Kittrell Cemetery, October 2001


            The Tennessee Department of Transportation's map of Perry County mistakenly shows this cemetery as located behind Warren Methodist Church. It really is not. To find the cemetery, drive south on Sugar Hill Road. Cross Buffalo River and continue south through the intersection with Rockhouse Road. Warren Methodist Church will be on the left. Continue driving south toward Sinking Creek and drive up the next ridge. After the road crests the ridge turn left at the first chert drive which will take you to the cemetery. The cemetery is in the Sinking Creek watershed. Maintenance is limited to periodic mowing. In addition to the markers recorded below, depressions suggest five unmarked burials. David Donahue recorded Kittrell Cemetery October 30, 2001 and checked it September 29, 2004.


Armstrong, Mortie K., Mar. 20, 1895-Feb. 27, 1976, "Mom" footstone
Armstrong, H. Brown, Mar. 27, 1895-Mar. 22, 1979, "Pop" footstone, "Wed 65 years"

Bastin, John E., Nov. 8, 1875-Dec. 5, 1948
Bastin, Mattie B., Nov. 29, 1879-Oct. 7, 1939

Haynes, Dorothea Whitney, Jan. 24, 1887-July 19, 1942

Haynes, Floyd, d. Oct. 26, 1969, "Aged 61 Years," temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, 3 feet north of marker for Dorothea Whitney Haynes

Horton, Lorraine A., Sept. 9, 1919-Aug. 17, 2000
Horton, G. Daniel, Sept. 5, 1915-Dec. 29, 1988, "Wed 51 Yrs."

King, John Hunter, Apr. 5, 1901-July 22, 1924, "Son of J. A. & Izora B. King"

King, Joseph A., Feb. 16, 1855-Sept. 4, 1907, "Father"
King, Izora B., Mar. 16, 1862-Dec. 21, 1941, "Mother"

King, Joseph Braxton, Jan. 16, 1883-Dec. 1, 1968

King, Mattie, Mar. 14, 1890-July 12, 1904, "Dau. of J. A. & Izora King"

King, Verna May, Mar. 9, 1893-Jan. 30, 1896, "Dau. of J. A. & I. B. King"

Kittrell, M. B., 1865-1940

Kittrell, Martha J., Nov. 24, 1845-Mar. 29, 1913, "Wife of Benjamin C. Kittrell"
Kittrell, Benjamin C., Feb. 24, 1832-Oct. 4, 1890 [Masonic symbol]

Laster, W. Herman, Nov. 17, 1914-Aug. 8, 1988; also military marker "Walter Herman Laster" "MM3 US Navy World War II"
Laster, Sylvia A., Oct. 18, 1917-Aug. 11, 1988, "Wed 50 Yrs."

Staley, Annie Myrtle, Aug. 29, 1884-Oct. 16, 1899, "Dau. of G. W. & M. W. Staley" (fallen)

Staley, Geo. D., Feb. 11, 1822-May 31, 1898, "Husband of Julia G. Staley" (fallen)

Whitney, Dorothea [see Haynes, Dorothea Whitney]


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