Harder Cemetery is located on the south of Rockhouse Creek Road. This cemetery is off the road and the access drive fords Rockhouse Creek to reach it. In 2001 one grave was marked with a temporary marker plate with no information (probably Margaret Sue Harder) and three graves were marked with fieldstones (which had been removed by 2004). There probably are a dozen or more unmarked graves. David Donahue recorded Harder Cemetery October 28, 2001 and checked and updated it September 29, 2004.


Harder, Catherine, d. Apr. 29, 1856, "Birth unknown" "1st wife of E. Harder"
Harder, Edmund, Nov. 29, 1824-Apr. 29, 1903
Harder, Mary B., July 11, 1827-May 24, 1902, "2nd wife of E. Harder"

Harder, Doug, 1933-2004, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, 3 feet north of marker for Leonard Harder

Harder, Edmond, d. Apr. 29, 1903, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Whitfield's Co. Tenn. Inf. Mexican War"

Harder, Infant, born & died Apr. 1906, "Dau. of A. J. & W. A. Harder" [replacement]

Harder, Leonard, June 20, 1902-July 30, 1909 [replacement; from older marker in fragments and sitting outside the western fence of the cemetery: Robert L. son of R. L. & L. E. Harder]

Harder, Leora Mary, Jan. 4, 1872-Feb. 17, 1918
Harder, Robert Lee, Jan. 21, 1868-Aug. 26, 1940


Harder, Margaret Sue, Oct. 20, 1934-Feb. 18, 2001

Harder, Mary B., 1903-1989
Harder, Edmond, 1899-1954

Harder, Nathan Lee, 1931-1938 [replacement]

Harder, W. A., June 17, 1871-May 8, 1906 [from older marker in woods south of the cemetery: "Wincy Ann wife of A. J. Harder"]
Harder, A. J., Mar. 4, 1861-Feb. 4, 1908 [replacement]

Harder, W. E., Mar. 7, 1903-Oct. 22, 1904 (fallen) [replacement; from older marker in woods south of cemetery: "Son of A. J. & W. A. Harder"]

Mercer, Infant, born & died Apr. 5, 1913, "Infant daughter of John & Ader Mercer"

Sanders, Infant, Apr. 1, 1932, "Infant daughter of Waymer & Gladys Sanders" [replacement]

Treadwell, Buddy, 1938-1946, "Son" footstone
Treadwell, Lillian, 1900-1946, "Mother" footstone
Treadwell, George, 1871-1952, "Father" footstone

Treadwell, Dan, Feb. 5, 1844-May 6, 1922, military marker "Sgt." "Co. I 9 Tenn. Cav. C.S.A."

Treadwell, John C., May 6, 1885-Apr. 8, 1952 [replacement]

Treadwell, Liddie Mae, 1927-1934 [replacement]

Treadwell, Maggie L., Aug. 3, 1900-Dec. 22, 1934 [replacement]


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