Strickland Cemetery, February 2001


            Strickland Cemetery is a family cemetery in the valley of the North Fork of Lick Creek in Perry County, Tennessee. There are no readily apparent unmarked or unidentified graves. David Donahue Strickland Cemetery February 17, 2001 and checked and updated it September 21, 2004.


Barber, Herman D., Feb. 16, 1914-____
Barber, Hazel S., Dec. 31, 1910-Feb. 10, 2001 [from temporary marker read in 2001: Hazel Strickland Barber]

Cloyd, Mary Dean, May 13, 1933-Nov. 16, 1957

Dean, Mary [see Cloyd, Mary Dean]

Duncan, Lucille [see Strickland, Lucille Duncan]

Gobelet, Floyd [see Strickland, Floyd Gobelet]

Lewis, Willian Herbert, Feb. 22, 1918-Nov. 20, 1996, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II"

Strickland, Hazel [see Barber, Hazel S.]

Strickland, J. M., Dec. 28, 1843-Feb. 28, 1923, "Hus. of A. A. Strickland"

Strickland, John B., 1875-1967, "Father" footstone
Strickland, Floyd Gobelet, 1885-1945, "Mother" footstone
Strickland, Eliza Kathaleen, 1914-1946, "Dau." footstone

Strickland, John Ernest, Aug. 11, 1912-Sept. 15, 1986, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"
Strickland, Lucille Duncan, Dec. 10, 1929-____, "Married Dec. 22, 1947" "Our children Johnny Gene Mark Becky"

Strickland, Tom M., Nov. 24, 1870-Jan. 7, 1932

Webster, Viginia S., Sept. 27, 1916-Feb. 17, 1981
Webster, Claude L., Jr., Sept. 1, 1927-Dec. 30, 1996, military marker as footstone "Claude Lee Webster Jr." "US Navy World War II"; "Our children Floyd Carolyn"


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Virginia S. and Claude Lee Webster, Jr.