Spring Creek Holiness Church Cemetery, February 2002


          There is a small cemetery behind Spring Creek Holiness Church in Perry County, Tennessee. All marked burials are Parrish family. In 2004 four graves were without permanent markers. David Donahue recorded Spring Creek Holiness Church Cemetery February 11, 2001 and checked and updated it August 29, 2004.


Parrish, Betty C., Mar. 5, 1910-Feb. 8, 1995, "Mother"
Parrish, Clifford O., Mar. 21, 1908-June 21, 1982, "Father"

Parrish, Irene P., Mar. 24, 1909-Oct. 15, 2001, "Mother" [she may have died in 2000 because the ground had been disturbed and there were flowers on the grave in February 2001]
Parrish, Fred T., Apr. 27, 1905-Nov. 5, 1950, "Father"

Parrish, Joe David, Oct. 31, 1940-Mar. 17, 2003, temporary marker, Young Funeral Home, 3 feet south of double marker for Betty C. and Clifford O. Parrish

Parriush, Osby Lee, Mar. 13, 1921-June 22, 1971

Parrish, Robert Ray, 1929-1998
Parrish, Mildred Earline, 1926-2003, "Daughter Helen"

Parrish, Charlie Hinson, d. June 29, 1984, Age 68, temporary marker read in 2001, 3 yards south of double marker for Robert Ray and Mildred Earline Parrish


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