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North Carolina Land Grants in TN 1778-1791

transcribed by Virginia L. "Ginny" Keefer

When North Carolina gave up her claim to TN, the Secretary of State of the U.S. requested a list of the lands that had been granted in that territory so the right of ownership could be protected. Microfilm # 68, Roll # 1 is a microfilm copy of this report as it was reported to the President by Thomas Jefferson. ( The original report from NC has not been found). There is also a note that 2,275 more warrants had been issued to officers and soldiers of the Continental Line for which grants had not yet been made.

From Goodspeed's History of TN -1887- the following information was given on the grants. A soldier received 640 acres; Non Commissioned Officer 1,000 acres; Lt Col. 5,700; Commandant 7,200; Col. 7,200. Brig. Gen. 12,000; Chaplin 6,200; soldier who had fallen in the defense of his country received the full amount of his grant.

Any family that had previously moved into the area reserved for grants was given a grant of 640 acres. Nothing indicated that residence was required to receive a grant, therefore, it is possible grants were given to many people who never were residents of TN. There were also many peolpe who lived in TN but received the title to their property in some other manner and do not appear on this list; i/e purchase or other land acts.

Location of grants was very vague, such as on the back of Lick Creek.

Eastern District  Tennessee - 1788

2702-2708. Stokeley Doneldson
2709-2713. Stokeley Donaldson
2714-2715. Stokeley Donaldson
2716-2723. Thomas Hutchings
2724. Thomas Cox, William Hankins
2725. Moses Poor
2726. Seth Johnson
2727-2730. John Adair
2731. Francis Maberry
2732. Spruce McCoy
2733-2734. Joseph Hinds
2735. Levy Hinds
2736. Jesse Harper
2737.John Rhea
2738. Augusty Wilson
2739. Ebenezer Byrum
2740. William Gailey
2741-2742. Ebenezer Byrum
2743. David Campbell
2744. Alexander Caswell
2745. Martin Armstrong
2746. Martin Armstrong, Stokeley Donaldson
2747. David Kincaid
2748-2752. Martin Armstrong, Stokely Donaldson
2753. Martin Armstrong
2754-2765. Martin Armstrong
2766. Stokeley Donaldson
2767-2768. Thomas Amiss
2769. Nathaniel Lyon
2770. John Barrett
2771. Thomas Coldwell
2772. Gideon Morris
2773. Robert Demott
2774. Matthew Willaba
2775. Hugh Johnston
2776. Joseph Rogers
2777. David Shultes
2778.Joseph McCulloh
2779. John Ireland
2780. Simon Fletcher
2781. James Manasco
2782. same
2783-2784. Stokeley Donaldson
2785-2786. John Crawford
2787. Mark Chambers
2788. Moses Justice
2789. John Parten
2790. William Roseberry
2791-2792. Mark Chambers
2793. Thomas Caldwell
2794. George Mooney
2795. Charles Payne
2796. Francis Maberry
2797. Andrew Crockett
2798. James Dixon
2799. Thomas Jackson
2800. Thomas Caldwell
2801. Joseph McCulloh
2802. John Adair
2803. William Barnett
2804. James Teenan
2805. Adam Peck
2806. Elijah Patten
2807. missing
2808. David Adair
2809. James Lea
2810-2811. David Walker
2812. Henry Payne
2813. Mary Ann Elizabeth Armstrong

Most of the missing grants were missed when two pages were put together for microfilming and may be found in original grant papers

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