Horner Cemetery, April 1999


          This cemetery, unnamed on the U.S.G.S. Pope quadrangle, is located at the mouth of McGee Hollow, south of what the map marks as Horner Church.


Horner, Nancy, Aug. 25, 1820-Sept. 6, 1914, "Wife of William Horner" "Mother"
Horner, William, Mar. 11, 1815-Sept. 11, 1869, "Father"


            Immediately next to this marker is another older marker for the same William Horner. This marker was intact in 1988 but was missing the top in 1999. In addition, this small cemetery contains two cairns built of cut, stacked stones (hidden in vegetation in photo). Both were in poor condition from neglect in 1988 and had been vandalized before 1999. There are no surviving markings on either. Terry McDonald, occupant of the Horner house in 1999, estimates that there are up to seven burials here.

            According to A Horner Legacy by Fredalene Cooper Horner: "William and Nancy Horner owned slaves, so there are five graves marked with stones. These were graves of his slaves that were buried in the Horner Cemetery on Cedar Creek." Nancy Horner was Nancy Randle, daughter of Amos Randle (Feb. 13, 1799-Mar. 10, 1881) and Rebecca Finn (Jan. 15, 1798-July 23, 1867).


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