This is a black cemetery which must have been the primary burial ground for blacks in the Linden area for years. In a photograph the cemetery looks empty because there are only a few permanent carved markers, but a walk in the cemetery quickly reveals that there is almost no area within the cemetery without evidence of burials. Most of the markers recorded circa 1989 and on a 1999 visit lie around the periphery of the cemetery. The center is full. David Donahue recorded this cemetery circa 1991; revisited it May 1, 1999; and updated it August 13, 2004. There may be 200 or more burials here.

          The May 1999 view at left is made standing near the Danny Lee Yarbro grave and looking east the full length of the cemetery. While the view reveals few markers, the area is shown is almost solidly filled with burials. The cemetery is full.


Brashers, Charity Addlieline [see Robinson, Charity Addieline Brashers]

Catron, Henriette, 1870-934
Catron, Andrew D., 1865-1942

Catron, Thomas, Jan. 8, 1889-June 10, 1914, "Son of A. D. & H. A. Catron"

Craig, Finis, 1904-Jan. 17, 1969, military marker "Tennessee PFC US Army World War II"

Doyle, Clint, d. Nov. 16, 1953, Aged 52 Years, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, 8 feet south of military marker for Claude Vaughn

Jones, Elbert, 1888-1961, temporary marker d. Aug. 26, 1961

Jones, C. W., Apr. 12, 1922-Nov. 5, `953, military marker "Tennessee PFC 3897 Qm Gas Sup Co World War II"

Jones, Henry, no dates
Jones, Virginia (Gee Gee), no dates

Jones, Jackie Ray, Nov. 10, 1947-Mar. 22, 1969, military marker "Tennessee Pvt US army"

Jones, Mary Elizabeth, d. Dec. 19, 1951, Aged 82 Years____, temporary marker 3 yards west of military marker for C. W. Jones

Jones, Smith, d. Dec. 16, 1935, Aged 47 Ys 11 Ms 5 day, temporary marker

Jones, Walter, d. Aug. 19, 1968, Age 43 Y 10? M 19 D, three feet east of military marker for Jackie Ray Jones

Majors, Ellie A., d. Mar. 2, 1963, Aged 3 Ms 10 Ds, temporary marker about 10 yards northwest of marker for Robert L. Yarbrough

Majors, Lela? Reth?, d. Apr. 13, 197_, A 33Y 2M 22 D, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home

Majors, O'Neal, d. May 27, 1973, Aged 38 Y, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home

Odil, Julie, d. June 22, 1963, Aged 82 Y 4 M 20 D, temporary marker northwest of double marker for Ed and Monetta Odle

Odle, Andrew G., Feb. 28, 1895-Jan. 1, 1950, military marker "Tennessee Col 154 Depot Brigade World War I"

Odle, David C., 1865-1945, "Father" footstone
Odle, Susie B., 1862-1938

Odle, Ed, Sept. 1, 1889-Jan. 13, 1956
Odle, Monetta, Sept. 15, 1903-____

Pettigrew, Ammil;e M., Oct. 1, 1905-Dec. 15, 1973

Robinson, Andrew Wardell, Dec. 21, 1912-July 21, 2002 [has temporary marker from H. H. Hudson Funeral Home, Dyersburg, Tennessee]
Robinson, James Reddick, Feb. 15, 1920-Mar. 25, 2002

Robinson, John Henry Brown, Aug. 11, 1876-Apr. 17, 1960
Robinson, Charity Addieline Brasher, Jan. 26, 1878-Aug. 18, 1932, "Married Jan. 1, 1902" "With love the children"

Robinson, Mary L., Feb. 4, 1905-Nov. 23, 1998, temporary marker, H. H. Hudson Funeral Home, Dyersburg, 1 yard north of double marker for John Henry Brown Robinson and Addieline Brashers Robinson

Robinson, Tom Brashers, June 26, 1903-Jan. 11, 1963, "With love sister & brothers"

Tatum, Francis Benice, 1917-1971, temporary marker 30 feet north of double marker for David C. and Susie B. Odle

Thomas, Johnnie M., Jan. 27, 1923-May 21, 1980 [adjacent to and in same style as marker for Allie M. Pettigrew]

Sharpe, Dennis, Apr. 16, 1948-Aug. 25, 1969, military marker as footstone "Dennis Claude Sharpe" "Tennessee PFC H&S Co 5 Mar 1 Mar Div Vietnam PH"

Vaughn, Claude, Jan. 9, 1894-Oct. 1, 1966, military marker "Tennessee Pvt US Army World War I"

Vaughn, Claude, Jr., d. Apr. 9, 1979, Age 50 Y 8 M 2 D, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, 3 feet west of marker for Dennis Sharpe

Vaughn, Lizzie, Jan. 16, 1898-Nov. 24, 1975

Vaughn, Thomas A., May 9, 1936-Apr. 3, 1965

Yarbro, Evelyn, dates unreadable, loose temporary marker, two feet east of temporary marker for Danny Lee Yarbro in far northwestern corner of cemetery

Yarbro, Danny Lee, 1856-1993, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, Centerville, in far northwest corner of cemetery

Yarbro, Velton, 1944-2004, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home, along west fence, 2nd grave, 4 yards from road

Yarbrough, Robert L., Jan. 1, 1953-Mar. 1, 1953



Joseph, no last name, no dates [loose marker fragment found about 3 feet from marker for Dennis Sharpe]

Mar____, Barrett, d. Dec. 19, ____, Aged 18 Y, temporary marker

______, Thomas Andy, d. Apr. 3, 196_, Aged 29 Ys 10 M __ D, temporary marker, McDonald Funeral Home


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