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transcribed by Laurel Baty


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January 6, 1883

O. P. CUNNINGHAM born May 5, 1845; joined Methodist Church, August 1861; moved to Wartrace, Tenn., 1868 and died there, November 18, 1882.

ROY son of Rus and Lulu PEARCE born Oct. 6, 1877; died Nov. l, 1882. Bexar, Ala.

LOUISA R. LIDE, nee Greening, born Bellville, Ala., Feb. 16, 1841; joined Methodist Church as a student at the Tevis school in Shelbyville, Ky., 1857; married James E. Lide, Feb. 25, 1869; died Camden, Ark., Aug. 16, 1882; survived by widower and five small children.

MARY B. HAMMON wife of L. W. Hammon, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Sapp, born Warren Co., Tenn., Aug. 29, 1824; married Oct. 31, 1841; died Feb. 11, 1882; wife and mother.

KATE daughter of George and Harriet LaHEIST born Cloverport, Ky., Mar. 9, 1835; died in residence of her uncle, J. C. LaHeist, in Cloverport, Nov. 19, 1882; joined Methodist Church, March 26, 1871.

E. E. GRIMES daughter of Crawford and Martha Biffle, born Sept. 3, 1845; joined Methodist Church, Sept. 1860; married Henry S. Grimes, Feb. 7, 1861; died Oct. 6, 1882; survived by widower and four children.

D. D. wife of W. S. SIMS, native of St. Clair Co., Ala.; died Itawamba Co., Ala., Sept. 8, 1882; no surviving children.

January 13, 1883

Rev. WILLIAM DODSON GIVAN son of James and Menana Givan, born Hardin Co., Ky., May 22, 1836; joined Methodist Church at Pleasant Grove Church in Hardin Co., 1849; after his formal education he taught school in Breckinridge Co., Ky. for four years; editor of the HART COUNTY DEMOCRAT AND KENTUCKY INTELLI­GENCER; married Eliza M. Carden, Jan. 1866; two children (the wife and one child were deceased); licensed to preach in Methodist Church, June 26, 1880; admitted to the Tenn. Annual (Meth.) Conference, Oct. 1882 and died in residence of his brother, T. S. Givan, Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 2, 1883.

The Wife [unnamed] of the Rev. W. W. MOOD, daughter of W. S. Gregory, died Union Co., S. Carolina, Jan. 2, 1883.

Rev. A. J. FORD son of C. C. and Martha Ford born Dec. 13, 1847; joined Tennessee Annual (Meth.) Conference, as Methodist preacher, Oct. 17, 1868; married Willie F. Patey, May 1, 1873; died Lebanon, Tenn., Sept. 24, 1882; surviving were her widower and a small son.

CARRIE FOX granddaughter of Rev. John F. Cook, great-granddaughter of Rev. Valentine Cook and Rev. James Gwin, born Jackson Co., Texas, April 8, 1870; died of consumption, Burnet Co., Texas, Nov. 15, 1882.

SALLIE A. daughter of Willis L. and Mary S. Charlton, born Davidson Co., Tenn., Dec. 14, 1852; married John W. Cone, Jan. 13, 1875; died Sept. 26, 1882; surviving were two small children.

Dr. ROBERT ANDERSON MANNIS born Augusta Co., Va., Mar. 11, 1831; died Slaughterville, Ky., Oct. 15, 1882; moved to Ky. in young manhood; married (l) Martha Downing, Oldham Co., Ky., one son; (2) Hallie Oglesby, Daveiss Co., Ky., 1863, one daughter; formerly a Baptist, joined the Methodist Church.

GEORGE ROBERT son of Rev. Thomas and Agnes NEELY born Aug. l, 1858; died Nov. 30, 1882; blind for five years. Tabacco Port, Tenn.

SARAH TENNIE daughter of John and Mary Jane Mathis, born Henry Co., Tenn., Jan. 5, 1858; married C. T. Blythe, Mar. 19, 1879 (one child); died Sept. 21, 1882.

JOSEPH M. SALLEY died Frinkley, Ark., Oct. 5, 1882 aged 30 years; survived by his widow and three children.

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January 13, 1883 continued

MARGARET A. CHICK, nee Peyton died Breckinridge Co., Ky., Oct. l, 1882.

Resolutions of respect in memory of "little" HENRY MOORE who died Sept. 15, 1882; by the Lebanon Sunday School, Murray, Ky. Circuit, Memphis Annual Conf.

MARY B. HAMMON daughter of Benjamin and Nancy Sap [Sapp]; wife of Larkin Hammon, born Warren Co., Tenn., Aug. 29, 1824; died St. Louis, MO, Feb. 11, 1882 [1883]; surviving were her widower and five children.

GEORGE R. CHAPMAN born Green Co., Ky., Oct. 7, 1837; died Taylor Co., Ky., Mar. 21, 1882; husband and father.

SERENA C. wife of Frank TAYLOR, Obion Co., Tenn., died Sept. 12, 1882; married in 1867; surviving were her widower and five children.

January 20, 1883

Rev. JOHN WILLIAM DALTON son of Thomas W. and Mary A. Dalton, born Henderson Co., Ky., Nov. 2, 1853; died Lewisport, Ky., Nov. 26, 1882; admitted to the Louisville Annual (Meth.) Conference, as preacher, Oct. 1877; married Lizzie Davis, Clinton Co., Ky., Oct. 14, 1880.

IDA BEALE daughter of Charles W. and Nannie G. Beale, born Hickman Co., Tenn., Jan. 6, 1859; graduate, Tennessee Female College, Franklin, Tenn., June 1877; taught school; died Salem, Tenn., Nov. 26, 1882. Her father died as a soldier in Civil War and her mother died eight years ago.

ALITHA ALLEN born Dec. 25, 1837; died Smith Co., Tenn., Dec. 5, 1882; wife and mother (five children).

LULA F. CARTER born Jan. 6, 1878; died Dec. 4, 1882.

LYDIA daughter of William and Mary Gilpin born Taylor Co., Ky., Nov. 26, 1856; married William Bowen, Jr., May 9, 1878; died Oct. 7, 1882; two children, one deceased; buried at Mt. Zion.

Miss MARY ALICE PATRICK born April 20, 1858; died of malaria fever, Dec. l, 1882. Adams Station, Tenn.

NANCY ANN daughter of Rev. S. P. and Louisa Garrison born Morgan Co., Ala., Aug. 11, 1853; married T. P. Hewlett, Dec. 18, 1873; joined Methodist Church, Somerville, Ala., 1867; died after birth of her fourth child, near Cedar Plains in Morgan Co., Ala., Dec. 15, 1882.

MARY M. wife of Thomas Gabriel BAILEY, daughter of Cornelius and Jane Riley, born Logan Co., Ky., May 18, 1858; died Oct. 26, 1882.

ADDIE daughter of Richardson Vanderslice, born Hot Springs Co., Ark., Sept. 20, 1858; married George W. DRUMMOND, Nov. 11, 1880; died Dec. 11, 1882; surviving were her widower and a small son.

CHARLES J. DUNCAN born Georgia, Aug. 3, 1835; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, 1874; ordained deacon, Oct. 21, 1877; a native of the Cherokee Nation, he preached there; died Aug. 31, 1882.

ASBURY son of J. W. and J. WALKER died near Spring Hill, Texas, Dec. 6, 1882 in the 13th year of his age of congestion. His grandfather, Thomas W. Walker, submitted his obituary.

January 27, 1883

HANNAH M. daughter of John Morton born Blount Co., Tenn., Jan. l, 1836; married S. L. STRANGE, Aug. 9, 1859; moved to Ill., to MO, and in 1876 to Colorado where she died at La Veta, Nov. 26, 1882; wife and mother.

THOMAS J. son of Edward and M. A. CHENAULT born June 21, 1879; died Feb. 14, 1882.

W. H. son of J. E. and Lizzie HAMPTON born Apr. 12, 1880; died Nov. 12, 1882. Houston, Miss.

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January 27, 1883 continued

MARIA CAROLINE daughter of William A. and Lydia C. GREEN born Rhea Co., Tenn., Dec. 4, 1865; died there, Sept. 27, 1882; typhoid fever; grandniece of Dr. A. L. Green.

LAURA WATKINS, nee Vest, born Jan. 7, 1859; married Z. T. Watkins, Sept. 20, 1882; died Ooltewah, Tenn., Nov. 9, 1882 (one child).

DAVID LANDRUM born Barren Co., Ky., Sept. 2, 1860; when an infant moved with parents to Texas; joined Methodist Church, Denton Co., Texas, Aug. 1873; died July 16, 1882.

MATTIE daughter of Dr. William Harllee, born Robeson Co., N. C. Sept. 7, 1858; married F. M. TOWNSEND, Nov. 9, 1876; died Robeson Co., N. C., Nov. 30, 1882; surviving were her widower and three children.

NANNIE MYRTLE daughter of Rev. H. S. and F. N. LEE born March 27, 1880; died in residence of her grandfather Keener, Seclusion Bend, Sevier Co., Tenn., Dec. 7, 1882.

SARAH LAURA ROBERTSON born Wilson Co., Tenn., Nov. 23, 1867; died May 30, 1882; a tribute by Sunday School, Pisgah Methodist Church, Wilson Co., Tenn., dated Oct. 29, 1882.

MARTHA A. daughter of M. M. and Lucy CASS born near Beech Grove, Tenn., July 6, 1834; married (1) Littleton Meadows (large family of children); (2) Benjamin BARTON and moved to Texas where she died Sept. 23, 1882.

FRANCES K. TOLLESON, nee Blankenship, born Franklin Co., Ga., Jan. 21, 1829; married Russel Tolleson; at age of 8 years moved with family to Forsyth Co., Ga.; moved to Nashville, Tenn., 1864, where she died Dec. 12, 1882; surviving were her widower and daughter, Emma.

WILLIAM A. son of Miles R. and Mary Jane HUDSON born Oct. 28, 1850; died Oct. 21, 1882 by cutting his throat; surviving were his widow and four children.

Brothers, sons of Thomas M. JACKSON, formerly of Coffee Co., Tenn., now of Grayson Co., Texas: FRANCIS EDWIN JACKSON born Grainger Co., Tenn., June 26, 1853; died Denton Co., Texas, Aug. 23, 1882. JAMES DAVID JACKSON born Coffee Co., Tenn., July 11, 1855; died Sherman, Texas, Aug. 24, 1882. Methodists.

NOAH STIBBINS born Bullitt Co., Ky., Aug. 6, 1833; died there, Dec. 6, 1882; married (l) Winifred Green, Feb. 15, 1862; (2) her sister, Martha Green, June 15, 1869; daughters of George Green, Bullitt Co., Ky.; father of six children.

GERTRUDE daughter of S. W. and H. YOUNGER born Oct. 18, 1882; died Nov. 18, 1882; buried in Mt. Holly Church cemetery near Deposit, Ky.

February 3, 1883

Mrs. NANNIE J. RILEY, nee Seymour, died Jacksonville, Ill., Dec. 7, 1882; sister of Mrs. Lizzie Dougherty.

JENNIE GARDNER daughter of T. J. and Mary H. Polk of Robertson Co., Tenn., born Nov. 1844; married W. W. Gardner, 1870 (3 children); died McCracken Co., Ky., Nov. 27, 1882.

SALLIE wife of Rev. John W. HANNER, Jr., died Bloomfield, Florida, Dec. 22, 1882; wife and mother.

EDWARD R. son of Rev. J. H. HESSEY born Nov. 9, 1877; died near Winchester, Tenn., Nov. 14, 1882.

H. W. FOX born Burke Co., N. C., June 10, 1847; moved to Alabama, 1872; married Georgia Brown; died in residence of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Lizzie Brown, close to Alexander City, Ala., Nov. 2, 1882; surviving were widow and 2 children.

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February 3, 1883 continued

Miss NANNIE GARDNER born Marion Co., Ky., 1831; died Garrett, Ky., Nov. 20, 1882; surviving were one sister and three brothers.

WILLIAM D. COOK born in Kentucky, Aug. 20, 1844; married Pernecia Dodd (5 children); merchant, Boydsville, Ky. many years; moved ten years ago to Oliphant, Ark.; went for a visit to his 91 year old mother and died Nov. 18, 1882; surviving were his present wife and two sons.

MARY ALZENIE daughter of William and Marillia WISE born Warren Co., Ky., Oct. 14, 1838; died there in residence of her brother-in-law, Wiley S. Campbell, Dec. 4, 1882.

February 10, 1883

BETTIE D. daughter of William and Carrie Wilson, dec., born May 28, 1853; married Dick R. Riser, Mar. 22, 1876; died of consumption, Talladega Co., Ala., where she was born, Oct. 8, 1882.

MARY ELIZABETH daughter of Colonel P. J. and Sarah A. Irion, born Aug. 24, 1844; married Reuben BOMER (four children); died Dec. 29, 1882.

S. M. TOLIVER born Dec. 31, 1837; died of dropsy, Dec. 31, 1882; surviving were his widow and one son, one daughter.

About SAMUEL G. BLALOCK (May l799-Jan. 3, 1883) and his great-grandson, ALLIE BLALOCK (Sept. 1880-Jan. l, 1883):

Died, in Old Fort, McDowell county, N. C., Jan. 1, 1883, little ALLIE, son of Jno. H. and Sallie Blalock, aged 2 years and 4 months. Just at the dawn of the New Year our little favorite passed away, leaving one less tie to bind us to earth, but adding a bright link to the golden chain which binds us to heaven. We laid the precious darling to rest, and sadly turned to the dying-bed of his great-grandfather, SAMUEL G. BLALOCK, who departed this life Jan. 3, 1883, aged 83 years and 8 months.  His sufferings were severe, yet he murmured not during his long confinement, but bore the excruciating pain of an eating cancer with all the fortitude of a Christian, often expressing himself “ready and waiting to go.”  This venerable father was widely known, and highly esteemed by all.  Many dear ministers of Holston Conference will remember his kindness to the Methodist Itinerant, for with him they ever found a home.  But he is gone-has left an aged companion, three children, and many grandchildren to mourn his absence, but doubtless was greeted by seven dear children who had preceded him to the land of rest.  And while we sadly miss him here, we should rejoice to know his radiant form walks the streets of heaven, and awaits our coming.  O when the storms of life are over, may our weary souls be anchored on that calm shore, ever to dwell in the home of the blest, is the prayer of his daughter, EMMA J. SHERRILL

LEMIRA E. WAGGONER born Apr. 3, 1837; died Dec. 31, 1882; wife and mother (6 children).

MARIE LOUISE daughter of Rives and Nannie WALKER born Sept. 22, 1882; died of croup, Starkville, Miss., Dec. 20, 1882.

IRWIN L. son of Edwin M. and Alice M. LINZEE died Dec. 23, 1882; "a bright little boy."

February 17, 1883

Dr. JAMES MONROE HUDSON born July 9, 1839; died Marshall Co., Tenn., Jan. 3, 1883; joined Methodist Church, Oct. 1881 at Forest Grove Church; "generous to a fault"; husband and father.

HENRY J. DUNCAN born Logan Co., Ky., Sept. 26, 1844; died Simpson Co., Ky., Dec. 19, 1882; husband and father.

SALLIE A. daughter of Gabriel and Elizabeth J. AMBRON, born Polk Co., Tenn., Jan. 1855; married Simeon M. Reborn, Feb. l, 1874 (one son); died Desha Co., Ark., January 21, 1883.

THOMAS J. COOK born Marshall Co., Miss., Nov. 14, 1841; died Oct. 5, 1882; husband and father (six children).

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February 17, 1883 continued

Miss KATE BROADY died Hart Co., Ky., Dec. 24, 1882 in 17th year of her age of pneumonia.

Miss MELISSA SMOTHERMAN died recently; a tribute by Lebanon Methodist Sunday School, Murray Circuit, Memphis Annual (Meth.) Conference; undated.

MARY ELIZABETH MILLER born Ross Co., Ohio, Jan. 16, 1861; moved with parents to Montgomery Co., Tenn.; died Nov. l, 1882.  Roman Catholic.

GRACE daughter of J. M. and M. A. PORTRESS born eight miles north of Pulaski, Giles Co., Tenn., Dec. 30, 1877; died there, Jan. 4, 1883; diphtheria.

HENRY L. son of L. C. and Sally A. WADE, born Oct. 3, 1878; died Dec. 12, 1882, Mississippi Co., Ark.

EDNA A. daughter of Starling and Mary A. Russell, born Trigg Co., Ky., Oct. 2, 1860; married Charles T. Russell, Oct. 1880 (one son); joined Methodist Church, 1869; died Trigg Co., Ky., Nov. 11, 1882.

NANCY (Nannie) daughter of Starling and Mary A. RUSSELL born Trigg Co., Ky., Mar. 29, 1863; died Nov. 3, 1882; joined Methodist Church, Dec. 8, 1881.

February 24, 1883

BARBARY OVERSHINER, nee Campbell, born Maahera, Ireland, Sept. 27, 1795; came to America at age 8 years; married Gideon Overshiner, March 1814 in Virginia; moved to Kentucky; died Oct. 10, 1882. Hopkinsville, Ky.

LIZZIE G. FRANKLIN died Jan. 12, 1883; young person.

NANCY T. daughter of John and Mary Hicks born Granville Co., N. C., Aug. 4, 1826; professed religion, Thompson Creek Campground, Henry Co., Tenn., Aug. 4, 1847; married Charles E. Overton, Oct. 18, 1848; died Dec. 18, 1882, Sharon, Tenn.; wife and mother.

NANCY J. LEWIS born Nov. 22, 1831; died near Mayfield, Ky., Dec. 12, 1882; married J. T. Lewis (seven children).

JOHN DOUGLASS oldest son of Stokely and Ellen HAYS born Apr. 13, 1873; died from lockjaw, Jan. 2, 1883. Gallatin, Tenn.

WALTER P. son of Thomas and Sarah CUNNINGHAM born Gwinett Co., Ga., Dec. 2, 1849; died near Kossuth, Miss., Oct. 28, 1882. Last words, "I would like to tell my parents how I feel but have not breath left."

AMANDA T. daughter of J. J. and S. E. Culbreth; born Aug. 10, 1854; married J. R. Phillips; died Nov. 23, 1882; wife and mother (one child).

MAGGIE wife of Rev. Dr. JONES, Calhoun Co., Ala., born there, 1842; married in 1872; died Dec. 4, 1882; wife and mother.

SALLIE daughter of John C. and Frances Wansley born Aug. 14, 1850; joined Missionary Baptist Church, Aug. 1869; joined Methodist Church, 1882; died Aug. 12, 1882; married Nathan HUGHES, Feb. 3, 1870 (four children).

March 3, 1883

ANN E. daughter of John M. and Ann Gilbert, born Logan Co., Ky.; married Emmett HOWARD, Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 3, 1873, he being a telegrapher, they moved frequently; died in Memphis, Dec. 30, 1882.

JOHN S. son of Rev. John F. and Mollie A. ARMSTRONG, White River Methodist Annual Conference, born Dyer Co., Tenn., Jan. 12, 1868; died Randolph Co., Ark., Jan. l, 1883.

CLEOPATRA TEXANNA daughter of J. M. and Charity M. Wilson born Dec. 13, 1844; married Joseph B. EZELL, Aug. 20, 1865 (7 children); died Marshall Co., Tenn., Oct. 19, 1882.

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March 3, 1883 continued

JOSEPH SAMUEL (Sammie) son of J. W. and E. C. PRICHARD born Williamson Co., Tenn., Dec. 22, 1859; died Nov. 2, 1882; married S. L. Baker, 1880 (one son).

THOMAS WORLEY son of W. H. and Julia TAFF born Barton [Bartow?] Co., Ga., Dec. 14, 1864; died Scott Co., Ark., Jan. 7, 1883.

Mrs. MARGARET HARDY born May 7, 1843; died Oct. 31, 1882. "She died as she lived a soldier of the cross.".Decatur, Tennessee.

JEANNETTE daughter of William F. and Adelia Combs born Hamilton Co., Indiana, Aug. 31, 1837; died Buffalo Co., Neb.; married Andrew J. CROSSLEY, Dec. 6, 1855 (9 children); died from complications of an accidental gunshot wound, Jan. 4, 1883.

SARAH FRANCES wife of Jonathan ENSOR born April 14, 1851; died Putnam Co., Tenn., Dec. 18, 1882; wife and mother.

March 10, 1883

Dr. B. L. HESTER born Granville Co., N. Carolina, Feb. 10, 1842; graduate, University of New York, 1860; married Jennie K. McAlister, Nashville, Tenn., June 1, 1876 (one daughter); moved to Memphis, Tenn., then to San Antonio, Texas, 1877, then to Boerne, Texas where he died Dec. 27, 1882.

EMMA DIXON GAMBLE daughter of Dr. N. H. Baker, dec., Coosa, Ala.; wife of Z. B. Gamble; died near Goodwater, Ala., Oct. 8, 1882.

WILLIAM McMAHON BEARDON born Huntsville, Ala., June 24, 1826; died Little Rock, Ark., Nov. 12, 1882; married Theresa E. daughter of Col. Micajah Thomas, Athens, Ala., June 9, 1847 (two sons died infancy, daughters, Mollie and Cornie); moved to White Oak Shoals on Red River, Ala., 1860; daughter, Mollie, died in 1865; moved to Little Rock, 1870; daughter, Cornie, died September 1880.

FANNIE wife of Robert F. MURPHY born in Virginia, Feb. 17, 1835; married Feb. 14, 1863; joined Lutheran Church, 1859, then the Methodist Church; died Nov. 1882.

CARRIE daughter of Michael and Mary RUTTLE born Hamilton, Canada, Feb. 3, 1856; married Charles B. PORTER, Maury Co., Tenn., Sept. 19, 1877; died Columbia, Tenn., Dec. 19, 1882.

ARA W. wife of Silas BENNETT born Logan Co., Ky., Aug. 29, 1849; died Todd Co., Ky., Dec. 18, 1882; one son.

ANN M. daughter of James and Lavinia Anderson born Morgan Co., Ala., July 27, 1843; moved with her orphaned siblings to Texas in 1851; to Hill Co., Texas, 1852; married John P. COX, 1861 (three sons, four daughters); died Hillsboro, Texas, Dec. 14, 1882.

FRANK BROWN son of John W. and Mary BOWEN born Goodlettsville, Tenn., Mar. 11, 1866; died Bonham, Texas, Nov. 1882; buried in Willow Wild Cemetery.

Miss IDA E. JOHNSON died in residence of her grandfather, Anderson Johnson, Triune, Tenn., Dec. 1882 in the 25th year of her age.  Methodist.

March 17, 1883

NANNIE LEWIS daughter of William T. and Lettie JORDAN born Aug. 10, 1869; died Jan. 12, 1883; a pupil at the Western Female Institute, Staunton, Va.; of scarlet fever; a former pupil at Martha Washington College.

ABNER SANDERS son of Rev. W. W. HAYS born Williamson Co., Tenn., Sept. 15, 1834; died Izard Co., Ark., Jan. 7, 1883; husband and father (eight children).

J. B. PATTERSON born Maury Co., Tenn., Jan. 25, 1835; died near Brownsville, Tenn., Jan. 15, 1883; married M. W. Thompson, May 12, 1857 and moved to Haywood Co., Tenn.; joined Methodist Church, 1857. [A heart-felt obituary.]

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March 17, 1883 continued

JAMES M. son of Martin and Martha E. McCOOL born Haywood Co., Tenn., March 18, 1854; died January 26, 1883.

WILLIAM R. son of William and Mary S. SMITH born Fayette Co., Tenn., Aug. 14, 1860; died smallpox, New Orleans, La., Jan. 5, 1883.

MARGARET A. McLAUGHLIN born Bardstown, Ky., Mar. 1832; died Jan. 7, 1883; wife and mother (four daughters, one son).

IDELLA JANE BUZBEE born Jan. 3, 1867; died Bright Star, Ark., Jan. 6, 1883; "a helpless invalid for twelve years."

March 24, 1883

Dr. JONATHAN WATT born Armagh, Ireland, April 14, 1828; moved with parents to U. S., to Barren Co., Ky.; studied medicine in Louisville, Ky.; moved to California but returned to Kentucky; joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church (a ruling elder); married Margaret Reed Covington, Aug. 27, 1855 and moved to Warren Co., Ky., 1858; retired and then farmed; father of three sons; died Feb. 12, 1883.

Rev. F. J. FREEMAN born Ft. Gaines, Ga., Jan. 5, 1827; married Oct. 8, 1857 [name of wife not given]; moved to Shelby Co., Ala., then in 1871 moved to Wayne Co., Tenn. where he died June 30, 1882; husband and father.

ZENOVIA daughter of Rev. R. K. and Perlitha J. Dick born Dec. 21, 1846; married John K. KELSEY, Mar. 12, 1872 (six children); died Jan. 19, 1883.

FRANCIS ASBURY ROBERTS born White Co., Tenn., May 30, 1829; married (l) Elizabeth Denton, July l2, 1848; (2) Martha Denton, his first wife's cousin,. April 16, 1855; moved to Morgan Co., Ala.; died Jan. 11, 1883.

THOMAS J. SAGE born Aug. 13, 1830; died Emmet, Ark., Dec. 2, 1882; husband and father (five children).

FERNANDO A. son of Abraham L. and A. B. CORPENING born May 7, 1855; died Jan. 19, 1883.

BELLE NEELY born Fayette Co., Tenn., July 31, 1846; married J. A. S. Neely, son of Rev. Thomas J. Neely, Dec. 23, 1868; moved to Texas, 1878; died Denton, Texas, Jan. 18, 1883; wife and mother.

LURA daughter of L. F. and Amanda S. BARNES born Giles Co., Tenn., Sept. 6, 1865; joined Methodist Church, Ellis Co., Texas, Aug. 1881; died Jan. 15, 1883.

JEMMIE son of W. R. and N. M. LINDSEY born Jan. 15, 1882; died Nevada Co., Ark., Jan. 28, 1883.

March 31, 1883

Sisters, children of A. D. FUGITT, Bellbuckle, Tenn.: MAGGIE M., wife of B. F. Ransom born April 5, 1846; died Feb. 2, 1882. SALLIE B., wife of E. W. Sutton born June 16, 1840; died Dec. 13, 1882 (two children). ANNA S., wife of S. M. Lynch born April 10, 1848; died Jan. 27, 1883.

ROBERT DOTSON born June 10, 1843; died Dec. 31, 1882; married Mollie daughter of Levin and Sarah Watson, 1874 (three children).

WILLIAM JOSEPH WINFREY died Adair Co., Ky., Dec. 3, 1882 aged about 35 years. Baptist; had a brother, Major Thomas C. Winfrey.

CARRIE RUTTLE PORTER born Hamilton, Canada, Feb. 3, 1856; married Charles B. Porter, Sept. 19, 1877; died Dec. 19, 1882; largely an encomium written by T. J. Duncan, Columbia, Tenn.

MARY ANN second daughter of Edward and Mary Campbell born Randolph Co., Ill., April l7, 1839; married Henry Bertram Brown, Dec. 9, 1858; died Dec. 29, 1882; wife and mother.

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March 31, 1883 continued

FANNIE NEECE, nee Hodges, wife of L. L. C. Neece, died Lincoln Co., Tenn., Jan. 28, 1883 aged about 32 years.

SEHORN PETWAY APPLE born Smith Co., Tenn., 1859; married Sinia Holliman, 1882 and died of pneumonia, Sunbright, Tenn., January 28, 1883.

SUSAN E. wife of John W. LOGAN born Talladega Co., Ala., Aug. 29, 1859; died Oct. 31, 1882; one son.

HENRY EDWIN son and only child of Florence and Mattie BATES died Clarksville, Tenn., Jan. 21, 1883 aged about thirteen months.

WALTER son of W. J. and Fannie ABERNATHY died Nashville, Tenn., Dec. 5, 1882; infant.

April 7, 1883

Rev. OTIS B. WHITTEN born Wayne Co., Tenn., Oct. 25, 1854; died Fulton, Ky., March 2, 1883, typhoid fever; attended Vanderbilt University; practiced medicine, Kenton, Tenn., March-October 1879, then entered Methodist ministry and was admitted to the Memphis Annual (Meth.) Conference, 1879.

PHENA M. daughter of James L. and Lizzie WYNN born June 22, 1881; died December 19, 1882.

Dr. RUFUS A. son of Andrew and Catherine CROCKETT born Williamson Co., Tenn., June 18, 1837; graduated in medicine, in Philadelphia, 1857; married Nannie D. B. Scales, Rutherford Co., Tenn., Oct. 14, 1860; died Jan. 31, 1883. A tribute of respect by the Marshall Masonic Lodge 372; undated.

FANNIE MOSS daughter of Bennie STEGER born April 5, 1873; died Madison Co., Ala., Jan. 20, 1883.

NANNIE A. daughter of Moses and Frances M. Smith born Tipton Co., Tenn., Sept. 16, 1850; married James S. CLARK, Feb. 10, 1869; died near Covington, Tenn., Jan. 27, 1883; wife and mother (six children).

LOU SUMMERS EMBRY born Sept. 13, 1835; died Jan. 21, 1883; married A. S. Embry.

MARGERY McCUISTON born Bedford Co., Tenn., Jan. 31, 1826; married S. L. McCuiston; died Jan. 31, 1883; moved from MO to Navarro Co., Texas and lived in Corsicana, Texas.

GEORGIE BELL son of S. L. and M. F. TARPLEY born Dallas Co., Texas, Feb. 23, 1882; died Collins Co., Texas, Jan. 26, 1883; buried in Bethel Cemetery.

ELVIRA daughter of P. H. and America CLAY born Dec. 11, 1868; died Nov. 29, 1882.

WILLIE son of J. S. and Mattie WALLACE born Dec. l, 1880; died Feb. 6, 1883. Lexington, Tenn.

April 14, 1883

THERESA ANN BETTIS born Oct. 12, 1824; died Sept. 4, 1881; daughter of Rev.Daniel Lyle; born and reared in Jefferson Co., Tenn.; married Emsley Bettis, Feb. 27, 1845; mother of eight daughters and four sons. EMSLEY BETTIS born Jefferson Co., Tenn., April l7, 1822; died Madison Co., Texas, Sept. 9, 1882; his parents both died when he was 17 years old; married Theresa Lyle. He fought in the Confederate army; moved to Texas in 1880. One of the daughters of this couple was named Julia A. Bettis, living in Willow Hole, Madison Co., TX.

LEVI R. O'BRYANT born Lauderdale Co., Ala., Dec. 28, 1833; married Amanda M. Boyles, Oct. 21, 1857; died Jan. 25, 1883; surviving were his invalid widow and three children.

LEWIS M. BRUMLEY born Aug. 28. 1847; married Annie Perdew about 8 years ago; died Wayne Co., Ky., Jan. 28, 1883; had been "an orphan boy. "

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April 14, 1883 continued

SAMUEL M. CURTIS born Dec. 18, 1861; died Feb. 8, 1883; professed religion as a student at Bethel College, McKenzie, Tenn., 1878.

GEORGIA LOUISE daughter of P. N. ROBB and wife, born July l7, 1882; died Feb. l, 1883. East Nashville, Tenn.

SARAH E. daughter of Jonathan and Margaret A Mills born Dec. 8, 1856; died Feb. 5, 1883; married H. BOLENDER, Oct. 8, 1881 and soon moved to Nashville, Tenn.; surviving her was an infant daughter, a few weeks old.

FELIX C. youngest son of Alonzo and Tennessee FUDGE born May 11, 1881; died Feb. 10, 1883.

ELIZA B. WEST, nee Burgess, born Aug. 17, 1835; married W. O. West, Nov. 30, 1852; died Oct. 17, 1882; mother of eight children, two of her sons now living in TX.

April 21, 1883

JOHN F. son of Bolly and Martha HOLDEN born Rutherford Co., Tenn., July 11, 1853; married Fannie Alice daughter of Rev. C. B. Faris, Tennessee Annual (Meth. ) Conference, Dec. 16, 1875; died of consumption, Jan. 17, 1883; daughters, Sue and Carrie Holden.

JOHN N. son of John N. and Polly FUDGE born Nov. 19, 1854; died Jan. 16, 1883; baptized into Methodist communion when on his sick-bed, Dec. 24, 1882.

LAVINIA daughter of R. and M. L. WOMACK born Benton Co., Ark., July 24, 1856; married A. M. Kirkham, Oct. 8, 1874 and moved to Johnson Co., Texas; returned ill with tuberculosis to Ark. where she died Feb. 5, 1883; surviving were her widower and four children.

SUSAN wife of Wiley KIRK born Rowan Co., N. Carolina, Aug. 1827; died Jasper Co., MO, Feb. 13, 1883; an invalid for several years; surviving were her widower and seven children.

THOMAS C. (Tommy) HAMILTON born Jan. 8, 1857; died Williamson Co., Tenn., Jan. 31, 1883. "His brother Berry is left all alone."

Miss MAGGIE SIMMONS born Robertson Co., Tenn., 1861; died Jan. 30, 1883.

J. F. MARTIN born Dec. 29, 1825; died Stevenson, Ala., Feb. 3, 1883; "engaged in railroad business the bigger part of his life…being run over by a train of cars."  "He took great pains to educate his [5] children."

HANNAH daughter of William and Delia Shanklin born Bullitt Co., Ky., June 25, 1854; married a Baptist preacher, S. B. Smith, Jan. 15, 1879 and had one daughter; died in her native county, Jan. 27, 1883.

KITTIE CLYDE daughter of Rev. John W. and Ellen PITTMAN, Webster Co., Miss.; born May 16, 1878; died Sept. 23, 1882.

April 28, 1883

SUSETTE EAKIN died in Rome, Italy, March 1882; great-granddaughter of Felix Grundy, Tennessee politician; granddaughter of Henry Ewing, Philadelphia; daughter of Thomas Eakin, New York.

Hon. DANIEL W. COUNTS, long a member of the N. C. legislature, died recently in Wake Co., N. Carolina, aged 83 years; native of Culpeper County, Virginia. [DANIEL WILLIAM COUNTS, Nov. 26, 1800-April 1883, native of Culpeper Co., Va., moved with father, George Counts, to Rockingham Co., N. C.; graduate, University of North Carolina, 1823; lawyer; member of the House of Commons, 1831-33; 1836, 1846; 1848 and state Senate, 1850; state treasurer, 1836-1839; 1852-1863; married Eliza Waugh (3 daus., 2 sons). DICTIONARY OF N. C. BIOGRAPHY, edited by W. S. Powell, Chapel Hill, vol. l, page 443)

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April 28, 1883 continued

POLLY daughter of Overton and Matilda HARRIS born Bullitt Co., Ky., 1825 and died there, Jan. l, 1883.

ALICE daughter of Frank BROWDER born Aug. 13, 1879; died Dec. 27, 1882, near Montgomery, Ala. An uncle, George R. Browder.

LUCY PERRY died Davidson Co., Tenn., Dec. 22, 1882 aged 47 years; surviving were her widower and several children.

IDA daughter of P. and R. OGLESBY born Sept. 1866; died near Camden, Ark., Oct. 29, 1882.

MARY ANN MINOR died Macon, Miss., February 22, 1883.

SAMUEL J. PRYOR, Pope Co., Ark., born 1829; married (l) Miss Crane (one dau.); (2) Maggie Davis, 1868 (five children); lived near Davis Chapel; died Dec. 3, 1882.

Children of Z. B. and Kate KEITH, Gainesville, Texas: MAGGIE MAY, born June 22, 1880; died Oct. 15, 1882. MARY EDNA, born May 28, 1882; died Jan. 20, 1883. JOHN CLAUDE, born Oct. 27, 1878; died Jan. 22, 1883.

May 5, 1883

Colonel JOHN C. (Jack) HAYES, the Texas ranger, died Oakland, California, April 21, 1883; came of "good Tennessee Methodist stock" and one of the "true friends of the early days of California."

MARY daughter of Horatio and Sarah E. MOORE born Bullitt Co., Ky., July 12, 1838; died there, Feb. 14, 1883; surviving were her mother, a brother and sister.

Mrs. DARNELL widow of B. V. Darnell born about 1848; died Feb. 3, 1883.

J. S. HANDCOCK born Warren Co., Tenn., July 2, 1847; died Stone Co., Ark., Sept. 17, 1882; married in 1874.

FANNY STAPELS HARRIS born May 1, 1841; married Samuel Harris, Sept. 15, 1859; three children; died Jan. 29, 1883.

Rev. JOHN A. NORRIS born April 9, 1854; died Dec. 14, 1882. Methodist preacher. Survived by his parents, a sister and five brothers.

EMMA LEE PETTY born Hardin Co., Ky., Sept. 1862; died Feb. 21, 1883; reared by one set of grandparents, Rev. J. T. McGill and wife; her aunt, Emma McGill, was her constant companion as she was afflicted by a physical disability.

JAMES HENRY son of William M. and Cleopatra WITT born Maury Co., Tenn., March 4, 1843; married Hattie S. Peebles, June 15, 1869; died Navarro Co., Texas, Nov. 23, 1883; joined Methodist Church in Franklin, Tenn. in 1874.

JOHN WILLIAM (Willie) FANT grandson of Colonel John B. Fant, born May 15, 1855; died near Friar's Point, Miss., Jan. 12, 1883, leaving a widow and infant son and an only sister; converted at Hebron Church, Marshall Co., Miss., near his grandfather's home.

MARTHA ELIZABETH FROST, nee Pollard, born Rutherford Co., Tenn., May 1, 1829; married Dr. Sterling Brown Frost, Dec. 22, 1848; died Nashville, Tenn., March 2, 1883; died "at her home in Williamson County, Tenn., near Smyrna Church of which she had long been a member." [A long panegyric published in her memory on page l7, June 2 issue]

May 12, 1883

MARY A. daughter of I. A. and Louisa Finch; born Henry Co., Tenn., Mar. 26, 1847; married P. W. BUCHANAN, Dec. 10, 1868; died Feb. 17, 1883; wife and mother.

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May 12, 1883 continued

CYNTHIA E. daughter of Franklin and Elizabeth Ragsdale, born near Knoxville, Tenn., July 23, 1848; moved with parents to Gainesville, Texas, 1866, where she married Vic. REINHARDT, Nov. l, 1870 and died in Terrell, Texas, Feb. 6, 1883; two daughters, one aged 10 years and the other aged 5 years.

MARY ANN daughter of William and Frances Biffle, born May 29, 1830; married A. A. KENNEDY; died of consumption, Cathey's Creek, Maury Co., Tenn., Feb. 8, 1883.

PAULINA JANE FINNEY, nee McCutchin, born Nov. 27, 1849; married J. W. Finney, Dec. 26, 1867 (four children); died Jackson Co., Ala., Feb. 13, 1883.

REBECCA HARDAWAY daughter of Robert and Frances D. Reams, born Williamson Co., Tenn., Mar. 6, 1828; married Thomas H. ODEN, Oct. 12, 1847; died Feb. l, 1883; wife and mother.

SALLIE E. GRANT born Giles Co., Va., Aug. 27, 1837; died Culleoka, Tenn., Jan. 31, 1883; buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia, Tenn.

MARY daughter of P. R. and Lettie C. WILHOITE born April 14, 1881; died of scarlet fever, Dec. 11, 1882. Shelbyville, Tennessee.

WILLIAM WALLACE son of W. W. and Annie MILAN born May 27, 1881; died July 23, 1882.

ROBERT son of Rev. M. B. and Caroline HAVNER born Marion Co., Tenn., Nov. 10, 1860; died Yell Co., Ark., Feb. l, 1883; his sisters, Mary Ann and Lizzie Havner, mentioned.

HUGH ERNEST son of Rev. Clinton and Lizzie CLENNY born Aug. 21, 1872; died Feb. 3, 1883.

JAMES JOINER BENSON born Smith Co., Tenn., April 15, 1845; died Nashville, Feb. 21, 1883; served in General John H. Morgan's Confederate outfit; married Miss Hewitt; moved to Texas and Louisiana; returned to Tenn., 1881; surviving were his widow and four children. [Obituary repeated on page l7, May 19 issue]

May 19, 1883

On page 9, column 3:

A new granite monument, 15 feet high, is being erected over the grave of THOMAS JEFFERSON at Charlottesville, Va., the old shaft having been clipped to pieces by relict hunters.  The new monument will bear the inscription selected by JEFFERSON himself: "Here was buried THOMAS JEFFERSON, author of the Declaration of Independence, of the statute of Virginia for religious freedom, and father of the University of Virginia." [This burial ground has long been enclosed within a metal fence.]

Dr. [JAMES C.] FAGG, young man, died recently in/near Decaturville, Tenn. [from smallpox].

MATILDA J. daughter of Laurence A. and Hannah P. Potts, Holston Meth. Conference; b. Feb. 12, 1848; married Rev. J. R. HIXSON, Holston Annual (Meth.)Conference, June 10, 1878; died Meigs Co., Tenn., Jan. 30, 1883. Buried in family graveyard in Hamilton County, Tennessee.

SUSAN E. wife of Wesley LOGAN born Talladega Co., Ala., Aug. 13, 1857; died Calhoun Co., Ala., Oct. 13, 1882; surviving was a five-year-old son.

OWEN HOUSTON son of John Q. and Mary E. BOLTON born Jan. 23, 1865; died Bullitt Co., Ky., Feb. 27, 1883.

HORACE C. SMITH born Aug. 10, 1862; "lost his life in the coal mines (slate fell on him) near Troy, Ill., Feb. 14, 1883; joined Methodist Church, fall 1881.

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May 19, 1883 continued

JAMES MARTIN son of John W. and Deborah NEEDHAM, grandson of Rev. James Needham, born Surry Co., N. Carolina, Mar. 14, 1855; moved with parents to Cumberland Co., Ky., spring 1866 where he died Oct. 25, 1882; married Celena daughter of Alfred Fudge, Cumberland Co., Ky., spring 1880; a daughter was born to them, spring 1881 (but she died); another daughter was born in the spring of 1882; his wife died 20 days after his death.

MARY E. wife of James H. DEACON died Bullitt Co., Ky., Feb. 11, 1883; buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery "with her newly-born infant affectionately folded in her arms."

SARAH E. wife of B. L. HAILE born near Columbus, Ky., Jan. 27, 1847; married Mar. 14, 1866; died Hickman Co., Ky., Mar. 7, 1883 leaving a six-year-old son.

PATRA daughter of E. G. DAVIS and wife, Bedford Co., Tenn., born Mar. 10, 1859; died January 3, 1883.

Mrs. MARTHA C. O'NEAL born Shelby Co., Ala., July 22, 1831; died Jan. 27, 1882.

Tribute of respect in memory of Mrs. MINERVA LEONE HOPSON who died March 3, 1883 in the 34th year of her age; by the Woman's Missionary Society, Houston, Miss., dated March 9, 1883.

May 26, 1883

Hon. MILTON BROWN died in Jackson, Tennessee, May 14, 1883; loyal Methodist; "died of that incurable malady, old age." From the June 2, 1883 issue:


Judge Milton Brown died of paralysis, in his residence in Jackson, Tenn., on the morning of May 14, 1883 about 2 o'clock. He had been sick nine days, during which time he gave satisfactory evidence that he was at peace with God; that his confidence in Christ was firm, and that all was well. He breathed quietly and calmly, though hurriedly, as if sinking into a deep sleep, till, without a struggle, the breath left his body; and be was still.  The next day his funeral services were performed in the First M. E. Church South, in the presence of a large and attentive audience.  They were conducted by the writer, in compliance with his request, assisted by the pastor, and by other ministers of this city.  Dr. D. C. Kelley, of Nashville, incidentally present, made some very appropriate remarks. His remains were then carried to the cemetery and deposited by the side of his wife, who had preceded him seven years, and over whose remains a double monument, suited to both, had been erected. He was born in Lebanon, Ohio, Feb. 29, 1804, and had entered his eightieth year. Soon after the death of his mother, under deep religious conviction; he made a profession of religion, and, with a changed heart and a fixed purpose, joined the Methodist Church. While yet a young man, and without means, he left his native State and came to seek his fortune in Tennessee. He first settled in Trenton, and soon after came to Jackson, where he lived the remainder of his days. Jan. 21, 1835, he married Miss Sarah Torian, with whom he lived in happy union forty-one years. He has left. to mourn his departure five children-three daughters and two sons-and five grandchildren, all of whom are in comfortable circumstances; for though he commenced life, in poverty, yet, through his energy, success, and financial ability, he had acquired a fortune in this country. He had chosen the legal profession. to which he devoted, the prime of his life, and by industry and persistent effort, acquired success after success, until he stood at the head of his profession. His political career was a brilliant one, marked with distinguished ability. He was often elected. to fill positions of trust, in Congress and Elsewhere, which he filled with entire satisfaction to his constituents, decided credit to himself, and great usefulness to his country. He was a political benefactor. In the political canvass, on the stump or on the platform, he could cope successfully with the greatest intellects and most distinguished debaters of his day. He was competent to fill any position in the government, and worthy of the. highest office in the gift of the people.

He was a strong advocate of literary. institutions, and in the days of his strength and of his manhood he was most prominent in establishing the Memphis Conference Female Institute and West Tennessee College-now the Southwestern Baptist University-and was a member of their Board of Trustees. He has been a prominent and influential member, from the beginning of the Board of Trust of the Vanderbilt University. Whenever present. at the meetings of those Boards--and he was seldom absent-he was not an idle spectator,

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but took an active part in their deliberation, and his influence was always felt.  His absence from these meetings hereafter will be sensibly felt.

But what is more valuable and important than all, he was a Christian—the highest style of man.  Early in life he embraced the Christian faith, and never afterward forgot his allegiance to Christ nor his obligations to the church of his choice. He was strong in the faith of the gospel, rich in religious experience, and abounding in the practice of the Christian virtues.  Without doubt he was greatly indebted to the Christian religion, the principles of the Gospel of Christ, for his high distinction in life, and his remarkable success in the various positions he was called to fill.  For religion became the habit of his soul, and spread its sacred influence over the whole course of his life, and was clearly manifested in all his public walks and private ways.  Whether at home or abroad, on land or on the sea, in Europe or in America, by the fireside or at the bar, on the street or on the rostrum, in the forum or in the halls of Congress, his Christian character was uniform and decided.  Like the Apostle Paul, he was not ashamed of the cross of Christ.  Whenever duties in the Church were required of him, he cheerfully undertook and faithfully performed them.  When sent as a delegate to the General Conference he made it a point to be present at the opening and at the closing and all the time between, faithfully performing the work assigned him.  The same is true in reference to the Annual and to the District Conferences.  He was punctual and regular in his attendance in Church, and ready to aid in every important enterprise, according to his convictions of duty.  He was independent and decided in his course.  He was truly himself.  He took no living man for a model, but laid his own plans according to his own views, and executed them in his own way.

He was indeed a remarkable man.  Few such appear in any age. But like other truly great men in Church and in State, he had peculiarities that distinguished him from all other men, and, it may be, weaknesses and infirmities of age that became the subject of remark. These, however, did not interfere with his religious convictions, his elevated aims in the Christian life, his consecration to God, nor his devotion to the Church. I have been intimately acquainted with Judge Brown for thirty. eight years, and our mutual friendship has been strong and confidential.  I have known him well, and speak with confidence.  For several years his health has been feeble, and in our conversations we have often introduced the subject of death and the future.  He has repeatedly told me that he had no fear of death, and was ready for the change whenever the time should come.  In this state of mind he remained till death. How much I shall miss his pleasant visits to my study, and his agreeable conversations!  But he is gone to his long home, and I shall soon follow.  I hope to meet him with the Apostle Paul at “that day,” and all those for whom is laid up a crown of righteousness!  May the blessings of God rest upon his bereaved family, and lead them sincerely to love and to worship their father’s God!  A. W. Jones.

May 16, 1883.

CHARLES SHIELDS VAUGHAN born Sumner Co., Tenn., Sept. 6, 1856; died in his mother's residence, Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 31, 1883. Methodist.

EDDIE son of Rev. J. H. and Ella HESSEY born Jan. 26, 1877; died Nov. 14, 1882.

MINNIE A. wife of Capt. J. W. ROSCOE died Jan. 21, 1883 aged 21 years; her infant, NAVARRA ROSCOE died Jan. l7, 1883. Davidson Co., Tennessee.

MARY A. wife of William A. SMITH; daughter of Robert Fletcher; died Pulaski Co., Ark., Feb. 12, 1883 aged 28 years; surviving was an infant child.

LAURA daughter of Dr. REID, Spottsville, Ky., died of croup, Mar. 11, 1883.

Mrs. CATHERINE HOLLOWAY died in the home of her father, Wilson McCartney, Wilson Co., Tenn., February 3, 1883.

JOSEPH AUSTIN born Mar. 30, 1867; died Montgomery Co., Miss., Jan. 23, 1883.

JESSE only child of A. C. and C. E. FRIZELL, Bedford Co., Tenn., born Apr. 29, 1880; died January 20, 1883.

HORACE LINSEY son of T. F. and Nannie McCORD born Aug. 27, 1882; died Mar. 14, 1882. Culleoka, Tennessee.

June 2, 1883

MARY L. B. daughter of J. W. and Malinda Legrand born Warren Co., Ky., Jan. 29, 1848; married W. H. PEARSON, Aug. 27, 1865; died Mar. 9, 1883; four sons.

LAURA LEE daughter of John B. and Euphenia BURDINE born Smith Co., Tenn., May 12, 1862; died Mar. 25, 1883; moved with family to Davidson Co., Tenn., January 1883.

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June 2, 1883 continued

S. V. HUGHSTONE born Lawrence Co., Ala., Jan. 23, 1826; died apoplexy, Mar. 17, 1883; surviving were his widow and ten children.

ENOCH N. son of Rev. William and Harriet C. FLYNN born June 3, 1860; died Mar. 4, 1883. Sparta, Miss.

Mrs. LADY McKennie DOUGLAS died Mar. 11, 1883; one daughter. Nashville, Tenn.

RORA son of Jimmie and Kittie WATSON born Jan. 14, 1883; died Feb. 2, 1883.

MARY E. daughter of Benjamin Grigsby, Spring Hill, Tenn., born Feb. 19, 1858; died Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 8, 1883; wife of T. J. RAINEY and niece of Isaac C. Nicholson, dec.

Tribute to MATTIE J. HOLMES who died Princeton, Ark., Jan. 29, 1883; wife and mother by Church Conference, Andrew Chapel, Little Rock Annual (Meth.) Conference; dated February 25, 1883.

SUE C. daughter of Garner M. Jordan and one of eight children, only three of whom were living; born Feb. 24, 1837; married Felix WILLIAMS, Feb. 9, 1860, who was a member of Co. A, 45th Tenn. Inf. Regt., CSA, and died at Corinth, Miss., April 13, 1862. She married six years later to Nathan RUSSELL, Robertson Co., Tenn., where she died Jan. 18, 1883. Surviving were sisters, Mrs. Sallie J. Truett, Franklin, Tenn. and (half sister) Miss Cordie Jordan; a brother, Dr. G. M. Jordan, Triune, Tenn.

VIRGINIA LEA daughter of Armstead C. and Mary M. PRITCHETT; married Abel C. MILLER, Henry Co., Tenn., Jan. 13, 1859; died March 15, 1883.

A. K. SMOTHERMON born Sept. 24, 1857; died Feb. 27, 1883; surviving were his widow and daughter.

SAMUEL STEELE son of Joseph and Martha BINKLEY born Oct. 2, 1851; died Leadville, Ohio in a mine accident, March 7, 1883.

CATHERINE W. READY, nee Moore, born Huntsville, Ala., Sept. 29, 1844; married L. B. Ready, Mar. 29, 1879 (two sons); died Mexia, Texas, March 14, 1883.

DELLA MARY daughter of W. A. and M. E. TOSH born Oct. 14, 1878; died of diphtheria, Jan. 6, 1883. Vervilla, Tennessee.

Miss DOCIA VAUGHN born Feb. 16, 1868; died Feb. 27, 1883 from burn injuries.

SUDIE E. daughter of Rev. James M. and Mary A. WOODS died of lung disease, Feb. 19, 1883 in the 22nd year of her age.

JOE son of Rev. JOSEPH D. BARNETT died Vine Grove, Ky., of pneumonia, Mar. 2, 1881 in the 32nd year of his age.

FRANK SENTER infant son of Sue D. Senter died December 1, 1882.

HIGHFILL LOYD son of George W. and Fannie Loyd born May 29, 1881; died Feb. 12, 1883.

June 9, 1883

FANNIE wife of Davy TAYLOR born in east Tennessee, Oct. 5, 1823; married (1) Thomas Long; (2) Davy Taylor, Nov. 15, 1854; died six miles east of Vinita, Cherokee Nation, Dec. 15, 1882; joined Methodist Church, September 1844.

JANE P. GEORGE, nee Cunningham, born Spartanburg Dist., S. Carolina, Jan. 26, 1830; married James A. George, Dec. 9, 1855, Lincoln Co., Tenn.; moved to Grayson Co., Texas, 1869; died October 23, 1882; surviving were her widower and 5 children.

Mrs. NANNIE J. HARBIN born Dec. 12, 1858; died Feb. 6, 1883. Kentucky.

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June 9, 1883 continued

SAMUELLA (Sammie) daughter of William Johnson, sister of Rev. Dr. W. C. Johnson; born Franklin, Tenn., Dec. 15, 1848; died Waverly, Tenn., Jan. 31, 1883; married Con YOUNG, 1881.

Rev. DAVID PRINCE ARMSTRONG local Methodist elder of the Manchester Circuit, Tennessee Annual Conference; born Coffee Co., Tenn., July 26, 1835; licensed to preach in Methodist Church at age 19 years; ordained deacon, Oct. 27, 1867; ordained elder, October 8, 1871; married twice; father of six children; died near Tullahoma, Tenn., March 3, 1883.

JAMES SKILLEN born Butler Co., Ky., June 9, 1830; died McLean Co., Ky., Mar. 31, 1883; married Mollie Auston, April 28, 1859; nine children. Middle initial: K.

IDA MAY PERRY married J. N. McPHERSON, Feb. 1882; died Obion Co., Tenn., Mar. 20, 1883; surviving was an infant.

E. J. KING born June l7, 1830; died Dec. 31, 1882; married Aug. 29, 1858 (two sons).

FRANK son of A. B. and Lou ELLIS born February 1873; died Capleville, Tenn., Nov. 7, 1882.

BLANCHE daughter of Judge T. G. and Jennie GOODNER born McKinney, Texas, Mar. 7, 1876; died March 19, 1883.

Tribute to SYBELIA A. FOOTE, recently deceased; by Methodist Sunday School, Mason, Miss., dated March 18, 1883.

ELLEN daughter of Capt. J. G. Crawford born Macon Co., N. Carolina, May 10, 1859; married T. R. GRAY, April 5, 1882; died March 3, 1883.

MARY A. wife of John H. ALLISON born Columbia, Tenn., Oct. 1852; married Sept. l, 1869; died Mar. 20, 1883; two daughters, Loula and Annie, survived her; her sons, Johnie and Jimmie, predeceased her.

JULIA A. daughter of G. W. and Elizabeth Long born in Tennessee, Mar. 9, 1826; moved with parents to Nodaway Co., MO, 1841; married in 1845 to T. G. NOCH; moved to Cherokee Co., Kansas, 1866 where she died Feb. 26, 1883; three sons, four daughters.

WILLIAM PINES McKIE born LaFayette Co., Miss., Oct. 12, 1847; married Cora daughter of Rev. T. P. Hare, Dec. 16, 1873; died Cross Co., Ark., Nov. 8, 1882.

WILLIAM RECTOR HARRIS born Arkansas Co., Ark., 1833; died White Co., Ark., Jan. 24, 1883; son of Rev. John Harris, pioneer Methodist Arkansas preacher; buried in Searcy, Ark.

ALICE M. SEAY born Oct. 6, 1857; died Mar. 10, 1883; married Dec. 12, 1877; wife and mother. Cumberland Presbyterian.

SARAH ALICE youngest daughter of Jason P. and E. M. BROOKS born Hickman Co., Tenn., Dec. 8, 1877; died Feb. 10, 1883.

June 16, 1883

TERRIE SCARBOROUGH GREEN born Stewart Co., Tenn., Mar. 22, 1857; married J. H. Green, April 18, 1881 and in second year of marriage moved to Robertson Co., Tenn. where she died [date not given].

Miss MATTIE HOLMES daughter of Captain James H. LEROY, dec., born Calhoun's Mills, S. Carolina; died Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 11, 1883. Buried beside her father in Rome, Georgia.

Tribute to memory of A. V. JONES born Sept. 13, 1844; professed religion, Aug. 18, 1867; member of Wesley Chapel; by 2 Quarterly Conf., Mannsville Ct., Lebanon Dist., Louisville Annual (Meth.) Conference; undated.

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June 16, 1883 continued

JAMES H. RUSHTON born July 30, 1864; died Mar. 23, 1883. Last words, "Tell father and mother to meet me in heaven.”

ELIZABETH GREEN BULLION born Bedford Co., Tenn., Mar. 1835; died three miles north of Laurel Hill, Lawrence Co., Tenn., Feb. 7, 1883. Methodist.

WILLIE C. third daughter of Rev. James A. and Louisa NEELY born April 15, 1871; died Cross Plains, Tenn., Apr. 9, 1883; a frail child whose mother had died when she was an infant.

MATTIE J. daughter of John W. and Sarah M. KLINGLESMITH, Grayston Co., TX, died recently, aged 13 years.

AMELIA T. IRION born Fayette Co., Tenn., Feb. 3, 1823; moved to Hardeman Co., Tenn.; died Birmingham, Ala., Mar. 8, 1883. Presbyterian; never married but she "was as a mother" in the family of her brother-in-law, Major Thomas Peters.

Tribute to Mrs. MOLLIE JARROTT, recently deceased; by a committee, undated.

PHILIP A. O'REILLY born June 6, 1856; died Feb. 13, 1883; unmarried.

Rev. OVERTON W. RANSOM born in Tenn., Jan. 30, 1848; died of consumption, Orange Co., Florida, Mar. 26, 1883. He had written, "I embraced religion in August, 1860. It has been my comfort and joy ever since." Licensed to preach in Methodist Church, Sept. 24, 1870; ordained deacon, Nov. 1874; served as principal of Apopka Academy, 1878-79; ordained elder, January 1882. Wife named Fannie.

LYNN C. daughter of Newton and Elizabeth C. DICKERSON died April 1, 1883.

JANE daughter of Sherod and Jane White born Lauderdale Co., Ala., Oct. 7, 1841; married George KELLEY, 1865 (six children); joined Methodist Church, 1880; died April 3, 1883.

SAMUEL COLUMBUS MASON born July 10, 1854; died March 20, 1883.

ROLAND KERSEY born May 1847; died Giles Co., Tenn., Mar. 30, 1883; surviving were his widow and five children.

JOHN P. CAMPBELL born Feb. 16, 1843; died Feb. 27, 1883; buried in Poplar Hill Cem.

BETTIE M. daughter of General Sam. and Jane Mitchell born Bedford Co., Tenn., Nov. 27, 1836; married John E. HARDING, May 15, 1856; died Bell Co., TX, Apr. l, 1883; "a model Sunday School teacher"; surviving were her widower and 6 children.

SAMUEL P. TUCKER died Covington, Ky., Nov. 10, 1882 in 29th year of his age; associated with Ashbrook and Tucker, Cincinnati, Ohio; his younger brother, Eddie, died about a year ago.

Mrs. SARAH CRAIGE died April 1, 1883 aged about 50 years. Methodist.

DONIE BEINE daughter of Colonel J. M. and M. J. BURNEY born Marshall Co., Miss., Dec. 14, 1860; moved as a child to Des Arc, Arkansas, where she died Dec. 30, 1882; graduate, Cumberland Female Institute, McMinnville, Tenn.; married B. F. Beine, Oct. 1880; left an infant child.

M. A. wife of John F. EASON married Mar. 9, 1866; died Hickman Co., Tenn., Jan. 18, 1883.

FANNY ELIZABETH daughter of Stuart and Elizabeth SAWYERS born Williamson Co., Tenn., June 14, 1869; died April 4, 1883.

KATE daughter of W. D. and Susan M. STOVALL born Feb. 8, 1882; died Mar. 31, 1883.

MYRTLE MASON born Sept. 27, 1874; died April 9, 1883.

June 23, 1883

Children of James W. THOMAS and wife: REID DE JARNETTE THOMAS died recently aged 9 years, 6 months. JAMES W. THOMAS, JR. died recently, aged 3 years; by West End Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn., dated April 22, 1883.

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June 23, 1883 continued


Mt. Zion Church, about seven miles from Springfield, Tenn., was dedicated on the 10th Inst. Notwithstanding the rain, there was a very large audience present. Every foot of space in the large edifice was occupied, and many could not obtain entrance, but sheltered themselves in carriages and under umbrellas. After the baptism of infants, and singing of the first hymn, the Rev. George W. Martin led in prayer. He was the only person present whose name was on the Church roll fifty years ago. The Rev. Garrett W. Martin read the following short history of Mt. Zion Church:

From the best information we can obtain (and we think it is correct), the Church was organized in 1798 by Jesse Walker. The first church-building was erected in the year 1804. It was then in the bounds of the Red River Circuit, and was appropriately named Mt. Zion. In 1804 it was in the bounds of the Red River Circuit, and was called Mt. Zion; in 1883 it is in the bounds of the same circuit, and still holds on to its time honored name. There have been many changes in Red River Circuit. In 1798 Red River Circuit embraced the territory from the Kentucky State-line to the Cumberland river, and from Clarksville to Neely’s Bend, above Nashville. But amid the divisions and subdivisions that have taken place this is still Red River Circuit, and this house still called Mt. Zion. Honored names, cheering names, that cannot be blotted from the tablet of memory.  Who in this country could afford to forget, or cease to cherish, the time-honored names, Mt. Zion Church, Red River Circuit?

This is the third house that has been erected upon this hill. It might have been said of the first church: “By whom shall Jacob arise, for he is small?” but from a small, round-log wall, and puncheon floor where the faithful tried, uncompromising servants of God met and worshiped in 1804, we to-day in 1883 meet to have this beautiful, spacious house dedicated to the worship of Almighty God by our venerable brother, a worthy successor of a noble race of preachers. In looking at this place; and its past glorious history, we come to the conclusion that as long as the Almighty has any use for a Church militant there will be a house upon this hill. We do not claim to be a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, and yet we feel like saying that when the angel comes from heaven to earth to proclaim that “there shall be time no longer,” when he comes this way, he will find a church standing in solemn grandeur upon this same hill, still bearing her honorable name, Mt. Zion! “So mote it be.”

The membership of the present Church is composed, in the main, of the descendants of the original membership of the Society of 1804. It is sad to think that there is but one person living in this community whose name was upon that honorable Church-roll fifty years ago. The members took their places in the Church, served their time out, and were honorably discharged. Opposite their names was written, “Died in the faith.” Glorious record! Who can tell but they, though unseen, may be mingling with us in this our day of rejoicing? We pause to ask a solemn question: “Our fathers, where are they? and the prophets, do they live forever?” Alas! yes, alas! they are answered by the mournful records of the Church. We inquire where are Bishops McKendree and Paine, Thomas A. Morris, Lewis Garrett, Chas. Holliday, Valentine Cook, Marcus Lindsay, James Axley, George McNally, John Johnson, John McGee, Littleton Fowler, Edward Stevenson, Hardy M. Cryer, James Gwin, A. L. P. Green, F. E. Pitts, and a host of others that might be mentioned who have preached on this hill, where are they? The answer is, each has gone --all, all are gone! But what a glorious record!

But shall we say any thing of the local preachers, preachers who have, from month to month, and from year to year, preached on this hill? Yes, the truth of history demands it; their faithful, unselfish labors demand it. Where, then, we ask, are James and Thomas Gunn, Thomas and Patrick Martin, James Woods, David B. Slatter, Gray Williams, John Gossett, Joseph Gunn, and a host of others? They, too, are gone, all gone; have fought their last battle-have gained their last glorious victory! With sadness we make this record. But it is a brilliant, glorious record. I do not know of any higher favor we ought to ask than that the traveling and local preachers who may preach in this church, in this pulpit, may be as their illustrious predecessors.

And now may He who said of the second temple, “The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former,” and for the reason – “I will dwell in it, saith the Lord of Hosts,” say that of this present magnificent temple and this community, and the writer of this imperfect sketch, will have all they need, all they ask.

Mt. Zion, June 10, 1883.

Then followed the sermon and dedication by the writer. In the afternoon the Rev. O. G. Halliburton, preacher in charge, delivered a sermon, and the multitude returned to their homes. It was an occasion long to be remembered.


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June 23, 1883 continued

Mrs. MARY WILEY born in Kentucky, 1845; died Pike Co., Ark., Dec. 2, 1886; surviving were her widower and two children.

Mrs. M. A. T. JACKSON died Columbus, Miss., March 23, 1883.

A. D. daughter of Robert and Eliza Morris born Haywood Co., Tenn., Feb. 17, 1842; married Robert S. CARNEY, Mar. 7, 1861; joined Methodist Church, 1866; died near Dancyville, Tenn., Mar. 17, 1883. Buried in family graveyard.

Rev. A. B. JOYCE born Feb. 13, 1832; died Hardin Co., Tenn., Apr. 5, 1883; licensed to preach in Methodist Church, 1869; ordained deacon, 1878; husband and father.

THOMAS F. JONES born Laurens Dist., S. Carolina, Sept. 10, 1824; died Monroe Co., Miss., April 12, 1883, heart dropsy; moved to Monroe Co., 1854; husband/father.

KATE ADELAIDE HAMMER, nee Rizer, born Russellville, Ky., Feb. 7, 1834; married Hec. Hammer, Oct. 1853; died of cancer of the breast, Mar. 2, 1883.

SUDIE BERNARD PROPST born May 23, 1882; died Lamar Co., Ala., Mar. 17, 1883.

JOSEPHINE daughter of Joseph Genella born Vicksburg, Miss., 1841; married Capt. David ATWOOD, 1859; died March 8, 1883.

Rev. JOHN P. YOUNG born Lauderdale Co., Ala., April 1857; died Florence, Ala., Mar. 20, 1883; graduate, State Normal School, Florence, Ala., June 1877; married Mary Faires, June 21, 1882; ill for a long time.

MARIA LOUISA daughter of Alfred H. and Mary A. Easton born Giles Co., Tenn., July 22, 1839; married William Henry SCOTT, Nov. 5, 1858; died near/at Dancyville, Tenn., Mar. 5, 1883; wife and mother.

EDWARD ROBERTSON son of Rev. John H. and Emma W. HESSEY born Jan. 9, 1877; died Nov. 14, 1882.

TRUSTEN POLK son of Briton M. CAPELL born Jackson Co., MO, Aug. 1, 1854; died Pueblo, Colorado, Apr. 12, 1883 of congestion; he died “sitting in a chair.”

ELLA daughter of Samuel J. Watkins, born near Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 22, 1860; married A. B. ROBINSON, June 27, 1882; died Marshall Co., Tenn., April 3, 1883.

MARGARET S. wife of R. H. PRESLEY born Chester Dist., S. Carolina, Aug. 28, 1834; died Tate Co., Miss., Mar. 29, 1883; wife and mother.

GEORGE son of Richard and Lucy SMITH killed in a mill accident in 1882.

CORNELIA A. WYATT. nee Reaves, born Madison Co., Tenn., Oct. 25, 1861; moved with widowed mother to Ark. and later to MO; married J. W. Wyatt, May 18, 1882; died Madison Co., Tenn., Feb. 28, 1883 where she had lived since 1869.

MARY ANN daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Petty; wife of J. M. WEAVER; born McNairy Co., Tenn., May 10, 1841; died Dunklin Co., MO, Oct. 7, 1882; wife/mother.

WALSTEIN E. (Eddie) son of Thomas B. and Sallie TARKINGTON born Claiborne Parish, La., Feb. 22, 1867; died Navarro Co., TX, Apr. 15, 1883; orphaned he lived with an uncle in whose house he died. Grandson of Rev. Thomas Grubbs and nephew of Rev. J. E. Caldwell, Arkansas.

JAMES S. (Sam) TAYLOR born Dallas Co., Ark., Oct. 23, 1854; died Nov. 17, 1882. His son and namesake born Mar. 5, 1883 and died April 13, 1883.

HANNAH W. GILES died Henry Co., Tenn., Mar. 30, 1883; pneumonia.

LAURA CORINNE daughter of Rev. S. R. BREWER born Feb. 10, 1878; died Owensboro, Ky.. April 17, 1883.

THOMAS R. son of T. R. and Ida TULLOSS born Aug. 31, 1881; died March 12, 1883.

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June 30, 1883

On page one:

Bishop Asbury's watch is still keeping time. The Methodist Advance says: “We saw a curiosity some time ago—a venerable relic of the past generation--Bishop Asbury's watch. It is the identical watch which the Bishop brought over with him from England, and carried until a short time before his death. It is now the property and in the possession of Henry M. Asbury, a grandson of Rev. Daniel Asbury, who now resides at Tuttle's Cross Roads, in Caldwell county. The Bishop gave the watch to Rev. Daniel Asbury, who was the pioneer of Methodism in Western North Carolina, and who died at his home near Rehoboth Church, now on the Rock Spring Circuit, Catawba county, on the 15th of May, 1825. At his death he gave it to his son, Rev. Henry Asbury, who at his death gave it to his youngest son, Henry M. Asbury, the present owner and possessor. It is an old-fashioned silver watch, with an open face and movable outer case, and was made in London by Jos. Manley."

Bishop Francis Asbury

Bishop Francis Asbury
from page 18, September 1, 1883 issue


Some one reports that Bishop Asbury's watch is in possession of Mr. Henry M. Asbury, in one of the Carolinas. There lies before me as I write another relic of our senior Bishop that I should prize more than the watch—It is the New Testament owned and used by him during the last years of his life. It is a 12mo volume of 550 pages, English type, and bound in leather, over which is a cover of velvet. On the fly-leaf is his autograph, and the book is well-marked throughout by his own hand.

It was presented to him about the year 1800 by Mrs. John Wrenshall, of Pittsburgh, Pa. Near the close of his life the Bishop gave it to Mr. John Wrenshall, who kept it until within a short time before his death; he then gave it to his daughter, Mrs. Emily Page, of Louisville, Ky., who in turn presented it to Rev. F. A. Morris, in 1866. It is now in the possession of Mrs. F. A. Morris, with whom I am boarding.

The watch and Bible are now widely separated, but they should be placed together somewhere.

Jno. W. Stovall.  St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 10, 1883.

Asbury, FRANCIS, the first bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America; b. at Handsworth, Staffordshire, Eng., Aug. 20, 1745. He was converted in youth, and at sixteen became a local preacher. In 1771 John Wesley appointed him missionary to America. During the war he met with some persecution, but soon proved his devotion to the interests of the people, and was permitted to continue his evangelistic labors. At the close of the war the Methodists organized an independent church, and Asbury was elected bishop, and ordained by Dr. Coke, Dec. 25, 1784. From this time on his success in organizing and forwarding the interests of his church was marvelous. He endured severe and incessant toil, and proved himself worthy to be enrolled among the great leaders of Christian faith. He saw the Methodist Church grow from a little band of four preachers and 316 members, to nearly 700 itinerants, 2,000 local preachers, and over 214,235 members. He died in Spottsylvania, Va., March 31, 1816. See Asbury: Journals, 3 vols. (N, Y., 1858); James: Life of Asbury (N. Y., 1872).

A CONCISE CYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGIOUS KNOWLEDGE, by Elias B. Sanford, New York, 1890, page 61

There is an ample biographical sketch about Bishop Asbury on pages one-two, NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, June 28, 1884.

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June 30, 1883 continued

The Rev. LEMON SHELL, one of the oldest members of the North Carolina Annual (Methodist) Conference died June 14, 1883. Years ago "he was a burning evangelist among the hills of Caswell and Rockingham [counties] in the old days."

Hon. MOSES WALTON died Woodstock, Virginia, June 15, 1883 in the 57th year of his age; active layman of the Methodist Church.

Tribute to memory of the Rev. JOSEPH B. ALLISON who died in West Station, TX, May 25, 1883, a presiding elder of the Waco District, Northwest Texas Annual Conference; by congregation of one of his former charges; undated.

GEORGE son of G. W. ANDERSON, presiding elder of the McMinnville District, Tennessee Annual (Meth.) Conference; born July 4, 1865; died Mar. 26, 1883.

HORTIE C. daughter of Rezi Fletcher born Dec. 20, 1857; married James H. EDWARDS, Sept. 11, 1881; died Feb. 18, 1883; left a two-month-old infant.

LULA DELL daughter of A. G. and Nannie McDearman, Trenton, Tenn., born Sept. 11, 1871; died April 27, 1883.

J. O. NAUGLE's obituary partially faded, obliterating his vital stats; merchant at Holly Grove; husband and father.

W. W. SMITH, Henderson Co., Tenn. married NANNIE J. WELCH, Decatur Co., Tenn., March 8, 1883, in the home of the bride's father.

ELIZABETH B. daughter of S. H. and Polly Green born Tuscaloosa Co., Ala., Mar. 3, 1848; married James BROWN, Jan. 3, 1866; died near her birthplace, Mar. 4, 1883; wife and mother.

MARY B. BOSWELL born Haywood Co., Tenn., Mar. 18, 1855; married Edwin E. Boswell, Oct. 18, 1876; died Arlington, Ky., Mar. 5, 1883; wife and mother (two children).

HARRIET NARCISSIA daughter of Rev. John Parker born Sumner Co., Tenn., Nov. 8, 1827; married Dr. R. G. Paris, Sept. 1848 (nine children); [death date not given].

JAMES T. ESSLINGER born Nov. 20, 1855; died Madison Co., Ala., Mar. 22, 1883.

July 7, 1883


We have received through our Dancyville correspondent the sad tidings of the death at her home near that place, at noon on last Monday, of Miss Ella Taylor, a lovely and beautiful daughter of Rev. R. V. Taylor. The deceased has many friends and kindred in our vicinity who loved her dearly, and who will read this announcement with pain and regret. For many long, weary months, through suffering and pain, her gentle life has hung in the balance—now better and thought to be improving, now worse and quietly sinking away -- until at last, while in the very flower of her beauty and in the bloom of her tender years, she passed sweetly away to realms of purity above. Reared in a sweet home by loving parents, educated in the best institution of learning in Virginia, possessing the rare gifts and graces of amiable and noble young womanhood, and with a character that held within its golden casket the rich gems of a lovely life, she was the light and pride of a now heartbroken and grief-stricken household. We so well remember her occasional visits to kindred here--so sweet, so joyous, so lovable, so full of light and hope, that now it is hard to realize that her bright face and laughing eyes are behind the tomb, and her happy voice hushed in the cold, cold ground. Her presence was sunshine, and gentleness was in all her ways. Kindred loved her, and her graces brought admirers to her feet. Frail and delicate in constitution, she was like the tender flower that at morn buds and blooms and fills the air with its fragrance; but, under the warm sun and rude winds, at eve its golden dewdrops disappear, its petals fall, and it withers, decays, dies, is gone. Over her sick couch fond parents have through long, weary months hovered, and from it prayers have ascended for her relief; but, alas! her tender vital forces could not stay the march of the dread disease. But the lesson of her life is a priceless legacy. It teaches purity, virtue, honor. The flower left a fragrance that will remain pure and fresh when its petals are all withered. The casket is shattered, but its gems are unhurt. The memory of her will remain with us. To the grief-stricken parents, and brothers, and sisters, and kindred, and friends, we extend our sincere sympathy in this dark hour. Brownsville (Tenn.) States & Bee.