(on the south side of Qualls Cemetery)

            This cemetery probably has no name. It is south of and outside the fence which surrounds the Qualls Cemetery, on land owned by J. C. Qualls. It is not controlled by the Qualls Cemetery Association. In addition to the identified burials, there is one unreadable temporary marker and two depressions which probably are burials. David Donahue recorded the J. C. Qualls Cemetery in October 2001 and checked and updated it September 23, 2004.


Duncan, Edith, 1930-____
Duncan, Vernon, 1927-____

Duncan, Larry Don, Dec. 13, 1947-Jan. 5, 2002
Duncan, Patti Renee, Jan. 9, 1956-____

Hensley, Jean Qualls, Aug. 19, 1934-____
Hensley, James Aaron, Feb. 7, 1931-July 23, 1999, "Daddy" footstone, "Married Dec. 23, 1951" "Children James Jr. Jerry Carl Bobby Margaret"

Jolliff, William B. M., Aug. 6, 1947-May 9, 1992, military marker "SP5 US Army Vietnam"

Kimble, Joshua Greg, Apr. 15, 1988, "Son of Greg and Debbie Kimble"

Kurty, Eugene, June 15, 1934-Aug. 31, 2001 (homemade)

Kurty, Jean Ann, Sept. 2, 1935-June 1, 2000 (homemade)

Lewis, Austin Blake, Oct. 31, 1994-Nov. 4, 1994, "Son of Chris and Vicki Lewis"

Marlin, Excell, Aug. 17, 1924-Nov. 17, 1999

McDonald, Jeffrey Wayne, July 15, 1969-Aug. 8, 1989

Parnell, Ola Victoria, Feb. 7, 1930-Aug. 6, 1988, "Mother" footstone
Parnell, Jack W., Mar. 18, 1929-June 19, 1993, military marker as footstone "Jack Wilburn Parnell" "Cpl US Army Korea"; "Married Dec. 11, 1948" "Our two sons Bobby and Rickie"

Qualls, Bonnie Ila, Sept. 19, 1918-Nov. 10, 1997, "Mother of Gean, Linda, Eva Nell, Annie Faye, Tony"
Qualls, Willie Earnest, Dec. 11, 1927-Jan. 25, 2003, "Father of Larry, Lester" "Married Feb. 5, 1958"

Qualls, Elva, Aug. 8, 1924-____, "Mother"
Qualls, J. C., Oct. 30, 1924-____, "Father" "Married Mar. 6, 1943"

Qualls, Jean [see Hensley, Jean Qualls]

Qualls, Waco, 1900-1978
Qualls, Lillie, 1903-1943



____bo, Alex, Nov. 14, 1912-Feb. 8, 1994, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, 10 feet east of marker for Excell Martin


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