Sharp Cemetery, October 2001


            This is the western-most of three "Sharp" cemeteries in the Sinking Creek area. The cemetery access drive is about 1.4 miles east of the old Farmers Valley Church. The access drive begins at a wooden bridge of the south side of Sinking Creek Road. A white house is on the left of the road opposite the drive. A locked gate may prevent driving across the bridge, in which case there will be a walk of about 0.3 mile to the cemetery. There is a small sign for the cemetery at the gate pointing right. Walk across the wooden bridge, then follow the track to the right, crossing another wooden bridge and passing in front of an abandoned house before the tracks curves toward and leads up the hill. The remains of the cemetery are at the top of the hill in a grove of trees in a cow pasture.

            A small part of the cemetery was once fenced, though only about half of the fence remains. Within this area are fieldstone and footstones for at least four burials. West of the fenced portion of the cemetery are at least nine depressions indicating unmarked burials. The cemetery was visited October 30, 2001. No markers with inscriptions were found.

            Mary Dotson reported on this cemetery circa 1993. Her record appears in Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Records Vol. II by Mary N. Bowen and Lisa Dublin Bowen. As reported by Dotson and compiled by the Bowens:

            There are several unmarked (sunken) graves, some just rocks for markers. There are two with markers-hand made stones.
1)   Jennie Sharp April 9, 1905-Oct 20 1920
2)   Mollie, dau of J.W. & Cord Garner 1892-1894 "At Rest" The footstone-M.G.
            Mollie was the daughter of John Will Garner and Cordelia "Cord" Grinder Garner.
            The Sharps are relatives Roy Sharp, the Church of Christ preacher. He teaches at Freed-Hardeman University at Henderson, TN. He preaches some in Perry County-Beardstown & Chestnut Grove Churches.
            Part of the cemetery has been fenced in, Jennie Sharp is in this area. It is overgrown with several trees. The area is used for pasture. Mollie's grave is near a tree in the unfenced area.
          Contributed by Mary Dotson.


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