Shepard Cemetery is a well-maintained family cemetery on Cane Creek in Perry County, Tennessee. Turn onto highway 438 at Beardstown. Go about a mile. Turn on a farm lane leading to a house. Before reaching the house, go right toward some large feed storage bins. Follow the drive beyond the bins to the cemetery. In addition to identified burials listed below, there are nine graves marked with fieldstones.

            David Donahue recorded Shepard Cemetery August 12, 2004. Mary (Stewart) Bowen and Melissa (Snyder) Bowen recorded the cemetery in the early 1990s. Their record appears in Mary Bowen's Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Records (Vol. II). This earlier record is referred to as Bowen in the notes below.


Blackwell, Geo. Wilson, Jan. 27, 1913-Aug. 7, 1915

Blackwell, Mabel Edwards, Feb. 24, 1882-Jan. 2, 1919, "Wife of G. D. Blackwell"

Cude, Martha L. Donia, Aug. 5, 1865-July 2, 1904, "Wife of W. J. Cude"

Cude, Nora Vivian, Nov. 25, 1886-Mar. 26, 1902, "Dau. of S. F. & N. M. Cude" (marker is loose on its base)

Cude, Samuel F., Apr. 5, 1864--Jan. 23, 1899

Dyer, Alva, Mar. 1, 1895-Aug. 19, 1918, "Wife of D. L. Dyer" (marker is loose on its base)

Dyer, Daniel L., Dec. 10, 1887-Apr. 25, 1933, "Husband" "Father"

Dyer, Winnie Eva, Apr. 24, 1897-Sept. 16, 1938

Edwards, Elbert, d. Sept. 26, 1893, Aged 1 Yr. 3 Ms. & 29 Ds., "Son of S. J. & J. T. Edwards"

Edwards, Jane [see Shepard, Jane Edwards]

Edwards, John Thomas, July 7, 1857-Aug., 2, 1919, "Husband of Sallie Edwards" "Father"

Edwards, Mebel [see Blackwell, Mabel Edwards]

Edwards, Pearl, Sept. 13, 1899-Oct. 15, 1901, "Dau. of J. T. & S. J. Edwards"

Edwards, Sallie J. Shepard, Nov. 13, 1860-Aug. 17, 1926, "Wife of John Thomas Edwards"

King, Bertha S., 1885-1978
King, Amon, 1895-1960, military marker as footstone "Tennessee Pvt Infantry World War I"; dates on military marker Nov. 5, 1895-Jan. 6, 1960 [they share a triple marker with Hartie Shepard]

Locke, Infant, Feb. 21, 1895-Feb. 27, 1895, "Infant of C. G. & M. A. Locke"

Shepard, Bula May, 1886-1914 [replacement]

Shepard, Byron M., Aug. 15, 1905-Sept. 26, 1963, "Mother" footstone
Shepard, William H., Mar. 12, 1893-Aug. 29, 1947, "Father" footstone

Shepard, E. A., Aug. 6, 1879-Oct. 10, 1884, "Son of N. J. & J. B. Shepard"

Shepard, Egbert H., Oct. 12, 1825-Mar. 19, 1904

Shepard, Gilbert J., 1890-1957, "Daddy" footstone
Shepard, Addie A., 1893-1972, "Mama" footstone, "Married Nov. 27, 1910"

Shepard, Hartie, 1883-1959 [shares triple marker with Bertha S. King and Amon King]

Shepard, J. W., Oct. 8, 1849-Jan. 22, 1911

Shepard, Jane Edwards, Aug. 11, 1855-Mar. 24, 1936, "Mother"
Shepard, Josiah Baker, Oct. 10, 1855-Nov. 8, 1928, "Father"

Shepard, Lillian, June 17, 1898-Aug. 13, 1898

Shepard, Mattie, d. June __, 1876, Aged 7 days, "Dau. of N. J. & J. B. Shepard" [death day unreadable in 2004; the Bowens report death day as June 30]

Shepard, Naomah, Nov. 27, 1827-Sept. 17, 1878, "Wife of E. H. Shepard"

Shepard, R. C., d. Jan. 29, 1902, Aged 10 ms. & 13 ds., "Son of J. B. & N. J. Shepard"

Shepard, S. C., May 29, 1850-Sept. 19, 1896, "Wife of J. W. Shepard" [did not note a marriage date in 2004 but the Bowens reported that they married Oct. 14, 1879]

Shepard, Sallie J. [see Edwards, Sallie J. Shepard]


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