Howard Cemetery, 1999


            This cemetery is technically outside the Cypress Creek watershed. However its inclusion here is warranted because it is near the mouth of Cypress Creek and lies on U.S. 412 (state highway 100) which runs along the Cypress Creek Valley and connects all the cemeteries. The church is just north of U.S. 412 and just east of the Alvin C. York bridge over the Tennessee River. The cemetery is named the Howard Cemetery on the U.S.G.S. Perryville quadrangle. In 1988 about a quarter or more of the graves here were indicated only by sunken spots. Most such spots were no longer visible by 2004.

            This cemetery also contains seven graves, four markers relocated from the Clayborn Cemetery near the mouth of Toms Creek when Kentucky Lake was created. This relocation is discussed in two works about Kentucky Reservoir cemeteries. One is James L. Douthat's Kentucky Lake Reservoir Cemeteries, Volume 3. The other The Kentucky Lake Cemetery Relocation Project by Judith Ann Maupin. These are referred to as Douthat and Maupin in notes below. Both may have worked with original handwritten records.

            Leo and David Donahue recorded Howard Cemetery December 28, 1988. David Donahue updated it in 1999; updated it August 17, 2004; and checked it October 2, 2004.


Allen, Sarah M., Apr. 28, 1815-Oct. 10, 1855 (fallen) [relocated grave]

Allen, child (unmarked) [relocated grave]

Barber, Marvin F., Apr. 20, 1913-Apr. 26, 1964

Barber, Mary [see Beasley, Mary Barber]

Barber, Reba Ann, Oct. 25, 1947-____, "Mother"
Barber, William Ardis, July 17, 1940-July 4, 2001, "Father" "Our children Ricky, Renea, Ryan"

Barber, Timothy P., Mar. 13, 1995-Mar. 14, 1995

Beasley, Joseph Atlas, 1902-1917, "Bought by Alma" [replacement]

Beasley, Mack H., 1887-1969
Beasley, Ann L., 1889-1983

Beasley, Martha S., Aug. 5, 1922-____
Beasley, Jesse C., Sept. 7, 1994

Beasley, Mary, 1920-1979
Beasley, Lloyd, 1916-1978, "Married Sept. 25, 1937"

Beasley, Mary Barber, 1868-1916, "Bought by Alma" [replacement]

Beasley, Mary E. Bessie, 1892-1976

Beasley, Pete, 1866-1933, "Bought by Alma" [replacement]

Beasley, Ruby C., 1923-____
Beasley, William K., 1923-1976, "Our children Mary-Reba"

Beasley, Vera A., June 18, 1908-Sept. 5, 1989, temporary marker as footstone, Vera Polan Beasley
Beasley, Sims C., May 25, 1899-Sept. 11, 1964

Beasley, William Thomas "Pete," Aug. 19, 1938-Feb. 8, 2004, "Devoted father, grandpa, brother, and friend" "Love, your children: Lesia, Dirk, Tara"

Briley, Coy Wilburn, June 27, 1922-June 8, 2003, temporary marker, 10 feet southwest of double marker for Zack D. and Sarah F. Nix

Carlberg, Blanche Howard, Aug. 28, 1897-July 20, 1971, "Wife of Leland R. Carlberg"

Churchwell, Ida H., Oct. 28, 1920-____
Churchwell, Clint W., Jan. 26, 1922-Dec. 4, 1996

Coleman, Thomas Ray, Sept. 26, 1946-____

Coleman, W. Wiley, 1921-1985, military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"; also temporary marker, d. July 3, 1985, Aged 64 Years 3 Months
Coleman, Lincoln H., 1925-____

Corin, E. A. (unmarked grave) [relocated grave; "Coring" listed here to match Martha Jane; Douthat: E. A. Coring; Maupin: E. A. Goring]

Corin, Martha Jane, Mar. 31, 1822-Mar. 19, 1840, "Sacred to the memory of Martha Jane Corin who departed this life on the 19th of March 1840 Aged 17 years 11 mos. & 19 days--A Tomb is erected by her affectionate husband Geo. W. Corin as a token of his respect" [relocated grave; this is a large carved slab placed flush at ground level]

Green, David Monroe, May 8, 1947-Sept. 26, 2004, temporary marker, Young Funeral Home, 5 feet north of double marker for Harriett N. and G. Frank Weems

Howard, Abner C., born 7 died Sept. 1, 1882, "Son of R. J. & E. C. Howard"

Howard, Benjamin R., Apr. 1, 1868-Mar. 24, 1911, "Husband of F. H. Howard" [Masonic symbol]

Howard, Betsy, Dec. 12, 1785-Mar. 24, 1859, "Born in Cerry Co. N.C." [Surry County] "This monument is erected as a token of affectionate remembrance by her son C. A. H. and her daughter R. A. S. M." (broken) [relocated grave]

Howard, Blanche [see Carlburg, Blanche Howard]

Howard, Ellen C., May 2, 1840-Jan. 26, 1892, "Wife of R. J. Howard" (lichen encrusted)

Howard, Ethel Weems, Nov. 14, 1902-June 12, 1982
Howard, Benjamin R. (Dick), July 23, 1900-July 6, 1983

Howard, Fannie Dick, Sept. 11, 1877-Sept. 29, 1895, "Daughter of R. J. & F. S. Howard"

Howard, Florence H., Mar. 24, 1870-Dec. 26, 1961, "Wife of Ben Howard" "Later married R. T. Monroe"

Howard, Frances S., Jan. 22, 1844-Apr. 11, 1878?, "Wife of R. J. Howard" (broken, lichen encrusted)

Howard, George Franklin, Mar. 17, 1923-Nov. 11, 1989, "Son of Dick and Ethel Howard"

Howard, James Walker, d. Aug. 28, 1871, Aged 6 Y'rs 5 Mo's, "Son of R. J. & S. H. Howard"

Howard, Louise D., Sept. 26, 1918-Aug. 11, 2001
Howard, Ben R., III, Mar. 8, 1920-Mar. 6, 1979, military marker as footstone "Sgt US Army World War II" to which was added the words "Air Force"

Howard, Marie M., Apr. 1, 1949-____, "Mother"
Howard, Jimmy, Mar. 9, 1949-Nov. 7, 1992, "Father"

Howard, R. J., Mar. 16, 1839-Oct. 26, 1895, "Lived life of a Christian in the Methodist Church 28 Y 3 Ms 19 Ds" [Masonic symbol] (lichen encrusted) [an inscription on the north side was unreadable]

Howard, Richard Henry, Aug. 24, 1889-Dec. 4, 1890, "Son of Bennie & Florence Howard"

Howard, Rock Cleatis, Nov. 17, 1893-June 18?, 1897, "Son of B. R. and F. H. Howard"

Howard, Sandy (unmarked grave) [relocated grave; Douthat: d. 1863, age 58; Maupin; 1805-1863]

Ledbetter, James D., Nov. 27, 1888-Mar. 7, 1965

Ledbetter, Joseph R., Dec. 17, 1933-May 5, 1950

Ledbetter, Lula Ethel, Sept. 23, 1890-Feb. 8, 1936

Lee, Jason Jaxon, June 20, 2000 [infant-style marker]

Lewis, Cecil V., Nov. 23, 1905-Nov. 12, 1980
Lewis, Lauis H., Oct. 1, 1907-Jan. 25, 1974

Lewis, Edna, May 27, 1904-May 5, 1993
Lewis, Ed, Oct. 19, 1899-Oct. 11, 1979, "Married September 10, 1921"

Lewis, John Wm., Apr. 11, 1922-Nov. 17, 1968, "Father" footstone, "Married February 28, 1946" [only name on double marker]

Macklin, Peggy C., Mar. 22, 1935-Jan. 11, 2000, "Mother"

Maynard, Grace L., 1910-1972
Maynard, Howe, 1907-1980

Maynard, James C., 1932-____, "Father"
Maynard, Alice W., 1931-1978, "Mother" "Married May 7, 1954" [from temporary marker read in 1988: d. May 11, 1978, Age 46 Yrs 5 Months]

McDonald, Nancy, d. Dec. 4, 1983, Aged 58 Years 9 Months, ?? Days, temporary marker read in 1988

McLemore, Cora L., Mar. 13, 1880-Feb. 18, 1906, "Wife of J. P. McLemore"

Nix, Johnny B., May 20, 1949-Apr. 11, 1975, "Son"
Nix, Hazel B., Dec. 29, 1914-Nov. 2, 1980

Nix, Zack D., Sept. 1, 1896-Mar. 18, 1971
Nix, Sarah F., Aug. 19, 1900-Aug. 20, 1968

Polan, Eva Mae, Oct. 26, 1920-____, "Mother"
Polan, Malcolm E., Apr. 19, 1915-July 24, 1993, "Father" "Our sons W. Franklin and Larry W."

Polan, John T., Jan. 23, 1910-Jan. 23, 1994

Spruce, Lewis P., dates unreadable, "Sacred to the memory of Lewis P. Sp___ [unreadable] who departed this life of the 15th day of ___ [unreadable], Aged 38 years. [Relocated grave. This is a large carved slab placed flush at ground level which is broken and difficult to read. There is a second totally unreadable inscription. The slab is next to and in the style of the slab marking the grave of Martha Jane Corin. Dates in for Lewis P. Spruce in Maupin are 1800-1838.]

Ward, Amber Marie, Jan. 26, 1987-May 25, 1991

Ward, Irene M., Nov. 19, 1953-____
Ward, Jimmy H., Dec. 24, 1916-May 25, 1991, "Wed Jan. 19, 1985" "Our children Sabrina Amber"

Weems, Ethel [see Howard, Ethel Weems]

Weems, Harriet N., Aug. 13, 1879-Apr. 11, 1967
Weems, G. Frank, Sept. 20, 1879-Sept. 10, 1967


Seven graves are listed in The Kentucky Lake Cemetery Relocation Project by Judith Ann Maupin (1975) as having been moved to this cemetery. They are: Allen, Sarah M., 1815-1855; Allen, child; Goring, Martha Jane, 1823-1840; Goring, E. A.; Spruce, Lewis, 1800-1838; Howard, Betsy, 1807-1862; Howard, Sandy, 1805-1863


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