By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2003


Special thanks to go Mr. Smith for allowing his work to be posted on the web and to Laurel Baty who transcribed Mr. Smith's book, thus making these web pages possible.



For many years the NASHVILLE CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE was the official newspaper of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South .Its subscribers were served a generous portion of news, secular as well as religious information and articles. No feature of the ADVOCATE was more popular, the truth to be told, than the expansive obituaries People submitted them and read them; clipped them and saved them in many instances.

In these obituaries is to be found information about the lives of ordinary persons that normally would long ago have been forgotten. We are fortunate to have these short "bio" sketches; sometimes their contents really help us visualize these long-deceased old-timers.

The compiler has made a sincere effort to be accurate in gleaning genealogical information from the old issues of the ADVOCATE and in reporting the salient of the same in the publications dealing with the abstracts. Even so, he recommends for anyone who finds relatives in these listings to obtain copies of the original obituaries for themselves. These are obtainable for nominal fees from the Methodist Library, Drew University, Madison Avenue, Madison, New Jersey 07940.

Mr. Jack D. Woods and Mr. Robert D. Taylor, Jr., Tennessee Room librarians, Jackson- Madison County Library have been helpful to the compiler in his efforts to gather useful information with which to annotate many of these obituarial entries.

Mrs. Jackie Wood, acquisitions librarian and Memphis Conference Archivist (Methodist), Lambuth University Library has been patient and helpful to the compiler in much the same way as her colleagues in the public library.

Jonathan K. T. Smith
Jackson, Tennessee
Fall 2002

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