Date: Tue, 12 Oct 1999 22:05:53-0400
From: L. Ramey <>
Subject: Sanders Cemetery

Sanders Cemetery, Berryman and Naomi Sanders family cemetery, located in pasture west of Old Beardstown Road across Pinhook Creek on property belonging to Joe Sweeney.

Double marker:
Berryman Sanders died Dec. 22 1884 Aged 69yrs 7mo 21days
Naomi Williams Sanders died Sept. 11 1887 Aged 62yrs 7mo 21days

Berryman' s young sons:
William E. Sanders, died Aug. 22 1864 aged 4yrs
Tomas R. Sanders died July 19 1873 Aged about 17 years

One footstone was found with UDS on it, maybe for the granddaughter Eudora

Other children of Berryman's without markers:
Gilbreth Winters Sanders
Saphronia Elizabeth Sanders
Carroll Green "Pete" Sanders

Date: Fri 15 Oct 1999 13:38:36 ó0500
From: Lee Hoover <>
To: TNDECATU-L@rootsweb. corn
Subject: Re: [TNDECATU] Sanders Cemetery


My husband and I were the ones who located the cemetery, under a huge brush and briar patch, several years ago. You would not have known it existed except an elderly lady remembered it from when she was a child. We cleaned all the brush and briars with the help of friends, located stones and put pieces back together of all we could find.. The footstone UDS was probably a child named Udora. Later another descendant had a fence placed around the cemetery so the cattle didnít scatter the stones again. . . .

I am a descendant of Berryman Saunders and his first wife, Betsy Tubbs, not the Naomi T. Williams who is buried in the cemetery. I am very interested in all the Sanders/Saunders families in the area as I feel they are related in some way.. Some kept the "U" in their name and some are just Sanders, which is the correct spelling.

Lee Sanders Hoover


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