Holder Cemetery, April 1999


            Holder is a family cemetery which dates to the 1880s. It is shown in the lower center of the U.S.G.S. Pope quadrangle. It is well maintained and is in use currently.

            Leo and David Donahue recorded Holder Cemetery December 25, 1988. David Donahue updated it April 16, 1999 and checked and updated it September 2, 2004. An earlier listing of this cemetery was made by Ermadine T. Riley and J. Ervin Riley and appeared in The River Counties, 13(1-4), 1984. Reference to this listing is made where appropriate.


Brown, Neelie [see Holder, Neelie B.]

Bunch, Georgie, 1860-1935
Bunch, Sophia, 1906-1979

Bunch, L. G., June 30, 1923-June 3, 1960

Holder, Bettie, Dec. 26, 1869-Sept. 27, 1936, "Mother"
Holder, Joe, Sept. 27, 1862-Aug. 17, 1920, "Father"

Holder, Dean Landers, July 10, 1926-____
Holder, Nellie B., Jan. 24, 1923-Nov. 25, 1986 [temporary marker read in 1988 identified her as Nellie Brown Holder], "Parents of Sue Judy Brenda"

Holder, Dewey L., Oct. 23, 1900-Aug. 26, 1941, "Pap" footstone
Holder, Myrtle E., Apr. 22, 1902-Mar. 4, 1977, "Mom" footstone, "Parents of Brown, Roy, Nannie Mae, Ethelee, D. L."

Holder, Eula M., Aug. 11, 1915-Aug. 2, 1972
Holder, U. Clatus, Jan. 13, 1910-Jan. 6, 1993

Holder, Ida Inman, Jan. 1, 1906-Mar. 28, 1928 [replacement]

Holder, Infant, Nov. 20, 1934-Nov. 21, 1934, "Daughter of Rev. and Mrs. W. I. Holder" [replacement]

Holder, Jessie, Mar. 13, 1896-____ 25, 1902 (broken)\

Holder, John, no dates (homemade)

Holder, John, Feb. 7, 1836-June 29, 1865, "Husband of S. E. Holder"
Holder, S. E., June 13, 1841-Sept. 12, 1896, "Wife of John Holder" (marker is loose on its base)

Holder, John E., Oct. 23, 1897-Dec. 26, 1898, "Son of Joe and S. E. Holder" (broken)

Holder, M. L., Nov. 13, 1884-Oct. 10, 18??, "Daughter of J. H. and N. A. Holder" (broken) [recorded in 1998; not found in 2004]

Holder, Nannie, Dec. 9, 1865-Jan. 16, 1905, "Wife of John Holder" (loose on base) [adjacent to the homemade marker for the John Holder without dates]

Holder, Roy Claggard, Dec. 24, 1924-Apr. 26, 1986, "Father" "Children Lanie Robert Joy Jimmy"; military marker as footstone "Cox US Navy World War II"

Inman, Ida [see Holder, Ida Inman]

Landers, Robert William, Jan. 30, 1900-July 15, 1992
Landers, Lillie Edna, July 5, 1914-July 11, 1994, "Loving mother devoted father Sept. 16, 1929"

Myatt, Ian davis, June 9, 2004-Jube 9, 2004, temporary marker, Young Funeral Home, 3 feet south of double marker for Robert William and Lillie Edna Landers"


            Jill Garrett, editor of The River Counties, added the following notes about people reported by newspapers to be buried in this cemetery:

Bunch, L. G., 30 June 1923-3 June 1960, son of George and Sophia Carter Bunch.

Bunch, Mrs. Sophia Carter, 73, died 27 Sept. 1979. (Nashville, Tennessean, 19 Sept. 1979)

Crowell, Mrs. Myrtle, died 4 March 1977. (Perry Countian, 11 March 1977)


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