(Almost Heaven Cemetery)

            Tootsie Lomax is buried on the south side of Cypress Creek in Perry County, Tennessee. In September 2004 it was a single burial that lacked a permanent marker. The burial was recorded as located in Almost Home Cemetery in a record of new cemeteries in the newsletter of the Perry County Historical Society. The access drive is on Highway 412 opposite Perry County Gravel Company and appears to be the drive to a collapsing house. The drive runs west parallel to the highway, then turns south and fords the creek. The drive then turns west paralleling the creek to the western edge of the field, then turns south again following the field edge. South of the field it turn west crossing a small drainage ditch, then runs generally southwest. In 2004 though there was no permanent marker there was plenty of grave decoration to make the grave easily visible. David Donahue visited this grave in September 2004.


Lomax, Tootsie, Mrs., Nov. 6, 1942-June 25, 2000, temporary marker


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