Waters Cemetery, April 1999

            Waters Cemetery is not shown on the U.S.G.S. Clifton quadrangle, which is somewhat surprising because it is next to State Highway 128, on the west side about a half mile south of Whiteoak Creek. This cemetery probably was a community cemetery in the nineteenth century. The older northern half has about a dozen stacked stone burial cairns, many fieldstones (in 1989 there were about three dozen fieldstones), many sunken spots. This half of the cemetery was in use before 1860. The northern half at one time had become completely overgrown but was cleared about 1988. The Waters family uses the southern half of the cemetery. Earliest marked Waters burial is 1890. Leo and David Donahue recorded this cemetery March 11, 1989.David Donahue updated it April 16, 1999 and checked and updated it September 17, 2004.


Briley, F. L., June 19, 1872-May 3, 1890, "Wife of A. J. Briley and daughter of J. P. and M. A. Waters" "Erected by J. P. Waters"

Waters, Amos W., Oct. 6, 1873-Feb. 17, 1909

Waters, Clouis E., Feb. 16, 1909-June 10, 1958

Waters, F. L. [see F. L. Briley]

Waters, Gladis, July 24, 1919-Nov. 7, 1929, "Dau. of C. R. & Lila Waters"

Waters, Guy W., Oct. 17, 1913-June 21, 1988, military marker as footstone "Guy Wilson Waters" "Cox US Navy World War II"
Waters, Jessie E., Mar. 1, 1921-June 15, 2004, "Wed Dec. 16, 1945"

Waters, J. P., Mar. 30, 1836-July 22, 1920, "Husband of Millissa Waters"

Waters, James "Pete," Oct. 5, 1926-Jan. 23, 1982, military marker as footstone "Cpl US Marine Corps World War II"

Waters, James Richard, Jr., Apr. 19, 1975-Aug. 14, 1994

Waters, Johnny R., Feb. 16, 1954-July 31, 1977

Waters, Lila L., 1890-1975
Charley R., 1881-1934

Waters, Milissa A., Nov. 2, 1842-Oct. 12, 1916, "Wife of J. P. Waters"

Waters, Robbie Sue B., Mar. 25, 1933-Mar. 22, 1998 [adjacent to military marker for James "Pete" Waters]

Waters, Willie A., Oct. 24, 1911-Apr. 14, 1977, military marker as footstone "Willie Arnold Waters" "PFC US Army World War II"
Waters, Bonnie, Dec. 24, 1928-____


            Another record of this cemetery appears in Wayne County, Tennessee Cemetery and Death Records. It notes that the following people are known or believed to be buried in this cemetery:

Boyd, Irving, born and died c1928
Briley, Elizabeth Carter, wife of Doke Briley
Briley, Irvin (Doke), 1855-c1925
Briley, Joshua, b. 1775, d. 1850-1860
Briley, Nancy Howell, 1785-1860s

A note mentions that Joshua Briley and Nancy Howell were married in 1811 in Williamson County, Tennessee.


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