Duncan Cemetery, October 2001


            Duncan Cemetery is a small family cemetery of the north side of Short Creek Road. The earliest burial probably was a child in the shell-covered grave on the eastern side. This is generally a nineteenth century grave decorating style, although it has been revived at the Qualls Cemetery on Brush Creek to the east. The shell covering on this grave does not appeared to be nineteenth century but it is not recent. Otherwise the earliest marked death dates are two 1931 burials. Extensive ground disturbances around the cemetery, probably related to clearance of the open area north of present burials, makes estimating unmarked burials impossible.

            David Donahue recorded Duncan Cemetery October 28, 2001 and checked and updated it September 26, 2004. Mary (Stewart) Bowen and Melissa (Snyder) Bowen recorded the cemetery in the early 1990s. Their record appears in Mary Bowen's Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Records (Vol. I). This earlier record is referred to as Bowen in the notes below.


Campbell, Nancy [see Duncan, Nancy Campbell]

Duncan, Bernard R., 1906-1950
Duncan, Bonnie D., 1908-1992, "Mother" footstone

Duncan, Ida, Mar. 1, 1871-Aug. 20, 1950, "Mother"
Duncan, Solomon, Nov. 20, 1868-Oct. 9, 1931, "Father"

Duncan, Lurah M., July 16, 1895-May 25, 1969
Duncan, L. Barney, Aug. 25, 1889-Aug. 19, 1968

Duncan, Ollie E., 1898-1966
Duncan, Rada O. 1906-1980

Duncan, Wesley T., 1892-1978
Duncan, Nancy Campbell, 1891-1944, "His wife"

Evans, Evelyn Sue (Harris), Sept. 18, 1934-Aug. 7, 1976 [Bowen reported that an undertaker's marker at the foot of the grave circa 1992 identified her as Evelyn Sue Bishop]

Harris, Ada [see Warren, Ada Harris]

Harris, Evelyn Sue [see Evans, Evelyn Sue (Harris)]

Harris, Grady L., Mar. 2, 1901-Mar. 3, 1944
Harris, Jack E., Apr. 30, 1940-Sept. 4, 1947
Harris, Lessie E., Feb. 22, 1911-Oct. 29, 1957

Hinson, E. L., Dec. 28, 1843-June 28, 1931, "Elder"
Hinson, M. J., Mar. 30, 1853-____, "Mrs." "Wife"

Hinson, Floyd Curtis, Jr., Nov. 15, 1928-____
Hinson, Virginia Faye, Dec. 1, 1944-July 5, 2003, "Wed Feb. 28, 1971"

Hinson, Maude P., Sept. 10, 1906-June 21, 1962
Hinson, Egbert M., Sept. 1, 1892-Jan. 28, 1967

Hinson, Woods, Dec. 31, 1886-Feb. 27, 1954
Hinson, Minnie D., Apr. 21, 1891-June 2, 1975

Hinson, Woody C., Jan. 4, 1960-Mar. 23, 1995, "Father"

Johnston, Effie, June 17, 1903-Apr. 23, 1976
Johnston, Russell, Apr. 18, 1904-June 25, 1963

Johnston, Fred Elton, Dec. 16, 1923-May 1, 1955, military marker as footstone "Tennessee SSgt 1262 Svc Comd Unit World War II"

Johnston, Ruth E., Apr. 15, 1935-Apr. 20, 1950

Warren, Ada Harris, 1880-1941, "Mother"

Ruth E. Johnston


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