Jackson Cemetery is a family cemetery established in 1976 on upper Coon Creek in Perry County, Tennessee. The access drive is on the south side of highway 412 about 1 mile east of Poplin Hollow Road. The cemetery is well maintained. There are no obvious unmarked graves. David Donahue recorded Jackson Cemetery September 24, 2004.


Barber, Daniel A., Jr., 1922-2001, footstone with "June"; also military marker as footstone "CM2 US Navy World War II"
Barber, Cathryn G., 1926-____, "Married Jan. 12, 1946"

Hall, Sonya Kaye Jackson, June 2, 1962-Feb. 29, 1992, "My daughter Lauren"

Jackson, Eva Virginia, Jan. 22, 1943-____
Jackson, Robert Leon, Dec. 2, 1941-Nov. 6, 1991, "Married Oct. 31, 1960"

Jackson, Fred N., 1902-1976
Jackson, Agnes H., 1911-1986

Jackson, Sonya Kaye [see Hall, Sonya Kaye Jackson]

Peevyhouse, Elizabeth, July 11, 1931-July 10, 1981, "Mother" footstone; also temporary marker, Martha E. Peevyhouse


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