Kittrell Cemetery, October 2001


            Kittrell is a small family cemetery in a former field on Lower Brush Creek in Perry County, Tennessee. David Donahue recorded Kittrell Cemetery October 19, 2001. In 2004 the gate was padlocked and posted No Tresspass. No new markers were visible.


Chaffin, Gene [see Kittrell, Gene Chaffin]

Kittrell, Harris D., June 23, 1901-Jan. 13, 1936
Kittrell, Lula Land, June 27, 1901-Feb. 1, 1958
[The death date given here for Harris D. Kittrell may be wrong. In her 2001 cemetery book Mary Bowen Bowen lists death year as 1966. In 1992 she recorded this marker, without a death date for Harris, in the nearby Warren cemetery.]

Kittrell, Harris Tom, May 17, 1923-June 19, 1998
Kittrell, Gene Chaffin, June 13, 1921-____, "Wed June 26, 1948"

Land, Lula [see Kittrell, Lula Land]


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