McDonald Family Plot, Mt. Olive Cemetery, February 2001


            Mt. Olive is an old cemetery on Old State Route 13, now just north of the Buffalo River bridge and Flatwoods. It is well maintained. Only about a third of the burials have inscribed markers.

            David Donahue recorded Mt. Olive Cemetery February 23, 2001 and checked and updated it Sept. 2, 2004. Mary (Stewart) Bowen and Melissa (Snyder) Bowen recorded Mt. Olive Cemetery in the early 1990s. Their record appears in Mary Bowen's Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Records (Vol. I). This earlier record is referred to as Bowen in the notes below.


Anderson, Bitha Jane [see Belsha, Bitha Jane Anderson]

Anderson, Leroy, Nov. 15, 1920-Nov. 15, 1920

Anderson, Sallie [see Bromley, Sallie Anderson]

Beaty, David, Sept. 1, 1848-Apr. 29, 1900, "Husband of Rachel Beaty" (homemade, broken, eroded) [dates unreadable in 2001 and come from Bowen]

Beaty, Hurbert, Mar. 18, 1890-Oct. 28, 1890, "Son of David & R. Beaty" (homemade, broken, eroded)

Belsha, Bitha Jane Anderson, Oct. 26, 1864-Nov. 26, 1943 [replacement; adjacent to marker for Miles Franklin Belsha]

Belsha, Icy Pearl [see Ham, Icy Pearl Belsha]

Belsha, Miles Franklin, Apr. 11, 1866-Jan. 23, 1935 [replacement]

Belsha, Piney [see Denton, Piney Belsha]

Brackeen, Jesse L., Aug. 1, 1920-July 31, 1995, military marker as footstone "Jesse Lee Brackeen" "US Army World War II"
Brackeen, Alma H. Sept. 28, 1918-____ [she probably is a Hamm as this is among a group of Ham/Hamm family markers]

Bridges, Brown B., Aug. 26, 1903-Nov. 23, 1910, "Son of George & Rachel Bridges" (homemade, broken, eroded) [death date from Bowen]

Bridges, George T., Mar. 27, 1847-Mar. 9, 1924 [replacement]

Bridges, Infant, no dates, "Son of G. T. & M. A. bridges" (homemade)

Bridges, M. A., Nov. 21, 1852-Oct. 24, 1898, "Wife of G. T. Bridges" (homemade, eroded) [dates from Bowen]

Bridges, Sallie, no dates, "Dau. of G. T. & M. A. Bridges" (homemade, broken)

Bromley, Willis Leroy, Nov. 24, 1859-Dec. 27, 1936
Bromley, Sallie Anderson, May 16, 1860-Dec. 11, 1904 [replacement]

Chappell, Joe A., Mar. 21, 1875-Oct. 12, 1937 (homemade)

Chappell, Melissa, Sept. 29, 1870-July 3, 1940 (homemade)

Denton, Lilly, no dates, recent temporary marker but probably old grave, 3rd grave/approx. 13 feet south of marker for Piney Belsha Denton [unreadable in 2004]

Denton, Loyd Brown, , May 15, 1915-July 8, 1915, "Son of William A. (Ab) & Piney Ann Belsha," recent temporary marker, 1st grave/5 feet south of marker for Piney Belsha Denton

Denton, Moncie F., June 17, 1910-Aug. 28, 1910, "Son of J. R. & M. E. Denton"

Denton, Piney Belsha, May 18, 1889-Aug. 15, 1915 [replacement]

Guthery, John R., Mar. 18, 1822-Mar. 19, 1899, "Husband of L. A. Guthery" [Masonic symbol]
Guthery, Lucy A., Nov. 3, 1827-____, "Wife of J. R. Guthery" [Elizabeth A. McDonald and Martha Randle also share this marker]

Ham, Bessie Celia, Jan. 22, 1915-Jan. 31, 1915, "Sister" [replacement]

Ham, Delia Louise, Dec. 22, 1912-June 3, 1914, "Sister" [replacement]

Ham, George, Oct. 1, 1888-Mar. 31, 1944, military marker "Pvt 51 Infantry 6 Div"

Ham, Icy Pearl Belsha, July 4, 1895-Apr. 10, 1936, "Mother" [replacement]

Ham, J. T., 1891-1957

Ham, Lottie Pearl, Apr. 15, 1923-May 13, 1926 [replacement]

Ham, Thomas Andrew, Feb. 9, 1920-May 30, 1940 [replacement]

Hamm, Billy G., Sr., 1932-2000, military marker as footstone "Billy Gene Hamm Sr." "Cpl US Army Korea"; dates on military marker July 1, 1932-Mar. 10, 2000
Hamm, Mary Lee, 1937-____

Hamm, David, no dates (homemade) [probably a space holder]

Hamm, Earl, Aug. 11, 1927-Jan. 2, 1998, "Pop" footstone

Holt, Wm. D., Jan. 21, 1839-Dec. 24, 1919

Jackson, Herbert, July 12, 1786-Dec. 20, 1842

Jackson, Martha, d. Sept. 10, 1844, "Supposed to be Fifty years old" "Consort of Harb Jackson"

Lott, Bessie Alma, 1904-1961

McDonald, A. M., Jan. 10, 1894-Sept. 21, 1900, "Son of D. H. & C. L. McDonald"

McDonald, Alexander H., Oct. 22, 1820-Aug. 23, 1871, "Husband of Ann McDonald and son of Archibald & E. M. McDonald"

McDonald, Ann, Apr. 1, 1822-Oct. 28, 1876, "Wife of A. H. McDonald"

McDonald, Archibald, Mar. 16, 1850-Mar. 17, 1850, "Son of A. H. & Ann McDonald"

McDonald, Elizabeth A., d. May 16, 1883, "Aged 87 Ys." "Wife of A. McDonald" [shares marker with John R. Guthery, Lucy A. Guthery, and Martha Randle]

McDonald, Henrietta C., Sept. 6, 1846-Oct. 23, 1871, "Dau. of A. H. & Ann McDonald"

McDonald, Infant, Dec. 25, 1843-Dec. 26, 1843, "Infant son of A. H. & Ann McDonald"

McDonald, Infant, born & died Dec. 3, 1848, "Infant dau. of A. H. & Ann McDonald"

McDonald, L. J., July 3, 1892-Aug. 8, 1892, "Dau. of D. H. & C. L. McDonald"

McDonald, William W., Feb. 3, 1845-Jan. 28, 1848, "Son of A. H. & Ann McDonald"

Randle, Martha E., d. Aug. 24, 1872, "Aged 19 ys. 11 ms. & 8 ds." "Mother of N. A. Randle" (marker is off its base)

Randle, Martha, d. Aug. 24, 1872, "Aged 19 Y, 11 M, & 8 D." "Wife of N. J. Randle" [shares marker with John R. Guthery, Lucy A. Guthery, and Elizabeth A. McDonald]

Riley, James A., Sept. 9, 1838-Mar. 7, 1914, military marker "Pvt Co F 9 Batt Tenn Cav CSA"

Stiff, Raymond Jack, Sr., Apr. 2, 1923-Aug. 21, 1997, military marker "SSgt US Army World War II"

Stiff, Sarah, 1931-2002, temporary marker, 4 yards northeast of military marker for Raymond Jack Stiff, Sr.



David Jr, no dates (homemade) [probably a Ham/Hamm, probably a space holder]

Jennifer, no dates (homemade) [probably a Ham/Hamm, probably a space holder]

M.J.K., footstone with no corresponding marker

Patricia H., no dates (homemade) [probably Ham/Hamm, adjacent to marker for David Hamm, probably a space holder]


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