Powell Branch is a small watershed in the southwestern corner of Perry County. Most of the watershed is included on the U.S.G.S. Bath Springs quadrangle. To the south of Powell Branch are shown three cemeteries along somewhat of a north-south line. The southernmost is labeled "Lafferty Cem." on the quadrangle. Leo and David Donahue were unable to find this cemetery on March 11, 1989. However, the cemetery was recorded by J. Erving Riley and Ermadine Riley in February 1987. Their record appears in Wayne County, Tennessee Cemetery and Death Records. They describe the location as "near the Denton, Wheat or Broadway store." The following is from their record.

Lafferty, Ara E., 1872-1878

Lafferty, Oze, Dec. 22, 1837-Feb. 15, 1889

Erving and Riley report indications of other graves.


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