral-service, conducted by Brothers Leatherwood and Bransford; and now in the old family burying-ground the remains of the sainted dead are left to mingle with kindred dust till Christ come again.

November 17, 1883

R. I. PITTS. Hardin Co., Tenn., married M. A. FISHER, Henderson Co., Tenn., in the home of the bride's father, near Lexington, Tenn., Oct. 21, 1883.

ANNIE ALSTON only child of S. W. and V. F. WRIGHT born May 2, 1878; died Lauderdale Co., Tenn., Sept. 28, 1883.

ANDREW J. son of Cyrus and Polly LINDSAY born Dearborn Co., Ind., Nov. 27, 1828; died Hancock Co., Ky., Oct. 19, 1883; married Leah J. Rook, Hawesville, Ky., July 5, 1853 (six children).

DURELLA J. daughter of B. J. and Josie SMITH born Marshall Co., Tenn., May 2, 1865; died August 14, 1883.

LUTIE H. McDANIEL, nee Inman, born May 21, 1851; died Sept. 27, 1883.

MARTHA S. CORNWELL born June 24, 1851; married Dec. 28, 1872; died [Smith Co., Tenn.], Aug. 11, 1883.

Mrs. SUSAN A. HITE died Hart Co., Ky., Aug. 1, 1883 in 42nd year of her age; wife and mother.

J. G. GURLEY born Anderson District, S. Carolina, Jan. 5, 1826; as an infant moved with parents to Pickens Co., Ala.; married Mary A. Stokes, Dec. 23, 1845; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, Sept. 13, 1851; ordained deacon, Dec. 9, 1855; ordained elder, Dec. 15, 1861; spent his ministry in Alabama; PREACHED THE FIRST SERMON PREACHED IN BIRMINGHAM, ALA. IN WOODEN BUILDING ON FIRST AVENUE, BETWEEN TWENTIETH AND TWENTY-FIRST STREETS. He died of cancer in October 1883.

SALLIE wife of Dr. C. M. PARKER, Denver, Colorado, born Petersburg, Va., Oct. 11, 1838; married Dec. 4, 1863; moved to Denver, Nov. 28, 1872; died June 11, 1883; her mother still living in the 83rd year of her age.

SUE daughter of Colonel CHARLES L. BULLOCK, Clark Co., Ark., died in her father's residence, August 26, 1883.

Tribute to memory of WILLIAM HENDERSON DE ARMON by 4th Quarterly Conf., Waldron Ct., Ark. Annual Conf., dated Oct. 13, 1883.

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November 17, 1883 continued

GEORGE W. BROWN born Jackson Co., Tenn., Nov. 11, 1858; died there, Sept. 14, 1883; married Eliza J. Russell, Mar. 7, 1876 (three sons).

T. T. MOORE born May 20, 1827; died Bedford Co., Tenn., Sept. 30, 1883.

JENNIE daughter of W. H. and E. W. BLANTON born June 11, 1882; died Oct. 22, 1883. Prairie Grove, Arkansas.

AMANDA REBECCA SEAT, nee Roberson, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., June 1833; moved with her widowed mother and step-father to Madison Co., Tenn., 1850 and married W. B. SEAT that year; he died in 1853 and she returned to her parental home, then in Gibson Co., Tenn.; died Oct. 7, 1883.

ANNIE daughter of W. P. and Ella WATERS born Nov. 1876; died Aug. 30, 1883.

MARY LIZZIE daughter of James T. and Katie GANNAWAY born June 18, 1862; died May 21, 1883.

HUSTON BROWN born Aug. 20, 1865; died Sept. 18, 1883.

MARY M. daughter of John C. and America T. BUCKNER born Oct. 21, 1865; died Green Co., Ky., Dec. 16, 1882. "She was the light and blessing of the household."

ROBERT T. LAZENBY born in Alabama; moved to Panola Co., Miss., 1870; married Mary J. Keating, 1874 (four children); died October 3, 1883.

JUDITH B. daughter of Rev. John and Judith YEARGIN born DeKalb Co., Tenn., Dec. 5, 1828; married William C. BENNETT, Feb. 14, 1848 (five children); moved to MO, 1852; to Texas, 1866; joined Methodist Church, 1866; died October 21, 1883.

LEILA ALDA daughter of Thomas W. and Nannie S. ENGLAND born August 1882; died Oct. 23, 1883.

RALSTON LESLIE son of John S. and Elizabeth VAUGHN born Dec. 9, 1877; drowned in his father's mill-pond, Wayne Co., Ky., October 11, 1883.

ASA only child of Dr. J. J. and Nimmie RUCKER born Feb. 1882; died Oct. 27, 1883; their other two children died recently.

November 24, 1883

Dr. MARION SIMS, native of Alabama of a family "noted for brainy men and brilliant women" died in New York, Nov. 13, 1883.

NANNIE J. DURHAM born Aug. 19, 1839; died Greenburg, Ky., Sept. 22, 1883. Baptist. Her daughter, KATIE, born Mar. 10, 1877; died Sept. 19, 1883.

MARTHA ANN daughter of E. W. and M. R. Matthews born Nov. 6, 1829; married W. C. STOVALL, Nov. 6, 1847 (five children); died Crockett Co., Tenn., Oct. 19, 1883.

FOUNTAIN E. PITTS SHANNON died Ocean Springs, Miss., August 3, 1883 in the 48th year of his age; his wife, L. A. SHANNON, died Aug. 4, 1883; natives of Tenn.; they moved to Miss. He was a son of Harvey Shannon and she the daughter of Rev. Alexander Matthews.

MARY HALL daughter of Thomas and Susanna WOOTEN born Mar. 20, 1860; married Theo. H. HALL, Tracy City, Tenn., Nov. 2, 1879 (two children) and died there, Sept. 30, 1883.

J. W. son of W. H. and Lucy BROWN born Lauderdale Co., Tenn., Mar. 26, 1849; married S. A. COVINGTON, Jan. 8, 1874; died Dyersburg, Tenn., October 2, 1883.

SALLIE J. daughter of Samuel S. and Julia A. CLARK born Florence, Ala., Nov. 4, 1847; died in home of her bro., W. B. Clark, July 12, 1883.

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November 24, 1883 continued

WILLIAM CROSS son of Thomas and Amanda LILE born Courtland, Ala., Nov. 26, 1882; died Oct. 2, 1883.

ARTHUR GLENN MAULDIN born Okolona, Miss., Dec. 5, 1867; died Aug. 7, 1883; typhoid fever.

December 1, 1883


A few days ago, while in Aberdeen, Miss., I visited the Odd-fellows' Cemetery to see the monument just erected by his family to the memory of Bishop R. Paine.

It is one of the most beautiful and appropriate monuments I have ever seen. The pedestal is composed of two massive granite bases, upon which rests the die-block. On the corners of this die there is a polished column upon which rests the cap of the monument, making a solid and elaborate pedestal for the statue of Resurrection. This statue is a fine piece of work, having been modeled and executed in the finest Italian marble at Carrara, Italy, by the celebrated sculptor Carlo Nicoli.

The pedestal is made of Quincy granite, from the well-known quarries of P. McDonnell & Son, at Quincy, Mass. The pedestal is Grecian in design. On the foot of the die-block, in large letters, is the name, PAINE. On the front face of the polished die is this inscription:



in Person co., N. C.,

Nov. 12th, 1799.

Began his ministry in 1817;

Was made Bishop of the M. E. C., South,

May 10th, 1846;

Died Oct. 19th, 1882.

"Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright; for the end of that man is peace." —Psalm xxxvii. 87.

On the opposite side of the die are these words:

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."

The whole monument —pedestal and statue—as I judged by my eye, stands twelve and a half or thirteen feet high.

The Church will be glad to know that such a beautiful and appropriate monument stands to mark the last resting-place of him whose name and memory are immortal throughout the borders of our Southern Methodism. Yours,  Gilderoy

Verona, Miss., Oct. 31, 1883.


The subject of this sketch was born in Rutherford county, Tenn., Aug. 1, 1832, of pious parents, who were members of the Methodist Church. He was early taught his duty to God and his fellow-man, As a result of these careful instructions he professed religion in boyhood, and united with the Church of his parents. He came to Texas in 1851, locating in Huntsville as a druggist; moved to Corsicana in 1853, where he engaged in the mercantile business for three years; came to Waxahachie in 1855, and continued to sell goods, winning a high reputation for integrity and fidelity to business. He married Miss Sallie Oldham in 1857, who survives him. From this union sprung quite a family of noble children, who, with their widowed mother, mourn their irreparable loss. Brother Ransom was the eighth of a family of fourteen children; of these eight are dead. Of those who survive, one lives in Corsicana, Texas; the others are in Tennessee; three in Nashville, two in Murfreesboro, and one in Shelbyville. Our brother had, on his father's side of the family, six uncles and two aunts; of these one aunt survives, and resides in Bedford county, Tenn. The old homestead where he was born has long since passed into the hands of strangers. The family is a long-lived one; all his uncles and aunts attained to an extreme age. His father and mother were past seventy when God called them to their reward.

Brother Ransom departed this life in great peace on the 10th day of November, 1883. The writer of this sketch was his pastor, and the teacher of his children. I knew him, and loved him much. A kind and hearty welcome was always extended to his friends when visiting him. I often conversed with him about the past, so dear to his memory. He delighted to dwell on the happy days gone by, and enjoyed the present with that Christian wisdom and resignation which causes adversity to minister to noble endurance.

As a citizen, he was without reproach, and loved by all who knew him.

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December 1, 1883 continued

WILLIAM H. MONTGOMERY, Hardin Co., Tenn. married DORA KENT, Henderson Co., Tenn., in her mother's home, November 15, 1883.

Mrs. ANNIE E. OAKES died Logan Co., Ky., Nov. 4, 1883 aged 50 years.

Mrs. J. B. JORDAN died Carthage, Tenn., August 26, 1883.

HELEN D. daughter of William M. and Delia DAUGHTRIDGE born Nash Co., N. Carolina, Oct. 2, 1861; married Spencer L. Hart, Jr., Edgecombe Co., N. C., Oct. 3, 1877 (sons, Roland and Freddie); died Oct. 25, 1883; buried in Rocky Mount, N. C.

LUCINDA A. wife of H. C. SANDERS born May 12, 1846; married July 25, 1867; died Nov. 5, 1883; wife and mother.

Miss KATE HARVEY born Dec. 21, 1853; died Oct. 19, 1883.

SAMANTHA ISABEL daughter of Reuben and Mary E. VAUGHAN born Feb. 14, 1872; died in her grandfather, James Vaughan's home, Marion Co., Ala., Nov. 6, 1883.

MARGARET E. wife of W. D. SPEARS born Nov. 7, 1857; died [probably Clark Co., Ark.], Oct. 21, 1883; wife and mother (one child).

RAYMON son of W. P. and Ida WRIGHT born Oct. 13, 1882; died Sept. 20, 1883.

JOE P. HART died Springfield, Tenn., Sept. 24, 1883 aged 28 years; husband and father (one child).

Tribute to memory of JAMES D. TURNER, a young man; by Spring Ridge Methodist Church, Attala Ct., North Miss. Annual (Meth.)Conference, undated.

MILDRED ANN FRANCES daughter of Henry D. and Dora A. LOWRY born Smith Co., Texas, Sept. 10, 1879; died Oct. 2, 1883.

Miss NANNIE GARRETT, a young woman, died August 1883.

Miss MARIA BENTON, a young woman, died Sept. 25, 1883.

MARVIN MOORE son of S. E. and Ellen SIGLER, Boxville, Ky., died recently, aged 3 years, 5 months and 8 days old.

December 8, 1883

ANNIE daughter of O. A. and Caroline SHROADER born Murray, Ky., Oct. 6, 1859; died Sept. 26, 1883; married Lee Cooke WHITNEL (one two-year-old daughter).

NELLIE wife of Z. T. McATEE born July 18, 1860; married Dec. 20, 1882; died Canton, Ky., Oct. 30, 1883.

FINLEY CHAPPELL born July 1870; died Wayne Co., Tenn., Nov. 1, 1883; a sibling, E. G. Chappell.

WILLIAM M. son of Joe W. and R. A. COFFMAN born Lawrence Co., Ala., Mar. 1, 1870; died there, Sept. 13, 1883; buried in Cross Roads Cemetery.

LOUISE EMILY TAYLOR born Oct. 17, 1881; died Sept. 7, 1883.

MARY T. COUCH, nee Hard born Henderson, Ky., Apr. 5, 1852; married W. L. Couch, Jan. 26, 1872; died Henderson Co., Ky., Aug. 23, 1883; wife and mother.

LULA E. daughter of H. B. and Lucy SMITH born July 9, 1866; died Bethel, Tenn., Nov. 14, 1883.

RICHARD son of Dr. R. W. and Lillie OWEN born Jan. 17, 1873; died Tunica Co., Miss., Oct. 9, 1883.

VIRGIE daughter of R. H. and M. E. DAVIS born Aug. 1881; died July 26, 1883.

J. A. daughter of W. D. and Margaret E. SPEARS born Aug. 13, 1883; died Oct. 15, 1883.

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December 8, 1883 continued

HALBERT son of Rev. W. M. ADAMS born Aug. 11, 1880; died Floresville, TX, Nov. 3,

1883; buried in Uvalde, Texas.

ROBERT D. son of D. E. and Mary A. C. MEAD, grandson of R. P. Gannaway, born April 12, 1882; died Sept. 7, 1883.

December 15, 1883

JESSE GEORGE, Hickman Co., Tenn., was the first man [known] to raise peanuts in Tennessee about 1850.

LAVICY C. wife of Dr. W. L. HEFLIN, Randolph Co., Ala., nee Phillips, born in that county, Nov. 1, 1836; joined Methodist Church, Sept. 16, 1869; married Dec. 8, 1859 (three daughters, eight sons); death date not given.

JENNIE wife of Samuel M. BROWN, Christian Co., Ky., died Sept. 25, 1883; born Logan Co., Ky., Feb. 9, 1840; married April 25, 1860; buried “at home on a grassy, shaded knoll, the place she selected many years ago;” wife and mother.

MARY ANN daughter of David and Ellen Duncan, born Madison Co., Tenn., Aug. 18, 1875 [Sic –LTB]; married W. L. GREGORY, May 18, 1872 (nine children); died typhoid fever, Sept. 16, 1883.

GEORGE L. YARBER born Sept. 15, 1855; died Breckinridge Co., Ky., Sept. 27, 1883.

December 22, 1883

MARGARET JANE HANSBROUGH was born in Franklin county, Tenn., March 16, 1817. She joined the Church in 1838, but was not satisfied of her justification until 1850. She fell asleep in Jesus at her residence in Azusa, Los Angeles county, Cal., Nov. 1, 1883. For three years before her death she professed and enjoyed the experience of entire sanctification, and about eighteen months before her death she was healed of a cancer in answer to the prayer of faith. She was of a quiet disposition, and suffered severely in her last illness. Her husband and one son remain behind. May they be "kept by the power of God through faith" till called from labor to reward. At their home God's ministers have ever found a cordial welcome. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."   G. E. BUTLER.

January 12, 1884 issue


MR. Editor: — My wife was born in Franklin, Williamson county, Tenn., not Franklin county, as• appears in the obituary notice in ADVOCATE of Dec. 22. Please make the correction for the benefit of her relatives and friends, her father, Ewen Cameron, having built the first log-cabin where Franklin now stands.

Yours in Jesus,


Azusa, Cal., Dec. 28, 1883.

ALLIE T. son of John J. HOUSE born Hancock Co., Ky., Dec. 30, 1866; died smallpox, that county, Nov. 29, 1883.

ANNIE daughter of W. C. and Sarah JEARNIGAN born Oct. 12, 1864; died Feb. 27, 1883.

ELIZA CRAWFORD OWERBY, formerly of McKenzie, Tenn., died Orlando, Florida, Nov. 27, 1883; daughter of Rev. J. Y. Crawford.

Rev. THOMAS M. JACKSON born Grainger Co., Tenn., Dec. 11, 1829; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, 1855; ordained deacon, 1852; ordained elder, 1868; married (l) Lucinda Carden, April 9, 1862; (2) Martha Hand, Jan. 7, 1874; moved to Sherman, Texas, winter 1875, where he died Sept. 9, 1883; father of eight children.

L. E. wife of William R. BLEDSOE daughter-in-law of Hilsman Bledsoe, born Oct. 31, 1859; married May 12, 1878; death date not given.

HILSMAN son of Thomas and Margaret H. BLEDSOE born July l, 1868; died Sept. 17, 1883.

Miss CORA E. ANDERSON born Harrison Co., Ind., Feb. 19, 1867; died Oct. 16, 1883; buried in Mt. Holly Church cemetery.

BESSIE daughter of Capt. Moses and Sallie BOX born Aug. 4, 1882; died Aug. 21, 1883

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December 22, 1883 continued

MARY SUSANNAH daughter of John and Mary MARTIN born Montgomery Co., Tenn., Dec. 1, 1828; moved with parents to Haywood Co., Tenn., 1834; died in home of William A. Martin, May 19, 1883.

JAMES E. RIGSBEE born N. Carolina, May 23, 1826; died Rutherford Co., Tenn., July 22, 1883.

December 29, 1883

Rev. D. K. TIMBERLAKE died Smith Co., Tenn., Dec. 18, 1883 in the 83rd year of his age.

WILLIAM J. OZIER, Henderson Co., Tenn. married BETTIE L. TEMPLE, Chester Co., Tenn., in Henderson County, a Methodist Church there, December 19, 1883.

Rev. CHARLES D. FONTAINE born Henry Co., Virginia, Feb. 3, 1827; died Parkersburg, W. Virginia, Nov. 1, 1883; married Miss Deering, Chickasaw Co., Miss., Mar. 11, 1856. Methodist preacher.

ANDERSON SKILLERN born Searcy, Ark., July 13, 1858, six months after the death of his father, Andrew Skillern, who had moved from Denmark, Tenn. to Ark.; died Nov. 10, 1883.

MARGARET C. wife of S. A. RHODES died Oct. 25, 1883.

NORA BELLE daughter of Smith and Nannie FRY born Feb. 1881; died Dec. 17, 1882.

ALLA A. KNOTT died June 5, 1883 in 28th year of her age.

JOHN W. son of James and Susan OLIVER born Culpeper Co., Va., Mar. 10, 1838; married Rebecca J. Turner, Jan. 15, 1866; died in MO, August 29, 1883.

MOLLIE daughter of Rev. W. H. McGOWN born in Tenn., Nov. 3, 1853; married D. H. SPILLMAN, Hickman Co., Ky., Dec. 14, 1871; death date not given.

JALMA G. son of J. S. SEXTON born May 22, 1857; died Lawrence Co., Ark., Nov. 4, 1883.

HARRY C. oldest son of R. R. CRAWLEY died November 28, 1883.

LETTIE B. daughter of J. W. and Lou. WILLIAMS born Sept. 15, 1880; died Williamson Co., Tenn., November 25, 1883.

"Sister" CLARK wife of Thomas Clark died in Obion Co., Tenn., recently.

January 5, 1884

Mrs. NANCY BLACK, mother of the editor of the Raleigh, N. Carolina ADVOCATE, died Dec. 12, 1883 aged 82 years.

FANNIE ROSE youngest daughter of Sylvester DIRICKSON born May 3, 1858; married Samuel P. Rose, 1879; died Rome, Tenn., Nov. 17, 1883. Obituary submitted by her cousin, Katie Stowe.

S. E. PEACOCK born Sept. 21, 1841; married H. F. BREEDLOVE, Nov. 16, 1865 (eight children); died Nov. 3, 1883.

MARGARET A. daughter of Isaac and Susan M. Paul born Nashville, Tenn., Mar. 7, 1835; married (l) Abram M. Tillman. April 14, 1854; (2) J. S. ROBINSON, Jan. 15, 1868 (and he died June 29, 1862); died south Nashville, Tenn., May 19, 1883.

LUCY wife of Albert M. KELLEY died Gibson Co., Tenn., Oct. 22, 1883.

CYNTHIA C. daughter of Robert and Zillah Anderson born Giles Co., Tenn., Mar. 14, 1840; died Decatur Co., Tenn., Nov. 18, 1883; married Rev. Jonathan LUTON; wife and mother.

MATTIE CHAPPELL daughter of Stewart and Mary Ann Chappell born Feb. 1872; died Bullitt Co., Ky., Nov. 6, 1883. "Mamma I love you and I love papa but I love Jesus most."