Warner Cemetery, March 2001


            This is a small cemetery on the north side of Crooked Creek Road. It seems to be a family cemetery. The cemetery is maintained. There are two burials without identification. David Donahue recorded Warner Cemetery March 4, 2001 and checked and updated it September 22, 2004.


Edwards, George W., Mar. 21, 1897-Mar. 7, 1975

Flowers, Eunice [see Warner, Eunice D.]

Thompson, Lorie Jane, still born Oct. 2, 1972, "Daughter of Hilton & Jean Thompson"

Warner, Eunice D., Sept. 1, 1924-Jan. 14, 1983; also temporary marker with "Eunice Flowers Warner"

Warner, Henry Frank, Sept. 12, 1918-Apr. 7, 1987 (homemade)

Warner, John E., Mar. 18, 1883-Aug. 23, 1935
Warner, Florence E., Dec. 16, 1882-Dec. 24, 1965


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