Smith Cemetery, February 2001


            Smith Cemetery is on the ridge south of Tom's Creek in Perry County. The access road joins State Route 438 at the top of the ridge. It would seem to be a family cemetery except that the Lawrence and Wilsdorf graves are separated from the Smith family graves. Though the cemetery has been in use since 1917, most markers date from the 1960s or later. With one exception, all are low to the ground. The trees shown above, either themselves or as shadows, probably uprooted in a 2003 storm. An uprooted tree had displaced one marker.

            David Donahue recorded Smith Cemetery on February 17, 2001 and checked and updated it on August 29, 2004.


Blackburn, Bethel Tipton, 1873-1955

Blackburn, Hatie M., 1892-1981

Blackburn, Sallie [see Smith, Sallie Blackburn]

Clayborne, John, Apr. 20, 1922-Apr. 5, 1977 (marker displaced by uprooted tree)

Clayborne, Virginia May, May 24, 1929-Oct. 28, 1990, temporary marker, 1 yard south of marker for J. H. (Jew) Oguin

Daniel, Jackie, 1884-1966

Daniel, W. O., 1882-1959

Frazier, Will David, 1880-1917

Lawrence, Ira Herbert, 1921-1981, military marker "Pvt US Army World War II"

Oguin, J. H. (Jew), Dec. 18, 1905-May 7, 1963

Oguin, Vester Smith, Oct. 6, 1902-Nov. 4, 1972

Presson, Jack H., Mar. 15, 1899-Dec. 10, 1975

Presson, Nonnie Smith, Jan. 23, 1879-Aug. 2, 1977

Smith, Eunie, 1901-1917, "Dau. of J. A."

Smith, Hattye Jo, Dec. 29, 1922-____, "Wife" footstone
Smith, John B., Jan. 23, 1922-Oct 27, 2001, "Husband" footstone

Smith, James A., 1864-1935, "Father" footstone

Smith, John F., Dec. 9, 1888-Apr. 13, 1940

Smith, Keiffer, 1905-1966

Smith, Mary, 1878-1953

Smith, Nonnie [see Presson, Nonnie Smith]

Smith, Sallie Blackburn, Oct. 28, 1894-Dec. 25, 1995

Smith, Timothy Lynn, Dec. 8, 1966-Dec. 11, 1966

Smith, Vester [see O'Guin, Vester Smith]

Smith, Von Bulow, 1909-1985

Wilsdorf, Amie T., Aug. 11, 1908-____ [ground disturbance seems to indicate she is buried here]
Wilsdorf, Roy F., Sept. 6, 1903-Mar. 13, 1980

Wilsdorf, James M., Oct. 31, 1933-May 27, 1981, military marker "US Army"


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