Walker Cemetery, April 1999

          Walker Cemetery is not marked on the U.S.G.C. Clifton quadrangle. Its location on the Clifton quadrangle map is about one-half inch north of the "A" in the Anderson Hollow label. The cemetery is on a hillside in a pasture and is clearly visible from the road running south of and parallel to Whiteoak Creek. The burial area is separated from the remainder of the pasture by a chain-link fence which by 2004 had been heavily damaged. In addition to the six graves with readable tombstones (see below), there are two fieldstones with no names, one small stacked stone cairn, and sunken spots representing perhaps six or more unmarked graves. Leo and David Donahue recorded Walker Cemetery March 11, 1988. David Donahue revisited the cemetery April 16, 1999 and checked it September 17, 2004.


Bell, Manda R., Nov. 2, 1836-July 20, 1867, "Dau. of J. D. & _____ Evans" (broken, fallen) [footstone still in place]

Evans, Manda R. [see Bell, Manda R,]

Walker, Evelene, Apr. 6, 1875-Nov. 29, 1945
Walker, Jessie, Apr. 28, 1848-Sept. 14, 1926 [replacement]

Walker, Henry Allen, July 14, 1880-Apr. 7, 1948

Walker, John W., Sept. 28, 1848-Dec. 20, 1918, "Husband" "Father"

Walker, Lucy, Dec. 15, 1922, "Inf. dau. of Geo. & Z. J. Walker" [replacement]


This cemetery also is reported in Wayne County, Tennessee Cemetery and Death Records. It notes that two or three children of Sol. Froshe are buried here in unmarked graves.


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