Robin/Hester Cemetery, January 2000


            Robin/Hester Cemetery is located on the west side of Highway 13 about 1.5 miles north of Lobelville. My first impression on entering the cemetery was that it was a recent cemetery, created about the mid 20th century. But the first impression was wrong. The cemetery is much older. The oldest part of the cemetery is in the northeast corner (right background in photo above) in a cedar grove. There are no markers in this area, but a few native stones flat with the ground surface or stacked against trees suggest that these graves were marked with fieldstones at one time. A number of ground disturbances/sunken spots can be seen in this area. All but three burials before 1948 were unmarked or marked with fieldstones. Only about half the graves in the cemetery have markers.

            The following is a hypothesis about the likely history of the cemetery. The cemetery dates to the early to mid 19th century when nearly all burials were unmarked or marked with fieldstones. The cemetery continued in use through the 20th century. Markers now in the cemetery indicate only 1-3 burials per decade during the period 1900-1970. Thereafter use increased. The cemetery may have come into its current favor with the construction of the present Highway 13. The new highway passed along the eastern edge of the cemetery and may even have cut into the cemetery. There are indications of burials right up to the edge of the embankment down to the highway. As with many nineteenth century cemeteries that remain in use, fieldstone were removed at some point to make mowing the grass easier.

            David Donahue recorded Robin/Hester Cemetery January 14, 2000 and checked and updated it August 22, 2004.


Bates, Emmer, 1878-1910
Bates, Edward F., 1876-1953

Bates, O'Neal [see Marrs, O'Neal Bates Warren]

Bates, W. Bryan, Mar. 13, 1903-June 19, 1976
Bates, M. Myrtle, Oct. 17, 1903-Mar. 23, 1974

Bates, Willie L. [see Daniel, Willie L. Bates]

Campbell, Bess, no dates
Campbell, Joe, no dates (homemade), also temporary marker, Joe Campbell, d. May 20, 1962, ____ 3 Mos. 5 Days [all this was unreadable in 2004]

Campbell, Louise, 1911-____
Campbell, Bill, 1908-1959 (homemade) [unreadable in 2004]

Carroll, Clyde E., Mar. 13, 1919-Feb. 6, 1985, military marker as footstone "Sgt US Marine Corps World War II" [Masonic symbol]
Carroll, Jessie B., Nov. 3, 1929-____, "Children Joyce Ben Sandra"

Clark, Ardie Bee, Dec. 4, 1898-June 6, 1919, "The dau. of W. N. & Jennie Clark" [replacement]

Clark, Arthur L., Mar. 3, 1903-Mar. 31, 1986

Clark, Frances C., Aug. 18, 1917-____, unplaced "Mama" footstone
Clark, Breaford E., Aug. 16, 1903-Nov. 18, 1969, "Daddy" footstone

Clark, Jennie Eveline, Sept. 11, 1882-Dec. 19, 1906, "Wife of W. N. Clark and Daughter of R. H. Hester"

Clark, Maude Marrs, 1890-1974, blank footstone; also temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, d. Dec. 1_, 1964, Aged 84 Years 3 Months 21 Days
Clark, Wm. Newton, 1875-1945, "Father" footstone

Clark, Minnie Bell Hester, no dates, "Mother of Breaford E. Clark"

Daniel, Garry Dale, May 10, 1952-Nov. 26, 1956

Daniel, Robert L., Oct. 15, 1914-Aug. 13, 2002, "Husband" footstone
Daniel, Willie L. Bates, Nov. 18, 1922-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone

Edney, Austin R., Mar. 18, 1913-Feb. 21, 1985, unplaced "Husband" footstone, military marker as footstone "Tec 5 US Army World War II
Edney, Golden M., Feb. 25, 1931-Sept. 23, 1993, "Wife" footstone, "Wed May 11, 1947" "Children Cynthia Jane"

Foster, Linda Smith, Apr. 8, 1958-Mar. 11, 1991, also temporary marker, Mrs. Linda Denise Smith Foster

Goad, David Wayne, Aug. 23, 1979-Mar. 22, 1998

Heath, Pearl M., Dec. 9, 1902-Oct. 19, 1984, unplaced "Mother" footstone
Heath, Claude D., Apr. 9, 1897-Aug. 16, 1970, unplaced "Daddy" footstone

Hester, Jennie Eveline [see Clark, Jennie Eveline Hester]

Hester, Minnie Bell [see Clark, Minnie Bell Hester]

Hester, R. H. (Robin), 1853-1932

Hinson, Betty J. [see McCaig, Betty J. Hinson]

Hopkins, George W., July 7, 1852-Oct. 26, 1926

Kruse, Minnie L., 1915-1998, "Wife" footstone
Kruse,George W., 1916-1953, "Husband" footstone

Marrs, Dewey G., Nov. 5, 1900-Sept. 8, 1959, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Co E 254 Infantry World War II" [grave has the remains of a shell covering]

Marrs, James Edward, Sept. 3, 1935-Feb. 20, 1994, military marker as footstone "US Navy"

Marrs, Maude [see Clark, Maude Marrs]

Marrs, Mollie, no dates, "Mother" footstone
Marrs, John W., 1871-1940

Marrs, Pauline, 1917-____ [ground disturbance suggests that she was buried here before 2004]
Marrs, Aneal, 1915-1987, military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army World War II"

Marrs, W. F., June 29, 1880-Aug. 21, 1899, "Son of C. F. & M. E. Marrs"

Mathis, Albert R., July 13, 1894-June 8, 1966, military marker "Tennessee Cpl Co F 327 Infantry World War I"

Mathis, Franklin Delano, May 29, 1935-Mar. 4, 1974, "Daddy"

Mathis, Ralph J., Oct. 22, 1931-Jan. 22, 1984

McCaig, Bessie L., 1895-1962, "Mother" footstone
McCaig, Walter R., 1889-1944, "Father" footstone

McCaig, Betty J. Hinson, Sept. 25, 1927-June 29, 1987, "Mother" footstone
McCaig, Walker B., Aug. 6, 1924-July 14, 2004, "Dad" footstone

McCaig, Coreana, Sept. 12, 1911-Sept. 12, 1911 [replacement]

McCaig, James B., Sept. 11, 1934-Oct. 1, 1934 [replacement]

McCaig, Mark W., Oct. 30, 1935-June 29, 1986, military marker as footstone "Mark Waldon McCaig" "AN US Navy" [only name on double marker]

McCaig, Peggy Joyce, Apr. 5, 1944-____, unplaced "Daughter" footstone [adjacent to double marker for Betty J. Hinson McCaig and Walker B. McCaig]

McCall, Emma Frances, June 5, 1925-Feb. 16, 1985, "Sister"

Nelson, Lonnie H., Feb. 18, 1938-Mar. 16, 2004
Nelson, Gretchen Warren, Mar. 10, 1941-____

Qualls, Earl, Dec. 25, 1915-Aug. 21, 1984, "Father," military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army"
Qualls, Virginia B., Jan. 28, 1923-July 24, 1992, "Mother"

Sanders, Walter C., Dec. 16, 1941-Jan. 27, 1943 [replacement]

Sheppard, Effie Warren, Sept. 27, 1916-Jan. 24, 1991, "Sister"

Smith, Albert, Sept. 3, 1923-Aug. 9, 2003
Smith, Bertha J., July 22, 1922-____ [buried recently before August 2004]

Smith, Annie Mae, May 8, 1934-Sept. 12, 1934 [replacement]

Smith, Arthur Leslie, Feb. 15, 1926-May 19, 1989, military marker as footstone "SP3 US Army Korea"

Smith, Delmar Ray, Apr. 29, 1903-Mar. 12, 1986, "Father"
Smith, Annie Pearl, Sept. 27, 1900-Oct. 30, 1986, "Married July 28, 1922"

Smith, Linda [see Foster, Linda Smith]

Smith, William C., Feb. 10, 1932-Aug. 13, 1999, military marker "PFC US Army Korea"; also temporary marker "William Claude Smith"

Warren, Ada L., 1919-2002
Warren, George W., 1909-1963

Warren, Carlos C., Mar. 11, 1906-Apr. 15, 1975, "Shake" footstone

Warren, Clayton W., June 10, 1919-May 23, 1975 [Masonic symbol], "Jackeye" footstone
Warren, O'Neal Bates, Feb. 28, 1925-Aug. 25, 1978, "Wife" footstone

Warren, Gretchen [see Nelson, Gretchen Warren]

Warren, O'Neal [see Marrs, O'Neal Bates Warren]

Warren, Sallie, Apr. 28, 1884-Feb. 11, 1948


Also Known to be Buried Here

Mathis, David, b. 1837


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