Parrish Cemetery is very interesting. It lies within Mousetail Landing State Park. Although it continues to be used somewhat, it retains a very early to mid nineteenth century appearance. The cemetery lies within a cedar grove. Most graves are marked with fieldstone headstones and footstones without text markers. Many graves are unmarked. There are over 100 unmarked and fieldstone marked graves.

            David Donahue recorded Parrish Cemetery February 10, 2001 and checked and updated it August 30, 2004. Mary Bowen and Melissa Bowen recorded this cemetery in 1992. Their record appears in Mary (Stewart) Bowen and Melissa (Snyder) Bowen, Perry County Tennessee Cemetery Records (Linden, Tennessee 1992). This is referred to as "Bowen" in the notes below.

            Parrish Cemetery is covered very well in James L. Douthat's Kentucky Lake Reservoir Cemeteries, Volume 3. Workers for the Tennessee Valley Authority interviewed members of several families using the cemetery. Names with at least last name and sometimes with age and (estimated?) death years are given for 104 people. There is some relationship information. he work included a map showing locating each burials within the cemetery. If you are interested in anyone or any family at Parrish Cemetery you need to look at this. This work is referred to as Douthat in notes below.


Churchwell, C. W., Mar. 17, 1852-Apr. 15, 1936 (broken, homemade)

Churchwell, M. L., Sept. 8, 1863-Dec. 16, 1935 (broken)

Churchwell, Maude I. Parrish, b. Sept. 1891, no death date, temporary marker, not original, 7 feet east-northeast of double marker for Leonard H. and Matilda F. Parrish [died 1927 per Douthat]

Conder, Caroline, Mar. 4, 1828-Sept. 4, 1908, "Mother" (fallen)

Conder, Urban, Jan. 26, 1902-May 26, 1916, "Son of W. H. & Flora Conder"

Moore, Isabelle, Jan. 29, 1832-Jan. 1, 1917

Parrish, Betty, b. Oct. 1848, no death date, information on modern temporary marker, 1 yard north of marker for George W. Parrish [died 1920 per Douthat]

Parrish, Billie Nelson, Apr. 1, 1924-____, "Dad"
Parrish, Deley Mae, June 16, 1926-____, "Mom" "Leaving six children"

Parrish, George W., Oct. 5, 1847-Dec. 31, 1908 [Masonic emblem] (fallen)

Parrish, George W., 1871-1945
Parrish, Nancy, 1871-1933

Parrish, Georgia [see Talley, Georgia Parrish]

Parrish, Homer, b. Oct. 1896, no death date [not found in 2001; reported by Bowen; died 1930 per Douthat]

Parrish, Infant, 1938, "Inf. Son of Ollie & Emma Parrish" [replacement]

Parrish, Irene, d. 1936, temporary marker, not original, 1 yard south of marker for Jesse Wincie Parrish

Parrish, Jesse Wincie, Mar. 10, 1895-May 31, 1934, military marker "Tennessee Pvt 117 Inf 30 Div" [Star of David on military marker]

Parrish, Jimmie R., 1936-1936 [replacement]

Parrish, Johnnie R., 1933-1955

Parrish, Leonard H., 1909-1916
Parrish, Matilda F., 1917-1917 [replacement]

Parrish, Leonard Wiley, Apr. 10, 1922-Aug. 26, 2002, "Dad" footstone
Parrish, Vina V., Dec. 3, 1921-____, unplaced "Mom" footstone

Parrish, Maude [see Churchwell, Maude Parrish]

Parrish, Ollie L., 1896-1975, also temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, "Ollie Lee Parrish"; dates on temporary marker d. Feb. 5, 1975 "Aged 78 Years 2 months 1 Days"
Parrish, Sally Emma, 1896-1945

Parrish, Ruth L., 1923-1925 [replacement]

Smith, Atlas, 1910-1983 [Masonic symbol]

Smith, Eligah, 1893-Dec. 18, 1917 (homemade, broken and repaired)

Smith, Elijah, 1893-1919 [replacement; Masonic symbol]

Smith, J. P., 1870-1935 [replacement]

Smith, John B., Jan. 15, 1900-Nov. 6, 1964
Smith, Nancy L., July 2, 1913-____

Smith, Lucinda, 1873-1914 [replacement; adjacent to marker for J. P. Smith]

Smith, Sindie, 1873-Feb. 3, 1911 (homemade) [adjacent to marker for Eligah Smith]

Talley, Georgia Parrish, d. Aug. 18, 1987, Age 39 yr [not found in 2001 or 2004; reported by Bowen]



JCC, initials on fieldstone, with partial date Oct. 6 [approximately 3 yards southeast of double marker for Leonard H. and Matilda F. Parrish; probably the J. C. Churchwell listed by Douthat]


Additional Surnames Listed by Douthat

Grimes, Johnson, Lommox (Lomax?), Lowe, Roaden, Stewart, Wills


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