(Randle Cemetery)

            One problem of working cemeteries from a distance is that you have no opportunity to learn about the cemeteries, including their names. From 1999-2001, from multiple local sources, I learned that the cemetery I formerly called Hastings-Denton after the readable markers is generally called the Randel Cemetery. Because of the local use of the name Randel for this cemetery I have changed the cemetery name on the index page.

            Randel Cemetery is a very old and relatively large cemetery. It is the unnamed cemetery on Flowers Branch on the U.S.G.S. Pope quadrangle between the Woods-Treadwell Cemetery (called Bunch Cemetery on the map) and the Flowers Cemetery. This cemetery was abandoned more than a century ago. In addition, grave robbers have destroyed much of what survived neglect. There are nine or ten of the above-ground burial cairns here. It appears that some time in 1988 a group a people got together here to drink beer and plunder the cairns. All of the cairns had been broken into and dug up. Many fieldstones are still visible. Only two tombstones were found. It is possible that more might be found through a careful search through the weeds, leaves, and brush. Both markers found, though toppled, were in good condition. The cemetery is large enough to have contained over 100 graves. Recorded on December 25, 1988.


Denton, I. [Isaac], no dates, military marker "Co E 2nd Tenn Mtd Inf"

Hasting, Martha, July 31, 1830-May 28, 1860


            Randel Cemetery is included in Volume II of Mary (Stewart) Bowen's Perry County, Tennessee Cemetery Records. She provides the information below.

Reported by Royleta Malone as possibly buried here:

Randel, Moses died between 1860-1870
Randel, Rebecca died between 1850-1860

Their offspring:

Randel, Amos died 10 March 1882
Randel, John R. died 18 April 1873
Randel, Lucinda Pearson died between 1860-1866
Randel, Frances Lewis died after 1870
Randel, Lydia Jane died between 1860-1870
(son Nathaniel Moses Randel buried in Pinckney's Tomb)

Amos Randel's wife Rebecca (Finn) Randel died 23 July 1869
Son James C. Randel died between 1840-1850
Son John W. Randel died between 1840-1850
Son Amos Randel Jr. died between 1840-1850
Son Nacy Randel died about 1846
(Was there some epidemic that all these sons died then?)

John R. Randel's 1st wife died about 1849/1850
John R. Randel's 2nd wife died after 1870
Son Paschal M. Randel died before 1870
Daughter Harriel D. Randel died 4 Apr 1882
Son William A. Randel died 1 Apr 1878


From A Horner Legacy by Fredalene Cooper Horner:

Amos Randle (Feb. 13, 1799-Mar. 10, 1882)
Rebecca Finn Randle (Jan. 15, 1798-July 23, 1867)


Randel Cemetery, December 1988


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