Town Cemetery, March 2001


            Town Cemetery is the name used on the USGS Linden quadrangle. Town Cemetery was used mostly in the nineteenth century. There are two cairns, bases for several markers, 1 wooden cross, and the ruins of a 30" high walled family plot. A huge overturned oak mostly destroyed the walled plot. The area between the walled family plot and the Sutton marker (in foreground of photograph above) is filled with burials. The cemetery probably contains about a hundred burials. David Donahue recorded Town Cemetery March 3, 2001.


Pike, Unis Jane, June 14, 1914-Oct. 26, 1918, "Dau. of R. Pike" (broken) [fragments laid on wall of family plot]

Sutton, W. T., June 28, 1850-Dec. 28, 1896 (fallen) [Masonic symbol]


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