May Cemetery is a very recent family cemetery on the west side of Old State Highway 13 between Bone Springs Cemetery and the Humphreys County line. David Donahue recorded May Cemetery January 14, 2000 and checked and updated it September 23, 2004.


May, Ivory Larimore, Oct. 18, 1912-Apr. 2, 1993, "Father"; military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army World War II"
May, Bonnie Northcolt, Dec. 17, 1929-Nov. 4, 1994, "Mother"; footstone with "Mima May"; "Married Sept. 3, 1949" "Our children Joe, Jim, Melanie"

May, Joe Frank, Aug. 29, 1951-____, "Father"
May, Phyllis Bell, Apr. 18, 1960-Mar. 16, 2004, "Mother" "Married Oct. 5, 1985" "Our children Britt-Kari"

Northcolt, Bonnie [see May, Bonnie Northcolt]


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