Gunter is an old cemetery is a cedar grove on the north side of Russell Creek Road near the Hickman County line. The eastern part of the cemetery is primarily nineteenth century. There are many fieldstone marked and unmarked graves, perhaps 50 in all. Since 1980 the local Mennonite community has been using the western side of the cemetery. David Donahue recorded Gunter Cemetery April 1, 2001 and checked it September 23, 2004.


Eastern Side

Chessor, H. B., Sept. 28, 1902-Dec. 5, 1903, "Son of W. D. & Delia Chessor" (fallen)

Floyd, H. H., Oct. 18, 1902-Jan. 7, 1903, "Son of S. W. & N. F. C. Floyd"

Floyd, Infant, born & died Oct. 3, 1903, "Infant son of S. W. & N. F. C. Floyd"

French, D. P., Apr. 5, 1899-Sept. 30, 1900, "Dau. of W. T. & J. A. French"

Gunter, Susan A. J., Feb. 22, 1849-Dec. 8, 1913


Mennonite/Western Side

Byler, Susan A. [see Glick, Susan A. Byler]

Friesen, Benjamin, Jan. 4, 1987-Nov. 29, 1987, "Son of Peter & Etta Friesen" (homemade)

Glick, Bernice N., July 6, 1968-May 30, 1989 (homemade)

Glick, Susan A. Byler, Apr. 20, 1961-Oct. 25, 1995, "Wife of Levi N. Glick" "Died of Cancer" (homemade)

Lavy, Paul E., Nov. 5, 1940-Aug. 4, 1998

Mast, Jacob H., Oct. 30, 1947-Apr. 14, 1980 (homemade)

Mast, Kathryn D. (Beechy), Dec. 31, 1941-May 30, 1992, "Wife of Henry A. Mast"

Miller, Ada, July 7, 1938-July 30, 1993, "Dau. of Ezra E. & Anna Miller"

Nolt, Annie K., Nov. 23, 1912-Apr. 17, 1981, "Wife of Jonas Nolt" (homemade)

Schrock, Mattie [see Troyer, Mattie Schrock]

Shirk, Infant, May 2, 1989-May 2, 1989, "Infant son born to John & Sarah Shirk" (homemade)

Troyer, Mattie Schrock, June 16, 1941-Feb. 14, 1991, "Wife of Benj. C. Troyer" (homemade)



C. S. [wooden headboard on infant-size grave]

P. L. [initials on head and foot wooden stakes, 10 feet south of marker for Annie K. Nolt]


A note on "homemade" markers. The only thing "homemade" about the markers on the Amish graves is that they are not machine cut. They are very high quality hand-made markers.


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