Harder Cemetery, April 1999


            Harder Cemetery is one of the oldest on Cedar Creek as evidenced by the number of above-ground cut stone burial cairns. The cemetery is well maintained and in current use. Most burials here are either unmarked or unidentified. Some fieldstones identify burials. If they remain readable it may be difficult to do so. Best time to read fieldstones would be late afternoon when the sun shines directly on their west faces on at mid-day in December when the sun is low on the horizon and shines across them making shadows in the surviving lettering. Notes below indicated which fieldstones were read under ideal light in 1988 and which were read in 2004.

            Leo and David Donahue recorded Harder Cemetery November 25, 1988, and December 29, 1988. David Donahue checked and updated the cemetery September 11, 2004. This cemetery also was recorded in 1977 by Bonnie K. Harder of Linden. Her record appears as Harder, Bonnie K, "Harder Cemetery," The River Counties, Vol. 6, No. 3, July 1977, pp. 165-169. This is referred to several times in the notes below.


Alley, Wilton, Sept. 29, 1932-____
Alley, J. W., Dec. 16, 1927-____, "Wed Oct. 11, 1952" "Our children Bily-Angela" "Our grandchildren Morgan, Skyelar, Summer"

Anderson, John M., 1805-1880 [replacement]

Anderson, Sarah [see Harder, Sarah]

Bates, Julia W., 1852-1899 [replacement; this grave was marked by a fieldstone in 1988]

Bates, Mary [see Harder, Mary Bates]

Beatty, Sarah, May 12, 1866-Sept. 13, 1946

Boyd, Elsie Harder, Oct. 4, 1910-____, unplaced "Wife" footstone
Boyd, Melvin C., Aug. 6, 1908-Mar. 28, 1988, "Husband" footstone

Brown, Albert T., Nov. 30, 1918-Aug. 25, 1996

Brown, Etta [see Richardson, Etta Brown]

Bunch, Charles M., Sept. 13, 1945-Dec. 31, 1968

Bunch, Louise I., Nov. 20, 1911-Aug. 10, 2003
Bunch, Stanley L., Sept. 27, 1909-Apr. 1, 1983, "Married August 3, 1929"

Bunch, Maggie Lees, Apr. 12, 1891-Mar. 14, 1980
Bunch, Charlie N., Feb. 13, 1877-Jan. 13, 1960

Bunch, Malcolm R., Aug. 4, 1939-Nov. 28, 1939

Campbell, Emma [see Hensley, Emma Campbell]

Campbell, Groom M. E., 1848-1890 [replacement]

Campbell, J. B., 1866?-1915? (carved fieldstone) [read in 1988]

Campbell, Mary, July 2, 1878-Oct. 9, 1878, "Daughter of W. J. and Eliza"

Campbell, T. A., d. Feb. 7, 1880 (carved on fieldstone) [single date seen assumed for death; read in 1988]

Choate, Martha Jane, Feb. 22, 1950-Nov. 29, 2002
Choate, Arthur, Jr., Feb. 17, 1937-____

Coleman, Jennie [see Hamm, Jennie C.]

Coleman, Jimmie, Aug. 9, 1871-May 10, 1897, "Husband of Flora" [Bonnie Harder records this as J. R. Coleman and notes that he is son of W. B. and Martha]

Coleman, M. C. C., Jan. 12, 1848-Nov. 13, 1904, "Wife of W. B. Coleman" (fallen) [Bonnie Harder lists this as Martha Simmons Coleman, mother of J. R., T. A., W. E., E. M., M. A., N. H., M. B., A. B.]

Coleman, W. E., Dec. 9, 1876-Feb. 27, 1885 (marker is loose on its base) [Bonnie Harder notes him to be son of Martha, wife of W. B.]

Coleman, Wilma [see Moore, Wilma Coleman]

Cotham, Leater, Aug. 12, 1899-Jan. 24, 1919 (Marker off its base) [there is a Modern Woodmen of America flag holder by this marker; Bonnie Harder notes him to be the son of Elijah and Mima]

Cotham, Mima J., Dec. 6, 1866-Oct. 23, 1945
Cotham, Elijah A., Sept. 12, 1864-Nov. 1, 1944

Cursey, ______, no dates, (carved on fieldstone) [read in 1988; Bonnie Harder listed this as Kersey]

Davis, C. Elsie, 1906-1993
Davis, J. Lewis, 1907-1967

Davis, Hester B., Oct. 16, 1880-Mar. 25, 1908, "Wife of B. J. Davis" [in row with R. M. Ham family markers]

Davis, Mavis [see Harness, Mavis Davis]

Dedrick, Lockie Howell, June 9, 1924-____
Dedrick, John Andrew, Mar. 6, 1918-____

Dedrick, Robert I., Jan. 27, 1916-May 31, 1999
Dedrick, Ruby L., Oct. 18, 1920-____

Dixon, Roy Joe, Aug. 15, 1962-Apr. 21, 1997

Duncan, J., no dates (carved on fieldstone) [read in 1988]

Duncan, Nancy Belle, Jan. 10, 1891-July 25, 1978

Earlywine, Ora Lee, Aug. 12, 1920-Dec. 24, 1996

Ellison, Jeffrey Lynn, Feb. 25, 1959-Oct. 26, 1990

Ellison, Ollie M. [see Moore, Ollie M. Ellison]

Ferguson, Bertha H., Aug. 12, 1892-June 12, 1992
Ferguson, John T., Jan. 26, 1883-Mar. 1, 1975 [Bonnie Harder noted him as John Turner Ferguson]

Gordon, Wilton H. (Sue), June 8, 1921-Dec. 13, 1978
Gordon, Wade G., July 11, 1916-____ [ground disturbance suggests that he was buried before 2002]

Graham, Allen Henry, Oct. 12, 1896-Jan. 24, 1965

Graham, Bettie L., 1903-1971, "Mother" footstone

Graham, Delphia, Dec. 27, 1895-Feb. 21, 1932, "Wife of A. H. Graham"

Graham, Earline Strickland, Apr. 5, 1913-Aug. 28, 1997, "Mother" footstone [adjacent to marker for Allen Henry Graham]

Graham, Fred H., Jan. 15, 1910-Oct. 12, 1912 [probably son of J. M. and Ella J. Graham, whose double marker is adjacent]

Graham, J. M., 1874-1963, "Husband of Ella J. Graham" "Father"
Graham, Ella J., 1878-1924, "Wife of J. M. Graham" "Mother"

Graham, Lydia [see Moore, Lydia Graham]

Graham, Marion Dee, 1919-2000
Graham, Hazel I., 1925-2000

Graham, Oneil J., Nov. 10, 1927-Mar. 3, 1990 [Masonic symbol]

Griffen, Mary, d. May 1, 18__ (carved on a fieldstone 6 feet south of double marker for George and Margie Smith) [recorded in 1988; Bonnie Harder noted that W. A. Griffin is her husband]

Griffin, C., d. Feb. 18, 1889 (homemade) [loose, out of place; sole date assumed for death]

Griffin, Madie E., Mar. 23, 1913-____ [ground disturbance suggests that she was buried before 2004]
Griffin, C. Leonard, Jan. 29, 1904-Apr. 5, 1979

Griffin, W. A., no dates (homemade) [read in 1988]

Groom, Alfred, May 12, 1847-Aug. 7, 1928

Groom, Anna, Nov. 15, 1850-July 9, 1895

Groom, Infant, no dates, "Son of Thompson and Sallie Groom"

Groom, Infant, no dates, "Son of Thompson and Sallie Groom"

Groom, J. W., Feb. 15, 1844-Aug. 25, 1907

Groom, James G., Sept. 28, 1856-Oct. 18?, 1887 (lichen encrusted)

Groom, Jesse, 1855-1857, "Son of Thompson and Sallie Groom"

Groom, Noah, May 20, 1881-Apr. 11, 1956

Groom, Sallie, Oct. 24, 1828-Aug. 19, 1900, "Wife of Thompson Groom"

Groom, Thompson, Oct. 24, 1815-Nov. 29, 1896, "Husband of Sallie Groom"

Ham, Anthony Mills, 1816-1873, unplaced "Grandfather" footstone
Ham, Mary Frances, Apr. 7, 1821-Mar. 9, 1879, unplaced "Grandmother" footstone (this marker is at the head of one of the stone cairns)

Ham, Elizabeth, Nov. 3, 1870-May 17, 1946
Ham, W. F., Oct. 23, 1855-Mar. 10, 1940

Ham, Hober, Dec. 17, 1897-Sept. 25, 1898, "Son of R. M. & M. A. Ham"

Ham, Infant, Jan. 28, 1887-Dec. 1, 1888, "Infant daughter of R. M. & M. A. Ham"

Ham, James A., Feb. 5, 1898-Sept. 24, 1916, "Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Ham"

Ham, Jennie C., 1904-1965 (homemade) [In 1988 there was a broken wooden cross with the family name and date painted on, only partially readable. In 2004 it was a homemade marker with a temporary marker plate embedded in concrete; it is unlikely to last many years. Bonnie Harder noted her to be Jennie Campbell Hamm, daughter of J. B. Campbell.]

Ham, Martha A., Jan. 28, 1858-Nov. 11, 1928, "Wife of R. M. Ham"

Ham, Rebecca, Nov. 21, 1875-Sept. 22, 1883, "Daughter of R. M. & M. A. Ham"

Ham, Robert H., Apr. 11, 1895-Mar. 7, 1919, "Son of R. M. Ham" [Masonic symbol]

Harder, Baby, no dates [replacement; Bonnie Harder noted that this is daughter of Earl and Minnie E. Harder]

Harder, Bertha L., Jan. 3, 1898-Mar. 22, 1988

Harder, Clora [see Richardson, Clora H.]

Harder, Earl L., Nov. 18, 1886-Dec. 4, 1937

Harder, Edgar, 1903-1906 [replacement; Bonnie Harder's record seems to indicate he is son of Leslie]

Harder, Elsie [see Boyd, Elsie Harder]

Harder, F. W., July 14, 1872-Mar. 3, 1941 [Frank W. per Bonnie Harder]

Harder, Francis Marion, June 22, 1837-Mar. 8, 1879, military marker "Pvt Co B 10 Tenn Cav Confederate States Army"

Harder, Harriett, Apr. 4, 1813-Nov. 19, 1893 [Bonnie Harder noted that she is wife of Jeremiah Harder and was Harriett Young]

Harder, Helen [see Mackin, Helen Harder]

Harder, Henry, 1893-1969

Harder, Infant, Apr. 13, 1902 [replacement; Bonnie Harder's record seems to indicate this is son of Leslie Harder]

Harder, Isabell, Jan. 16, 1877-June 23, 1950 [Bonnie Harder noted that she was second wife of Frank W. Harder]

Harder, Jeremiah, Sept. 18, 1810-Mar. 18, 1872

Harder, John Willis, Jan. 15, 1833-Jan. 19, 1891, military marker "Pvt Co B 10 Tenn Cav Confederate States Army"

Harder, John, 1878-1926 [replacement]

Harder, Laura, 1880-1884 [replacement]

Harder, Leslie, 1874-1928 [replacement]

Harder, M. Delilah, no dates

Harder, Mary Bates, Mar. 16, 1875-May 1, 1899 (fallen) [Bonnie Harder noted her to be first wife of Frank W. Harder]

Harder, Minnie E., Apr. 13, 1893-Nov. 24, 1975, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Earl L. Harder; Bonnie Harder noted her to be his wife]

Harder, O. Hollis, Feb. 2, 1990-____
Harder, Kathleen P., Dec. 16, 1922-Oct. 19, 1999, "Married June 6, 1941" "Children Jerry and Linda" "Grandchildren Marc and Matthew"

Harder, Prince William, Nov. 24, 1881-July 5, 1945
Harder, Ollie Bell, Feb. 8, 1886-Oct. 23, 1975

Harder, Sarah, 1848-1922 [replacement; Bonnie Harder noted her to be Sarah Anderson, wife of William H. Harder]

Harder, Sol, 1877-1907 [replacement]

Harder, William H., no dates, military marker "Capt. Co. G. 23 Tenn. Inf. C.S.A." [Bonnie Harder gave dates 1830-1897 and noted him to be son of Jeremiah Harder]

Hardin, Vick, Feb. 13, 1885-Feb. 23, 1969

Harness, Alan Dale, Aug. 1, 1966-____

Harness, Harry P., Feb. 28, 1931-____
Harness, Mavis Davis, Sept. 30, 1936-____

Hayes, Clinton Roger, Sept. 27, 1990-Sept. 27, 1990, "Son of Jimmy and Lisa"

Haynes, Dollie A., 1925-1984

Hensley, Joe A., 1879-1951
Hensley, Emma Campbell, 1878-19___, "His wife"

Hensley, Margaret, Mar. 25, 1947-Apr. 8, 2004
Hensley, R. C., Mar. 26, 1939-____

Hensley, Roy Dennis, Jan. 26, 1936-Oct. 17, 2003, military marker "SP4 US Army"

Hickerson, Della Ida, May 3, 1917-May 25, 1995
Hickerson, Kermit Lee, Dec. 5, 1913-____

Hildenbrandt, Todd E., Apr. 15, 1970-Mar. 2, 1994

Hinson, Arkie D. [see Richardson, Arkie D.]

Hinson, Clarence, Nov. 22, 1899-Mar. 28, 1901, "Son of H. N. and N. E. Hinson" [next to this is a marker identical in appearance but almost totally buried with "Cliffa, dau"]

Horner, Betty M., Feb. 11, 1930-Nov. 2, 1932 [replacement]

Horner, Emma [see Richardson, Emma Horner]

Horner, Liss, no dates (carved on fieldstone 2 graves 2 yards north of marker for Betty M. Horner) [read in 2004]

Horner, Ollie, Oct. 19, 1908-Apr. 28, 1912 (homemade marker)

Howell, Darlos Smith, July 11, 1932-____
Howell, James E., Jan. 9, 1930-____, "Married Nov. 3, 1948" "Our children Larry, Keith, Steve, Michelle"

Howell, Lockie [see Dedrick, Lockie Howell]

Hughes, P., May ?, 1900 (carved on fieldstone) [read in 1988]

Jones, Faye, Apr. 7, 1929-July 7, 2000, "Mother" footstone
Jones, John A., May 9, 1932-June 16, 1981, "Father" footstone, "Wed Mar. 29, 1952"

Jones, Tulsa W., Sept. 12, 1909-Dec. 6, 1961, Mother" footstone
Jones, Whit D., Aug. 31, 1903-May 9, 1963, "Father" footstone

Kelley, Carol Peterka, Mar. 15, 1953-Sept. 29, 2001, "Beloved daughter, sister, wife and friend"

Kelley, Elvis Landon, May 28, 1935-Nov. 4, 1990, military marker "MSgt US Air Force"

Kelley, George Thomas (G.T.), Nov. 3, 1922-Dec. 17, 2001 [Masonic symbol], military marker as footstone "US Army World War II"
Kelley, Ruby (Jewel) LaRue, Mar. 28, 1923-Apr. 28, 2002

Kelley, Georgie T., 1893-1981
Kelley, Ester, 1898-1957

Kelley, Imogene [see Jones, Imogene Kelley]

Kelley, James A. "Jack," May 23, 1926-Aug. 23, 1996, "Father" footstone, also military marker as footstone "PFC US Army World War II"
Kelley, Imogene, Nov. 11, 1934-____, unplaced "Mother" footstone

Kennamore, Jimmy Loyd, May 10, 1952-June 20, 1952
Kennamore, Timmy Floyd, May 10, 1952-June 21, 1952

Kennamore, Johnnie Levi, Aug. 15, 1916-May 15, 1967

Kennamore, Robbie L., June 8, 1918-May 18, 1952

Kirk, Alice [see Thompson, Alice Kirk]

Landers, Bessie Lee, Oct. 20, 1918-Nov. 3, 2001, "Mother" [adjacent to marker for Charlie C. Landers]

Landers, Charlie C., Feb. 9, 1913-July 21, 1996, "In memory of children"

Landers, Gary Lee, Dec. 20, 1954-June 22, 1984, "Father of Amanda"

LaRue, Dorothy [see Smith, Dorothy LaRue]

Larue, Ruby (Jewel) [see Kelley, Ruby (Jewel) LaRue]

Less, Maggie [see Bunch, Maggie Lees]

Lomax, Andrew, no dates, military marker "Co. F. 2 Tenn. Mtd. Inf."

Lomax, Clora, 1884-1957

Lomax, Daisy Cleatis, Mar. 11, 1914-Jan. 26, 1976
Lomax, Barney Hill, Mar. 16, 1916-Oct. 21, 1982

Lomax, Elizabeth, Feb. 9, 1834-May 14, 1910, "Wife of W. A. Lomax" (fallen) [adjacent to military marker for Andrew Lomax]

Lomax, Etta Lee, Oct. 18, 1894-May 31, 1952
Lomax, Arnold F., May 30, 1894-Mar. 8, 1973,"Father and Mother" footstone

Lomax, Ezra Clay, Jan. 19, 1900-Aug. 15, 1934
Lomax, Givie Lee, Mar. 20, 1900-May 16, 1975

Lomax, Fannie M., Jan. 22, 1914-Oct. 2, 1993
Lomax, Neely M., Feb. 13, 1906-July 16, 1968

Lomax, James Albert, 1892-1893 [probably son of Sarah Ann and Joseph Russell Lomax, whose double marker shares the same concrete border]

Lomax, John W., no dates, military marker "Co. I. 9 Tenn. Cav. C.S.A."

Lomax, Mark, 1951-____, "Reverend" (homemade)

Lomax, Martha, Oct. 18, 1844-July 5, 1922

Lomax, Minnie, 1894-1895 [probably daughter of Sarah Ann and Joseph Russell Lomax, whose double marker shares the same concrete border]

Lomax, Nancy J., Feb. 27, 1876-Apr. 29, 1946
Lomax, W. J., Feb. 14, 1870-Jan. 3, 1954

Lomax, Robert A., Oct. 20, 1873-Mar. 6, 1957
Lomax, Mary R., June 23, 1871-May 13, 1956

Lomax, Sara Ann, 1865-1953, "Mother"
Lomax, Joseph Russell, 1860-1933, "Father"

Mackin, Helen Harder, Oct. 3, 1931-Feb. 11, 1951 [Bonnie Harder noted her to be daughter of Bertha L. Harder]

Makin, ______, no dates (last name carved on fieldstone) [read in 1988]

Marvin, Albert W., Oct. 21, 1889-Nov. 6, 1912, "Son of J. E. and Guby Marvin"

Marvin, Gussie G., d. Aug. 4, 1897, Age 3 Ys 9 Ms 27 Ds, "Daughter of J. E. and M. K." (broken)

Moore, Bessie B., May 13, 1916-June 29, 1992, "Mother"
Moore, Hershel R., Oct. 19, 1910-Mar. 16, 2002, "Dad"; "Married Jan. 20, 1933"

Moore, Cressie E., Aug. 14, 1904-Dec. 17, 1986
Moore, J. Abb, Aug. 6, 1903-Oct. 20, 1972

Moore, Fount K., Dec. 25, 1917-____

Moore, G. H., Dec. 21, 1898-Aug. 7, 1979, "Father" [Bonnie Harder gives his name as Hobart Moore]
Moore, Lydia Graham, Jan. 26, 1902-Mar. 11, 1929, "Mother"

Moore, G. L., Mar. 11, 1822-Jan. 7, 1907, "Husband of Deliah Moore" [Bonnie Harder noted him to be Garrett Littleberry Moore; wife Deliah Moore is probably Dellie T. More]

Moore, Isaac B., 1865-1948
Moore, Mary Richardson, 1868-1946, "His wife"

Moore, Mary Elizabeth, July 14, 1849-June 4, 1907, "Wife of W. H. Moore"

Moore, Ollie M. Ellison, July 25, 1931-____
Moore, Rogers Oneil, Dec. 5, 1925-June 27, 1971, "Married Aug. 24, 1947" "Daughters Lydia Joy 1951 and Anita Faye 1957"

Moore, Stella B., Sept. 2, 1895-Oct. 20, 1983
Moore, Bradford A., Mar. 10, 1894-May 22, 1974 [Bonnie Harder makes a note that A stands for Alonzo]

Moore, W. H., Feb. 20, 1849-Oct. 22, 1912 [Masonic symbol]

Moore, Wilma Coleman, Oct. 3, 1911-____, "Married to Hobart August 25, 1933"

More, Dellie T., Sept. 17, 1823-May 13, 1908

Pevahouse, Lilly, 1898-_____no dates [ground disturbance indicates she was buried here before 1988]
Pevahouse, Albert, 1892-1977

Pevahouse, Ophelia, 1874-1940, "Wife of John G."

Phillips, Donnie Joe, Sept. 19, 1958-Sept. 28, 1977

Phillips, Roy, Dec. 7, 1932-May 13, 2001
Phillips, Betty, Mar. 21, 1937-____, "Married Feb. 13, 1953" "Our children Barbara, Donnie, Dennis"

Pope Ottis B., Jan. 1920-Apr. 1921 [replacement]

Pope, _____, no dates (name carved on fieldstone) [read in 1988]

Richardson, Alizabeth, d. Dec. 14, 1850 (carved on stone on side of one of the burial cairns) [sole date assumed for death; read in 1988]

Richardson, Arkie D., 1875-1958
Richardson, Will H., 1868-1961
[a grave house stands over these graves, on which is posted: "Arkie Delphia Hinson Richardson Born Oct 12 1875 Died Feb 4 1958"]

Richardson, Calvin, Aug. 3, 1824-Aug. 16, 1902

Richardson, Claude B., 1906-1978

Richardson, E. Alex, 1881-1953, "Father" footstone
Richardson, Fannie B., 1883-1915, "Mother" footstone

Richardson, Elizabeth, d. Jan.? 1848 (carved on stone on side of one of the burial cairns) [sole date assumed for death; read in 1988]

Richardson, Elsie, July 12, 1907-Nov. 17, 1995, "Sister"
Richardson, Elvis Andrew "Taft," Dec. 7, 1910-Feb. 18, 1928, "Brother"

Richardson, Emma Horner, about 1809-Feb. 29, 1852 (at head of cairn) [replacement]

Richardson, George L., June 10, 1860-Oct. 5, 1959

Richardson, H. Ray, 1928-1976 [from temporary marker read in 1988: Herbert Ray Moore, d. Dec. 16, 1976, Aged 48 Years 15 Days]
Richardson, Clora H., 1903-1977 [from temporary marker read in 1988: d. Jan. 15, 1977, Aged 73 Years 9 Months 18 Days; Bnnie Harder notes that Clora was a Harder before her marriage]
Richardson, Fred E., 1906-____ [ground disturbance indicated Fred had been buried before 1999]

Richardson, Ida B., Sept. 3, 1915-____, "Mother"
Richardson, Willie D., Jan. 7, 1909-Oct. 16, 1974, "Father"

Richardson, Isaac, Aug. 6, 1831-July 4, 1906, "Husband of S. J. Richardson"

Richardson, J. E., ______ (homemade marker by the cairn 5 feet north of cairn with replacement marker for Emma Horner Richardson; has dates but could not read them) [read in 2004]

Richardson, James Allen, 1909-1912
Richardson, Elsie Odean, Aug. 5, 1928-Aug. 28, 1928 [possibly children of James R. and Bertha L. Richardson, whose double marker is adjacent]

Richardson, James R., 1889-1980, military marker as footstone "Pvt US Army World War I"; dates on military marker Sept. 16, 1889-Dec. 27, 1980
Richardson, Bertha L., 1894-1981

Richardson, Jane, Oct. 22, 1829-Jan. 21, 1893, "Wife of Calvin Richardson" (fallen)

Richardson, Johnnie, Mar. 7, 1838-Jan. 6, 1930

Richardson, Joseph W. (Cude), 1889-1974

Richardson, Josie, d. Aug. 3, 1863 (homemade) [read in 1988]

Richardson, Lovie Radine, June 17, 1928-____
Richardson, Etta Brown, July 31, 1907-Feb. 25, 2002
Richardson, Riley E., Nov. 3, 1905-June 5, 1995

Richardson, Mary [see Moore, Mary Richardson]

Richardson, Mary L., 1934-____

Richardson, Mary, Nov. 23, 1886-Aug. 2, 1974
Richardson, Alvin, Feb. 16, 1892-Feb. 11, 1964

Richardson, Nina D., 1905-2000 [adjacent to marker for Claude B. Richardson]

Richardson, Ollie D., Apr. 28, 1920-June 6, 1944, military marker "Tennessee PFC Infantry World War II"

Richardson, Pearlie Mae, Oct. 15, 1916-Oct. 10, 1933 [replacement]

Richardson, Pheba Jane, Mar. 2, 1867-June 21, 1937
Richardson, James M., Sept. 12, 1866-Jan. 31, 1940

Richardson, Ricky Lynn, Oct. 3, 1953-Jan. 8, 1954 [may be son of Wilton M. and Clovis B. Richardson, whose double marker is adjacent]

Richardson, S. J., June 16, 1834-May 5, 1906, "Wife of Isaac Richardson" (broken and repaired)

Richardson, Sarah Lee, Jan. 10, 1894-July 27, 1896 [replacement]

Richardson, William, 1841-1885, military marker "Co. E. 2 Tenn. Mtd. Inf."

Richardson, Wilton M., Feb. 17, 1925-Nov. 12, 1984 [Wilton is female name appearing several time in Harder Cemetery]
Richardson, Clovis B., Jan. 27, 1922-Mar. 29, 1995, "Married Feb. 10, 1944"

Richardson, Zelma, 1945-____ [The markers for Zelma, Nina D., Claude B., and Mary L. Richardson lie in a row, are all made alike, and were placed at the same time]

Ricketts, Bobby Paul, July 11, 1955-Sept. 30, 2000

Sheffield, Mary Ann, d. May 23, 1863, Aged 21 Y'rs 9 mo's 15 Da's [Bonnie Harder noted her to be Mary Ann Simmons Sheffield]
Sheffield, Infant, no dates, "and Infant"

Simmons, Infant, born & died May 2, 1872, "Infant son of T. J. and M. C. Simmons"

Simmons, Infant, born & died Sept. 6, 1880, "Our infant" [Simmons is assumed; adjacent to marker for Malinda E. Simmons; Bonnie Harder noted this as baby of M. E. and J. B.]

Simmons, J., dates unreadable (carved on side of cairn, death date below ground) [read in 1988; death date reported by Bonnie Harder as Oct. 10, 1861]

Simmons, John F., Feb. 15, 1832-Jan. 3, 1874

Simmons, Malinda E., Feb. 22, 1832-Sept. 23, 1880, "Wife of J. B. Simmons"

Simmons, Martha [see Coleman, M. C. C.]

Simmons, Mary Ann [see Sheffield, Mary Ann]

Simmons, Nancy J., Nov. 27, 1837-July 3, 1874

Simmons, S. A., July 23, 1861 (carved on side of cairn) [read in 1988; Bonnie Harder reported the date Feb. 7, 1816 with this stone]

Simmons, Thomas, 1807-1882
Simmons, Malinda Bell, 1809-1885 [replacement]
[The original markers were reported by Bonnie Harder in 1977: Col. Thomas Simmons, July 21, 1807-Sept. 23, 1882; Malinda Bell Simmons, Sept. 5, 1809-July 14, 1885, "Wife of Thomas Simmons"

Sisco, Amanda C., Feb. 18, 1848-Aug. 21, 1869, "Mother of Joseph Marvin and Sallie Sisco"

Smith, Bertha R., Dec. 16, 1894-Mar. 28, 1996
Smith, John T., Nov. 23, 1889-June 23, 1987

Smith, Billie Carlos, July 24, 1926-Dec. 31, 1990, military marker "Tec 4 US Army World War II"

Smith, Charlie, Feb. 7, 1895-Oct. 12, 1918, "Corp." [Bonnie Harder noted him to be son of Elizabeth Smith]

Smith, D. F., July 18, 1892-Aug. 16, 1892, "Son of L. V. and E. Smith"

Smith, Darlos [see Howell, Darlos Smith]

Smith, Dorothy LaRue, Mar. 14, 1926-____
Smith, Jesse W., June 29, 1923-Mar. 13, 2004, "Wed June 28, 1945" "Our children Randy and Janet"

Smith, Elizabeth, Dec. 29, 1857-Sept. 15, 1903, "Wife of L. V. Smith"

Smith, George, July 30, 1859-May 13, 1928
Smith, Margie, Mar. 17, 1859-Jan. 20, 1910 [replacement]

Smith, James, Aug. 18, 1891-Oct. 1912 (eroded disintegrating homemade concrete marker) [Bonnie Harder notes this as son of G. W. and Margery Smith]

Smith, Luther Brown, Mar. 16, 1920-____
Smith, Lydia Amanda, Feb. 28, 1922-Oct. 19, 1999, "Married June 18, 1941" "Our children Tex Shirley Michael"

Smith, Luther V., 1854-1914 [replacement]

Smith, Patric, Oct. 6, 1888-Oct. 18, 1888, "Son of L. V. and E. Smith"

Smith, Simeon, 1823-1903
Smith, Frances T., 1824-1910, "Cherokee Indian" [replacement]

Smith, Thelma L., Dec. 15, 1908-Feb. 15, 1995
Smith, Hubert H., Feb. 6, 1901-Feb. 1, 1992

Smithson, J. E., Jr., 1908-1998, temporary marker, Memorial Funeral Home, 4 feet south of marker for Clinton Roger Hayes

Strickland, Earline [see Graham, Earline Strickland]

Thompson, Alice Kirk, Oct. 2, 1872-Jan. 9, 1895 [replacement; Bonnie Harder noted that this was her aunt]

Thompson, Wiley, Jan. 13, 1826-Aug. 2, 1885, "Husband of Rebecca Thompson"
Thompson, Rebecca Ann, June 2, 1830-Dec. 26, 1912, "Wife of Wiley Thompson"

Tucker, Christopher Gene, Nov. 12, 1971-July 4, 1999, "Father" footstone

Turnbow, Alvin R., Nov. 26, 1894-Nov. 6, 1964
Turnbow, Bertha E., Apr. 25, 1899-Jan. 31, 1984

Turnbow, Dealie I., Dec. 8, 1917-Jan. 17, 1919 [probably child of Alvin R. and Bertha E. Turnbow, whose double marker is adjacent]

Turner, Martha, Aug. 14, 1839-Sept. 14, 1905, "Wife of C. W. Turner" [death date buried in 2004]

Turner, Minnie, Mar. 15, 1878-May 23, 1923
Turner, George, Nov. 12, 1876-Nov. 10, 1931 [replacement]

Vestal, Lynn F., Oct. 26, 1954-Sept. 5, 1995
Vestal, Paula J., Nov. 15, 1942-Sept. 5, 1995

Wallace, Barbara, Nov. 18, 1954-Feb. 25, 2000, "My children Sheree Christy Brandon" [probably daughter of Roy and Betty Phillips, whose double marker is adjacent]

Ward, M. E., Apr. 5, 1878-Aug. 7, 1878 (homemade)

Ward, S., 1800?-January 7?, 1873? (homemade)

Wiley, Alexander F., 1790-1855, military marker "Tennessee Pvt Capt Gordons Co War of 1812" (this is in front of a stone cairn on which is carved Alex Wiley)

Young, Harriett [see Harriett Harder]



Hon____, Elisabeth (carved on loose, out-of-place fieldstone) [read in 1988]

Irveint[?], A. W., no dates (carved on a stone on the end of one of the stone cairns) [read in 1988]

J. F. C., no dates (carved on fieldstone) [read in 1988]

J. W. L., Dec. 11, 1843-May 19, 1895 (homemade, out of place) [in 2004 this marker was leaning against the cairn of Anthony Mills and Mary Frances Ham; earlier marker for John W. Lomax?]

L. M. T., no dates (carved on fieldstone) [read in 2004]

M.L.H., Aug. 15, 1887-Nov. 19, 1898 (carved on fieldstone) [in 1999 and 2004 this fieldstone was loose, out of place, and stacked on top of one of the cairns]


Reported by Bonnie Harder

The following graves were reported by Bonnie Harder in 1977.

Anderson, J. W., no dates (carved on fieldstone)
Anderson, Sam, no dates (carved on fieldstone)
Campbell, no names, no dates (two fieldstones near T. A. Campbell and J. B. Campbell fieldstones)
Griffen, no markings (two children of Roena Griffen)
Hixon, Robert J., 1904-____
Hixon, Alma G., 1907-1960
Hinson, James M., no dates (noted that he is adopted son of Robert and Alma)
Inman, John, no dates (carved on fieldstone)
Lomax, Charlie, no dates (son of Robert A. and Mary R. Lomax)
Lomax, Sarah Isabel, no dates (daughter of Robert A. and Mary R. Lomax)
Lomax (fieldstones) (three children of Robert A. and Mary R. Lomax)
Makin (fieldstone with partial date, April 13)
Makin, 1843 (carved on fieldstone)
Richardson, Minnie, no dates [this would be near marker for Pearlie Mae Richardson]
Richardson, 1917 (three infants, triplets, of Alex and Fannie)
Shipman, Isaac, no dates (carved on fieldstone)
Thompson, no dates (two infants of J. Y. and Alice Kirk Thompson; no stones)


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